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I’m a mom to two teens, but that doesn’t mean I don’t remember their toddler and childhood years. In fact I wish my kids were still children. I was so unprepared for the teen years. Not only that, my oldest is graduating from high school next month and that is making me really sad and wish even more so than ever that my kids were little again.

I work with little children, so I do get to enjoy seeing children having fun with super cool toys. Toys these days are so much different from when I was a kid. They are a lot more interactive and have more “bells and whistles” than the ones I had growing up. I think if my kids were still little I’d go poor buying all the fun new toys.

Let me introduce you to a brand that makes really fun toys. The company is called Yookidoo. Their products are available at Babies R Us stores nationwide.

Below are six of their fun toys. Stack N Spray

Stack ‘N’ Spray Tub Fountain:

Water-jet powered fun in the tub!

  • Base attaches to the bottom of the tub and draws water up through the center creating a magical fountain for bath time play.
  • As boats and characters are stacked up on the base, the water flows through each one and out the top.
  • Change the figures on top for different effects: red boat spins as it sprays, blue boat has a swiveling propeller, octopus spouts in all directions, and scuba pal sprouts hair as he squirts from his mouth.
  • Figures are shaped for interchangeable stacking or to just float around the tub, too!
  • Easy for kids to turn on and off by themselves – just press the orange peek-a-boo button.

MSRP: $29.99

Crawl N' Go

Crawl ‘N’ Go Snail

  • Musical battery-operated snail rolls along and spins his shell as he goes.
  • Head turns from side to side.
  • Perfect toy to encourage crawling.
  • The shell unscrews to become a 7-piece stacker toy with a push-squeak face in the top.
  • Push the tail to activate rolling and music.

MSRP: $29.99

Stack Flap N' Tumble

Stack Flap ‘N’ Tumble

  • Amazing, engaging fun that really stacks up!
  • Stack up 5 big, colorful pieces, then drop 3 balls down the center.
  • Hear fun sounds when they hit the bottom and come tumbling out.
  • Soft, crinkly wings flap as the balls pass through.
  • Each stacking block has a clicking or rattling activity designed to encourage exploration and hone motor skills.
  • Flower funnel face features soft petals for tactile discovery

MSRP: $24.99

Flow N' Fill

Flow ‘N’ Fill Spout

  • Automatic play spout attaches to the tub and offers many ways to play with water.
  • Water is drawn up and through the spout creating an endless stream.
  • Three interchangeable tumblers each with a different spouting action
  • Use the tumblers individually or stack them and watch the water run through all three at once.
  • Swiveling arm holds the tumblers and can be placed directly under the stream or pushed off to the side. The spout swivels too!
  • Easy for kids to turn on and off by themselves – just press the face.

MSRP: $19.99

Lights N Music

Lights N Music Fun

  • Motion activated soft ball – rolling or shaking activates lights and fun music – teaches cause and effect.
  • Stimulates movement by encouraging babies to roll the ball and crawl after it.
  • Light and easy-to-grasp – perfect for small hands

MSRP: $17.99

Pull Along Duck

Pull Along Whistling Duck

  • Pull Along Whistling Duck whistles and sings as your toddler pulls it along.
  • Synchronized battery operated sounds start and stop automatically when in motion.
  • If left unattended, “Pull Along Whistling Duck” will whistle and call you to play some more.
  • Promotes balance and coordination.

MSRP: $24.99

The brand sent me the Crawl ‘N’ Go Snail to review. I shared it with the kids I work with to see how they enjoyed it. Due to the nature of my job I am unable to take photos of the toy “in action” with the kids.

By far one of the features that seems to get the most attention is the stacking toys that make up the snail’s shell. There are several toys that you can take apart. Each toys has something different about it.

In order to take it apart you do have to unscrew the one end of the stacker. Most toddlers can do that if you show them how. Young ones cannot so I found that I had to unscrew it all the time for the kids, which was OK with me.


The toy it’s self is super adorable. Even looking at it on the shelf it’s cute. It’s made with bright colors which kids love too.

It’s a lot bigger than I thought it would be, which was a nice surprise.

The toy feels very well made. It’s made out of heavy plastic.

