Check out Friendship Dairies™ Super-Duper Totally Fantastic Superfood Mix-in Sweepstakes for your chance to win amazing prizes

mixin_mexican shrimp bowl

If you follow my blog on a regular basis you might have seen my post from a few weeks ago about Friendship Dairies handy Superfood Generator. The Superfood Generator helps you to create delicious recipes using Friendship Dairies (the Original Superfood) cottage cheeses, fruits, vegetables, herbs and other ingredients. Not only does it help you to create wonderful recipes, it also displays how healthful the recipe is for you (protein, antioxidant, potassium, fiber and other good for you benefits).

Friendship Dairies has been the Original Superfood since 1917. The Original Superfood is high in protein (1% cottage cheese has 15g per serving, 4% has 14g) and is a good source of long-lasting energy.

You can mix just about anything you can think of into Friendship Dairies cottage cheese, including (but certainly not limited to) honey, nuts, berries, raisins, cranberries, oranges, avocado, spinach, olives, flax seed, ginger and garlic to name a few.

I visited the Superfood Generator to get an idea of what kind of creations I can come up with. I’ve made a few so far (I substituted cranberries with raisins for one recipe – I didn’t have any cranberries on hand).



I haven’t had a chance to try out any new recipes lately only because I’ve been super busy with a lot of end of the school year stuff, our daughter’s senior prom and high school graduation. Then again I NEED the energy to get through everything. Perhaps I should look into a new recipe or two to try out since the Original Superfood is a good source of sustainable energy.

I also want to try making some savory recipes using herbs and spices. I tend to stick with sweet things. Next time I’m going to pick out some non-sweet ingredients to mix in with my cottage cheese.


Friendship Dairies has a variety of cottage cheese to choose from, so you can mix and match those varieties with your Superfood Generator recipes as well. I admit that I tend to stick with the same variety. I am curious about the Friendship Dairies cottage cheese that comes with bits of pineapple already inside. I think I am going to try that variety next.

If you would like to check out the Superfood Generator visit FriendshipDairies.com. You can also find the brand on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.


The Original Superfood is hosting a sweepstakes that I think a lot of readers will be interested in. It’s called the Friendship Dairies Super-Duper Totally Fantastic Superfood Mix-in Sweepstakes.

Entering is very easy and there is no purchase necessary.

To enter simply do the following tasks.

Use the Superfood Generator to select a cottage cheese

  1. Choose up to 3 mix-ins
  2. Get a super summary
  3. Enter the sweepstakes

The sweepstakes runs from July 1, 2015 through August 31, 2015.  You can come back once a day to enter through August 31, 2015. Each daily entry will be submitted into the grand prize drawing. Plus, when  you share the sweeps on your Facebook wall you will get a bonus entry for every one of your friends that enters based on your post. How cool is that?


For a complete set of rules please visit – http://bit.ly/1RJDkOm.

Now for the fun part – the prizes!

The Original Superfood, Friendship Dairies, is giving away up to $5,000 in WEEKLY prizes including THREE Vitamix blenders valued at a whopping $498! Nice! I’ve always wanted a Vitamix. I’ve heard great things about them.

Are you a fan of Friendship Dairies cottage cheese? What types of things do you mix in? Do you think you’ll be entering this super easy contest? Feel free to share your thoughts. I always love to hear from my readers.



*Although compensated the opinions expressed are entirely my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Talenti Gelato Launches Quarts & Half Gallons and new flavors



Ice cream is a popular summer time treat. After enjoying plenty of sun and fresh air it’s nice to kick back, relax and cool off with your favorite ice cream.

When I was younger it was a special treat to visit our local ice cream shop. We didn’t have an ice cream truck that came around the neighborhood like my husband did.

There are a couple of ice cream shops local to where we live, and we also have an ice cream man that makes his rounds around our neighborhood. We used to enjoy them both with our kids, but they end up being so costly. For the price of an ice cream cone or dish from our local ice cream shop we can buy 3-4 of our favorite ice cream, gelato or sorbet flavors and enjoy this frozen treat at home.

During the summer months when we tend to crave frozen treats more often I like to keep a few varieties in my freezer, cones and toppings (sprinkles, nuts…) so that my family can enjoy the sweet, creamy goodness whenever they want.

One of my favorite frozen treats are gelatos and sorbettos from Talenti. If you follow my blog on a regular basis you know that I have written about the brand many times. I am in love with the brand’s Peanut Butter Cup and Sea Salt Caramel flavors. Actually, I’ve never really met a Talenti flavor I didn’t like but Peanut Butter Cup and Sea Salt Caramel are certainly my top favorites.

