Important Tips for Safe Sledding


My daughter playing with some snow (photo taken years ago)

My daughter playing with some snow (photo taken years ago)

The Northeast lucked out and missed being hit by a blizzard of historical proportions. Some areas of the Northeast were not as fortune, but most of the area lucked out and were spared being buried by 2+ feet of snow.

Most schools in our area are closed today. Since we were expected “snowmageddon” to hit us most schools and many businesses were closed to protect their safety.

Since most kids are home from school today they are looking for something fun to to do such as build snowmen, have snowball flights and of course go sledding.

I used to love to go sledding with my cousins during the winter. We had wooden Flexible Fliers. They were awesome! I miss them. I’ts on my “Bucket List” to get another one, just for sentimental reasons.

Back then we didn’t use our heads. We would slide down the hill in front of one of our neighbor’s homes and slide across the street to the other side of the road. It wasn’t a busy street at all, plus it as a dead end. None the less that was not very smart of us to do that. In hindsight I realize how lucky we were. As a mom I would never let my kids do that.

Over the years we’ve had fatalities as a result of sledding accidents. Just a few years ago a young girl was sledding in a local golf course and hit a tree and died on impact. Several years earlier a young boy slide across a parking lot and fell off his sled and hit his head. He was airlifted tot he hospital where he later died from his injuries.

Sledding is A LOT of fun and its a great activity to do during the winter months. Sledding can also result in serious injuries and fatalities.

My daughter sledding (photo taken years ago)

My daughter sledding (photo taken years ago)

Here is a great article and tips from Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital at Westchester Medical Center here in New York. It’s a fantastic facility. Our son was at the Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital for the first 33 days of his life in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). There is even a movie based on this children’s hospital and how it came to be called Louder Than Words.

If you have a child or grandchild, or have any children or teens in your life, I would recommend taking heed to these important sledding safety tips.

Sledding is a fun wintertime activity for families, however those exhilarating slides down neighborhood hills send more than 20,000 children to emergency rooms each year, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics*. With winter in full swing, Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital at Westchester Medical Center – the children’s hospital for the Hudson Valley and Fairfield County- is reminding parents, caregivers and snow-goers of all ages that sledding injuries are preventable, if the right steps are taken.

“During a typical winter season, our pediatric emergency department cares for dozens of children injured while sledding, snow tubing and tobogganing,” explained Darshan Patel, M.D., Chief, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital at Westchester Medical Center. “These injuries range from severe bruises and broken bones to facial injuries, fractured skulls and brain trauma.”

“Once sleds and snow tubes start moving down a hill they pick up speed very quickly and can be very hard for a child control. As a result, children sustain injuries when their sleds strike trees, fences and other sledders,” remarked Geralyn Flaherty, R.N. Assistant Nurse Manager of the Westchester Medical Center Emergency Department. “Often, the severity of the injury is compounded by the weight of a parent riding on the sled with the child. “The common thread among all of these injuries? They’re preventable,” expressed Flaherty.

Originally offered by the American Academy of Pediatrics, Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital at Westchester Medical Center shares the following tips for safe sledding:

  • Keep sledders away from motor vehicles.
  • Children should be supervised while sledding.
  • Keep young children separated from older children.
  • Sledding feet first or sitting up, instead of lying down head-first, may prevent head injuries.
  • Consider having your child wear a helmet while sledding.
  • Use steerable sleds, not snow disks or inner tubes. Avoid sledding in crowded areas.
  • Sleds should be structurally sound and free of sharp edges and splinters, and the steering mechanism should be well lubricated.
  • Sled slopes should be free of obstructions like trees or fences, be covered in snow not ice, not be too steep (slope of less than 30º), and end with a flat runoff.

Following these and other safety measures will help ensure a memorable family experience on the snow. “Families should end their sledding day with warm blankets and cups of hot chocolate, not a visit to our Pediatric Emergency Department,” concluded Dr. Patel.

Safe Sledding

Graphic.Safe Sledding

They even prepared a great infographic with more important information. To view it please click on the text link below the image.

