Are you teaching your children “life skills”? (giveaway ends 2/20/13) #MomLife


Recently I was asked to write a guest post for the website Jen and Barb’s Mom Life. The subject of the post was teaching our children life skills. My kids are teenagers and I hate to admit that there are a lot of life skills we haven’t taught our kids yet. They know how to do a few things, but not as much as they should know. For example, our daughter knows how to do laundry, but our son doesn’t. Our son knows how to boil water and make macaroni and cheese, our daughter does not. I won’t even get started on money and making purchases. Sigh…

Writing the guest post made me realize that I was doing my kids an injustice by not teaching them more life skills. In a way I feel like a bad mother because my daughter can’t boil water.

Jen and Barb recently interviewed actress Felicity Hoffman and they discussed teaching our children life skills. You can find their video here, http://jenandbarbmomlife.com/what-kind-of-life-skills-are-you-teaching-your-children/. It’s an eye opening interview and I would strong recommend parents and even grandparents to check it out. This topic was done in conjunction with Chef Boyardee.

Here is the post for your convenience. If you are reading this via e-mail you can find the video at the above link.


Cooking, cleaning, budgets… there is so much that a child needs to learn. I know now that I should have started all of these life lessons while my kids were younger, not as teenagers. Hopefully I’m able to teach my “old dogs” (teens) some “new tricks” (skills).

If you are interested in reading my guest post you can also find it on the Jen and Barb Mom Life website, http://jenandbarbmomlife.com/what-kind-of-life-skills-are-you-teaching-your-kids/. My kids also made a yummy recipe for Lasagna made from Chef Boyardee Raviolli. I let them make it from start to finish. They ventured from the recipe a bit and it didn’t turn out as good as it should have, but it was still delicious.

Do YOU teach your children or grandchildren life skills? What have you taught them so far? What age did you start teaching them these things? I would very much love to get a discussion going about this. Hopefully we can teach each other ways to teach our own children and grandchildren.

You can follow the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #MomLife. You are also welcome to tweet your response to the video on Twitter using the same hashtag. I would love to encourage readers to get involved in this very important topic.


To encourage you to join in the discussion I have a $25.00 gift card to give to a lucky reader.

This giveaway is open to US residents only and will end on February 20, 2013 at 11:59 PM (EST). The winner will be chosen at random using a random number generator from all eligible entries. The winner will be notified via e-mail and will have three days to reply or a new winner will be chosen in their place.

To enter please comment on this post and tell me about teaching life skills to your child/grandchild. What have you taught them so far? What age did you start to teach them things? What tips or advice can you share with others about teaching life skills to your children?

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*I was compensated for my participation (guest post). There was no other compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced in any way.

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  1. My son is 9 and he makes his own toast and waffles! I guess I should be teaching him more. My daughter is 3 and helps put away laundry.
    Mary Happymommy recently posted..Tiny Prints $50 Giveaway

  2. I try to teach them how to save $.

  3. teaching them how to cook and clean up for themselves

  4. Nicole Larsen says:

    I started teaching my daughter about doing chores around when she turned 3. She has a responsibility chart. She also helps me with clipping coupons and knows that they are just as valuable as money.

  5. Tyneisha Fondren says:

    My daughter is only 7months old. But I want to do well by her and teach her about God, and to always have faith even if times get tough. She needs to learn respect and how to conduct herself like a lady. Good manners are also a must, and treating people right. I want to teach her to love and respect herself, how to cook, how to clean, and how to be an overall decent human being.

  6. Teach them how to wash and dry clothes and 1 meal a day

  7. Kenya Johnson says:

    I have been teaching my daughter about becoming financially responsible since she was around 2 years old. She is very aware of money and the value of things. I teach her to be grateful for what she has and to appreciate the gifts that she receives from others. For other parents, it is never too early to teach about being financially responsible. Children will always have wants and needs. It is our job to help them to develop discernment and maturity.