The snail plays a fun musical tune that kids seem to like. It also does roll across the floor. It seems to do better on flooring than carpeting. Thankfully the rug at work is thin and flat so it hasn’t been a problem.

I watch kids interact with it. They seem to go more for the shell than watching it move across the floor. Even when I show them how it works they seem to just have more interest in the shell.

As far as encouraging crawling and/or walking I can’t really determine that because the kids I work with are different every day. As a mom I could see that this toy could encourage a baby/child to want to go after it.

I like it. Both as a mom and someone who works with children. I think the Crawl ‘N’ Go Snail from Yookidoo is a delightful toy.

Look for this and other Yookidoo toys at a Babies R Us near you or visit www.BabiesRUs.com.

Yookidoo logo


*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Talking to your teen about underage drinking (giveaway ends 5/31/15)


“I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Influence Central for Anheuser-Busch’s Family Talk About Drinking Program. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.”

Underage Drinking

Being a parent is one of the toughest jobs in the world. Babies do not come with instruction manuals. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Sure, there are plenty of books about parenting, and you can also seek advice from family and friends, but what it boils down to is you have to be the best parent that you can be. And let me tell you right now there is no such thing as a “perfect parent.”

Being a parent to a teen is a whole lot harder than parenting a child. I have two teens, a son and daughter. One is 18 and the other will be 16 in a few months.

Oh how I miss the child years! Raising teenagers is very stressful. Unlike children, teens are faced with bigger issues such as drugs, alcohol, smoking, dating, sex, graduating high school, college, getting their first job, learning to drive… the list goes on and on.

I have to admit that I was a bit of a “wild child” as a teenager. Nothing too crazy but I did attend keg parties starting when I was 15 years old – way under the drinking age. I thought I was so cool drinking when I was a minor. When I look back on it now I realize how foolish I was.

From a young age my husband and I tried to broach the subject of drinking, smoking and drugs (we save the sex stuff for a later age). My kids participated in the D.A.R.E (Drug Abuse Resistance Education ) program at school. They knew that I drank at a young age. In fact my daughter used that as part of her D.A.R.E essay. She won the essay contest and was asked to read her winning essay in front of the entire school, families and invited guests. That was a proud parent moment.

My daugther (left) after her D.A.R.E graduation.

My daugther (left) after her D.A.R.E graduation.

We have always been honest with our kids about things – like underage drinking – in hopes that they can learn from our mistakes. We also make it very clear what our expectations are from them in regards to things like drinking. They know we are totally against it and if they choose to make the wrong decision and engage in drinking there will be consequences.

These days it’s hard to have a deep, meaningful conversation with teens. There are so many distractions (especially from cellphones). I have found that the best conversations I have with my daughter is in the car. I pick her up from school, as well as take her to/from work and her friend’s houses. Right now she doesn’t have a car.

The trip to/from school is only a five minute drive. There have been days when it takes us an hour to get home because my daughter feels comfortable opening up to me in the car when it’s just the two of us. When she’s telling me about things, or wants to talk to me about something, I’ll just drive around while we chat. I also think she finds it more comfortable because we’re not looking at each other face to face since I’m looking at the road and my surroundings.

The talks we have in the car are by far the best, and deepest, talks we’ve ever had. Sometimes my daughter will even ask me to take her out some place just so we can have those talks.


One of our “car conversations” lead to my daughter confessing that she tried alcohol (beer) when she was hanging out with some friends in the woods by a stream. Some of the boys brought beer and everyone was grabbing one. So as not to feel awkward my daughter grabbed one too. She was going to pretend to drink some but curiosity got the best of her and she took a few sips just to try it out.

I appreciate that she felt comfortable enough telling me this. She knows how we feel about drinking and she knew she had to own up to what she did. Although she was honest and open about it (which she knows we appreciated), we had to ground her (the worst punishment of all – we took away her cellphone).

Our daughter hangs out with friends a lot and goes to a lot of parties. We know there is alcohol at these get togethers.

Senior prom and graduation are a month from now which means that there will be A LOT of alcohol readily available to these teens. Now it’s even more important than ever to make sure our daughter knows that  underage drinking is not only illegal, it’s also very dangerous. Being intoxicated can lead to other dangerous things (illegal drugs, sex, rape, drunk driving…).

