PEEPS… they’re just not for Easter baskets anymore


Our son at Easter time many years ago.

I have very fond memories of the Easter holiday from my youth. I miss the excitement of waking up Easter morning and racing my sister to the front door where the Easter Bunny left our baskets. Each year the baskets got better and better.

One year the Easter Bunny brought me a basket made out of solid chocolate – including the handle. The only non-edible thing in that basket was the grass and the packaging for some of the treats that were inside. Sadly, when I was taking it downstairs into the playroom (where I spent most of my time) I slipped and fell down the stairs, making the basket fall on the floor and shatter into a million pieces. I never had the change to enjoy it.

Easter was no Easter without a basket that contained marshmallow PEEPS. They were a staple in every Easter basket. My husband’s Easter was the same way. He never had a basket that didn’t contain PEEPS.

PEEPS have come a long way over the years. They used to come in bunnies and chicks in just a few colors (white, pink, yellow…). Now they are available in a rainbow of colors, a variety of flavors and even ones dipped in chocolate.

PEEPS are no longer just for Easter. PEEPS are available year round for most major holidays (Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Halloween…).

Here are some fun “creations” and recipes I have made over the years using PEEPS.

Adding a PEEP to a mug of hot chocolate is SO GOOD!!!!

Christmas S’mores

Cupcake “toppers” for Halloween

Celebrating the 4th of July with PEEPS!

PEEPS as a fun addition to a floral bouquet.

I used a gel icing tube to write out “Love You” and added a lollipop stick for a marshmallow lollipop.

I made a gift basket with holiday PEEPS using the plastic “sticks” they use in floral shops to hold cards.

Summer time means S’mores time! These were made for the 4th of July.

I think most people still think of PEEPS as an Easter thing. I went so far as to create an Easter basket made out of PEEPS. I think it turned out really good. Everyone who saw it loved it.

It was so easy to make and you can make one quickly and easily too. Why spend money on a pre-made basket from the local drug store when you can create something fun (and edible!) like this.

Pick up large PEEP packages (any flavor/variety). Tape them together (using clear tape) to form a “box” shape (four sides and one on the bottom). Then fill with “grass” (I used edible grass) and other treats.

I found the cutest plastic eggs at the local dollar store that looked like chicks. I filled them with jelly beans.

The plush PEEP bunny can be purchased from the Peep store. There you can find a fun array of PEEP related products including toys, home decor and of course PEEPS you can eat. PEEPS can also be found at many retail locations around the country.

I have a special discount code for the PEEPS store too. Keep reading for the code.

Here is the basket that I made.

A fun thing you can do with the plush PEEPS toys are to use them like you would an “Elf on a Shelf.” Pick up a PEEP bunny or chick and place it in different spots around your home. Tell your child/grandchild that he (or she) is keeping their eye on them, looking for good behavior, so they can report back to the Easter Bunny.

PEEPS are not only for crafts and recipes, they can also be used as an educational and science “tool.”

I am a big fan of Pinterest and I check out the site a few times each day. I came across a lot of super cool ideas that utilize PEEPS. I even found some that are great for STEM activities.

I also found some PEEP activities on the Teachers Pay Teachers website. One in particular looked like it could be fun for the kindergarten class I work with. It involved having the kids take home a PEEP (I was going to put them in snack sized bags to protect them) and taking care of the PEEP all week and documenting things (mostly drawing since the kids can’t really write yet). It reminded me of when my daughter had to take home a fake baby for her home economics class and write a report about it.

Sadly a health issue popped up that prevented me from following through with this activity. In fact, I had planned on doing a whole post about it.

If you are interested in learning more about what I had in mind you can find it here – PEEP Day: It’s a PEEP thing. You can also do a search on the site for more PEEP activities.

PEEPS are so much more than a fun treat.

I am also truly amazed at how far PEEPS have become. They keep coming up with mouth-watering new flavors.

Years ago I would have told you that PEEPS were a “kid” treat. Not anymore! PEEPS are for anyone who loves marshmallows. PEEPS are just as much for adults as they are for children. My husband and I love them I think more than our kids to (LOL). Our kids are 17 and 20 and they still enjoy them as much as they did when they were little.

It’s hard not to love those sweet, colorful, adorable bunnies and chicks.

PEEPS are available in flavors such as Sour Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch and Party Cake. They also available in “dipped” flavors such as Coconut, Orange, Lemon, Blueberry and Chocolate Mousse.

