The Rabbit Who Wants to Go to Sleep (new “children’s” book for parents with a sense of humor)



When it comes to parenting – what type of parent do you consider yourself? Are you a “go with the flow” type of parent, or the type of parent who goes above and beyond to make sure your child is well rounded and headed for a bright future.

There are many different parenting styles, all of which has their own unique “pros and cons.” There is no one style that is better than another.

As a parent, I just try and do my best and encourage my children to be true to themselves and to succeed in life. I’m far from a perfect parent, but then again, there is no such thing as a perfect parent.

I work with children from grades 1st – 7th. I have seen and many different types of parenting from parents who simply don’t “give a hoot” about their children as far as school is concerned, to extreme parents. One child in my care doesn’t have time to be a child. Her parents make her attend another school-like program after school (complete with MORE homework) as well as dance lessons, music lessons, golf lessons, tennis lessons and several other things. Don’t get me wrong – she’s a smart little girl (she’s in 4th grade and can easily do 6th grade work), I just see how stressed out she is and how she doesn’t have a moment to simply be a kid.

We knew another parents like that. He INSISTED his son become a doctor like he is. He even dragged his son around to Ivy League schools for campus visits when he was in middle school. These days his son attends community college and would rather skate around town on a skateboard than think about being a doctor. His father pushed him to far and he rebelled.

There is a funny book now available that pokes fun at those extreme parents (but in a fun way). It’s called The Rabbit Who Wants To Go To Harvard. It’s written by Dian Holquist for Dial Books.

Are you concerned that your four-year-old is not taking Pre-K seriously? Is your child napping when he could instead be cramming for his SAT? Have you heard about the new hypnotize-your-kid-to-sleep book and thought, SLACKER? Join parents all over the world who have embraced this groundbreaking book as their new nightly routine.

In this uproariously funny parody, Ronald and Mommy Rabbit get help from Adderall Aardvark, Kollege Koach Kitty, and Admission Officer Owl, who know just how to help children stop their incessant sleeping and other quaint relics of youth for a much worthier goal: the Ivy League.

Make your dreams your child’s dreams today!

This hilarious picture-book parody satirizes helicopter parents and our culture’s extreme focus on childhood achievement. What a gift to recommend for moms and dads with a sense of humor!

This is a cute book filled with adorable illustrations. It’s meant to be funny. It’s not putting down any type of parenting.

“Any truly successful parent knows that there’s no time to rest: the prep school toddler down the street has already invented a new computer language! This book is guaranteed to get your kids on the right track. Now.”–Harvard Dad, class of 2031

“Makes controlling your kid child’s play—or, you know, the opposite!”–Harvard Mom, class of 2032

Look for this book where ever books are sold.

Check out the cute trailer for the book (below).



*I received a free copy to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Check out what is new from Kohl’s Cares


Previous Koh's Cares book/plush offering.

Previous Koh’s Cares book/plush offering.

If you read my blog on a regular basis you have probably read a post (or two!) about the Kohl’s Cares program. I am a HUGE fan of Kohl’s Cares and I LOVE the products they offer.

If you are unfamiliar with Kohl’s Cares, it’s a special collection of products that Kohl’s sells year round to help raise funds for children’s health initiatives nationwide. Kohl’s gives 100% of the proceeds from these products to charity.

The Kohl’s Cares collection of products change every few months. Each product is only $5.00.

I was an avid reader growing up. I loved reading so much that I saved many of my favorite books from my childhood and passed them on to my children. Now that my kid are grown, I put all my books – as well as their favorite childhood books – in storage, awaiting the day that I can read these books to my grandchildren (and Lord willing, great-grandchildren).

Previously offered Kohl's Cares books.

Previously offered Kohl’s Cares books.

What I love about the Kohl’s Cares collection is that they usually offer a book/plush combo. They often carry beloved children’s book as well as a plush toy from the book. Each are sold separately ($5 each). As a “set” ($10) they make a WONDERFUL gift. What child wouldn’t want to snuggle with a cuddly plush animal while reading (or being read to) a delightful story book.