Sledding is A LOT of fun, and it’s a great family activity. It can also be a good way to sneak some exercise in too (walking up the hills is a good workout). Just use common sense to avoid injuries – or worse.

As a parent I love the idea of using a helmet. My kids are teens and haven’t gone sledding in years. If they were still children I would make them wear helmets. That makes perfect sense.

Have fun and stay safe!

My kids having a snow "fight" using shovels full of snow (photo taken years ago).

My kids having a snow “fight” using shovels full of snow (photo taken years ago).


*I was not compensated for this post. I posted with permission for the benefit of my site readers. 

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Check out what is new from Kohl’s Cares



If you read my blog on a regular basis you might recall how much I adore the wonderful products that are offered as part of the Kohl’s Cares program.

Often Kohl’s Cares offers consumers fun and popular books along with beautifully made plush animals that go along with the book (each sold separately). They also offer cute toys and things for grown ups too.

In the past have purchased (or have been given) book from Dr. Suess and Disney. Some I have kept for my own collection, others I have donated to the classroom where I work. The same applies to the plush animals. Some I have kept and others I have donated to our classroom.

Here are some examples.







The “Put Me In The Zoo” and “RIO 2″ plush and book are mine that I keep on my bookshelf along with a Dr. Suess book and plush from Kohl’s Cares and another plush/book set.

Children love the snugly plush animals and the books are very popular with children because they are titles (or characters) that they are familiar with.

Kohl’s Cares has new products available. This time they are books and plush based on Disney * Pixar films such as Up, Cars and Toy Story.

Kohl’s Cares sent me a wonderful surprise recently. It contained a Cars book and plush (Lightening McQueen) and a Toy Story book and plus (Rex). If you follow me on Instagram (SheScribes) you probably saw the pictures of them that I uploaded.



Kohl’s Cares also has products for “grown ups” too (personally I enjoy the children’s books and plush the best), as well as toys such as puzzles and activity books. I have some awesome cookbooks I’ve purchased from Kohl’s Cares.

Kohl’s Cares also sent me a activity book with a dry erase marker based on characters/movies from Disney * Pixar films. I donated it to our classroom, however I took the dry erase marker. We’ll hold on to that for the older kids (little ones and dry erase markers don’t got well together – ha ha).


The great thing about Kohl’s Cares products is that each one is only $5.00. Where else can you get a quality made plush for only $5.00? Even the books cost more than $5.00 in most books stores. For $10.00 you could give a child a lovely gifts of a beautiful book and an adorable plush.

If your child attends a lot of birthday parties it would be a great idea to stock up on Kohl’s Cares items. They are only $5.00 each and they look like you spent a lot more. Plus you can give book/plush sets ($10 in total) and it would make for a beautiful gift for a child. Not only do they get a new plush friend they also get a book to read, and as you know, encouraging a child to read is very important.

I just purchase the book “UP” and the plush Dug for my personal collection.


Some sets I love to keep for my family. Others I like to donate to our classroom.

In addition to the wonderful products Kohl’s Cares offers, proceeds from the sales of these products goes towards children’s charities. Kohl’s Cares donates 100% of the net profit to Kohl’s Cares charities that support kid’s health and education programs nationwide. Since 2000 Kohl’s Cares has raised and impressive $257 million dollars. Talk about a “win-win” situation. You get wonderful products and the proceeds goes towards children’s charities.

You can find Kohl’s Cares products around the check out aisles in Kohl’s stores, as well as online (do a search for Kohl’s Cares). Kohl’s Cares products sell out quickly, so if there is something you have your eye on don’t wait too long. In addition Kohl’s Cares offers new products several times a year.

For more information or to find a Kohl’s location near you visit www.Kohls.com. You can also find Kohl’s on the various social media sites (all the links are found on the bottom of their website).

Do you have any Kohl’s Cares products? I know they have been around for a while. I’ve seen some wonderful products I wish I had known about because I would have purchased them.

Kohl's Logo


*I received free product samples. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Personalize your “stuff” with Label Land (giveaway ends 2/1/15)


Label Land products

As a mom I like to keep my home clean and organized. My teenagers don’t necessarily feel the same way.

