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I am not one to wear a lot of make up. Frankly I wouldn’t wear make up at all if going “au natural” didn’t make me look older than my actual age and haggard looking. When I go  out I make sure to put on some face powder, a little eyeliner and mascara. If I am going someplace “fancy” or a night out with my husband I will wear a tinted lip gloss and a little blush, sometimes a little eye shadow too.

When I travel I try to bring along as little cosmetic as possible. I like to leave room for all goodies I might buy when I’m away. 🙂

When it comes to “minimalist” make up artist and model Cindy Joseph has the right idea. She has her own line of cosmetics and body products.

The available product line consists of;

  • Boomstick Color
  • Boomstick Glo (Boomstick Glo is essentially a pocket version of the Boomsilk Moisturizer)
  • Boomstick Glimmer
  • Boomsilk Moisturizer (this is an all over moisturizer and not necessarily a cosmetic).
  • Boomtouch

There are also mini versions of a few of the products – Boomstick Mini Color, Boomstick Mini Glimmer,  and Boomstick Mini Glo.

I was sent Boomstick Color, Boostick Glo and Boomstick Glimmer to review.

Each product comes in a tube, similar to a lipstick. You simply dial up the amount of product you need. It’s certainly very unique and an interesting concept.


Boomstick Glo is an certified organic moisturizer that you can use all over your face, lips, neck, cuticles or anywhere moisturizing is needed.

The product is think and greasy and reminds me of petroleum jelly in a way. It is NOT made with petroleum jelly it just has a similar consistency. It’s actually made with Organic extra virgin olive oil, beeswax with propolis and pollen, raw Pupekea wildflower honey, d-alpha Vitamin E and German Chamomile essential oil.

It does smooth on all over your skin but it does take a bit for it to fully absorb and does feel a bit heavy and sticky on my face.

I think if I was traveling I would opt to bring the Boomstick Glo with me instead of my regular lotion moisturizer. While I’m at home I prefer my lotion to the Boomstick Glo.

Presently I am using the Boomstick Glo on my lips, eye lids (my lids sometimes get dry for some odd reason – allergies perhaps?), cuticles (it’s great on cuticles!) and dry patches around my body.

The product does not contain sunscreen so please make sure to apply some to protect your skin when you are out in the sun.


Boomstick Color is an all-in-one blush, lip stick and eye shadow all in one. It looks just like a lipstick. It’s a dark reddish brown color.

Since I have very fair skin I was concerned that the color would be too strong for me. Thankfully the product is very soft and smooth and you can easily blend it into your skin. The more you blend the lighter the color becomes. That is great for me. I only like a subtle color on my cheeks. I don’t want to come across looking like I have sunburn.

I tend to use this more as lip stick. I apply it with one of my lip brushes. A little bit is all you need to add color to your lips. I use it sparingly because of my fair skin. I don’t want my lips to be too dark.

I do find it drying on my lips so I use a lip balm before I apply it and a touch of lip balm afterwards. I think the lip balm also makes the product easier to apply to my lips with a lip brush.

I did try this as an eye shadow but the color just didn’t look right on me. That’s OK.


Boomstick Glimmer is a highlighter that you can use just about anywhere – including your body. You can use this to add a little glistening highlight to your cheeks, lips, eye lids, shoulders… any where you want. It gives you a shiny, glistening look. I have used powders that have the same effect but they tend to have a glitter-look to them. This product has a transparent look rather than a glitter look. It makes your skin appear “shiny”.

I have used this product on my cheek bones and lips. I would use it on my eye lids and the area about them but I wear glasses all the time and it doesn’t really show under my glasses.

Due to the small size of the sticks these are great for tossing in your overnight bag, gym back, purse or anywhere you might need a touch up or just a few essential make up/beauty items. These products are also available in mini versions called Boomstick Mini’s.

If you have some time I would recommend visiting the BOOM! by Cindy Joseph website. Cindy has a lot of videos that show you all the wonderful uses for her products and just how quickly and easily they can be applied. Cindy is very passionate about her products. It really shows in her videos. She’s very entertaining to watch.

Cindy Joseph

The products are all available individually or you can purchase the trio set. The mini versions can also be purchased as a trio set. The minis are about the size of a Chapstick. They would be great for keeping in you purse. You never know when you might need a touch of moisturizer, color or “glo”.

For more information visit www.BOOMbyCindyJoseph.com. She even has a special club you can sign up for to receive discounts and more called BOOM! Club. Cindy also has a blog you might find interesting too. All this information can be found on her website.

You can also find Cindy on Facebook and Twitter.

Have you tried BOOM! products before? If so I would love to hear your thoughts.

What do you think about these products? Do you like the idea of having a few products that serve multiple purposes?

BOOM logo


*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.


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  1. BOOM! is a brand that I have not heard of before reading about it here, but I would love to try it. The product that I would really like to try is the Boomstick Glo. I have never used a moisturizer in stick form so this would be a first. Thank you for sharing this review.