Dr Pepper Snapple Group – with so many varieties there is something for everyone


Family grocery shopping

Brands. We’re all familiar with them. There are literally thousands in every grocery store across the country. People might be surprised to find out that some of their favorite brands are actually under the “umbrella” of a larger brand. It’s not uncommon for one brand to be the parent company of other brands.

I recently learned that the Dr Pepper Snapple Group was the parent brand of popular brands that my family enjoys on a regular basis.

The Dr Pepper Snapple Group is the parent company to the brands Mott’s, Yoo-hoo and Hawaiian Punch. They also make Snapple and Dr Pepper products too.

Visit my kitchen and you’ll almost always find Yoo-hoo and Hawaiian Punch in my fridge or pantry. It’s not so much for my kids – but my husband! I always refer to him as my third child. LOL!

My husband grew up drinking Yoo-hoo and Hawaiian Punch. He loves those brands and enjoys them as much today as he did when he was a kid. They are a staple in our home. Who knew they were made by the Dr Pepper Snapple Group and were “related” to each other.


My husband buys Yoo-hoo in bulk from the warehouse club and often takes it to work with him.

My family also enjoys Hawaiian Punch. My husband prefers the classic red fruit punch. I used to pack my kids the juice pouches in with their lunch back when I made their school lunches (our daughter is in college now and our son in a senior who eats lunch when he gets home from school).

They still enjoy the pouches along with an afternoon snack.


I was surprised to learn that our family favorites are also “related” to another Dr Pepper Snapple Group product – Mott’s.

I buy Mott’s apple juice from time to time. Last year the site director I worked with served the children Mott’s apple juice with their snacks. Sometimes I would pour myself a cup. I would even pick up a contain here and there when I went shopping but it never lasted too long. My kids normally drank it before I had a chance to.

Mott’s apple juice is also a nice snack time option.

I especially like the individual bottle option. Not only are they great to toss into your child’s lunch box, but I can also take them to work with me in my lunch tote.


Now, whenever I go to the grocery store I see Dr Pepper Snapple Group products every where. I’m surprised by how many brands they represent. I had no idea they offered consumers such a great variety of products and flavors. They have something for everyone.

Dr Pepper Snapple Group is also all about fun and games. They have a health and wellness initiative called Let’s Play that encourages children (and families) to get out and play.

Playtime has changed A LOT since I was a kid. I would be outside from sun up to sundown. I grew up in a time where kids played until the street lights came on. Then we’d go home and read, color or play some more.

These days children are overwhelmed with homework and after school activities. Even parents find themselves working more hours in order to afford the cost of living. Something like playtime seems to get pushed to the side.

Sadly, a new survey from Let’s Play, found that only 33 percent of children participate in daily active play – a decrease from 41 percent in 2015. I find this statistic rather shocking. Nearly half of the children in the survey don’t have time to play.


My husband and our kids playing at the playground when they were little. My husband accidentally hit his head on the yellow bar.

I always gave my kids time to play and unwind after school. I know that doing their homework was important, but I found that playtime was equally as important. Kids need time to unwind and decompress after school. They need time to simply be a kid.

Playtime is not only a great way to de-stress after a long day but it’s a great way for kids to get much needed exercise and to develop, encourage and promote creativity and imagination.

We don’t have a yard so my kids had their outside playtime on the weekends at the local parks. At home my son would always go straight to his vehicles and building blocks/bricks. My daughter loved to color and draw. What ever a child considers fun is playtime.

I work as a teacher’s assistant in a Kindergarten classroom. The teacher makes sure that the kids get ample playtime in between learning. Every day the kids get outside to play for 15-30 minutes and inside they get 30 minutes of play before the learning begins and another 15 minute playtime later on in the day.


If you would like to learn more about the Let’s Play initiative, or to find some great playtime activities you and your family can enjoy, visit LetsPlay.com.

f you would like to learn more about Dr Pepper Snapple Group and all their brands, please visit their website at www.DrPepperSnapple.com.

In addition, you can also follow Dr Pepper Snapple Group on social media at www.Facebook.com/DrPepperSnapple or www.Twitter.com/DrPepperSnapple. They can also be found on Instagram (@DrPepperSnapple). You can also find all of the individual brands on social media too.

Are you a fan of any of the Dr Pepper Snapple Group products?

Do you make sure that your child/children have ample play time on a daily basis? What is your child’s favorite playtime activity?

