A great gift idea for Disney’s Frozen fans – Frozen Snuggies!


Elsa Snuggie

If you are looking for last minute gift ideas I have a fun one for the Disney’s Frozen fan in your life – a Frozen theme Snuggie!

I’m sure you are familiar with Snuggies. Snuggied are similar to robes, except they go on “backwards” so that your front is kept warm. Usually you use a Snuggie when you are watching TV or reading in bed (as examples) where your back is already kept warm by the furniture.

A Snuggie keeps your front warm without having to worry about a blanket falling off of you. Snuggies also come with sleeves which allow you to eat, drink, read and do other things without having to worry about the Snuggie falling off of you.

Snuggies are also a bit long to make sure your legs are covered too.

Think of a Snuggie as a blanket with sleeves to help keep you warm on a cold winter’s night.

People used to make jokes about Snuggies, however they are popular items. My husband and kids all have Snuggies and use them often. I know other “Snuggie Lovers” too.

This year, just in time for the holidays, Snuggie has released Frozen theme Snuggies. One features the ever popular Elsa and the other features the lovable Olaf.

I received the Olaf Snuggie to review. Even though I don’t have little kids the Snuggie fits my teenage daughter just fine. She’s 5’2″ and as you can see the Snuggie covers her whole body from her neck to her feet.

Olaf Snuggie

My daughter was having a “bad hair day” and requested I crop her head out of the photo. :-)

Even though my daughter is almost an adult, she’s petite in size. This Snuggie would only fit petite adults.

The Olaf Snuggie is very soft. It’s made out of fleece.

The long length and long sleeves helps to keep the chill off.

It’s super cute too! I love Olaf. He’s adorable.

The Frozen Snuggies are available at Walgreens and will retail for around $14.99.

This would make a fun gift for the Frozen fan in your life.

What do you think about the Frozen Snuggies? Do you know someone who would love to receive one of these for the holidays?

Olaf Snuggie 2


*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Sock It to Me – Fun and Funky Socks for Women, Men and Children


Sock 2

One work some might use to describe me is “quirky”. I tend to “march to the beat of my own drums”, so to speak. My husband is quirky too. I think that is why we get along so well.

Boring and “stuffy” we are not. :-)

Buying a gift for me is easy. I like and appreciate so many things. I don’t really have any set “likes” or “dislikes”. Case in point, I was at the drug store yesterday looking for a few last minute stocking stuffer ideas when I came across an adorable plush teddy bear. He was $2.99. At that price point he’s not exactly a quality made product, but I don’t mind. He makes me smile every time I look at him and he’s nice to hold (he’s very fluffy). He currently sits on my desk next to my computer.

Some people might look at the teddy bear on my desk as silly or childish. Not me. If anything I’m a big kid at heart and a fun person.

I like to wear fun things too. Would YOU wear socks with bacon on them? Or what about very colorful knee high socks? I do! And I love them.

Socks tend to go missing in my home. I don’t mean sock being swallowed by the washer and dryer (but that does happen too). I mean that my family some how manages to get my socks mixed up with their socks. That is what happens when everyone wears the same type of sock and in the same boring color – white. So I’ll end up with my husband’s socks and my son will end up with my daughter’s socks… it’s a never ending cycle.

I purchased socks with different colors on the heel which helps to identify which are my socks. An even better solution are socks from Sock It to Me.


Sock It to Me is a Portland-based designer of fun and funky socks for women, men and children.

Sock It to Me offers 200+ design-focused styles including eye-popping Argyles, Mustaches, Pugs, Cupcakes, Dancing Cats, Burger, Super Hero and even a Bacon sock! The brand also has a cute assortment of Holiday socks, making a perfect gift idea. Retailing from $9 – $18, the socks are now available at 3,500+ retailers worldwide, as well as online at www.SockItToMe.com.

Sock It to Me sent me and my family some delightful socks to review. We received socks with a lightening bolt on it, argyle, colorful strips, sharks and even bacon.

Sock It to Me socks are very well made. We’ve worn and washed the pairs we received to review many times already and they have held up nicely. The colors are still vibrant and there are no lose strings, rips or tears.

