Super comfy and fashionable shoes from Aerosoles



When I was a stay at home/work from home mom I didn’t worry about the shoes I wore. I had a pair of sneakers and a pair of winter boots. That was all I needed. I just needed something to run errands, shop and take my kids to/from school, friend’s homes and activities.

I returned back into the workforce last year after being a stay at home/work from home mom for almost 18 years – yes, YEARS! Needles to say it took a lot of getting used to. I suddenly had to be someplace at a specific time, answer to someone else, drive in inclement weather and learn to balance work and home (plus blogging).

I had to revamp my wardrobe too. No more “knock around the house” clothes. I needed things that were professional looking, yet comfy to wear. The job I had required me to be on the floor a lot (playing with children). My new job requires that I play with kids too, just not on the floor (they are older children).

Thankfully I am still able to wear sneakers, but since I am dressing a bit nicer I need shoes that are professional looking, fashionable and most importantly comfortable.

One of my favorite brand for such shoes is Aerosoles. My new favorite, especially for the fall season, is their shoe called “Lantern.” Lantern is available in a variety of colors/patterns.

Aerosoles Lantern

I’m a simple person so I like things that will go with most of my wardrobe. For that reason I opted to get Lantern in basic black.

According to the brand;

A cushy, scored sole and a memory foam footbed offer you a platform of cool comfort in this 1½” wedge slip-on loafer we’ve dubbed Lantern. Versatility galore so you can wear this style with everything. Stitch ’N Turn technology gives you a feeling of the greatest flexibility when you step.

What I like about these shoes is that they are SO COMFORTABLE. They were comfortable from the first time I slipped them on my feet. Unlike other shoe that need to be “broken in” before they feel comfortable. Aerosoles shoes are always comfortable from the very first step (providing you are wearing the correct size/width for your foot of course).

You can feel the memory foam footbed. It’s like walking on a pillow. It’s great for people who are on their feet a long time. The footbed also has a sueded sock and lining to add even more luxurious comfort when you are wearing the shoes.

Aerosoles shoes have a unique “diamond flex sole,” which helps to disperse friction away from your feet which also adds to them being so comfortable.

The shoes are also flexible which means you can comfortably stand on your tippy toes if you need to. Being “vertically challenged” (aka – short) I find that I often have to stand on my toes to reach things. These shoes are flexible/bendy enough to allow me to do what I need to do in comfort, as well as the shoes remaining on my feet and not sliding off.

Shoe 2

Shoe 3

Diamond Flex soles

Shoes 1

I like these shoes not only for their amazing comfort, but also because they are great for both casual and dressy occasions. You can easily wear these shoes to work and then out to dinner or drink with friends. They are also perfectly fine to run errands or go shopping. They are a very versatile shoe and style.

They have a thick sole which gives you a wee bit of height too. Not much, but much more than wearing a flat.

I also like that I can wear these barefoot, with stockings or socks. Like I said, they are versatile.

These are just one of many great shoe options from Aerosoles. Whether you are looking for flats, sneakers, sandles, boots or heels – Aerosoles has the shoe for you. They have so many wonderful colors, styles and designs to choose from.

For more information about these and other shoes visit www.Aerosoles.com. You can also find the brand on Facebook, Twitter and even Pinterest.

Aerosoles shoes are available online as well as retail locations.

Are you a fan of Aerosoles? Do you have a favorite pair of Aerosoles shoes? Feel free to comment and tell me about them.



*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Esperos: Carry Hope Bags (giveaway ends 10/5/15)


Esperos Bag

I have to admit that I used to not be much of a “bag” person for a very long time. As a teenager I carried around HUGE bags/purses. They rivaled most diaper bags. I used to carry just about everything inside of them.

Fast forward to when I did have to carry around diaper bags. Once again I carried around everything in them except this time it was for my kids, not for me.

As soon as I was able to leave my home without a diaper bag I stopped carrying bags all together. I replaced my big purses and diaper bags with a small wristlet, big enough to carry my wallet, keys and cellphone – that’s it!