Feel free to share your thoughts. I always love to hear from readers.



*Compensation was provided by Dr Pepper Snapple Group via MomTrends. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Dr Pepper Snapple Group or Mom Trends.

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Ahoy Mateys! Monday, September 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day



Well shiver me timbers – tomorrow, Monday, September 19, 2016 is National Talk Like a Pirate Day.

I work with a Kindergarten class. I’m looking for fun activities we can do in class for National Talk Like a Pirate Day. We always like to do fun things with the kids, especially when they first arrive in class and need time to settle in.

When I think about Pirates my first thought is Pirate’s Booty. My family LOVES Pirate’s Booty snacks, most especially their Aged White Cheddar baked snacks made with puffed rice and corn and blended with real aged white cheddar cheese. I can barely keep a bag of this in our home because we all enjoy snacking on it.

This is a snack that I feel good about letting my family enjoy. The puffs are baked, not fried. They are also Gluten Free and contain NO artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. You can read and understand all the ingredients, as it should be.


Pirate Brands, the makers of Pirate’s Booty, also offer consumer other great tasting snacks including Smart Puffs, Carrot Snacks, Crunch Corn Sticks and Crunchy Treasures.

I wish I could have found Crunchy Treasures locally. The shaped snacks (Parrot, Anchor, “X” Marks the Spots and Steering Wheel) would have been ideal for a snack for our classroom.

For National Talk Like a Pirate Day, Pirate Brands has available some fun FREE printables that you can download including an eye patch, origami Pirate ship and treasure hunt (to name a few). They also have a glossery of Pirate terms you can use on your family and friends.

Pirate Brands is also hosting local events and a sweepstakes where the lucky winner will a family vacation to Florida as well as $1,000.

If you are interested in checking out the fun Pirate activities, or if you are interested in entering the sweepstakes, visit PirateBrands.com. You can also check them out on social media. All of their links are found on their website.

Do you plan on celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day?

#TalkLikeaPirate is an official hashtag worth checking out too!



*I will be receiving free products in exchange for my participation. There was no other compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Get ready for holiday baking (and more!) with Santa Barbara Chocolate Company



I love the fall season. Not only do I love the cool, crisp air and colorful leaves, but I also love that it’s the beginning of my favorite holiday season. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorite holidays (factor in Easter as well).

I love everything about the holidays – the sight, the sounds and the smells.

The holiday season is when many people do most of their baking. My mouth is watering just thinking about all the freshly baked treats and homemade candies I’ll be enjoying in the upcoming months.

When it comes to making treats it’s always best to use quality, fresh ingredients. Of course that applies to anything you make to eat and drink too.

Chocolate is a popular ingredient when it comes making treats.

You can find chocolate pieces at local gourmet chocolate shops, but the tend to be pricey.

Cocoa Beans. Photo Source: Santa Barbara Chocolate Co.

Cocoa Beans.
Photo Source: Santa Barbara Chocolate Co.

Have you heard about Santa Barbara Chocolate Company? Santa Barbara Chocolate Co. specialize in manufacturing premium organic chocolate, baking couvertures and cocoa powders, and gourmet chocolate gift boxes.

Santa Barbara Chocolate Co. reached out to me and asked if I would like to review some of their chocolates. Ha! Like I would ever turn down the opportunity to eat chocolate. NEVER! Ha Ha.

Santa Barbara Chocolate Co. sent me sample of their chocolate discs (the kind you would use in baking and making candies) as well as a box of a variety of gourmet chocolates and a package of the most delectable Dark Chocolate Cranberry Clusters and amazing chocolate peppermints.

Santa Barbara Chocolates are organic and freshly made. When you try them for yourself you can clearly taste that the chocolate is fresh and not something that has been lying around a warehouse for month.

I was sent several packages of their chocolate medallions. The medallions are small, round, almost quarter sized discs of chocolate.


There are “marks” on the chocolates because I popped them in the fridge when they first arrived (it was as super hot day when they arrived) and some of them stuck together because of that. What I should have done was put them in the closet until they firmed up. When you put chocolate in the fridge the milk fats come to the surface, distorting the look of the chocolate too.

Many people would use these chocolates for their baking and candy making needs. For me, I love the idea of using them to snack on.

My husband and I both like to enjoy a piece or two of chocolate after dinner, ideally dark chocolate (the darker the better). Studies have shown that dark chocolate can have some health benefits. We also enjoy milk chocolate and other chocolates because it’s yummy.

