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Earlier in the week I posted about working with Apartment Guide again. I also posted about how moving my pets into a new home is a major concern for me. I worry about putting stress on them and wanting to make them feel safe, secure and comfortable in their new surroundings.

I am grateful that Apartment Guide has a lot of articles on their site, not only about moving in general, but also about moving with pets. Two of my favorite articles on Apartment Guide’s website, in regards to moving with pets, are;

How to Keep Your Pets Comfortable During a Move

What to Do Before and After You Bring Your New Pet Home

Moving to and Exploring a New Neighborhood with Your Pet

We are looking to move from a condo (which is just an apartment with a mortgage rather than rent) into a house. If you happen to be planning on moving into an apartment, whether it’s across town or across the country, Apartment Guide has plenty of articles and resources to help you with your move. They not only show you available apartments for rent, including photos and floor plans. They can even help you search for the perfect pet-friendly apartment community. After all, you really need to know upfront if an apartment allows pets or not, and if there are any restrictions or additional fees involved.

Apartment Guide even has tips on bringing a new pet into your apartmentafter you move. Dogs can be especially tricky because certain breeds do better in smaller homes (apartments) then others, especially if your apartment doesn’t have a yard. My condo doesn’t have a yard, just a balcony. We specifically got a smaller breed dog because of that. There are people in our complex who have humongous dogs. I think it’s unfair to keep a big pet in a small space, especially not having a yard for the dog to run around in.

If you are considering a dog you might want to check out this article – Categories of Dog Breeds to Consider for Your Apartment.

We already have more than enough pets but my kids keep talking about adding more to our “mini-zoo”. My daughter has been asking for a rabbit for years. I know once we have a house with a fenced in yard she’s going to bug us on a daily basis to get her a rabbit until we give into her. With five cats and a dog I don’t think bringing a rabbit into the mix is a good idea. I wouldn’t want the cats or dog to harm it.

Even if you do not have pets, Apartment Guide has dozens of great articles, tip and resources to not only help you find a new apartment but also how to make your move and transition into a new neighborhood easy. Moving and looking for a new home is stressful enough. Anything that can help make things easier is certainly welcome.

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Apartment Guide would like me to giveaway to a lucky She Scribes reader a $50.00 gift card to PetSmart. Thank you Apartment Guide!

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To enter please leave a comment on this post and share with me your pet tip on moving with a pet or introducing a pet to a new home.

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Kimberly Vetrano resides in the suburbs of New York City with her family and "mini zoo" consisting of five cats, a dog and a Goldfish. Kimberly is a teacher's assistant for a Kindergarten class. When she is not working or blogging, Kimberly enjoys taking photos of nature and hanging out with family and friends.


  1. Danielle B says:

    I would probably bring some of their toys or a bed over so they have something familiar there.

  2. When we moved years ago with our dog, he had a miserable first night because we hadn’t had time to hang curtains or blinds. He kept staring at the street lights outside and barking. My tip would be to make sure the room where your dog sleeps has window coverings and he has his bed or whatever he usually sleeps in set up right away.

  3. Place a familiar rug down in the home that the dog can associate with the old home, by touch and smell.

  4. I’ve moved many times with cats, and we’ve found that getting all the furniture in the house beforehand really helps. We usually keep them in one room with their stuff (scratching post, food, litter box, a blanket with their scent on it) for a few hours to help them get readjusted.

  5. My tip is to bring them in the new house in their crate if they are smaller and put their belonings nearby, so they can come out at their own pace and become accustomed to their new enivironment.

  6. ShempLabs says:

    Your dog likes structure and routine. Help him to develop a new one right away by taking him to his “potty spot” and praising him when he uses it. Use the same spot each time and the same door to exit the house.

  7. Michelle S. says:

    It’s been a long time since I moved. The only thing I did was to move furniture etc first so there were familiar things in the new house and of course be sure that the dog beds and toys are unpacked first!

  8. Annette Clark says:

    Doggies need love too!

  9. When we first got our dog, we made sure to give him a lot of attention and love, and we let him explore to get to know his new home!

  10. Karen Glatt says:

    In the transition of moving to a new home a responsible animal owner needs to get a new Identification Tag! Get a new pet ID tag that includes your pet’s name, your name, new address and telephone number. An up-to-date ID tag is a lost pet’s ticket home. I lost a pet when I moved! I never found the pet, probably because there was not updated info!

  11. Jennifer Marie says:

    make sure to bring all the toys with you to the new place so the pet can feet at home.

  12. The last time we moved we put a few cat toys in each of the rooms. Then we spent a little time playing with our cats in each room.

  13. Brooke Westmoreland says:

    No clue really. Just familiarize them with everything so they feel comfortable

  14. purchase new toys and keep your pet occupied! do not leave your pet alone!

  15. courtney b says:

    make sure she has all the same toys and beds so she feels at home

  16. Amy Orvin says:

    A great tip to help your pet feel comfortable in a new home is surround them with their favorite toys, treats, food, etc. And give them plenty of time to adjust and give them lots of special attention.

  17. Amy Orvin says:

    Email subscriber as 2dogs5catscrew@att.net
    and RSS as Google Reader as Amy Orvin / 2dogs5catscrew@att.net

  18. When we moved to the new house our cat was scared so we kep her in our bedroom and gave her a lot of attention, her favorite toys and food. So my tip would be to give your pets lots of love and attention in the new house and let them adjust.

  19. Lillian F says:

    When we moved with our puppy, we made sure his crate was set up exactly like it had been before and that he had lots of toys to play with.

  20. I always move my pets last, that way when they come into the new place it has all of their things and familiar furniture surroundings. I think it helps to decrease their anxiety.

  21. I pay a little bit more attention to them when we move.

  22. Tabitha Pyle says:

    the best thing to do is to keep the routine the same.