We are confident that she is fully aware of what could happen if she were to get drunk. She also knows that if she goes to an after party where there is drinking involved that she needs to call us to pick her up rather than risk going home with a teen who has been drinking.

We also made it known that she’s “guilty by association.” If she’s putting herself in those kinds of situations and the Police get involved SHE is involved too whether she was drinking or not.

We are not fools. We KNOW most teens are curious about alcohol and will try it. The trick is to make it known that drinking is dangerous, unhealthy and illegal.


Anheuser-Busch has a website to help parents bridge the subject of underage drinking with their teens (as well as younger children). Their Family Talk About Drinking (FTAD) program has been around for 2o+ years. I wish I knew about their site sooner.

Family Talk About Drinking offers parents tips on having an open conversation about drinking and alcohol with children of all ages.

Their program is broken up into the three main stages of parenting;

  • Being a Teacher (for children ages 1-7)
  • The Facilitator (for children ages 8-13)
  • The Coach (for children ages 14-21)

I’m in the “Coach” stage for both my kids.

I wish I had known about this site sooner, but none the less there are plenty of great tips to be found. I especially like the section on how to talk to your college bound student on how to be responsible when they move out. Thankfully our daughter will be going to school locally for a year, so that gives me more time with her to let know how about her responsibilities as an “adult” when she if finally out on her own.

Family Talk About Drinking has tips and suggestions from a certified educator and parent coach named MJ Corcoran. Ms. Corcoran has some excellent tips that all families can put into place TODAY.

Find Windows of Opportunity to Talk – When you have a teenager, windows of opportunity to talk can open and close fast. Use prom and graduation to continue the conversation around underage drinking. Set clear boundaries and encourage good decision-making this prom and graduation season.

Connect with Your Teen – Two things you can do to connect with your teen: listen and respect their opinion. In turn, they’ll be much more likely to talk with you about the tough issues – like underage drinking.

Ask Open-Ended Questions – During prom and graduation season, be sure to ask open-ended questions to help your teen think through potential scenarios involving alcohol.

Encourage Accountability – In the busy time leading up to prom and graduation, a text is not enough. Encourage accountability and check in with a call.

I strongly encourage all parents and guardians to check out the site and get involved in your child’s life. Even if you haven’t discussed drinking yet with your child you can start doing so TODAY.

Please visit FamilyTalkAboutDrinking.com to learn more. In addition you can also check out their Facebook page.

To see what others have to say about talking to children and teens about drinking, check out the hashtag #ABFamilyTalk.

To help you spend some quality time with your child/teen to open up the discussion about drinking and alcohol I have a $25 e-gift card (sent via email) to send to a lucky reader. Use the gift card to take your child out some place special (out for ice cream, dinner at a favorite restaurant…) and take the opportunity to discuss alcohol and drinking.

Please note: Contest entrants are only eligible to win once per sweepstake, per household as part of a campaign sponsored by Influence Central.

This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only and will end on May 31, 2015. The winner will be chosen at random using a random number generator from all eligible entries. The winner will be notified via email and will have three days to reply or a new winner will be chosen in their place.

To enter please comment on this post and share with me a tip about how you talk about drinking and alcohol with your child or teen?

For extra entries you can use the Rafflecopter widget (below) but you must complete the initial entry requirement or the additional entries won’t qualify (I do check).

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Regal Entertainment Group Announces $1 Movies for 2015 Summer Movie Express


Image Source: Regal Entertainment Group

Image Source: Regal Entertainment Group

I don’t normally post press releases, however sometimes I come across ones I feel might be of interest to many readers.

Growing up one of my fondest memories was when my mom would take me to the movies during the summer when I was little. Our local movie theater showed Disney films at a discounted price. Once a week – every week – my mom would take me to see one of these films. Thanks to the theater I was able to see many of the great Disney classics like Sleeping Beauty, The Aristocats and Bambi on the big screen. Not only that I was able to spend quality time with my mom which are memories I’ll cherish forever.

Regal Entertainment, which has over 340 theaters across the country, will be offering wonderful family friendly films for only $1 per person as part of their Summer Movie Express. Below is more information.

Regal Entertainment Group (NYSE: RGC), a leading motion picture exhibitor owning and operating the largest theatre circuit in the United States, today announces that the Summer Movie Express is back for its 24th year. The launch of this summer’s program brings family movies for only a dollar to more than 340 Regal Entertainment Group theatres  across the country.