Being a stay at home mom I never really need to tote things around with me. That all changed when I finally returned to the work force and a got a job outside of the home. Suddenly I had to carry things with me – snacks, phone charger, book, iPad… things that would not fit in my wristlet.

I do have some bigger bags, but I find that tote bags are more my style. For that reason I have amassed a nice collection of tote bags. I use them for work, running errands, going out with my family and a variety of other reasons. Even my teenager daughter uses them to bring along things when she goes on sleep overs or to carry around her books when she’s at school (college classes). She even uses them to bring a long a change of clothes to the gym.

I recently received a lovely tote bag from a company called Esperos. I was sent to review their Poppy Market Tote.

Esperos Bag

This is a wonderful tote bag. It’s big enough to carry around a lot of essentials without being too bulky.

I love the sleek, simple, classy design.

The bag is very well made out heavy duty material.

The handles are comfortable to hold on to and help you carry a lot of things easily and comfortably.

There is even a handy little inner pocket for your keys, phone or other small items.

This bag is great for picking up a few things at the grocery store, taking books to/from the library, shopping and just about any other reason you can think of.

What makes this bag even nicer is that Esperos donates 10% of each sale to the Nobelity Project – a non-profit organization based in Austin, Texas. Their mission is to bridge gaps in information and infrastructure
to ensure education for all. This program is known as “Carry Hope.”

Esperos Carry Hope

Oliver, the company founder, started Esperos three years ago after spending some time doing humanitarian and mission work in Central America.  It was a simple idea: sell backpacks and use the money to help fund education for children in the developing world.  Although Esperos has grown and their product line has evolved, their heart is still the same: make stylish, durable products and help impact education worldwide.

Did you know that more than 75 million children in the developing world lack access to a quality education.

As you probably already know, education is the key to overcoming the cycle of poverty and that it should be available to everyone. That is why Esperos got involved.

For Esperos product sold helps fund one year of education for a child in the developing world.

If you would like to learn more or check out all of the products Esperos offers, please visit www.EsperosBags.com. You can also check out the brand on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest – with the handle @EsperosBags.

Esperos would like to extend a 15% discount code. Use the code EsperosMoms when checking out and the discount will be automatically applied.

Esperos Poppy Market Tote

Esperos would also like to give a lucky reader their own Esperos bag. It’s the same bag that I received to review (Poppy Market Tote). 

This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only and will end on October 5, 2015. The winner will be chosen at random using a random number generator from all eligible entries. The winner will be notified via email and will have three days to reply or a new winner will be chosen in their place.

To enter please comment on this post and tell me why you would like to win this tote bag?

For extra entries you can use the Rafflecopter widget (below) but you must complete the initial entry requirement or the additional entries won’t qualify.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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ShoeBuy.com – Brand name footwear for back to school and beyond



I have a confession to make – I would walk around barefoot where ever I go ALL THE TIME if that was possible. I know, that is gross and unsanitary, and honestly, I would never REALLY do that – I just feel like I want to all the time.

I grew up in the country. I was barefoot all the time when I was home. I would even play in the woods barefoot. Needless to say I got a lot of splinters and bee stings in my feet.

Growing up I was strictly a sneaker girl. My best friends had a variety of shoes. They had shoes to match different outfits, shoes for the different types of weather, and shoes they simply enjoyed wearing.

Even when I became a mom I was still a sneaker girl. Oddly enough my daughter LOVES shoes. She’s obsessed with them. I often joke that some how I’m missing a “girly gene” that makes people love shoes.

I think a huge reason why I prefer sneakers is because for almost 17 years I was a stay at home mom. When I was home with my kids I was barefoot. When I took them to the playground or the park I wore sneakers. I never had a need for dressy shoes. If the weather was bad I simply wouldn’t go outside with them so I had no need for boots.

This all changed when I got a job outside of the home last year. Getting back into the workforce required me to dress professionally every day. I’m grateful that wearing sneakers was allowed at my job, but there were times my outfit simply wouldn’t look right with sneakers. That is when I finally learned to appreciate, and embrace, the wonderful world of shoes.

We all need different shoes for a variety of reasons. Even your kids need more than one pair of shoes.