Talenti sources the best ingredients from around the world, using fresh milk and extra fine pure cane sugar, selecting real fruits, creating nut pastes in-house and wrapping it all in a beautiful, clear package that is BPA-free and recylable. We have several Talenti pint containers around my home holding a variety of things including miscellaneous nuts, bolts, screw and nails as well as cotton balls, my daughter’s make up and assorted other things.

My new favorite!

My new favorite!

Talenti has introduced some new flavors that you just have to try for yourself.

Talenti sent me samples of the new flavors to try with my family. That was one package I couldn’t wait to show up. LOL!

The new flavors are…

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough – Vanilla Bean gelato with chocolate chip cookie dough pieces and dark butter fudge ribbons. This is favorite with my family, especially my husband. He loves anything cookie dough. I think he almost single handedly ate most of this container. I did have a few spoonfuls, but that was it. I can see why my family enjoyed it so much.

Coffee Toffee – Coffee gelato with chocolate-covered soft almond toffee. Coffee… almond… toffee… it’s a match made in heaven!

Hazelnut Chocolate Chip – Hazelnut gelato with pieces of roasted hazelnuts and chocolate chips. Hazelnuts. Chocolate Chips. A match made in heaven! My kids say this reminds them of Nutella. I don’t see it but I do know this flavor is really, really, REALLY good. I love the bits of crunch mixed in with the creamy goodness of the hazelnut gelato.

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie – Dark brown sugar, cinnamon, raisins and oatmeal cookie pieces in gelato. This flavor is amazing! It’s like you are eating an actual oatmeal raisin cookie – but in a frozen form. I’m amazed and how true to the classic cookie flavor this gelato is. My family agrees with me. They also think this flavor tastes EXACTLY like the cookie.

You can tell these were a hit with my family.

You can tell these were a hit with my family.

Raspberry Cheesecake – Cheesecake gelato with pieces of cheesecake and sweet raspberry vinaigrette. This was the first flavor to disappear in my home. I thought it would be one of the last because only me and my daughter like cheesecake. My son, who normally won’t eat cheesecake, loved this flavor too. It takes like an actual slice of cheesecake covered in sweet raspberries. It’s hard to believe this is a gelato.

Salted Peanut Caramel – Salted Peanut gelato with dry-roasted peanuts and salted caramel. This might sound odd, but this flavor reminds me of my childhood. When I was a young girl we mostly had regular peanuts to put on top of our ice cream. My mom didn’t buy things like sprinkles or candies. My dad always had peanuts on hand so I would grab a handful of his peanuts to put on top of my ice cream. This flavor reminds me of my childhood. I especially liked this flavor because it brought back great memories.

Tiramisu – Gelato flavored with coffee, hints of marsala wine, amaretto and mascarpone cheese with dulce de leche ribbons. I wasn’t sure how my family would like this flavor. They won’t eat Tiramisu cake, so I figured they wouldn’t like this flavor. When it comes to my teens they don’t pay much attention to what the flavor is. If they want a sweet treat they just go with whatever they can find. I was surprised to see them eating this flavor. My daugher loves it. My son thinks it’s good (he’s not in love with it but will eat it). My husband took one spoonful of it and didn’t like it. He can’t stand Tiramisu cake and right away knew this was the same flavor.


In addition to these tasty new flavors, Talenti has also introduced new sizes. The best selling gelato in the United States is now offering several of their top-selling flavors in quart and half-gallon sizes.

Now there is more of your favorite flavors to enjoy. The new sizes are now available nation wide.

The following flavors doubling in size are;

  • Caramel Apple Pie
  • Caramel Cookie Crunch
  • Coffee Chocolate Chip
  • Double Dark Chocolate
  • Peppermint Bark (seasonal)
  • Southern Butter Pecan – I just tried this flavor for the first time. Oh my goodness! It’s heavenly! I’ve always loved Butter Pecan ice cream but this version takes it to a whole new level. This is my new love. It goes right to the top of the list along side Peanut Butter Cup and Sea Salt Caramel.

Sea Salt Caramel and Tahitian Vanilla Bean are available in both quarts and half-gallons—perfect for any summer party or picnic. The above mentioned flavors are still going to be available in the standard pint size too.

“We’ve heard it time and time again from our fans: by the time they get to the bottom of the pint, they’re still craving one last bite,” said Steve Gill, CEO of  Talenti. “Our response: let’s give them more of what they love—the same premium ingredients, in sizes large enough for the whole gang to enjoy.”

