Hippity Hoppity Easter is on it’s way!



It’s springtime (finally!) and you know what that means – Easter!

Easter is next weekend (April 5, 2015). Have you finished making up an Easter basket for your child or grandchild yet? What about a special Easter treat for someone older like a teen or an adult? After all, grownups enjoy sweet treats at Easter too.

There are plenty of yummy holiday candy found in abundance at your local grocery or retail store, but not all of these treats are geared towards grownups. For those who can appreciate the finer things in life, check out these adorable (and delicious!) offerings from Lindt.

Lindt Gold Bunny and their new Chick

Lindt Gold Bunny and their new Little Chick

Lindt GOLD BUNNY (3.5 oz and 7 oz): The iconic Lindt GOLD BUNNY is the perfect centerpiece for any Easter basket or celebration. This premium, hollow 3.5 oz bunny is available in Milk, Dark and White Chocolate, and the hollow 7 oz Lindt GOLD BUNNY is available in Milk Chocolate. SRP: $3.99 and $7.49 

Lindt Bunny Ears

Lindt Bunny Ears come with a little Gold Bunny


Lindt GOLD BUNNY All Ears (1.7 oz): Get playful this Easter season and dress up with Lindt GOLD BUNNY. The iconic, hollow 1.7 oz Milk Chocolate bunny comes packaged with plush GOLD BUNNY ears so you can bring the Easter spirit to life. The Lindt GOLD BUNNY All Ears makes for a fun addition to any Easter basket and will provide entertainment for all at your Easter celebrations. SRP: $6.99 


Also pictured is the Lindt Milk Chocolate Egg (the large egg)


New! LINDOR Mini Egg Bags (4.4 oz): Add a touch of Lindt to your Easter basket! The LINDOR Mini Egg bags come in both Milk Chocolate and Assorted varieties, and are great for a mini personal indulgence or as a colorful addition to Easter baskets of all sizes. SRP: $3.99 each

New! LINDOR Milk Eggs (0.99 oz): The new LINDOR Milk Eggs will make for the ultimate smooth melting indulgence to enjoy on your own or share with loved ones! Individually wrapped, the Milk Chocolate LINDOR Milk Eggs are the perfect Easter treat. SRP: $0.69 (pictured above and below)

Lindt Chick

Little Chick is pictured with the Lindt Milk Chocolate Egg


New! Lindt Little Chick (3.5 oz and 1.7 oz): Lindt Little Chick is the cute, new Easter creation for families to enjoy! Created with the finest Milk Chocolate, this playful figure is lovingly dressed with a ribbon and will be a sweet addition to all Easter celebrations. Lindt Little Chick is available in a 3.5 oz Milk Chocolate hollow figure or in a package of five mini Milk Chocolate hollow figures. Available exclusively at Target. SRP: $3.99 each

Also available are these adorable Mini Chicks. They come 5 to a package (not all of them are seen in the photo).

Mini Chicks

The Mini Chicks, Little Chick and Gold Bunny are too cute to eat! I get a Lindt Gold Bunny every year for Easter and it takes me a while to eat him because I feel bad breaking him up because he’s so cute. I haven’t the heart to eat the Little Chick (yet). As for the Mini Chicks a few of them have already been enjoyed.

Young and old alike enjoy Lindt products, I just think they are more geared towards grownups because it’s a finer quality of chocolate that is meant to savor and enjoy, not gobble up along with an assortment of jelly beans and marshmallow bunnies. LOL!

I love how rich, smooth and creamy their chocolate is. It melts in your mouth. It’s the kind of chocolate that you savor each morsel.

Lindt products are available online, at Lindt stores and at many retail locations. Look in the Easter candy section. Not all products are available at all retail locations. If you are looking for a specific product, like Little Chick, your best bet would be to order online or visit a Lindt store near you.

Premade Easter baskets are also available on the Lindt website.

Lindt Easter Basket

Please note that until April 5, 2015 (Easter), for every Lindt Gold Bunny (3.5 ounce) sold, Lindt will be donating .10 cents to Autism Speaks. They have been doing this for several years now. I think it’s a wonderful thing. In addition they also auction off autographed Lindt Gold Bunnies signed by celebrities to also benefit Autism Speaks.