  8. Margaret Smith says:

    I try to teach my children to be honest and fair. Since they were toddlers, we’ve talked about feelings in situations that arose and how would they feel. I hope that I’m teaching my kids to have good morals, be kind and fair.

  9. Christine says:

    My kids like to cook with me and I am happy to involve them. Cooking teaches math, science. sequence, patience…so many great things. Let the kids be in the kitchen!
    Thanks for the chance!

  10. Wendy Pesce says:

    allow them to help cook in the kitchen

  11. Michelle S. says:

    Yes, I found something that the kids were really wanting and had them work and save to obtain it. I started this before they were 10 years old. They also help in the kitchen and with chores. They don’t do laundry because I don’t allow anyone to use the washer and dryer except for me. LOL

  12. Adrienne gordon says:

    Number one I have taught them that they need to be more than just about themselves.

  13. I teach my son to be honest. I have started teaching him this early

  14. Belinda Brown says:

    Teach your children love, kindness, honesty, and hard work and make sure you as a parent display these actions in front of them and pray for the best….. My son is grown and gone from home, but he has given me a beautiful grand daughter that will be taught these same things along with manners as her Daddy was taught……

  15. I’ve helped watch my grandson since he was a baby and he’s 5 now and I’ve been teaching piano and how to draw as well as life lessons that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose and you can’t get mad. And of course to be thoughtful of others.

  16. i try to teach them to be kind to other

  17. I don’t teach my son how to save money, I teach him how to spend money. I want him to be a savvy shopper that knows how to get the most for his money. I began this very early in his life by demonstrating/modeling how a savvy shopper shops and manages their money.
    Allen recently posted..Funny Baby Video: Professional Baby Escape Artist

  18. We are teaching how to handle money. And the importance of a good education.
    Sallee Glickler aka Sorcha Griannon recently posted..Compass Love Necklace Review & Giveaway

  19. Cynthia C says:

    I tried to teach my kids to be kind and polite as soon as they were able to understand.

  20. we are trying to teach them to clean up after themselves

  21. Tari Lawson says:

    When my oldest was in high school I taught him how to do his own laundry and turned the responsibiltiy over to him. I also began teaching my children how to cook in elementary school.

  22. I started pretty young with my son, taking him to the store, letting him pick out healthy fruits, vegetables, etc. Then, letting him help me cook.

  23. melissa allen says:

    I teach my ten year old son about being nice to everyone and helping anyone in need. the other day I didn t even have to ask him, and he rescued a little girl stuck up in the play area at chuck e cheese!! i was so proud!!

  24. Trina Chadwick says:

    Clean up their room and feed the dog and make sure they have water

  25. Stephanie Dake Thompson says:

    My children are grown and do well at taking care of their basic everyday things great, I am proud, now I am teaching my grandsons and my favorite is teaching them to cook.

  26. Kids need to learn how to do laundry, fold, and hang up their clothes.

  27. my guy is one. we are working on being kind/nice to the kitty. and “tryin’ to put toys away. lol

  28. Carolyn K says:

    No kids yet, but we try to help our nieces and nephews learn good social skills and manners.

  29. I started around 6. My son wanted a laptop and I was laid off so we didn’t have the funds. I told him to save his money and we would see. An elderly Lady paid him $2 a week to take her trash to the street and back. He ask for money for his bday. My brother in-law got an out of date lap top from his Mother and put in a bigger processor for $50 and told him he could buy it from him for $50. He had saved over that by then and was so happy to use his own money.

  30. Debra Hall says:

    my sons can sew better than my daughters,i taught them how to do all household chores

  31. april yedinak says:

    I have always wanted my children to be well prepared. I started teaching them cleaning skills when they were toddlers. Money handling when they were about 8 and cooking when they are about 10 or 11. I also try to stress taking initiative as a life skill. I remind them that a sign of maturity is not having to be told to do a chore or pick something up off the floor. I think I have done fairly well with my oldest. My son has autism, so there is more of a challenge getting him to stick with projects. My youngest is either the best helper when it comes to cleaning or the laziest soul when it is time to pick up.

