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I love my cats. We have five cats and we love (and spoil!) each and every one of them, as well as our dog and our fish. They are not lacking in anything. They have plenty of toys (they even have their own toy box!), food, fresh water, exercise, a huge cat tree, bedding and we even gave our love seat to the cats to keep them off our couch and my husband’s chair.

I love snuggling with our cats and playing with them. After a bad day there is nothing that melts my heart more then having one of our cats hop up on my lap and purr. I call it “fuzz therapy”. LOL!

As much as I love my cats there are some things I dislike about being a cat owner – hairballs, hair everywhere and the litter box. I loathe the litter box. I hate cleaning it but we have no choice.

Due to lack of space we have one massive litter box that we clean out all day long. As soon as one of the cats does it’s “business” someone is there to clean it out immediately. If we didn’t our home would smell and there would be a huge mess to clean out of the box.

We live on the top floor condo. We have three flights of stairs outside and three inside (no elevator). Lugging huge boxes of kitty litter up all those stairs is a nightmare. I usually have to leave it in the car for my husband to help me carry it up.

Due to the number of cats and the fact that we clean the box out several times a day we need big boxes of litter. Sometimes we go through two large boxes a week.

Fresh Step is our litter of choice. We have tried other brands but we always go back to Fresh Step. We like how it absorbs, how it smells and that our cats track less of it through our home then other brand (I hate litter in my carpet!).

A week or so ago I received a surprise package in the mail. It contained some great toys for my cats (they LOVE the feathers on a stick) and a box of Fresh Step’s new Lightweight Extreme litter.


We’ve used the Extreme litter in the past, as well as regular litter and multi-cat (I tend to pick up the scented multi-cat variety).

The box was 15.4 pounds. Trust me, having to lug kitty litter up so many flights of steps on a regular basis I welcome anything lighter. And since we’re already regular Fresh Step users we don’t have to worry about switching brands. It’s the same brand – only lighter.

The new litter is 30% lighter making it much easier to lift, carry and pour.

I noticed a difference in the scent. Not the clean litter but the wet litter (after a cat went #1). The scent was different then the other Fresh Step litter we use, or at least it was to me. I wasn’t keen on it. My husband said he didn’t notice a difference in the scent at all, so maybe it’s just me. My kids would never take notice of something like that since they try to avoid cleaning the litter box at all costs.

As far as absorbency and clumping go it’s the same as the other Fresh Step varieties, so that didn’t change (thankfully).

For more information visit www.FreshStep.com. You can also find the brand on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

I had accidentally ripped the box open too much.

I had accidentally ripped the box open too much.



*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.  

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  1. sandy weinstein says:

    i applaud you for having so many cats that you probably rescued. i am not a cat person per se, although i love them at the barn, i just like like them in the house.but then again we never have cats when i was growing up, only in the barns where i rode horses. i do donate a lot of things to the safe haven cat shelter and rescue. one of my former roommates had a cat, and she was mean, bit me in the face, had to have stitches, and she left a mess everywhere in the house. of course it was mean left to care for the cat, since she was never at home