Ever Dream of Selling Your Own Line of DIY Projects? 



Are you a crafty person? Do you love making crafts for yourself and for others? Have you ever dreamed of selling your crafts? If so then you should check out the Cricut-I Made It! Contest.

I’m a some what crafty person. I AM crafty – I just don’t have the time I’d like to get back into crafts.

I had a home business making personalized candy wrappers, personalize gift cans, buttons and more. In a way that was crafty – and I made money selling them too.

If you are totally into crafts and would love the opportunity to win an all expense paid trip, enter the Cricut – I Made It! contest today!

It’s time your creativity pays off so you can really make it.  Cricut is awarding one winner their own Make it Now™ project line to be sold in Cricut Design Space™ and a feature on The Design Network in the Cricut – I Made it! contest.

To help create your line, Cricut will fly you to their headquarters in Salt Lake City to work side-by-side with their design team.  Then you and a guest will enjoy an all-expense paid stay at the Grand America Hotel – a luxury resort in Salt Lake City, home to the best skiing in the world.

The winner we’ll be featured on Cricut.com and every time a Cricut user purchases your project, you’ll earn money.  Cricut will even help with your publicity.

Cricut is upping the fame game even more and has partnered with the The Design Network – a premier online design channel – to showcase the Cricut- I Made It! winner this fall. You’ll get a spotlight feature on a network dedicated to celebrating great designers and their creative star power.

Cricut’s judges, including DIY Diva Alison Deyette and two creative directors from Cricut, will pick 50 finalists from the best project entries based on creativity, use of materials and technique.  Who will pick the winner? You, the public, will vote online in October.

To enter the Cricut – I Made It! contest, all you need is a photo of an original project. You can upload up to five photos (which can be five individual projects or multiple photos of one project).

You have until September 30th to enter.  What are you waiting for? It’s time you Made It big!

Go to cricut.com/imadeit to enter today.

If you enter I would love to hear about your craft. I love seeing the beautiful things that people create on their own.

I also have a Cricut (I LOVE IT!!!!). I’ll be posting my review for it in the near future. Keep an eye out for that post. :-)



*I was not compensated for this post. I posted this for the enjoyment of my site readers. Any opinions expressed are my own unless otherwise noted. 

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Stuff Your Baskets with Fun Easter Treats from Palmer


Our son at Easter time

Our son at Easter time

My kids are teenagers. I long for the days when they were little and were super excited about the Easter Bunny paying us a visit and leaving behind baskets full of candy, books and a small toy. I also miss watching the kids do Easter egg hunts. Those were really fun.

One year my mom put plastic Easter eggs out in the yard filled with chocolate candies. It was an especially hot day. When the kids came to do the egg hunt all the chocolates had melted. What a mess! After that my father came up with the idea of using money instead of candy – especially since all the kids were getting older. Mostly the eggs were filled with nickels, dimes and quarters but there was the “grand prize” egg which included a dollar bill. Needless to say the kids were all for that idea.

Easter, like Halloween, is not the same without candy. It’s all about the candy!

The candy makers, Palmer, know how to make the holidays fun. They always offer great seasonal and holiday themed products whether it’s the shape of the candy or the colorful foil wrapper. I love that they offer new products each year too.

New this year is a cool candy/game combination called Fun n’ Games. It’s a game board made out of chocolate. When you are done playing the game you can enjoy the sweet treat afterwards. It’s an edible maze made with Paler’s DoubleCrisp chocolate.

Palmer Fun n Games

Palmer Fun n’ Games edible maze game

I love this idea. It’s very unique. I’ve even been enjoying playing with it.

Another new product are large hollow chocolate bunnies all dressed up in a soccer uniform. Soccer, as you know, is a popular sport. The bunny’s shirt comes in different colors so you might be able to find one to match your child or grandchild’s soccer team color.

Large Soccer Bunny & Li'l Crisp Bunny

Large Soccer Bunny & Li’l Crisp Bunny

Also new this year are DoubleCrisp chocolate bunny ears. The moment I saw them I knew I wanted to make something with them. My idea was to buy those huge marshmallows, attach or insert the ears into it and then have my kids decorate the marshmallows with bunny faces.

It WAS a good idea. Who knew it would be impossible to find the giant marshmallows. I know the brands Camp Fire and Jet Puff make them. I don’t usually buy marshmallows so I ASSUMED they were available year round. Ugh!!!!

