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Trevi Fountain Italy

I have been to Europe before, but many years ago when I was a teenager. I went to France, England, Wales and Belgium. I would love to go back someday and take my family with me. Sadly I know that would probably never happen unless we win it big with the lottery. I did have a chance to go to Italy last year on a press trip but it didn’t pan out. Sigh… I would so love to visit Italy. I was looking forward to visiting Pompeii.

When I think of Europe I think of history, beautiful artwork and decadent desserts. Many places in Europe have become very modernized, but I prefer the old world charm of narrow cobblestone streets and ancient relics. Another words places that time seems to have skipped over.

When my family and I were in Paris my mom and I wanted to sit at a side walk cafe and enjoy eating pastries and croissants. Back then I didn’t’ care much for coffee but if I were to go there now I would certainly enjoy a cup or two of coffee.

Barista Prima Coffeehouse K-cup packs can help transform your mind (sorry, it can’t transport your body) to a land far away. Barista Prima Coffeehouse K-cup packs are available in;

  • Italian Roast: Dark Roast
  • Italian Roast Decaf: Dark Roast
  • French Roast: Darkest Roast
  • Columbia: Medium-Dark Roast
  • House Blend: Medium-Dark Roast

Barista Prima Coffeehouse K-Cup packs are an exclusive collection of the world’s finest Arabica coffees inspired by Europe’s most celebrated coffee houses.  Barista Prima offers a deep, dark-roasted flavor for connoisseurs of coffee. They pair perfectly with a delicioso  treat.

Barist Prima CoffeesWhat would go better with a European blend of coffee (yes, I know Columbia is in South America – I’m referring to the Italian and French roasts :-)) than a traditional dessert. One classic Italian dessert is Tiramisu.

Tiramisu is made with Lady Fingers cookies, dipped or soaked in coffee and layered with a mixture of egg yolks and Mascarpone cheese. It’s also flavored with Marsala wine and cocoa. There are actually many different varieties of Tiramisu and it has been adapted into cakes, puddings and even brownies.

As a K-cup brand ambassador I received a recipe from Keurig/Green Mountain Coffee for Tiramisu Brownie, created by pastry Chef Maureen Joyce of Oakmont Bakery in Pittsburgh, PA.

I LOVE traditional Tiramisu, but my family is not a fan of this classic dessert. They do however like brownies so I thought I would give the recipe a try but “tweak” it so that it was something my family could eat too (I really didn’t’t need to have a whole pan of brownies all for myself).

Here is the original recipe if you would like to try it out at home.

 Tiramisu Brownies Chef Joyce

Tiramisu Brownies


12 oz chocolate chips (dark chocolate is great with this recipe)

1 c butter, softened

1 c sugar

4 whole eggs

4 egg whites

1 c cake flour

coffee extract to taste

8 oz mascarpone cheese, room temperature

8 oz cream cheese, room temperature

1/4 c sugar

4 egg whites

2 tsp vanilla extract

1 package soft ladyfingers

1 c of Barista Prima Italian Roast (or a strong coffee)

2 T Dark Rum

Optional: Mint extract, nuts, Raspberry preserves.


In a large bowl, melt the chocolate.  Stir until smooth and leave it to cool.  Heat the oven to 350.  Line a 13″ x 9″ baking pan with parchment paper.  Add chocolate to a mixing bowl with paddle attachment on.  Beat in the butter followed by 1 cup of sugar and the 4 eggs and 4 egg whites.  Add the coffee extract, then the flour.  Mix on low until just combined.  Pour the batter into the prepared baking pan, reserving 1 cup of batter for the top.

Lay the lady fingers upside down on top of the batter and push down slightly.  Combine the hot coffee and dark rum. Using a pastry brush, carefully brush the Barista Prima Coffee and rum mixture over the lady fingers until they are saturated.

In another bowl, combine the mascarpone cheese, cream cheese, 1/4 c sugar, 4 egg whites and vanilla extract.  Spread the topping over the ladyfingers.  Place dollops of brownie batter on top and swirl lightly with a toothpick or knife.

Bake for 45-50 minutes or until center is almost set and brownies begin to pull away from sides of the pan.  Cool completely in the pan before slicing.

Sounds yummy, doesn’t it?

Now let me share with your my mistakes and tweaks.

I totally forgot to put aside a cup of the brownie batter for the top. When I realized I missed that step the Tiramisu was already in the oven. Ugh! I’m such a dork!