For more information about any of these products or other Lindt products visit LindtUSA.com. You an also find the brand on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram). The links are found at the bottom of their website.

Have you ever enjoyed any Lindt products? Do you have a favorite? I love their truffles.

Lindt Logo


*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Celebrate Spring with Tuttorosso Tomatoes and enter their Facebook promotion to win great prizes



Alas, it’s FINALLY Spring time – although the chilly weather suggests otherwise. It’s been way too cold for too long. I cannot wait for the temperatures to reach the 60’s – and stay that way for more than just a day or two.

I know plenty of people who are already making plans for the season, especially when it comes to their plants and gardens.

I WISH we had a yard. I’ve always dreamed of having my own vegetable garden as well as grow some fruits (berries). Sadly my yard is a 6′ x 12′ rickety old wooden balcony on the top floor.

I’ve tried to grow vegetables on my balcony but it never pans out.


I would love to grow corn, string beans, peppers, potatoes, cucumbers and lettuce – to name a few. I would grow some tomatoes too. We’re not fans of tomatoes but we do love pasta sauce and freshly made salsa. I would grow tomatoes to make my own sauce and salsa.

My mother in law used to make the best homemade pasta sauce. She didn’t use fresh tomatoes but rather canned tomato products.

One such brand is Tuttorosso Tomatoes. I’m not 100% positive but it’s possible I have seen my mother in law use this brand before. The label looks very familiar. Even my husband thinks she used this brand too.

Tuttorosso has A LOT of amazing sounding recipes on their website, www.TuttorossoTomatoes.com. Their recipes not only look very easy to make, but they also look like authentic Italian recipes, just like my mother in law used to make.

Check out this small sampling of recipes found on the Tuttorosso site.


Mmmm… they are certainly “drool worthy.”

The brand has teamed up with Ali Maffucci from Inspiralized (www.Inspiralized.com) to host a special Spring time Facebook promotion.

Ali Maffucci’s site, Inspiralized, is devoted to all things spiralizing: nutritious recipes, tips and tricks, and new ideas for home cooks. By “spiralizing” I mean using a special kitchen device, a spiralizer, to produces spiral cuts, shoestrings and vegetable “noodles” for adding new texture to pasta dishes, stir-fries and salads. For example, you can make “ribbons” out of zucchini and cook them up as if they were regular pasta. The zucchini is much more healthier for you than pasta, plus it’s lower in fat and calories.

Check out just a small sampling of the amazing recipes found on the Inspiralize website.

Recipes spiralize

The Facebook promotion will run from tomorrow (March 25, 2015) through April 15, 2015. Fans have the opportunity to win weekly prizes. The prizes include;

  • Spiralizers (20 per week)
  • Inspiralized Book (5 per week)
  • Aprons (250 per week)

In addition there is also a grand prize which consists of a Spiralizer, Inspiralized Book, Apron, Picnic Basket and Kitchen Gadgets.

The Spiralizer looks like the product (below).


For more information, or to enter, visit the Tuttorosso Tomato Facebook page, www.Facebook.com/TuttorossoTomato. Remember, the promotion doesn’t officially start until March 25th.

I have a small hand held “spiralizer” like device. I’ve been inspired to try making some zucchini “pasta” and top it off with some Tuttorosso Tomato Sauce that Tuttorosso sent me.

Tuttorosso sent me some pasta sauce, tomato paste and crushed tomatoes. I can’t wait to try them all out with upcoming recipes I plan on making.

Have you ever used Tuttorosso products? Do you have a favorite?

Have you ever spiralized vegetables? Do you have a favorite recipe?

Feel free to share your thoughts. I always love to hear from readers.



*I received a free sample pack in exchange for posting about the promotion. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced for. 

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New Spearmint Tic Tac® Mints – The first new mint flavor since 2010!


Spearmint Tic Tac

Now that it’s officially spring time I am anxiously waiting to see more “green.” I am tired of looking at leafless trees, brown bushes and mud where grass should be. For me it’s not really spring time until the weather gets warmer and I start seeing some green.