I picked up a bag of regular sized marshmallows hoping they might work. I should have brought one of the chocolate bunny ears with me. The ears and the regular sized marshmallows are about the same size and there was no way to insert the ears into the marshmallow due to it’s size.

We did try to stick two marshmallows together and put the ears in-between but it wouldn’t stay stuck together and would unstick the moment we tried to insert the bunny ears.

Oh well. It WAS a good idea. It would have been funny. I know my kids would have enjoyed making bunny faces on the marshmallows. Knowing them they probably would have got more creative and used the other marshmallows to make bodies for the bunnies too.

A variety of Palmer Easter candies. Notice the cute chocolate bunny ears. The small round things are peanut butter cups

A variety of Palmer Easter candies. Notice the cute chocolate bunny ears. The small round things are peanut butter cups

This weekend when I go food shopping I am going to look for some caramel and apples and use the Palmer Peanut Butter Cups (pictured above – the round things on top of the bunnies) to make covered candy apples. I have made them before and my family LOVES them.

You’ll need to crush up the candy. I put it in a Ziploc bag and whacked it a few times with a soup can (I also roll the soup can back and forth on top) until you get small pieces. I then put wax paper on a cookie sheet and pour the mashed up candy out of the bag and on to the cookie sheet.

Next I melt the caramel. When melted I dip a clean, dry apple (on a stick) into the caramel and then quickly roll the apple on the candy and then rest it on same wax paper until it’s cool and set.

Quick. Easy. Yummy. It can be messy too, which kids seem to love.


Palmer has A LOT of new candies on the market just in time for Easter. They are also including some old favorites too.

To learn more about the new products, or for some great recipe and craft ideas, visit www.RMPalmer.com. You can also sign up for Palmer Perks and get c0upons and special offers from Palmer. Palmer is already budget friendly, but coupons and extra savings are always get. You can find the sign up page on the website.

You can also check out the brand on Facebook and Pinterest (links found on the website).

Do you have a favorite Palmer candy treat? What fun recipe or craft would you make with Palmer candies? feel free to share your thoughts.



*I received free product samples to review and create something with. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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New Label Printing Kits From Epson


Epson LabelWorks

Photo Source: Epson

I love to do crafts. The only thing I don’t enjoy is making sure you have all the supplies that you need on hand.

Over the years I have gone through different craft “phases”. I tried making my own soaps and candles. I did scrapbooking and card making and I tried my hand at making things out of clay.

Don’t get me wrong. I love doing crafty things. It’s just that sometimes having to purchase all the supplies – not to mention storing the supplies when not in use – can be a bit too much. That is why I enjoy things that come in a “kit”. I like knowing that everything I need to complete a project is right there for me in one handy dandy kit.

Epson has introduced four easy to use printing kits. Two are on the crafty side, one that will help keep your cables and wires neat and organized and another to provide you with a little extra safety in your home. They are known as Epson LabelWorks™.

  • Safety Kit
    • Print durable, customized labels to improve safety in the home, office, classroom or just about anywhere else
    • Add reflective tape to sports fear, ensure emergency supplies are labeled and add glow in the dark tape to flashlights in the event of a blackout
  • Cable and Wiring Kit
    • Quickly label and identify unruly electronic cables, whether at home or at the office, by isolating computer, printer, phone and router cables, AC adapters, DVR cables, TV wires, lamps and more
    • Craft and knitting enthusiasts can also use these flag and wrap labels to their goods at the local craft fair
  • Iron-On Kit
    • Easily create personalized, machine washable iron-on labels for school items, uniforms, sports jerseys – perfect for preparing your child for summer camp of back to school
    • This kit ensures that those mysteriously missing items make their way home
  • Printable Ribbon Kit
    • Print personalized satin ribbons for crafts, scrapbooks, decorations, gifts and more
    • Customize your ribbons using a wide variety of fonts, symbols and frames

I was asked if I wanted to review one of the kits. I chose the Printable Ribbon Kit because I have an anniversary party coming up for my aunt and uncle and I thought it would be fun to make personalized ribbons to adorn their gift as well as to turn into a bookmark.

Almost everything you need comes in a plastic storage case with a handle. You’ll only need to pick up six AAA batteries (not included) for your label maker.


