Tips for being prepared for emergencies from LuminAID


Stock photo - Hurricane Katrina - New Orleans, LA

Stock photo – Hurricane Katrina – New Orleans, LA

An emergency situation can happen at anytime, anywhere. How prepared are you?

Over the past decade or so our weather has been getting more and more unpredictable. Think back to Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy as great examples. I’ve lived in New York my entire life and I don’t recall a hurricane has horrible as Sandy.

It’s always important to be prepared for emergency situations. What if you find yourself without power for several days. Do you have an emergency energy source, water and food to sustain you and your family for a few days? My family usually has water and non-perishable foods on hand. We also have a solar cellphone and iPad charger so we can call for help if needed and have something to entertain ourselves (Netflix or Hulu on the iPad).

Here are some great tips from a company called LuminAID.

1. Check your food and water supply

Bottled water and packaged/canned food are the best in case your power goes out.

2. Check your source of lighting

Often people think they have enough batteries or candles to outlast the hurricane, but an easier and more sustainable source of light is the LuminAID solar-powered inflatable light. The LuminAID comes fully charged, so it’s ready to go at a moment’s notice.  You won’t have to hold it like a flashlight, and it will last for over 16 hours! Its lightweight and compact design makes it easy for re-charging for hundreds of uses.

3. Reinforce your entryways

High gusts of wind and floating debris can easily break windows. Make sure you reinforce doors, windows, garage doors, skylights, and fireplace flues.

4. Have your things ready to go

If you need to leave in a hurry, make sure you’re prepared. Place all your important items in or around one bag. Wallet, cash, cell phone, car keys, first aid kit, a road map to your destination, etc. Keep these sealed in a leak-proof bag or at least a Ziploc.

5. Prepare your family

Make sure each family member is aware of how dangerous a hurricane can be.  In the event your family needs to evacuate, you do not want anyone left behind or uninformed.

Even a bad snowstorm or torrential rains can knock out power lines leaving you and your family in the dark – literally.

A solar powered lighting source is a fabulous idea. It’s better then having to stock up on expensive batteries. Not only that it keeps those batteries out of landfills.

I was sent a LuminAID to review.


Here is a little more information about the product.

The LuminAID is a solar-powered light that packs flat, charges on the go, and inflates to create a lightweight, waterproof lantern. Originally designed by two architecture students to provide comfort and safety for victims of an emergency, the LuminAID provides up to sixteen hours of LED light and is rechargeable. weighing just under 3 ounces, it is an ideal light source for recreational use outdoors, emergency aid, or in the home or garden. LuminAID lights have been used all over the world in emergency situations and after disasters.

I love that it’s small, compact and lightweight. You can take with you anywhere. The one I was sent to review I gave to my husband to keep in the glove compartment of his car since he commutes to work, just in case he get stranded on the side of the road.

LuminAID comes in a small plastic Ziploc type bag. To use simple remove from the baggie, blow it up (there is a valve where you can blow it up with your mouth) and then turn it on. There are two setting (one is a little brighter then the other). You can have LuminAID up and running in about a minute.

LUMINAID Solar Light


LuminAID looks like a plastic “pillow” with a small control panel on the one side. The panel is where you turn it on/off and it ‘s where the solar panel is located to recharge LuminAID.

It’s recommended that you charge it every 2-3 months when not in use just to make sure it has a full charge for the next time you need it.

There is a small handle on the one side to make it easy to carry as well as being able to hang it up on a hook, door knob, tree branch or any place you need light.

You wouldn’t think by looking at it that it would emit a lot of light, but it does.

Here is the LuminAID in our hallway (hanging off the door knob) taken with my cellphone and unedited.



You can see how well it lights up the hallway. This shot was taken at night with no other lights on. Our hallway is about 12′ x 4′ (give or take).

By the way… those are not holes on the wall (towards the bottom on both side). They are Halloween decorations that I kept up because I thought they were cute (mouse and hole on the left – single mouse on the right). :-)

Check out this brief video that tells you more about LuminAID and provides you with some other great examples of how it can be used.


LuminAID also has a wonderful charitable program called Give Light, Get Light. The LuminAID light sells for $19.95 but for a few dollars more ($27.95) you can purchase the light for yourself and another light will be donated to someone in an impoverished area where electricity is not an option.