Tic Tac® is adding some green to their product line. For the first time since 2010, Tic Tac® has introduced a new mint flavor. The last mint addition was their Powermint Tic Tac®.

Introducing the new Spearmint Mix Tic Tac® mints. This is the first ever dual-pill offering of spearmint flavors in a single pack. The light green mints offer you a smooth, milk flavor while the dark green mints provide you with a more intense flavor. When combined they give you the perfect spearmint flavor experience.

The new Spearmint Mix Tic Tac® mints will join the Tic Tac® brand’s portfolio of mint flavors which includes Freshmints, Powermint and Wintergreen Tic Tac® mints.

Tic Tac Mints


Tic Tac® sent me a few packages of their new Spearmint Mix Tic Tac® mints to try out for myself, as well as share with family, friends and co-workers.

I have to admit that spearmint is not my usually my mint of choice. I really enjoy peppermint the most (especially candy cane-like mints), however every now and then I do enjoy other minty flavors, like spearmint. It all depends on the product/brand.

I’ve been enjoying the new Spearmint Mix Tic Tac® mints. They are not too minty. The light and dark mints give you a perfectly balanced spearmint flavor – not too strong, not too light.

I know my kids are enjoying them. They keep taking the mints off my desk. Thankfully I have another one in my purse so I can enjoy them at work.

Spearmint Mix Tic Tac® mints are available at select grocery, drug, mass and convenience stores. You can also check out the store locator on the official Tic Tac® website – www.TicTacUSA.com. You can also check out the brand on Facebook and Twitter.

Have you tried the new Spearmint Mix Tic Tac® mints yet?

What is your favorite Mix Tic Tac® flavor?

Tic Tac Logo


*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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This Easter stuff your baskets with new products from NESTLE® and PEANUTS®



I have delightful news for candy lovers and fans of Charles Schulz PEANUTS® gang. NESTLE® and PEANUTS® have come together this holiday to offer consumers their favorite NESTLE® products in adorable PEANUTS® characters shapes and packaging.

In addition to this great news, NESTLE® also announced the purchase of certified, sustainable cocoa equal to the amount needed to produce the entire Easter chocolate collection for 2015. This is important because nearly 80% of consumers recently surveyed said they would prefer to purchase chocolate products made with sustainable cocoa if they were easy to find and didn’t cost more. Nestlé is thrilled to make those purchases possible this Easter.

Did you know that Easter is the second highest selling candy holiday, just behind Halloween? That makes sense.

My family and I are HUGE fans of the PEANUTS® gang. Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Woodstock, Linus, Lucy, Sally, Pig Pen, Marci, Peppermint Patty… we love them all.

“Candy is the number one gift shopped for during the Easter season and it plays a starring role in Easter egg hunts and at family gatherings,” said Tricia Bowles, Nestlé USA Confections & Snacks. “This year, we’ve introduced PEANUTS® characters to our Nestlé Easter collection and a few exclusive, novel treats that are sure to surprise and delight this holiday season.”

“Charlie Brown and the PEANUTS® gang love NESTLÉ CRUNCH,” said Carolann Dunn, executive director of hard goods at Peanuts Worldwide. “We’re thrilled to partner with NESTLÉ CRUNCH for its Easter chocolate collection. It’s an honor to have the PEANUTS® gang share in memory-making moments with Nestlé Crunch this Easter.”

Thanks to this wonderful “pairing”,  NESTLE® has introduced these wonderful PEANUTS® shaped or packaged products and more goodies this holiday.



The beloved Snoopy comes to life with the NESTLE® CRUNCH® Snoopy “bunny.” Classic NESTLE® CRUNCH® chocolate takes the shape of everyone’s favorite PEANUTS® character creating the perfect Easter basket addition. (MSRP $3.49, 4.5 oz)

My husband LOVES NESTLE® CRUNCH®. It’s one of his favorite candies. To be honest I never saw these candies. My husband pretty much enjoyed them all himself. He took them to work with him and put them in a large mason jar he keeps on his desk that he fills with sweets. At least I was able to take a photo of them. LOL!