  23. Olivia Rubin says:

    We have lived in 4 different apartments with great ease. The last thing i pack is her stuff, well she comes with it, and the first thingi set up is her bed and food and treats to eat. Make it a happy celebration and a gift,a nd she is good.

  24. Christie Mackey says:

    When moving with cats, have their stuff (bedding, litter boxes, toys, etc) easily accessible so you can put them in one room with the door closed while you moved everything else in.

  25. Bridget Hopper says:

    We try to take our dog to the new home a few times before actually moving in.

  26. It’s been a long time since I’ve moved with a pet. I really don’t remember having any problems. But one thing everyone should be sure to do is update their pet’s I>D tags and registration so if they get lost they can be traced back to your new address.

  27. crystal stanley says:

    as far as getting the pet to and from during the move, ask your vet for something to kepp them calm- it will have a mild sedative effect and keeps your pets from freaking out during the move! this is great for any long road trip too.

  28. Let them explore the house before you put in all of your furniture.

  29. Wanda McHenry says:

    Keep the water and food bowls in a similar spot as your old place, as well as your pet’s bed, and continue to feed and walk your pets at the same time. We’ve never moved with either one of our dogs, so I can only to by Apt Guide’s tips.

  30. pack up the pets things ahead of time and have it all labeled in a basket as his/her things keeping the bedding on top as thats what animals are familiar with and like to go to when arriving at their new destination

  31. My cats have a big pop-up box thing that’s actually made for medium dogs to ride in in a car. They travel in that, and then I leave it open in the new place so they have somewhere familiar to hide that smells like them!

  32. Jessie C. says:

    Toys and dog bed help a lot.

  33. Try to set up the new house as much as you can before bringing your pet to the new home.

  34. Russell Moore says:

    My dog, Ivy, and I walked and walked and walked, around and around the neighborhood, letting her get a feel for the new area.

  35. Kate Fuller says:

    Set up their things (pet beds, toys, food/water dishes, etc.) soon and get them into a routine. Be sure to give them lots of love and reassurance.

  36. renee walters says:

    Let him explore to get to know his new home!

  37. One tip is to bring their bed and familiar items with the move so they feel comfortable in the newer environment.

  38. The pets get moved last and when they arrive and explore, they get special treats.

  39. let pets sleep with you

  40. I always made sure to keep out their favorite toys and beds, so they have something familiar.

  41. Keep pets away from the packing/moving as much as possible – it won’t help if they’re riled up and in “OMG, SOMETHING’S HAPPENING!”

  42. Try to keep up with some of the same routines, same toys, etc.

  43. Cynthia C says:

    I think making sure their familiar toys and beds, etc are in place will make them feel at home.

  44. my cats adjusted fine. just kept them in thier routine!

  45. I take a few of my husbands coats and lay them around so the dogs have a soft place to lay down that smell familiar to them.

  46. Debbie Clauer says:

    When my daughter recently moved across country, at her new apartment she made sure her 2 dogs knew where their toy box was and their blankets. She walked them more then usual to get used to the new place.

  47. Shelley Johnson says:

    I always move my pet last and don’t leave him a lone if I can.

  48. Joanne Gregory says:

    I bring their crates with their own blankets. They are home where their crates are!

  49. Richard Morris says:

    When i moved, we kept the cats in one room for while and gave them constant attention. then once we felt they were comfortable, we started letting them explore the new house. Love & attention is key!

  50. Rhonda Petersen says:

    Make sure to bring their favorite blanket, bed, toy, etc. and keep it close to them for comfort

  51. Sue Ellison says:

    Give your pet a lot of extra attention after the move and be sure to bring his favorite toys.

  52. I moved the dogs last. We got everything moved in so the dogs would be around familiar furniture.

  53. Let your pet explore its new home on its own. Let it sniff out all the new places and get comfortable with its surroundings gradually.

  54. Stephanie Phelps says:

    During the move we always make sure he sill has his bed with him immediately and his stuffed toys he loves so much

  55. If you have cats, you can spray Feliway around in the new home. It’s supposed to calm them down.

  56. my daughter has moved many times with her 3 dogs and sometimes with a 6 hour car trip. While traveling with her, the dogs and the 2 kids…we put blankets on the floor in the back and bring along some of their favorite toys. We stopped for them every 2 hours and walked them for awile. When they arrived at the new homes, their favorite beds were waiting and their other toys…believe me, they got adjusted within an hour of checking out everything and all the areas outside on the property

  57. Dorothy Campbell says:

    If you have access to the new place before your furniture is delivered, bring them there to get familiar with the new environment. When their furniture is then included in the place with all their favorite toys and bed they will adjust faster. Plus lots of attention and love!

  58. Barbara Montag says:

    Great tip – I have my cats stay with my sis while the moving is going on and for another day while we get things settled!
    Thank you.

  59. Mary Casper says:

    always bring clothing or an old piece of furniture that has all the scents of the old place

  60. Steve Stone says:

    we have beds and towels so they have scents on things they love.

  61. Jennifer B says:

    let them adjust to the new surroundings on their own. Don’t force them

  62. When I move, I have family watch the dog for a few days until his space can be set up at the new place with his toys and beds Yes, beds He’s spoiled beyond belief but that’s another story LOL! 🙂

  63. Angela Kinder says:

    When I move with my cat, Smokie, I always let her check out the house first without all the furniture. That way, she can get the lay of the house. But I always bring her favorite rug so that whenever she gets scared, she can go lay on it to relax. Then when we start moving furniture in, I take her back to the old house so that she isn’t terrified. Then when all the furniture is in the new house, I take her back and place her in the bedroom (where she loves to be since I’m there most of the time). Now she’s not so scared because she’s checked out the house first and the room still resembles the old house.

  64. A familiar blanket and toys will help/.

  65. Lindley A says:

    We made sure we had the furnitue and dog bed and his favorite chair all set up before we brought our dog over to our new house so he would see familiar items.

  66. Make sure to bring all their old stuff to the new house and maybe keep the cats in a separate room with all their things for a day or tow, Also bring your pets to the new house after everything is moved in at the new house and unpacked.