A lot of shoes

Going store to store shopping for shoes is a hassle. Especially if you are shopping for more than one person. That is why I appreciate ShoeBuy.com. ShoeBuy.com is literally your “one stop shop” for all your footwear needs for every member of your house hold.

We had to pick up new shoes for both of my kids (teenagers). My son already had a decent pair of sneakers (we purchased a new pair towards the end of school). What he wanted was a pair of boots for the colder weather. It was hard to think of boots in when the weather was still sweltering hot, but that is what he wanted.

To be fair we gave him some other fabulous choices to choose from available at ShoeBuy.com.

Although our son would rather wear sweatpants and shoes, we showed him options that would go with jeans and khakis too, as well as shoes that would work in the Spring, Summer and Fall (and possibly Winter).

Canvas and cool kicks are always in style:


Converse Chuck Taylor® All Star Seasonal High


Converse Chuck Taylor® All Star Seasonal Low


Tommy Hilfiger Richmond


Everyday casual:


Skechers GOvulc Diverge Slip On


Dr. Martens 1460


Timberland Classic 6″ Premium Boot

When the mood (or school event!) strikes for something more structured, stick to the classics:


Sperry Top-Sider Authentic Original Boat Shoe


Clarks Bushacre 2 Boot

These were just some of the shoes that he looked at.

It didn’t take him long to decide which ones he wanted. He wanted the Timberland Boots. My husband has a pair of Timberland Boots and my son has always wanted a pair. We were reluctant to buy him the boots until we knew he feet had stopped growing. Timberland Boots are high quality boots and a bit on the pricey side. We were afraid to spend the money only to have him outgrow them a few months later. Thankfully his feet have stopped growing so we are able to get him better quality shoes.

My son is anxiously waiting for the weather to turn so he can wear these awesome boots.

My son is anxiously waiting for the weather to turn so he can wear these awesome boots.

My son LOVES the Timberland Boots from ShoeBuy.com. He keeps saying how he wishes it would snow. He’s anxious to finally get a chance to wear them out of the house. These are the PERFECT winter boot. Not only do they keep your foot warm and dry they also have a rugged bottom to help you trek through snow and keep you from slipping too much on the ice.

Our daughter is in college this year. She does a lot of walking around campus. Then she travels straight to her job where she is on her feet for 4-5 hours. Needless to say she needed a decent shoe.

ShoeBuy.com has many different styles to suit anyone’s preferences. Their options are endless.

Here are a few classics with fresh twists that will keep you in style this season from great brands, so you know they’ll last!

Canvas kicks are always a great choice:


Keds Taylor Swift’s Champion Bow Stripe Sneaker


Keds Taylor Swift’s Champion Key Print Sneaker


Converse Chuck Taylor® All Star Dainty Ox

Booties are a fall favorite:


Minnetonka Dixon Boot


Jack Rogers Bailee Boot

Sandals to bridge the season:


Birkenstock Gizeh Birko-Flor™ Sandal


Madeline Rylan Sandal

Comfortable flats:


Lucky Brand Emmie Flat


Jessica SimpsonMarieta Flat


Steve Madden Kwiltt

My daughter opted for a pair of Vans Sneakers. Honestly, I don’t mind Vans for the most part, but they are not exactly great when it comes to supporting your feet. There is no arch support. For me, Vans are more a fashion sneaker, not one practical for being on your feet all day. I would have preferred that she chose something from New Balance, K Swiss, The Northface or Reebok. All of these brands are sold on ShoeBuy.com.

My daughter chose a black and white pair of Vans because she felt they went with everything she owns. They ARE very nice shoes, I just wish we opted for something that will make standing on her feet for hours at a time and hiking all over campus a bit more comfortable.

Cute Vans. The laces and shoes are remarkably still clean looking that is because my daughter is very picky and likes to keep her shoes clean looking (thankfully).

Cute Vans. The laces and shoes are remarkably still clean looking that is because my daughter is very picky and likes to keep her shoes clean looking (thankfully).

As you can see ShoeBuy.com has it all. They have every type of shoe imaginable and just about any brand you can think of from for men, women and children.

