Make “that time of the month” a bit more “enjoyable” with the TOM Box


Menstrual Cycle

I have never met a woman who enjoys “that time of the month”. There is nothing to enjoyable about it. You’re bloated, crampy, crabby and you want to eat everything in site.

Here’s a funny (or not so funny depending on how you look at it) story about “that time of the month”.

I was out on Los Angeles on a press trip when I get a text from my teenage daughter announcing that she just got her period for the very first time. She knew what she needed to do but we were unprepared for this “event”. I had nothing in the cabinet to help her. She needed my husband to get her stuff from the store.

My daughter was embarrassed to tell her dad (my hubby) so I had to text him and tell him what was going on. He FREAKED OUT! He didn’t know what to do… he was in a panic… it was quite comical. It’s funny how a grown man can be turned into a quivering mess just by the mere mention of “that time of the month”.

I spend the next hour or so on my phone between texts between my husband and daughter. Meanwhile I was on a press junket and I had things to do. I finally got him to take her to the store and let her pick up her “supplies”.

To this day my husband jokes with me that I am not allowed to leave home because he doesn’t want something like that to happen again. LOL!

When it comes to that “time of the month” there is very little we can to make the experience less horrible. That is until now.


Introducing the TOM Box – Time Of the Month Box!

The TOM Box is a monthly subscription service (you can cancel at any time) that delivers a special box to your door once a month. Each box contains things to make that time of the month a little less miserable.

Inside each box is your choice of pads or tampons (full package), which is a supply we all need during that time. So the TOM Box has it’s practical side. You never want to run out of THOSE supplies. Plus you get to choose the brand and type of product you want.

In addition the TOM Box contains a few pieces of candy, make up and jewelry. Yes, you read that right – candy, make up and jewelry!

TOM Box sent me a box to check out for myself. My box arrived with a package of pads, some small pieces of candy and some really nice make up.

I love the make up. I received a great lip gloss and really nice eye shadow.

I think my favorite thing inside the TOM Box was the gorgeous silver bracelet. I LOVE the bracelet! Even my teenage daughter wants the bracelet.

I’m sorry that the photo is not that good. The bracelet is silver and VERY shiny. It looks like a watch strap or a belt. I LOVE IT!


In addition, for a nominal additional charge you can have your TOM Box include Gillette Venus Blades 4PK (a girl has to look nice at all times, right?) and/or DOUBLE the amount of candy and make up.

Currently I see that you can get a trial TOM Box for only $5.00. After that the monthly subscription is $16.00 a month. It’s a monthly subscription so each month your card will be billed $16.00 when the box ships out. You can cancel at any time.

I think this is a pretty good deal for $16.00. The make up and jewelry alone makes it worthwhile. I may just look forward to “that time of the month” if I knew I’d be receiving the TOM Box. :-)

The TOM Box would be a nice “gift” for a teenager who just had her first period or maybe even a college student. I’m sure a college student would appreciate the female supplies, candy, jewelry and make up.

TOM Box is from a company called Swaag Box.

If you would like more information or would like to place an order visit SwaagBox/TOMBox. Check them out on Facebook too.

What do you think about this idea? Would you like to receieve a TOM Box to make “that time of the month” less horrible? Feel free to share your thoughts.



*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Get exceptional savings with Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty Event – Week #2


Ulta Logo

Last week I shared with you information about Ulta’s 21 Day os Beauty Event. We’re now into week #2. I hope you had the opportunity to take advantage of some great sales last week.

If you are not familiar with Ulta. Ulta is a chain of beauty superstores. They offer consumers a variety of cosmetics, fragrances, hair care and skin care products for both women and men. Ulta also sells products online.

Twice a year Ulta has a special saving event known as the 21 Days of Beauty Event. Each day for 21 days Ulta highlights one product and offers it to consumers at an amazing price.

The special deal is for ONE DAY ONLY. If you miss it there is no way you can capture that deal again. Therefore it’s a good idea to make sure to check the site daily.

The deals are available both online and in Ulta stores nationwide. If you plan on shopping in the store I would suggest you get there early so that the deal doesn’t sell out.