I admit that my work desk is “organized chaos,” bu the rest of my home tends to be tidy and organized. I like things to have their own place in our home. If I find something out of place it actually bothers me – A LOT. If I see a DVD in our bookcase placed back the wrong way it actually causes me anxiety until I put it back the right way. :-)

I often joke with my husband that I need to label everything. That way I know my family knows where specific things go.

Take for example our bathroom closet. There is a bin of my stuff, my daughter’s stuff, first aid, and surplus stuff (to name a few). Sometimes my husband just tosses things into any old bin he sees in the closet, which totally messes up the order of things. I really want to label them so that everyone knows what goes where.

Labels are a great way to keep thing organized. They are also great at letting people know it’s your stuff.

If you have younger children or grandchildren in school you know how easy it is that their stuff gets taken by other students because they don’t know who it truly belongs to.

When our son was in Kindergarten I would get notes home from his teacher about how he had a hard time using scissors and how we needed to work with him on that skill at home. At home he cut  with scissors just fine. I had no idea what the teacher was talking about. It turns out she took all the student’s scissors (which we had to purchase as part of the student’s school supply list) and put them in a basket so they could all use them. Our son is left handed and we had to purchase him special scissors for left handed children. Because his scissors were mixed in with the rest of the classroom scissors he ended up with scissors for right handed people all the time. That is why he couldn’t cut well.

From that point on I made sure that ALL of his things were labeled (as well as our daughter’s stuff) and insisted that the teacher make sure he ALWAYS had HIS scissors at school.

Labels are a “must have” if you have children. They are great for labeling their school supplies so that there is never a question of who is the rightful owner of an item. It’s also a great way to identify your child’s stuff should they lose something. This would apply at summer camp too.

Label Land Logo

If you are looking for labels you should check out Label Land. Label Land is your one stop shop for all kinds of labels including waterproof labels, shoe labels, clothing labels and bag tags.

I checked out Label Land. I really like the assortment of available labels. I especially like their assortment packs where you get several different kinds of labels in one set.

Take for example the Label Land School/Camp pack. It comes with the following labels;

  • 100 Iron on labels (white label with black text) – A must have for backpacks, jackets, swim suits and gym clothes.
  • 30 Medium waterproof labels – Perfect for water bottles, toothbrushes and food containers (they are 100% waterproof and dishwasher safe).
  • 3 Bag Tags – Great for backpacks and luggage.
  • 14 Shoe labels – Ideal for all kinds of shoes.

I wish I had these labels years ago. There were a few times my kids lost their jackets and backpacks at school. A personalized label purchase is much cheaper than replacing a jacket or backpack.

Label Land lets consumers pick out the design they want for their labels – from cute graphics to plain, solid colors – the personalize them for each child. They have girl, boy and unisex designs as well as cute designs for little kids and solid colors an camouflage for older kids.


They even give you the option to see what your labels will look like (you just have to image your name/personalization on them).



Label Land even has labels for adults which would be wonderful for elderly people who live in nursing homes to help protect their stuff.

If you would like to check out Label Land for yourself visit Label-Land.com. You can also check out Label Land on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Links to their social media sites are found on the right side of their home page.

Label Land would like to give a lucky reader one of their school/camp sets ($42.99 value). Thank you Label Land.

This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only and will end on February 1, 2015 at 11:59 PM (EST). The winner will be chosen at random using a random number generator from all eligible entries. The winner will be notified via e-mail and will have three days to reply or a new winner will be chosen in their place.

To enter please comment on this post and tell me why you would like to win these labels from Label Land?

For extra entries you can use the Rafflecopter widget (below) but you must complete the initial entry requirement or the additional entries wont’ qualify (I do check). Extra entries are optional.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


*I was not compensated for this post. I posted this for the enjoyment of my site readers. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. Label Land will be providing the prize. 


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An awesome solution to an ugly problem


Baby Gate

If you own a home with a pet, or an infant, chances are you have this product in your home. It’s a popular safety item. If you don’t own one, and have stairs, you should really consider getting one. It’s a pet/baby gate.

