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Do you suffer from heartburn? I do from time to time. I used to have it happen a lot more often when I was younger. I guess because years ago I lived in pepperoni pizza, tacos and other foods that are known to cause heartburn. As per WedMD foods such as  tomatoes, citrus fruits, garlic, onions, chocolate, coffee, alcohol, caffeinated products, and peppermint and dishes high in fats and oils (animal or vegetable) commonly cause heartburn in many people. Overeating, obesity, pregnancy and stress can also cause heartburn. Some heartburn can be so bad you’ll think you’ll need home care services just to deal with it.

Heartburn actually has nothing to do with your heart. Heartburn is caused when the lower esophageal sphincter opens up too often or does not close tight enough allowing stomach acid can reflux into the esophagus. Because of it’s location and the burning sensation some people think it feels like your heart is “burning”.

Thankfully these days I rarely experience heartburn. Sadly I know many people suffer from it on a regular basis and need to take medication to help keep it under control.

If you happen to suffer from frequent heartburn and use the product Prilosec OTC you might be very interested in knowing that you can get a $25.00 gift card just by purchasing two 42-count boxes of Prilosec OTC in the same transaction. After your purchase you just need to download the mail in form found here on the Prilosec website, http://www.prilosecotc.com/en_US/consumer/PromotionsDiscounts/Pages/RebateOffer.aspx.

Once submitted you’ll receive a $25.00 gift card in the mail.

HURRY! You must make your purchases before February 15, 2011 to qualify. The purchase receipt, form and UPC codes much be mailed in before March 1, 2011.

To learn more about Prilosec OTC or this offer please visit their official website at www.PrilosecOTC.com.

Prilosec OTC would love to award a lucky reader with a special Prilosec OTC gift set which includes a $100 American Express (AMEX) gift card.

To enter please comment on what food you would splurge on if you won the $100 AMEX gift card? For me that would be Pineapple Pizza! I pizza topped with pineapple. YUMMY!

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This giveaway is open to US residents and will end on January 24, 2011 at 11:59 PM (EST). The winner will be chosen at random from all eligible entries using a random number generator. The winner will be notified via e-mail and will have three days to reply with a name and mailing address (no PO Box) or a new winner will be selected.

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*I was not compensated in any way for this post. I posted this giveaway for the enjoyment and benefit of my site readers. Any opinions expressed are my own.


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