The great thing about this event is that Ulta lets you know ahead of time what products will be featured and on what day. That way you know in advance and can set your self a reminder to make the purchases you want on their specific days.

Here are the products available this week during Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty Event.

Ulta 21 Days of Beauty


Let me break down this weeks deals.

Monday Lorac

Monday – LORAC Front of the Line Pro Liner 50% off

The flexible tip provides ultimate control, accuracy and smooth strokes, so you’ll never miss your lines. From very fine to dramatically bold, this versatile pro will take you to the front of the line every time!



Tuesday – Mally Beauty Face Defender With Sponge for just $25 (regularly $40)

Mally’s Evercolor Poreless Face Defender is the perfect finishing touch for your makeup. This remarkable technology yields an utterly sheer, featherweight product that diffuses the look of pores, minimizes fine lines, and helps protect your makeup so it lasts from morning to night. Face Defender gives you that flawless matte finish without the dry, ashy look of powder. The result is silky smooth skin and longer-lasting makeup. It comes with a unique buffed-edge Japanese sponge.



WednesdayClarisonic brush heads Buy one get one FREE

There are several different Clarisonic brush heads to choose from, each with a specific purpose.

For hygiene reasons I would think it’s a good idea to replace the brushes every few months. Now it a great time to stock up so that you never find yourself in need of a replacement.


ThursdayToo Faced Shadow Insurance Primer 50% off

Too Faced Shadow Insurance is a full-coverage policy against flaking, creasing and fading eye shadows. This silicone based primer creates a tight bond between your skin and shadow, so you can rest easy that your eye shadow is taken care of. Now you can sleep at night!



FridayUrban Decay’s Naked Skin Beauty Balm $17 (regularly $34)

It’s not just any beauty balm – it’s Naked Skin Beauty Balm – the BB cream with INSANE benefits. Unlike a lot of beauty balms, Naked Skin delivers measurable anti-aging benefits – and Urban Decay has the claims to prove it. And while many beauty balms are tinted to provide coverage, Naked Skin diffuses light with high-tech pigments to give you amazing, natural, NAKED-looking skin that keeps getting better every week.

Saturday bareminerals



Saturday -bareMinerals Loose Eye Shadows 50% off

I have not tried the eye shadows yet but I LOVE other bareMinerals products that I have tried.


Sunday – Exuviance Skin Care 25% off the entire product line

I have never heard of of tried this brand before. Ulta carries many products by this brand.

Not only are there great deals every day but there are also bonus online deals you might want to check out too. For example, online only for TODAY you can get 50% off Juice Beauty Skin Care Kits. And on Thursday you can get the SD Power Trio from Strivectin for only $59 (online only).

These are great deals that you won’t want to miss.

To learn more about Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty Event visit Ulta.com/21Days. You can also check out Ulta on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Are you a fan of Ulta? Have you ever taken advantage of the Ulta 21 Days of Beauty Events? Feel free to share your thoughts.

21 days of beauty


*I have partnered with Ulta to bring you this information. Although compensated the opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Rita Hazan’s Ultimate Shine Color Gloss Collection


Rita Hazan

Your hair can often be your “crowning glory”.

When I was younger I had A LOT of hair. So much so my hair dresser referred to it a “Lion’s mane”. It was long and super thick. It was so thick that trying to put it in a ponytail was a chore.

Fast forward 30+ years. My hair is still thick and long but it’s not as beautiful and luscious as it used to be. Age, the elements, years of hair care products, coloring and those dreaded perm years (I used to perm my hair as a teen/young adult) has left my hair drab and dull.

I still use hair care products and color my hair, but I am more “picky” about the products I use. I want to use products that will over all benefit my hair.

My hair is dull and lacking that healthy, youthful shine. That is not the case anymore now that I’ve had the opportunity to try Rita Hazan’s Ultimate Shine Color Gloss.

Here is a little background and information about the product I was sent to review.



I was sent to review the gloss for red hair and the clear gloss.

I normally color my hair an Auburn color. I’m a natural dirty blonde with strawberry highlights. I feel as though I should have been born with Auburn hair. I look so much better with Auburn hair. My natural hair color is just so “blah”.