Italian Roast Tiramisu

I was totally clueless when it came to “coffee extract”. I didn’t’t see anything at the grocery store that said “coffee extract” but I know it exists (I Googled it). So to compensate I mixed 2 tablespoons of the Barista Prima Italian Roast Coffee into the brownie mix. Sadly it wasn’t enough to really flavor the brownie like coffee. Next time I either have to use more coffee or find someplace that sells the extract.

I also didn’t use rum because I didn’t have any. I also worry about stuff like that when it comes to my kids. I don’t know how much of the alcohol burns off.

I didn’t use the cheese mixture. I wanted to but my family voted against it. They thought the idea of cheese and brownies sounded gross. I assured them it would taste great all together. They didn’t buy that.

I brushed the Barista Prima Italian Roast Coffee on top of the Lady Fingers but I don’t think I used enough because you could barely taste the coffee. I think next time I’ll dip them in coffee rather than brush the coffee on. It might make them more flavorful.

Of course my big “goof” was not putting aside brownie mix for the top.

In the end I made something that looked like a brownie cake with Lady Fingers on top. It had a wee bit of a coffee taste to it but nothing like it was suppose to.

My poor excuse for a Tiramisu! I can't believe I forgot the top layer.

My poor excuse for a Tiramisu! I can’t believe I forgot the top layer.

Now that I know how to make it, and know what ingredients I should have added, I am going to try making it again step-by-step, including the cheese!

I can tell you that my poor excuse for Tiramisu Brownies did go very well with a mug full of Barista Prima Italian Roast Coffee. It’s a very tasty, rich, bold and flavorful blend. Not as strong as French Roast, but certainly not for the weak.

Did you know…

  • Coffee consumption is on the rise! About 8 in 10 Americans (83%) are coffee drinkers, up from 78% in 2012
  • Americans are switching up their brewing habits: 13% of surveyed coffee drinkers used a single-cup brewing system vs. 4% in 2010
  • More people know about and own single-cup brewing systems, like the Keurig: 86% have heard of these, while ownership has grown to 12% from 10% last year! With more than 200 options for coffee, tea and other beverages it’s easy to see why!

I have a special discount code that will save you 15% off store wide at www.GreenMountainCoffee.com, and FREE SHIPPING on orders containing at least one K-cup pack of Barista Prima Coffeehouse coffees (the blends are listed at the top of this post). The code is BARISTA8137. It’s valued until May 31, 2013 and cannot be combined with any other discount. 

Do you have a favorite Italian dessert? If you have any recipes you would like to share I would very much love to hear about them. If you have another Tiramisu recipe I would enjoy hearing about that as well.

Buon appetito!

Barista Prima Coffeehouse


*I am a brand ambassador for Keurig/Green  Mountain Coffee. I received free  product samples in order to do this review.  There was no compensation. The  opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Olivia Rubin says:

    I haven’t baked in so long and that looks so good. I am not a fan of tiramisu either, but the way you mixed it up with a brownie recipe I would give it a try…or at the very least pick out all that I loved! I am not a coffee drinker, but love cakes and brownies…

  2. Sandy VanHoey says:

    I have never even heard of mascarpone cheese before but these look great.

  3. I LOVE tiramisu!
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  4. Taj Roxy says:

    Italy is amazing! Thanks for the recipe.

  5. courtney b says:

    yum! ;this looks delicious, your posts are always so detailed!

  6. Amy Orvin says:

    I’d love to bake and eat this wonderful recipe for the Tiramisu Brownies! Looks great!! 🙂

  7. That dessert looks absolutely amazing. I am going to buy the ingredients next time I go to the store and make it!
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  8. Tammy S says:

    I love Tiramisu! I have never even heard of Tiramisu Brownies. Yum!! I will have to try this recipe. I hope the kids don’t like them. That would mean more for me. LOL Thanks for the recipe!

  9. Margie says:

    This recipe looks really good, but it also looks like a lot of work!
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Peggy Greco says:

    Thanks for sharing this interesting recipe and discount info with us.

  11. Carolyn Colley says:

    this sounds so good, I have a funny for you LOL: When I was newly married at the age of 18, learning it all and was really trying hard to be a good wife, I had a recipe for brownies that called for a cup of coffee, well it didn’t say a cup of liquid coffee and I put a cup of coffee grounds in it, thought I was doing a great job, they looked so good, but they were so bitter, I still laugh about that today at the age of 52.

  12. Cooking is an adventure! We’ve all had our share of successes (and a few flops)! K-Cups are such a great invention!