RIPE Craft Juices Review and Amazon Discount Code


Fruits and Vegetables from a typical shopping trip for my family.

I find it amusing how everyone is into more natural types of products these days. Just yesterday my husband and I ate at a restaurant where they were promoting how their products were mostly gluten free, freshly prepared using grass fed beef and other better-for-you ingredients and cooking methods.

Growing up there was no talk about natural foods. I grew up in a day and age where everyone hit up the local fast food joint a few times per week and they were the last place you’d go for better-for-you foods.

I’m grateful that I grew up next door to my great-grandparents. My great-grandfather loved to grow his own fruits and vegetables. My aunt and uncle had a garden too. I had plenty of access to fresh fruits and vegetables all the time and I am grateful for that.

I love fruit, but I am not a fan of most fruit juices. Most fruit juices available on the market today, in my opinion, don’t taste like the fruit. They have an artificial taste to them. I prefer a real orange over orange juice from a container, but who has time in the morning to squeeze your own orange juice?

I recently was introduced to a line of fruit juices called RIPE Liquid Produce. RIPE is available in two different styles – RIPE Bar Juice and RIPE Craft Juice.

RIPE Bar Juices are available in the following varieties;

  • RIPE Agave Margarita (Lime Sour)
  • RIPE San Marzano Bloody Mary
  • RIPE Classic Lemon Sour
  • RIPE Agave Mojito
  • RIPE Bajan Punch (Tiki Sour)
  • RIPE Classic Cosmopolitan
  • RIPE Cocktail Cranberry

These are made to be used with other ingredients (alcohol) to make popular cocktails. You can use them with non-alcoholic ingredients too. I have the RIPE Agave Margarita (Lime Sour) juice but I haven’t tried it yet.

These would be great for upcoming summer time parties.

What really interested me about RIPE is their Craft Juices. Since I love fresh fruits, I was curious to try these out.

The RIPE Craft Juice portfolio includes:

  • 100% Pomegranate
  • Cranberry Northeast Blend
  • Cranberry Apple
  • Red Grapefruit Indian River Florida
  • Apple
  • Pineapple
  • Orange
  • Whole Milled Cranberry Apple
  • Unsweetened Cranberry

I was very impressed by the the juices I was sent to review. They actually tasted like fresh fruit. They didn’t have any artificial flavoring to them. They were the real thing. They literally taste like the very same juice you get when eating the whole fruit. The reason for that is the way the fruit is processed.

RIPE Craft Juices were created to redefine consumer expectations of real fresh juice. The process is simple – start with the best fruits, use the absolute minimum in processing, and offer a juice that surpasses all others in freshness, taste, and nutrition.

“Most other juices take weeks or even longer to transform fruit into the end product – and a lot gets added in the process,” said Michel Boissy, Founder, FreshBev.  “We believe in sticking to our principles. So when consumers want a drink that’s truly fresh, it has to be RIPE Craft Juice.”

At the RIPE Craft Juicery in New Haven, Connecticut, every step in the making of fresh juices is managed to ensure the time from grower to refrigerator is mere days as opposed to weeks, which is more often the case. All juice extraction is done under one roof and never above 45°. Within minutes of being extracted, the liquid is bottled and submitted to high-pressure technology — making them safe and preserving nearly 100% of the color, flavor, aroma, and nutrition.

“You only get out what you put in — so we start with nothing less than the best,” said Boissy.  “No concentrates here! We source non–GMO fruits straight from farms we know. Our produce is picked at the peak of ripeness, and then we lock in that freshness. So when you’re a drinking a RIPE Craft Juice, it’s liquid produce in your hand.”

I like that expression – “…liquid produce in your hand.” They truly do taste exactly like the juice you would enjoy while eating the above mentioned fruits.

Orange and Cranberry were my favorites of the flavors that I tried. The apple tasted similar to the apple juice we get from our local farm (they make their own juice). I enjoyed the apple, and apple-cranberry juice too. RIPE Grapefruit juice packed a punch too (I happen to love grapefruit).

If you told me that RIPE Craft Juices were freshly squeezed that morning in my kitchen I would believe you. They taste THAT fresh.

Until now I have not been a fan of fruit juices (as I mentioned earlier in the post). I prefer fresh fruit over juice. However, after experiencing just how fresh and flavorful RIPE Craft Juices are, I have changed my tune. I DO like fruit juice – as long as it’s fresh tasting like RIPE Craft Juices.

If you are interested in learning more about RIPE you can visit their official website, DrinkRipe.com. The brand can also be found on social media. Their links are found at the bottom of their home page.