I’ve reviewed other label makers in the past. Normally they come with a huge booklet filled with instructions on how to use it. I was surprised to see the instructions for the Printable Ribbon Kit was just a few, easy to read pages. I literally made my first ribbon within minutes of popping the batteries into the label maker.

The kit came with two ribbon cartridges – a light, bone colored ribbon and a darker ribbon. Other ribbon cartridges are available. You can find the other available colors on the Epson website. Each cartridge has sixteen feet of ribbon. That’s a lot of ribbon. They retail for $19.99.

I have seen personalized ribbons on handmade cards, wrapped around party favors at weddings and showers and on crafts. I would have thought they were hard to make. I never expected it to be so easy. If you can type on a keypad you can make personalized ribbon.


Photo Source: Epson

After you insert the batteries and ribbon cartridge into the label maker you are ready to go. Simply type out our message or personalization and print it out. That is all there is to it. Of course you can do so much more than that.  You can change fonts, font size, add graphics, frames and more. You can see examples of the graphics and frames in the image below.

I showed my kids how to use it ONCE and that was all it took for them to start printing out their own personalized ribbons.

I gathered up a few of the ribbons that we made to take pictures of for this post. I had to cover up some of the names to protect my family. Also, the photos are not that good. They are much nicer in person. Plus they are a bone color, not white like they appear in the photos.





I can think of a lot of uses for personalized ribbons. One thing I plan on doing it making a few for our friend’s daughter. She’s on a pee wee cheerleading team and I know the girls do up their hair in curls and ribbons on the top of their heads. I was going to make her ones with her name on it or maybe with a message like “Go (team name)” or some other sporty saying. I think that would be a cute idea.

I also like the idea of using the ribbon to hang up Christmas ornaments on the tree instead of those wire hooks (I’m thinking more for the heavy ornaments). I could type messages on the ribbon like “Ho-Ho-Ho”, “Happy Holidays”, “Seasons Greetings” or another holiday saying. I think that would be a fun idea and something my kids could help me with.


Photo Source: Epson

My daughter made a ribbon with our dog’s name on it and tied it on HIS ear. I don’t think our boy dog was too happy about a pretty ribbon on his ear. LOL!

You could also use them to sew inside clothing or personal items to help identify who an item belongs to. I have seen iron name tags but these are even nicer because they are made from a soft ribbon. You just need some thread and a needle to sew them on (or use an iron on adhesive backing).

The possibilities are endless, especially when it’s so easy to use.

Here are a few more ideas from the Epson website.

Photo Source: Epson

Photo Source: Epson

For more information about this or the other available Epson LabelWorks™ label makers visit the links (above) or the Epson website. The kit retails for $69.99. It’s a bit pricey but when consider all the fun things you can do with it I think it’s well worth the investment.

What would you make personalized ribbons for? Feel free to share your thoughts.


Photo Source: Epson


*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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Woo Your Sweetie Pie This Valentine’s Day with Craft Ideas from Country Woman



Valentine’s Day is right around the corner – literally!

Roses, chocolates and jewelry are all wonderful but sometimes the best gifts of all are the ones that come from your heart and are made with your hands.

One year for Valentine’s Day my husband gave me a small bottle filled with a broken up wooden ruler. I had not idea what it meant until he told me. He said he had to get rid of the ruler because it was impossible to measure the love he had for me.


Another Valentine’s Day he asked me what I wanted. I told him to write me a poem. He did, and he took it one step further. He had the poem printed on a sweatshirt. I haven’t worn it in years but every time I did wear it people would compliment me on the poem. When I told them my husband wrote it they thought it was wonderful. I don’t think I ever wore that sweatshirt without getting at least one compliment. :-)

You don’t have to be a craft person to make a gift from the heart. All you need in an imagination and a good idea, plus some simple materials you can find around the house or locally.

Country Woman Magazine shared these quick and easy Valentine’s Day ideas. These would also make great crafts to make with your child or grandchild too.

Button Valentine

Cute as a Button Valentine’s Cards: Use up some buttons from  your stash in this adorable paper craft. It’s a charming way to let a crafty friend or family member know how much you care. Simply print and cut out a design of your choice and glue it to a larger square cute from colored card stock. Using a needle and thread stitch a few pretty buttons to impress your Valentine’s Day sweetie.