  67. give them time & give them lots of love

  68. Whenever I moved with a pet I make sure someone watches my pets while moving so they won’t get distressed and I bring them in when everything is settled so they can explore and get to know their new surroundings.

  69. When moving I try to bring all my little dogs toys so that he feels that everything that he plays with is going to be his no matter where we are at.

  70. Ben Sorrells says:

    We had a small blanket that our dog laid on and when we got to the new place we had the unwashed blanket for a while along with his toys.

  71. Sylvia White says:

    Bring their bed and bowls with you so they are familiar

  72. Christina says:

    If we had to move with our pets, I would make sure the new place had a central area with all of their favorite things – beds, toys, etc so they would hopefully feel at home with those things. With the cat we have now, I’d have to use a lot of rescue remedy for pets she has major anxiety and OCD issues (and she gets sick anytime she is stressed – our vet always tells me she wouldn’t make a very good human, poor thing)

  73. Make sure to bring some of their toys and keep their beds because it has their scent on it and makes them feel comfortable.

  74. Took my pets to the house several times before moving to get them familiar with the smells and layout. Their kennels were all set up and ready for them on moving day and they had them for comfort. It all worked out well.

  75. Stephanie says:

    My tip is to make sure their bed and toys are unpacked right away so they have a “spot”!

  76. Margaret Smith says:

    I’d put some of their favorite toys and a small blanket in the new home in the area that they will be sleeping.

  77. Katherine says:

    I have never had to move with my pets but just got a new dog and we just got him a new bed and his own blanket and he adjusted very well

  78. Wendy McBride says:

    tip would be to have familiar object and bed.

    wendym at cableone dot net

  79. Debra Hall says:

    i move my cat last but she doesnt like changes

  80. Marcia Goss says:

    When we moved with our 2 cats, we kept them in one room for a while with their blanket and toys. Then we gradually introduced them to the rest of the house.

  81. CATHY TRUMAN says:

    Just give your pets a lot of love and attention, Also make sure they have their favorite
    toys and beds or blankets to make them feel like home.

  82. Katharine Davis says:

    I pack the carrier with comfortable blankets, make sure we have pet friendly hotels lined up, and make sure to contain them to a room in the new place while they calm down because there is a lot of open doors and coming and going when you first move in and pets can do a runner

  83. colleen boudreau says:

    make sure they have something they’re familiar with and has the scent of their old home, like a blanket or something.

  84. paige chandler says:

    Be sure your dogs bed is in the new home on day 1

  85. Leann Lindeman says:

    Lots of love, kindness and patience.. easier said than done though, when you bring a new puppy into the home.. We got a lab mix a couple of years ago (2 months old) she tested our patience for sure. lol

  86. juliette m. says:

    bring a blankie or toy that they are familiar with

  87. Colleen Turner says:

    I would think the easiest way to introduce an animal to a new home would be slowly. Bring their things (which smell like them) over to the new place and let them explore. Then keep bringing them back and letting them stay a little longer each time, giving them a feel for the new place.

  88. keep their old beds and toys so they’re familiar

  89. I have never moved with our cats and dog but bringing them into our home was a adjustment for each one. I put the new cat in a bedroom with food, water, toys, and a litter box. The older cats sniff at the door of the bedroom. I will bring the new cat out with supervision. I monitor them so there will be no fights. After awhile they just accept ach other. It takes as long as it takes………….don’t rush it.

  90. Michelle Spayde says:

    It helps to stick to an existing schedule in the new home.

  91. I would make sure and move them in a carrier with their favorite toys and blanket.

  92. I would definitely say make sure your pet is clearly marked with a tag that has information in case something happened, especially if it’s a long move!

    Thank you for this great giveaway 🙂

  93. Suzanne K says:

    I’d make sure that I had pet bedding that had my pet’s scent on it, put it in their carrier, and then in the new home

  94. Pack all of your pets things (bed, toys, food bowls, etc) so the have some familiar surrounding and they feel at home in the new house!

  95. The best tip is to bring blanket or rug from your old place and let the dog sleep on it in the new place. That way they have the comforting smell of their old home while adjusting to the new one.

  96. Krystal M says:

    Let them stay in one room until they are comfortable enough to explore on their own. Don’t force them to go into several different rooms or anything.

  97. Well when we moved across the country with our dogs– We made sure to stop about 2 an hr so they could potty and stretch their legs. We also made sure to rent “Pet friendly” hotels so they could sleep with us.

  98. Hermit Forall says:

    You can get a pet diffuser that puts out a scent humans can’t smell, but it mimics the pet’s mother’s comfort pheremones. It is supposed to help with anxiety and such. If possible, I’d visit the new home often with the pet so they can get familiar with it asap & of course take all their belongings to the new home.

  99. Rebecca Graham says:

    When moving to a new home, take items the dog is familiar with.

  100. Richard Morris says:

    i subscribe via this email address: unevenfist84@live.com

  101. Monique Rizzo says:

    Bring all their toys to the new place before you bring the animal.
    Thanks for the chance.

  102. Jen Haile says:

    It’s important to spend time with your pet and play as much as you can in the new house when everyone is trying to adjust.

  103. Stephanie says:

    My cat is very skittish, so when I moved her to her new home I made sure to keep her in the bedroom for a week or so in order to make her feel more secure.

  104. When i moved my dog out of our old house, I kept his kennel with his bed in it near mine, like i always do, and I put his toys around the new house in similar spots to his old one. I showed him the dog door, and walked him in and out and around the house for a couple days so he knew this was home now.

  105. I think it’s easier for the pets if you aren’t tense or stressed when you bring them into the new home.

  106. Sarah Walker says:

    Place familiar items around the new place and make sure to reassure your pet that everything is okay.

  107. Barbara S says:

    Before the move take your dog to the new home or apartment let them sniff around leave a toy or bed there that are familiar with so their scent will be there when they arrive. Then give them lots of love!