 Over the past year, LuminAID has distributed more than 5000 lights across projects in 15 countries. Our current campaign features partners who work in Haiti, Ghana, India, and the Philippines. See the Partner Organizations tab below for more information about our charitable partners. Your purchase covers the cost of one light that will be sent to you and funds the donation of 1 LuminAID light and all associated shipping and distribution costs. 

Please note that this donation is NOT tax deductible. I think for just a few dollars more it’s well worth purchasing the Give Light, Get Light package to help out someone else in need.

You can also donate a light for a $10 donation.

LuminAID is great for everyone. It’s ideal to keep in your home, your car, RV, with your camping equipment, while you are hiking, college students and the elderly. They are ideal to have on hand in case of emergencies or when you need a little extra light (backyard party, camping…).

For more information about LuminAID visit www.LuminAID.com. You can also find them on YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebo0k (social media links found on the company’s website).

LuminAID logo


*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Every Mother Counts and Stella & Dot team up to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother



Being pregnant is a wonderful and scary time in any woman’s life. Not only do you need to worry about your own health but also the health of the new life you are carrying in your womb.

I was fortunate that at the time I was pregnant with both my children that we had decent health insurance. For many of women around the world health insurance is a luxury they simply can’t afford. For other women, especially in impoverished countries, they not only lack health care but also education about information about how to stay healthy while pregnant and long after their child is born.

Stella & Dot, a global fashion accessories brand and rapidly growing social selling company, is proud announces the global re-launch of their Stella & Dot Foundation and partnership with Every Mother Counts.

The Stella & Dot Foundation was created in 2010 by CEO and Founder Jessica Herrin. It’s part of the company’s mission – to give women the means to style their own lives.

“We are committed to making a difference in women’s lives. It’s important for us to extend that mission to impact the lives of women and their families, at home and around the world through the Stella & Dot Foundation,” says Herrin.

To-date, the Stella & Dot Foundation has raised over $1.6 million towards causes important to our community.

Model, actress and mother Christy Turlington Burns is the campaigns spokesperson.

“Every Mother Counts’ is excited to partner with Stella & Dot’s mission driven community to help us achieve our goal to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother. We know we can’t do this work alone and are always reassured that there are others who want to contribute in meaningful ways. Through this partnership, we will be able to educate many more about the global maternal healthcare challenges and also raise funds to support programs that improve access to quality maternity care that can prevent unnecessary deaths at birth.” – Christy Turlington Burns, Founder Every Mother Counts.


To help raise funds and awareness for this campaign Stella & Dot has introduced a beautiful bracelet called the Enlighten Bracelet ($39). All net proceeds from the sale of this lovely bracelet will go to support Every Mother Counts to help inform, engage, and mobilizes new audiences to take action to improve the health and well being of girls and women worldwide.

The Enlighten Bracelet is very unique. It has a strap that resembles a belt or a watch strap. It’s adjustable to fit any size wrist. I have the bracelet and I have a thick wrist and I am able to wear the bracelet with no problem. My daughter, who has a smaller wrist, can wear it too. She just has to adjust it to fit her wrist.

The bracelet is made out of a Poppy Orange colored leather band. There is a gold-plated brass bar on one side of the bracelet (the part that goes on top of your wrist). It’s simple yet very eye catching. The gold-plated brass gives it a bit of elegance and the Poppy Orange leather strap adds a bit of fun.

I tried to take my own photos but they didn’t really capture the details too well.

If you look you can see the words embossed on the inside of the bracelet on the leather strap.

If you look you can see the words embossed on the inside of the bracelet on the leather strap.

Inside the bracelet, embossed on the leather strap, are the words MERE – SOEUR – FILLE – MOTHER – SISTER – DAUGHTER – MAMA – SCHWESTER – TOCHTER which translates into Mother, Sister, Daughter in French, English and German. You cannot see the words when you are wearing the bracelet. You can only read them when the bracelet is off your wrist.

This is a beautiful bracelet that would make a wonderful gift for that special lady in your life, a friend, mother, sister, grandmother, aunt or even yourself. The funds go towards a great cause and in exchange you have a beautiful bracelet that can be worn on a night out on the town or running errands.

If you would like more information about the Stella & Dot Foundation and their charitable jewelry pieces visit http://www.stelladot.com/shop/en_us/featured-shops/stelladot-foundation-shop.