  32. My only daughter and chils is 39 years old now and I taught her how to be kind to others. connie d.

  33. Jennifer T. says:

    My daughter is almost five years old. There are a lot of things she is capable of doing independently but we do for her because it saves time or is neater. I suppose we need to allow her to do things more on her own. We haven’t started teaching about money yet and that’s probably our next topic to concentrate on. She is already pretty helpful in the kitchen.

  34. Nicole L. says:

    I have been teaching my kids about product quality and saving up for something they really want rather than just spending their money on cheap junk as soon as they get it.

  35. Theresa Shafer says:

    Teaching skills is a lifelong adventure. It begins with please and thank you. Continues with making a budget, so they know what comes in and what has to be paid.

  36. Teaching life skills to children is a continual process, they never stop learning and you never stop teaching.

  37. Linda Hall says:

    We tried to teach them to believe in themselves and helping around the house starting with little chores.

  38. I am teaching my son to ask the right questions.

  39. I’m trying to teach my toddler how to interact with people. It’s a lifelong skill that’s so necessary!
    Miriam recently posted..Toddler Fashion Advice: Toddler Tutus Are Awesome!

  40. valerie comito says:

    my kids are 9,7 and 3 and they all help with the laundry ,dishes, cooking, dusting, but they will not clean their room!!!

  41. I taught them how to make their beds when they were younger (they do it every day). I’ve also taught them how to sort and do laundry.

  42. Daily Woman (Lacey) says:

    I started teaching kids early. My son is 11 and he makes his own meals (except dinner), he also put away his clothes, makes up his bed. I homeschool my kids so I try to teach them a combination of both life skills and schoolwork.

  43. Daily Woman (Lacey) says:
  44. We’ve been teaching them to be thoughtful of others and kind to animals.

  45. We are working on entrepreneurship and giving back. My son had a lemonade stand and he decided to give 10% of his sales from last summer/early fall to charity.

  46. I try the teach the kids to treat others the way they want to be treated and have also taught them both to read!

  47. I tried to teach how use washing machine to wash clothes and the dryer , also how to use coupons to save money.

  48. My grandsons are still very young, the oldest is newly 3 years old, but I have been teaching them to clean up after themselves and not leave a mess behind. They also have been taught to turn off lights when not in a room, so that’s a good habit to learn early.

  49. Cindy Merrill says:

    I’ve been teaching my grandkids how to identify edible foods in the wild, it’s a survival skill every child should learn. Pine needle tea, for instance, is very good , easy to make.

  50. Chrystal D says:

    Teach them to be kind to animals & respect the planet!

  51. Teaching about money is very important

  52. Teaching them how to save money.

  53. Laura Lanza says:

    I teach my child to be nice to animals and people. I started very young with him and all things must be taught at home before they can be expected to go out in the world.

  54. I love to cook but my daughter doesn’t so ever since my grandaughter has been old enough she always enjoys cooking with me. For Christmas I bought her her own measuring cup, baking pans and mixing bowl just for her, thanks so much


  55. No children yet, but I’ve tried to make my nieces curious about learning.

  56. kelly nicholson says:

    I learned to cook when i was a kid,and i enjoyed it…dont know about this mcdonalds generation though..

  57. I’ve been teaching my kids since an early age…to be respectful, kind, charitable towards people.

  58. from the time they are able to walk they are given small tasks while older ones are doing chores. At about 9 they start learning how to make meals, sometime around then they learn about couponing and food shopping , they do their own laundry at around 11 etc

  59. Teach them how to wash and dry clothes

  60. I raised 4 children and now have 3 grandchildren. It seems i was constantly teaching them from the time they were babies from when they were reaching for something to say please. It seems those manners go out the window when they are teenagers but they a return when they are adults in the working world

  61. Michelle Hudak says:

    I’ve taught my daughter basic cooking skills and how to do her own laundry

  62. Teaching that other have feeling and needs too and you never know what someones life is like. Also how to save money and resuse and finding treasures at thrift stores and such not every thing has to be brand new

  63. Steve Stone says:

    teach them the value of work

  64. teach them chore and about money, if they waste their allowance they don’t get anything else

  65. I teach them respect and humility. In this day and age I feel lbasic manners haven fallen away. It is important for all children to respect their elders and each other.