NEW! NESTLE® CRUNCH® Sharable Medallion

Getting in on the fun are the NESTLE® CRUNCH® Sharable Medallions – happiness is sharing these bite-sized chocolate pieces with friends and family. (MSRP $0.49, 1.2 oz)


NEW! NESTLE® CRUNCH® Creamy Caramel NestEggs

There are many ways NESTLE® CRUNCH® can be combined with complimentary flavors and the NESTLE® CRUNCH® Filled NestEggs with Creamy Caramel are a delicious example. Taking the familiar taste of NESTLE® CRUNCH® and combining it with rich, creamy caramel makes for the tastiest Easter eggs ever! (MSRP $2.99, 10 oz)

If you love chocolate and caramel you need to try these. They are oh-so-good! I love that they are individually wrapped “eggs.” Just one (or two) is enough to satisfy my sweet tooth. They bite sized too. My husband tosses a small handful in his lunch bag. He likes being able to grab one or two when he’s craving something at work.


NEW! SweeTARTS® Chewy Sours

For some, nothing satisfies like sour candy! New this year is SweeTARTS® Chewy Sours, which are made with no artificial flavors and deliver every bit the sour kick needed for an exciting holiday treat. (MSRP $2.29, 12 oz)

These are super sour. My kids and my husband absolutely love these. They are just too sour for my taste. I do like that they are chewy. And they are packed with flavor. They just make my lips pucker. LOL!

Not mentioned above are Peanut Butter filled NESTLE® CRUNCH candies that also feature the lovable PEANUTS® character Charlie Brown.


These candies are very rich and creamy. If you love peanut butter and chocolate together you’ll want to try these out. They even have the crispy crunch of regular NESTLE® CRUNCH candies.

Of course there are plenty of other great NESTLE® products to fill your Easter baskets with this year. I “heart” NESTLE® Butterfingers. I find that the bars are too much. I enjoy the snack size ones better. These Butterfinger eggs are even better.

We haven’t used the jelly beans yet. I’m saving them for an Easter Egg hunt we’re planning on the holiday.

My kids enjoyed the Nerds candies.

nestle candy

I love the PEANUTS® packaging, especially because my family are such huge fans of the franchise.

I think it’s fabulous that these two iconic American brands have come together to offer fans and consumers one-of-a-kind chocolate collections for the holidays. I hope that they continue their partnership throughout the year and beyond.

Look for NESTLE® and the new NESTLE® PEANUTS® products at a store near you.

For more information about NESTLE® brand visit NestleUSA.com. You can also find the brand on the various social media outlets.

What do you think about this fun partnership? Who is your favorite PEANUTS® character? What is your favorite NESTLE® product? Feel free to share your thoughts. I always love to hear from readers.

Nestle Peanuts


*I received free sample products to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Win the Ultimate “Lobsterworthy” Celebration from Red Lobster



Are you a fan of Red Lobster? I sure am. I LOVE Red Lobster. We don’t get to eat there as often as we’d like to. It used to be a “special occasion” restaurant for my family, but we are slowly making it a place that we frequent more often.

Right now Red Lobster’s awesome “Lobsterfest” is going on. For a limited time Red Lobster is offering guests special lobster dishes that will make your mouth water.

Right now for Lobsterfest Red Lobster has available the following lobster dishes.

I have been anxiously waiting for the opportunity to head over to our local Red Lobster restaurant to take advantage of Lobsterfest before it’s too late. If it’s not one thing it’s another (this person is sick, that person has plans, it’s snowing, we have to go away…). Ugh! I am keeping my fingers crossed that at least my husband and I can go this coming weekend. I have my eyes set on the Dueling Lobster Tails or the Lobster Lover’s Dream meals.

What meal from the Lobsterfest menu would you love to try out?

In addition to Lobsterfest, Red Lobster is also hosting a #Lobsterworthy Contest. The contest gives Red Lobster fans the chance to win the Ultimate Lobsterworthy Celebration.


Each week, Red Lobster will announce on its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages the prizing and themes of the contest, and guests can submit images of their lobsterworthy moments using #lobsterworthy and #contest.