ShoeBuy.com also carries clothing, bags and accessories.

ShoeBuy.com allows you to shop for shoes for the whole family from the comfort and convenience of your own home. In addition, ShoeBuy.com offers FREE shipping and FREE exchanges.

If you would like to see all that ShoeBuy.com has to offer simply visit their website. The brand can also be found on social media. All the links are found on the bottom left of their website.

Have you ever shoppe at ShoeBuy.com before? If so, feel free to tell me about your experience.

ShoeBuy logo


*I received free products in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Step back to school in style with Aerosoles


Back to school

Can you believe it’s back to school time? I sure can’t. It seems like only yesterday we were enjoying the Fourth of July fireworks.

Our oldest started her first day of college today. Our son doesn’t start back to school (high school) until after Labor Day.

Children and teens are not the only ones who are going to school this year. Many adults are also “hitting the books” to finish a degree (or start a new one) or to learn a new skill to better themselves and their jobs.

I WISH I was going to college. I think about it all the time. I am 12 credits shy of my Bachelor’s Degree (maybe more since it’s been almost 20 years since I dropped out). I would go back in a heart beat if we could afford it (we don’t want a student loan – we do not want any debt).

When you have to trek all over campus, or if you find that you are on your feet all day at work, you need comfortable shoes. My job requires me to be on my feet a lot. Comfy shoes are a MUST.

One of my favorite shoe brands, Aerosoles, has plenty of great options to choose from whether you need a quality sneaker to hike all around campus or a classy heel for a night on the town.

Aerosoles sent me to review one of their sneakers – Air Cushion in Black Nubick.

Air Cushion Aerosoles

I’m a sneaker girl. I prefer to be barefoot but that is not practical when you leave home.

I love sneakers because they are super comfortable and provide my feet with much needed support.

I almost always wear white sneakers (all white). For a change of pace I asked Aerosoles if they could send me the Air Cushion sneakers in Black Nubick which is a black material and with shiny black accents.

During the cooler weather months I tend to wear a lot of black dress pants to work. Black goes with everything plus being overweight black can be a bit thinning too. I like that these shoes pair perfectly with my black pants. At the same time they look just as good with my denim capris. They can go with just about anything I wear.

Aerosoles Air Cushion sneakers have the following features;

Stitch ‘N Turn

To create this seamless smooth design, we start inside out, stitching the upper to the flexible rubber sole, which has our unique diamond pattern. Then, we turn the shoe right side out and insert our extra cushioned footbed. The result is an ultra flexible shoe that cradles your foot in the utmost comfort.

Diamond Flex Soles

You will always know an Aerosoles shoe by our unique diamond flex sole found on every pair. Our rubber composition soles with a unique diamond pattern are designed to disperse friction away from the foot.

Memory Foam Insole

Comfort foam footbed and sumptuous padded insole soothe and pamper your feet.

Sueded Sock & Lining

Breathable and super soft our footbeds provide a soft layer for your foot to rest on.

I like the look of this shoe. It’s very trendy without being OVERLY trendy – if you know what I mean?

I opted for the black shoe, but it’s available in a variety of color combinations.

Aerosoles Air Cushion

This shoe is incredibly comfortable. Sometimes with new shoes there is a breaking period where you might find the shoe uncomfortable for a few times until it “molds” to your foot and/or stretches out. I did not have that problem with this shoe. It fit perfectly and felt comfortable from the first time I wore it.

I love memory foam insole. It feels so good under my foot. With each step the foam cushions my foot. I think that is the reason why my feet don’t feel as tired as they normally do after standing on them for a long period of time.

For me, these shoes are like wearing my favorite bunny slippers – they are THAT comfortable.

I like that these shoes are casual, but also something you could wear to the office (unless your office has strict dress codes). These shoes have a nice casual/dressy look to them.


If you are in need of a new shoe for heading back to school, work or running errands around town, check out the Air Cushion shoes from Aerosoles. You can also check out what other fun and fashionable styles are available at Aerosoles.com. The brand can also be found on social media. All of the links are found at the bottom of the website.

