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Jewelry by Andrea

Like most women (and men) I enjoy jewelry. I do own a lot but I tend to wear a few “signature” pieces on a regular basis. My other jewelry I save for special occasions or a “date night” with my husband.

I tend to like jewelry that is unique and/or one of a kind. I like wearing pieces that people take notice of. After all, why wear jewelry is no one is going to notice it?

Recently I was contacted by Andrea. Andrea owns a boutique jewelry store appropriately named Jewelry by Andrea.

Andrea lives in Calgary, Canada with her family. She is passionate about creating beautiful and unique jewelry. It allows her to make a living a be a stay at home mom. As a former stay at home mom I can totally understand why she wants to be a stay at home/work from home mom.

Andrea’s jewelry has been published several times in Bead Trends Magazine and Good Life Connoisseur Magazine. As if that wasn’t cool enough, Andrea’s jewelry has also appeared on The Vampire Diaries which is a television series on the CW channel. That is awesome!

One of Andrea’s popular designs is her Crystal Angel Heart necklace.

A flowing silver Angel Wing hangs gracefully with a sparkly Heart and elegant smokey Crystal. This trio has a spiritual, Zen and flowing feel.

Crystal Angel Heart

This lovely necklace has three charms that dangle from it.

– Angel Wing – messenger from God

– Hand wrapped Crystal

– Sparkling Heart – love and affection

The charms hang from a silver plated chain. I also has a lobster clasp which makes it easy to get on/off. I find lobster clasps so much easier then the traditional clasps.

The necklace is 18″. If you include the hanging charms the necklace is more like 20″ in length. If you need a different length you just have to leave a message for Andrea during check out.

I was sent one of these beautiful necklaces to review and Andrea made it a little longer for me. I have a thick neck and 18″ would have been a little to snug for my taste. I also like necklaces that hang down longer.

I tried to take a great picture of the one I have but my camera doesn’t have a micro lens which means I can’t get a close up shot. I tried to get one with my cellphone but it came out grainy and it didn’t do this pretty necklace justice.


I’ve worn this necklace numerous times and almost every day someone comments on it. Usually people comment on the angel wing. It seems to be the first thing that people notice about the necklace.

I work with children, including babies. Several times when I’ve been wearing the necklace and holding babies the babies grab for the wing. It’s really an eye catcher for both young and old.

I worried about the wing poking me in the chest area but that has not happened.

The necklace is light weight and comfortable to wear. The charms dangle nicely and don’t get tangled.

I like that the necklace can be worn any where and with any attire. I’ve worn this at work with work clothes and to the county fair in a pair of shorts and a tee shirt.

Andrea offers many other beautiful pieces of jewelry. She also offers FREE shipping on all orders.

If you would like to check out Crystal Heart Necklace or her other lovely jewelry designs visit www.JewelrybyAndrea.com. You can also find her on the various social media sites. All of the links are found on top of her website.

What do you think about this jewelry?



*I received  a free sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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  1. How pretty! I browsed through some of the other pieces on her website very pretty and unique.