I wanted to see how the gloss for red hair helped when I finally got around to coloring my hair again. The company also sent me the clear gloss which works with any hair.

Warning… if you have a lot of gray/silver/white hair the gloss makes them REALLY stand out. I found that out when I used the clear gloss before I colored my hair. I didn’t realize how much the gloss made those colors stand out until my husband said to me that he didn’t realize how much gray/silver/white hair I had. Yikes! That comment prompted me to color my hair right away.

This product is so easy to use. It also rinses out very well. I was concerned that it would leave my hair feeling stiff, sticky or have some kind of a funky residue on it. It doesn’t. Just put it on, wait a few minutes then rinse it out. It’s that easy.

I have tried both the clear and the red. Initially I thought the red was supposed to add a “tint” of hair coloring to my hair with use. I didn’t notice that at all. I think the colored glosses are more so to maintain your hair color (if you color your hair), not add color.

Me - although I don't think you can really tell how shiny it is from this picture.

Me – although I don’t think you can really tell how shiny it is from this picture.

I feel like the red has made the color keep in my hair a little longer then it usually does. My hair doesn’t seem to absorb hair coloring too well. I can color my hair and then 2-3 weeks later the color has faded and it doesn’t look like I colored my hair at all. I think the gloss has helped to slow down the fading process.

I didn’t think to take a before/after photo of my hair after I colored it. It would have been nice to compare the photos to see if the gloss really did keep my hair more colorful and vibrant then usual.

If you don’t color your hair the clear gloss would be perfect for you.

The product does work – and very well too I might add. It really does leave your hair shiny and healthy looking. It’s not a fake looking shine either. In the past I’ve used products that add shine that make your hair look like it was dipped in clear nail polish – meaning the shine looked fake. Not only that it made my hair look greasy.

With Rita Hazan’s Ultimate Shine Color Gloss your hair has a more youthful, healthy appearance. It’s not weighed down, nor does it come across as being “fake” or leave your hair feeling greasy. Your hair feels soft to the touch and you can style it any way you please.

Over all I am very pleased with the result. Even my teenage daughter enjoys using the clear gloss on her hair.

The gloss is available at Rita Hazan salons, www.RitaHazan.com, Ulta and Sephora.

You get a lot in each bottle which should last a decent amount of time with regular use (I use mine 2-3 times per week).

Does your hair need a bit of shine and vitality? What do you think about the hair gloss idea? Have you tried similar products?

Rita Hazan Ultimate Shine Gloss


*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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The Gnarly Whale 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free Bath and Body Products



When it comes to bath and body products I think I’m obsessed. I LOVE bath and body products. I have several favorites (many of which are products I was once sent to review), but I am always open to trying out new products and finding my next favorite.

When looking for products to use on myself, my family or in my home I always try to make sure that the products are non-toxic, cruelty free and ec0-friendly.

I am also a BIG fan of scents. I love scented thing! Soaps, sprays, air fresheners, candles, perfume… I love them all. Especially if they are unique scents and scents that last a long time.

Not too long ago I was introduced to a company called The Gnarly Whale.

Gnarly Whale


The Gnarly Whale offers men and women bath and body products that are 100% vegan, cruelty free, low impact and made with a minimal amount of ingredients. They even donate 10% of their profits to charity to help out causes like the Clearwater Marine Aquarium and a non-profit law organization called Earth Justice. Some people might recognize the Clearwater Marine Aquarium as the home (and rehabilitation center) for Winter, the dolphin made famous from the film Dolphin Tale. A squeal to the film, Dolphin Tale 2, is in theaters now. It opened on September 12, 2014.

The company first started out on the popular hobby site, Etsy by Ashley & Nathan Griffith in 2012. Their mission to cultivate a greener Earth has gained the attention of eco-conscious consumers with major retailers Urban Outfitters and Kitson, which sell the product line.

What I really like about this company – aside from being socially conscious and donating to charity – is that their products are available in 70+ scents. For someone like me who LOVES scented things, shopping on their site is like being a kid in a candy shop. Ha Ha.