I’ve purchased “mass produced,” grocery store-type chocolates for my family to enjoy. When you compare those chocolates with the chocolates from Santa Barbara Chocolates, you can clearly taste the difference. The Santa Barbara Chocolate is not only fresh tasting, it’s also gives you a genuine, REAL, chocolate taste.

Unlike mass produced chocolates, you can identify all the ingredient in Santa Barbara Chocolates.

For example, the brand’s Rainforest Dark Milk Chocolate is made with sugar, cocoa mass, whole milk powder, cocoa butter and as an emulsifier – soy lecithin and natural vanilla. That’s it! In fact, all of the ingredients on the packages of chocolates that I received had similar ingredients. Easy to read. Easy to pronounce. Easy to understand.

FYI… cocoa mass (also known as cocoa liquor), is the first liquid stage of processing cocoa beans. And an emulsifier is a food additive used to stabilize processed foods. In the case of the Rainforest Dark Milk Chocolate the emulsifiers are simply soy lecithin and natural vanilla. You can also purchase chocolates without the soy lecithin.


I received a variety of flavors to review…

  • Rainforest Dark Milk Chocolate
  • Rio Tigre Milk Chocolate
  • Belgium White Chocolate
  • Belgium Milk Chocolate
  • Organic 70% Chocolate Amazonas

My husband tends to just pop chocolate in his mouth. He normally doesn’t care what brand or flavor it is. He did notice a difference with these chocolates.

You might think that milk chocolate is just milk chocolate – but there are subtle differences. Of the samples I received – Rainforest Dark Milk Chocolate, Rio Tigre Milk Chocolate and Belgium Milk Chocolate – you CAN taste a difference between the different varieties. I suspect it has to do with the different cocoa harvested from different countries. The same way Columbia coffee tastes a lot different than Hawaiian coffee.

I bet these chocolates would be amazing in homemade chocolate chip cookies. I think they would be great for dipping pretzels in too (I love chocolate covered pretzels).

If you are not a baker or candy maker you can still enjoy the delectable treats from Santa Barbara Chocolates. The company offers other products including gift boxes filled with a variety of chocolates, truffles, chocolate mints and the most amazing chocolate covered cranberry clusters. Currently I do not see the mints listed on their website, but the cranberry clusters are available.

If you follow me on Intagram (SheScribes) you might have seen the photo I posted of the cranberry clusters. They are SO GOOD! I would never think chocolate and cranberries would taste good together – but they do!


I’m sorry it’s not a great photo.

The box of chocolates had a wonderful assortment of chocolates – something for everyone.



The mints! Don’t get me started on the mints! They were amazing! I wish I saw them on their site. I guess they are currently unavailable.

I love chocolate mints. These are like nothing I have ever tasted before. The mint tastes fresh too – not artificial. In fact, when you open the box the first thing you notice is the scent of chocolate and mint whiffing through the air.


Santa Barbara Chocolates are primarily for people who buy in bulk and for wholesale purchases for people with businesses (hotels, wedding venues, companies, candy makers…) but regular folk like you and I can also purchase from them, especially the medallions for baking, candy making or eating and the boxed chocolates. They also offer drinking chocolate, cocoa powder and more.

If you are baker, candy maker or just someone who enjoys quality, gourmet chocolates, you should consider the Santa Barbara Chocolate Co. Their website is SantaBarbaraChocolate.com. The brand is also on social media. All of their links are found at the top right of their website.

You should also check out their blog for interesting articles. I found the one about coloring your hair naturally with cocoa powder very interesting.

Do you bake with real chocolate? Are you a candy maker? What do you think about the Santa Barbara Chocolate Co.?



*I received free product sample to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.



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Creating the perfect lunch box (giveaway ends 8/31/16)


Star Shaped Egg Mayonnaise and Ham Sandwich with Crudities

Has your child (or the children in your area) returned to school yet? Our schools have two weeks left. My son returns to  school on the 6th of September (that is when I return to work too). Off hand I don’t remember when my daughter college semester begins again.

My son doesn’t take lunch to school with him. He usually eats a big breakfast than has lunch when get gets home from school. He gets home around 2:30. This year he might actually be home by 1:30, so he can eat lunch at home.

I remember when I did make lunches for my kids. It was always a challenge. I always had to provide my kids with yummy foods they liked all while keeping their health and nutrition in mind.