“The Summer Movie Express is back in a big way for 2015 with some of the best family oriented films of the past three years,” said Ken Thewes, chief marketing officer at Regal Entertainment Group.

“With the wide variety of choices from animated to live-action films, it’s great to see all the kids and parents enjoy this summertime tradition at their local Regal theatres .”

The nine-week film festival takes place at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.  The start dates for Summer Movie Express vary based on local school schedules. A portion of each $1 admission goes to assist the Will Rogers Institute.

“This annual program provides an excellent opportunity for families to enjoy our theatres while also raising money for a great cause, the Will Rogers Institute,” said Ken Foreman, vice president of film marketing for Regal Entertainment Group. “With admission only a buck, our theaters are filled with families on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings boarding the Summer Movie Express.”

Each week, there will be two featured films at the early morning matinee show time of 10:00. The titles for this year’s Summer Movie Express are:

Week One:

Nut Job (PG)

Annie (PG)

Week Two:

Earth to Echo (PG)

The Boxtrolls (PG)

Week Three:

Paddington (PG)

Turbo (PG)

Week Four:

Rio 2 (G)

How to Train Your Dragon 2 (PG)

Week Five:

Mr. Peabody and Sherman (PG)

The Book of Life (PG)

Week Six:

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb (PG)

Penguins of Madagascar (PG)

Week Seven:

Madagascar 3 (PG)

Dolphin Tale 2 (PG)

Week Eight:

Muppets Most Wanted (PG)

Alexander and the … Very Bad Day (PG)

Week Nine:

The Lego Movie (PG)

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water (PG)

I hope you’ll take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

To find a theater near you visit www.RegMovies.com. You can also visit www.REGmovies.com/Movies/Summer-Movie-Express for more information.



*I was not compensated for this post. I am posting this for the benefit and enjoyment of my site readers. Any opinions expressed are my own unless otherwise noted. 

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New products from Kohl’s Cares



Are you familiar with Kohl’s Cares? Kohl’s Cares is a special charity from the retail giant that helps to support children’s health and educational programs across the country. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of Kohl’s Cares products goes towards these programs. Since the year 2000, Kohl’s Cares has raised a whopping $257 million dollars. That is amazing.

Kohl’s Cares offers wonderful products for both children and adults. Every Kohl’s Cares products sells for $5.00. And let me tell you from personal experience, the products are worth much more than that. Some people might assume the products are cheaply made for such a low selling point. That is not the case at all. Take their plush animals for example. They are just as well made as the $25+ plush you find in specialty stores. Unlike those plush 100% of the sale of the Kohl’s Cares plush goes towards children’s charities.

I personally enjoy the products offered through Kohl’s Cares. They do offer “grown up” things like cookbooks (which I love), but mostly it’s books and plush animals. Often the plush and the books match up. For example, last time around Kohl’s Cares offered a plush “Dough/Dug” (don’t remember how it’s spelled) from the film Up. In addition they also offered an Up book.


I’m a bit kid at heart so I often purchase the books and matching plush – I can’t have one without the other. LOL! Some I keep for myself. I display them on my bookcases and I rotate them a few times per year. Others I hold on to as a set to give as a gift. It’s always a great idea to have gifts on hand and I like offering the little kids in my life the plush/book combo. It makes a wonderful and appreciated gift plus it only costs you $10 ($5 each). How often can you find a quality gift at that price point?

I also donate some of the plush and books to my place of employment. The kids love them and it makes me smile when I see them enjoying them.

Kohl’s Cares offers new products for a limited time (until supply lasts) every few months. I make sure to bookmark their site and check in every few weeks to see if they have new products available. I don’t want to miss out on anything.

Kohl’s Cares is currently offering some of these delightful products. REMEMBER each product is $5 – they do not come as a set.

Bear Elephant Turtle Whale

Kohl’s Cares was kind enough to send me the Bear and book set, as well as the Turtle and book set. I love the plush and books so much that I went out and purchased the Elephant and Whale plush, as well as their matching books.

These are not mini-plush animals. They are full size (regular plush size) – ideal for hugging and snuggling up with at night.