Consumers can find Talenti’s quarts and half-gallons at major retailers nationwide at a suggested retail price of $8.99-$9.99 and $14.99-$16.99 respectively. Pints are sold  at a suggested retail price of $4.99-$5.99.

For more information about Talenti gelatos and sorbettos visit TalentiGelato.com. You can also check out the brand on social media. Links are found on their home page.

Have you ever tried Talenit gelato or sorbetto? If so, do you have a favorite flavor? Do any of the new flavors sound especially delicious to you?

Talenti Gelato Sorbetto Logo


*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Something new from Honey Maid Teddy Grahams – Birthday Cake Flavor!



Honey Maid Birthday Cake Teddy Grahams

Have you noticed the Birthday Cake trend? A lot of brands are now making products in a Birthday Cake flavor. Ice cream, cake, cookies… you name it. Not that I mind. Who doesn’t enjoy a slice of birthday cake, complete with sprinkles.

Honey Maid has joined the Birthday Cake “band wagon” with their new Honey Maid Birthday Cake Teddy Grahams. Now every day can be your birthday with these tasty new treats.

Whether you’re throwing a birthday party or simply enjoying afternoon snack time, wholesome moments of all kinds deserve celebration. To help families ring in these moments big and small, Honey Maid today announced new Birthday Cake Teddy Grahams — a favorite snack now infused with delicious birthday cake flavor filled with colorful sprinkles.

First introduced in 1988, Teddy shaped graham crackers have been a staple snack for families for decades. With birthday cake flavor emerging as a pop culture favorite across all age groups, Honey Maid has expanded the Teddy Grahams portfolio to incorporate this variety, joining other popular Teddy Graham flavors like Honey, Cinnamon, Chocolate and Chocolatey Chip. Need another reason to celebrate? Teddy Grahams provide 8 grams of whole grain per 30g serving – 15 percent of the recommended daily value for children – and is a good source of calcium.

“With the addition of the Birthday Cake flavor to the Teddy Grahams portfolio, we are continuing the tradition of providing parents with wholesome and fun snack options for their families,” Mikhail Chapnik, US Marketing Lead of Wholesome Sweet Portfolio at Mondelez International. “Birthday Cake Teddy Grahams bring a new twist to wholesome snacking with a popular flavor and a unique sprinkle of color to everyday celebrations.”

From crackers to Grahamfuls® and Teddy Grahams, Honey Maid’s wholesome products are made with whole grain and real honey, without high fructose corn syrup, and are wholesome snacks families can agree on for any occasion.

Honey Maid was kind enough to send me some boxes of the new Birthday Cake Teddy Grahams.

Did you know that Honey Maid’s wholesome snack has 8g of whole grain per 30g serving?

I like how the little bears are decorated with colorful “sprinkles.” It gives them a festive appearance. I like how colorful they are.

Birthday Cake Teddy Grahams

The Teddy Grahams DO taste like Birthday Cake. They have a very “vanilla-y” taste to them, just like the cake and frosting found on most birthday cakes.

I had my family try the new flavor too – but I didn’t tell them what the flavor was. I wanted to see if they could pick up on it. Both my husband and son said “Birthday Cake.” My daughter said “vanilla.” She was able to pick up on the vanilla flavor too.

We like them. Honey Maid Birthday Cake Teddy Grahams are great “as is.” They as go great on top of ice cream and yogurt. They are a fun and tasty “on the go” snack that you an enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Honey Maid Birthday Cake Teddy Grahams are available at mass retailers nationwide for the suggested retail price of $3.19 per 10 ounce box.

For more information, please visit HoneyMaid.comFacebook.com/HoneyMaid or engage with @HoneyMaidSnacks and #ThisIsWholesome on Twitter.

Have you tried the new Birthday Cake flavor yet? Do you have a favorite Teddy Graham flavor? Feel free to share your thoughts.



*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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Try something new with Sir Kensington’s



Do you enjoy back yard barbecues? Do you find that you eat a lot of burgers and hot dogs during the summer months? Dare I say that you might even be bored with the same old burgers and hot dogs?

We don’t have a barbecue where we live. We live in a condo complex and the Fire Marshall doesn’t allow barbecues for safety reasons. Thankfully my father has a barbecue so we get to enjoy barbecued foods a few times over the summer months. I’m sure if we had a barbecue we would use it all the time.

If you are looking to try something new with your burgers and hot dogs this summer, why not try something new like Sir Kensington’s ketchups and mustards.

Sir Kensington’s products taste fresh. They taste like something you would find in a gourmet restaurant.


