“BEE” safe around Bees, Yellow Jackets, Hornets, Mosquitoes and Wasps


Bee on Flower

Welcome to summer…surf and sand, swimming pools, picnics, camping, outdoor sports and stinging insects!  Bees, wasps, yellow jackets, mosquitoes and hornets can take the fun out of summer, and almost everyone has been bitten by one of these pesky creatures. For two million Americans, however, stinging insects can be deadly because of allergies to the venom. California Poison Control System (CPCS) (http://www.calpoison.org) reminds residents that there are ways to stay safe and avoid stings (#BeeSafe).

  • Stay clear of wild or commercial hives. Commercial hives are located in white boxes and are often clustered in fields.
  • If you see a swarm of bees, take shelter in the house or in the water.
  • Hollow trees and rock crevices can be home for stinging insects so stay clear of them.
  • Cover food at picnics or outdoor meals at home as it attracts yellow jackets.
  • Avoid old or abandoned buildings and vehicles.
  • Do not use heavily scented soaps or perfumes.

“Many adults and children use insect repellent containing alcohol to ward off bites. Be aware that these contain alcohol, and if you’re near a barbecue or fire pit, the alcohol could catch fire and lead to a severe burn,” says Dr. Cyrus Rangan, Assistant Medical Director for CPCS.  He added that for people allergic to bee stings, it’s critical that they carry an auto injector of epinephrine commonly called an Epi Pen. “A severe reaction to a sting may result in abdominal cramps, nausea and vomiting, swelling of the face, lips or throat, breathing problems, hives and even anaphylactic shock,” Dr. Rangan said. “It’s a life threatening emergency, so call 911 and get to the emergency room immediately.”

Dr. Rangan says for simple bites, remove the stinger using a flat object like a credit card, use an ice pack to reduce swelling and calamine lotion or a mix of baking soda and water to stop the itching. “Some people have success applying meat tenderizer or mud to the bite to take away the sting and itching,” he added.

Wasp on Bottle

About CPCS

Follow CPCS on Facebook at http://on.fb.me/iS6S7J  and on Twitter @poisoninfo.  Sign up for free weekly safety text messages texting TIPS or PUNTOS for Spanish to 69866; and download a free app at Choose Your Poison. In case of an accidental poisoning, consumers nationally can immediately call 1-800-222-1222.  Poison information experts are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help. In most cases, a poison exposure can be safely managed in your home, avoiding a call to 911 or a visit to a crowded hospital emergency room.

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Take a Stand at Work with Five Ways to Avoid “Sitting Disease”



Each day, many Americans spend hours – or even the entire workday – sitting. Add that to time spent on your commute and relaxing on your couch and you can understand why simply sitting has become a significant health issue. In fact, the scientific community is now referring to this consistent sedentary behavior as “Sitting Disease.” Numerous studies show increased sedentary time can negatively impact both your mental and physical healthResearch has also linked excessive sitting to weight gain, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, organ damage, muscle degeneration, spinal issues, leg problems and other disorders.

To help you get up and move throughout your day, the clinical experts at NurseWise, a national multilingual nurse triage and health education provider, have put together five easy ways to halt your health issues and stop the sitting surplus.

Count your down time. To start, figure out how long you’re sitting each day so you can determine how to reduce that time – both on a daily and weekly basis. Create a plan to get up and move at least once an hour. Increase “up time” in small increments, adding more time as you progress and at times that you can. Pro tip: add an alert to your phone, set a clock alarm or an electronic fitness device to buzz once an hour to remind you!

Take a stand! This is an easy one – just stand up! Some companies will give employees desks that convert from sitting to standing. It doesn’t hurt to ask! If you don’t have that luxury, get creative! Have a conference call? Take a break from your chair. It’s just as easy to stand and talk as it is to sit and talk. Pacing is an even better idea! Throw in some squats, leg lifts or arm exercises and now you’re burning calories in a quick, simple way.

Get out of your chair. Even if it’s only for a few minutes, get up and move. Ideally, you should take a minimum of 10,000 steps each day. That might sound like a lot, but break it up into smaller, more manageable steps. Instead of sending a quick email or instant message, walk over to your co-worker’s desk. Bonus points if you take stairs to get there! Use your lunch or other breaks as a chance to take a walk. An electronic fitness tracker – like a pedometer or a wristband – can help to track your daily steps and easily hold yourself accountable.

