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Photo Source: Fisher-Price.com

Photo Source: Fisher-Price.com

Are you ready for the upcoming holiday season? Are you done with you holiday gift shopping yet? Or are you like me and barely even started (we have one gift so far)?

I have teenagers and I can tell you that they are really hard to buy for. Our daughter is a little easier to shop for compared to our son, but she’s also very fickle and changes her mind like she changes her socks. One day she wants this, this and that. The next day she’s changed her mind and wants entirely different things.

I miss the days when my kids were younger. The were so much easier to shop for. Not only did the write “wish lists” for Santa, but I also knew what toys they got excited about.

It always made my heart smile when the kids would wake up Christmas morning and get all excited to not only see all the gifts under the tree, but also opening their gifts. They would squeal with delight over each and every one and would want to play with it right away. That is why my husband and I would remove them from their packaging and add batteries BEFORE wrapping them. That way all the kids had to do was open the box and start playing.

Power Wheels is sponsoring this post and wanted to give parents (and grandparents) an idea of how to become the coolest ever. Check out the out his video.


I WISH I could have given my kids a Power Wheels vehicle. They always wanted one (especially our son). Sadly living in a tiny condo with no yard didn’t make it ideal for a Power Wheels car.

My mom offered to keep one at her house, but that wouldn’t be fair to my kids. They would want to use it all the time and my parents lived an hour north of here (an hour drive each way). I would rather have something at home that they could enjoy all the time.

I know if I was able to get my kids a Power Wheels they would have thought we were the coolest parents EVER. :-)

Power Wheels are nicer “rides” then what I have! Have you seen some of the ones available these days? Power Wheels has a Cadillac® Escalade™, Corvette® and Ford Mustang. They also have Power Wheels for children as young as 1-2 years old, and vehicles for older children up to 6 years old. They also vary in price.

Power Wheels vehicles are available at most major toy retailers. You can also go to PowerWheels.com which will take you to the Fisher-Price website where you an learn more about the vehicles.

Does your child or grandchild have a Power Wheels? Are they asking for one for the holiday season?

Photo Source: Fisher-Price.com

Photo Source: Fisher-Price.com


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  1. Mary Happymommy says:

    The period of time kids can use these vehicles is so short. My oldest son is 10 and he still wishes he could have one!

  2. That is the coolest! It makes me cringe a bit though, since mine is sixteen now and I’ve seen him behind the wheel of a real car. My hair get grayer each day.

    When my children were small, they did have something like these. They did love to ride them up and down and the driveway. I can still hear it in my mind.

  3. Danielle F. says:

    When I was little, my younger brother got a hot wheels car and it was his favorite toy ever. I tried to ride it a few times but I was too big for it but he had a blast. I always wanted the Barbie car but I never got it and was very jealous when my brother received the red hot wheels vehicle from my grandparents. They are great gifts.

  4. ellen beck says:

    One of the neighbor kids has one and she goes whizzing by in the summer. Its really fun to watch!

  5. These are great products but 1 they cost so much for them to just out grow fast, 2 they are so heavy and bulky to have to store