Sir Kensington’s currently offers the following products;

Dijon Mustard

An homage to a French classic, Sir Kensington’s Dijon proves rich and potent, with pleasing heat and balanced acidity.  Finely milled for a creamy texture, the density of flavor is mellowed with Chablis.

Spicy Brown Mustard

This stone ground, European style deli mustard offers a rugged sweetness coupled with an approachable tangy heat.  This recipe features a combined blend of brown and yellow mustard seeds, balanced with a touch of Vermont maple syrup.

Spiced Ketchup

Looking for a bit more heat? Sir Kensington’s Spiced Ketchup features chipotle peppers, cilantro, lime juice, and hint of coriander. Spicy enough to amuse the taste buds, it packs a pleasing punch without sinking the ship.

Classic Ketchup

Ketchup, only more so, Sir Kensington’s Classic Ketchup boasts whole crushed tomatoes, raw sugar, and lime juice. Vinegar and spices imbue a deep tang and a peppery richness without overcomplicating this well known staple. This is our magnum opus of sauce; a classic reborn with perfect balance of sweet and savory.

Chipotle Mayonnaise

Sir Kensington’s Chipotle Mayonnaise brings a New-World intensity to an Old-World classic. With a rich, smoky combination of chipotle peppers in adobo and notes of cumin, garlic, and tomato, it’s the perfect accompaniment to fish tacos, grilled corn, and anything that lies between two slices of bread. 

Classic Mayonnaise

Sir Kensington’s Classic Mayonnaise is prepared after the French tradition with cage-free eggs, smooth sunflower oil, and bright hints of citrus. Silky and versatile, it’s an elegant offering suited for dipping, spreading, and a multitude of as-yet undiscovered applications.

Sriracha Mayonnaise

Sir Kensington’s Sriracha Mayonnaise is here to spice things up. Featuring the same delicious base as our Classic variety with a twist of that beloved Sriracha heat, it’s the perfect accompaniment to fish tacos, grilled corn, and anything that lies between two slices of bread.

I received some Sir Kensington’s products to try out with my family. I received Sriracha Mayonnaise, Classic Ketchup and Dijon Mustard.

Sadly I did not try out the Sriracha Mayonnaise. I am not a fan of Sriracha. I don’t like it at all. It’s way too spicy for my taste. My family didn’t want to try it either. Sorry Sir Kensington’s.

I really like Sir Kensington’s classic ketchup. It’s like ketchup but at the same time it’s not (if that makes sense?). Yes, it’s a ketchup that you can use on your hamburgers, hot dogs and french fries – it just doesn’t taste like traditional ketchup. It has a richer, slightly sweeter taste to it. It really adds a nice burst of flavor to whatever it is that you enjoy it with.

We put ketchup on a lot of things and I noticed that we’d grab for the Sir Kensington’s more so than our usual bottle of ketchup. I don’t know if it’s because it’s new and different, or because my family prefers it over regular ketchup.

I reach for Sir Kensington’s ketchup because for me it adds MORE flavor than regular ketchups. I’m not kidding when I say it’s something you would expect to be served at a fine restaurant.


As for the Dijon mustard, I’m the only one who likes mustard. That’s OK. More for me. :-)

I’ve used the mustard on hot dogs and pretzels so far (I pick up NYC style big, soft pretzels from a local bakery). Mmm… yummy!

As it is with the ketchup, this mustard is just like mustard you would normally use, but a nicer quality. It also tastes freshly made, not like it’s been sitting on a store shelf for the past six months.

Speaking of which be sure to check the expiration dates. Sir Kensington’s products don’t last as long as other condiments. It might have something to do with the ingredients and no preservatives. For example, the ketchup contains;

Tomatoes, Tomato Paste, Organic Sugar, Onions, Organic Distilled Vinegar, Salt, Lime Juice Concentrate, Green Bell Peppers, Allspice, Citric Acid

Notice how there are no preservatives, chemicals or hard to pronounce ingredients. This is why the products taste so fresh.

If you would like to see for yourself pick up your favorite condiment made my Sir Kensington’s and taste the difference.

For more information please visit SirKensingtons.com. You can also check out the brand on social media to see what others are saying about Sir Kensington’s products. The links are found on the bottom right of their home page.

Have you tried any of Sir Kensington’s condiments? If so, which one? Did you enjoy it? Feel free to share your thoughts.

Sir Kensington's Logo


*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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NEW Dole Pineapple Dippers




I love fresh fruit, don’t you? Actually I like all kind of fruit – fresh, frozen, freeze dried… it’s all good to me. I especially love fruit dipped in chocolate, like chocolate covered strawberries. Mmm… those are my favorite.

Why is it that fruit tastes so much better when dipped in chocolate? Ha Ha.