I remember when we had gates up in our home. We had one to block the sliding glass door so we could let fresh air in but keep our kids from going out. We also had one to block the kids from getting into the kitchen and one to keep them in their room when I had to cook so I didn’t have to worry about them. We also used the same gates to keep our dog confined to the kitchen and hallway area when we were not at home or at night so as not to have a bunch of “accidents” all over our carpet.

That was many years ago. My kids are teenagers now and our dog will be 8 years old this year. Needless to say it’s been a while since gates were needed.

Let’s face it, safety gates are not exactly nice to look at. If anything they are more of an “eye sore.” Regardless they are a must have safety product if you have young children and/or if you have pets you need to confine to a specific area.

If you have stairs you MUST have a safety gate in your home. You don’t want your child or grandchild to fall down the stairs. That could have some serious repercussions.

If you are like me you don’t really want to have those ugly gates all over your home.

Baby Gate

A mom inventor came up with a great idea that will not only keep your children and pets safe, but also deal with the issue of gates being an “eye sore” in your home.

A mom named Janelle wanted something that could keep her two children from going on the stairs, as well as keep her dogs from going up/down the stairs too. She was tired of the typical safety gates that are available on the market. She wanted something more appealing that would add to her home’s décor, or at a minimum not detract from it. She also wanted something that wouldn’t require drilling and wasn’t permanent so it could easily be removed when not needed or not in use. That is when she came up with the idea of The Stair Barrier.

You can read more of her story on the “About Us” page.

There are plenty of safety gates on the market, but not many specifically designed for the bottom of the stairs. Not only that it’s not always easy to get gates to work with the various types of banister designs.

To solve this problem some people have created their own barriers out of items from around their home. Not only is that an inconvenience to do, and un-do, it’s also not truly effective.

The Stair Barrier was specifically designed to go from banister to banister. It’s a safe and non-permanent way to keep your child and/or pet off the stairs. In addition, Stair Barrier is available in different designs. Future products looking to launch later on this year include collegiate designs, different color options, additional fabric options and even personalization. They are also planning on added a banister to wall Stair Barrier.


The regular banister to banister collection is designed to fit stair way openings from 36″ to 42″ in width. The basic design is available in two different options – pet or home. There are also seven different personalization options. You can even choose your fabric and color to suit your home’s décor.

There is also a “wide” collection for stairs measuring 42″ – 52″ in width.

The Stair Barrier is also handcrafted in the United States.

Here are a few examples of the Stair Barrier.




When the Stair Barrier is not needed you can easily undo it and put it to the side without having to find a place to store it or anything else that might be inconvenient. Living in a tiny condo it was impossible to hide the gates when we didn’t need them. We’d have to stuff them behind larger furniture (like the couch) to get them out of the way.

The Stair Barrier just rolls up to the side so that you can use your stairs when you need them. Plus it’s easy to remove and lightweight so you can take it with you where ever you go. For example, if your child or pet is going to spend the night at grandma’s house and she has stairs you can quickly and easily remove the Stair Barrier from your stairs, roll it up, tote it to grandma’s (it’s lightweight!) and quickly set it up on her stairs.



As a parent, pet owner and home owner I can certainly appreciate the value of the Stair Barrier. We don’t have stairs in our condo (we have them out in the hallway in the common area) but if we did putting up a gate or barrier on top of and at the bottom of the stairs would be a must. Not only for safety reasons but also because I’d like to keep the pets from going into our bedroom when not at home (if that was the case).

I really like this idea. I love that you can easily attach it without making it permanent and I love that you can personalize it. I’m curious to see what new colors and designs they’ll have available later on this year.

If you would like more information about the Stair Barrier please visit TheStairBarrier.com. You can also check them out on the various social media sites like Facebook and Twitter (other social media links found at the top right of the company’s home page).

What do you think about the Stair Barrier? Do you think it’s a “must have” product in your home? Do you use gates to prevent children and/or pets from getting up or down the stairs?

Feel free to share your thoughts. I always love to hear from my readers.