If someone wee to ask me what my favorite PEEP flavor is, it would be hard to pick just one. I like them all, but a few stand out to me the most including Party Cake, Sour Watermelon, and Orange Dipped.

If you are a fan of all things PEEPS then you’ll want to check out the PEEPS online at MarshmallowPEEPS.com. You can also check out their online store for A LOT of fun PEEPS products (pillows, plush, blankets…) and more at PEEPSandCompany.com. There you can also learn about other brands under the PEEPS “umbrella” including Mike & Ike, Hot Tamales and Peanut Chews. On both sites you can find more fun recipes and craft ideas using PEEPS.

You can save 25% off your order on the PEEPSandCompany.com website using the discount code “eastertreats.”

What is YOUR favorite PEEP? What do you like to do with them? Do you eat them, use them in recipes or something else? Feel free to share your thought in the comment section. I always love to hear from readers.


*I received free product samples to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 


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Get ready for spring with flirty florals and holiday decor


Spring! It’s FINALLY here, although you wouldn’t know it because right now it’s cold and dreary outside. That’s OK. I know that sunny skies and warmer temperatures are going to be here soon.

I’ve been ready for spring for weeks now. I have been slowly replacing items in my wardrobe with warmer weather items. I’ve packed away my boots, sweatpants and heavy coat. I more clothes around in my closet so current seasonal clothing is in the front (easier to access) and out of season clothing and accessories are in the back of the closet.

I have also been adding some spring-like decor around our home so that we can get into the warmer weather mindset. No more snowmen. Instead I have out my Easter bunnies and artificial (but very realistic looking) floral arrangements.

I LOVE! LOVE! LOVE shopping for seasonal decor at T.J. Maxx. It’s my “go-to” destination for decorations, accessories and more.

I haven’t had a chance to swing by my local T.J. Maxx yet, but last year I pick up some adorable Easter decorations for our home.

Are they not the cutest bunnies? I love them!

I’m excited to see what other goodies T.J. Maxx has for Spring/Easter this year. I was hoping to stop by this weekend but I’ve been “under the weather” for a while now and I haven’t been able to get out much except to go into work.

What I love about T.J. Maxx is that every time I visit they always have new items available. There is always something new to discover.

A word to the wise – if you see something you love don’t wait to buy it. It might not be available the next time you go.

T.J. Maxx doesn’t just have Easter decorations. They also have lovely decor for the spring as well as every day (non-seasonal) items, accessories and decor.

If you are looking to jazz up your spring wardrobe too, look no further than T.J. Maxx. T.J. Maxx is literally your “one stop shop” for home accessories, clothing, shoes, handbags and so much more.

I have been trying to lose weight. I have lost about 40+ pounds the past few months. I am about 34 pounds away from what I was when I got married. Yeah me!

My “goal” is to at least fit into something that doesn’t contain a lot of “X’s” in it (meaning no XXL, XXXL and so forth). I’ll even settle for just one “X” (XL), but ideally no X’s.

I have been hesitant to buy a new wardrobe because I am still trying to lose weight. Once I get to a comfortable place (I have a target weight in mind) I’ll donate my bigger clothes and shop for a new wardrobe. For the time being I am just buying a new article of clothing here and there when I need it.

When I do finally need to replace my wardrobe I am heading over to T.J. Maxx. There I can find fashionable, trendy clothing at great prices.

They even carry designer labels.

My daughter loves to come with me to T.J. Maxx so she can oogle over the designer bags. She’s a “bag-o-holic.” She can’t have enough bags. LOL!

To find a TJ Maxx location near you visit TJMaxx.com. You can also check out T.J. Maxx on social media.

Do you shop at TJ Maxx? Do you like to switch up your home’s decor to reflect the seasons? Are you looking to jazz up your spring wardrobe?


“I received a gift card in exchange for my participation. There was no other compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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T.J.Maxx and Marshalls Organizational Expert, Amelia Meena’s Tips for the New Year


new years date 2017 written in snow

It’s a new year – a time for new beginnings and positive changes.

Some people like to make resolutions. Popular resolutions include eat healthier, lose weight, exercise more, quit smoking and get organized. Some people also like to make changes, whether it’s a new wardrobe, a new haircut or simply add a few new piece of furniture or home decor to their home.

Here are some great tips to give your home a fresh start with room-by-room organization to help you start off the year with a clean slate. Check out stores like T.J.Maxx and Marshalls that have a variety of high quality furniture and home décor, all at amazing prices. Here are just a few ways to get organized and take charge of your space.

