Tips for being prepared for emergencies from LuminAID


Stock photo - Hurricane Katrina - New Orleans, LA

Stock photo – Hurricane Katrina – New Orleans, LA

An emergency situation can happen at anytime, anywhere. How prepared are you?

Over the past decade or so our weather has been getting more and more unpredictable. Think back to Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy as great examples. I’ve lived in New York my entire life and I don’t recall a hurricane has horrible as Sandy.

It’s always important to be prepared for emergency situations. What if you find yourself without power for several days. Do you have an emergency energy source, water and food to sustain you and your family for a few days? My family usually has water and non-perishable foods on hand. We also have a solar cellphone and iPad charger so we can call for help if needed and have something to entertain ourselves (Netflix or Hulu on the iPad).

Here are some great tips from a company called LuminAID.

1. Check your food and water supply

Bottled water and packaged/canned food are the best in case your power goes out.

2. Check your source of lighting

Often people think they have enough batteries or candles to outlast the hurricane, but an easier and more sustainable source of light is the LuminAID solar-powered inflatable light. The LuminAID comes fully charged, so it’s ready to go at a moment’s notice.  You won’t have to hold it like a flashlight, and it will last for over 16 hours! Its lightweight and compact design makes it easy for re-charging for hundreds of uses.

3. Reinforce your entryways

High gusts of wind and floating debris can easily break windows. Make sure you reinforce doors, windows, garage doors, skylights, and fireplace flues.

4. Have your things ready to go

If you need to leave in a hurry, make sure you’re prepared. Place all your important items in or around one bag. Wallet, cash, cell phone, car keys, first aid kit, a road map to your destination, etc. Keep these sealed in a leak-proof bag or at least a Ziploc.

5. Prepare your family

Make sure each family member is aware of how dangerous a hurricane can be.  In the event your family needs to evacuate, you do not want anyone left behind or uninformed.

Even a bad snowstorm or torrential rains can knock out power lines leaving you and your family in the dark – literally.

A solar powered lighting source is a fabulous idea. It’s better then having to stock up on expensive batteries. Not only that it keeps those batteries out of landfills.

I was sent a LuminAID to review.


Here is a little more information about the product.

The LuminAID is a solar-powered light that packs flat, charges on the go, and inflates to create a lightweight, waterproof lantern. Originally designed by two architecture students to provide comfort and safety for victims of an emergency, the LuminAID provides up to sixteen hours of LED light and is rechargeable. weighing just under 3 ounces, it is an ideal light source for recreational use outdoors, emergency aid, or in the home or garden. LuminAID lights have been used all over the world in emergency situations and after disasters.

I love that it’s small, compact and lightweight. You can take with you anywhere. The one I was sent to review I gave to my husband to keep in the glove compartment of his car since he commutes to work, just in case he get stranded on the side of the road.

LuminAID comes in a small plastic Ziploc type bag. To use simple remove from the baggie, blow it up (there is a valve where you can blow it up with your mouth) and then turn it on. There are two setting (one is a little brighter then the other). You can have LuminAID up and running in about a minute.

LUMINAID Solar Light


LuminAID looks like a plastic “pillow” with a small control panel on the one side. The panel is where you turn it on/off and it ‘s where the solar panel is located to recharge LuminAID.

It’s recommended that you charge it every 2-3 months when not in use just to make sure it has a full charge for the next time you need it.

There is a small handle on the one side to make it easy to carry as well as being able to hang it up on a hook, door knob, tree branch or any place you need light.

You wouldn’t think by looking at it that it would emit a lot of light, but it does.

Here is the LuminAID in our hallway (hanging off the door knob) taken with my cellphone and unedited.



You can see how well it lights up the hallway. This shot was taken at night with no other lights on. Our hallway is about 12′ x 4′ (give or take).

By the way… those are not holes on the wall (towards the bottom on both side). They are Halloween decorations that I kept up because I thought they were cute (mouse and hole on the left – single mouse on the right). :-)

Check out this brief video that tells you more about LuminAID and provides you with some other great examples of how it can be used.


LuminAID also has a wonderful charitable program called Give Light, Get Light. The LuminAID light sells for $19.95 but for a few dollars more ($27.95) you can purchase the light for yourself and another light will be donated to someone in an impoverished area where electricity is not an option.