RIPE Craft Juices are available nationally through Whole Foods and select regional grocery chains in 12.2-ounce bottles (SRP: $3.48), and 46-ounce multi-serve pouches (SRP: $8.99). For a list of store availability by state, click here.

You can also purchase RIPE on Amazon.com. You can save 10% off on your RIPE Amazon purchase using the discount code BlogLP10.

Have you tried RIPE before? After reading my review, would you be interested in trying out RIPE Craft Juices? Which flavor would you most like to try? Feel free to comment and share your thoughts. I always love to hear from readers.


*I received free product samples to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Give the gift of clean water through World Vision’s Global 6K for Water Run


Water… it’s the most essential thing in this world to support life.

Personally, I am a water drinker. I drink water all day long. I admit that I don’t always drink the amount I should, but I do try and make a conscious effort to do so.

Some people are not water drinkers. They find it too boring to drink. Not me. I enjoy a glass of ice cold water. It’s so refreshing.

Water is also something many of us take for granted. I tell my kids all the time to take quick showers and turn off the faucet when they are brushing their teeth to save water. I remind them all the time that in other parts of the world, water is not that easy to come buy.

Do you want to hear a sad statistic? The average distance people in developing countries walk to find clean, drinkable water is six kilometers (approximately 3.7 miles). Usually it’s woman and young girls who make that walk on a daily basis. This walk can be dangerous, and the water is often contaminated with life-threatening diseases.

Think about that for a moment… For most of us fresh, clean water is just a few steps away in our kitchen or refrigerator. But for millions of people around the world, that luxury is something they can only dream about. How would YOU feel if you had to walk nearly four miles just for a glass of water?

Are yo familiar with World Vision? If you are are a regular reader of She Scribes you have probably seen my posts about the organization. World Vision is a charitable organization that provides relief and development organization assisting 70 million people each year in its quest to end poverty, fight hunger and transform lives.

On Saturday, May 6, 2017 a whopping forty-thousand (40,000) people from around the world will join together to walk, or run, 6 kilometers, to help raise awareness of the global water crisis, as well as to support World Vision’s water initiatives through the World Vision Global 6K for Water.

Why support clean water through World Vision?

World Vision believes the global water and sanitation crisis can be solved within our lifetime. World Vision provides a new person with clean water every 30 seconds as part of a full solution to end poverty. In 2015, World Vision provided access to clean water to 2.3 million people, and the organization’s goal is to provide clean water and sanitation to one new person every 10 seconds by 2020.

Each participant’s $50 registration fee for the World Vision Global 6K for Water will go to support water programs. Each participant will also receive a Global 6K for Water t-shirt, a race bib with a photo of a child he or she can sponsor, and a race medal in the mail.

I know a lot of people are into running (or walking) marathons. If you enjoy doing such things, or have ever considered participating in one, now is a great time.

Running in a marathon is on my “Bucket List.” I am physically unable to do something like this at the moment (I have Bursitis in my hip, knee problems and other issues in my leg). Once I am all better I’d love to do something like this. I have been losing weight lately and participating in something like this would not only be a great form of exercise, but it’s helping to raise awareness and funds for a great cause.

If you are interested in learning more about the Global 6K for Water, visit: World Vision Global 6K for Water.

To learn more about World Vision’s water programs, visit: World Vision Clean Water.

The following are some tips from World Vision for making an impact right from your home:

Become a Global 6K Host Site: Work together with your church, school, community center or run club to register as a host site (it’s free!) and spread the word about how fun and easy it is to support clean water programs around the world! Whether your goal is 10 or 100 people, World Vision will equip you with all the marketing materials, race day signage and staff support for a successful race day. If you can’t become a host site, considering running or walking with other Global 6K for Water participants at a host site near you.

Start a Global 6K Virtual Team: Invite friends and family all around the country to join your “team” even though you will each be walking or running from your own neighborhoods on race day. Even those who wish to participate individually, whether on a treadmill or around the neighborhood, can take part in a global effort to support clean water!

Turn Coffee into Clean Water: Even small amounts of money can make a big difference for families around the world. Once a week, put the money that might normally be used to purchase your morning latte toward a “clean water fund.” Over the course of a year, you could set aside as much as $250 to support World Vision’s water programs.

Change a Life Through Child Sponsorship: Poverty is complex and rarely solved by one intervention. Sponsoring a child is a long-term way to get involved with World Vision and help a child – and his or her entire community – benefit from things like clean water through new or renovated wells, school fees and supplies, better education due to restored schools and teacher training, improved nutrition due to agricultural training, and healthcare clinics and immunizations. 