If you have a child who is invited to birthday parties often, or plenty of nieces and nephew, I would recommend stocking up on the book/plush “sets” so that you have great gifts at a moments notice. Not only that, you are helping to raise fund for children’s charities. It’ a win-win situation.

Kohl’s Cares doesn’t only sell children’s books and plush toys – the have products for grown ups as well.

The Kohl’s Cares collection changes every few months. I keep Kohls.com bookmarked on my computer and check the site once a week to see if there are new product available. You can also check them out at you local Kohl’s store. The Kohl’s Cares products are usually found new the cash registers.


Currently the Kohl’s Cares collection features award winning children’s books from renowned author/illustrator Leo Lionni. Lionni wrote and illustrated one of my favorite books from my childhood – Frederick. It’s a story about an adorable little gray mouse. Now I need to find a little red flower to put in his hand/paw.

When I found out that Kohl’s Cares was offering not only the book Frederick, but also a matching plush toy, I knew I had to have the set. In fact, I tend to buy all the book/plush combos whenever possible. I like decorating our bookcase with them. Because Kohl’s Cares offers new products ever few months, I get to change the book/plush combo often. Then I just rotate them throughout the year.

One set I keep out all the time – Put Me in the Zoo. I love the plush. He’s so soft!


The products are only available for a limited time and once they are sold out they are gone. That is why I am quick to purchase them.

Kohl’s Cares has always been kind enough to send me free samples to review whenever new products come out (THANK YOU KOHL’S CARES!). Then I purchase all the additional products on my own with my own money.

The book is wonderful and the plush is SO SOFT and cuddly!

The book is wonderful and the plush is SO SOFT and cuddly!

The books are hardcover books with dust jackets. If you go to any bookstore you’ll end up paying MORE than $5 for the same book.

The plush animals are also a high quality. I have many of them and they are made exceptionally well. Some might think a $5 plush toy would be made poorly. That is not the case at all. They are made very well.

Here are the items currently available through the Kohl’s Cares program.

Kohl's Cares Collection

  • Frederick book and mouse soft toy
  • A Color of His Own book and chameleon soft toy
  • It’s Mine! Book and frog soft toy
  • Cornelius book and crocodile soft toy
  • Swimmy book
  • Tote bag
  • 101 Kids Activities book

I was sent A Color of His Own, chameleon plush toy, It’s Mine! book and plush frog, tote bag and 101 Kids Activities book. I purchased the book Frederick and plush, as well as Cornelius book and plush on my own.

I work with children from 1st – 7th grade. The 101 Kids Activities book is awesome! It’s filled with great ideas that I can easily utilize with the children that I work with. Most of the activities use products that are found around most homes and/or classrooms. It’s a great book to have on hand for a cold, winter day or rainy days.

Too Cute!

Too Cute!

I cannot say enough about the plush toys. I love them! They are absolutely adorable! I’m a big kid at heart and I adore these sweet plush toys.

Sometimes I donate the products where I work. Other times I keep them for myself because they are just too cute to part with.

If you would like to check out the Kohl’s Cares collection visit Kohls.com and search for Kohl’s Cares. Or you can just go straight to this page. You can also find the products at your neighborhood Kohl’s store.

Some of my Kohl's Cares book/plush sets on display on one of our bookcases (we have several bookcases). The Eric Carle book/plush is NOT a Kohl's Cares product.

Some of my Kohl’s Cares book/plush sets on display on one of our bookcases (we have several bookcases). The Eric Carle book/plush is NOT a Kohl’s Cares product.

Remember – each item is only $5, and 100% of the sale of these items go to children’s charities.

Are you a fan of Kohl’s Cares? Have you purchased any of their products before?

If you would like to read my review on other Koh’s Cares products simply type in “Kohl’s Cares” in the search box hear on my site.

These specific products will be available through early April, or until supplies last.