  66. The grand kids are very little so so far I teach them to clean up after themselves…toys are always put up after use.

  67. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    This is a huge question really. Mine are grown–my son is finishing up his medical internship about to start his residency; my daughter is going on her Junior year as a Chemistry major. I think my expectations for them were higher than learning how to use a washing machine–they are smart enough to figure that out in about 5 minutes and will learn not to put a new red shirt in with the whites in case I forgot to tell them. I did, however, start them off collecting when they were very little. Collecting is an exercise in self-discipline, in delaying gratification, in caring for one’s things, accumulating over time. For a kid, saving money is an abstract concept that doesn’t mean much, but action figures or Pokemon characters are more concrete. Things like mastering musical instruments and earning black belts in martial arts continued to teach them how to achieve something one step at a time over a long period of time. That’s what I wanted for them to know as adults, because that’s what it takes to save money, to finish an education, to furnish a home…whatever they choose for a goal.

  68. Mary Calabrese says:

    We are trying to teach him to be responsibile for his own actions.

  69. I try to teach them about saving their money

  70. My second grader picks out his own clothes and prepares some of his own meals, including grilled cheese. He also does his own laundry. Thanks!

  71. I have taught them how to clean

  72. candy allen says:

    I try to teach my grandkids to make good choices in life and ultimately own those choices.

  73. My two little ones are always expected to help out with whatever we are doing around the house, including chores, cooking or yard work We feel like this helps prepare them for their future. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  74. vena silverstein says:

    I am teaching my daughter to be well-rounded and to be independent and not have that sense of entitlement that this generation of kids seem to have these days. My daughter also volunteers in her community and knows the value of money. We also discuss how to handle sensitive situations so she can develop coping skills.

  75. Stephanie L. says:

    Teaching my daughter to be honest started when she was a toddler.

  76. we love to work in the kitchen together cooking, baking organizing

  77. Lori Paulsen says:

    I taught my kids everything, cooking, cleaning, good bedtime, respect for elders, finances, etc. Most kids nowdays are completely unprepared for life in any way other than mooching off others.

  78. Teaching them to cook.

  79. My kids and 5 and 6, and I’m teaching them to clean up after themselves, fold and put clothes away, and just generally helping with household chores.
    Kristie recently posted..“The Utter Relief of Holiness” Book Review and GIVEAWAY!

  80. melissa Resnick says:

    I try to teach them how to save $.

  81. Most importantly we have taught our kids to treat others with kindness and respect. We have taught them how to do chores around the house. But what we really want is for them to be productive members of their community. That they need to help others, volunteer their time and always be polite and respectful.

  82. Megan Blumenthal says:

    teach them manners and to respect everyone.

  83. betsy cortez says:

    I have tried to teach my children to be kind, honest and polite as well as life skills like finances.

  84. SHORONDA FIFER says:

    How to save money, pack their lunches and just be responsible

  85. my kids are all grown i did teach my kids they got money 2 times a month for any thing they needed(cloths&ect) it took them a while about 4 months but now they are better at saving than me

  86. Nice post! At the age of two, I already taught my daughter the good values in life and some little chores at home. And as parents, we are there to guide them and become a role model. Thanks for the great share!!!

  87. we started as soon as they started to “get” things in general. Fundamentals like good hygience, tidy places, kindness etc
    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  88. Jessica Vaughan Gengler says:

    We have a chore chart where the kids vacuum, dust, do dishes, and take out trash.

  89. It’s important to teach kids how to be polite and well mannered.

  90. I’ve been teaching them about the joy of giving, by encouraging them when they express a desire to use some of the pocket money to buy a gift for a sibling. The 8 and 6 year olds responded well. The 4 year old isn’t quite there yet.