Have a meeting? Make it active. You don’t have to meet while sitting down. Consider holding a “walking meeting.” Walking increases blood flow, which may also get those creative juices flowing! Even if you only make part of the meeting active, you can add a few steps to your day by walking to the nearest coffee shop or taking a lap around the block. The much-needed break may be greatly appreciated by your colleagues and help increase focus. Pro tip: Get outdoors if possible. Studies show creative output increases significantly when walking outdoors.

Reach for the stars. Or maybe just your ceiling tiles…but stretch! Even if it’s just for a few minutes, stand up and stretch your arms, legs and back. If you can do this more than once during the workday, even better.

For more information about the dangers of Sitting Disease, visit the American Heart Association.

Stand Up

About NurseWise

NurseWise is a wholly owned subsidiary of Centene Corporation in the business of providing multilingual telehealth (nurse triage and health education) services. They partner with health plans, hospitals, providers, colleges and universities, and other specialty organizations to ensure all callers have access to high quality, appropriate care. For more information, please visit our website at www.nursewise.com or contact us at info@nursewise.com.

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The drug free solution to nighttime nasal congestion – Breathe Right Nasal Strips



Do you suffer from nighttime congestion? Sometimes it happens when you have a cold or allergies. For some of us it seems like a normal, every day occurrence.

I tend to be more stuffy at night then I am during the day. I think that is because at night you are lying down in one position and the mucus that stuffs you up has no where to go but to settle in your nose and throat (mine also settles in my ears). When you are awake and moving around the mucus seems to fall back into place and you are not as stuffy.

Sometimes I notice my husband is more stuffy than usual. Whenever I asked him if he’s stuffy (or “nuffy” as we call it) his reply is always “Since 1982.” What he means by that comment is that he’s been stuffy at night for as long as he can remember.


The stuffiness causes my husband to snore. Ugh! His snoring drives me bonkers sometimes. Honestly, he can snore the roof off IF I’M ALREADY ASLEEP (I’m a heavy sleeper). When I’m trying to fall asleep and he’s snoring it drives me crazy. I do everything I can to roll him over on his side but sometimes nothing works and I have to resort to waking him up – and keeping him awake until “I” fall asleep. I hate to do that to him, but sometimes I’m left with no other option.

Thank goodness for Breathe Right strips. My husband has been using them for a couple of years now. He doesn’t use them every night, but he does put one on when he knows he’s congested (from a cold) or if I wake him up to tell him that his snoring is really bad.

Breathe Right

My kids and I use them too to help breath better at night. We mostly use them when we have colds.

I’m not one to take medication (prescription or over the counter) unless I have no choice in the matter. I prefer to let the common cold “ride it out” instead of ingesting any cold medicines. I let my body do what it needs to do to get rid of it. I would rather take care of a common cold the way my mom did (chicken soup and plenty of fluids and vitamin C) instead of taking cold medication.

For stuffiness I’ll use a natural saline solution to unclog my nasal passages. To help me sleep better at night I’ll apply a Breathe Right strip on my nose to keep my nasal passages as open as possible.

I feel confident letting my kids use Breathe Right strips too. Just like it is with me and my husband, I am also careful about what medications my kids take too. The less medications they take for simple things like the common cold or occasional stuffiness the better.

You can also use Breath Right nasal strips in addition to your cold or allergy regimen. They can instantly open your nose up to 38% more than decongestant alone.

Breathe Right strips are not uncomfortable to wear. I initially thought they would be until the first time I tried one. They are easy to apply and painless to remove.


Here are instructions on how to apply the nasal strips – https://www.breatheright.com/how-breathe-right-strips-work.html.

I keep a supply of Breathe Right strips in the cabinet so that anyone in my family has access to them when they feel like they need one. Because it’s not a medication my kids are welcome to take one as needed. When it comes to other medications (aspirin, cold medicine, allergy medicine…) my kids always have to let me or my husband know about it, just to be on the safe side. I know they are teens and know what to do but things happen. My son once had an allergic reaction to a medication he had used before. He had massive hives all over his body. It was just that one medication. He had taken it since with no reaction. It must have been a bat batch or something. At least we know what he took so we were able to let the doctor know.