Yarn Hearts: Simple yarn hearts look absolutely lovely decorating your window, wreath or Valentine’s Day gift. These crafts are so fast and easy to make you can craft them by the adorable dozens! First, cut the wire and bend it into a heart shape. Start wrapping the yarn around the wire, pulling it across the sides. Make sure when trimming the yarn you leave enough so this adorable craft is able to hang.


Edible Arrangements: Who doesn’t love a gift that is edible? Using a pineapple and kiwi, you can give your valentine a delicious and creative gift this holiday. Cut both fruits into a heart shape using a cookie cutter. Place the kiwi in the middle of the pineapple and use a food skewer to run through the middle, holding it in place. Tie the fruit in a plastic bag, and add a personalized note for your special person.


Banana Candy Bag Label:This fun paper craft makes a great gift for any family member or friend. Print out a downloadable label that you can find on Country Woman’s website. Fold a piece of decorative card stock horizontally and glue on the label. For a cute effect, ad a monkey sticker on the label. Lastly, fill the bag with banana candy to complete your “I’m bananas for you” gift.

Be sure to visit Country Woman Magazine online for more crafty ideas.

What is the best Valentine’s Day gift you ever received? What is the best handmade gift someone has ever given you?



*I was not compensated for this post. I posted these ideas with permission for the enjoyment of my site readers. Any opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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Make Valentine’s Day Sweeter with Hershey’s (giveaway ends 2/5/14)



Everyone deserves a little something special on Valentine’s Day, even if you don’t have a significant other in your life.

I like to give a little something to my children to let them know that I love them on Valentine’s Day. Either I give them a goofy card or a candy heart.

My kids also like to give their friends something too (mostly my daughter – my son is too shy to give things to his friends that are girls). Since both of my kids are teenagers, Valentine’s Day cards are out of the question. That was so middle school (LOL). Even though they don’t give out cards anymore my daughter still likes to give something to her friends (both boys and girls). She currently doesn’t have a boyfriend (she “friend zones” every boy that likes her. Sigh…).

I love that Hershey’s makes individually wrapped candies especially for Valentine’s Day that have places on them where you can write “to” and “from”. They are perfect for giving out to classmates or attaching to Valentine’s Day cards. Hershey’s has even gone so far as to make the products in the shape of a heart too. Two examples would be their REESE’S Peanut Butter Cups and Twizzlers.


Reeces Peanut Butter Cups

These are great for handing out to classmates (and co-workers).

Jolly Ranchers are also made into heart shapes for the holiday. As you can tell my kids have already started to help themselves to the Jolly Ranchers (my husband too!). They are a popular candy with my family.

Jolly Ranchers

I also love how they dress up their products in Valentine’s Day colors (red, pink…) like Rolo’s and Kisses. They are two products that really can’t be made heart shaped for the holiday, but at least they can get “dressed up” in holiday colors.

Kisses and Rolos

Speaking of Hershey’s Kisses I LOVE! LOVE! LOVE the new Hershey’s Kisses Milk Chocolates Rose Cane. It’s a clear plastic cylinder filled with Hershey’s Kisses and topped with a plastic rose. I love this idea! This would be a sweet gift idea for young lovers, as well as old married folk like me. I think this would look super cute in a vase with a few other Rose Canes too.

Hersheys Rose Cane

My daughter wanted to make a cake and use some of the Hershey’s products. The one she really wanted to use was the solid milk chocolate heart.

Using a heart shaped pan (a review for that will be posted soon) she created a Valentine’s Day cake topped with a Hershey’s solid milk chocolate heart and Jolly Rancher Valentine’s Day gummy hearts.

She should have removed the wrapper from the chocolate heart. Oh well. I still think she did a great job.

Hershey's Valentines Cake

If you need some Valentine’s Day inspiration check out the Celebrate with Hershey’s website, www.CelebratewithHersheys.com. There you can find some truly delectable holiday recipes including these heart brownies which look SO GOOD! They are made with Hershey’s REESE’S Peanut Butter Chips and topped with an unwrapped  REESE’S Peanut Butter Filled Hearts.

Brownie Heart


The Cherry White Chip Brownies look good too.

Not only is the site stuffed with mouth-watering recipes, you can also find plenty of great seasonal/holiday related craft ideas. I make it a point to check the site often, especially around the major holidays, to see what new craft ideas they have come up with.

For Valentines Day there are several great gift ideas, from the romantic to special Valentine’s Day treats for a crowd.