Have you ever tried DOLE Dippers? DOLE Dippers are frozen banana slices or frozen strawberry bites dipped in chocolate. They are individually packaged and make a tasty treat. I’ve actually reviewed both the DOLE Banana Dippers and the DOLE Strawberry Dippers in the past. I love them both, as does my family.

DOLE Banana Dippers with and without nuts

DOLE Banana Dippers with and without nuts

DOLE Dippers has recently added a new fruit to their product line – Pineapple!

To be honest with you I was a bit “iffy” about chocolate covered pineapple. Bananas and strawberries go great with chocolte, but pineapple? None the less I was happy to give them a try.

DOLE sent me some free product coupons to try out the new DOLE Pineapple Dippers. I was thrilled to find that my local grocery store carries them. Often our local grocery store doesn’t get “new” products until long after they are released.

The DOLE Pineapple Dippers come with small, bite size pieces of pineapple dipped in scrumptious chocolate.

Each serving size is individually packaged just like the other DOLE Dippers.

Dippers 2

Pineapple and chocolate together – MMM!!!! Who knew the two flavors would work so well together.

I’m not the only one who was a bit “iffy” about the flavor combination. My kids (teens) felt the same way, that is until they tried them. Let’s just say the box of DOLE Pineapple Dippers was gone almost immediately. I had to pick up another box on my next trip to the grocery store.

The DOLE Pineapple Dippers are only 80 calories per package making them a good snack option. They are also non-GMO and are made with 67% dark cacao.

You can find these and the other DOLE Dippers products in the frozen section of your local grocery store.

For more information about these and other DOLE products visit DOLE.com. You can also follow the brand on social media. All of the links are found on their website.

Have you tried any of the DOLE Dipper flavors yet? What do you think about DOLE Pineapple Dippers? Do you think you’ll give them a try?

dippers pineapple 3D front


*I received free product coupons in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 


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Yummy Forth of July Snack Recipe


Forth of July Snack Recipe

Can you believe that it’s almost the Forth of July? Seriously… time is flying way too quickly. Wasn’t it JUST Valentines Day? Sigh…

One of our local grocery stores has already started to stack the shelves with Back-to-School supplies. Ugh! Our daughter just graduated high school this past Friday. I don’t want to think about Back-to-School time for at least another eight weeks.


Are you planning on hosting (or attending) a Forth of July party? If so, check out this easy to make recipe to show off you Patriotic spirit. It’s a nice change of pace from the usual chips and dips available at most parties. Plus it’s made from better for you snack options.

This recipe is from Pirate’s Booty Fruity Booty and Rickland Orchards.

Here is what you’ll need to create this festive treat

  • 1 package of Pirate’s Booty Fruity Booty
  • 1 package of Rickland Orchards Greek Covered Almonds
  • 1 package of your choice of a blue candy/nut (M&Ms, jelly beans… what ever you can find).

Mix all the ingredients together and serve in Patriotic bowls.

4th of July recipe


That’s it! How easy is that to make. It’s something your children could easily whip up while you are busy focusing on other foods for your party.

As I mentioned earlier in the post, this recipe is made with better for you snack options.

Pirate’s Booty Fruity Booty: 

  • Baked rice & corn puff
  • 0g of Trans Fats
  • Cholesterol and Certified Gluten Free
  • Peanut and tree nut Free
  • No Artificial Colors, Flavors or Preservatives
  • Made with Real Fruit

Rickland Orchards White Almonds:

  • Dry roasted almonds covered in a Greek yogurt coating
  • Two times more protein and fewer carbohydrates than regular yogurt
  • Trans Fats and Cholesterol Free

When looking for something “blue” try and find something better for you like the Pirate’s Booty and Rickland Orchards White Almonds. Maybe you can find a blue coated nuts? For this recipe we used blue chocolate candies.

If you are looking for more great snack options for your holiday party, backyard barbecues, camping or picnics be sure to try out other Pirate’s Booty products. My family is a huge fan of Pirate’s Booty. They are a great anytime snack.

I just recently learned about Rickland Orchards. They have a lot of yummy Greek yogurt products that I am interested in trying out. Their Greek On The Go snacks look and sound so good.

For more information about Pirates Booty please visit PiratesBrand.com. And for information about Rickland Orchards visit RicklandOrchards.com. Both brands can be found on social media. All links are found on their website.

What do you think about this recipe? Would you be interested in trying it out for yourself? What would you choose for the “blue” color?

Feel free to share your thoughts. I always love to hear from my readers.

Pirates Booty Rickland Orchard Recipe


*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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