Breathe Right nasal strips provide a variety of options to appeal to the needs of many, whether it is a calming scent or sensitive skin. I personally like their lavender scented strips. I love the light lavender scent. I find is soothing and lavender is known to help people fall asleep.

If you would like to learn more about Breathe Right strips visit www.BreathRight.com. You can also check out the brand on Facebook and Twitter. You can also see what others have to say about Breathe Right strips by checking out the hashtag #NightRight.

Have you ever tried Breathe Right strips before? What did you think about them?

Breathe Right Lavender Strips


*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Specialty supplement blends from Difass USA



I am not one to take over the counter or prescription medication unless I have no choice whatsoever. I watch all these commercials you see on television about the side effects from taking these things and often the side effects are WORSE than the condition/illness you are taking them for. I have seriously see side effects such as DEATH and cancer from taking certain medications. You know what, I’ll deal with the Psoriasis or whatever the issue is rather than deal with the side effects from the medications.

I’m always on the look out for more natural remedies to cure what ails me. I know there are cases where I have no choice, but whenever possible I’ll go for more natural things.

Sometimes I have issues falling asleep. It happens. Thankfully not all the time.

I know there are plenty of over the counter sleep aids, but I am deathly afraid of getting addicted to some of the ingredients. In fact, taking sleep aids scares me for that very reason.

I recently received some samples of supplements from a company called Difass USA. They sent me to review three of their supplement blends.

Difass Products

  • Dormiva™ – A sleep aid designed to help you fall asleep and stay asleep, so you can wake up the next day feeling refreshed and energized.
  • Relaxiva™ – A stress aid that naturally promotes a state of relaxation, while calming feelings of anxiety.
  • Reminiva™ – A memory aid that’s been formulated with Gingko, Green Tea and Folic Acid, to support intellectual processing.

I will admit I was a bit hesitant to try the Dormiva, but I gave in and gave it a try.

I’ve only used Dormiva a few times because I don’t constantly have sleep issues (I’m not going to take it if I don’t need it).

So far, so good. It does make me feel more relaxed and sleepy. I would say on average I feel asleep around 30-40 minutes after I take it. Most of the time I stay asleep the whole night. Twice I did wake up in the middle of the night, but that was because “nature called,” and it can’t be avoided.

When I woke up the following morning, I don’t feel groggy or “out of it.” Sometimes sleep aids make me feel horrible the following morning. So much so that it makes it not worth taking them to feel that way in the morning just to get a good night’s sleep. Thankfully Dormiva didn’t make me feel “out of it” the next morning.

I have also tried Relaxiva few times too. I can get stressed out – A LOT. I think it’s just my nature to stress out about the little things. I try not to, but it happens. I worry a lot which I think only adds to my stress issues. I know I get stressed out more than I should, but that is just how it is.

Relaxiva made me feel a bit calmer and less intense. My body didn’t feel tightly wound up like I do when I’m stressed. Sometimes it’s so bad I an feel headaches coming on. This product made me feel a bit more calmer. I still felt stressed but physically I didn’t feel as bad as I would normally have.

The product doesn’t make me sleepy either, which is a good thing.

I have not tried Reminiva as of yet. I should because there are days I can’t focus, especially when I’m trying to write a blog post. I cannot provide you with feedback on this product as of yet. When I get a chance to I will update this post.

If you would like to learn more about Difass US products visit www.DiffassUSA.com.

Difass logo


*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Fast, Topical Migraine Relief with Stopain Migraine



Do you or a loved one suffer from migraines?

The first time I learned about migraines was in college. My best friend since we were six years old developed them in our freshman year of college. She never really suffered from them throughout school. For some reason they hit her in college. They were so debilitating that she would miss a day or two of classes.

I know other people who suffer from migraines. Most tend to be women (that I know personally) except my husband. He suffers from migraines too. They didn’t really start until about 10 years ago. His migraines are so bad that the only way to deal with them is to go to sleep. Sometimes he can sleep one off but he ends up having to sleep 4-5 hours to get rid of it – during the day time!