 Over the past year, LuminAID has distributed more than 5000 lights across projects in 15 countries. Our current campaign features partners who work in Haiti, Ghana, India, and the Philippines. See the Partner Organizations tab below for more information about our charitable partners. Your purchase covers the cost of one light that will be sent to you and funds the donation of 1 LuminAID light and all associated shipping and distribution costs. 

Please note that this donation is NOT tax deductible. I think for just a few dollars more it’s well worth purchasing the Give Light, Get Light package to help out someone else in need.

You can also donate a light for a $10 donation.

LuminAID is great for everyone. It’s ideal to keep in your home, your car, RV, with your camping equipment, while you are hiking, college students and the elderly. They are ideal to have on hand in case of emergencies or when you need a little extra light (backyard party, camping…).

For more information about LuminAID visit www.LuminAID.com. You can also find them on YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebo0k (social media links found on the company’s website).

LuminAID logo


*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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New resh Step® Lightweight Extreme Litter


Litter Box

I love my cats. We have five cats and we love (and spoil!) each and every one of them, as well as our dog and our fish. They are not lacking in anything. They have plenty of toys (they even have their own toy box!), food, fresh water, exercise, a huge cat tree, bedding and we even gave our love seat to the cats to keep them off our couch and my husband’s chair.

I love snuggling with our cats and playing with them. After a bad day there is nothing that melts my heart more then having one of our cats hop up on my lap and purr. I call it “fuzz therapy”. LOL!

As much as I love my cats there are some things I dislike about being a cat owner – hairballs, hair everywhere and the litter box. I loathe the litter box. I hate cleaning it but we have no choice.

Due to lack of space we have one massive litter box that we clean out all day long. As soon as one of the cats does it’s “business” someone is there to clean it out immediately. If we didn’t our home would smell and there would be a huge mess to clean out of the box.

We live on the top floor condo. We have three flights of stairs outside and three inside (no elevator). Lugging huge boxes of kitty litter up all those stairs is a nightmare. I usually have to leave it in the car for my husband to help me carry it up.

Due to the number of cats and the fact that we clean the box out several times a day we need big boxes of litter. Sometimes we go through two large boxes a week.

Fresh Step is our litter of choice. We have tried other brands but we always go back to Fresh Step. We like how it absorbs, how it smells and that our cats track less of it through our home then other brand (I hate litter in my carpet!).

A week or so ago I received a surprise package in the mail. It contained some great toys for my cats (they LOVE the feathers on a stick) and a box of Fresh Step’s new Lightweight Extreme litter.


We’ve used the Extreme litter in the past, as well as regular litter and multi-cat (I tend to pick up the scented multi-cat variety).

The box was 15.4 pounds. Trust me, having to lug kitty litter up so many flights of steps on a regular basis I welcome anything lighter. And since we’re already regular Fresh Step users we don’t have to worry about switching brands. It’s the same brand – only lighter.

The new litter is 30% lighter making it much easier to lift, carry and pour.

I noticed a difference in the scent. Not the clean litter but the wet litter (after a cat went #1). The scent was different then the other Fresh Step litter we use, or at least it was to me. I wasn’t keen on it. My husband said he didn’t notice a difference in the scent at all, so maybe it’s just me. My kids would never take notice of something like that since they try to avoid cleaning the litter box at all costs.

As far as absorbency and clumping go it’s the same as the other Fresh Step varieties, so that didn’t change (thankfully).

For more information visit www.FreshStep.com. You can also find the brand on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

I had accidentally ripped the box open too much.

I had accidentally ripped the box open too much.



*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.  

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Making the most out of the final weeks of summer #FinishMoms ($100 giveaway ends 8/23/14)



I can’t believe that it’s almost the end of summer. Where did the time go? There is still so much my family wants do do before the kids head back to school and the weather turns colder.

Normally my family and I try to pack as much fun into the summer months as we possibly can. This summer was a bit different. I went back to work after a 17+ year hiatus to be a stay at home mom. That meant I wouldn’t be home a good chunk of the day and I was unable to take my kids places and do things with them like I normally would.

This summer we had to pack as much fun as we could into the weekends. It was fine but we didn’t get the opportunity to do as much as we had planned on doing this summer.

Here are some highlights from our summer thus far. We’re still planning a trip to the New Jersey shore (beach) next week as well as visit the Dutchess County Fair (NY). We go to the fair every other year and this is our year to go. Our kids have been looking forward to it all summer.