Some of their scents include Peach Mango, Vanilla Cola, Thai Coconut, Pineapple, Sandlewood and Bubblegum.

The Gnarly Whale carries the following products;

Hair Care

  • Beach Waves Spray
  • Detangler
  • Shampoo

Body Care

  • Body Spray
  • Face & Body Scrub
  • Green Tea Facial Toner
  • Soap
  • Lip Balm
  • Beard Oil

I was sent a few products to review. I honestly couldn’t decide on what scents so I had the company sent me random products (surprise me!).

Lip Balm

I received a lip balm in Pina Colata scent. YUMM!!!!! The scent is amazing! It’s exactly like a real Pina Colata.

The lip balm is made with candelilla wax instead of beeswax so they are completely vegan. Other ingredients include coconut oil, jojoba oil, mango butter, grapefruit seed extract, vitamin e, and flavor and/or essential oils. There are no colored tints but the lip balm does leave your lips shiny and healthy looking.

I found the lip balm to be just a little too oily for my personal preference. I found that if I blotted my lips on a piece of tissue paper (the same way women take off excess lipstick) that the results were much more to my liking. Once the excess oil was removed my lips felt really soft and hydrated. The feeling lasts for a very long time too. It doesn’t wear off after a few minutes. I can apply the lip balm in the AM and it will stay on my lips for for a few hours.

It applies smoothly due to the oils unlike other lip balms which are made out of wax. This is much more gentler in your lips.

I also received a of Beach Waves in Lemon scent. Beach Waves products are made out of water, Mediterranean sea salt, coconut oil, aloe vera gel, grapefruit seed extract, essentials oils and/or fragrance.

The lemon scent is very light. It reminds me of a lemon drop candy.

The Beach Waves product is simple to use. Simply spray it on wet hair and let it air dry to give your hair that “beachy” look with loose waves.

I was worried that the salt would dry out my hair or make it “crunchy” and stiff when I touched it. That wasn’t the case at all. I think the oils and aloe vera gel help to soften the salt.

I have really thick hair. I used the product as directed and found that the top layer (outer layer) of my hair had a nice wave to it but the hair underneath didn’t seem to be affected by the product. In defense of the product my hair is VERY thick and heavy and it’s possible the outer layer of hair weighs down the rest of my hair to much.

Beach Waves

I also have a bit of a natural wave to my hair too. I found that the Beach Waves spray made the wave more defined looking – kind of like how it would look if you used a hair gel except not sticky or weighed down.

As for the waves they lasted a long time. I was impressed by that. That is if you leave your hair alone and don’t comb it or run your fingers through your hair. If you do that you could disturb the beachy-wave and it will come undone. Not all the times, but I have noticed that happen from time to time.

When I am at work I sometimes get very warm and have to throw my hair up in a ponytail. A few times when I removed my ponytail at home I did notice that the beachy waves were still there.

This product would probably be amazing on someone with thinner hair. My daughter’s hair is equally as thick as mine – and longer. She was only able to get a little wave at the ends of her hair. She liked it but wished more of her hair would get wavy.

The products washes out well too. There is no left over residue or stickiness.

I also received a bottle of Detangler in a Coconut Milke and Peach scent. I LOVE this scent! At first you smell the coconut but if you want just a few moments you’ll notice the peach scent. It’s almost like two scents in one because each scent stands out at some point. I love it! I wish the scent would last all day (it doesn’t).


The Detangler is made out of water, aloe vera gel, glycerin, grapefruit seed extract, and essential oils and/or fragrance. 

As I mentioned, I have very thick hair. I do get a lot of knots in my hair, especially when I first get out of the shower. I found that the Detangler really does help to lessen, and at times eliminate, the number of tangles and knots I get in my hair. It works on dry hair too.

This would be great to use with children.

The Gnarly Whale carries a nice assortment of products and fragrances. I am planning on trying out more products and scents in the near future, especially the scrub, soap and body spray. I bet the body spray is awesome.

For more information about The Gnarly Whale please visit www.TheGnarlyWhale.com. You can also find the brand on the various social networking sites. All the links are found at the bottom of the brand’s website.