My husband has an entire “arsenal” of things on hand both at home and at work to use in case his migraine gets too bothersome.

My husband is like me and doesn’t like to take medication unless it’s unavoidable. We prefer homeopathic and natural remedies whenever possible.

Sometimes prescription medications or the OTC medications don’t even work. I guess there are different degrees of migraines.

I suffer from migraines too. Not as frequently as my husband (he gets at least 1-2 per week). I get them when I get overheated (I get them a lot in the summer) and when I am super stressed out.

We are not alone. It’s estimated that 36 million people in the U.S. suffer from migraines. Some can last as long as 72 hours! I could not imagine having to deal with one for that long. The longest I’ve had one was about 2 or 3 hours. My husband’s last longer – even all day.

There is a new, fast acting, topical pain relieving gel on the market that has been shown to safely and effectively relieve migraine pain. It’s called Stopain Migraine.

Stopain Migraine

Stopain Migraine comes in a bottle with a pump top. To use press the airless pump to release a measured dose into your hand then apply the gel to the back of your neck and behind each ear. The gel is clear and absorbs quickly so you could use it at work or on the go and not have anyone notice it. The pump works at any angle too.

Rub the gel into your skin until it absorbs. It takes only a few seconds.

The gel has a mentho scent to it. It reminds me of the vapor rub my mom used to use on me when I was little. The good thing is that the scent from Stopain Migraine does not go very far. In other words no one should smell it unless they are very close to you, unlike muscle creams which stink up the whole room.

After a few minutes the gel leaves a cold sensation on your skin (similar to a muscle cream). It’s actually a soothing feeling.


A study conducted by the Jefferson Headache Center at Thomas Jefferson University showed that Stopain Migraine significantly improved migraine pain.

Stopain Migraine provides users with safe, fast and effective relief from migraines. Because it’s applied topically it can be used along with other migraine medications. You don’t have to worry about them interfering with one another.

You can apply Stopain Migraine up to four times per day. You can apply it as soon as you feel a migraine coming on or after you migraine has kicked in.

The product does NOT contain aspirin, caffeine, or acetaminophen and is free of dyes and preservatives. The product has no known side effects or drug interactions. Because it has no dyes or preservatives it won’t irritate your skin.

My husband and I both tried Stopain Migraine. I only had the opportunity to try it once for a migraine. I used it one other time when I thought it was a migraine coming on but it was more of a sinus headache.

The gel leaves a cold, tingly feeling on your skin (similar to muscle cream) but it’s rather soothing. It actually felt good on a hot day.

My husband has used this product several times. I received two bottles to review and he keeps one at home and one at work.

He tells me it’s most effective when he applies it at the first sign of a migraine coming on. He tells me it seems to help. Either it stops the migraine and it fades away, or the intensity is not as debilitating as it normally is.

He’s also used Stopain Migraine during a migraine. He says it seems to help with the severity. The migraine is still there, but it’s not as crippling as his migraines can be.


As far as our experience goes Stopain Migraine did help to stop a migraine from happening and/or noticeably decreased the severity of the migraine. As with any product I’m sure individual results will vary.

We are going to continue to use this product. It has proven itself to be beneficial when dealing with dreaded migraines.

Stopain Migraine can be found at Walmart stores nationwide and online at Walmart.com, as well as at www.StopainMigraine.com. There is also a special $2 off coupon on the boxes of Stopain Migraine at Walmart stores.

At the StopainMigraine.com website you can also find more information about the Jefferson Center Study and more about the product.

Check out this short video that shows you have to apply the product – Stopain Migraine “How To Apply” – Topical Migraine Relief.

You can also connect with Stopain Migraine on Facebook.

Look for a $3.00 off coupon at Smart Source.

How would you like to give Stopain Migraine a try? You can if you are one of the lucky winners of a Walmart gift card. Ten winners will each receive a $50 gift card Walmart, where you can now find Stopain Migraine in the headache relief aisle.  Weekly winners announced on the Stopain Migraine Facebook page each Friday through 7/17. You can enter here: http://bit.ly/1GEiBbx.

