Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War trailer now available


Captain America Civil War

Are you a fan of the Captain America films, Marvel films and/or Marvel comics? If you are you might be excited about the new Marvel’s Captain America film coming out next year called Civil War. The new films puts Captain America against Tony Stark’s Iron Man.

Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War finds Steve Rogers leading the newly formed team of Avengers in their continued efforts to safeguard humanity. But after another incident involving the Avengers results in collateral damage, political pressure mounts to install a system of accountability, headed by a governing body to oversee and direct the team. The new status quo fractures the Avengers, resulting in two camps—one led by Steve Rogers and his desire for the Avengers to remain free to defend humanity without government interference, and the other following Tony Stark’s surprising decision to support government oversight and accountability. Get ready to pick a side and join the nonstop action playing out on two fronts when Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War opens in U.S. theaters on May 6, 2016.

Check out the trailer.


It looks REALLY good. I’m looking forward to seeing it and find out what happens.

The film stars

Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Emily VanCamp, Don Cheadle, Jeremy Renner, Chadwick Boseman, Paul Bettany, Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Rudd, Frank Grillo, with William Hurt and Daniel Brühl.

If you would like to learn more about the film visit Marvel.com/CaptainAmerica. You can also “like” Captain America on Facebook and follow on Twitter (@CaptainAmerica). In addition you can check out Marvel (@Marvel) on Instagram.

What do you think about the film? Whose side would you be on – Captain America or Iron Man?

Marvel Logo


*I was not compensated for this post. I posted this for the enjoyment of my site readers.

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Movie Review: A Christmas Horror Story


A Christmas Horror Story DVD Cover

Available today on Blu-ray and DVD is A Christmas Horror Story.

This time of year people are thinking about fun, family friendly, heart-warming holiday movies. The word “horror” doesn’t normally come to mind when you think about Christmas movies.

I’m a fan of the horror genre. I enjoy horror movies year round. I was surprised to learn about a horror film that was based upon the beloved holiday of Christmas.

A Christmas Horror story is actually several stories woven into one movie. They are all inter-connected and they all happen on Christmas Eve.

The film starts off with Santa covered in blood and a huge gash across his face. There is something evil trying to bang down the doors, but you won’t find out what it is until the end of the film.

During the course of the film you’ll see the story line involving Santa and the zombie elves.

One of Santa’s elves gets sick – the point where he dies. But Santa’s elves DON’T die.

A Christmas Horror Story Screen Shot Zombie Elf

It turns out the elf was infected and he comes back to life, turning the other elves into killer zombies too.

In another story we learn about a Police Officer who is taking a break from his job after a horrific murder scene he went to a year earlier on Christmas Eve.

The Police Officer takes his family out to chop down a Christmas tree. He knowingly and willingly trespasses on someone’s land and steals a Christmas tree for his family. He knew he was breaking the law. He should have never had gone there.

After his family chops down a tree and they are taking it back to their truck, the couple’s son goes missing. They find him but he doesn’t seem right. There is something different about him. Something his parents should be very afraid of…

In another story three teenagers go to investigate the site of the grisly murder that happened a year earlier on Christmas Eve (the same murder scene the Police Officer investigated).

The murder happened at a Catholic school, downstairs in the basement where unwed teenage mothers delivered their babies. They were hidden in the basement so no one could see them.

A Christmas Horror Story Screen Shot 2 School Teens

One young mother claimed to have became pregnant through immaculate conception. She was one of the residents in the basement area until she killed herself trying to abort her baby.

Creepy things are going on in the basement, which makes it even scarier for the teens when they find that they are locked down in the basement and there is no way out.

In another story a family visits a spooky elderly relative. Their great aunt kicks the family out after their son purposely breaks a strange looking figurine that looked a lot like Satan (part man, part goat). On their way back home they have a car accident and have to walk through the woods at night to find their way back to their relative’s house. The only problem is they are not alone in the woods. Something is following them.

In between the stories there is a story line involving William Shatner as a local DJ (I believe he’s the grandfather of the family who got into the car accident, mentioned above). He loves Christmas and is thrilled to be playing his favorite holiday tunes. He goes on to talk about how wonderful this time of year is (all while enjoying spiked egg nog).