  108. I’ve never moved with an animal before, but I would think you’d want to keep their cage and toys the same and get some extra special treats for them…in case they have some anxiety maybe the treats would take their minds off the move?

  109. Bring their blankets and/or toys along to make them feel at home right away.

  110. Cynthia R says:

    in the cat carrier have a few treats and a comfy towel, when get to new place let them calm down in a quiet room by themselves then let them roam and explore

  111. If youhave a dog and are moving nearby, take him/her over to pee in the new yard in advance.

  112. Get all of the furniture in the house before you bring the pet. Make sure the pet has familiar belongings, ie. pet bed, toys, food and water bowls. Also make sure you give your pet plenty of time to get used to the new surroundings.

  113. I spend time with my cat in the room with his toys and cat bed.

  114. I like to have all of my cats belongings out for them and in a safe place. Put them in a bathroom or a room where not a lot of ppl are going in and out of, and include their toys and bed in the room with them

  115. Make sure they have their old bed. Now isn’t a time to buy them a new one. Let them get used to their new surroundings first.

  116. Adrienne gordon says:

    Take the pet for walks around the neighborhood so it knows the new surroundings

  117. Make sure all of your pets favorite toys are with them when you move. Also have a spot already set up so that your pet will know where their space is.

  118. Amity Johnson says:

    Make sure to make frequent potty stops for pup on the drive!

  119. Laura Jacobson says:

    Last move we did, we had my sister watch my dog until we got everything moved over so we didnt stress him out, and then we walked him all around the new place and put his toys and doggy bed down. Just spent lots of time with him so he knew it was okay.

  120. Keisa Rogers says:

    Instead of putting them in a cage i put them in their beds with their blankets and toys on the floorboard for the dogs and the cats sit on the dash where they can see out the windows.It seems to keep them all calm

  121. Buy some extra pet treats and cross your fingers!

  122. we’ve just moved with 2 dogs and a cat, and we found the best thing to help them adjust is to immediately go into a consistent routine, of going out, mealtimes, ect, even before our new schedules are set

  123. I like to bring their old toys and carry them to the new food and litter box spots so they can learn. Thanks for the chance.

  124. Bring something familiar from the old home. I just moved and let my dog sniff all around. And brought old toys and dog bed from old house.

  125. Patricia Huffman says:

    be patient and make sure all their toyus and things are around to make them as comfortable as possible

  126. I’ve always moved everything into the new place before bringing my pets. I make sure their beds, toys, dishes, etc. are all placed and show the pets where everything is. Thanks for the giveaway!

  127. We haven’t moved yet with outr dog, but I would imagine we would bring along 2 or 3 of his favorite toys to help with the transition and a couple chews to relieve stress.

  128. Kelly Ann T. says:

    When we moved we brought the dogs to the house a couple of times before we moved into it. I realize that may not be possible if someone is moving far away. We also made sure we showed the dogs were all their things were.

  129. april yedinak says:

    Stick to a routine as best you can during and after the move.

  130. If you will be making a road trip with a pet who has not spent anytime in a car, acclimate him slowly before the trip by sitting in the car with him for a while for several days …and then for a a few short trips around your neighborhood to get him used to the car.

  131. The last time we moved, we took our dog to the new house before the move to let him become familiar with it, and walked him around the neighborhood. We took him to the groomer on moving day, so he would be in a familiar place, yet “out of the way” until we got our things moved into the new house. By the time we picked him up, we were ready to unpack, and he adjusted pretty quickly.

  132. i just keep my guys with me when we’ve had to move, they seem to do fine as long as you dont make a big deal out of anything or treat them any differently, just dont feel guilty and they wont know anything is off! 🙂

  133. Wild Orchid says:

    Bring along your pets bed or blanket…anything he is familiar with to make him more comfortable
    Entered the rafflecopter form as “Wild Orchid”

    Thanks for the cool giveaway!

    wildorchid985 @ gmail dot com

  134. Seyma Shabbir says:

    Usually something that smells like the old place. perhaps a pet pillow/blanket or carpet.

  135. I use flower essences assist with the calming adjustment… along with lots of love and walks

  136. Karen Farrow says:

    make sure you use old pet bed and as many familar items as possible so there will be familar items & scents

  137. elven johnson says:

    With your cats be sure to update the microchip info if they have one.
    Also have a box with fave blankets & toys on hand & within easy reach. They will want them.

  138. My best tip is to just get them there as comfortably as possible, and try not to leave them alone for a while, until they get used to the fact that they are in a new place.

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  139. Put treats in the corner of each room so your pet will explore and get used to their new surroundings!

  140. make a spot in the house just for your pet with familiar toys and blankets….it makes everything goes smoother

  141. Deb Kelly says:

    when loading up the truck, be sure your cat is locked in a room or his crate, even if he has never run out before. Nothing is more heartbreaking than losing your animal the day before you are moving out of state.

  142. Kathy Artis says:

    Let them sleep with some of your clothing or bed covers.

  143. I have moved so many times with animals! It’s never easy, but I’ve done it twice across the United States and once across the Atlantic. In fact, I’m getting ready to cross the pond AGAIN with a cat and a dog! I will only travel by air if they can be in the cabin with me. My dog is a service dog, so that’s fine, but it’s a struggle to get my cat’s passport approved and convince the airline to let me board with her in the cabin. Last time it was all sorted after months of phone calls and letters and other paperwork, and when I showed up at the airport with my two cats Delta wouldn’t let us board! It took three more days to get them to honor what they had already arranged with me. My advice is to start early and document everything!!!!

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  144. Pets like their familiar stuff, a food bowl, a blanket. I’d bring them over ahead of the move and let them run around with their stuff.

  145. Here’s a tip: Wrap a towel around yourself to get your scent and let the pet have it in the new home along with the familiar toys, bedding, bowls, etc.