This summer we visited Roosevelt Island (NYC) for the day. We took a tram across the island and spent the day enjoying the amazing views and beautiful weather. We loved it so much that we plan on going back in the Autumn to see how beautiful the city looks when the leaves change.






10606386_10152872970618973_6321351866328123463_n 10609730_10152872970403973_5196743668750979791_n

That is not the first time we went to New York City this summer. Several weeks ago we went to the city because my husband was anxious to try the Candy Bar Blast sundae at Dylan’s Candy Bar. We had seen the sundae last year and ever since then my husband has always talked about going back to Dylan’s Candy Bar to try it. We finally did. While we were there we visited FAO Shwarz, Serendipity and a few other local spots.



I love this picture of my kids posing for a selfie with NYC in the background and my daughter kissing our son on the forehead.



Cute dolls at FAO Schwarz


Candy galore at Dylan’s Candy Bar


Dylan’s Candy Bar Blast Sundae

We did so many fun things that it’s hard to keep track of everything. A few more examples are visiting relatives in Pennsylvania, our cousin’s Sweet 16 party, hiking, hanging out at the state park, spending time by the river and so much more.





It’s not summer without several trips to area ice cream shops.



We love living in the Hudson Valley (NY)


Bear Mountain Bridge as seen from Perkins Drive (Bear Mountain State Park)


So many fish and we didn’t have fishing gear with us.


Every year we visit the same state park. Every few years we try and take our children’s photo on the same rock to see how much they have grown.


Beautiful back road in Pennsylvania


Making silly faces – and memories – with family and friends.

My children are getting older. Our daughter is a senior in high school this year and will be off to college this time next year. Our son will follow a few years later. Who knows how often we’ll have the opportunity to spend our summers together as a family enjoying precious moments together and making memories.

Spending quality time with my family is a priority in my life. Things like cleaning, laundry and doing dishes are the last thing on my mind.

As you can see my family means the world to me. That is why I appreciate products like Finish® Power & Free™. It does an excellent job cleaning our dishes in the dishwasher. I don’t have to pre-wash my dishes before I wash my dishes like I have had to do in the past with other dishwasher detergents.

I have written about Finish® Power & Free™ several times over the past few months. I am very impressed with how clean it gets my dishes. And unlike other detergents the “packs” keep everything in my dishwasher nice and clean. I don’t have to scrap out dried on detergent or “gunk” from inside the dishwasher like I used to have to do with other dishwasher detergents.

"Gunk" left behind from other dishwasher detergents.

“Gunk” left behind from other dishwasher detergents.

I want to spend each and every moment possible with my family. I don’t want to have to waste time in the kitchen pre-washing dishes or re-washing dishes that come out of the dishwasher still dirty – or have to spend time scraping gunk off the dishwasher. With Finish® Power & Free™ all I need to do it pop in a pod/packet, turn on the dishwasher and let Finish take care of the rest. I’m in and out of the kitchen in mere minutes, leaving me more time to make memories with my family.

I also enjoy using Finish® Jet-Dry® because it leaves our dishes shiny and clean – including our drinking glasses.

I tried to take a photo of our drinking glasses with and without Finish® Jet-Dry®, but it’s not that easy to see the difference. In person you can clearly spot the difference. 


It’s hard to tell from the photo but the glass on the left was cleaned without Jet Dry. You can see a cloudy residue towards the top. The glass on the right was cleaned with Jet Dry.

In addition to helping me spend less time in the kitchen cleaning up after a meal, Finish® Power & Free™ and Finish® Jet-Dry® clean with less harsh chemicals, fragrances and dyes. My family means the world to me. They are my heart and soul. I care about what goes into their mouths and their bodies. I wouldn’t want them drinking a glass of cold refreshing water after a long day of hiking with a glass that had harsh chemical residue on it. No way! 

If you are interested in learning more about Finish® Power & Free™ and Finish® Jet-Dry® you can visit www.FinishDishwashing.com.

On the Finish website you can request a free sample.


Don’t forget to “like” Finish on Facebook so that you can keep up on all the latest product news and special offers.

Check out the hashtags #FinishMoms #CleanItForward to see what others have to say about these Finish Products.

Have you tried any of the Finish products yet? What did you think about them?