I love the books! Not only are the stories delightful (perfect for bed time), the illustrations are beautiful too. They are quick reads with only a few words or a single sentence on most pages. These books would be great for early readers too.

If any of these interest you I would recommend you visit your local Kohl’s soon, or shop online. Once they are sold out there will be no more.

Kohls Cares Spring 2015

Make sure to check Kohl’s often, or visit their online site, to see what new Kohl’s Cares products are available. They change throughout the year.

Look for the Kohl’s Cares products near the check out lanes. They are usually on prominent display. Remember, 100% of the proceeds goes towards children’s health and educational charities.

To find a location near you (or order online) visit Kohls.com. To find the Kohl’s Cares products do a product search for Kohl’s Cares. You can also find Kohl’s on all the social media channels (links are found at the bottom of their website).

Have you ever purchased, or received, any Kohl’s Cares products? Would you consider buying them as a gift for someone special? Feel free to share your thoughts.



*I received some free product samples. I also purchased some one my own. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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The KD Interactive KurioTab XTREME tablet for kids


Child Tablet

Today’s technology totally blows my mind. It’s changing so rapidly! Even from just a few years ago.

One of the biggest things I have noticed is just how much you can do with today’s tablets. There is so much more to them these days then just surfing the web. Today’s tablets often come pre-loaded with a lot of great stuff in addition to parental controls which is a must if you have small children who will be using the tablets.

Are you familiar with the latest Intel-powered tablets for kids, including the Kurio and Fuhu DreamTab? These tablets are built specifically with children in mind and feature colorful, comfortable and sturdy form factors, parental controls, and popular pre-loaded kid-friendly games.

The Kurio comes with multi-profile capabilities, making it a device that can be shared between both children and parents, and the DreamTab, created in collaboration with DreamWorks, includes an interactive creative artist studio program and exciting animation tools. ​Both tablets contain Intel Inside®.

Why Intel Tablets?

Great tablets have Intel Inside®. Intel-level performance delivers lightning-fast Web browsing, super-responsive apps, and seamless downloads so you can enjoy entertainment or be productive on the go. Intel-based tablets offer great performance and have the flexibility to do everything people want to do with their devices – they have all-day battery life, weeks of standby and come in thin and light designs.

I was asked to review one of the units. I was seriously leaning towards the DreamTab because my family and I are a big fans of DreamWorks movies, but in the end I opted to go with the KurioTab XTREME because it can be enjoyed by young and old a like. My kids are teens, so they are too young for some of the pre-loaded games, however I do bring it to work with me from time to time so that the kids I work with can enjoy it.

I should note that at work we frown upon things like tablets. We prefer the kids to engage with us and play with toys. Sometimes that doesn’t work – especially for a child who is too shy or prefers not to interact with us (we won’t force it). For those occasions it’s great to have a device with EDUCATIONAL games on it. Many kids we see are into things like Call of Duty and Mind Craft.

I chose the KD Interactive KurioTab XTREME because it had a lot of “bang for the buck,” so to speak. I felt that it had a lot to offer.


KD Interactive KurioTab XTREME

  • A tablet designed specifically for kids to make play time even better
  • Comes with more than 90 pre-loaded applications and KurioGenius parental controls
  • 7-inch touch screen with 5-point multi-touch
  • Powered by Intel® Atom™ Z2520 processor, the KurioTablet allows for quicker web-surfing, quicker photo and video, faster online video and music streaming, faster downloads and more
  • OS: Android™ 4.4 KitKat
  • Set up to 8 completely independent user profiles!  It’s like 8 tablets in 1!
  • Manage apps and set time limits for each profile.
  • Each profile offers fully separate files, apps, web filtering, downloads, parental controls and more!
  • Set Time controls, Daily Play Time & Learning Time, Maximum Session Use and More!
  • Easily set time limits for play for everyday of the week in just a few clicks!
  • Filters, categorizes and updates 450+ Million websites daily to keep kids safe online!
  • Choose one of our pre-defined web filter settings or create your own custom web filters!
  • Allow and block inappropriate content by managing safe and block lists easily!
  • Parents can easily set the strictness of controls and can lessen controls as a child grows!
  • Packed with Over $300 of Popular Apps, Games and More!
  • Over 90 Apps & Games!
  • Includes Popular Games like Fruit Ninja, Subway Surfer, Cut the Rope 2 and More!
  • Access to over 150 E-Books!
  • Now loaded with Google Play™!  Download millions more apps on Google Play!
  • Includes our Exclusive Kurio App Store – a fully curated store of kid-friendly content!  Plus, includes a unique Safe Piggy Bank system!
  • New Kid-Safe Social Networking Apps, including Kid-Safe Email with 6 month free offer!