The Kitchen:

Tackle the mail pile and junk drawer head on by hanging a decorative magazine rack as a mail sorter. You can also hang multiple sorters in a row so each family member has a designated place to store on-the-go essentials.

If you have limited counter top space, consider purchasing an industrial style rolling stand to serve as a place to house your frequently used cookware. Look for one that also features a wine rack, so you can easily transition this piece to be used as a bar when entertaining guests. Stores like T.J.Maxx and Marshalls are great places to shop for quality kitchenware pieces at amazing prices.

Color code your kitchen to keep it looking neat and streamlined. Consider picking a monochromatic color scheme for your cookware and everyday essentials to help bring order among bulky pots and pans. 

With cooking and entertaining kicked into high gear now throughout the New Year, the best way to prime your kitchen for upcoming festivities is to focus on decluttering your counter space. Items used once a month or less should be kept on higher shelves or in the back of cabinets.

Restyle your pantry by creating continuity with all the same size and style food canisters. Consider using see-through or wired storage baskets for easy grab-and-go snacks.


The Living Room

To minimize the mess and maximize the cleanliness, choose an organizing approach that provides style and function. Select a piece of furniture with storage like a rustic-style trunk or classic ottoman to house cozy essentials, including extra blankets and throw pillows, that can also provide extra entertaining space or extra seating when guests are over.

In smaller areas, if you’re looking to add extra storage without the bulk, try a ladder shelf. It’s a great alternative to a standard book shelf, as the shelves narrow towards the top and keeps the room feeling more open. You can also use a decorative ladder as a way to display beautiful throw blankets versus taking up prime seating real estate on a couch. Places like T.J.Maxx and Marshalls have a wide variety of home furnishings that can transform any space at amazing prices.

To keep your coffee table tidy, try using a serving tray to house decor elements. Instead of stacking items like coffee table books, consider displaying them out in a neat grid and layering the rest of your pieces on top. If you want to opt for a more minimalist look, using a rectangular tray on a round table or ottoman creates an effective geometric style. I also recommend finding a decorative place such as a wooden jewelry box for utility pieces like remotes and electronics.


The Bedroom:

Your day begins and ends in the bedroom so it should be the most stress-free, relaxing room in the home. Beginning with the nightstand, invest in a sophisticated bedside table with drawers that provide a neat and organized spot for your nighttime needs. Limit the number of items on the top of your nightstand to two – three, focusing on your everyday essentials such as a lamp or clock and one decorative item like a fresh succulent, which serves as a calming accent piece.

If the surface area in your bedroom is scarce, use a wall-mounted jewelry hanger with a variety of hooks. For smaller-size jewelry like rings or pins, instead of using a bulky jewelry box, opt for small decorative bowls to store your go-to baubles.

Create a turnkey vanity space by using a stylish bar cart to display your favorite perfumes and make-up. You can find great accent furniture and décor at places like T.J.Maxx and Marshalls that can be repurposed to serve a different function than intended without compromising the quality and style.

A closet can easily become packed at the seams and cause unnecessary clutter, so to clear up storage space add stylish hooks to your bedroom walls to hang and display your favorite handbags or scarves during the cool winter months. 


The Home Office:

To keep a clean workspace, opt for a stylish file cabinet on wheels. This allows you to easily access important papers, but can also act as additional desk space when needed. Remember to also use labels and color coordinated folders to easily keep track of where your papers are stored to avoid creating a “catch all pile” on the top of your desk.  Check out the incredible home section at T.J.Maxx and Marshalls for high quality items at an incredible value.

Look up! Utilize your wall space to hang your to-do lists, calendar reminders and more. This trick helps to further declutter your desktop area, and keeps those important items top of mind. A letter organizer also serves as a great place to store notebooks in a designated area.

If space is tight and you can’t (or don’t need to) dedicate a whole room to act as a home office, use a credenza as a multifunctional piece of furniture to neatly disguise your work station when entertaining guests.


What do you think about these tips? Do you have any additional tips you would like to share? Feel free to leave a comment and share your tips.


*I have partnered with T.J Maxx/Marshalls to bring you this information. I will be receiving a gift card in exchange for my participation. 

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Deck your halls with beautiful decor from Tree Classics


Just a FEW of our holiday decorations.

Just a FEW of our holiday decorations.

When it comes to the holidays, I LOVE to decorate. I decorate every spot in my home – including the bathroom, kitchen and even our hallway/entrance way.