Funny story… I received a phone call from the school nurse one day when both of my kids were in elementary school. The nurse wanted to compliment me on the healthy lunches I packed my kids. She even said that I packed better lunches than her – and she’s a nurse and knows all about health and nutrition.

My “game plan” when it came to making lunches for my kids was this…

  • Protein (meat, usually chicken or turkey)
  • Carbohydrate (usually bread of some kind)
  • Vegetable (baby carrots, pepper slices, cucumber slices…)
  • Fruit (apple, orange banana…)
  • Water
  • Treat (a couple of cookies, a snack size chip bag…)

Elementary Pupils Sitting At Table Eating Lunch

I encouraged my kids to eat their lunch in that sequence too. They also brought their lunches home to me so I could see what they ate (or didn’t eat) and find out why they didn’t eat whatever food was left. That way I knew what they liked or didn’t like.

Putting together a well balanced lunchbox is important. In fact, Entenmann’s Little Bites muffins and Nature’s Harvest bread are teaming up to help encourage wholesome lunches.

Both Nature’s Harvest bread and Little Bites muffins are good, wholesome choices. It’s easy to use them to make lunchtime easy, delicious, and exciting.

Check out these fun videos that feature Entenmann’s Little Bites Chocolate Chip muffins and Nature’s Harvest Honey Wheat bread. I love these ideas!



Your child could easily re-create these adorable sandwiches simply by providing them with the ingredients. If your child is not fond of any of the (like celery) you could always come up with substitutes.

If you are not familiar with Entenmann’s Little Bites muffins, or Nature’s Harvest Honey Wheat Bread, here is some additional information.

Made with Little Bites signature golden muffins and chock full of delicious chocolate chips, the Little Bites Chocolate Chip muffins are filled with mega-chocolaty goodness to go! These pre-portioned pouches of delicious bite-sized baked snacks are made with real ingredients and are perfect for today’s families and their on-the-go needs. With over 10 different favors of Little Bites baked snacks there are plenty of choices for on-the-go snacking. Never any high fructose corn syrup and always zero grams of trans fat!

Little Bites Lunch

Nature’s Harvest Honey Wheat Bread is baked with 8 grams of whole grains per serving and a touch of honey! It’s a delicious step towards getting more whole grains into the lunchbox and reaching the recommended 32-48g of whole grains per day. Help balance your family’s diets with delicious, nutritious whole grains, simply by adding their favorite Nature’s Harvest breads to the grocery basket. In any variety of Nature’s Harvest bread you chose, you can always count on 8 grams or more of whole grains per serving, no high fructose corn syrup, and no artificial flavors or colors.


I’m trying to think of creative things I made for my kids. It’s been so long I honestly can’t remember. I remember cutting shapes out of the bread using tiny cookie cutters. I guess I wasn’t as creative as I could have been.

I know there are plenty of creative people out there who have probably created really fun lunches.

Little Bites has some fun ideas you might want to check out. You can find them here. I love the clown and the frog. They are really cute.

Life Outside of the Lunchbox

Entenmann’s Little Bites and Nature’s Havest bread have also teamed up for the “Life of The Lunchbox Sweepstakes.” Up until September 30, 2016 you can visit LifeoftheLunchbox.com to enter for a chance to win a $10,000 savings bond for their child.

There will also be 100 2nd prize winners who will receive a Lunchbox Bundle that includes Entenmann’s Little Bites snacks, Nature’s Harvest bread and a $50 gift card for school supplies.

You can check out how to enter and find the rules here.

If you would like to learn more about Entenmann’s Little Bites visit LittleBites.com. You can also find Entenmann’s and Little Bites on social media.

You can also check out Nature’s Harvest Bread at NaturesHarvestBread.com.

I also have a giveaway for a lucky reader. The prize package includes:

Life of the Lunchbox 2

This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only and will end on August 31, 2016. The winner will be chosen at random using a random number generator from all eligible entries. The winner will be notified via email and will have three days to reply or a new winner will be chosen in their place.

To enter please comment on this post and tell me why you would like to win this prize package – OR – what creative things have you done for a school lunch box?

For extra entries you can use the Rafflecopter widget (below) but you must complete the initial entry requirement or the additional entries won’t quality.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


* I received the same prize package in exchange for my participation. There was no other compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Check out what’s inside August’s Degusta Box


Degusta box August (2)

I’ve noticed that monthly subscription boxes is a big trend nowadays. I even subscribe to a few myself (mostly geek/fandom things). There are boxes for just about everything you can think of including boxes for pets, beauty boxes, book boxes and the ever so popular food boxes.

