Attention Berenstain Bears Fans – Check out these limited editions available from Walmart

Limited Edition Golden Gift Sets

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I am a forty-something year old woman, and I the Berenstain Bears. That is because I grew up reading their books. Over my childhood years I amassed a rather large collection of their books. I still have many of them that I had saved for my own children. They are now safely tucked away in storage boxes in my father’s basement in hopes that I can read them to my grandchildren some day.

When I was young all I remembered about the books is that they were entertaining. It was fun to see what adventure brother and sister bear got themselves into. I also used to try and think of what their real names would be other than brother and sister bear. 🙂

It wasn’t until I was a grown up and read the books to my own children that I realized that each of the stories teach a very valuable lesson. In fact, it was so clear to me as an adult what each episode was about. They were each meant to teach children an important life lesson or moral.

I was excited when the Berenstain Bears appeared on TV. I remember watchin a few of their specials. I remember an old episode about a Chrsitmas tree and another one that was about Easter. I can’t remember them in detail because I saw them so many years ago.

Thanks to PBS Kids the Berenstain Bears can be seen regularly on television, bringing this loving bear family into the lives of a whole new generation.


Thanks to Phase 4 Films you can not only bring the Berenstain Bears episodes into your home, but also also a special edition Brother and Sister plush toy.

Through Phase 4 Films family friendly kaboom! Entertainment line, there are new limited edition Berenstain Bears products are available at your local Walmart.

My personal favorites are the Limited Edition Golden Gift Sets featuring Brother Bear and Sister Bear. Each set retails for $19.99 each and comes with a DVD that includes over TWO HOURS of Berenstain Bears episodes and super adorable plush Brother or Sister Bear.

Limited Edition Golden Brother Bear

The Limited Edition Golden Gift Set Brother Bear includes a plush Brother Bear and two hours of special episodes that put Brother Bear into the spotlight.

Brother Bear loves sports of all kinds, especially soccer. He often acts as  protector and stands up for the smaller cubs at school.

Limited Edition Golden Sister Bear

The Limited Edition Golden Gift Set Sister Bear includes a plush Sister Bear and two hours of Berenstain Bears episodes that highlight the youngest family member.

Sister Bear is a spirited, spunky third-grader. Outdoorsy and sports-minded she  also loves fairytales, writing and jump rope.

These sets are a fun way to introduce your child (or grandchild) to the wonderful world of Berenstain Bears. These sets are also fabulous for a child (or grandchild) who has already fallen in love with the bear family that lives on the sunny dirt road.

I think adding the plush helps to bring the series to life. Not only that, they make great new “friends”.

Brother and Sister Bear

If you have a son and a daughter (or grandson and granddaughter) it would be fun to give each one of them a set. The can re-enact scenes from the episodes that they watch from the DVDs.

In addition to the special Limited Edition Golden Brother Bear and Sister Bear gift sets there is also a Berenstain Bears 5oth Anniversary DVD collection.

Berenstain Bears 50th Anniversary DVD Collection

This special limited edition set comes with three DVDs. Each one has several full length episodes. The episodes are grouped by themes so all the episodes on each DVD have similar subject matter.

Here is a break down of each DVD and whate episodes you’ll find on them.


  • The Birthday Boy
  • Count Their Blessings
  • Double Dare
  • Trouble with Money
  • Slumber Party

Homework Help 

  • Go to School
  • Trouble at School
  • Homework
  • Hassle
  • Jump Rope Contest
  • The In Crowd

Bear Country

  • Go Up and Down
  • The Big Election
  • The Giant Mall
  • Showdown at Birder’s Wood
  • That Stump Must Go

I have watched just about all of these DVDs collections (I have a few more episodes to go).

Berenstain Bears 50th Anniversary

Unlike other shows geared towards children, which can be rather UNentertianing for adults to watch, that is NOT the case with the Berenstain Bears. I enjoy watching each episodes. My husband even said that they are much more enjoyable to watch compared to other kiddie shows, especially the weird shows they offer children these days.