The weather man from the radio station appears to be having a very bad day. He leaves abruptly to go to the mall to help with a food drive.

As the DJ’s story line progresses he talks about something tragic that happened at the mall, but he doesn’t go into much detail about it. All viewers know is that the Police were there and there was a hostage situation.

William Shatner A Christmas Horror Story DJ Story Line

Throughout the movie viewers go in and out of each story line. I like the way the filmmakers did that because they flow together nicely. I also think it’s interesting that all the stories are some how connected with each other and they all take place on Christmas Eve.

Some parts of the film were predictable, however the ending of the film totally blew our minds (mine and my husband’s). We did NOT see that coming. The ending pulls all of the stories together and you will never, ever anticipate the ending. Bravo to the filmmakers for doing a great job with that.

The movie wasn’t scary for die hard horror movie fans, like myself. I did jump out of my seat at one part because I didn’t see it coming.

There is a lot of gore, but not as bad as it could be – thankfully. There are zombie elves heads being split into to, someone losing a hand and plenty of blood.

There is a lot of foul language in this film. I could have done without that. They could have done this film WITHOUT the foul language.

There is no nudity, but there are sexual situations. This is another thing the movie could have done without. NOTE TO FILMMAKERS – you CAN make a film WITHOUT sex, nudity and/or foul language.

A Christmas Horror Story Screen Shot Krampus

The special effects are really cool. Again, kudos to the filmmakers. Their Krampus character (pictured above) was really cool looking – right down to his awesome “six-pack” abs. LOL!

I asked my husband for his thoughts on the film, and he replied (and I quote), “Weird. It was just so weird.” I have to agree with him. The movie was weird, but very entertaining at the same time. There wasn’t really any slow parts, and the film keeps you guessing what it going to happen right under the very end. Again, you’ll NEVER expect the ending.

This is NOT a film for children. I would give it an “R” rating because of the foul language, sexual situations and graphic horror. You will NOT find a jolly St. Nick, cuddly reindeer and merry elves in this movie.

There is a bonus feature on the DVD version of the film (the version I have) which gives you a behind the scenes look at the making of the film and how the film went from an idea to an actual movie.

I have to say this film was fun to watch and very entertaining.

Look for A Christmas Horror Story where ever movies are sold.

Here is the trailer for your entertainment.



*I received a free screener copy in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinons expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Nat Geo Wild 10 Days of Thanksgiving begins November 26, 2015



Can you believe that this Thursday is Thanksgiving? Where did the time go? It seems like only yesterday we were cranking up the AC and making plans on what we were going to do for summer vacation. Now our thoughts have turned to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, the official start to the holiday season and what do with all of the leftovers from dinner.

After you have stuffed yourself more than then the turkey you just devoured, you’ll probably want to sit back, relax, and watch some great entertainment while your body digests all that yummy goodness. Some people put on football. Others look for something the entire family can enjoy.

Nat Geo WILD has some great programming that kicks off on November 26th (Thanksgiving Day). They are hosting a DisneyNature movie marathon.

I am a huge fan of DisneyNature films. I own most of them (I had to add them to my family’s movie collection). There are a few films I still need to add.

Starting at 1:00 PM (EST) / 12:00 (CST), Nat Geo WILD will host four beautiful DisneyNature films.

Deep Blue – Discover creatures of the deep that most people will never have the opportunity to see up close including majestic whales, adorable penguins, seals, polar bears and some of the weirdest deep sea dwellers you’ll ever see.

I had the opportunity to see this film (screener). Wow! It just blew my mind. Watching Deep Blue made me realize just how itty bitty each person is compared to this ginormous planet we live on.

There are some pretty amazing creatures that call the ocean home. Some I’d like to see up close and others – NEVER! Most especially the deep sea dwellers (where sunlight can’t reach).

There is a section featuring crabs that I found interesting, comical and creepy all at the same time.


Chimpanzee – This is a delightful film about chimpanzee’s and how they are more like humans than you would believe. They can form close bonds, just like people do. Chimpanzee follows the life of a Oscar, a baby chimp who gets separated by his mother, and who is able to form a deep, loving bond with another (elderly) chimp name Freddy.