To check out the beautiful accessories Stella & Dot sells visit www.StellaandDot.com. You can also find them on the various social media sites (all the links are found at the bottom of their website).

Christy Turlington

Christy Turlington


*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 




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Join Auntie Anne’s & Alex’s Lemonade Stand to help fight childhood cancer


Childhood Cancer

Cancer is an ugly word. Unless it’s your zodiac sign no one ever wants to utter that word. Cancer is cruel. It has no limits and knows no boundaries. It doesn’t care if you are young or old, black or white, Italian or Irish, rich or poor. Cancer can strike anyone, anywhere at anytime.

Cancer has touched my life over the years. My grandfather had breast cancer, my great-grandmother died from ovarian cancer, my mother-in-law died from pancreatic cancer, my brother-in-law had cancer and a family friend died from brain cancer at the young age of 11. I recently went back to work and learned the site’s director had a cancerous tumor on her ovary. She’s only 24. They removed it and thankfully she’s doing OK.

Cancer is difficult for anyone to deal with. I think it’s even harder when it strikes children. They have their whole lives ahead of them. No one wants to watch a precious, innocent child deal with this sometimes fatal disease. It breaks my heart when I hear about a young warrior who is battling this cruel disease.


One such Mini but Mighty Hero is Victoria. Victoria lives in Houston, Texas. Victor’s battle began when she was only six months old. Now four years old, she’s happily in remission. Her mom proudly writes, “Victoria is my hero because she has been through so much more than I could imagine going through myself. She has always been a positive and happy person.”

It’s wonderful to hear that through it all Victoria has remained hopeful and happy. That is very important not only for the child but also their families.

I hope and pray that Victoria’s cancer forever remains in remission and she goes on to have a long, happy and healthy life that she deserves.

Victoria is just one of many Mini but Mighty Heroes.


Auntie Anne’s and Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation have joined forces to help raise awareness and funds to fight childhood cancer.

Auntie Anne’s makes those delicious pretzels you often see sold at the mall. Their Sweet Almond is my favorite. My family and I often enjoy an Auntie Anne’s pretzel or another one of their yummy snacks when we go to the mall.

The Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation has been helping to fight childhood cancer for many years. It was started by a four year old cancer patient named Alexandra “Alex” Scott (1996 – 2004). She told her family that she wanted to hold a lemonade stand to help raise money to find a cure for all children who had cancer. Her selfless act of kindness and good will towards others helped shaped her simple idea of a lemonade stand into the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation.

Thousands of volunteers across the country carry on her legacy of hope. To date the foundation has raised over $75 million dollars and helped fund 375 research projects nationwide. Alex would be very pleased. If only she lived long enough to see her idea bloom and grow like it has.

Please check out this brief video to see how Auntie Anne’s and the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation have partnered to help find a cure.


There is something YOU can do to help. From July 28, 2014 – September 15, 2014 you can donate to the Join the Mighty Fight Campaign.

Here is a little more information about the campaign.

This summer, our goal is to find cures for children who are in the mighty fight of their life against cancer. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of these mini fighters. How can you help? By donating, you’re helping Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation fund potentially life-saving cancer. Here is what your donation could fund:

  • $5: Supports Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation one cup at a time.
  • $15: Provides a gas card to help a family drive to a hospital for treatment
  • $25: Funds a half hour of childhood cancer research
  • $50: Funds one hour of childhood cancer research
  • $100: Enables a family to reside at a nearby hotel so they can stay close to their child receiving treatment
  • $400: Funds one day of childhood cancer research

If we reach our goal of $35,000, we will help fund 700 hours of childhood cancer research! In appreciation of your donation, Auntie Anne’s will send all donors a $1 off coupon, valid at participating U.S. stores, within 7-10 days.

We also believe a small donation goes a mighty long way. For every share of the Mighty Fight, Auntie Anne’s, Inc. will donate $0.25 (the cost of a cup of lemonade!) towards childhood cancer research.

I hope you will consider joining the fight and help the campaign reach it’s goal. Every little bit helps. Even if you can only donate $1.00 it will help.

Perhaps the next time you are waiting on line to get your morning mocha latte you might consider giving it up for just one morning and donate that $5 to help find a cure for childhood cancer.