  91. Melissa Cadle says:

    I have no children but have a nephew and I’ve tried to teach him to laugh at himself! A sense of humor is the best gift you can have!

  92. Cody Anderson says:

    I teach to be respectful.

  93. My kids are ages 12-19 and I know I messed up by doing everything for them instead of teaching them (such as laundry, cooking, etc.) I’m just now realizing it and trying to work on it. We have always tried to teach them about money saving/budgeting skills, but it’s the household things that I’ve been bad about.
    Kari recently posted..Accepting His Punishment

  94. casey everidge says:

    i teach my children to organize and clean after themselves

  95. Tonya Dean says:

    My daughter is 15 and we are focusing on couponing and trying to save as much money as possible.


  96. My kids are 6 and 2…. they both have a full chore chart!~ They help with laundry, dishes, cooking and cleaning!

  97. wendy rozema says:

    teaching how to cook!

  98. patricia skinner says:

    I began teaching my children when they were 5 about money and saving.

  99. I think you teach manners almost from birth. Childen imitate what they see, so basics like “please”, “thank-you”, “yes ma’am” — those are some of the easiest things to ingrain in children.
    Leslie J recently posted..Don’t Go To the Store Hungry!

  100. My daughter is 5 and i try to make sure we follow the Golden Rule.

  101. we are teaching our son to save money

  102. independance
    Janna Johnson recently posted..mmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeee

  103. Jessica White says:

    I have been teaching my kids how to be more responsible, cleaning there messes and how to use there manners!

  104. Leah Shumack says:

    I have been teaching life skills ever since she was old enough to under words!

  105. As a busy working mom, I admit, I often cave in and do it myself rather than teach them how to do it.
    I am trying to take the time and teach instead.
    Julie recently posted..Dining out within reason

  106. We’re teaching them that the color of a persons skin does not matter.
    Kimberley Meier recently posted..Got Acne?

  107. I dont have any children but if I did I would teach them to respect others.

  108. I thin you are teaching children things with every interaction.



  110. i teach my daughter about money and the importance of saving it!

  111. Gennie Lancaster says:

    I am teaching my daughter about respect, being kind and saving money.

  112. Ashley Morrissey says:

    Well, I am a FTM with a 5 month old son so we are just playing it by ear right now. However, he’s in the process of learning how to crawl, he can roll over, he can say “mum” and “dada” also!

  113. I encourage my son to help me cook dinner or when I’m baking a cake

  114. Elle Thomas says:

    I don’t have a child (yet), but I do have nieces and nephews, and I work hard to be a positive influence in their lives.I try to engage them in activities, like cooking, when they visit me, so they’re not dependent on fast or frozen foods. But mostly, I hope that I have helped them to think independently. They are bright, and capable, and THAT is a life skill that will get them far.

  115. I taught my kids to cook for themselves – starting at about 3 or 4 helping in the kitchen; how to clean – although not that successful on that one!; how to do laundry – after a few pink t-shirts; and how to manage money.

  116. Katherine Persons says:

    I started at age 4 the value ofmoney and how to save it and get your moneys worth out ofwhat you do buy~

  117. James Beck says:

    teach them the basics of clothing

  118. don’t have kids and my niece & nephew are still too young

  119. I’m very honest with my kids, and have been from the start. I believe that the only way to learn life skills are to be as informed as possible. My advice is to start young and don’t baby your kids, be honest and let them be ready for the real world!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com
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  120. we’ve taught our son to start cleaning his room, making his bed, and how to value money.

  121. I teach them to cook and bake from scratch. We start young so it’s fun for them.

  122. My kids have daily chores that teach them responsibility and work. They also have to start doing their own laundry when they turn 12. They help with the cooking just for fun, but they’re learning at the same time. I’m working on teaching them conflict resolution and general kindness and compassion.
    Melanie recently posted..Two to Tango

  123. pam saighman says:

    been working on colors with my grand daughter

  124. I think you start very young. Small children can help with all sorts of things. Have them help sort laundry or put a cup Ina dish washer.