The Crimson Wings: Mystery of the Flamingos – This is one of the DisneyNature films that I do not own (yet), nor have I ever seen it. It’s the story about a million crimson-winged flamingos who live, breed and continue the circle of life in a desolate location called Lake Natron in Northern Tanzania. I’m looking forward to finally having the opportunity to see this film. This film came out in between Earth (2007) and Oceans (2009).

Wings of Life – This is the other DisneyNature film that I have not seen yet or own. The film gives viewers and intimate look into the lives of butterflies, bees, hummingbirds and even flowers. I love butterflies. I find them fascinating – especially how Monarch Butterflies migrate. I can’t wait to see this film either.

In case you miss any of the films they will be re-aired later on in the evening.

Friday (November 27, 2015) kicks off Big Cat Week with a line up of amazing programming.

I think all Big Cats (Lions, Tigers, Leopards, Cheetahs…) are beautiful, but I find Tigers especially magnificent.


Check out the program line up for Big Cat Week.


Cougars Undercover

Premieres Friday, Nov. 27, 9/8c

This is the moving story of two mountain lion mothers raising their cubs, each trying to survive the harsh conditions of a bitter winter season outside of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Never-before-seen video captures the playful, intimate and sometimes tragic lives of these two families — part of a groundbreaking study by Panthera’s Teton Cougar Project. This is the most intense study of mountain lions ever conducted in the U.S., and the research raises some key questions. Are these cats the solitary hunters we previously thought? Why is their population dropping in the Rockies? The answers are fascinating and the stunning portrayal of the highs and lows of daily life will keep you glued to the story.

I had the opportunity to screen this special.

I understand that the cats needed to be “tagged” to be studied, but it broke my heart to see them wearing big, bulky collars.

These are amazing creatures, and I am happy that I had the opportunity to learn more about them (their spotted cubs are adorable!). If you like big cats you won’t want to miss this special. Check out the trailer (below).


Safari Live

Premieres Friday, Nov. 27 – Sun, Nov. 29, 11/10c

Premieres Sat, Nov. 28 – Fri, Dec. 4, 9a/8c (two-hour morning specials)

Now there’s no passport required to go on the trip of a lifetime to see big cats up close and personal. We provide you with two expert guides who will lead the way to stunning wildlife, in real time. You can follow along with our online bingo game to win your very own African safari, and even reach out to the guides to ask questions via email and Twitter. All you need is an appetite for adventure and a love for our wild friends in the African bush. We’ll go deep into South Africa’s Sabi Sands Park and come face to face with the best of Africa’s wildlife, including lions, leopards, elephants, buffalo and many more.

Visit www.WildSafariLive.com to play Safari Bingo for your chance to win the most amazing trip of a lifetime!

Safari Live is a live event, so no video preview available. 

The Lakeshore Killers

Premieres Saturday, Nov. 28, 9/8c

Deep in the heart of Africa, three male lions are coming into their prime with much to prove. They must forge strong bonds with a new pride and navigate the dangers of this unique wilderness, competing with hippos and crocodiles, to become true pride males and rulers of this land. We get a bird’s-eye view of their survival tactics, including adapting their hunting skills in surprising ways.


Cat Fight

Premieres Sunday, Nov. 29, 9/8c

A special edition of the popular series Animal Fight Night, Cat Fight reveals the secret tactics of the animal kingdom’s most ferocious feline fighters and brings you closer than ever before to adrenaline-packed fights from Africa, the Americas and beyond. Watch lions fighting tooth and claw to protect their pride from outsiders, and tigers fighting for rights to a hunting ground. In Africa, the big cats of the savannah go head-to-head with their ultimate enemy — the hyena.


The Ultimate Predator

Premieres Sunday, Nov. 29, 10/9c

It is said that the lion is king of beasts, but is he alone? There are 41 species of cat — the embodiment of feline grace and power, spectacular top predators that command our respect. But who is The Ultimate Predator, the one to rule them all? They have a lot in common, including elegance, agility, strength, heightened senses, silent feet and the killer instinct. So which of them has what it takes to be a top cat — the giant tiger, the powerful jaguar, the speedy cheetah or the socialite lion? Tune in to find out and learn all about your favorite cats.