For more information or to make a donation visit the Join the Mighty Fight campaign page.

Has cancer touched your life? Do you know a Mini but Mighty Hero?

The Mighty Fight campaign


*I was not compensated for this post. I am posting this to support this charitable campaign. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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What does it mean to have a “Childlike Summer”?


Child Summer

It’s summer time – a time for lounging by the pool, splashing in the waves at the beach, riding bikes, blowing bubbles, camping, making S’mores and catching fireflies.

When you were a child, what things did you enjoy doing the most during the summer? For me it was spending time with my cousins, building forts in the woods, riding our bikes into town, swimming in our grandfather’s pool and having ice cream at the local ice cream shop.

Most children look forward to summer – but not all children. Some children dread the summer months because for them it means going to bed hungry at night and not knowing where their next meal is coming from.

Many children around the country live in food insecure homes. Most of these children participate in a school meal program to ensure that they get a decent meal at school. Sometimes it’s the only meal they get in a day.

When school is not in session these same children are left to worry about where there next meal is coming from.

Food insecure families are everywhere. Your co-worker, neighbor or even your friend could live in a food insecure household. Due to the stigma associated with food insecurities most people don’t make it a point to share with others that they are struggling and finding it hard to put food on the table for their family.

ConAgra Food has teamed up with Feeding America on a campaign to fight against hunger during the summer months. With the help of some bloggers like myself we pinned some great pins on the Child Like Summer Pinterest board that Feeding America created.

This is a wonderful Pinterest board filled with crafts ideas, activities, recipes and more. I’d like to encourage you to stop by and check it out for yourself.

Here is the link for your convenience – A Childlike Summer Pinterest Board.

All children should experience a childlike summer. They shouldn’t have to worry about not having enough to eat.

Child Hunger

There are ways YOU can help.

Donating food to your local Feeding America or food bank is a great way to start. Non-perishable foods are always welcome and in some areas perishable foods too. Please check with your local food bank for a list of items they need.

Whenever I go shopping for my family and see a sale on foods like canned goods and cereals I always try to pick up some extras so that my family and I can donate them to our local food bank. I think this is a great activity the whole family can do – even the youngest member. Your family can box up the food you wish to donate and together bring it to your local food bank to donate. While you are doing this it’s important to discuss with your child/children why this is important and what their donations mean to others who don’t have much.

If it’s possible to donate your time volunteers are always in need. When I was down in Tampa, Florida I helped out at a local food bank giving food to the people who showed up to collect it. I also had the opportunity to tour a local food bank warehouse. Although there was a lot of food there they certainly could use more. Not only that volunteers are needed to help sort the foods and package it up to be delivered to those in need or put on the shelves where people can “shop” for what they need.

People are also needed to package foods for children from food insecure homes too.

Here are some photos from my trip.


You can also help by donating money and/or helping to spread the word about child hunger that is happening right now in your own “backyard”. It’s also important that you let your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers know that hunger happens year round – not just around the holidays when most people tend to donate food. It would also help out a lot of you can spread the word about children from food insecure homes that do not get meals on a regular basis during the summer months.

One of the easiest ways you can help is by simply watching this fun video by YouTube sensation Kid President. Simply by watching this cute video you can help raise money for Feeding America. For every view, like or share of this video (below) the ConAgra Foods Foundation will donate the money to Feeding America equivalent to one meal – up to million meals.¹


You can also visit www.ChildHungerEndsHere.com and click on the “taking action” tab for more information.

To find meal sites in your area please call the National Hunger Hotline at 1-866-3-HUNGRY (1-866-348-6479).

What ways do you think YOU and your family could get involved to help abolish child hunger?

What is your idea of a “childlike summer”?

Do you have any personal experiences when it comes to child hunger or food insecurity?

Feel free to share your thoughts. I always love to hear from my readers.

Feeding America Logo


*I have partnered with ConAgra Foods Foundation and The Motherhood to bring you this information. Although compensated the opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

1For every view, like or share of this Kid President video recorded on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+ from May 22, 2014 through July 31, 2014, the ConAgra Foods Foundation will donate 11.1¢, the cost for Feeding America to provide one meal through its network of local food banks. Minimum donation of 10,000 meals ($11,111). Maximum donation of two million meals ($222,000). Valid in U.S. only.