My whole family likes the socks, including my teenagers and husband.

Here my son is “modeling” two pairs of socks from Sock It to Me that he wears.

Socks 1

Socks 2



Socks 3


The socks are comfortable to wear too.

I’m a “plus size” person and sometimes socks that are shin or knee high are not comfortable to wear. They feel like they are cutting off circulation.

Sock It to Me carries a line of socks for people with “thicker” calves. They are called STRETCH-IT socks. They are also available in the same fun and colorful designs as regular Sock It to Me socks.

Here are a few more examples of these delightful socks.

Sock it to me

These socks would make a great gift or stocking stuffer. You can still order in time for Christmas if you use next day air by December 19, 2014. Sock It to Me can be found at various kiosks around Oregon.

Even if you can’t order them in time for Christmas you can still enjoy these fun socks any time of the year.

Don’t forget to check out their current sales and specials. Right now if you order four pairs you can save 15% off your order automatically (no coupon required).

With Sock It to Me socks you’ll never have to worry about someone in your family getting your socks by accident. Plus you can add a bit of fun and whimsy to your everyday outfits.

For more information about Sock It to Me or to check out the socks visit www.SockIttoMe.com. You can also find the brand on social media (links are found on top of the home page).

What do you think about Sock It to Me socks? Is it something you would wear? Would you give these as gifts? Feel free to share your thoughts.



*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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Keep warm this winter with Heat Holders



It’s not the official start of Winter yet but we’ve already seen snow – and a lot of it – here in the Northeast. With snow comes cold. Brrr… my old bones are shivering just thinking about it.

As a mom I always try to make sure my kids are fully protected from the elements when they go outside. Now that they are teenagers they make their own decisions (which are not always the right now). All I can do now is provide them with warm clothing and accessories to wear and hope that they use their noodle and make the right choice.

Usually it’s our son who doesn’t dress appropriately during the winter months. He doesn’t like to use his locker (he says he doesn’t have time) and he doesn’t want to lug around a winter coat all day so he usually wears an insulated hoodie. I cringe EVERY TIME he steps outside without being dressed properly. Ugh!

Our daughter is a different story. She used to be that way until it was discovered that she has Raynaud’s Disease. When she gets cold her blood vessels spasm and she turns white – as in PURE WHITE – where ever she is cold. Usually it’s her hands and fingers but we’ve seen other parts of her bod (feet, toes, arms…) turn white too.

She’s ALWAYS cold. Even in 60 degree weather she’s freezing. Her hands are always like ice, even in warm weather. For this reason we make sure she has plenty of clothing and accessories to keep her warm.

Not long ago I was sent some products from a company called Heat Holders to review. They sent me to review tights, gloves, a hat and socks. I gave the tights and hat to my daughter (they didn’t have my size tights and I don’t wear hats) and I took the socks. We share the gloves since our hands are the same size.

Heat Holders are different due to the way they are manufactured. Their products are made with specially developed fibers.


I didn’t know what they meant by “thermal tog rating” so I looked it up on their site.

TOG means Thermal Overall Grade. It is a scientific test that measures the thermal (heat retaining) capacity of fabric. Heat Holders® when tested using this standard rates TOG 2.34. This is 7x warmer than cotton socks and almost 3x warmer than an ordinary thermal socks! We test socks from most major brands that we can get our hands on and it is safe to say that Heat Holders® is almost 40% warmer than the warmest sock we have ever tested, which was a heavy sock with 80% plus wool!

Wow! That’s impressive.

I have the Heat Holders socks. They are very thick but surprisingly not too heavy. I don’t wear them with shoes. I put them on when I am home and wear them around the house. I’m sure they would be just fine with shoes and chances are I’ll have to wear them outside in the near future now that I work outside the home.

Theses socks are not only incredibly comfortable they DO keep your feet very warm.