*I received some free products to review. Additional products I purchased on my own with my own money. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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‘Shimmer and Shine’ make their DVD debut TODAY – February 2, 2016!


Shimmer and Shine

Attention Shimmer and Shine fans! You’ll be happy to know that the twin sisters are making their DVD debut, thanks to Nickelodeon Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Media Distribution. The new DVD is available TODAY where ever DVDs are sold.

Nickelodeon’s (mis)adventurous and magical twin sisters come to DVD on Shimmer and Shine. In its standalone DVD debut, fans can join Shimmer, Shine, Leah and her friend Zac in the magical worlds of genies, dinosaurs and more. Despite any obstacles, the power of teamwork and friendship help to make their adventures turn out great! In addition to over 2 ½ hours of magical content, this DVD comes with a set of four hair ties as a fun gift with purchase!

About Shimmer and Shine:

Twin sisters Shimmer and Shine are Leah’s secret genies-in-training! Leah always has some dilemma that she needs her magical friends’ help with, and the genies are happy to grant her three wishes a day.  As genies-in-training, they sometimes misinterpret what Leah wishes for, and often times they’ll accidentally grant her wishes she didn’t even mean to make. Each wrong wish quickly compounds into a crazy adventure. Ultimately, through teamwork, the genies and Leah find a way to fix the problem without the use of wishes.

Shimmer and Shine airs on Nickelodeon, weekdays at 11:30am ET/PT.

Shimmer and Shine includes the following episodes:

Genie Treehouse – Leah and Zac try building a treehouse but find themselves in over their heads. Leah asks her genies for a treehouse and is thrown for a loop when Shimmer and Shine turn her house into a house of trees.

Ahoy, Genies! – When Leah’s bucket full of beach treasures floats into the vast ocean, Leah summons Shimmer and Shine to help her retrieve the loot. With the genies’ assistance, a typical day at the beach quickly escalates into a magical beach treasure hunt, complete with a treasure map, pirate ship, and a talking parrot.

The Sweetest Thing – When Leah wishes for help making cupcakes for her school bake sale, she and the genies find themselves stuck with a giant birthday cake, some farm animals and a river of cupcake batter. How in the world will Leah finish her cupcakes without any wishes left, or worse, explain all this craziness to her curious (and hungry) neighbor Zac?

Lights! Camera! Genies! – When it looks like Movie Night will be a no-go, Leah asks Shimmer and Shine for some movie magic help. But when they accidentally wish the movie to life, they turn Leah into a medieval princess with a flying dragon to tame in her own backyard.

What a Pig Mess – When Leah’s party food accidentally gets run over by Zac in his battery-operated car, Leah needs to figure out what else to bring fast. Leah asks her genies for more Pigs in a Blanket, but the genies give her real pigs wrapped in a blanket. It’s up to Leah and the girls to catch the fast little pigs and find a way to fix this hog-sized mistake.

Abraca-Genie – Leah notices Zac the Magician’s magic tricks aren’t going quite so well, so she calls on her genies for some real magic assistance. But Shimmer and Shine aren’t getting the tricks right either and suddenly more than a rabbit pops out of Zac’s hat – a whole zoo of animals. The girls have to find a way to fix the magical mess before Zac’s big performance.

Dino Mite! – After searching endlessly for Zac’s missing dinosaur toy, Leah asks her genies to wish up a replacement and gets stuck with a real live Apatosaurus. Now Leah, Shimmer and Shine have to figure out a way to fix this behemoth mistake before Zac finds out – and it all starts with a little bit of dino training.

The DVD run time is 156 minutes.

Do you have a young family member that is a fan of the series?

This would make a great gift for a Shimmer and Shine fan.



*I received a free copy in exchange for my participation. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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FREE Valentine’s Day “Writing Guide for Kids”



Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Most people consider it a holiday for lovers. Some people, like myself, use this holiday to let those who are special to you know how very much that you love them. It’s not just about spouses or couples – family members can use this day to celebrate their love for one another.