Aerosoles carries every type of shoe imaginable from flats to high heels and from boots to sandals.

Have you ever owned a pair of Aerosoles shoes? If so, what did you think about them?

Are you heading back to school this year?



*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Fun and fashionable clothing and money saving tips for back to school



Have you started your back to school shopping yet? My husband and started a couple of weeks ago when we picked up some sweatpants for our son. Our son said he no longer wants to wear jeans to school – only sweatpants and shorts. I’m sure that will be short lived but we happened across a good price on some sweats and picked up a few pair.

We also took inventory of our school supplies and made note of things we need to pick up. We have a stock pile of supplies left over from last year (actually the past few years). We really don’t have a need for much (thankfully).

Back to school shopping can be very expensive, not only the endless supply list but also back to school fashions. After all, most kids want to help back to school in style.

When our kids were really young we would literally buy upwards of 10 brand new outfits (top and bottoms). As you could imagine it would cost us a small fortune, especially with more than one child. We eventually realized that our kids would wear a brand new out fit the first day or two of school, then go right back to wearing clothes they already had (they would wear the new outfits throughout the month). We figured that we could save money by simply buying two or three awesome outfits for the first day/week of school. We would then pick up new tops and bottoms throughout the school year, taking advantage of the great sales.


Are you familiar with zulily (spelled without the uppercase “Z”)? Zulily brings to consumers great boutique-style clothing, home decor, accessories and more at rock bottom prices. Inventory changes quickly so you should make it a habit to check the site (or app) daily. You’ll be surprised and impressed by the amazing deals you can find.

What I like best about zulily is that the fashions are unique. They are not something you can find on the racks at your local department store. They are more like fashions you would find at high end boutiques – but at discounted prices. I most especially love the children’s fashions. I wish zulily was around when my kids were little. I would have done our back to school shopping through them.

Check out some of the fun, fashionable and unique kids, tweens and teen fashions for back to school from zulily.









Zulily’s kids fashion expert, Shawn Anderson, has some great tips on how you can save money when back to school shopping.

How To Save During Back to School Shopping

To prepare your kids to head back into the classroom, zulily kids fashion expert Shawn Anderson recommends:

Plan in advance: Don’t wait until August 15 to start your back to school preparation. Avoid the stress of last-minute shopping by getting started now and finish before all the good deals are gone.

Get organized: Pull together a back to school checklist so you don’t forget any of the necessities.

Shop online: Sites like zulily.com offer parents a wide variety of back to school essentials for kids, including clothes, shoes, accessories, supplies and toys, at incredible prices. You can find everything your kid needs (and more!) and save money at the same time.

Create a budget: While all those back-to-school sales are great for saving money, the best place to start is to create a budget. Set a realistic spending limit before shopping and look for the best deals to help stay within the budget.

Stockpile your favorite items at a discount: When you find something your child loves and needs each year for school at a great price, be sure to buy a few extra. Take advantage of these deals for years to come!

Check in with the kids: It is never a good feeling to buy your child new clothes and school supplies, only to find out that their favorite color or cartoon character has changed. Involve your kids in the shopping process so you make sure you’re buying items they like and want to use.

zulily kids fashion expert Shawn Anderson

zulily kids fashion expert Shawn Anderson

You can check out zulily online at zulily.com. You will need to sign up in order to view the sales plus they will send you emails and alert you to new sales and discounts. I personally have my account set up for plus size fashions, however I do like to browse the other departments too.

Zulily also has an app. It’s one of the best apps for back to school shopping.

Using the zulily app is like opening a hand-held treasure chest every day. You never know what you’ll uncover but you know you’re bound to find something great.

Shop back to school for your kids on any mobile device to save money and discover the items you need and want – even when you’re on the go.

zulily App Highlights:

Educational Tutorial – after first installing, users are displayed a brief, informative tutorial on how to use the new application.

“New Today” Event Accessibility – a clear, easily accessible layout displays a customer’s personalized list of “New Today” events directly through the application.

Personalization – zulily has built upon its proprietary personalization technology to create a completely individualized homepage view, from top to bottom. The app learns customer’s preferences and then features the most relevant sales events and information front and center for quick, meaningful shopping.