Become a Part of Team World Vision: The Global 6K for Water is just one event organized by Team World Vision, a group of passionate people who run, walk and race to help children get clean water. Join Team World Vision for support in reaching your own fitness goals while helping others around the world.


Also, please consider taking measures NOT to waste water in your home. Turn off your water when not in use. Don’t waste water. If you Google way to save/conserve water you’ll find plenty of great tips and suggestions.

If you would like to learn more about World Vision and all of their global campaigns, please WorldVision.org. Also, you should check them out on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about the Global 6K for Water campaigns and other events hosted by World Vision.

Are you interested in learning more about the Global 6K for Water? Do you think you’ll participate or put some of those great tips to use? Feel free to share your thoughts. I always love to hear from readers.


*I received promotional products and other goodies in exchange for my participation. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Take your desk chair to the next level with Autonomous ErgoChair


As a blogger I spend A LOT of time sitting at my desk. I use a laptop, but I am more comfortable using it at my desk, perched on top of a “stand” than I am trying to use it on my lap while seated on the couch.

I also need to use an actual “mouse” and not the pad on my laptop. I guess I prefer things “old school,” as if I was using a desktop and not a laptop.

Over the years I have developed Carpal Tunnel in my right wrist due to be on the computer too much and not sitting properly while at the computer. I never used the appropriate accessories (wrist rest, ergonomic mouse…) to prevent myself from developing Carpal Tunnel.

My desk chair has never been correct from an ergonomic standpoint either. I had one of those $29.99-type desk chairs that you get from Walmart or Target. It was cheap and it served it’s purpose.

My old chair sits by the window so our cats have a comfy “window seat.”

I never, ever sat correctly in that chair. I always found myself sitting all the way toward the front of the chair and leaning over my desk. I never found it comfortable to sit with my back up against the backrest. It didn’t feel “natural” to me to sit that way.

Right now I am dealing with several physical ailments, including back issues. I often wonder if the way I set, both at home and at work, has anything to do with that – even in the slightest way.

Have you seen advertisements for the desk that you use while standing up? The first time I saw one I thought it was very strange and I didn’t think it would be comfortable at all. But after I learned more about them, and knowing how sitting for too long is not good for you, I think it’s a wonderful idea. If I had more room in my home I would consider getting one of those desks.

It’s called a SmartDesk and it’s made by a company called Autonomous.

The more I learn about the SmartDesk the more I think it’s an awesome idea. Right now I have to force myself to take breaks, get up and walk around a bit because sitting for too long not only aggravates the issues I’m already having with my back and leg, but it’s been shown that sitting at a desk too long is not the best for your overall health. Sitting too long can cause posture problems, back problems, problems with your hips and more. Don’t believe me? Google “sitting too long” and check out all the horrible things that could happen.

I also think having the ability to stand can also increase productivity. I cannot tell you how many time I have dosed off while at my desk. I have literally fallen asleep! If I was standing that most likely wouldn’t happen.

Autonomous makes a variety of products to help you work healthier, work better and work smarter.

Autonomous was kind enough to send me one of their ErgoChairs to review.

This is not your standard desk chair. It looks more like something a CEO or President of a major corporation would sit in. From a visual standpoint its a beautiful chair.

Notice how you can see through the chair? This allows for air to move freely around you to prevent you from getting overheated.

I was thrilled when the chair arrived and I couldn’t wait for my husband to put it together. It took him under a half hour to put the chair together. The company even made it easy but packaging all the pieces (screws and such) in a way that they were easy to find. They even included one of those little wrenches so that you didn’t need to dig through your toolbox to find what you needed.

The chair has A LOT of “bells and whistles.”

Molded foam seat slides forwards and backwards, raises and lowers

Customizable tilt tension to perfectly balance your weight, seat position can be locked or unlocked for flexibility or maximum support

Seat and back tilt tension

Wide, five-wheel base for mobility and stability during multipurpose use

3D armrests move left to right, up and down, and forwards to backwards for the perfect resting position

Adjustable Lumbar Support meets your back where you most need support

Wide, curved headrest raises, lowers and tilts up to 45 degrees back

Aerated back conforms to your unique shape, supporting your spine while preventing heat build-up.

Ergonomically designed, ErgoChair distributes your weight evenly.

Carefully selected materials, world-class manufacturing and rigorous testing.