  125. My kids have regular household jobs that they are responsible for.

  126. Sheila Hickmon says:

    I started teaching my kids as soon as I thought that they were ready to treat people like they want to be treated. Also, my daughter is 8 now and we have started teaching her about money and how to save it.

  127. I have taught my children to treat people equally and will do the same for my grandson. We are ALL the same despite the color of our skin, disabilities or sexual orientation.
    jofo120 at yahoo dot com

  128. tam childers says:

    i like to teach him how to save.

  129. Melanie Montgomery says:

    I’m expecting, but I can’t wait to teach my child life skills!

  130. We’re teaching our niece and nephew the value of empathy – understanding other people’s emotions and perspectives – which sets the stage for compassion, sensitivity, thoughtfulness, and social awareness!

  131. Teach children to love and respect others!

  132. My son is 2, and we have really focused on teaching him to be polite. Please and thank you are huge to us, and he understands that.

  133. I’ve taught my kids manners and that they need to be responsible. If they don’t do their homework, then they must face consequences.
    Maggie C recently posted..The Ugly Stepsister Strikes Back Book Blast (Giveaway ends 3/5)

  134. amy deeter says:

    teach them honesty

  135. susan glazer says:

    i started teaching my daughter the love of animals. my husband and i took her to the zoo all the time. we adopted a dog and taught her the importance of feeding and loving a creature that wasn’t human. to this day, she loves animals and respects their individual personalities and needs.

  136. I’ve been helping my nephew learn life skills since he was around 4…cooking and baking skills.
    Yona recently posted..Mashed Cauliflower is a Tasty Substitute for Mashed Potatoes

  137. Hesper Fry says:

    We are teaching our son good morals and started as soon as he could understand.

  138. Paula Michele Hafner says:

    I start them early teaching them to cook, do laundry, and other chores. By 12 they can handle making desserts from mixes and simple things like frying an egg. My teens can cook a full meal now, which is nice.

  139. I taught my son a lot about financial well being

  140. I started teaching my daughter at a very young age that she needs to not only be true to herself but to be honest with everyone around her.
    Jammie recently posted..Where To Get Free SIM Cards

  141. to be responsible, and manners are a must!!!

  142. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:

    It takes a little etrz time b ut we cook with our grandkids and they help me by dusting
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  143. Becky Richied says:

    I have tried to teach my kids that words are your bond, do what you say, have a good heart and always if in anger take some moments before you speak and say something you might regret.

  144. thischickwins says:

    we started teaching very basic money skills at age 7. start early, or the important stuff won’t stick in their heads.

  145. I teach them delayed gratification is an important discipline to have. We all learn through life.

  146. kathy pease says:

    one thing is I always took my kids grocery shopping and by using coupons every week they saw how much I saved on my grocery bill and the value of a dollar

  147. I do not yet have children but I plan to teach them responsibility- that when they make a commitment, they must stick to it. Also time management skills will go along with this, and setting priorities.

  148. I will be honest I have not done a great job in this area so far. My 9 year old can make toast with butter and perhaps a peanut butter and jelly sandwich but I need to do a better job.

  149. Candice Hull says:

    I try to get my kids involved in every aspect of our daily lives, that is appropriate for their age. My boys are 2 and 5 and they help with all the household chores, we pray before meals, we brush our teeth twice day, make our own beds, pick up all toys before bedtime. I even have them help me with laundry. I think they best advice is to show them by example. Have them with you when you are doing something and they will want to help, just like showing them proper manners to use by you using them

  150. No kids, but I teach about plants and growing things as a volunteer at the gardens.
    Thanks for the contest.

  151. Etching them young about being generous and helping others!

  152. Carolyn Daley says:

    I think an important life skill to teach a child is how to save money once they know how to count and do basic math. If you teach an eight or ten year old the value of money at an early age they may become savvy shoppers and afford things they want as they grow older. For example, you may give a child an allowance of $5 per week. Instead of them blowing the money on candy you can teach the value of saving for the ‘must have’ toy or hot ticket item on their wish list. By teaching them how to be a savvy shopper like waiting for the best deals and browsing the sale ads for the best price you can help them learn how to stretch their dollars to afford more in the future.