*I have partnered with the Stair Barrier to bring you this information. Although compensated the opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Mentholatum® Nighttime Vaporizing Rub – Not your grandma’s chest rub


Sick child

I some how missed out on the strongly scented eucalyptus rub that many people used back in the day when they were suffering from colds and cough. Not my husband. He uses it all the time. He still does. Every time he starts to get cold or cough symptoms he slathers the stuff on his chest. Sometimes the scent is so overwhelming that it’s hard for me to sleep at night. I feel as though it’s burning my nose – and I’m not the one using it. It does help, I will admit that, but the scent is very strong.

When my kids were little my husband had them use the chest rub too. They hated it. They couldn’t stand the smell.

The stuff DOES work. It’s just that the scent is overwhelming.

I like the scent of eucalyptus. I used to keep a sprig of it in a vase on the bookcase. I love the way it smells. It’s a pleasant and relaxing scent. It’s just when it’s made into a chest rub that it gets way too powerful (the scent that is).

There is a new product that is now available that offers users the same powerful relief that regular chest rubs offer – but without the super strong scent. It’s from the Mentholatum Company.

The new Mentholatum Nighttime Vaporizing Rub is the first of it’s kind. It’s specially formulated to relieve cough and cold symptoms with the added benefit of a natural remedy for relaxation and restorative sleep – lavender.

The company worked with a panel of moms and took to hear their challenges when treating their children’s coughs and congestion. They wanted a safe and effective treatment and they also wanted to avoid cough syrups and other medications that had to be taken internally.

In addition they wanted the topical formula to have a pleasant scent.

Mentholatum Chest Rub

Mentholatum tested six different formulas and fragrances and came up with Mentholatum Nighttime Vaporizing Rub with a natural lavender scent.

Chest rubs have been widely used for more than a century because they work. They are a trusted and safe topical cough and cold remedy, which American families have been using to effectively relieve coughs and muscle aches for generations.  Yet, the company’s research showed that users wanted an effective product that offered an alternative to the medicinal smell traditionally associated with a chest rub.

Lavender has been known to help promote sleep. Mentholatum Nighttime Vaporizing Rub with its soothing lavender scent gives users a pleasant, calming experience when applying a chest rub.  Additionally, its maximum strength cough relieving formula lasts up to eight hours.  A combination that is perfect for bedtime use.

“We listened to consumers to better understand how they used chest rubs and what their needs and preferences are,” said Angela Ho, Mentholatum US Marketing Director for Heritage and Pain Relief products. “Not surprisingly, we found they use a chest rub because it is effective at relieving coughs. But we also found that consumers would use chest rub more often if we can improve the scent. Parents will find their children more willing to allow them to apply a chest rub with a more pleasant scent.”

Mentholatum sent me some samples of their Mentholatum Nighttime Vaporizing Rub.

My husband uses vapor chest rubs all the time when he’s feeling congested. My kids used to but they couldn’t stand the scent.

We haven’t had the need for the chest rub – yet (winter just started… I’m sure we’ll need it in due time) – but I’ve tried the product out to see how it smells. It has a much better scent then eucalyptus/menthol based vapor rubs.

I did try a little bit on my neck and chest. My husband rubs a little by his nose. I refuse to do that. I think that makes the scent way too strong.


With the rub on my chest and neck I can clearly smell the lavender. It’s much more pleasant scent. I happen to live lavender. If my kids were younger I am sure they would have chosen this scent over the scent of the other vapor rub we’ve used in the past.

This rub seems to have a less greasy texture too. I washes/wipes off well too.

I’m tempted to try this at night to see if it helps me sleep better on nights were I find myself tossing and turning. Since the rub was not made for that purpose I have not done that.

As a mom I would choose this product over the tradition ones because I think the scent is more “child friendly”.

When we have a chance to finally try it out I’ll update this post with my thoughts.

Mentholatum Nighttime Vaporizing Rub is retailers for a suggested retail price is $6.99, and during its launch a $1 coupon will be included on each box, along with a Scratch and Sniff sticker, allowing consumers to experience the scent before purchase.