Some boxes give you full size products whereas others just send you sample sizes. Personally, I prefer full size products.

Back in June I received a subscription box from a company called Degustabox. The company is very popular in Europe but recently started a service here in the United States.

Degustabox sends you mostly full size products (occasionally you’ll receive a few random sample sizes).

If you are interested in reading my review for the June box you can read it here – Introducing Degustabox – A monthly box filled with delicious foods and beverages.

I received another box for the month of August. Once again I was very pleased with the great assortment of products I received.

Degustabox carefully wraps the products so that things don’t break or open up during transit. I appreciate that they take the time to make sure every Degustabox subscriber has a wonderful experience with their company.

Degusta box August (8)

Everything is carefully wrapped.

Degustabox provides subscribers with a nice variety of goodies including snacks, beverages and other yummy goodies. You never know what you might receive.

Check out this months goodies.

Degusta box August (10)

GOYA Maria Cookies – These are great cookies for dunking in your tea or coffee. They are a lot like tea biscuits. I have heard of them until I received them in the Degustabox. I have since purchased a few more packages from our local grocery story (only .85 each package too!).

Degusta box August (12)

Vermont Smoke & Cure Beef and Pork Sticks – I never had a chance to try these. My teenage son had one the same day I opened my Degustabox and I never saw the other ones. I have a feeling he gobbled them all up. Needless to say I guess he really liked them.

Degusta box August (14)

White Lily White Grape Seed Flour – I have never heard of White Grape Seed Flour before.

I’m not much of a baker, so I rarely have a need for flour. I want to try this stuff out, but so far I have not figured out what I wanted to make this with (recipe?).

I can’t give you an honest opinion on this product because I haven’t tried it yet. It is a fairly decent size bag. This is certainly NOT a sample size.

Degusta box August (16)

Honey Bunches of Oats with Strawberries – This is a FULL SIZE box that came in the Degustabox. We are big fans of Honey Bunches of Oats cereals. My family of four finished up this box in two days. It’s great for breakfast and also for a late night snack. Yummy!!!

Degusta box August (18)

Sir Kensington’s Mayonnaise – I have reviewed products from this brand in the past. You can read the review here – Try something new with Sir Kensington’s. These are great, flavorful mayonnaise products.

I am not a fan of anything spicy. My husband and my son have been using this mayonnaise on their sandwiches. My husband says it gives his turkey sandwiches just the right amount of a “kick” to change it up from the regular, boring sandwich.

This is a full size jar too! A little bit of this goes a long way so you can enjoy this for a while.

Degusta box August (20)

PopChips Potato Ridges – This is a snack size bag (single serving). I actually gobbled this bag down while opening up my Degustabox. The chips never made it until I finished going through everything in the box. I love PopChips!

Degusta box August (22)

Loaker Rose of the Dolomites – I have never heard of the brand before, nor was I familiar with whatever these were.

At first glance I thought they were chocolates shaped like flowers. They are actually cookie-like treats covered with milk chocolate and featuring a hazelnut cream (think Nutella). Oh boy! Were these delicious!

I have never seen these (or the brand) at the local grocery store. I think I need to look for them at specialty shops. If I ever found them I would stock up on these. They were good! Thank you Degustabox for putting these yummy treats in your box.

Degusta box August (24)

Alo Pulp Free Beverage, made with Aloe and Mango – This was my least favorite product in the entire box. First and foremost I am not a fan of mango, but occasionally I come across a mango product I like.

This drink is made with real aloe juice. I have heard good things about aloe juice, so I was excited to give it a try. This was NOT my “cup of tea” at all. I didn’t like it. I even had my kids try it and they didn’t like it either.

Oh well… you can’t like everything, right? Just because we didn’t like it doesn’t mean others won’t love it.

Degusta box August (28)

Oregon Chai Tea Latte – My kids and I love chai teas, and lattes (my daughter especially is into “gourmet” beverages).

It’s been unseasonably hot and humid here in NY the past couple of weeks. The LAST thing we want is a hot beverage (I’ve been option for ice coffee over hot coffee). This is more of a fall/winter beverage.

I did make a cup of it to try it out. It’s really good. It’s perfectly sweetened too. You don’t need to add a thing to it. Just open a package of the mix, add it to your favorite mug and top it off with some hot water. Mmmm… good!