*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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Get exceptional savings with Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty Event – Week #1


Make up resize

I LOVE bath, body and beauty products. I have several favorites that I tend to use a lot, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy trying out new products.

Whenever a friend or family member tells me about a new product, or if I hear about a new product on TV or online, I usually rush out to get it (as long as it’s “budget friendly” of course).

Sometimes I come across a product that I want to try but something holds me back. Usually it’s the price. I like to wait until a product is on sale before “taking the plunge”.

Thanks to Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty Event I am able to try out different products from different brands at awesome discount prices.

Ulta is a beauty supply superstore that has locations across the country. They also sell products online on their website.

Ulta has products for both women and men including skin care, hair care, cosmetics and fragrances.

Twice a year Ulta has a special event called the 21 Days of Beauty. During the three week time frame Ulta showcases a new product each day at a special price. The price (or deal) is only available for that day ONLY. If you miss it it’s gone. It’s a good idea to make note of the upcoming sales so that you can set your alarm or make a note to yourself to get online or visit your local Ulta store to pick up the deal.

Don’t wait too long. The product might be out of stock online or in stores if you wait too long to make your purchase. I would suggest doing it early in the day so you don’t miss out.

Here are the products available this week during Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty Event.

Brow 2

WednesdayToo Faced Bullet Proof Brows 50% off (now $15)

Too Faced created this product to give women the confidence in knowing their brows will last longer than a day at work, a roll in the hay and night on the town. Bulletproof Brow includes Too Faced’s dual-sided, angled and spoolie brush for precise application. In just 60 seconds, color locks down for 24-hour Bulletproof Brows!


ThursdayStila In The Moment Eyeshadow Palette $20 (regularly $39)

A gorgeous, palette with 10 shades of Stila’s award-winning eye shadow formula that can be worn wet or dry.


FridaySmashbox 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer for only $10

A shadow primer that locks on more vibrant color for a full 24 hours!
Why you’ll love it: Smashbox tested it and proved that it truly lasts in real life for a full 24 hours – whether you’re at an A.M. yoga class or after-hours drinks.



SaturdayLondon Butters Nail Laquers 2 for $15

Butter London’s highly-pigmented lacquers are created for the catwalk and formulated to nourish and protect nails. Create bespoke looks with countless colours and finishes. Butter London does not add formaldehyde, toluene, or DBP to any of its nail formulas. It’s colour without compromise.

Lip Gloss

SundayPur Minerals Chateau Lip Gloss $8 (regularly $18)

Plumper, younger-looking lips are just a kiss away! These one-of-a-kind glosses feature Pür’s beloved lip-plumping mineral colour, now with anti-aging resveratrol! Harvested exclusively for Pür from Bordeaux’s famed Château des Tourtes winery, this vine-fresh Farm to Jar ingredient hydrates dry lips and helps reverse visible signs of early aging, including lip lines and wrinkles. Never sticky or tacky, Pür Mineral’s long-wear formula gives you hours of luscious colour with visibly softer, smoother lips – even after the makeup comes off!


Also on Sunday Tarte Lights! Camera! Lashes! Mascara 50% off

A lengthening, curling, volumizing, and conditioning mascara infused with olive esters to condition, treat, and protect lashes.

Product Performance: Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara could be considered a push-up bra for your lashes – a 4-in-1 (lengthening, curling, volumizing, and conditioning) plus it’s dermatologist- and clinically-proven to increase the appearance of lash volume.

Powered By: olive esters: conditions, treats and protects lashes.

Formulated without parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfates and gluten.

Look for new sales every week. Many purchases also come with free gifts!

In addition to these sales there are also occasionally online only sales. This week’s online sales are on Thursday and Friday.


Thursday (ONLINE ONLY) Select Murad Cleaners $20.


Friday (ONLINE ONLY) Per-Fekt Lash Perfection Gel 50% off – now $14

These are great deals that you won’t want to miss.

To learn more about Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty Event visit Ulta.com/21Days. You can also check out Ulta on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Ulta is also having a sweepstakes where you can win 12 “must have” beauty BFF brushes. Visit Ulta.com/21Days for more information.