This week (March 16 to 22) the theme is Sweethearts. Next week (March 23 to 29) the theme is Sports.

To enter simply check on the weekly theme and upload a photo of you, your friends and/or family that pertains to the them using BOTH hashtags (#LobsterWorthy and #Contest). You should also consider following Red Lobster on social media too since they will announce the weekly winners on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

Submissions will be judged in line with the weekly themes. There will be two winners each week who will receive a special prize.

One grand prize winner will win an all-inclusive trip for FOUR to Hawaii! My father and step-mother just got back from a two week vacation to Hawaii this past Thursday. I’ve always dreamed of going myself some day and bring my family. A trip to Hawaii sounds GREAT – especially after the winter we’ve had.

Don’t wait to enter the contest because it ends soon. Also, those amazing lobster dishes are also only available for a limited time. Once Lobsterfest is over those mouth-watering dishes will be gone too.

To find a Red Lobster location near you visit RedLobster.com.

What is your favorite meal from Red Lobster? Are you a fan of Lobsterfest?



*I received a gift card in exchange for my participation. There was no other compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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It’s Easter Time! You know what that means – PEEPS®



It’s Easter time. It’s evident when you walk into most stores because it’s impossible to avoid the aisles of candy, baskets, toys and plush animals. Most stores where I live have had Easter products on the shelves around the beginning of February (Easter is not until April 5th this year).

Growing up Easter was always one of my favorite holidays, right behind Christmas and Halloween.

One year the Easter Bunny brought me basket made out of solid chocolate. In addition it was filled with chocolate and other types of candies. It was truly chocolate heaven – or chocolate overload depending on how you looked at it.

The Easter Bunny would leave our baskets by our front door. I spent most of the time downstairs in the playroom so I wanted to take my beautiful chocolate basket downstairs. On my way down I tripped and the basket went flying. When it hit the ground it shattered into a lot of chocolate pieces. Since we had dogs and cats, and people walked all over the carpet, there was no way the “5 second rule” would apply here so we had to throw it all away. The only thing that was left were some wrapped chocolate candies and a package of marshmallow PEEPS®.

Back then there were only the yellow PEEPS® chicks available. I think the bunnies were too but the Easter Bunny only brought me the chicks.

PEEPS® have always been a part of every Easter. Even when I became a mom I made sure that there were at least one package of PEEPS® in every Easter basket I made for them.

PEEPS® have come a long way since I was a kid. Now PEEPS® are available in a wide variety of colors, shape and flavors. They are also available year round. Other holidays are also enjoying PEEPS® including Valentine’s Day, Christmas and Halloween. There are even Fourth of July PEEPS®.

Box of Peeps

Did you know…?

  • Yellow is America’s best-selling color of PEEPS® Chicks and Bunnies, followed by pink and then blue.
  • Just Born produces enough PEEPS® Brand Marshmallow Candies in one year to circle the earth three times.
  • Chicks rule! 4 out of every 5 PEEPS® purchased are Chicks – either flavored, dipped in chocolate, covered in chocolate or in the original un-flavored marshmallow form.

There are so many PEEPS® fans in the world that the creators, Just Born, have PEEPS® plush, apparel, and other goodies available on their website, PeepsandCompany.com. There you can find PEEPS® dog rope toys, PEEPS® cat nip toys, giant stuffed PEEPS®, PEEPS® jewelry and even a PEEPS® shaped Yankee Candle (plus much, much more!).

Peeps Products

PEEPS® are always introducing new flavors and products. This Easter is no exception. Check out what’s new with PEEPS® this holiday.

Flavored Peeps

Flavors 1

Decorated Eggs 2

Decorated Eggs 1

OC 2

OC 1


Mystery 1

Some of the new products are sold exclusively at specific stores. Mystery PEEPS® are only available at Walmart. The Orange Cream PEEPS® are only sold at CVS and the flavored PEEPS® (Lime, Lemon and Orange Delight) are sold only at Target. All other PEEPS® are sold at many other retail locations.