Almost every aspect of this chair can be customized to fit your personal needs or comfort. The chairs is easily adjustable so the next person who sits at the chair can change it to fit them. My kids use my desk a lot for homework and often change the set up on my desk chair. Our son is much taller than me, so he adjusts almost every aspect of my desk chair. I don’t mind because I can easily move things back to the way they are most comfortable for me.

I will admit that it took me a while to get used to this chair. I was so used to sitting towards the front of the chair that it was hard for me to get used to sitting all the way in the chair with my back up against the back of the chair. I still find myself sitting forward in the chair out of habit, but as soon a I catch myself doing that I push my body back in the chair so that my back is resting on the back rest.

I actually find it more comfortable to sit all the way back in this chair. Like I mentioned above, I still catch myself sitting in it the wrong way, but that is just out of habit. I’m sure in time I’ll get used to sitting in it the proper way.

One of my favorite features of this chair is the adjustable lumbar support. It’s a pillow-like piece in the back of the chair that you can adjust up or down to where you want it to be on your back. I have back, hip and knee problems. ANY relief/support I can get in those problem areas is a good thing.

I also like that the headrest adjusts so it fits my head perfectly.

The chair even tilts back a bit. Sometimes when I have been sitting at the computer for a long time I like to stretch back a bit, just for a few minutes, and close my eyes. This chair allows me to tilt back a bit while the headrest supports my head.

Did I mention that the chair is super comfy too? Even our cats want to sleep on it. I have to put book on it to keep them off of it otherwise it will be covered with hair.

The chair is a bit more pricey than other chairs, but sometimes it pays to spend a little more for a quality product, especially one that was built with your comfort in mind.

The Autonomous EroChair is available in six different colors – black, black and white, white, green, red and blue.

Check out this brief video to learn more about this chair.


If you are in the market for a new chair for your desk, or you feel like you need to take your chair to the next level, check out the  Autonomous EroChair. It’s like the “Rolls Royce” of chairs.

For more information about the ErgoChair, SmartDesk or other Autonomous products Autonomous.ai (notice the end is NOT .com).

The brand can also be found across the various social media platforms. All of their links are found at the bottom right of their home page.

What do you think about the Autonomous ErgoChair? Does it look like something you need in your home or office? Feel free to comment and share your thoughts. I always love to hear from readers.


*I received a free product to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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How to Maintain Your Home Appliances


Home appliances become better-made yet more affordable; it seems, year after year. But this doesn’t mean we should all just keep buying new ones for our homes. That’s not only costly, but also impractical, since these appliances aren’t all made from the same mold, so the difference in shapes and sizes might not really fit into your current home layout. Regular maintenance is the key in prolonging the home appliances that you currently have, and even improve their performance. Additionally, ensuring that all your home appliances are in good working condition can help protect your family from infections possibly caused by dirty and poorly-maintained home appliances.

Here’s how you can maintain them:


This is probably that one appliance in your house that runs 24/7 – except for the times when you need to do the occasional defrosting. And it’s necessary, considering all the food items that you place in it. To maintain your refrigerator, use your vacuum to clean the back where the coils and wires are located to remove the dust that might otherwise start building up and affecting your refrigerator’s efficiency. Do remember to unplug the power before doing so.


Cleaning your dishwasher is a necessary chore that you’ll need to get used to, especially as your dishes will come into contact with it every time they need cleaning. Start by cleaning the food filter regularly, and keeping the seals moist at all times. Use a rinse aid and high heat to help reduce spotting and deposits of white calcium from hard water.


Whether you’re using a microwave oven, a toaster oven, or a convection oven, it will still need to be cleaned and maintained. With ovens, though, the best practice would still be to clean as you go, otherwise, the heat will meld any spills or leftovers to the oven surface making them almost impossible to remove. A cool tip is to mix white vinegar and dish-washing soap, and then spray the mixture to all the surfaces in your oven, wait a few minutes, and then wipe it down clean with a paper towel.

Air Conditioner

Remember to replace the filter for your air conditioner regularly – typically at least once every 3 months – and remove any dust from the visible vents. This will ensure that your unit can continue to work to efficiently and cool the room without needing to work too hard.

5. Washing Machine

Cleaning your washing machine is necessary to keep your clothes smelling fresh after a tumble in it. The inner surface of the washing machine can have a build up of calcium, which can clog its inlets and outlets. Decalcify it by the following steps: run an empty water cycle at the hottest level available, and then add baking soda or white vinegar before finishing the cycle. You can also use a lime decalcifier instead of the white vinegar or baking soda. Change your filters regularly, as well.