To finish up this amazing line up of programming, Nat Geo WILD will finish off the 10 Days of Thanksgiving on December 6, 2015 with Wild Yellowstone (9:00 EST/8:00 CST).

Wild Yellowstone

Finishing off Nat Geo WILD’s 10 Days of Thanksgiving with whole new look at Yellowstone, from the producers of “The Art of Flight.” Wild Yellowstone took two years to film and features cutting-edge film making, drone use, time-lapse and infrared technology to capture scenes that we’ve never seen before. The film kicks off a cross-network 100th anniversary celebration of America’s national parks. The series continues on National Geographic Channel with 8 hours of programming throughout 2016. The two-hour event includes a visit in summer and in freezing winter, an extraordinary world of fire and ice, ever changing and always testing its animal inhabitants.

Yellowstone National Park is one of our countries great parks that I would love to visit someday.

There are actually two episodes airing back to back. One is called Frozen Frontier and the other is called Grizzly Summer. I had the opportunity to view both of them.

Warning… you’ll need a cup of hot cocoa (or two!) when watching Frozen Frontier. Brrrr!!! I’m amazed that living creatures can survive such harsh conditions.


Grizzly Summer does feature a lot of bears, but it also touches upon other creatures that call Yellowstone home. It shows how their lives are in the Spring/Summer months after a long, harsh winter.

I would not recommend either episode for young children. There are several cases of animals being hunted down and killed by other animals for food, fighting and animals eating other animals.

It’s amazing to think that all of this happens in one state park. Yellowstone seems as big as a country – not a park.

These are must see specials. Be sure to mark your calendar or set your Tivo so you don’t miss out.

For more information about these and other Nat Geo WILD programs visit NatGeoWild.com. You can also check them out on Facebook (NatGeoWILD) and Twitter (@NatGoeWild).

Will you be watching any (or all) of these shows? Which one sounds the most interesting to you? Be sure to leave a comment and share your thoughts. I always love to hear from readers.

Nat Geo Wild Logo


*I received free screeners and other goodies from Nat Geo WILD in order to do this review and in exchange for this post. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Get Ready for Your Family’s Holiday Movie Night with New Holiday Titles (giveaway ends 11/28/15)


Family Movie Time

Are you ready for chilly nights snuggled under a fuzzy blanket, sipping hot cocoa, and enjoying a entertaining holiday movie? Me and my family sure are. Even though it’s not yet Christmas time, we’re already planning on which movies we plan on watching first. We have dozens of holiday movies and specials that we MUST watch each holiday season.

I love watching holiday movies. Even ones that are not considered “classic.” They are still fun to watch and a great way to get into the holiday spirit.

Here are two movies you might want to consider adding to your family’s holiday movie collection. Each film is available for purchase.

Christmas Trade key art

Christmas Trade

Mitch Taylor, is a workaholic attorney and widowed dad to a 12 year-old son, Robbie.  Lately, Mitch is in way over his head, trying to be a dad, pease his hard-edged boss and make partner, while juggling an impatient girlfriend. His son Robbie has problems of his own.  The school bully has made Robbie his latest target, he is trying not to be a total nerd in front of the girl he likes, and to make things worse, he was cast as lead role in the Christmas Pageant unwillingly. Robbie really want his dad to go out of his way this year to make Christmas all it’s cracked up to be. Mitch and Robbie definitely think the other has it pretty easy—until a mysterious toy causes them to switch bodies. They are forced to find out what it’s like to spend the holidays in each other’s shoes. Stars Denise Richards (Starship Troopers), Tom Arnold (True Lies) and Billy Baldwin (Backdraft).

Here is the trailer for your enjoyment.


This film is a lot like Freaky Friday, but with a holiday spin to it.

Because the film is a lot like Freaky Friday, it’s a bit predictable, but it’s fun to watch none-the-less.

I was surprised to see Denise Richards in this film. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen her in something. Billy Baldwin on the other hand seems to pop up a lot in made for television movies.

The toy bear in the movie is a little creepy when he’s making the characters swap lives, but nothing that would scare anyone (he’s a bit creepy looking to begin with – LOL).

This film could be enjoyed by people of all ages, making it a fun movie for Family Movie Night.