  146. I moved 2 yrs ago with my cat and I made sure I kept him in the bedroom for a few days so he could get used to the sounds and new smells of the new house before he was allowed access to the entire house. Cats have been known to hide in basements/rafters, walls-some crazy and dangerous places when they are scared & unfamiliar. I also didn’t put my new comforter on the bed for a few days so he had a familiar scent.

  147. Confine the pet to one room in the new place for a day or so with all their familiar stuff so they can get used to it gradually.

  148. We keep the cat in a separate room until everything is moved then let her come out and explore at her own pace

  149. best way to relax a cat is to play with them, ours loves them fuzzy bouncy balls

  150. Make sure when moving to a new home if your yard is fenced that you check for holes so that your dog can’t get out. Also make sure that you show them around the house, walk with them it helps for them to feel more comfortable.

  151. jennifer wexler says:

    when i moved i set up a spot for my dog right away, the transition went pretty smoothly

  152. Patti Hess says:

    we had them in the new place for a while off and on

    pattifritz2000 at yahoo dot com

  153. tamatha hunter says:

    we left our dogs at the old place as long as possible. When we brought them over to the new place, all their stuff was set up in the new room

  154. When we moved to a new home we had 2 cats. We prepared a room just for them with all their belongings and kept the door closed so they could acclimate to their surroundings.

  155. Trasina McGahey says:

    If it’s possible bring your pets with you before the big move in and let them look around! Then it isn’t a totally new place.

  156. Make sure to give them extra attention when they need it, but also give them time to go explore their new surroundings

  157. Don;’t buy a new pet bed at first, use the one they feel familiar with. Bring old toys, but also add a new one. No matter how busy you are unpacing, etc, take some time to cuddle and play with your pet.

  158. Rachael Henzman says:

    When moving with my cats, I tried to get them comfortable in a car before the move by taking them on several short trips in the car. I made sure to give them plenty of trips and it really worked!

  159. Chavonne H says:

    I would bring all the toys and bedding to the new place to make my pet feel more comfortable and like their at home.

  160. Place a familiar blanket and toys in a corner of the new home

  161. Cindy Merrill says:

    There are calming wipes available, I’ve seen some on the Internet for cats- I plan to try them when we move next Spring, I want my cats to stay calm.

  162. I’ve moved with my cats 5 times. One thing that works well is Kitty Calm, a catnip spray for cats that i dose the carriers with that they’ll be traveling in. This calms them down as soon as they get in the carriers and makes for easier traveling.

  163. With dogs … if the move is a short distance, I start introducing them to the new neighborhood by taking them for walks over there prior to moving in. With cats, a lot depends on the individual cat’s personality. Some are adventurous and want to investigate the new surroundings while others may need to be gradually introduced to more rooms of the house.

  164. Claire McKeon says:

    When we moved into our house from a condo, we let the dog into the new house, she ran around, up and down the stairs and peed on the rug in the basement. She marked her territory and did not seem to have any anxiety with the new environment. I guess I would suggest to give some latitude to your pet if they feel the need to do this. LOL

  165. Magic's Mom says:

    Moving with a pet is not fun. I’ve done it many a time with my cat of 14 years (RIP). I found what worked best with her was to get her something the pet store referred to as “kitty xanax”. It was a holistic spray that released pheromones. While it was a bit pricey, it worked. Cats are territorial beings to it will always take them a little while to adjust and make a new space theirs by rubbing all over everything they can find. It’s what makes them so unique and awesome.

  166. One tip is to keep all your pets favorite toys with him or her and give lots of extra attention. I put my cat in my bedroom when we moved so she wouldn’t feel so nervous in such a big open space.

  167. Kathleen Downes says:

    I have a dog and a cat and when we moved I left my cat in her crate for about an hour while I set up her food and cat tree. Then I just let her wander around checking things out. I also won’t let her outside for a few days until she knows where she is. My dog sleeps in my bed so he is fine.

  168. Blankets are great

  169. Jennifer Poster says:

    It’s always a good idea to bring your pet over to the new house a few times before you make the entire move. This gives your pet familiarity with the new house and a good transition period instead of just sticking them in a new environment that they aren’t comfortable in.

  170. Rae Cicelske says:

    bring his toys and walk with him around the new surroundings..let him check the place out

  171. Kristy Thiel says:

    definitely to put their favorite blanket or toy there first!

  172. kyl neusch says:

    get some new toys

  173. Sarah Simpson says:

    My puppy Flash would be alright moving as long as we have all of his things where he could easily find them.

  174. Shelley P says:

    We moved in the extremely hot summer heat driving for 4 days with our pets. We didn’t have AC so we drove during the cool night hours and slept in a hotel during the day with AC : ) It was harder but our pets were safe!

  175. I move them last and let them smell everything.


  176. My dog takes her blanket with her on all trips.

  177. Cecilia Andes says:

    Make certaion you move the cats last. It is bad enough hearing all that noise, but in a strange new place, it is traumatizing!

  178. susan crutcher says:

    I’ve never moved with my pets so i don’t have any tips….

  179. Bring their favorite toy out!

  180. If possible, take your pet to wherever you are moving prior to move-in day. If you can’t do that, make arranging a place for the dog, with all of the things he is used to, a top priority. Give him lots of treats, too – anything he likes that will enhance his positive feelings about the new environment from the get-go.

  181. I would try to set the furniture up as close to possible to their old surroundings. Helps with stress and familiarity.

  182. Danielle Davis/Grady says:

    Make sure there are a lot of the pets fave things around..Having something like that with them wont make the move so hard! 🙂
    Thank you!

  183. Karl Wankowicz says:

    Our cats need to burn off energy.

  184. Karen Gonyea says:

    Take them to visit the new home as much as possible before you move !!

  185. Stephanie Ford-Smith says:

    Find a pet sitter while you’re in the process of moving – after everything in the house is moved get the pets last! Take them with you in the vehicle let them explore the new territory when they get there. Soon they’ll feel at home once all the furniture is moved back in.