Do you suffer from migraines? How do you deal with them?

What do you think about Stopain Migraine? Do you think you’d like to give the product a try? Feel free to share your thoughts.



Stopain Migraine is available at Walmart stores and www.walmart.com.  To learn more about Stopain Migraine, visit www.stopainmigraine.com and LIKE the brand on Facebook

This is a product-provided, sponsored conversation that contains affiliate links. I received a package of Stopain Migraine for my own personal use. All opinions, text and experiences are my own.

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NEW Dannon Light & Fit Tiramisu Flavored Greek nonfat yogurt

*I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Dannon. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation. All views and opinions are my own, and do not necessarily represent those of Dannon.”



I try and make an effort to eat right and exercise. Judging by my rather plump physique people might not think that I do – but I do. I make conscious decisions every day about what I put in my body. I don’t eat chips, candy, cookies or cakes. I do on occasion, but not on a regular basis. I try and snack on better-for-you options like nuts, cheese, fruits and raw veggies.

I am only human and I do enjoy a sweet treat from time to time. Sometimes you crave ice cream sundaes, a slice of apple pie or fresh out of the oven cookies. They are all OK in moderation.

Yogurt is a great snack option, especially the nonfat or low fat kind. Yogurt is a great source of protein, calcium, “good bacteria” and other things our bodies need. Yogurt also tastes great and can be enjoy any time of the day. It can be enjoyed as a snack, a meal or as part of a recipe.

Many yogurts stick with fruity flavors, which is fine. But sometimes you want something a little different.

Dannon Light & Fit has a new flavored yogurt on the market worth trying out – Tiramisu flavored Greek nonfat yogurt.

Dannon® Light & Fit® Tiramisu Flavored Greek nonfat yogurt provides you with 12 grams of protein, 80 calories and 0% fat per 5.3 ounce serving.


I’m the only one in my family who likes Tiramisu. My hubby is not a fan and my kids tried the cake once and didn’t like it. That’s OK. More Tiramisu for me.

Dannon was kind enough to send me some of their new Tiramisu flavored yogurt to try out for myself.

My kids eat a lot of yogurt – at least one daily. I had the Dannon Light & Fit Tiramisu yogurt on the shelf in the fridge next to the other yogurts. I noticed that the Tiramisu was disappearing from the shelf rapidly. I found out that my kids were eating it!

I asked them if they recognized the flavor, but they didn’t. My daughter said it tasted like coffee yogurt and my son just said he liked it. When I told them it was Tiramisu flavored and reminded them of the time they tried the cake at a restaurant we went to they didn’t believe me.

The yogurt does remind me of the luscious gourmet dessert cake. As soon as you open the container you can smell the coffee (it even smell a little like caramel).

The yogurt does have a touch of a coffee taste to it as well as a kiss of cocoa. I also taste a bit of vanilla.

Because this is Greek yogurt it’s also very thick, rich and creamy.

Dannon Tiramisu

I would liken this yogurt to a “dessert” yogurt. Don’t get me wrong, you can enjoy this any time of day. It’s just that this specific yogurt could easily act as a dessert after a meal – just like a piece of Tiramisu cake. This yogurt even goes good with a cup of coffee (I’ve had the yogurt in the morning with coffee).

If you are looking to stick to a healthy diet and want to find ways of enjoying declicious “treats” without all the fat and calories, look no further than Dannon Light & Fit yogurt – especially the new Tiramisu Flavored Greek nonfat yogurt. It will satisfy your sweet tooth and provide your body with protein too.

For more information about this and other Dannon products please visit Dannon.com. You can also find the brand on social media – Facebook, Twitter (@Dannon), Pinterest and Instagram. In addition you can check out the Dannon Light & Fit website at LightandFit.com. In addition you can check out Light & Fit on Facebook and YouTube.

The official hashtag is #IHeartTiramisu.

Have you tried the new Tiramisu flavor yet?

What is your favorite Dannon Light & Fit Greek Yogurt flavor?

Dannon Logo


*I received free product samples in order to do this review. Although compensated the opinions expressed are entirely my own and not influenced in any way.

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