Look for

  • Walmart
  • Kroger
  • Rite Aid
  • Target
  • Meyer
  • Family Dollar
  • Albertsons
  • HyVee
  • Publix
  • Harris Teeter
  • Drugstore.com
  • Amazon.com

You can also purchase the product at the Mentholatum site.

For more information, please visit the Mentholatum website: www.MentholatumOintment.com and www.MentholatumStore.com.




*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Holiday Programming on PBS KIDS



I thought some readers might be interested in learning more about the holiday entertainment PBS KIDS has planned.

The holiday fun on PBS KIDS continues all next week up until Christmas Day!

PBS KIDS has multiple holiday specials that will air next week, starting December 17. Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas will air December 17, and again on Christmas Day. Specials from Peg + Cat, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and Thomas & Friends will all premiere on December 17 and repeat throughout the holiday season. Check your local listings for specific airtimes.


Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas – airs December 17 and 25
Join George and The Man with the Yellow Hat as they count down the days until Christmas. There’s only one puzzle: neither of them can figure out what to give the other for a present. The Man is having trouble reading George’s wish list and George doesn’t have a clue about what to get for the Man who has everything. Maybe you can help!


Peg + Cat + Holidays – one-hour special premieres December 17

The Hanukkah Problem – When Albert Einstein invites Peg and Cat over for Hanukkah, he shows them how to make a 2D piece of paper into a 3D dreidel. Later, they need to use this process to bring peace to Al’s home and save his Hanukkah.

The Christmas Problem - When Santa Claus is in trouble, Peg and Cat have to solve their biggest problem ever: how to make and wrap presents for all the children of the world, and then deliver them using 100 sleighs.

The Penguin Problem – Peg and Cat coach a team of skiing penguins, who would have a shot at the Olympic gold medal if only they knew “over,” “under,” and “in between.”


Daniel’s Winter Adventure/Neighborhood Nutcracker – premieres December 17

Daniel’s Winter Adventure – Daniel, Dad, Prince Wednesday and Prince Tuesday are all going sledding! But once they get to the hill and see how tall it is, Daniel and Prince Wednesday get scared. Dad assures them that if they try it a little bit at a time, they might surprise themselves and have a great time. Later, Daniel ice-skates for the first time. When he tries it a little bit at a time, he realizes it is not so hard.

Neighborhood Nutcracker – Daniel is going to see a show called The Nutcracker Ballet! Once he arrives at the performance, he finds out that Prince Wednesday is sick and needs Daniel to fill in for him and dance on stage. Daniel is reluctant at first, but realizes that if he learns the steps a little bit at a time, he can dance the Nutcracker and the show will go on! Strategy: If something seems hard to do, try it a little bit at a time.


Christmas Cheer – premieres December 17

Duncan The Humbug - Everyone is happy at Christmastime except Duncan, the Scottish narrow gauge engine, who seems to be grumbling even more than usual. Victor offers Duncan a new coat of paint if he can refrain from grumbling for one whole day. Duncan rises to the challenge, but it is not so easy for an engine who likes to grumble to give up a lifetime habit.

The Perfect Gift - The whole island is celebrating Christmas and there are decorations everywhere.  But it doesn’t look very Christmas-y at the scrap yard. Percy starts to worry that Reg is missing out and he tries to find something to give Reg to cheer him up. But Reg only seems happy about scrap. Percy discovers that Reg is celebrating Christmas in his own way and has been making decorations from the scrap.

Coming Home for Christmas – premieres December 18

Last Train for Christmas - It’s Christmas Eve and a lot of passengers are coming home to Sodor for the holiday. Connor can’t carry all the passengers who are trying to get on his train. He promises to come back and pick them up, but the snow keeps falling and the engines are struggling to keep the tracks clear. It becomes a race against time, and the engines have to work together to clear the tracks and get the passengers home in time for Christmas.

Long Lost Friend - Gator returns to the Island of Sodor after being away for a long time. He is looking forward to seeing his old friend Percy. When Percy hears that Gator is back, he is very excited and immediately heads off to see him. But the two engines keep missing each other. They both have doubts they’ll see each other, but finally they connect and have a wonderful reunion.



*I was not compensated for this post. I posted this for the enjoyment of site readers. 

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