Countdown to the holiday shopping maddness in 3…2…1…

As I sit here and write this post it’s still Thanksgiving. My family has finish dinner and the dishes are washing in the dishwasher (we’re too stuffed to wash the dishes by hand). In a little while we’ll sit down for dessert. As soon as we wash off the last dish and put away the last piece of pie, Thanksgiving will be over and the official start to the crazy holiday shopping season begins.

Some stores are even having “Black Friday” sales 9:00 PM TONIGHT! They are not even waiting until midnight when “Black Friday” officially begins.

I’m in dire need of christmas gifts for my family, but I’m not crazy enough to go to any store tonight or tomorrow, no matter how much money I can save. I make it a point NOT to go to stores from now until the start of the new year. I hate lines to begin with, let alone ones that wrap around the store and even go outside of the store. Eww! No way!

Shopping online is the only way to go. Most online retailers have free shipping offers, so you can get gifts at the same sale price that you can in the store, but without the long lines and fighting for parking spots. I love shopping in the convenience of my own home, often in my pajamas and bunny slippers. :-)

I know some people who actually look forward to holiday shopping at the mall and the stores. They get a natural “high” from all the hustle, bustle and chaos. When I was younger I didn’t mind. But now that I’m older I just don’t have the patience anymore.

We DO go to the mall and the stores leading up to Christmas, but just to browse, not to shop. We like to go to see the holiday decorations, listen to the holiday music (the mall often has a choir or group singing) and just to get out for a bit (we can’t stay home forever). It’s more fun to go to the stores and the mall when you are not stressed out trying to find the perfect gift or hunting store to store for the hottest gifts of the season. I rather shop online from retailer to retailer and hunt down the gifts I want to get the people on my holiday shopping list. I rather stay online shopping to 3 AM then stand online for 3 hours. :-)

What kind of holiday shopper are YOU? I’d love to hear from my readers.

Are you someone who enjoys the excitement of shopping at crazy hours of the night (or early in the AM) and gets overjoyed when you score the gift you were looking for at an amazing rock bottom price…


Are you the type of person who rather shop from home, via catalogs or the Internet, hoping to score the same low prices and free shipping offers?

Do you like the brave heading out to the mall or do you like to shop at home in your jammies and slippers?

I know people who are both kinds of shoppers. Even though I prefer to shop from home, people who venture out to the mall and stores actually have many good reasons why we should all shop that way.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. What kind of holiday shopper are you?



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  1. I’m a sucker for bargains and definitely an online shopper. It’s not really hard to look for the best deals online because sites always send newsletters for sales, discounts etc. The only downside of online shopping is you’ll never know the quality of an item until it gets on your mail. Although a bit tiring, I also love shopping on the mall. It’s a great exercise, plus it keeps you bonded with your family or friends.