I have a problem with my toes getting very cold. They turn into ice cubes on the end of my feet. Regular socks don’t help. I have to wear socks, with slippers and put my feet under a blanket just to warm them up. With the Heat Holder socks my toes warm up in a matter of minutes and they stay warm while wearing the socks. I love them! I really, really, really LOVE them and I plan on getting a few more pairs. The pair I have are purple. I want to get black and white pairs so I can wear them out and about (I have nothing that would match with purple). I also plan on getting a pair or two for our daughter. She wanted these socks but after trying them out for the first time I was in love and couldn’t part with them.

Heat Holders

My daughter wears the tights often under her leggings, jeans and sweatpants. They give her extra warmth without extra bulk. She loves that she can still wear leggings with these tights because they don’t show through. They are similar to stockings in a way (very thin). With the special fibers the Heat Holder tights helps to keep the chill off your legs. You can’t wear them alone. You’d need to wear them under something else (they are very sheer).

My daughter likes them and has asked for a few extra pairs so she can wear them daily in the winter.

The hat is really nice too. I am not a hat person but I love the look and feel of the hat. It looks cute on my daughter too (she was not in the mood to model it for me so I could take a picture). It’s also purple and like the socks it’s very thick and oh-so-soft.

She’s only worn it a few times so far. She tells me it’s comfortable to wear. She wishes they had a scarf too because she thinks a hat and scarf set would really keep her face, head and neck warm and protected from the elements.

I’ve used to gloves for the first time last week when it snowed. I needed them. It was cold!

The gloves remind me a lot like the socks as far as the feel. They are very comfy and you can wear them while you are driving. I have gloves that are fine for shoveling snow or clearing off my car but I don’t feel comfortable wearing them while driving. I was able to keep these gloves on while driving with no problem. They were comfortable and kept my fingers warm, as the should.

Heat Holders do exactly as they are supposed to – warm you up and keep you warm. I am very impressed. So much so I plan on ordering more products in the near future.

If you would like to learn more about Heat Holders visit www.HeatHolders.com. They can also be found on social media.

Heat Holders Logo


*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions eexpressedare my own and not influenced in any way. 





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Make your own t-shirts and custom apparel with My Locker

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for MyLocker. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

My Locker

I’m a blogger. I tend to get a lot of packages delivered to my door on a regular basis. Sometimes I receive surprise packages, or a company sends a few extra goodies in the box along with the product sent to be reviewed.

Many times I receive t-shirts from brands or for the various campaigns I work on. Most of the time they are not my size so I end up giving them to my teenage son or daughter. They are perfectly good shirts and my kids get a kick out of them.

Have you ever thought about creating your own t-shirt or custom apparel for your team, group, club or organization? How about personalize clothing for an upcoming family reunion or wedding celebration?

You can make your own custom t-shirts and apparel quickly and easily with My Locker.

My Locker gives customers the opportunity to customize t-shirts, hoodies, polos, bags and other gear online. If you don’t have a specific logo in mind you can use one of their many pre-made designs and then customize it (texts, font, colors…) to make it your own.

You could easily design a piece of apparel in 30 seconds!

I was invited to try out My Locker for myself through Mom Central. I was sent a gift code to make up some apparel.


I was thinking about the things my kids are involved with at school. My daughter is active in Student Government and the “Best Buddies” Club (a club where students are actively involved with developmentally disabled students at school). My son isn’t currently participating in any clubs or groups.

I had thought about getting my daughter a shirt for Student Government or Best Buddies but I couldn’t find a logo I could use. Neither group has one.

I came up with an even better idea. My daughter gradates in June (Class of 2015). I thought it would be fun to create a graduation shirt for her in school colors and personalize it with her graduation year. I also thought it would be nice to make one up for my son too (he graduates in 2017).

I was able to find my kid’s high school on the My Locker site.

I loved that there were multiple designs options available to me. I could have gone with the designs “as is” or tweak them to make them my own. I opted to make them my own.


I would show you screen shots but I don’t want to make it known what high school my kids attend, for obvious reasons.

I quickly found the design I wanted to use but I ended up taking a little longer because I wanted to tweak a few different designs to narrow it down to the one I wanted to use for the shirts.

I like that you can change the apparel color as well as the text color. I opted for school colors since it was for high school. If I was making this for a family reunion I would most likely order shirts in different colors for each family member.