This film could also lend it’s self to an interesting discussion about how other people’s lives might not be as easy as they look. There are days I wish I could be a kid again, but then I see the stuff they are learning in school (Common Core Math – YIKES!!!) and it makes me grateful to be an adult. Meanwhile, my daughter thinks she has it so hard going to college and working – that is until she finds out how much it costs to have a car (payment, gas, insurance, maintenance), her own cellphone plan and other bills. It makes her realize how much WE do as adults/parents.


A Christmas Tail

Starring Antonio Cupo (American Mary), Chandra West (White Noise), Tiera Skovbye (The Unauthorized Save By The Bell Story) and newcomer Beamer Wigley, the touching film captures the significance of love, friendship and most importantly, family.

After visiting a local animal shelter, single mom Maggie (West) adopts an adorable Labrador Retriever for her son, Ethan (Wigley). But complications soon arise as they discover their new pet was mistakenly placed at the pound after losing his original family; bachelor-dad Jack (Cupo) and his daughter, Olivia (Skovbye). Deciding to share the dog,  the foursome spends quality time together and realize they may have more in common than just their canine companion.

Check out the film’s brief trailer.

Holiday movie + cute dog = wonderful to watch.

I love holiday movies. I love movies with animals in it. When you combine the two you know it’s going to be a heart warming movie.

I found this film to be very sweet and charming. The dog really steals the show. Whenever he’s in a scene it makes you want to go “awww….” because he’s so cute!

This is a delightful film for family members of all ages – both young and old. Little ones will enjoy watching the dog while older children and adults will enjoy the story line.

This is a sweet film that I really enjoyed. Even my husband said it “not bad” (some guys might think it’s a “chick flick,” but I don’t see it that way).

Look for Christmas Trade and A Christmas Tail where ever movies are sold.


Cinedigm would like to give a lucky reader a copy of BOTH films as well as an adorable plush teddy bear and a holiday toy for your dog. 

This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only and will end on November 28, 2015. The winner will be chosen at random using a random number generator from all eligible entries. The winner will be notified via email and will have three days to reply or a new winner will be chosen in their place.

To enter please comment on this post and tell me why you’d like to win this giveaway – OR – which of the holiday movies in this post would you most like to see?

For extra entries you can use the Rafflecopter widget (below) but you must complete the initial entry requirement or the additional entries won’t qualify.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


*I received free screener copies of the films to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. Cinedigm will be providing the prize. 

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My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 coming to theaters March 25, 2016



Have you ever seen the film My Big Fat Greek Wedding? It was in theaters back in 2002. I remember it well because it was my mother in law’s favorite movie. When she received the DVD as a gift she watched it over and over and over again.

Did you know that the film was produced by Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson?

Now the hit comedy film has a sequel, appropriately named My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. It’s coming to theaters on March 25, 2016.

Gold Circle Entertainment and HBO present a Playtone production of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, the long-awaited follow-up to the highest-grossing romantic comedy of all time.  Written by Academy Award® nominee Nia Vardalos, who stars alongside the entire returning cast of favorites, the film reveals a Portokalos family secret that will bring the beloved characters back together for an even bigger and Greeker wedding.

Kirk Jones (Nanny McPhee, Waking Ned Devine) directs the next chapter of the film that will be once again produced by Rita Wilson and Playtone partners Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman.  Paul Brooks and Steve Shareshian return to executive produce alongside Vardalos and Scott Niemeyer.  Universal Pictures will distribute the comedy domestically and in select international territories.

Check out the film’s trailer.


It looks really funny. I LOVE how the original cast members are back. I don’t think the movie would be the same without them.

I wonder if Windex can fix all the problems they encounter in the sequel. Ha Ha.

If you would like to learn more about the film check out the official Website. You can also “like” the film on Facebook and follow the film on Instagram and Twitter. The official hashtag is #MyBigFatGreekWedding2.

What do you think about the new film? Do you think you’ll see it? Are you a fan of the original film? Do you have a favorite scene or character? Feel free to share your thoughts.



*I was not compensated for this post. I posted this for the enjoyment of my site readers.

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Movie Review: The Hallow


The Hallow Movie Poster

I am a big fan of the horror movie genre. I have been since I was a young girl. I grew up watching classic horror movies staring Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and Vincent Price. None of their movies scared me.

