Brother MFC-J4510DW Wireless Inkjet All-in-One Printer

There are many things you need to be a successful blogger. You need a computer, a passion for writing, skilled at organizing (which I am still working on), the ability to network with others and an all-in-one printer.

I had a printer. I loved my printer. There was nothing wrong with it. I’ve had it for years and never had any complaints. There was just one problem with it – it only printed. Being a blogger I often have contracts that I need to sign and return to the company I am working with. I rather not use “snail mail”, especially because many of the campaigns require me to get stuff done immediately. They can’t wait a week for the signed contract to arrive.

For the past few years I have been relying on my husband to help me. I would print out the contract, sign it, and give it to my husband to take to work to scan and e-mail back to me so I can e-mail it to the company. My husband is often busy at work so I sometimes have to wait all day to get the paperwork that I need. It’s especially inconvenient if he’s off the next day or on vacation. Then I had no access to a scanner or copier.

I knew for a long time now that I’ve needed an all-in-one printer. I need to be able to print, copy and scan at a moment’s notice.

I received a brand new the Brother Business Smart Inkjet MFC-J4510DW printer that just became available on the market.

Here is some information about the printer.

The Business Smart Inkjet saves time with industry-first printing outputs, maximizes on space with a compact form factor (while still printing in 11”x17” mode), and also cuts costs with affordable printing.

The Brother Business Smart Inkjet has built-in wireless and wired network capabilities along with wireless printing from a mobile device. The 3.7” TouchScreen allows web connection to Facebook, Flickr, Google docs, DropBox and more. All of these ultimate features are available for just $199.

I have to mention that I can’t use the printer wirelessly. My laptop is wired. However my husband was able to connect to the printer with his laptop and it printed out the documents he was playing around with just fine. Now he just has to get around to setting my kids up on it so that they can print from their laptops and I don’t have to stop what I’m working on to let them work on my computer so they can print things out. My kids need to use my computer to print out school work and projects at least once a week or more.

One of the features I like best about this printer is not really a feature at all. It’s the compact size. Many all-in-one printers are huge because they need seperate spaces for all the different features. The Business Smart Inkjet has all the features as other all-in-ones, but in a small, compact space. That is great for people like me who barely have any room left on their desk. This printer fits in perfectly where my other, print only, printer was. In fact they are about the same size.

I really like the touchscreen display. I have never seen experienced that with a printer before. All the other printers I had simply had buttons. I love having the colorful, visual displays of each function right there in front of  me.

The touchscreen display is really easy to work with. You don’t have to keep pressing it to get it to work. You just have to gently tap or glide your finger and it works effortlessly. It kind of reminds me of using my iPad. You can swipe, scroll and touch the display. I find it pretty cool. It’s much more interactive then other printers.

A really interesting thing about this printer is that it prints in landscape mode. That means instead of printing from top to bottom like other printers, this printer prints from left to right. By printing this way you can shave off some of the printers size. With other printers you have to hav them big enough for paper to go in and/out from top to bottom. With the landscape mode (side to side) the printer doesn’t have to be as bit (hopefully I am explaining that well enough?).

I like that ink cartridges are super easy to get to. With my other printer I had to open up the top and make sure the printer head was moved to the side so I can reach in to grab the cartridge that needed to be replaced. I have short, stubby fingers so it was not as easy as it sounds. The Brother Business Smart Inkjet has the cartridges stored in the front of the printer. You simply pop open the little door and you can quickly and easily change cartridges.

The ink cartridges are high yield too which means they will print out more and last longer than standard ink cartridges. I’m all for saving money plus I like that less ink cartridges would end up in landfills too.

As far as print speed and quality, I’m impressed. So far, so good. Text and images print out remarkably well and the print speed is pretty fast for an inkject.

I haven’t tried it yet but this printer allows you to print paper up to 11″ x 17″ in size. I don’t have paper that big or I would have tested that feature out.

The printer does print double sided, and the great thing is that you don’t have to take the paper out, flip it around and put it back through the printer. It does it all in one shot. I really like that. In the past I would always put the paper back through the wrong way and often had printing upside down on the other side, or I’d print over the page that was just printed.

When I was looking for additional images to use in my post I found this video from Brother that shows you the new Brother Business Smart Inkjet printer, as well as highlights some of the features. It does a better job at describing what I mean by landscape printing.


If you are reading this post via e-mail you can see the video here, http://bit.ly/RTjCQe.

I’m impressed. So far I am very pleased with the printer, not only it’s capabilities but also in the print quality, speed and cost effective high yield ink cartridges.

If you would to learn more about the Brother MFC-J4510DW Wireless Inkjet All-in-One Printer, please visit Office Depot at http://www.OfficeDepot.com/a/products/347902/Brother-MFC-J4510DW-Wireless-Inkjet-All. You can also look for the printer at an Office Depot near you. For store locations visit OfficeDepot.com.


*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced in any way.

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    Kimberly, if you are able to print photos please let me know the outcome. I am looking for an economical inkjet to print photos and I tried Canon, HP and Epson which are OK but ink usage is very high. Please let me know. Thank you very much for your nice review. All the best, Bruce