  186. When we moved we put the dog bed in our bedroom and made sure our dog knew we were there with them all the time.

  187. Jeana O'donnell-Murphy says:

    We moved all of our cat’s stuff in first and got it all situated and then let him in first to smell and look around. The actual transporting, he sat in someone’s lap

  188. amy guillaume linderman says:

    bring a blanket that was on the floor in the old house….the scent will stay with it for a while and be calming to the pet

  189. Lucy Lopez says:

    When we moved, we made sure all the furniture was in the new home before we brought our cat home. When he got there he was scared at first and kept hiding. But then he started going to his toys, scratching post and on the couch and you could see that he was getting more at ease. My daughter put him on her bed which is his favorite place to sleep at night and he was just fine.

  190. cindy ray says:

    when we moved we placed our cats in the middle of us in there travel carrying case and when we got where we were we just set them up there own little area with all there stuff.

  191. we always add our tshirts to a new puppies kennel so that it will have our scent and feel at ease around us
    brittneydejajason at gmail dot com

  192. I have an area set up for them with all of their things so once we move, they have their own place too. I try to arrange things the way we did at our previous home and gradually rearrange them later to my liking. I try to make it as familiar as possible.

  193. If possible, have the pet walk around the outside and sniff around it first before bringing her inside. It should make her feel more comfortable

  194. Amber Warfield says:

    I think its nice to bring your pet to the new place for a walk around before the big day. Bring a long a comfort item, something you know they like to relax with. I’ve only moved to places within about 30 minutes to an hour of each other. I’m not sure the best way to handle a really big cross country move. Just try to keep your pet as comfortable as they can…keep their comfort objects around and try to be reassuring.

  195. We left the dog with my mom while moving and then for a few extra days while setting up. He was still anxious but al least we weren’t pushing around heavy furniture while he was there.

    wolverina401 at gmail dot com

  196. Rebecca Orr says:

    when we got our cats we got them new beds and put an article of clothing that smelled like us so they could smell us.

  197. Christine says:

    I would probably bring some of their toys or a new bed.
    Thanks for the chance!

  198. Susan Marcy says:

    surround them with all of their favorites and give them plenty attention and love. Be patient. It will take time.

  199. Make sure to give your pet lots of attention after the move so that he/she feels safe and comforted.

  200. Debra Ford says:

    When we moved, we let our cat with our parents for a few days before and after so she wouldn’t be caught up in the chaos of the moving and then she was pretty comfortable when we brought her to our new home.

  201. Nicole Lancaster says:

    I bring their blankets, beds, and toys and stay there with them even before we are all moved in.

  202. My dog didnt have any issues moving into our new home. She loved the yard & still cuddled with us at night. We basically stuck to her normal routine & added in a few extra treats, play sessions & toys & she was great.

  203. Jessica Vaughan Gengler says:

    We just moved from FL to TX and our dog was nervous at first, but we made sure she had some familiar things to make her feel better.

  204. Brutus Duffy says:

    before introducing him or her to a new home, take some of his things there first. the familiar smells will make him more comfortable.

  205. Brittney House says:

    My cat gets used to new places when I give him his toys or his bed that he is familar with.

  206. Lucy Schwartz says:

    CAts can be such fraidy cats. If you introduce them to their litter box , food and water. and keep them in one room , you can let them explore one area before you open a door to another room to explore.

  207. Miss Emily says:

    Make sure their bed is in place and don’t leave them alone for the first few days

  208. Marie Darrer says:

    I wore an old t shirt for a while and then put it in our pup’s kennel for the long drive, it made her more comfortable to smell her mama the whole way!

    Em Darr

  209. dani marie says:

    keep them surrounded by familiar smelling things. it calms them down.

  210. Tiffany H says:

    Whenever we move, we take the dogs through the house room by room after everything is moved into the new place and sit down in each room while we talk with them and reward them. When they see that we are happy and comfortable, they become that way too!

  211. Angela Cisco says:

    Introduce your dog to your new home before the move and it isn’t quite a shock.

  212. I could only wish to bring my puppy with me to work, so he won’t have to be barking alone in our new apartment. The transition was not easy, I think I’ll take days off to be with him in our new home for him to be acclimated.

  213. Let them get used to one room at a time before giving them free run of the house. Make sure all their favorite toys, blankies, etc. are with them.

  214. Make sure you keep their favorite bed/toys. Also, going on a long walk in the new area will help they get acclumalated and tire them out!

  215. Moving the pets last so all of their stuff is already there.

  216. Yilitza Acosta says:

    I used to foster dogs, so there were a lot of ‘first days’. The first day or so are all about spending time with the new pet and getting everyone comfortable. Otherwise, training will be very difficult to accomplish

  217. I’ve been a dog foster parent for 3 years. With each new dog, I spend time quietly walking and playing with them ( both inside and out, in areas they are allowed in) with no other animals present. Slowly I’ll introduce my ‘pack,’ of resident dogs. We take lots of pack walks in the beginning and I’m always on guard for misdirected behavior. Having a variety of toys (and rotating them) keeps the foster and my pack motivated.

  218. Desiree Dunbar says:

    When we moved we will put the dog bed in our room so he wouldn’t be alone at night.

  219. Stocking Stuffer.

  220. When we have moved to a new home I let my cat get used to the new surroundings at her own speed. She tends to hide under the bed for a couple of days.

  221. alyce poalillo says:

    If possible take the pets to a friend or family’s house for the few days before moving so they are not in the home during the move and you do not risk them getting out. Bring them to the new home when things settle down a bit and their area is set up.

  222. Make sure you get their space set up before bringing them in the new place. My cats did not do well without any familiar things inside. We have moved them twice, the second time we made sure they had their beds, toys, litter boxes and food/water of course. It made it a lot smoother having all their things in first

  223. make sure you have a crate

  224. Stephanie says:

    I always travel with them in a crate, just makes me and them feel safer. When we get to the new house, her favorite comfort blanket is there for her!