My Locker gives you a lot of options for both men and women. You can have your design printed on a t-shirt, tank top, sweat pants, jackets, jerseys, backpacks, baby onesies and more. I opted for regular t-shirts. I had considered long sleeved shirts for both kids but I think they would get more use out of short sleeves which can be worn year round (under a coat or sweatshirt in the cold weather).

Here is one of the shirts I had made up. I had to block out the high school name for security reasons. I also want to apologize for the wrinkles. In hinesigh I should have taken a photo the day the shirts arrived. My kids have a tendency to shove things in their dresser drawers (which is the case with my son’s shirt) there for it has a lot of wrinkles and I didn’t have time to drag out the ironing board and iron.


The custom t-shirt is very well made. It washes and wears well too. Both of my kids have already worn their shirts and they have been washed. The image printed on them is still in tact. Unlike other t-shirts the image didn’t crack or pull off.

I was very impressed with how quickly my order arrived too. My Locker ships within two days so you can have your products not long after you place your order.

I also appreciate that you don’t have to place a huge order. Some custom apparel sites require that you buy in bulk. That is OK if you are purchasing for a business event or family reunion where you might have a need to order a dozen or more pieces of apparel. But sometimes you don’t want or need that many. With My Locker you can order 1 or 1,000 – whatever you need.

I plan on purchasing a few more things with Class of 2015 on it for my daughter. I know she will love that, especially when it gets close to graduation time.

Whether you are looking to personalize apparel for a gift, or looking to outfit your entire group or organization, stop by My Locker and see how quickly and easily you can create the perfect piece of apparel.

For more information or to see how quickly and easily you can create something, visit www.MyLocker.net. You can also find the brand on Facebook and Twitter.

What do you think about My Locker? Do you have a need for personalized apparel in the near future?

My Locker Logo


*I received a free gift code in order to make a purchase for this review. Although compensation the opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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KABOO – Where fashion meets technology



Technology – it’s everywhere! We can’t step outside our home without packing our smartphones and tablets. I see little kids with their own tablets or Kindles. Just today at work a 4 year old girl came in with her own Kindle in a cute little pink case. A four year old! I know some adults who don’t even own a Kindle or tablet.

With all this technology you need to make sure to protect them. It’s important to have protective cases on all your devices to keep them from being broken or destroyed in the event they are dropped.

We have several devices, most of which I keep at home. I do take two tablets to work with me every day. One tablet is for me so I can watch Netflix or surf the web on slow days. I also have a “kiddie” tablet which does not connect to the internet but it does have dozens of educational games on it. I keep this one handy in case we have a child at work who simply doesn’t want to play with any of our toys.

Toting both tablets back and forth to work, along with my smartphone, can be cumbersome. Often I have to carry my purse, water, snack/lunch and toys and books I am donating to our classroom. Sometimes my hands are full that it’s difficult to carry both tablets too. What I needed was a nice way to tote everything around.

I received to review a bag from a company called KABOO. It’s a beautiful and fashionable handbag. It has plenty of pockets for all my “stuff”. My KABOO bag also has a little secret – it’s also a protective tote for my tablets and other tech devices.

KABOO bags look like regular fashion forward handbags but inside they have a special pocket that fits your tablet/Kindle/iPad that protects it from drops as well as scratches and dents from the other items you keep in your bag (such as car keys).

Here is a brief video that tells you more about these great bags.


I’m not about to drop my KABOO bag off the roof to see how well it protects my tablets. I’ll take the company’s word for it. LOL!

KABOO is currently available in different colors and styles. They are a new company so they only have a small section at this moment in time. I am sure after they have been around for a few months they will introduce more bags.

Here are a few of the available bags.

Kaboo bags

They are beautiful.

I have the Jenna Bag in Watermelon (color). It’s more of a salmon color.

There are plenty of pockets to store my “stuff” including outside pockets and a generously sized interior pocket.

My bag holds a lot. In addition to two tablets and my smartphone it also holds my car keys, wallet, snacks for work, hand lotion, hand sanitizer and more.

