All I Want Is Christmas – Holiday Movie Review

I know that today is Halloween and the last thing on people’s minds is Christmas. Right now all people care about it ghost, goblins and how much candy can be collected. ūüôā

FYI… Thanksgiving is about 3 weeks away – THREE WEEKS! As you know Christmas is not too far behind Thanksgiving. So it’s not too early to think about the holiday. Even TV channels are gearing up for their holiday line up. We also saw our first Christmas commercials this evening while watching TV.

My family loves to watch holiday specials, movies and TV shows. We have several that we make it a point to view year after year whether it comes on TV or not. It’s just not the holiday season without watching our favorite holiday shows and movies.

There is a new holiday movie coming out which will be available on Video on Demand November 1, 2012 called All I Want Is Christmas. This fun holiday movie is sure to delight your whole family.

There are other movies by the same name. The movie I am refering to in this post was initially released in 2011 and stars Elliot Gould and David DeLuise (one of Dom DeLuise’s sons, from the Wizards of Waverly Place).

All I Want Is Christmas stars a young boy name Ira Finkelstein. He lives in Hollywood, California with his Director father and party planner mother.

Even though Ira’s family is Jewish and celebrates Hanukkah, Ira is obsessed with Christmas. He loves to watch Christmas movies and listen to Christmas music. He would love to decorate for Christmas too, complete with a tree.¬†He dreams of seeing snow too.

Ira is looking forward to a family trip for the holidays until is parents decide they are too busy to go on vacation and decide to stay home and work. Instead of leaving Ira home with them they put him on a plane and ship him off to his grandparents in Florida.

During¬†a layover at an airport in Chicago, Ira meets a boy his age name Mikey. Mikey comes¬†from a single parent home (his¬†parents are divorced) and his mom has to work so¬†he’s going to stay with relatives in a place called Christmastown,¬†Washington.

The boys¬†strike up a conversation about the holidays. Mikey is jealous that Ira gets to go some place¬†warm, and Ira is jealous that¬†Mikey is going to Christmastown and will get to enjoy playing in the snow. Then Ira gets a crazy idea – why not swap identities? Mikey could go to Florida and be with Ira’s grandparents, who have not seen¬†Ira in many years, and Ira could go to Christmastown to¬†spend the holiday with¬†Mikey’s cousins, who also have not seen him in year.

Both boys arrive at their destinations. Mikey fits right in with Ira’s grandparents, who don’t suspect a think (although one of the neighbors is suspicious). Ira also seems to blend in OK with his “adopted” family for the holidays, that is until his secret is revealed¬†to one of Mikey’s cousins, who promises not to tell anyone.

Mikey has a great time in Florida where as Ira’s time in Christmastown is not as easy. He has to deal with a town bully and he misses celebrating Hanukkah with is real family.

How long will the boys be able to pass themselves off as each other? What happens to Mikey that jeopardizes Ira’s special holiday plan? To find out you’ll either have to pick up a copy of the movie, All I Want¬†Is¬†Christmas, or rent it on Video On Demand (MOD) starting November¬†1, 2012.

This is a sweet movie which is¬†a lot of fun for the whole family to watch. It’s a¬†bit quirky, but I think that just makes it more fun.¬†My whole family enjoyed it.

The only “negative” I would have to give this movie is that they over use Jewish terminology. Every time they showed Mikey with¬†Ira’s¬†grandparents¬†there was non-stop use of Jewish euphemisms. You’ll hear a lot of Oy Vay, Mashugana and other Jewish terminology used TOO¬†much in the film. That was the only “downside” as far as I’m concerned.

All I Want Is Christmas is a fun movie for the whole family. Enjoy it with your family this holiday season.


*I received a free screener copy in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and are no influenced in anyway.

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