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Schools Out! Find out why this is NOT a good thing for some children #HungerFreeSummer



School is out for the summer for most people around the country. For most children that means playing from dawn to dusk, staying up late, sleeping in, going on vacations with their families, lazy days spent by the pool and not having a care or worry in the world. For some children summer is not necessarily a good thing. That is because they will no longer have access to free or low cost meals. This puts them at greater risk of being hungry. It’s hard to have fun and enjoy your summer when all you can focus on is when and where your  next meal is coming from.

Twenty one MILLION children receive free or low cost meals during school. That translates in to about one in five children living in food insecure homes. ONE IN FIVE! Statistically speaking if you took your child and four random classmates, one of those five children is living in a food insecure home.

If you follow my blog regularly you probably have read my posts about child hunger, Child Hunger Ends Here and Feeding America. It’s something I feel strongly about. No child should have to go hungry, and no parents should have to stress about not knowing if/when they can feed their child.

If you think food insecure families are only in other countries, you are wrong. Food insecure families are right here in the United States – in your own “backyard”. They could be your co-worker, a child’s classmate or even your neighbor. Just because you have a home and drive a car does not mean you have plenty of food. Sometimes families have no choice but to give up their basic needs – like food – for the sake of being able to have a roof over their head or a car that can take a parent to/from their job.


I live in the suburbs of New York City. We have plenty of million dollar mansions around here. Our local food bank serves up to 70 families food every single day. That might not sound like a lot but I live in a very tiny county. I can literally drive from one end of our county to the other in about 20 minutes (depending on traffic).

I will admit that many years ago when our almost 15 year old son was an infant we had to make a couple of visits to the food bank. Our son needed special formula which was over $200 a case (which lasted about 10 days). Not to mention a lot of medical bills. We could barely afford diapers let alone anything else. My mom came to the rescue many times, but there were a few times I had to stop by the food bank. To look at our family you wouldn’t think we would need to. THANKFULLY it was only temporary.

Sometimes the only decent meal a child gets is at school through one of the various food programs. When school is out for the summer those meals disappear.

I remember my visit to the Feeding America site in Tampa, Florida a few years back. One the walls in one of the hallways were paper plates that were decorated by children. Each child wrote a special message to congress about how much the food programs mean to them. I wish I could find the folder with all of the photos from my visit so I can share more of the plates with readers. Here are a couple that I found in an old post.



My visit to Tampa, which included helping out at a local food bank and a visit to the Feeding America Tampa Bay warehouse, was truly an eye opening experience.

ConAgra Foods is doing their part to help end child hunger with their Child Hunger Ends Here program.

ConAgra Foods has partnered with Feeding America for their Child Hunger Ends Here program. Through their efforts more than 335 million pounds of of food have been collected and used to help feed the hungry as well as $38 million dollars which has gone towards child hunger programs.

ConAgra Foods Foundation wants to help raise awareness of summertime child hunger.

This summer 26 food banks in 18 states will be utilizing Hunger-Free grants, funded by ConAgra Foods Foundation, to expand their summer feeding programs so that more kids can receive healthy meals this summer.

The program’s goal is to reach 25% more children during the summer than before. They are working hard towards reaching that goal. The program is now in it’s fifth year and has helped deliver 3.8 million meals to children in food insecure homes during the summer months.

The only thing a child should worry about during the summer is how to squeeze in as much fun as they can before school starts – not if/when they are going to eat that day.

Please join in the fight against child hunger and help put food on the table for hungry children this summer. There are many ways you can help out.

One way to help is simply by watching a video and helping to spread the word. For every view, like or share of this video (below) the ConAgra Foods Foundation will donate the money to Feeding America equivalent to one meal – up to million meals.¹

This little boy is hysterical. He’s the “Kid President”. He cracks me up. I love his facial expressions. I’d vote for him for president. :-)


In addition please consider volunteering. Volunteers are needed to help transport food, prepare lunches for children, help clean up, sort food or assist with activities for children. You can visit www.FeedingAmerica.org to find a food bank near you. If there isn’t a Feeding America food bank in your area you can always volunteer at another local food bank in your area. If they don’t have a summer program for children perhaps you can help set one up.

You can also visit www.ChildHungerEndsHere.com and click on the “taking action” tab for more information.