There are also Blue Raspberry PEEPS® which are very sour. My kids love them.

I LOVE the Chocolate Mousse dipped in Dark Chocolate PEEPS®. They are SO GOOD! They come in a 3 pack so there is enough to share – or enjoy them all for yourself.

The Peepsters are also a huge hit with not only my family but also my neighbors. They are individually wrapped chocolate covered marshmallows.


PEEPS® are great “as is,” but did you know that you can do so much more with them? There is a site dedicated to great recipes and things you can make with PEEPS®. It’s easy enough to remember – MarshmallowPeeps.com. What I love about the ideas you find on that site is that a lot of them are submitted by people like you and I.

You should really check out the site for a lot of fun and easy (not to mention yummy) ideas for having fun with your marshmallow PEEPS®.

I found two ideas on Pinterest (another great source for ideas) that I wanted to try with my family. One was making “nests” out of crunchy Chinese noodles, marshmallows, candy that looks like “eggs” and of course PEEPS®. The other was making bird houses with graham crackers, coconut, candy that looks like “eggs”, green food coloring and PEEPS®.

I’m not THAT bad when it comes to creating things. I did make these yummy cupcakes a few years ago with roasted coconut.


Sadly my PEEPS® creations didn’t turn out that well.

For the “nest” recipe I used the following.

  • 3 cups miniature marshmallows
  • 4 cups chow mein noodles
  • Assorted “egg” looking candies
  • PEEPS® Chicks

I sprayed the inside of a large glass bowl with non-stick spray and put 1/2 of the marshmallows in it then popped it in the microwave. I microwaved them for several seconds until I saw them start to swell up. I then carefully removed them from the microwave and with a wooden spoon (also sprayed with non-stick spray) I poured in 1/2 of the chow mein noodles and stirred them together. That didn’t work out so well for me. Everything started to stick. So I sprayed a little non-stick spray on my hands and tried to mold the noodles and marshmallow mixture into next shapes but everything kept sticking to my hands. My kids found it very amusing. I had marshmallow everywhere. LOL!


I tried. I even added some green colored sugar to add a bit of color to the nest but it didn’t work out so well.

I’ve seen this recipe on the Internet and Pinterest so there must be an easier and better way to make them. I’ll try a different recipe next time.

For the bird houses, that was equally as messy. But we had fun none the less.

For this recipe we needed…

  • 1 cup of mini marshmallows
  • 1 cup of shredded coconut tinted green with green food coloring
  • candies that looked like “eggs”
  • PEEPS® chicks
  • Graham crackers (at least 3 whole crackers per house)

We pre-tinted the shredded coconut ahead of time by pouring the coconut in a bowl and adding a couple of drops of green food coloring and mixing it well. We set it aside for when we were done making our houses.

I melted the mini-marshmallows in the microwave for a few seconds in a microwave safe bowl until they started to swell. I then carefully removed it from the microwave.

Using a butter knife we used the melted marshmallow as “glue” to attach the pieces of crackers together to make a bird house. We used one square for the two sides and back, and then one square each (at an angle) for the roof.

It sounded easy enough but the marshmallow would firm up too quickly and I had to keep microwaving it. The marshmallow also got a bit messy and some of the graham crackers would stick together OK and others didn’t.

The results might not have turned out all that wonderful but my kids and I had a grand time trying to make this work. We had A LOT of laughs with this one, including dropping a butter knife covered with melted marshmallow on the floor and having it stick to the floor (we had a hard time pulling it off – LOL).


OK. So they are not Pinterest worthy and Martha Stewart would probably cringe at the sight of them, but that is OK with me. My family and I had a great time trying to make them (and eating our “mistakes”). After all, the holidays are about making memories that last a lifetime, not about making something “perfect.”

I’m sure you can find different recipes for the bird houses too, ones that are less messy.

Do you make anything fun with PEEPS®? Do you have a favorite shape or flavor PEEPS®? What do you think about the new flavors?

Don’t forget to check out both websites (linked above) as well as PEEPS® on social media – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Their official hashtag is #PEEPSONALITY.



*I received free product samples in order to do this review/recipes. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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