Kaboo 1

Kaboo 2

Kaboo 3

Car keys, 2 tablets, make up case, cellphone…

In the above photo the blue thing with the black “dot” is the kiddie tablet. I had neglected to put it back in the protective pocket along with my other tablet. The protective pocket is the one towards the top of the phone with the “flap”. You an see the side of my other tablet in the pocket.

I like that this bag has both a strap and handles (I mostly use the strap).

It’s big and roomy both inside and out and exceptionally well made. I get a lot of compliments from people at work too.

I like having the ability to take my tablets to/from work and protect them at the same time in a fashionable way.

What do you think about KABOO bags? Do you like how they serve a purpose (protect your technology) while being fashionable too?

KABOO needs your help. In order to kick production into high gear they have set up a Kickstarter campaign. When you donate towards their campaign you are not only ensuring that Kaboo bags will be available but you’ll also get great “thank you” gifts from limited edition wood ear buds to two KABOO bags (depending on the donation level).

If you would like to learn more about this Kickstarter campaign please visit this link – KABOO iPad Designer Handbags.

If you are unsure of how Kickstarter works you should check out this informative page – How to pledge and pre-order.

I love my bag. I know if you have the opportunity to see a KABOO bag in person you’ll fall in love with it too – especially if you care about your electronic devices.

Blogger copy


*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Fabulous, Affordable and Comfortable Ballet Flats



I’m a sneaker girl. Ideally I would rather be barefoot all the time, but since I can’t you’ll usually see me in sneakers. I like to be comfortable.

I’m not a fan of heels. I’ll occasionally wear pumps, but I prefer to wear flats.

I have a nice collection of flats from casual to dressy.

I’m in love with my newest pair of flats. They are ballet flats from Aerosoles. The design is known as “Beckon”.

Aerosoles is known for giving their shoes unique names. I have other Aerosoles shoes named Teacup, Leap Frog and Snowpush.

Aerosoles Beckon is available in different color combinations.

Aerosoles Beckon is available in different color combinations.

The Beckon is a faux patent leather ballet shoe that is available in several different color combinations. The quilted “toe cap” is a different color from the rest of the shoe. My shoe happens to be all black. I prefer all black because I know it would go with anything in my wardrobe.

Each pair of Beckon shoes features a zigzag stitch and a cute little bow on top of the “toe cap”.

These shoes are SO COMFORTABLE. So much so that I have worn them to work a few times. I’m on my feet a lot during the day and I need to get up and down off the floor multiple times too.

I was able to wear these all day at work the first time I wore them without having to deal with a “breaking in” period. The area that goes over my toes was a tiny bit snug at first but by the end of the day it was fine and I didn’t get any blisters either.

My daughter modeled the shoes for me (it’s hard to take pictures of your own feet). We are about the same shoes size but these were a smidge too big on her.

Ballet Flats

Beckon Shoes from Aerosoles

The reason why these shoes are so comfortable is because they super soft inner “foot bed” that provides your feet with a soft layer to stand/walk on.

The shoes also have cushioned insoles with also makes the foot bed feel so comfy and soft because it’s padded.

As with every Aerosoles shoes these shoes feature the Aerosoles Diamond Flex soles. The sole of these shoes have a unique diamond appearance. The rubber composition soles are designed to disperse friction away from the foot, making each step feel great. After all, why would you want to wear shoes that leave your feet feeling sore and even in pain. How ladies can wear super high heels I’ll never know. They look so uncomfortable. But that is just my opinion. They are not for me. I love being comfortable from my head to my toes.


Currently I see that the Beckon shoes is on clearance on the Aerosoles site for $29.99. That is a budget friendly price for a pretty and comfortable pair of shoes.

The Aerosoles Beckon shoe can also be found at other retail locations.

To check out other Aerosoles shoes please visit Aerosoles.com. You can also find find the brand on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

What do you think of the Beckon shoe? Do you like it?

Do you own and Aerosoles shoes? If so, what do you think about them and/or the Aerosoles brand?

Beckon Shoe


*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There is no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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