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Having a baby brings with it an enormous amount of emotions. Excitement, fear, anxiety and so much more surrounds your mind all through the pregnancy and especially at birth. In in the modern world we live in today, labor and birth is still serious business and can still bring with it a host of complications and even death to both the mother and the baby. Knowing and understanding more about these complications at birth and how to handle them can help you be better prepared when you decide to have a child.

There are certain risks that are always possible when having a child, but that doesn’t always mean that it can or will cause long term damage. For instance, 30+% of all babies born have the umbilical cord wrapped around their necks during delivery, however many times the babies are just fine and the parents may not even be aware of the incident until after the birth is completed. Unfortunately, however, even in our technologically advanced age we are still struggling with too many complications that aren’t getting fixed.

According to an October 1012 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention there has actually been a rise in birth and post birth complications. Because of these findings the CDC studied births over the last decade and found that complications were up by 75% in just the last ten years alone. And the Atlanta based CDC discovered that post birth hospital stays were up 114% over that same time period. Although, on an alternative note they also found that serious complications were still rarer with only about 590,000 total cases a year in approximately 44 million births during that 10-11 year period.

The American Pregnancy Associates sites there are 150,000 US children born with birth defects a year due to both genetic as well as environmental factors. However, in over 60% of these incidents causes cannot be precisely determined. These birth injuries can range from something minor like bruising from forceps, to a medical mistake causing cerebral palsy or other brain injuries.

For a parent, the need to know why a birth injury occurred and what they can do about it is important. If it is due to genetic factors you may be able to know this through basic lab test, or diagnosis. If you believe it is due to malpractice then you need to examine some factors like if the doctor or hospital:

·         Failed to anticipate birth complications.

·         Failed to respond to fetal distress.

·         Delayed performing cesarean section.

·         Inappropriately administered Pitocin.

If you believe there was fault on the part of the doctor or hospital than it is wise to immediately contact legal representation that specializes in these kinds of suits. But also realize there are a number of risk factors that can cause some of these issues that are not because of medical mishap. If you are unsure, gather as much of the medical facts as you can and talk to an independent legal advocate to help you make you decision. They can walk you through what questions to ask, and help you obtain the information you may need to know.



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