Campbells AdDress Your Heart Campaign (Great Giveaway!)

Here is something pretty scary – more than 42 million American women have some form of heart disease, and risk factors are on the rise, according to the newly released Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics 2011 Update: A Report from the American Heart Association.

Oh my goodness! 42 MILLION women? Statistically speaking if you sat in a room with 3 or 4 of your best friends or family members chances are 1-2 of you have some kind of heart disease. I get chills just thinking about it.

In this day and age when we know so much about what is healthy and what is unhealthy how can it be that the risk factors are on the rise? You would think that it would be just the opposite of that. I would think women would be taking better care of themselves to prevent heart disease from happening. I know that some things you can’t control, like the things that are inherited. However other risks factors CAN be controlled like eating healthy, exercising and overall taking better care of yourself.

The report that was released stresses prevention strategies as key to winning the war against heart disease. That’s why the Campbell Soup Company is teaming up with the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women movement for the fifth consecutive year of its signature AdDress Your Heart campaign. The aim is to help mobilize all women – especially moms – to take action against this preventable disease – the number one killer of women in America.

Campbell’s is partnering with two inspiring moms, Monica Potter, a real-life mother of three, who plays a mom on NBC’s Parenthood, and NFL mom Deborah Johnson, to address their hearts and help others do the same by telling their stories on video at CampbellsAdDressYourHeart.com. Both Potter and Johnson have been personally affected by heart disease – which claimed the lives of Potter’s father and both of Johnson’s grandmothers. To further the cause, they’re also asking people to watch and share the videos. For every video viewed through March 31, 2011, Campbell will make a $1 donation to the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women movement, up to $625,000.

“I know how devastating heart disease can be. But it’s critical to remember that there are things people can do right now to prevent it,” said Potter. “I’m proud to partner with Campbell on this important initiative, and as a mom, it’s never been more important to be a role model for my family by protecting my heart.”

The Campbell Soup Company is committed to promoting heart health through the products it makes and the causes it supports.  In addition to donating more than $3.6 million by 2012 and reaching more than 330 million people so far through the AdDress Your Heart campaign with information about the cause, Campbell also offers more than 100 convenient, great-tasting products that fit into a heart-healthy lifestyle. This selection includes all 25 Campbell’s® Healthy Request® soups, Low Sodium V8® 100% vegetable juices and Prego® Heart Smart™ Italian sauces.  All of these products have been screened and verified to meet the American Heart Association’s certification criteria to display its heart-check mark.

Heart disease is still the number one killer of women, which is why we continue to support this important cause and provide great-tasting, heart-healthy products,” said Michael Barkley, Campbell’s Vice President – Ready to Serve Soups.  “What makes this year’s program so special is that we’re mobilizing moms, who are the heart of the family, to help make a difference for themselves and for others.” 

I love Campbell’s soups. I grew up on them. My family has soup for lunch, dinner and even a snack. It is so easy to make and it is really satisfying and filling. Campbell’s offers several varieties of Healthy Request soups including condensed, Healthy Harvest and my husband’s personal favorites, Chunky soups. It’s true what they say about Chunky. It’s not just a soup, it’s a meal! With other soups I might make a sandwich or salad to go with it. Chunky soups fill me up that all I need is the can of soup.

There are so many different varieties of the soups that you can easily find ones that your entire family will enjoy.

I have been using the Heart Smart Prego sauce off and on for a while now. We have used Prego sauce for many years and my family cannot tell the difference between regular Prego and Heart Smart Prego. I only wish it came in larger jars.

I have tried V8 Juice many times over the years, ever since I was a young girl. I just can’t get into the taste of it. I love ketchup and things make with tomato sauce. I just can’t get into the drink. My kids won’t drink the regular V8 Juice but they will drink the V8 V-Fusion drink which is a combination of fruit and veggie juices. I actually prefer this drink over the traditional V8 Juice too. I try and get the light version whenever possible. It has less calories then the regular V-Fusion drinks. I LOVE the Strawberry and Banana flavor. There is a Cranberry-Blackberry blend too but I haven’t seen it on our store’s shelves yet.   

There is a Spicy Hot V8 vegetable drink that I have in my fridge. I’m just trying to muster up the nerve to try it. LOL!

To learn more ways that you can keep your heart healthy please take the time to visit http://www.Heart.org. Please also make sure that you go for annual physicals and make sure to discuss ways to keep your hearth healthy with your doctor.

For more information about the Campbell’s please visit http://www.CampbellSoups.com. Don’t forget to check out http://www.AddressYourHeart.com too!

Campbell’s would like to award a lucky winner an assortment of Campbell’s products and logo merchandise from the AdDress Your Heart campaign. Thank you Campbell’s!

The prize package will look similar to the one pictured but actual products may vary.

To enter please visit the AdDress Your Heart website (www.AddressYourHeart.com), look around, then come back here and comment on something interesting that you learned or something you really liked on the website. Personally I liked the recipe for Chicken Mozzarella. YUMM!

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*I received free product samples in order to do this review/giveaway. There was no compensation. Any opinions expressed are my own.

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  37. useful info::An individual is classified as overweight with a BMI of 25.0 kg/m2 and higher. BMI assesses your body weight relative to height. It’s a useful, indirect measure of body composition because it correlates highly with body fat in most people.To calculate your exact BMI value, multiply your weight in pounds by 703, divide by your height in inches, then divide again by your height in inches.

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    “Check out the Nutrition Facts panel on packaged foods to see how much sodium (salt) they contain. Aim for a total intake of no more than 2,300 milligrams (about a teaspoon of salt) per day.”

    I know we have WAY too much in our family meals.


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