Degusta box August (26)

Goetze’s Cow Tails – Oh how I love these! I have had these before. These are SO GOOD! Degusta Box sent a full size package of these ooey gooey chewy caramel delights. They are the mini version too so one (or two) make the perfect snack if you are looking for something sweet.

I had to hide these. If I see them out in the open I WILL eat them all.

In addition to all these goodies, the Degustabox came with recipes (Homemade Cheddar Cheese Crackers and Nut & Honey Blondies), as well as a crossword puzzle and instructions on how to make an origami bird.

Degustabox also includes a sheet with a detailed list of the box contents.

As you can see you get A LOT with your monthly Degustabox subscription. It’s a great way to try out new products and learn about brands you might not otherwise get the chance to know about.

Degustabox would make a great gift too, especially for a college student or someone who doesn’t venture out too much.

You can also cancel your subscription at any time. You can even give it as a gift or sign up for an entire year and save money.

For more information visit www.Degustabox.co/US/ (that is the link for the U.S. site). You can also follow the brand on Facebook and on Twitter.

You can see examples of the types of goodies that come in the box on the brands German and Spain Instagram pages.

Check out the brand’s blog too. They have some awesome recipes and ideas!

What do you think about Degustabox? Do you like the goodies that came in the box? Do you think it’s a lot? Feel free to share your thoughts. I always love to hear from readers.

Degusta box August (4)


*I received a free sample to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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Healthy Back to School Snack Idea featuring Mickey Mouse


broccoli isolated on white background

I still can’t comprehend that it’s back to school shopping time already. Didn’t the summer just start yesterday? It would seem that way.

Some kids are returning to school in just a couple of weeks. At least my son has another month before he has to return to school. I believe my daughter (who is in college) returns around the same time.

I don’t often make my son’s lunch for school anymore. He chooses to make his own. This coming school year, depending on how his schedule works out, he might be home for lunch.

I do make things easy for him when it comes to packing a lunch. I make sure he has plenty of options including fresh fruits and vegetables and snacks. Even if he ends up eating lunch at home (which he often does) I still like to make sure he has plenty of options. That pertains to my daughter as well. Normally she’s home for lunch in between her classes and her job.

The brand Good Health has some snack options you might want to consider.

My kids LOVE Veggie Straws and Veggie Chips. They have been enjoying them for many years.

I like the Veggie Straws and Chips from Good Health because they are made with no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, no hydrogenated oils and zero trans fat. In addition they are made with ingredients I can actually pronounce and understand what they are. Another words… I know what my kids are eating.

These are actually made with vegetables – tomatoes, spinach, beets, broccoli and carrots. Personally I don’t really taste the veggies, per say. I just know them as yummy, crunchy treats. My husband says he can taste the veggies, and for that reason he won’t eat them. His loss! That means more for the rest of us.

Good Health knows that not all kids are open to eating snacks made out of vegetables. Some parents have a hard enough time as it is getting their kids to eat vegetables. I’m fortunate that my kids have always loved vegetables. Even as young children they would eat thing like broccoli and spinach.

If your little ones are a bit reluctant to eat their veggies, Good Health has a snack option you might want to look into. It’s the same yummy veggie treats that they already make, but these ones are made to look like Mickey Mouse.



They are the same flavors as their other veggies chips/straws, but they are done in a fun, child-friendly Mickey Mouse shape. These are sure to be a hit with the little ones (and not so little ones – my teens love them).

Good Health has other better-for-you snack options including Half Bake Popcorn (popcorn air popped with only a touch of flavoring), Popped Chips (popped – NOT baked or fried – chips) and something I really want to try, Apple Crisps. Good Health has other snacks option as well.

These are snacks you can feel good offering to your kids. They are a better-for-you option than (fried) chips, cookies and candy. Save those kinds of snacks for special occasions.

The new Mickey Mouse shaped veggie snacks, and other Good Health snacks, can be found at many retail locations across the country. There is a location finder (“Where to Buy“) on the Good Health website too.

For more information about these and other Good Health snacks visit GoodHealthSnacks.com (that is easy enough to remember). The brand is also found on Facebook and Pinterest (the links are found on the top right of their website site).

Have you ever tried Good Health Snacks before?

What do you think about the Mickey Mouse shaped snacks? Do you think your child/grandchild would enjoy snacking on something like that? Feel free to share your thoughts. I always love to hear from readers.



*I received free product samples to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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