  153. Maura Scherrer says:

    I have taught my son to be respectful of his elders.

  154. we taught them how to clean

  155. It’s everything I know little by little depending on their understanding and maturity level.

  156. To take responsibility for their actions. If you did it, fess up, and deal with the consequences.
    Deci MacKinnon recently posted..Valentine Quilt Kit Giveaway!

  157. amy delong says:

    my 6 and 8 year old love to learn to cook things

  158. Maria Iemma says:

    I take my kids to the store with me and teach them about prizes and how to use coupons

  159. I don’t have kids but I’ve been teaching my neice about finances

  160. mary renshaw says:

    Children learn from seeing and doing. I don’t think its ever to early to start leading by example and taking advantage of every oppurttunity to teach your child!

  161. Susan Smith says:

    We started teaching our children how to clean,, manners and how to take care of themselves when they were young. As they grow we taught them about money.

  162. crystal allen says:

    i started teaching my daughter math skills as soon as she could count. math is important in budgeting both money and a household, even for planning a meal for a family. thanks

  163. Coriander Warren says:

    I try to teach my kids to clean up after themselves. They have several chores: Sweeping & Mopping, doing their own laundry, doing dishes, and cooking their own lunches and breakfasts as we both work. They are 8, 12, and 15. They are all very self sufficient for their age

  164. I teach them to accept responsibility for their actions whether good or bad and that honesty is always the best policy.

  165. I taught my kids cooking and doing their laundry stuff like that.

  166. Brittney House says:

    I always teach my kids to work hard and that nothing will be just handed to them. To appriciate everything in their lives and to be thankful for their blessings

  167. Etiquette!

  168. we started teaching them how to put everything back in its place, and what to do with an allowance

  169. susan smoaks says:

    so far we have taught them that like isn’t fair. i lived a long time before i found out about the unfairness of life and it was so disappointing. i don’t want our children to grow up thinking everything is the way it’s supposed to be when it is quite the opposite.

  170. Life skills I taught my son —-> How to cook, make coffee and pay the lot rent.

  171. mary gardner says:

    i am trying to teach my daughter honesty and trustworthiness

    jagar0047 at yahoo dot com

  172. How to say please and thank you and as soon as they could talk

  173. Laura Proctor Unger says:

    I started teaching my son at age 2 how to do laundry and clean dishes. He may have not done them correctly at that age but at least he was trying!

  174. We teach them how to shop on a budget and how to spend your money wisely. When an item is on sale we discuss how much % off and decide if it is really a good deal.

  175. latisha depoortere says:

    I would say teach them to clean up after themselves and be kind to other people!

  176. Lucy Schwartz says:

    My children are grown and all of them are better housekeepers than I am and each of them have developed their own style of cooking and are good cooks. We have 2 girls and a boy. I used to make a game out of cleaning when they helped. I recently met a young woman who was home schooled. And I was not impresssed. She was rude,rigid and intolerant of others beliefs. She may have been taught history , math etc but socially she was the equivalent of a two year old. I probably have met other home schooled individuals and never knew that they were products of the home school trend. I guess what I am asking is can you teach what you do not know? Life gives us lessons and our teachers are our friends , family and strangers.

  177. We started teaching right from the get go about sharing.

  178. Michelle Tucker says:

    I’m not a parent, but I’ve got a whole slew of nieces and nephews. I’ve taught them to love family and to always be kind and helpful. To give to others and love unconditionally. (At least that’s what I hope that I’ve taught them)

  179. Veronica Garrett says:

    I started teaching ny daughter from an early age life skills and how to handle life.

  180. julie hawkins says:

    I am trying to teach my kids to share at the moment

  181. I’m teaching my son how to cook.

  182. Thanks for the giveaway…we include our kids in all age appropriate activity around the house: cooking, cleaning, laundry, taking care of the garden, etc. We stress that we are a family & that we all work together for a common purpose.