I bolded the things I especially like about this tablet.

Here is a brief video that shows you what KurioTab XTREME can do.


It’s really a nice tablet. Once my husband get it set up on our router we were up and running.

The tablet is easy to use and navigate, even for someone like me who tends to be “technologically challenged.”

It comes with a silicone bumper for the outer edges. I don’t know if it would protect the device from a fall (I wasn’t about to test that out) but I think as far as every knocks and bumps it should be protected just fine.

It’s nice that it comes with a camera. I am not sure what the mega pixels are for the camera (which can be used both from the front and the rear) but they must be on the low side. The photos look a bit grainy. None the less, kids love to take pictures and this is a much better option than handing them your expensive camera or smartphone.

Motion Games

The big “selling point” for me is that this tablet comes with interactive games that detect your motion through it’s camera, similar to a Wii. You can choose from swimming, skiing, soccer and other games.

I like that kids can get a workout while playing a game. It’s much better than just sitting on a comfy couch and play a games. These games get your child to get up and do physical movements in order to make their persona on the screen move.

The tablet even comes with a stand that allows you to keep it upright while you play the motion games. The stand also comes in handy when you want to watch something on Netflix or another streaming service (you need to download their apps too).

The motion games are not the best quality. They are not as realistic as other motion games from other gaming systems, however for a little child they are just fine.

I haven’t used the parental controls so I can’t review those.

I do like that the tablet comes pre-loaded with many popular games. They could have easily downloaded “unknown” games, but they opted for gamest hat I knew plenty of kids (and adults) play. Even my teens were surprised to see games the have on their smartphones on the tablet.


I think this tablet offers a lot for it’s price.

The only negatives that I can think of is that the screen quality is not super sharp like other tablets we own, but again, it’s for a child so they are not as picky as an adult would be.

We also had some issues with apps that would’t open. I don’t know if it’s a WiFi issues, an app issue or a tablet issue. No biggy. They were not games we wanted to play anyway. I just wanted to give them a “test drive.”

The battery doesn’t last as long as I’d like it to either.

If you are looking for a tablet for your child or grandchild and don’t want to invest in a pricier tablet, the The KD Interactive KurioTab XTREME tablet for kids is a nice choice.

For more information about this tablet, or where to purchase it, please visit www.KurioWorld.com (you’ll need to choose the country you are in to visit the correct site). You can also find the brand on Facebook and Twitter.

What do you think about this tablet? Does it sound like something that would be great for your child or grandchild?

Kurio Logo


*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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The Little Red Wagon…

Pal and Bridget

Think back to when you were a little child. Was there a toy that was very special to you? For me it was my Fisher Price Little People (back when they were made out of wood) and my stuffed animals. In fact I still have the first two stuffed animals I was ever given – Pal and Bridget. Pal is in bad condition. In fact, he doesn’t even have a piece of hair left on him. I THINK he was dog at one point because he used to have long ears.

I loved my toys. I loved them a lot. I was fortunate that my mom and dad provided me with a lot of great toys over the years.

One of my favorite outdoor toys was my my Radio Flyer tricycle. I wrote that bike all over – the front yard, the driveway and up and down our road. Once I put a great big teddy bear that I had on my Radio Flyer tricycle and took it to a hilly part of our road and let him ride down. My poor bear ended up with dirt and tar all over his feet which I was never able to clean off. None the less I had a great time doing it.

You can even make out my Radio Flyer tricycle in the background of this picture of me. I have another photo of me riding the tricycle but off hand I don’t recall where that photo is.


One thing I always wanted as a child, but never did get, was a Radio Flyer red wagon. I’m sure many people know exactly what wagon I am talking about. It’s the classic red wagon that is seen in many books and old photos from years go by. The wagon looked like this;


I wanted the Radio Flyer red wagon because there was a book I loved to read called Kittens for Kim where Kim (a boy), had a wagon he used to carry around some kittens and other fun things. I also used to love to read my father’s Dick and Jane books and Dick and Jane had a little red wagon.