I still remember back when I was a kid – Valentine’s Day was a special day at school. Leading up to the holiday we would craft special mailboxes out of cardboard boxes. On Valentine’s Day we would go around the classroom and deposit cards for our classmates in the boxes. I loved coming home with dozens of cards from my friends and classmates.

Fast forward to today. Many kids don’t even hand out traditional Valentine’s Day cards anymore. Instead they hand out pre-made cards or candy with “Happy Valentine’s Day” printed on them.

This is why writing is a dying art form. No one writes anymore. People text or email one another.

When was the last time you hand wrote a note or letter to someone?

It’s up to us, parents and grandparents, to make sure that your children/grandchildren don’t forget about how to write.

Life Stages – which makes sharing life’s special moments more fun and rewarding, all while providing insights, information, and inspiration to help your family plan for the future – is giving away a FREE download.


Life Stages is giving away a FREE Valentine’s Day “Writing Guide for Kids.” The guide includes activities to help your child/grandchild to get into writing including sentence starters, writing prompts and family card templates. It’s both fun and educational at the same time.

I downloaded the guide. I really like it. I especially like how it encourages children to write Valentine’s “love” letters to family members. If my kids were younger I would certainly use the guide to encourage them to write letters of love for their grandparents.

Click on this link to download the Valentine’s Day “Writing Guide for Kids.” They don’t collect any personal information. They just need your name and email address to send the guide download to.

In addition to the FREE guide, Life Stages is hosting another photo contest this month. This month’s theme is appropriately called “Love is in the Air.”

Entering is easy. Simply upload a picture of your child/grandchild showcasing their love for a friend or family member, pet, or favorite item and include a caption for “My child shows their love by…

Our son giving our cat Velcro a hug. Our on is now 16 and our cat is 14+ years old. Time sure does fly...

Our son giving our cat Velcro a hug. Our on is now 16 and our cat is 14+ years old. Time sure does fly…

You’ll need to upload the photo on the contest site (Life Stages Facebook page). Once the photo is upload encourage your family and friends to vote.

That’s it! That’s how easy it is to enter. You are also welcome to enter as many photos as you’d like.

The contest ends on February 29, 2016 at 11:59 PM (EST).

There will be a total of three (3) cash prize winners, each receiving $100.

I hope you’ll take advantage of the FREE activity guide as well as the fun photo contest.

For more information about Life Stages visit Life-Stages.org.



*I have partnered with Life Stages to bring you this information. Although compensated the opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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How safe is your child/grandchild’s car seat? Important information you need to know


Driving the car

My “baby” getting ready to drive off in my car.


My teenage son recently started to drive. I can’t believe my “baby” can drive a car. It seems like only yesterday I was strapping him into a car seat to bring him home from the hospital. Sigh… time flies too quickly.

Even though both of my kids are teenagers, I still worry about how safe they are in the car. They know to wear their seat belts, but as a mom, I worry that it’s not enough. I wish I could strap them in car seats again to keep them protected.

Car seats have come a long way since my kids were little. They appear to be a lot more safer and better at protecting children in the event of a car accident. I’m in awe of how well today’s car seats are made.

With this being the winter season where roads can become dangerous quickly due to snow and ice, it’s more important than ever to make sure your child/grandchild is properly protected.

Babies “R” Us recently partnered with the brand Evenflo to bring to consumers the first car seat tested to withstand rollovers.

Here are some frightening statistics all parents, grandparents and childcare givers should be aware of. 

Rollovers have a higher fatality rate than other kinds of crashes. 

Of the nearly 9.1 million passenger car, SUV, pickup and van crashes in 2010, only 2.1% involved a rollover. 

Rollovers accounted for nearly 35% of all fatalities from passenger vehicle crashes in 2010.

These statistics are from Vehicle Crash Statistics at Safecar.gov.

I never knew that about rollovers. That is pretty scary!