I have to laugh because I see my own children in Brother and Sister Bear. For example, in the episode “Country Your Blessings” my kids are always making it a point of telling us what their friends have – how their friends have the latest tech gadget, or the trendy new outfit. They always make a point of saying what they DON’T have and comparing themselves with what their friends have. Just like the Berenstain Bears parents, we always make it a point of reminding our kids what they DO HAVE, like plenty of food ot eat, a roof over their heads, an education, parents who love them, a warm bed to sleep in at night, and so forth.

Some episodes have some humor in them too. Take for example “Go Up and Down”. Poor Mr. Berenstain wants to take the kids out fishing but the fishing trip gets ruined because he keeps forgetting supplies that they need. Everything is up at the cabin and poor Mr. Berenstain has to walk up and down the steps so many times that he’s exhausted. By the time they get the boat out into the lake the fish are no longer biting.


I can totally relate to his situation. We live on a top floor condo with six flights of steps. I cannot tell you how many times I have had to make numerous trips up and down the stairs because I forget things. 🙂

Whether you opt to get the Limited Edition Golden Brother Bear and Sister Bear gift sets, or the Berenstain Bears 5oth Anniversary DVD collection (or all sets!) you are sure to delight the Berenstain Bears fan in your life.

Please note that the sets are LIMITED EDITIONS, so if you want them you need to hurry up to your nearest Walmart and grab them before they are all gone. You could always hold on to these and give as gifts later on in the year (these would make great Christmas or birthday presents).

With summer right around the corner many families are planning on road trips. Taking along the Berenstain Bears DVDs and a plush Brother and/or Sister bear would a fun way to keep your child/children entertained.



*I received free screener copies and other materials for my participation in  this campaign with Child’s Play Communications. The opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced in  any way

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  1. i used to love the berenstein bears!
    Alicia K recently posted..Dermatillomania, who knew?

  2. Robin Wilson says:

    Oh I can remember so vividly reading these books to my son when he was young. I would so love to get these for my little great-niece. I hope that Walmart has these on-line. I am going to check now. Thanks!

  3. Sarah L says:

    I’ve never read the bear books. I think they came after I grew up.

  4. Karen Glatt says:

    The Berenstain Bears and their books with them. I just loved this book series when I was a child and so did my son. Reading the stories was so much fun and I like the stuffed animals. This would be a great gift to give my nephew! Classic books!

  5. Tammy S says:

    These are so cute! When my kids were young they loved The Berenstain Bears. they used to watch it on PBS when ever it was on. I wish I knew someone with a small child whose birthday was coming up. I would love to give this as a gift.

  6. Kate F. says:

    Those are so cute! I loved the Berenstain Bears when I was a kid 🙂

  7. Olivia Rubin says:

    I loved them growing up. Loved that you didn’t have to remember their names because it was simply “brother” “sister”. I had a whole collection of books and watched them on TV too.

  8. oh my goodness! these are so incredibly cute! thanks for sharing this!
    In the Hammock recently posted..“The Great Gatsby: Midnight In Manhattan” DVD Review

  9. sharonjo says:

    Berenstain Bears really do cross many generations. I was visiting with my mother just a few days ago about an upcoming baby shower we were both planning to attend. She said she wanted to get the new baby a Berenstain Bears book (true story). She is in her 70s and still enjoys the delightful stories.

  10. These are so cute and would make a great gift idea. We have not watched the Berenstain Bears before.
    Denise Taylor-Dennis recently posted..Freebies – Pillsbury Newsletter with Coupons and Recipes

  11. I love the Berenstain Bears, I read them all the time as a kid!

  12. Rebecca Xavier says:

    This looks so cute. I have many fond memories of my mother or father reading me the stories when I was a child.

  13. I have too many fond memories of reading the Berenstain Bears books! They were so comforting now that I think about it. I’m glad kids these days still have the books, and I guess much more, to entertain and comfort themselves. The stuffed bears are really adorable! I love how they remain Brother and Sister bears. These would be a great gift for any child, I’m thinking.

  14. Helen T says:

    The berenstain bears books were my favorite books to read when I was little 🙂