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For many years my family frequented the local video rental for all of our entertainment needs. We visited our local rental store for long that we originally rented VHS tapes from them. ūüôā

Although we loved the selection of movies that were always available to us, the cost of renting, and most especially late fees, where very pricey. He charged $4.00 for a new movie release ($3 for other movies) and the late fee was equivalent to a regular rental. Another words if you were late one day for a new movie you ended up paying an additional $4.00 per day. New movies were also due back the next day where as all other rentals were due three days later.

Our video store eventually closed down. We’re not sure if the man who owned it retired or people were going elsewhere to rent because his prices were so high.

We eventually moved on to one of those pay-per-month services (which shall remain nameless) That was working out OK for us because we don’t rent movies all the time. Mostly we rent movies 2-3 times a month. That worked out well for a few years until the service changed it’s plans and it was going to cost us twice as much per month for the same service. So we opted out of that service (but we still retain their online streaming service).

What we needed was a service that would allow us to rent current hit movies and new releases that won’t “break the bank”.

Redbox is exactly what we need when it comes to video rentals. They offer new movie releases at a super affordable price. Best of all Redbox kiosks are found at many locations. I very surprised at just how many Redbox kiosks keep popping up. There must be at least a half dozen of them local to me.

I used to think that Redbox only rented older releases that have been out for a while. Similar to the dollar DVD bin at the local discount store. That is not the case at all! Redbox offers brand new releases the same time they appear in other traditional video rental stores.


Here are some of the current movies you can find at a Redbox near you. Selection might vary by location.  

Super 8 (Loved this movie! I saw it on an airplane in September)

Horrible Bosses

Bad Teacher

Captain America


Redbox also carries movies for children. Currently I see Arthur’s Dancing Fool, Judy Moody and the Not So Bummer Summer, The Littlest Angel and Rio.

Using a Redbox is easy. Simply decide what movie you want to rent, swipe your card, input some simple information and the kiosk releases the movie. You have until 9:00 PM the day after you rent the movie to return it. Failure to do so will result in your card being charged for an additional day. You can return your movie to any Redbox kiosk, not just the one you rented the movie from. That way if the store you rented the movie from happens to be closed when you need to return a movie you can always return it to another location.

My husband and I have worked out a system. I go to the local grocery store to pick up a movie on a Friday night. We watch it and then my husband returns it the next morning (to a different kiosk) when he goes food shopping (my husband likes to go food shopping at 7:00 AM! He’s weird. ūüôā ).¬†So far we rented Something Borrowed (snoozer!), Paul (my kids watched this – they said it was OK and not really a kid friendly movie – UGH!), Prom (loved it!) and Unknown (great movie!).

To learn more about Redbox, or to find locations near you, please visit www.Redbox.com. Redbox also offers video game rentals (I did not rent any to review). They also offer both Blu-ray and DVD discs.

You can also rent movies online and pick them up locally. There is also a Redbox application (I have no experience with either).

Redbox has generously offered FIVE lucky readers 4 FREE rental codes. Thank you Redbox!

To enter please tell me what movie you would like to rent from Redbox. If you need to check out what is available please visit Redbox.com.

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*I received free rentals in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own. Redbox will be providing the FREE rental codes.

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