I thought it would be fun to have a little red wagon of my own. I would use it to carry around my plush friends and take them on adventures with me. I also secretly wanted to sit in it and ride it down the hill on our road, which is probably why mom and dad never got me one. LOL.

I’m an adult now and in the back of my mind I’ve always longed for that elusive little red wagon that I always wanted as a child. I know I would be able to play with it like a child would, but I still think it would be fun to use it as a decoration. I have seen people display potted flowers on a red wagon. I love that idea, except we don’t have a yard or any place to display it.

As odd as it sounds owning a little red wagon was on my “Bucket List.” It was just something from my childhood that I always wanted and I someday wanted to finally get one.

That day is now.

Radio Flyer sent me a little red wagon, but there is a “twist” to this – it’s a miniature version of the little red wagon. It’s the very same Radio Flyer little red wagon that I always wanted, except it’s itty bitty. It’s just the right size for a toddler to pull around or to use as a decoration.

As luck would have it the little red wagon arrived the day before my husband and I went on a quest to find him a new water jug. We checked out a few stores. In one store there was a toy section. My husband and I love checking out the toys (we are big kids). As we were looking around I came across a plush tiger. Right away the tiger looked like one of my favorite comic book characters – Hobbes from the Calvin & Hobbes comic series. I love Calvin & Hobbes so much that I am planning on getting them tattooed on my ankle as soon as I have the money for it.

Incidentally Calvin and Hobbes rode around in a little red wagon. Maybe its kismet with me and the little red wagon?

I had the perfect place for my new plush friend – in my Radio Flyer little red wagon which I am now proudly displaying on my bookcase.

Radio Flyer and Hobbes

@ Bill Watterson

@ Bill Watterson

Now my childhood wish for a Radio Flyer little red wagon has come true. And on top of that I found a way to pay homage to one of my all time favorite comic book characters.

I’m a very happy person right now.

Radio Flyer wagons have come a long way since I was a child. They still carry the classic little red wagon, but in addition they carry some really cool wagons that are ideal for toting along your children whether it’s around town or on vacation.

3900_IMG_Hero_Empty - Copy

Check out the Radio Flyer EZ Fold Wagon. It’s the only folding wagon for kids to ride in. It’s big enough for two children to ride around in comfortably. It even sports 4 cup holders, seat belts (which is important) and a removable canopy to protect little ones from the elements.

My kids would have LOVED to be driven around in this wagon. I wish this was available when my kids were younger.

When my kids were younger we had to push them around in the stroller. It was not very comfortable for them, especially when they got older. Plus my kids felt confined and there were not able to move around as freely as they could in a super cool wagon like this.

There were so many times a wagon like this would have come in handy like parades, strolls around the lake, the county fair and even just taking a walk around town.

It looks like it might be hard to fold up but you can fold it up with just one hand.


I haven’t seen this wagon in person but it looks like folded up it should easily slip into a standard size truck for easy transportation.

If you have ever traveled with a toddler you know how easily they tire out. Having a wagon like this is not only fun for the children, but it is also less stressful for the parents. Parents won’t have to listen to little one whine and complain about being tired or their feet hurting, and they won’t have to carry their child around on their person.

Check out this brief video about the Radio Flyer EZ Fold Wagon.


The Radio Flyer EZ Fold Wagon is for children ages 1 1/2 and up. It retails for $199. That might seem a bit pricey but this is a product you will find many uses for (you can even us it to haul other things aside from little ones) so it’s more of an investment rather than an expense.

If I was little I think I might have wanted to have this wagon in addition to my little red wagon.

If you would like more information about the Radio Flyer EZ Folder Wagon or other Radio Flyer products please visit www.RadioFlyer.com. The brand is also found on the social media sites. All the links are found at the top left of their home page.

Do you currently own, or have you ever owned, a Radio Flyer product? Do you have a favorite product? Do you have any fond memories involved Radio Flyer products? Feel free to share your thoughts. I always love to hear from readers.



*I received a mini little red wagon in exchange for my participation. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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