Just the other day we had a service man come over to repair something and he said he was impressed by how much decorations we had. He said his wife goes all out when it come to decorating too, but she had nothing on me.

I think our decorations are tasteful, fun and eclectic. I try not to be “tacky.” We do have a red velvet dog that reads “Merry Christmas” (it belonged to my husband’s parents) and the kitschy plastic light up Santa, but I consider those fun decorations, not tacky. Especially because they have a lot of memories attached to them.

We are one of the very few people who decorate our balcony in our condo complex. I’ve had people actually thank us for taking the time to decorate our balcony – even people who live in other parts of our complex who happen to drive  by our building. Those compliments always make me feel good.

Recently I was given the opportunity to try some new decorations – a wreath and garland from Tree Classics. Tree Classics makes the world’s finest artificial trees, wreaths and garland. They truly look real.

We’d love to have a real tree, but we worry about it being in direct light (it would have to be placed in front of our sliding glass doors) and with five cats and a dog, we shutter to think about them drinking the water for the tree. It’s bad enough they chew on our fake tree’s needles, let alone a real tree.

OK... our Star Wars "Death Star" tree topper MIGHT be seen as "tacky" to some people. But not to our (almost) life size Darth Vadar. He approves. LOL!

OK… our Star Wars “Death Star” tree topper MIGHT be seen as “tacky” to some people. But not to our (almost) life size Darth Vadar. He approves. LOL!

I do miss the look (and smell) of a real tree. Maybe some day we can have one again (I used to have a real tree growing up). Plus I love the idea of visiting a tree farm to cut down our own tree. I want to experience that one day.

We do have a wreath for our front door, but it’s made out of bent tree branches (I’m not sure if they are even real) and has caroling cats on the front. It’s cute, but that is about it.

Tree Classics sent me the most gorgeous wreath for our front door. I received to review their Venetian Elegance Christmas Wreath.

The Venetian Elegance Christmas Wreath and Garland are one of Tree Classics’ time-honored favorites. Decorated with pine cones, bronze ornaments, gold streaks, and red flowers, the wreath and garland create a festive ambiance that everyone will recall happily for years to come.

The Venetian Elegance Wreath is a beautiful all-weather wreath for both indoor and outdoor use. Sporting a mix of PVC and real pine needles, this wreath is made from flame-proof material that makes it safe to use during this most festive of holidays. The Venetian Elegance Christmas Garland is perfect for doorways or atop the mantel, and its sparkling clear lights will add a unique glow to your family’s holiday activities.

The one we have is HUGE. It’s 34″ and it fills up the entire door. It’s a wee bit bigger than I anticipated, but none the less it’s a gorgeous wreath. Simply stunning. All of our neighbors have complimented us on it and one even questioned if it was real or not.

Here it is on our front door.


This wreath lights up. It comes with white lights. All you need to do is add batteries to the battery pack. I intentionally left the area where the on/off switch and batteries are in the photo so you can see that it’s convenient to turn on/off. You don’t need to wrestle with it, unlike our Christmas tree. I can never find the on/off switch for the lights buried in the tree.

The on/off switch is to the bottom left where that white spot is on the wreath. Once the batteries are installed the battery box blends in with the wreath. You don’t see it unless you are looking for it.

I tried to get a good close up of the wreath so you can see the detail, but the photo didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped it would. It truly does look very real and the beautiful embellishments really add to this gorgeous wreath.


Sadly, I have found that putting the lights on is pointless. The lights in the hallway are always on (24/7) so the beautiful white lights on this wreath don’t really get noticed.

Next year when we decorate I am going to hang this wreath on the wall in our living room. It’s a blank wall for the most part (we do have one huge photo hanging on it). That way we can not only enjoy the wreath all the time, but also because we can turn the lights on and enjoy them as well.

Here is a photo of the wreath with the lights on (a much better, professional photo).


There are just enough lights to give it a bit of sparkle without going over board. A gorgeous wreath like this doesn’t need colorful or flashing lights. Simple, subtle white lights are all it needs. In fact, it’s so beautiful that it doesn’t need lights at all.

In addition to the lovely wreath I also received a 12′ strand of matching Venetian Elegance Christmas Garland, which also lights up. The garland needs to be plugged in.

Both the garland and this particular wreath – due to the fact they light up – are fine for indoor/outdoor use as long as they are not exposed to the elements too much outside.

An older photo of our balcony. We've since added a small tree and a lamp post.

An older photo of our balcony. We’ve since added a small tree and a lamp post.