It doesn’t really take all that much to keep your home appliances running well. The older ones in particular were built to last, so taking a few simple steps to maintaining them should make them last as long as possible. Newer models might be less expensive, but if your current ones run well and are well-maintained, you’d have far better use for your money than to keep replacing your home appliances.

These great tips have been provided by AJMadison.com, your appliance authority. Check out their special financing offer and FREE nationwide shipping on orders over $499.


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Spring Cleaning Tasks You Might Not Have Thought of


Spring cleaning is a concept as old as time. As the weather turns milder, the idea of ‘out with old and in with the new’, rebirth and reorganization comes to many. In days past, Spring cleaning meant scrubbing the soot from perpetual winter fires out of everything around the house but these days, the job isn’t quite as tough. There are, however, some tasks that most people tend to forget. Including these less visible items will go a long way to keeping a home tidy and clean, throughout the year.

All around the house:

Check the doors — The front and edges of cupboards in the kitchens and bathrooms and every door in the house needs a going over. In steamy spaces, like kitchens, grease and grime can build up on hard surfaces but you might not notice it until you touch it and realize that it’s sticky! And the tops of doorways draw a lot of dust thanks to airflow in the gaps, so a wipe down of each one will go a long way to dealing with detritus in your breathable air. Another similar spot that tend to be forgotten are the blades on ceiling fans. Thanks to the natural effect of heat rising, they tend to get coated with all the dust and debris from your rooms. Other light fixtures and chandeliers have this problem too: light bulbs attract dust. So give them all a good wipe down.

Don’t ignore area rugs — While broadloom might get a steam clean or at least a thorough vacuuming, area rugs tend to get forgotten, or at most get taken out for a beating in the back yard. If you have machine washable rugs—like those from Lorena Canals—you can get them fresh and clean in no time. Otherwise, a professional service might be in order to get spotless rugs.

Phone germs — Telephones and remote controls are two big carriers of germs that we rarely think of! Give these a good wipe down and get into the habit of doing it regularly, if you don’t already. Another one is garbage bins: of course, they harbor a lot of stinky things but hosing them down once in awhile to get all the gunk out is a great way to minimize germs and odors.

In the laundry room:

Check for dryer lint — Sure, you check the lint trap every time you use your dryer, but did you know that lint can get into other parts of the dryer and, if enough accumulates, can become a fire risk? Give a thorough clean of the exhaust hose and vent that leads out of the house. You’ll know there’s a problem if it’s taking longer and longer to dry your clothes, but best not to wait until that starts happening!

Wash the washer — It never occurs to some of us to wash the washer. You would think after all those endless loads of laundry, that it would be self-cleaning, right? Wrong. Soap scum and skin flakes build up and accumulate over time. A natural way to clean a top loading machine is to fill it with hot water and add two cups of white vinegar. Let that stand for about twenty minutes, scrub the insides, drain and refill it with hot water again, this time adding two cups of baking soda. Scrub again and then drain. Run it once without any clothes inside to make sure it sparkling clean and free of any residue. If you remember your fourth grade science projects, you’ll know better than to put the vinegar and the baking soda in at the same time.

In the kitchen:

Fridge efficiency — It’s important to clean the coils and fan area of your refrigerator once in awhile, to get maximum efficiency. Be sure to unplug it first and pull it away from the wall. The coils are either at the bottom in the front, behind a cover grill, or at the back. The condenser fan will likely be at the back. In both cases, you can vacuum out all the dust and debris that has accumulated in these quickly and easily. If your fridge has a drip pan, clean that too before you push the whole thing back into place.

Underneath appliances — For appliances that aren’t built in, move them out and give the floor and bases a good scrubbing. While it might not be something you see everyday, dropped food and other bits can accumulate under there, which can attract vermin and bugs.

In the bedroom:

Banish mattress dust bunnies — It occurs to most people to flip and rotate the mattress but it’s also a good idea to vacuum them. You can deodorize a mattress with a good sprinkling of baking soda, leaving it to do its job for an hour or so and then vacuum it up. You’ll get rid of all the dead skin cells and other allergens that could interfere with a good night’s sleep and a fresh smell in the bargain! Tip: If you like essential oils, add some to the baking soda for a light, clean scent, before you vacuum.

Wash the pillows — On a regular basis, you change the pillow cases, but does that catch everything in terms of dust and skin residue? No. If you can (check the labels first!) wash your pillows. You might have to take them to a laundromat with high capacity washers and dryers to get it done but it’s well worth the effort.