Mother Putting Baby Into Car Seat

Both Evenflo and Babies “R” Us are advocates for child safety. That is why they came together to create an innovative car seat which was designed to protect a child in the event of a rollover. It’s called the SafeMax All-in-One Car Seat, and it’s now available at Babies“R”Us stores nationwide and online at com.

The SafeMax All-in-One Car Seat is unlike other car seats on the market.

  • Designed and tested for structural integrity at energy levels approximately twice the federal crash test standard, the SafeMax™ All-in-One is the first car seat that has been dynamically rollover tested.
  • Evenflo is once again leading the industry with the development of a dynamic ROLLOVER TEST.
  • The SafeMax™ All-in-One Car Seat is appropriate for infants and children from 5 to 120 lbs or up to 57 inches in height, in three positions – rear facing, forward facing and booster seating.

In addition to rollover testing, the SafeMax™ All-in-One Car Seat features an integrated steel frame to provide strength in absorbing crash forces and harness webbing to help limit head excursion and prevent ejection, as well as the following securities:

  • SafeZone Headrest: A combination of premium materials designed to absorb and dissipate crash forces, providing advanced protection where your child needs it most. 
  • ParentLink® PREMIER Service: Provides owners access to expert advice, including live video installation service with a certified car seat technician. [FYI – this is VERY cool! You can video chat with a safety expert to ensure your car seat is PROPERLY INSTALLED in your vehicle, and ask questions about the proper fit for your child!]
  • e3 Side Impact Protection: Significantly reduces side impact crash forces up to 50% through an expanded zone of protection and three layers of superior protection.
  • OUTLAST® Performance Fabric: Exclusive to Babies“R”Us, this fabric balances a child’s body temperature for a safer, more peaceful ride.

Evenflo SafeMax All-in-One Car Seat - Side

This is like the “Cadillac” of car seats, that is for sure. If my kids were younger I would certainly look into this car seat for the both of them.

Proper Installation is a MUST. I have seen friend’s who have their children’s car seats installed incorrectly. When it comes to a child safety I will comment on it. I would never want a friend’s child to be in danger.

It’s important – for your child’s safety – that the car seat be installed the correct way. You cannot cut corners or “guess.” That is why I like that the SafeMax™ All-in-One Car Seat gives you access to safety experts. I wish more car seat companies would do something like that.

When in doubt you should take your child’s car seat to a safety inspection center near you. To find a location visit  http://www.safercar.gov/cpsApp/cps/index.htm to find a car seat inspection station near you.

The SafeMax™ All-in-One Car Seat is available at Babies “R” Us.

Speaking of Babies “R” Us, they are hosting the “Great Trade-In” event at both Babies “R” Us and Toys “R” Us stores nationwide. This safety event helps consumers to rid their homes of potentially unsafe, old and secondhand baby gear and furniture, which is not up to the latest safety standards and exchange them for savings on new items.

The event will take place starting Monday, February 1st and continue through Monday, February 29th.

Rewards“R”Us loyalty members can take advantage of early access beginning Friday, January 29 through Sunday, January 31 by showing their Rewards“R”Us loyalty card during checkout. You can sign up to be a rewards member FREE at any Babies “R” Us or Toys “R” Us store.


Our daughter in her crib that we later used for our son. The crib is almost 19 years old and we still have it in the basement. Time to get rid of it.

Acceptable items include:

  • Any used cribs
  • car seats
  • bassinets
  • strollers
  • high chairs
  • infant swings
  • bouncers
  • travel systems
  • walkers
  • entertainers
  • play yards
  • toddler/twin beds

I think this is a wonderful service for the community.I applaud the Babies “R” Us and Toys “R” Us brand for doing this.

When you bring in one of the above mentioned items to trade in, these are your savings opportunities.

  • 25% savings with trade-in of a used gear or furniture item
  • 30% discount when using an “R”Us Credit Card

No trade-in? No problem! 15% off with an in-store and online coupon available on Babiesrus.com/GreatTradeIn starting February 1, 2016.