Originally the garland was going to be wrapped around our balcony railing, but the raining does get exposed to the snow and rain, so I didn’t want to chance it.

We also considered wrapping it on the outside of our balcony doors, but we worried about the same thing. Snow and rain does reach that far, even though it’s covered. In addition, the condo board just put up new siding this past summer and they frown upon (and complain LOUDLY) if you attach anything to the building (nails, hooks…) so we opted to use the garland inside.

Our first choice was over the opening to the hallway (from the hallway to the living room) that way we could enjoy it all the time. Plus there is a plug in that area, so that worked out perfectly.

I purchased a few 3M Command Hooks (the kind you see advertised on TV). They don’t damage the wall, so we figured that would be the perfect way to hang the garland without adding nails to the wall.

I purchased hooks that would hold four pounds, figuring that was good for the garland (plus it was the heaviest ones I could find). We followed the direction to a tee, but when we went to hang the garland we found that the garland was too thick and wouldn’t fit in the hook part. No matter how we tried to get it to fit, it wouldn’t fit. It was also heavier than expected and two of the four hooks popped off the wall.

My husband needs to figure out another viable option for hanging the garland. In the meantime we hung it in the dining room around our window. It actually looks good there and we can enjoy it all the time since we can see into the dining room from the living room.

These photos turned out a bit better than the ones for the wreath.





I love the way it looks. I especially love how the light dances off the ceiling.

As you can see from the photos the garland is adorned with pine cones, flowers and other beautiful things.

The photos really don’t do this justice. You have to see it in person to truly appreciate it.

Both the wreath and garland (Venetian Elegance) are available in different sizes as well as without lights. They also have a variety of styles too. Here are just a few examples.

gra-dw-2t wrg1000-14-2t wrg1001-14-2t

Wreath and garland are each sold separately.

Tree Classics also carries tree toppers, tree skirts, ornaments, storage bags, lights, swag, stockings and of course – Christmas Trees! They even have trees that snap together quickly and easily.

To learn more about Tree Classics, or to check out their beautiful products, visit TreeClassics.com. You can also find the brand on social media. All of their links are found on the bottom of their website.

What do you think about the Tree Classics wreath and garland I received to review? Do they look like something you’d like for your home? Feel free to share your thoughts. I always love to hear from readers.



*I received free products to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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Celebrate Halloween with Teleflora’s NEW Trick & Treat Bouquet


halloween night

When you think about Halloween, what comes to mind? Candy? Costumes? Scary Movies? Flowers?


It’s true. Not too many people would think of beautiful floral “boo-quets” for the Halloween season, but that doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t be welcomed by a lucky recipient. A Halloween bouquet would also be lovely for a Halloween party. It would also be a great thing to send to someone who is a “shut in” and doesn’t get out often, or for people like my father and stepmother who don’t want to get fully decorated for Halloween, but would still like to have a few things around their home to celebrate the holiday.

Teleflora’s NEW Halloween bouquet that is perfect for decorating a spooky treat table or as a gift for your Halloween party hostess.

Teleflora’s NEW Trick & Treat Bouquet (Price starts at $54.95; available on Teleflora.com) makes the perfect decoration or gift! This bright and boo-tiful Halloween bouquet includes red spray roses, yellow sunflowers, orange daisy and burgundy spray chrysanthemums, curly willow, orange berries, and yellow oak leaves. The bouquet arrives ready to enjoy in an adorable pumpkin keepsake container…ideal for candy or other fun treats, offering long-lasting enjoyment.

Teleflora was kind enough to send me the bouquet to check out for myself. If you follow me on Instagram (SheScribes) you might have already seen a picture of it.

I have the Trick & Treat Bouquet sitting on our dining room table as a centerpiece. It’s surrounded by autumn leaf garland and autumn themed candles. Our skeleton is also seated at our table, so “pretty” and “creepy” theme going on.


I absolutely LOVE the fall colors in this bouquet. The flowers are beautiful and the colors are ideal for the fall season with the bright reds, oranges and yellows.

Mine looks a wee bit different than the one featured on the Teleflora website, but that is OK. Each one is handmade when ordered, so there are always going to be slight variations. Mine didn’t have the berries or the leaves in the bouquet, and the bats are not hanging the same way (mine are sitting on a clear, plastic pick). But that’s OK. It’s still just as lovely.


Check out just how gorgeous the flowers are in this arrangement.










I LOVE the pumpkin container too. I plan on using it as a decoration on my kitchen counter (and hiding some candy inside for me. LOL!).

