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Pinball Magic Arcade Game

If you have an iPhone, chances are you have several gaming apps. I’m not big on playing video or computer games, but I do have a few game apps on my iPhone that I enjoy playing. It’s nice to disengage from the world around me and get lost in a fun game from time to time.

Sometimes I find it hard to use the iPhone to play games. I’m OK with games that require you to swipe something or press on something, but if it’s a fast paced games my poor little stubby fingers are not nimble enough to keep up.

I know there are several pinball game apps you can download. But nothing beats playing a real pinball game like the kind you play at an arcade. Wouldn’t it be fun to turn your iPhone into a real pinball machine?

You can!

Thanks to a company called New Potato Technologies, Inc. you can turn your iPhone into a real life pinball machine.

New Potato Technologies sent me one of their Pinball Magic realistic pinball arcade games. It looks just like the real thing except in miniature form.

To use you need to download the FREE Pinball Magic app. Once loaded you can slide your iPhone into the Pinball table body. Next select how many players (mostly I choose 1 for me but my husband and I have played against each other too). Then you are ready to play.

New Potatoe Technologies

There is a small red knob on the device that you pull – this releases a tiny little Pinball into the game, just like a real Pinball machine.

On each side of the device are red buttons. Each one moves the flapper on the game to help you keep the ball from falling into the hole at the bottom of the screen.

Not only does the device provide you with real life Pinball action, but it also lights up (it even has a flashing light!) and gives off real Pinball machine sound effects.

The legs open and close to making it easy to store away when you are not using it.

Here is a brief video that I made from my camera so you can see the Pinball Magic game in action. My apologies for the ending as well as the Twitter message that popped up. The camera slipped and I didn’t realize it until I uploaded the video. At least you can see and hear it in action.

I also did it when it was dark so you could see the lights in action.


As you can see the game is completely realistic. It IS a real Pinball game, it’s just been downsized to the size of your iPhone.

Here are more details about the game unit.

System Requirements:

  • Apple iPhone or iPod touch running OS 3.0 (or higher)
  • Works with iPhone 4 and 4S

Realistic Pinball Controls:

  • Classic pinball game controls: Ball-launching plunger, flipper buttons, credit/select button.
  • Animated pinball backbox and rotating beacon light up to reward your pinball wizard skills.
  • Realistic pinball machine cabinet with folding legs for easy transport storage.

Game Play Features:

  • Dazzingly real gaming experience
  • Classic and unique playboard layouts
  • Advanced multi-level and multiplayer competition
  • Various multi-ball modes
  • End-of-ball and replay bonuses
  • Tilt detection, tilt warning and activation
  • Build high scores to unlock other games
  • Support for third party pinball titles coming soon!

I also found a professionally done video so you can get a much better view of the game in action.


The device sells for $34.99 on the New Potato Technologies website. You can also purchase it from other retail locations, both online and off line, including Amazon.com, Best Buy, Think Geek, The Discovery Channel store and many more locations.

New Potato Technologies carries other cool products including a Classic Match Foosball for iPad and also Jackpot Slots, which turns your iPhone into a
slot machine (except money or tokens won’t pour out of it :-)).

If you or someone you know is a Pinball enthusiast, or just loves to play games on their iPhone, Pinball Magic from New Potato Technologies would make the perfect gift.  Everyone, including kids from age 5 to 92 can enjoy it!

For more information please visit www.NewPotatoTech.com. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Pinball Magic


*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced in any way.

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