Adding these things to your semi-annual cleaning routines will help to keep your house in good order, year over year.

About the author:

Lorena Canals is a home design expert and the founder of the Spanish home design brand of the same name. Her popular all-natural, machine-washable eco-chic rugs recently launched in the U.S.A. with a brand new Home Collection. Her mission is to offer families style, comfort, and convenience in every room of their home. For more information, visit http://Lorenacanals.us.

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Fed Up with Food Cravings? How to Beat Them


With dreaded swimsuit season just around the corner, people everywhere are turning their attention to those excess pounds that somehow piled on over the winter months, and making a commitment to get rid of them in time.

Yet, as we all know, even the best intentions can be easily derailed.  Especially when we can’t kick the urge to sink our teeth into a chocolate glazed donut or down a 1,000 calorie mochaccino.  Sometimes it feels like no matter how hard we try to push those urges aside, they always win out in the end.

Meet food cravings: a powerful weight loss enemy.

As a brain and cognitive scientist specializing in the psychology of eating, I’ve devoted a lot of time to the study of cravings. Historically, the mechanism of cravings served us. In lean times, being able to activate a drive to eat so powerful that we would literally swallow bugs kept us alive.  But now that same part of the brain is telling us we’ll die without a moccachino. What happened?

What happened is the food we eat. The current global diet is excessively high in sugar and flour.  And what most people don’t know is that consuming that much sugar and flour actually changes the brain, rewiring it to ensure that it will continue demanding more and more of them.

The problem is our brains and bodies evolved to survive crop fails and droughts, not process the steady fix of empty calories we’re getting. Today’s packed, processed, refined foods are received by the body as drugs, not as fuel.  In fact, brains scans have shown that the brains of obese people have sustained more damage to their pleasure receptors than the brains of drug addicts. This damage is the root of cravings.

When the brain is overstimulated it turns off pleasure receptors in a process called “downregulation” so they won’t respond as strongly next time. Meaning that to feel the same level of pleasure, you need more of the stimulus next time. That’s addiction.  And it only takes three weeks of consuming the average American’s daily load of sugar, 22 teaspoons, for the brain to start making these adjustments.  So when you start to try to lose weight and take your brain off its drug of choice it’s going to demand a fix.

Yes, brain science has proven that food addiction is very real, and likely hundreds of millions of people are affected. But swimsuit season is still lurking. What can we do to resist those cravings when they start to tug? The good news is that science has some answers for us.

We can:

Remind ourselves why the cravings happen

It’s not real hunger, it’s your brain in the grips of downregulation.  This reminder alone can help us rise above the cravings.

Smell peppermint oil
I’ll sometimes brush my teeth, because that flavor or scent of peppermint has been clinically proven to kill hunger that isn’t rooted in the body’s genuine need for fuel.

Reach for distractions

Go for a walk, do laundry, read a book. Even healthy food prep can be a good distraction until it passes.

Avoid commercial television

We could see some food porn that might trigger our brains past the point where we can resist.

Practice an attitude of gratitude

When I take sixty seconds to run through everything I am grateful for it shifts my brain away from what I want to what I have.

There are also ways to help prevent cravings from setting in:

Eliminate sugar and flour

They are as addictive and harmful to our brains as cocaine and other powdered drugs. The more we eat, the more we’ll crave.

Eat regular meals

A steady schedule of three meals a day at regular mealtimes—breakfast, lunch, and dinner —trains the brain to eat the right things at the right times and to pass up those wrong things we might crave in between.

Above all, though, cravings are an important thing to look at, because they are a symptom of a hijacked brain.  One of the many joys of cutting those foods out of my life fourteen years ago is that I went from having daily cravings to weekly cravings, to monthly cravings to rare cravings.  So if you feel like cravings are a daily part of your life, that is a sign that big changes, along the lines of eliminating sugar and flour, might be in order.

Finally, if you’re in a weight-loss phase now and your brain is demanding the foods you are trying to wean it off of, just be patient. Treat your craving brain like a tantruming toddler.  Distract, deflect, but don’t give in.

About the author:

Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D. is the New York Times bestselling author of Bright Line Eating: The Science of Living Happy, Thin and Free. An Adjunct Associate Professor of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at the University of Rochester, Susan is an expert in the psychology of eating. She is President of the Institute for Sustainable Weight Loss and CEO of Bright Line Eating Solutions, a company dedicated to sharing the psychology and neuroscience of sustainable weight loss and helping people achieve it.


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