Believe it or not, Teleflora has a lot of beautiful Halloween themed arrangements. Here are just a few.

t12h120c t176-1a t176-2a t177-1a

The spider one is adorable.

The Halloween arrangements will be available until October 31st. If you are interested in a bouquet for your Thanksgiving holiday table, no worries. Teleflora has plenty of Thanksgiving themed ones to choose from as well.

Teleflora has arrangements for every holiday, season and occasion. They also have a variety of options so that you can find one that fits your budget.

If you would like to see what else Teleflora has to offer, or check out their beautiful and whimsical Halloween arrangements, visit Teleflora.com. They even have same day delivery and a “Deal of the Day” worth checking out.

You can also check out Teleflora on social media. All of their links are found at the bottom of their website.

What do you think about these not-so-spooky arrangements? Would you like to have a Halloween themed bouquet for your home?



*I received a free product sample to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 


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Boo… Frightfully fun Halloween decor from Oriental Trading



I LOVE to decorate for the holidays. It’s one of my favorite things to do. Our basement storage area is mostly filled with holiday and seasonal decorations. Only a corner of our storage space is filled with miscellaneous stuff.

Each year I love to get new pieces to decorate with so that I can rotate things around so that we are not using the same decorations all the time. There are a few things we make sure to put out year after year (mostly ones with sentimental attachments). Other things we put out every other year so that we never have the same display on our balcony or in our home year after year.

Decorations can be expensive, unless you know where to shop. One affordable place to shop for not only Halloween decorations, but also costumes, treats and party supplies, is Oriental Trading.

I have been shopping at Oriental Trading for years, ever since my kids were little. I used to buy gifts for their classmates from Oriental Trading. I found them to be a great resource for affordable, quality items – especially if you need to buy thing in bulk. Of course not all things are sold in bulk. The newest additions to our Halloween collection are sold individually.

This year we added three new eerie (and fun!) Halloween decorations from Oriental Trading.


One of my favorite is the Standing Mummy (item #IN-13709676). He is so creepy looking! He’s also life size (he’s actually taller than me when he’s standing on his stand).


Space is something that we don’t have a lot of in our home, or in the storage room. What I love about the Mummy is that he comes apart easily and can be stored in a regular storage box. His upper torso and head are made out of Styrofoam, as is his feet. The rest of the body are metal rods that come apart when you are ready to pack him away.

He looks pretty realistic too.

If you follow me on Instagram (SheScribes) you might have seen the post I made about the Mummy.


Another fun Halloween decoration we added to our creepy collection is the Ivory Hanging Angel of Death (Itam #IN-13576234).

This Halloween decoration is light weight and could be hung from the wall, ceiling or on our case, attached to the railing on our balcony.

The Angel of Death has bendable wings so that you can configure it to your liking.

It’s approximately 36″ in length, but most of that is the robe that it’s wearing, which is made out of a gauze like material.

He/She is pretty creepy looking. I love it!


We have a similar hanging decoration, also from Oriental Trading. The other one is a Light Up Hanging Reaper (Item #IN-13636867).

The Hanging Reaper measures 63″ in length, but most of that is his robe.

The Hanging Reaper’s eyes glow red, but he requires 3 AG watch batteries, which are not included. There is a set up on it to let you know what it will look like when the eyes light up, but that part has to be removed when you add the batteries. Right now we don’t have batteries in it only because I haven’t had a chance to pick them up. I will before Halloween comes around.

Currently the Hanging Reaper is leaning over our balcony, staring at people who walk up the stairs and on the balcony in front of our building.


All three items from Oriental Trading are hanging up (or standing) on our balcony. I tried to get a good picture of them but it wasn’t easy with the cellphone camera (my regular camera is broken).


You can see the Light Up Hanging Reaper on the left corner (it almost looks like he’s smiling) and the Angel of Death in the middle. Just behind the Angle of Death you can see the Mummy.


Above is another shot of our balcony (further away). You can see the Grim Reaper, Angel of Death and Mummy. I do believe the other black creepy figure on the other corner is also from Oriental Trading. In fact, a lot of Halloween decorations in our home are from Oriental Trading.

If you would like to see what other Halloween products available from Oriental Trading (decorations, costumes, party supplies, trick-or-treat goodies), visit their Halloween page. You can also visit OrientalTrading.com.

Oriental Trading is also found on social media. All of their links are found on their website.

What do you think of our new decorations? Are they the kind of decorations you use to decorate your home for Halloween?



*I received free products to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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