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When my children were young I made it a point to introduce healthy foods to them in hopes that they would acquire a taste for them and continue to enjoy them as they got older. That plan actually worked. My kids eat spinach, love broccoli (especially fresh steamed broccoli), Lima beans and prefer their veggies raw instead of cooked or steamed. Another food I was able to get them to enjoy at a young age is chickpeas (also known as Garbanzo bean).

My kids sometimes take Chickpeas to school with them as part of their lunch. Pretty much all of their friends are grossed out by them, without even tasting them. My daughter especially will down a bowl of Chickpeas like they were candy (and that is no exaggeration).

Most people associate Chickpeas with Hummus. Hummus is a popular snack treat. Most people won’t eat Chickpeas, even if they like Hummus. I guess it’s because they look odd.

Chickpeas are actually very good for you. They are low in fat and what fat they do have is polyunsaturated. They are also a tasty source of protein, zinc and folate.

100 gram of Chickpeas contains;

  • 164 calories
  • 2.6 grams of fat (only .27 is saturated)
  • 7.6 grams of dietary fiber
  • 8.9 grams of protein
  • 167 mg of phosphorus (higher then a 100 gram serving of whole milk)

Some recent studies have also shown that Chickpeas could help aid in lowering cholesterol.

Did you know that growing Chickpeas is actually good for the soil? Chickpeas help put nourishing nitrogen back into the soil. Farmers sometimes use Chickpeas as “rotation crops” to help put the nitrogen back into the soil which will benefit the other crops too.

The Good Bean recognizes the health benefits of these amazing little legumes. That is why they created a line of healthy snacks that make the Chickpea the “star”.

The Good Bean Chickpea

The Good Bean uses a variety of Chickpea called “Desi” Chickpea. Unlike their cousins, the “Kabuli” Chickpea (the kind you buy in cans at the grocery store). The Desi variety have three times more soluble fiber and half the carbs of their Kabuli cousins. The Desi variety are also very low glycemic index, making them perfect for diabetics.

The Good Bean’s snacks are low in fat, high in protein, Gluten free, cholesterol free and best of all TASTY! They also make sure to use minimally processed ingredients that follow ethical fair trade practices. That also make sure to stay far away from genetically modified foods (GMO).

The Good Bean offers a variety of dry roasted Chickpeas that have been seasoned with a variety of flavors including Sweet Cinnamon, Cracked Pepper, Smoky Chili & Lime and Sea Salt.

I received all four varieties to try out. I was actually more excited to see how my kids reacted to the snacks because they love Chickpeas. WOW! You would have thought I gave them a big bowl of candy the way they tore into the different packages. They had no hesitation whatsoever.

 The Good Bean

Here are my thoughts about the different flavors.

Sea Salt – My kid’s favorite. I enjoyed them too but they had just a touch too much salt for my personal taste.

Smoky Chili & Lime – You can really taste the lime in these. The flavor alternates between lime and chili. It’s weird. One minute you taste the lime, then the smoky chili, then the lime again.

Cracked Pepper – These are my personal favorite. The pepper gives them a nice “kick”.

Sweet Cinnamon – Wonderfully sweet with a touch of cinnamon. Delish!

In addition to the Chickpea snacks, The Good Bean also sent me a few of their Fruit and No Nut bars to try out.

The Good Bean Bars

Apricot Coconut – This is an unusual combination but the flavors work great together. You can definitely taste the coconut, but it’s not “overly” coconut flavored, if that makes any sense? My husband for example doesn’t like coconut at all. He tried a bite of the Apricot Coconut and actually liked it. He asked if there was coconut in it (he wasn’t sure what the flavor was). When I told him “yes” he still took another bite. This is my favorite flavor.

Fruit & Seed Trail Mix – I wasn’t overly keen about this one. It seemed to lack flavor. I was expecting something a bit more sweet and fruity. It was rather bland.

Chocolate Cherry – This bar mostly tastes like cherry, but you can still taste a touch of chocolate. Mostly it’s cherry flavored. It has just the right amount of sweetness. I am not a fan of things that are overly sweet, and these bars are perfectly sweetened.

Overall I enjoyed the snacks, most especially the Apricot Coconut and Chocolate Cherry bars and the Cracked Pepper and Sweet Cinnamon roasted Chickpeas. I found both the bars and the roasted Chickpeas to be very filling. I guess that has to do with the fiber and protein they contain.

Good Bean Bar

I like that my kids enjoyed the roasted Chickpeas. These are much better option then chips. Chips don’t give you the same kind of protein and fiber. I could easily pack some of the roasted Chickpeas from The Good Bean into their lunch and they would be pleased.

The Good Bean Fruit & No Nut bars and Chickpea snacks were a pleasant surprise. It’s nice to know that that funny looking legume can be transformed into something sweet, spicey, salty and of course tasty!

For more information visit www.TheGoodBean.com. You can even purchase the products on the website. You can also check out the brand on Facebook and Twitter.

The Good Bean Logo


*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and were no influenced in any way.

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