Finish has generously offered to give a lucky reader a $100 Visa Gift Card so that you can take your family out and enjoy the last few days of summer. Thank you Finish!

This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only and will end on August 23, 2014 at 11:59 PM (EST). The winner will be chosen at random using a random number generator from all eligible entries. The winner will be notified via e-mail and will have three days to reply or a new winner will be chosen in their place.

To enter please comment on this post and tell me what fun thing you would like to do with your family before summer ends?

For extra entries you can use the Rafflecopter widget (below) but you must complete the initial entry requirement or the additional entries wont’ qualify (I do check). Extra entries are optional.

a Rafflecopter giveaway



*I have partnered with Finish Power & Free as part of the Finish Power & Free Alliance of Moms. Although compensated the opinions expressed are entirely my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Air Plants – Plants that feed off Air?



Do you have a “green thumb”? I don’t. I think my thumb is purple. No matter what I do I tend to kill plants. I don’t mean to. It just happens. Either they don’t get enough sun – or too much sun. Or I water them too much – or not enough. Try as I might I can’t keep real plants in my home. Something always happens that ends up killing them. I feel bad about that too.

The only plants you’ll find in my home are artificial ones (I try and find ones that look real). That is until now. For the past several weeks I have had three lovely little plants thrive in my home. I actually have real live plants in my home! That is a miracle.

I was sent to review Air Plants. Have you heard of them before? Perhaps you have a few in or around our home.

Air Plants are unique looking plants that grow without soil. They gather moisture and nutrients from the air. They can literally grown anywhere. You can put them in any type of container and put them anywhere in your home.

Air Plants do like sunshine from time to time, but minimal sunshine seems to be OK with them too.

I keep my Air Plants in tiny egg-like containers on the shelf in my kitchen above my sink. They have been doing very well there. They get some sunlight but not direct sunlight.

Even though Air Plants are not like regular plants they do like water. Air Plants need to be soaked in water once a week. Before they can be returned to their containers you need to make sure all the moisture has dried up and the plants appear to be dry again. If not the moisture can damage, if not kill, the plant.

That is all you need to do to keep the Air Plants happy and healthy. Talk about easy!

Air Plants are very unique looking. They look like little alien plants.

I received three different Air Plants to review from a company called Air Plant Shop. They have a lot of unique looking Air Plants as well as containers and other Air Plant supplies.

Air Plant 1


Air Plant 2


Air Plant 3


The Seleriani (pictured above) is really weird looking. It looks like an alien plant. It’s also fuzzy (you might be able to see the fur in the photo). The other two plants look a bit more “normal”.

All of the plants are very mall. They fit in the palm of my hand.

I’ve had the plants for a few weeks now. I don’t think they have grown much yet (if at all) but I am hopeful that they will.

My Air Plants sit inside Hand Painted Seed Pods on my kitchen shelf. The Seed Pods are also from the same Air Plant shop. I love the Seed Pods because they are very colorful and add a splash of color to my kitchen.

Seed Pods

The Seed Pods are the perfect little home for each individual Air Plant. They come with Air Plants when you purchase them however you can swap them out for other Air Plants if you wish to do so.

I’m hooked on Air Plants. They are so versatile and can grow just about anywhere – including on magnets on your fridge!

I love the look of the mini terrariums. I would love to get a few of those to decorate around my home, I just worry about my cats knocking one over and it breaking. I had a bad experience with glass from a terrarium when I was younger which resulted in multiple surgeries, so I am a bit weary of them even though I LOVE how they look.




My Air Plants came from www.AirPlantShop.com. That is easy enough to remember. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

I am very pleased with my plants as well as Air Plant Shop’s customer service. They really take pride in their plants and it shows.

Not only are Air Plants easy to care for they are also very inexpensive. Air Plant Shop sells Air Plants starting at $3.25 and up (the more expensive ones are more elaborate). Most Air Plants are in the $3.25 – $5.95 range.

In addition to the Air Plants, Air Plant Shop also sells containers for your Air Plants as well as gift ideas. These would make a great gift for an elderly person who is unable to tend to traditional plants, or even a college student to add a bit of nature to their dorm room.

Some are so spectacular too! Check out the one pictured at the top of this post (also sold at Air Plant Shop).

What do you think about Air Plants? Have you seen them before? Do you personally own any?

I always love to hear from readers. Feel free to comment and share your thoughts.