Of course donating food and money is always welcome. I wrote a post about what kinds of foods that food pantries need. You can read it here – What Types of Food Donations Do Food Banks Need. You can also call your local food bank and ask if there is anything specific they need.

To find meal sites in your area please call the National Hunger Hotline at 1-866-3-HUNGRY (1-866-348-6479).

I plan on having my kids volunteer at a local food bank this summer. Not only does it give them something constructive to do with their time that doesn’t involve TV or their cellphones, I also think it’s a great learning experience. Perhaps they’ll be a bit humbled to realize that there are so many hungry people in our community.

Please consider joining the fight to end child hunger.



*I have partnered with ConAgra Foods Foundation and The Motherhood to bring you this information. Although compensated the opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

1For every view, like or share of this Kid President video recorded on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+ from May 22, 2014 through July 31, 2014, the ConAgra Foods Foundation will donate 11.1¢, the cost for Feeding America to provide one meal through its network of local food banks. Minimum donation of 10,000 meals ($11,111). Maximum donation of two million meals ($222,000). Valid in U.S. only.

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Get a Frosty and Give Back with Wendy’s Father’s Day Frosty Weekend Promotion


Wendy's Father's Day Frosty Weekend


Father’s Day is this weekend. It’s a time to celebrate that very special man in your life whether it’s your father, stepfather, grandfather or uncle.

Sometimes it’s not so much the gifts that make Father’s Day special. Sometimes it’s just spending quality time together that matters most. Even something simple as a backyard barbecue, tossing a ball around or enjoying ice cream is all dad needs to feel special.

Speaking of ice cream, Father’s Day weekend (Saturday, June 14 and Sunday, June 15) participating Wendy’s are having a Father’s Day Frosty Weekend promotion. In addition to enjoying some sweet ice cream together your purchases will also help the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption (DTFA) which helps over 134,000 children in North America waiting in foster care until they can find their “forever homes”.

I don’t normally post press release information but I will when I feel it’s important enough to share with others.

Get a Frosty. Give back. Wendy’s is making Father’s Day even sweeter with its fan-favorite Father’s Day Frosty Weekend promotion.

Throughout Father’s Day Frosty Weekend – Saturday, June 14, and Sunday, June 15 – participating Wendy’s restaurants will donate 50 cents from the sale of every Frosty product to support the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption® (DTFA), an organization that works to help find permanent, loving families for the more than 134,000 children in North America waiting in foster care to be adopted.

“Father’s Day is the perfect time to continue my dad’s legacy to help children in foster care find permanent, loving dads (and moms),” said Wendy Thomas, daughter of Wendy’s founder, Dave Thomas, who was adopted as a boy.

“In the past eight years, Wendy’s has raised more than $12 million through our Father’s Day Frosty weekend program,” said Liz Geraghty, Vice President, Brand Marketing. “This promotion gives us a chance to rally fans around a cause that’s at the core of Wendy’s, and provide our customers with a sweet way to give back to the community.”

To  help shine a light on the life-changing impact of uniting children waiting in foster care with permanent, loving families, Wendy’s is releasing a second video in the “In Their Own Words” video series. The videos show real stories of adoption from the voices of adopted children and their families. William and Elizabeth Wilder, parents to Christopher (12) and Elizabeth (4), share their journey of reuniting two biological siblings into their family through adoption. To view the second video, visit: http://youtu.be/PyoF3dPgAzU.

Wendy’s Father’s Day Frosty Weekend promotion is part of a year-long national cause marketing campaign including national TV and radio advertising, a new multi-media adoption hub, the “In Their Own Words” video series, a blue ribbon icon and in-restaurant quarterly fundraisers.

I think this is a great campaign. I like that they are helping children in foster care to find their own dads that they can one day share an ice cream with. I feel that ALL children deserve a “forever home”.

Wendy’s Frosty Floats and other Frosty treats are delicious too. :-)

If you would like to learn more about the Father’s Day Frosty Weekend and ways to give back visit www.Wendys.com/Adoption.

For more information about The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption please visit DaveThomasFoundation.org, or call 1-800-ASK-DTFA.



*I will be receiving a free Wendy’s gift card in exchange for sharing news about this promotion. There was no other compensation. The opinions expressed are my own unless otherwise noted.

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