  225. Make sure to bring things (bed, toys) that will make them feel comfortable in the new home.

  226. Allison Downes says:

    Definitely bring their toys, and blankets and beds with them 🙂

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  227. Brenda Gaines says:

    have their toys and familiar items around the house to help them adjust

  228. I would spend the giftcard on toys and tweats for my 2 dogs. Thanks for having this contest.

  229. When we moved we would go to our new place with our dogs for a little bit each day before moving in and so they could get use to the new smells and setting.

  230. Katherine says:

    I have been babysitting my mother in laws dog for two weeks I comfort this dog by giving him the dog treats he likes and playing with him and showing him attention.

  231. Colleen Schindler says:

    Give them their space and let them look around and smell things. It may take several days but they will adjust to it soon enough

  232. If you have a cat i say bust out the catnip and play at your new place…treats always comfort animals as well

  233. sheryl cullum says:

    I made sure my girls had all their toys andthings when we moved so they felt at home.

  234. If moving in a new home, don’t leave your pet alone for too long until they get used to the new place.

  235. We just got a new cat and we made sure she felt comfortable by having toys and blankets for her in each room.

  236. amy deeter says:

    lots of care and attention

  237. Samantha Meyer says:

    I actually just moved, and my cat kind of knew it was coming. She was very curious and on edge. I made sure while we were moving that I still left toys out for her to play with, and I did not pack up any of her things until the last moment, just to keep her comfortable. On moving day, we found someone nice enough to watch her for the day so she would not have to deal with all the hectic mess.

  238. Nikki Thoresen says:

    with cats start them off in a bedroom, let them get used to it before letting them explore the rest of the house. Also getting a pheromone spray and spritzing it around the house helps calm them down.

  239. Leslie L. Stanziani says:

    We just went through this with our pets.We found the best thing was to start them in one room and let them slowly get used to that with at least one of us with them.Once they were more comfortable we would add more rooms.The cats did great but the dog took a while.

  240. Make sure to have your pets favorite things around- furniture they use so they have their “spot”, don’t ignore them in the rush to get everything done, and take them (dogs) for a good long walk to show them around the new neighborhood.

  241. When we moved into our new house, the vet said we would need to keep them in the room where there kitty litter is for about a week. This was because they had been going to the bathroom all over the old house. We would play with them down there and leave sweatshirts that we had worn to sleep on.

  242. Most pets have a favorite pillow, blanket, toy, etc–make certain that it easily available in the new location so that they will have something familiar to ease the transition.

  243. I need to purchase something for hairball prevention.

  244. Susan Smith says:

    Bring all the toys and water/food bowls with you to the new place so the pet can feet at home,

  245. mary reynolds says:

    I recently moved with my three cats. I kept them inside for at least 5 weeks, then let them out on my screened in patio for another 3 months before allowing them to actually go out in the fenced in yard. Pets need to get aquainted with their surroundings.

  246. Carolyn Daley says:

    Unfortunately, we lost two cats in the past year. We lost one to old age of 19 and the other to kidney failure. We decided to adopt two cats together so they have each other for comfort. Not only does it make adjusting to a new environment easier, but they have someone to play with when nobody his home. We adopted a Lynx Siamese and a Snowshoe Siamese that were born four days apart from different cats. They may not be blood brothers, but they get along very well with one another. They were in the same cage at Cats Exclusive and played together. Both of our boys adjusted very well within 24 hours to coming home with us. We have only had them for three weeks, but they are both very loving, playful, and they sleep next to each other.

  247. amber porter says:

    Bring their old toys, dog bowls, and cushion to the new house to have something familiar.

  248. Move your pet last, and don’t let your cat get out until he’s used to the house! (Ours went missing for 5 days!)

  249. Morgan Lepley Edger says:

    Provide lots of cuddles and explore the new place with your dogs room by room. Let them sniff every room and figure it all out!

  250. Tanya White says:

    I have not moved with a pet before but I would introduce the pet to the new home by bringing them their a day at a time to introduce them to the new home.

  251. Kelsey Little says:

    I always make sure that when we move I bring the same beds for the dogs and put them as close to my bed as possible.

  252. Marcy Rigney says:

    I move my pets in the last load. I bring blankets and familiar things that they know and can smell. I let the children help so they can comfort them. When we get to the new home, I take them immediately to items that they will recognize. I just let them take their time adjusting.

  253. We just moved in April and we have 4 cats and a bird. We took two cats at a time and placed them in the bathroom with their beds, toys, food and water. This kept them calm and with familiar smells while our friends were unloading the truck into the house. When the noise settled, we opened the door and the exploration commenced!

  254. susan smoaks says:

    we have moved several times with our dog. the best tip i have is to keep her bed dirty when you travel so she can use it for a while in the new home before you wash it again.

  255. Laura Unger says:

    I always get my cat’s food and water dishes, bed, and toys in place before introducing them to their new home.

  256. We offered his fave toys , piece clothing he snuggles with and move them last

  257. Chrissy Nestor says:

    I just got my daughter a new kitten and I make her comfortable by letting her explore her new surroundings and just show her love.

    chrissylea1979 (at)gmail(dot) com

  258. Kat Emerick says:

    always have their bed, toys, bowl and also play with them to get them use to the rooms in the home.

  259. Marie Oetzel says:

    When we moved from Wyoming to North Carolina. We had a month delay before our house stuff would make it to the new home (Oh, the Joys of the Military) so to make our two dogs feel comfortable in the new home before all the normal stuff arrived we made sure we had an old blanket from our bed that the dogs new and were familiar with and we set it up in an area where they could lay on it and be safe and out of the way of the hectic-ness but still have the familiar scent and place.

