10 Ways To Relax In 5 Minutes Or Less


When you’re stressed, you’re more likely to make mistakes. You can easily pick a fight or make wrong decisions. Your productivity could suffer. You end up having migraines and stomachache and you feel excess fatigue.

Stress is inevitable, but you can have some over control it. If you allow yourself to be stressed out all the time you risk feeling burned out all the time. You need to change your lifestyle, learn how to break the cycle and find time to relax.

Here are 10 ways to relax in 5 minutes or less:


You don’t have to go all out to experience the benefits of meditation. All you need is take a break within the day. Find a quiet place in your home or office, and concentrate on your breathing. It takes only a few minutes before you feel that your stress begin to fade away.

Try pranayama breathing.

Pranayama breathing is a yoga method where you should only breathe in one nostril at a time. This method works like the acupuncture that balances the mind and body. As a result, it can eradicates the anxiety.

Use your imagination.

It’s not always possible to pause when you’re stressed. When you feel overwhelmed and stressed, grab a soft pillow and rest your head on it (make sure you don’t fall asleep!). Just lay your head on the pillow and visualize that the pillow is pulling up all your anxieties and worries. You can also try to imagine yourself some place serene, like on a tropical beach or lounging along side a quiet lake in the woods.

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Squeeze a stress ball.

Squeezing a stress ball is a great way to release stress. It is known to get rid all of your tension in a silent way. They are inexpensive to buy, and you can even make your own.

Let the water flow on your wrist.

Do you feel that you’re about to explode due to too much anxiety? Run to the bathroom and pour some water on your wrist. You can also do that behind your earlobes. By doing this you cool the arteries right under the skin, taking that heat down a notch and calming the whole body.

Go out under the sun.

Enjoy the sunlight early morning. Sunlight is a good stress buster for people suffering from depression and anxiety. So, the next time you are feeling stressed, take a walk while the sun is out.

Try the Vipariti Kirani yoga pose.

In Vipariti Kirani yoga pose, you have to lie on the floor and simply put your legs up against the wall. This is a great way to stretch your body and gain inner peace.

Jog in place.

You don’t get enough time to exercise? Jogging in place is a quick fix to relieve the tension and let the endorphins flow.

Start a diary.

Journaling or writing in a diary is a good method of putting all your worries, tensions and problems in a writing. When you write them down, you feel your burden is getting lighter. Unloading your worries through writing has been proven effective.


Having a rough day? Turn on the music and enjoy dancing to the beat.  It is an excellent way to beat the stress!

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About the author:

Eric Schwarz is a German writer who has found love in the United States. He has written a number of articles and newsletters about healthy lifestyle, yoga, ways to relieve stress and how to live a happy life. As a public speaker, he continues to inspire and help people live happily and stress-free. He is also a regular contributor for Addictions.com.

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