Are you a fan of Ulta? Have you ever taken advantage of the Ulta 21 Days of Beauty Events?

Have you tried any of the brands/products mentioned in this post? Feel free to share your thoughts.

Ulta Logo


*I have partnered with Ulta to bring you this information. Although compensated the opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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Dress to Impress & Put Your Best Selfie Forward with Jonathan Cheban



Are you addicted to taking “selfies”? Most people probably won’t admit that they are, but I think we all know someone who can’t go a day without snapping a picture of themselves on their phone.

I am not much of selfie person. I don’t like getting my picture taken to begin with let alone a close up picture of my face.

My teenage daughter takes A LOT of selfies. I wouldn’t say she’s “addicted” to it, but she does take a lot. I think that is normal for teenage girls these days.

When you are taking a selfie, especially one you want to share with family and friends, you want to make sure that you look your best.

I have seen my daughter use her phone’s camera to check out she looks. I told her she should just carry a small pocket mirror with her but she would never think to do that.

What if your phone could be a portable mirror?

Reality star Jonathan Cheban (one of Kim Kardashian’s “besties”) came up with the perfect solution that can help you to look your best. This fashion forward accessory was made for your phone.

It’s called the Glam Screen. The Glam Screen is a screen protector that sticks to your phone to not only protect your screen but to also serve as a mirror.

Glam Screen for Galaxy

Glam Screen for Galaxy

When your phone is on and in use the Glam Screen is like a normal screen protector. When your phone is not in use the Glam Screen automatically turns into a mirror.

When I heard about this I knew this was something my daughter would go crazy for. Not only for selfies but also to check on her hair and make up.

I was sent to review the Glam Screen. They were kind enough to send one for me and one for my daughter. I have an iPhone 4S and my daughter has an iPhone 5C.

Installation was very simple – clean off your screen, apply the Glam Screen, use a cloth to rub out the air bubbles.

It literally took me two minutes to apply it.

Glam Screen Logo

It really does look like a mirror when the phone is not being used (when the screen goes “black”). It’s a little darker then a real mirror (unless you are outside in daylight), but it’s still easy to see yourself. My husband was impressed and he has no interest in something like this. It’s a “girl thing” to quote him.

You don’t have to enjoy taking selfies to use the Glam Screen. Anyone who ever has a need for a mirror and has an iPhone or Galaxy can benefit from the Glam Screen. Not only that it protects your cellphone’s screen. That alone makes it worth while. The mirror is an added bonus.

I tried to take a photo but it was hard to tell that it was a mirror on my phone and not a regular phone screen.

Another product that Jonathan Cheban sells is called the Glam Screen Selfie Ring. The Selfie Ring is compatible with all phones. It’s actually a set of two rings that your slide your fingers into so that you have a better grip on your phone so that you don’t accidentally drop it when you are snapping a selfie. Think of it as a safety product more so then a selfie accessory.

The Selfie Ring can also double as a stand for your phone.

I can’t use this ring on my phone because I just have the one phone case and it would cover up the design on my case. Mine looks similar to this one (except mine is black and gray and the image is yellow.

Zombie cellphone case

The black circle in the (almost in the middle) is where the slider case attaches to each other, so I can’t put the Selfie Ring there. The only other option would be to cover up part of the Zombie Outbreak Response Team graphic.

My daughter changes her cellphone case like she changes socks, so it’s pointless to give it to her. Therefore I am going to hold on to it for me for when I get a new case. My case is cracked and the pieces don’t stay together anymore. I’m in the market for a new case. One I have one I’ll add the Selfie Ring.

From what I can tell the ring is well made. I can see how it can be helpful when snapping pictures. It gives you an extra sense of security and a better grip on your phone. Knowing how expensive it is to repair cracked screens (our daughter’s cracked screen recently cost us almost $200 to get fixed) any added protection is better than nothing.

If you would like information about either of these products, or to make a purchase, visit www.GlamScreen.com. You can also find the brand on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

What do you think about these products? Do you think they are accessories you’d love to have for your cellphone?

Selfie Ring


*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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