  260. Kerrie Mayans says:

    When we moved our cat across the country. We let him stay at the old house as long as possible and then flew him to the new house instead of driving with him. Once in the new house, we kept him locked up in the master bathroom for a few days and then let him be in the master bedroom and bath for a few more days and then let him out to explore the whole top floor and then after we were in the house for about two weeks finally let him have free reign of the house.

  261. latisha depoortere says:

    Just make sure they have their food bowls ,toys things they are use too having!

  262. Lisa Canada says:

    I haven’t moved in a several years but when I did we moved the pets last so they weren’t in the way and so they could have everything set out for them.

  263. Keep the pets in a room away from all the moving – Thanks!

  264. Starr Greenwell says:

    This may sound goofy, but I always give my little dog one of my sleep t’s with my scent on it

  265. I make sure to have their beds all set up for them when we get there, keeping them comfortable is very important!

  266. When we went to adopt a dog from the pound, we left a cheap baby blanket with it until it was cleared we could bring it home, that way it got used to our scent before we even brought it home.

  267. Dorothy Hubbard says:

    When moving make sure you are constantly around your pets letting them know that you are there and they won’t be left alone. I think they are feeling they are going to be abandondend. Plently of love and attention is needed.

  268. spirit_kim says:

    Be careful not to pack your pets medications and toys away. You don’t want to have difficultly finding them once you get home!

  269. I think that when you get a new pet you need to give them space to explore and get acclimated on their own.

  270. My dog was easy to move, We just made sure to walk him alot in the first few weeks so he wouldn;t mark his territory on anything.

  271. When I moved my pets to new home I first started them out in a closed room then let them explore on their own at a quiet calm pace. I made sure that all of our things were in place before my babies came. I purchased them new toys and smother loved them.

  272. Beth Palacios says:

    Keep familular bedding and toys with them at all times. Keep them confined and safe for the first couple hours to make sure they don’t run away and get injured. If your pet already has anxiety, it may be best to get something from the vet to keep them calm.

  273. I buy them new toys to celebrate the new surroundings.

  274. I’d definitely take all my dog’s favorite things and make sure that I walk them around the new house so it feels acquainted and comfortable.

  275. make sure that they have a familiar place to rest – either a blanket they love or a bed or crate! And on moving day itself maybe drop them at a friends or a doggie daycare so they miss all the commotion!

    sandysaveseveryday AT gmail DOT com

  276. carol lewis says:

    We make sure to make it fun for the pet. We play with them and let them see it is an enjoyable experience. A new toy works wonders and a good meal!

  277. I have a blind shih tzu, and making sure I introduce her to the important stuff (her bed, new food location, yard, etc) and spend time with her before leaving her home alone greatly reduces her stress. Dogs need to know you aren’t abandoning them in this strange new place

  278. I haven’t moved, but I would bring out all his familiar toys etc. from our previous home. I would walk him through the new place to make him more comfortable with his new surroundings.

  279. Dawn Reid says:

    I let them wander and smell the new surroundings and spend extra time with them

  280. Ashley Tucker says:

    Make sure your animals have their belongings they are familiar with to adjust to new surroundings easier.

  281. Nicole Larsen says:

    I always put my dog’s bed and toys near me where he feels safe, until he gets used to the new home.

  282. Bring his favorite toys.

  283. Rebecca L says:

    The last time that I moved with my Dog, I Immediately got a Doggy Door that she could come in the house or go out of the house whenever she felt stressed.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  284. Charity S says:

    Always take your pets toys, blankets, and beds to your new home.

  285. Brad Merrell says:

    Bring all the dog’s belongings with you.

  286. vikki Billings says:

    I think the main thing to making a pet feel comfortable in a new place is to allow them to roam around and check the place out and then make sure their bed is in the same place, rather it be the bedroom or the livingroom.

  287. I usually introduce them to one room at a time and spend as much time as possible with them.

  288. Kelly Britton says:

    Making sure that your cats know where you keep the litter box in your new place is a must. For dogs, make sure that they know where their water bowl will be.

  289. I’d put my dogs’ favorite toys and blankets in their bed to help with the adjustment to a new house

  290. When you first move in, give them a lot of attention and give them their own space there so they know they belong.

  291. Suzanne M says:

    I get kitty drugs from the vet before we have to move. My cats can’t handle being in a car.

  292. Tim Hendrix says:

    Adding a WARM “hot water bottle” into the puppies crate at night will help him think he’s still with mama. They snuggle up and sleep better.

  293. Richard Hicks says:

    IF it is in the winter when you move, then a nice heating pad under their bed will make them feel more warm and secure after the move

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  294. For cats I think its best to get one room set up, or at least made off limits while the move is happening where the cats can hang…with their litter box and food and not be bothered while getting used to new smells and sounds.

  295. If possible assign one family member to be in charge of the family pet on moving day. They should make sure the pet is fed, watered, played with and they can keep the pet company while boxes and furniture are being moved out and in 🙂

  296. I put their bedding in a quiet and secluded place for a while.

  297. Blankets and more blankets. They seem to be happy no matter where they are as long as they have blankets to sleep in.

  298. Jennifer Speed says:

    buy lots and lots of toys to keep them occupied

  299. Angela Cash says:

    I think the best way to make a pet comfortable in a new home is to surround them with things that are familiar (their toys, bed, etc.)

  300. Such a great blog! We have a house and a dog; but our house often feels as small as an apartment…. great insight!

  301. My tip is to spend some extra time with your pets in their new place…explore together! trixpixel[at]gmail.com

  302. Lisa Garner says:

    My tip for moving with my dog is to make sure to take frequent stops so the trip is not to stressful on him.

  303. Aimee Fontenot says:

    When I moved, I didn’t force my animals to get out their kennel. I simply opened their cages and tried to make them feel comfortable, and I let them come out on their own terms. My cats were timid at first, but when they saw me sitting there, they came out to check everything out.

  304. Sarah Yurga says:

    take them for visits as much as possible before the final move

  305. I usually put them in a room we will not be going in and out of and put their stuff in there so they feel more comfortable.