When I was younger the only movie that scared me was The Deadly Mantis (1957). In my defense I’ve always been afraid of Praying Mantis. I was attacked by one (it jumped on me as if it was attacking me). Plus I was 12 at the time, it was dark and I was home alone.

Other films, such as Friday the 13th (the original) and Prophecy (1979), made me a bit reluctant to go into the woods – especially camping which is something I did with my cousins when I was younger. I also don’t like to look outside windows at night (with drawn curtains) just in case there is a pair of glowing red eyes lurking on the other side (compliments of the original Amityville Horror).

These days horror movies are more about the blood, guts and gore then an actual story line. I’ve even seen horror movies that had more sex and nudity in them then stuff or situations meant to scare you. Horror movies these days are more of a joke then anything else.

Recently I watch a horror move with my husband that piqued my interest. I saw the trailer for it and the trailer looked good. Sadly I have seen plenty movies (not just horror movies) where the trailer looked really good but the movie was a flop. I think sometimes movie makers put the BEST parts of the film in the trailer and the rest of the film is just a waste.

The trailer I saw was for a movie named The Hallow. It’s current not available on Blu-ray or DVD, but it is available on VOD (Video on Demand) and will be in select theaters in New York City (11/6/15) and in Los Angeles (11/11/15).

Check out the trailer and see for yourself how interesting the film looks.


Looks really good, doesn’t it? That is why I have been anxious to obtain a screener of the film. Since the first time I saw the trailer I wanted to see this film.

Deep within the darkness of secluded forest land in rural Ireland dwells an ancient evil. Feared by the nearby superstitious villagers as cursed creatures who prey upon the lost, their secrets have been kept from civilization and remain on their hallowed ground. But when a conservationist from London moves in with his wife and infant child in order to survey the land for future construction, his actions unwittingly disturb the horde of demonic forces. Alone in a remote wilderness, he must now ensure his family’s survival from their relentless attacks.

With his feature debut, acclaimed visual stylist Corin Hardy displays an innate talent for the macabre, approaching the medium with a cocksure confidence in his construction of the modern horror fable. Relying upon a precise and layered technical elegance, The Hallow seethes with an uncommonly sophisticated terror that uncoils effortlessly into an atmosphere of disquieting intensity and primal dread.

I am happy to report that the film IS good. Die hard horror movie fans won’t be too scared, but for those who jump out of their seats when things unexpectedly pop up on the screen – you’ll be doing a lot of jumping. LOL!

The film started out a bit slow. That is true for most movies anyway. Initially we were not even sure what was going on. We just knew the family moved to the remote forest location and that the husband was marking off trees that were diseased (or dead). I guess my husband and I both missed something in the beginning of the film.

The film had two things in it that I am not fond of seeing in horror movies – babies and animals. I don’t want to see either one hurt or killed. One of them doesn’t make it (I won’t say who, but I’m sure you can guess).

As far as special effects goes, this film is great. The creatures are truly horrifying. If I saw them coming at me in a dark forest I think I would die of fright right there and then.

The Hallow Screen Shot 5

I like that you never knew when something was going to pop up on screen. This film wasn’t that predictable. I mean, you kind of figured out the ending, but the rest of the film was not predictable at all.

The story line was a bit hard to comprehend. I get that it was sacred ground and that woodland “fairies” stole children. These fairies are NOTHING like our beloved Tinker Belle. These ones are scary to look at.

There wasn’t nudity or sex (thankfully) and surprisingly there was not a lot of blood, guts and gore. The horror was more in the creatures popping up when least expected than people getting torn to shreds. I found this refreshing. This film is possible that you can make a horror film without sex, nudity, blood, guts and too much gore. The horror is more in the unknown and anticipation than anything else.

You’ll also find yourself yelling at the screen. LOL! At least I did.

As a dire hard horror fan, I was impressed by this film and I am glad that I had the opportunity to see it.

I do not know at this time if there will be bonus features when the film is available on Blu-ray and/or DVD.

Look for The Hallow on Video on Demand. If you are in the Los Angeles or New York City area look for showings at local theaters.

The Hallow Screen Shot 2


*I received a free screener copy in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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