Best of all there are no  limits to the number of items a customer can trade in.

The brands participating in this national safety event include Baby Trend®, Britax®, Chicco®, Evenflo®, Graco®, Safety 1st®, Sorelle and more.

After you have taken advantage of the Great Trade-In Event I hope you will share your experience (and maybe even photos) on social media using the hastag #BRUGreatTradeIn. Also, feel free to share information about the event on social media (Facebook, Twitter Instagram…) as well as with family, friends neighbors and co-workers.

If you would like more information about this event, please visit Babiesrus.com/GreatTradeIn.

To find a Babies “R” Us location near you visit BabiesRUs.com.

To find a Toys “R” Us location near you visit ToysRUs.com.

Both brands can also be found on social media.

What do you think about the SafeMax All-in-One Car Seat?

If your child/grandchild’s car seat properly installed? Are you 100% sure it is?

Are you going to participate in the Great Trade-In Event? Why or why not?



*I have partnered with Babies “R” Us to bring you this information. Although compensated the opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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7 Tips for Parents to Help Kids Improve Oral Health Habits



Good habits are formed at an early age. But when it comes to the oral health of children, some parents don’t take it seriously.

Dr. Susan Maples DDS, a top eight innovator in U.S. dentistry and author of Blabber Mouth: 77 Secrets Only Your Mouth Can Tell You To Live a Healthier, Happier, Sexier Life, says, “There is a direct connection between oral health and systemic health.  Children must take care of their teeth and gums not just for the oral health benefits, but to keep the rest of their bodies healthy as well.”

Dr. Maples’ tips:  

Layoff the fruit juice: Parents often think fruit juice is a healthy choice for a drink. Juice is loaded with sugar which feeds cavity bags. When consumed regularly, it can predispose children to type 2 diabetes.  Water is the best option for beverages. Drink less fruit juice and eat more fruit.

Only use soft bristle toothbrushes: When it comes to how hard the bristles of the toothbrush should be, the only choice is not hard at all.  Make sure you always choose soft bristles to avoid traumatizing your gums. Scrubbing with a medium or hard bristle brush can make the gums recede from the teeth and it’s irreversible except through surgery.

Parents need to supervise brushing and flossing: Letting children take care of their own teeth without being shown the proper techniques can be disastrous. Just as you would help your children tie their shoes, help them brush and floss. Kids need supervision to safely and effectively remove plaque until they prove they know what they’re doing.  Make sure they’re getting those hard to reach spots in the back of the mouth.

Don’t avoid or neglect preventive dental visits: Cavities between teeth can only be detected with x-rays.  Your children need to see the dentist twice a year.  Make appointments at times you’ll remember like on their birthday, at the beginning of the new year or at the start of the school year.

Teeth and toothbrush

Cavities in children need to be treated: Some parents think that cavities in baby teeth can be ignored because these teeth will fall out eventually.  You can’t ignore cavities even in baby teeth. They must be treated or they can create dangerous infections and abscesses.

Some bleeding is expected: Blood isn’t always the sign of something bad.  If your child’s gums bleed when they brush or floss, don’t stop their routine. Bleeding is a natural response when you clean inflamed gums and isn’t from brushing or flossing too hard. Keep at it to reduce the bacteria and avoid periodontal disease.  The bleeding will subside as the bacteria load is cleaned up.  If bleeding persists, see your dentist.

Fluoride is a must: Fluoride promotes healthy and strong teeth for a lifetime. Both fluoride in the water supply (or a prescription supplement) and topical fluoride in the dental office and in toothpaste are critically important to help avoid cavities.  Make sure and use an age appropriate toothpaste because until a child can spit, he shouldn’t chance swallowing fluoride.

Do you have any tips that you would like to share? Feel free to leave them in the comment section of this post.



*I was not compensated for this post. I posted this for the benefit of my site readers. Any opinions expressed are that of the author’s and don’t necessarily reflect my own.

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