Date Night

Valentine Heart

Rose Kisses

My favorite has always been the Hershey’s Kiss Roses (pictured above). I tried to make them once many years ago but goofed up. This was before the instructions were readily available. I plan on making them again some day. They are so pretty!

They would make great party and wedding favors too.

Easter is not that far away. Celebrate with Hershey’s already has some great Easter ideas for your consideration.




I keep the site bookmarked on my computer. It’s not only a great resource for recipes and crafts (including how-to videos), its also a great way to stay up to date on new Hershey’s products.

Hershey’s has generously offered to give a lucky reader an assortment of holiday candy. Thank you Hershey’s!

This giveaway is open to US residents only and will end on February 5, 2014 at 11:59 PM (EST) to make sure the candy arrives in time for the holiday. The winner will be chosen at random using a random number generator from all eligible entries. The winner will be notified via e-mail and will have three days to reply or a new winner will be chosen in their place.

To enter

For extra entries you can use the Rafflecopter widget (below) but you must complete the initial entry requirement (I do check) or the additional entries won’t qualify. Extra entries are optional.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.


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Creative Uses for Cans #CansGetYouCooking


Empty CanI love to browse my favorite boards on Pinterest. Not only is Pinterest a great source for amazing recipes, but it’s also a great place to go for some inspiration.

One of the many boards I follow belong to Cans Get You Cooking. They have several boards which all pertain to canned foods, from recipes to crafts and from storage solutions to amazing works of art.

I cook with canned goods pretty much every day – breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and/or snacks. My pantry, or should I say “cantry”, is filled with canned goods.

This time of year I stock up on canned foods. My worse fear is to run out of something during a snowstorm. I like to make sure I have more than enough including canned pet foods.

When I shop for canned goods I like to stock up on foods that you can eat “as is” (not warmed up). In the event of a electrical outage (which has happened during blizzards), canned foods are a must as well as a hand held can opener. My kids favorite “out of the can” food is spaghetti. It can be eaten and enjoyed at room temperature.

Other canned foods I make sure I have an ample supply of in my pantry in case of emergencies (blackouts) are canned fish (tuna and salmon), stew, soup, fruits and vegetables. You could make an entire meal out of canned goods in case of an emergency. For example, canned chicken, canned string beans, canned potatoes and canned peaches for dessert.

Canned Foods

Most canned goods have a long shelf life, however it’s a good idea to go through your pantry ever few months and use up anything that is about to expire and toss out anything that has expired. As you are doing this make note of what you have and what you need so that you can take advantage of sales.

Canned foods sometimes get a bad reputation. Some people think that canned foods are not as good for you as fresh fruits and vegetables. Studies have found that canned goods are just as good, if not better, than their fresh counterparts. A study done in 1997 by the University of Illinois Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition found that canned fruits and vegetables provide the same vitamins and dietary fiber as fresh foods.

Did you know that fruits and vegetables start to lose their nutritional value when they are picked? The longer it takes the consume them the less nutritional value they provide. Canned foods on the other hand are often packed immediately after they are picked/harvested – ensuring that all their vitamins and minerals are preserved with them.

As you can see, I am a “fan of the can”. :-) Of course having so many canned goods means that I have a lot of cans that need to be recycled. My family always recycles. I’m also all for re-purposing things too.

I was checking out the Cans Get You Cooking Pinterest boards looking for some new recipes to try out. They have an entire section just for crafts made out of re-purposed cans. You can find it on the Cans Get You Cooking Pinterest Page under “Amazing Can Works of Art”.

Here are a few examples of the fun things you can make out of cans. They have a lot more on their Pinterest page.

Cans Get You CookingIf you are planning on hosting a Super Bowl Party this year you should check out the Football cutlery holder made out of cans. They are very cute. Even my husband thought it was a great idea.

Don’t forget to check out their recipes too. They have a Pumpkin Chili recipe that I MUST try. Yummy!

Cans Get You Cooking Recipes

For more “Can-spiration” check out Cans Get You Cooking on both Facebook and on YouTube.

Are you a “fan of the can”? Do you stock up on canned goods, especially to hold you over during the winter months? Do you have a favorite recipe or craft made out of cans? Feel free to share your thoughts.



*I am participating in a blogger campaign and received a gift card to shop  for canned goods. There was no other compensation. The opinions expressed are my  own unless otherwise noted.

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