Daily Refreshment of New Events – the shopping platform refreshes every morning at 6 a.m. for customers to shop newly curated events.

“Bookmarked” Favorites – while browsing zulily’s events, customers have the ability to select favorites and “bookmark” for easy access.  A “bookmark” ribbon will be displayed on the watch application and instantly synced with the “New Today” tab on the existing iPhone application. This feature allows shoppers to easily customize events to shop at a later time on the iPhone app.

I have the app on my phone and I look at it often, especially if I am waiting around (doctor’s appointments, on line at the grocery store…).

Zulily has fashions and accessories for everyone in your family, and so much more.

Check out zulily today at zulily.com. You can also find them on social media. Look for the FREE zulily app in the app store.

Have you ever shopped at zulily? Did you enjoy your shopping experience and purchases?

Do you have any additional money saving tips for back to school shopping?



*I have partnered with zulily to bring you this information. Although compensated the opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Put the spring back in your step with Cloud Steppers



I’m not really into shoes. I think I’m missing that “girly gene.” Don’t get me wrong, I like shoes – I’m just not obsessed with them.

Growing up I hated to wear shoes. I was barefoot all the time. I would even play in the wood behind my house barefoot. I stepped on a lot of things (prickers, bees, glass…) and hurt my feet a lot, but I didn’t mind.

If I can’t be barefoot I prefer to wear sneakers. I like to be comfortable. You’ll never find me in a pair of heels. I wouldn’t even know how to walk in heels.

I like comfort. I like to be comfortable, especially when I am on my feet.

Sometimes I am on my feet all day at work. Or I do a lot of walking or running around town where my feet might normally ache or feel tired. For that reason I like to wear shoes that are super comfortable and will help take some of the stress off of my feet.

A few weeks ago I was sent to review a pair of shoes from Clark’s called Cloud Steppers.

Cloud Steppers are a line of casual shoes that are ultra light, super bendy and oh-so cushiony. I knew from the first time I read about them that I had to try them out for myself. They sounded like my kind of shoes.



Cloud Steppers are available in a variety of colors and style to suit just about anyone’s tastes.

Clarks Cloud Steppers

I was sent to review the Sillian Firn shoes in Black Multi color. I chose this design and color combination because they would go with most of the clothes I wear and I liked the way they looked.

WOW! Clark’s is not kidding when they use the term “cloud” to describe these shoes. They are oh-so-soft on your feet.

The Cloud Steppers shoes that I have easily slip on and off my feet with barely any effort on my part. Once on they feel more like soft slippers than a shoe. They are that comfortable to wear.

According to the Clark’s website;

From its soft fabric linings to its OrthoLite® cushioned footbed and super lightweight, shock-absorbing EVA outsoles, it adds comfort to every step.

I think what stands out the most to me is how light they are on your feet. Unlike sneakers and boots which are heavy, the Cloud Steppers feel like they are barely there. As someone who prefers to go barefoot whenever possible, I really enjoy these shoes because you barely feel them on your feet. It sounds odd to say that but it’s true.

I love how these shoes bend when necessarily which I think adds to how comfortable they are.




My shoes

I have a wide foot and I was concerned that the outer part (the part that goes over the top of my foot) might be too tight and dig into my foot, but they didn’t. Because they have some stretch to them they rest perfectly on my foot. These shoes are available in regular/medium width and fit fine on my wide feet.

Even standing on my feet for a long time these shoes help keep my feet feeling good. Recently I was at the American Museum of Natural History. We waited in live for over 45 minutes for our tickets and then walked around the museum for hours. These shoes helped my feet from not feeling sore and achy.

You can wear these with our without socks. I have worn them both ways.

These shoes can be worn year round. I think they work just as well with summer fashions as they would in the fall and spring (not sure about the winter).

I love this shoe!

If you are looking for a super comfy shoe you should check out Clark’s Cloud Steppers.

To learn more and to check out all the styles visit www.ClarksUSA.com. You can also find the brand on social media. All of the links are found at the bottom of their website.

Clarks Logo


*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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