A Not So Spooky Halloween Giveway

This time of year I LOVE to decorate. I live in a tiny condo and every room is decorated for Halloween right now, including the bathroom and kitchen. Even our balcony is decorated. I can only imagine what fun I would have if we had a house and a yard. OH! I would have my yard set up like a spooky graveyard and have creepy crawly thing popping out all over the place.

My kids are older now. When they were young I had to be careful of how I decorated our home. I didn’t want them to find something scary and be afraid to sleep at night. So I kept things pretty “G-Rated”. Now that hey are older its OK to set up the scarier Halloween decorations. In fact they want me to get even scarier decorations.

Halloween can be an especially scary time for the little ones. Its hard to keep them sheltered from creepy decorations and scary costumes. But it doesn’t have to be scary. There are fun things your child can do on Halloween that will not only be less scary but also a lot of fun and safe too.

Staying safe during Halloween is very important. Its important that your child can be seen in the dark and know what to do before they are allowed to enjoy their Halloween bounty.

Joy Berry, best selling author and pioneering child developmentalist, has created a fun gift set that is sure to be a hit with your child this Halloween. The kit is called Taking the Scary Out of Halloween. This fun kit is filled with a lot of great goodies. My favorite part of the kit is the book with the same name, Taking the Scary Out of Halloween. The book features fun and colorful drawings for children and important safety tips for both children and adults, written in a way that children can understand. There are plenty of great safety tips along with some really fun activity ideas. My favorite is the recipes for Cinnamon Pumpkin Soup. MMM!!!! This sounds so good, and healthy too!

There are also ideas on how to make your own Halloween costume just using a simple plain t-shirt and how to make your own face paint and make up.

I’m sure one of your child’s favorite parts of the book will be the 30 glow in the dark stickers found in the back of the book. They are so cute too! There is nothing scary about these adorable stickers.

Joy Berry’s Taking the Scary Out of Halloween kit also comes with a really fun flashlight with five different attachments. I know my kids are going to have a blast with this. Each attachment features a different design: ghost, pumpkin, bat, witch and spider. All you need to do is pop on one of the attachments and turn on the flashlight. The image will then appear on the wall or ceiling (or where ever you point the flashlight). The ghost one is my favorite. He has such a cute, happy, smiling face. The closer to a wall you bring the flashlight the smaller the image gets. If you shine it from far away you’ll see a huge image appear.

The flashlight takes 2 AA batteries (not included). The only thing I didn’t like about it is that it doesn’t turn on and off with the button. I think mine has a defect in it. I have to turn it on and off by screwing on/off the top of the flashlight. Its not a big deal. It just would have been easier the other way.

The kids also included four glow in the dark pieces that can be attached together (with the enclosed attachment pieces) to form a bracelet and a necklace. If you have more then one child you could just make up to four bracelets instead. Kids LOVE to wear the glow in the dark jewelry pieces. Even boys.

Lastly the kit features a really cool whistle that also glows in the dark. The whistle does have a string on it so your child wear it around their neck. That way your child can be easily seen and they have a whistle they can use if they get lost or feel like they are in danger. I think that is a great idea. I never thought to give each of my children a whistle so we could find them in case they got separated from us.

This special kit can be found at select Barnes & Noble stores for $14.95. You can also find the book (not the kit) at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

To learn more about Joy Berry and to check out all the other wonderful books that she has written please visit her official site, www.JoyBerryBooks.com.

Joy Berry would like to offer a lucky reader a Take the Scary Out of Halloween kit. Thanks Joy! *The skulls are not included.

To enter please visit Joy Berry’s website, look around, then come back here comment on another book title you find interesting.

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*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own.

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