*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Dress Up Your Walls with WallMonkeys



Do blank walls drive you bonkers? They drive me crazy. I can’t stand blank walls.

We used to have a lot of photos and artwork on the walls in our condo. Even our front hallway was filled with autographed photos and sports memorabilia.

When we put our condo on the market we took down everything from the walls and repainted them. We kept the photos and artwork off the walls because we were told by our Realtor we needed to do that.

We ended up not selling our condo but have yet to replace the things on the wall. Most of the things we had on the walls are packed away and in either our basement, our neighbor’s basement or my father’s basement. Trying to hunt them down is easier said than done. So for the time being I’m looking for new things to put on the wall.

I am trying not to hang up things that require a lot of nails or anchors. Just in case we try one more time to sell our condo I don’t want to have to repaint every room again.

My perfect solution is wall decals. Wall decals are like “window clings” – but for the wall. Just like window clings you can place them where ever you want and when you want to take it down it just peels off. You an also re-position it if you make a mistake.

There are many places that offer wall decals. Many of them just offer “cute” decals (for children’s rooms) or quotes. I wanted something a bit more grown up.

7298145_3 19111600_3 GEN-_451

WallMonkeys.com has a lot – and I do mean A LOT – of wonderful wall decals to choose from. They have wall decals for kids, teens and adults in categories like landscapes, outer space, sports, animals, fine art, holidays and so much more.

One of the many disadvantages of living in a condo is that we don’t have many windows. We have one window in the bedroom, one is the dining room and a small one in the bathroom (in the shower no less). I guess you can consider the sliding glass doors in the living room as a window too since you can see out and it lets sunshine in. Sadly there are not enough windows in our home.

I also don’t like the views from our windows. They all over look the parking lots with the exception of the bathroom window that overlooks the roof of the town home behind us.

I’ve always wanted a window with a beautiful view of the mountains or a lake. I love nature. I would live in a cabin in the woods or on a farm with acres upon acres of rolling fields.

WallMonkeys.com has several “fake” window decals that you can put up on your wall to give you a gorgeous view. They also have windows that are just gorgeous to look at even if the decal doesn’t give you a view.

The decals give the illusion that you have a window on the wall. And from a distance they look real.

Here are a few examples found on WallMonkeys.com.



20121319_1 Fotolia_488211_X_new_preview-LRG Fotolia_11704087_X_preview-LRG

For my review I chose a window with a mountain view. I wanted to put it in our bathroom. We have a huge blank wall that I wanted to put something on. I like the idea of being about to look out at a beautiful landscape when I step out of the shower or when I am looking in the mirror (the wall decal would be on the wall behind me).

I wasn’t sure what size I would receive to review. I requested on that was large enough to look like a real window (something too small wouldn’t look right). Sadly the decal was too big for the wall in the bathroom so we opted to hang it up in the hallway. The hallway also had a huge blank wall that I wanted to cover so it worked out good.

Applying the decal is easy. Simply make sure the wall is clean from dirt and dust. Using a level and a pencil mark a few lines so that you know where to apply the decal. Peel a little bit of the decal off and place it where the marks are then slowly peel the backing off, stopping occasionally to smooth it out. After it’s applied take a soft cloth and gently go over the decal to remove any air pockets.

WallMonkey 1

WallMonkey 2

Don’t worry if you make a mistake. The decal is re-positional so you can peel it off and move it again.

There are instructions and a video on the WallMonkeys.com site you can refer to.

For large decals I would recommend having an extra pair of hands.

My husband and daughter had the wall decal up in the hallway in just a few minutes. My apologies for the photos. I had to use my cellphone because I couldn’t step back enough in the hallway to use my Nikon camera which would have resulted in better photos. My cellphone photos are grainy and the color is WAY OFF. The lighting in the hallway didn’t help either. The decal is much nicer in person.

Wallmonkey 3

Wallmonkey 5


I think it looks great. It makes you do a double take when you step into the hallway. It makes me feel like we live some place else and I have gorgeous views – not a view of the parking lot.

WallMonkeys.com wall decals are available in different sizes and prices so you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for. They even ship internationally.

Check out www.WallMonkeys.com to see all the lovely wall decals they have available. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter (social media links found on their website).



*I received a free product sample to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Take your photos to a whole new level with Aluminyze




Remember back in the day when you took a photo you had it developed and then placed it in a photo album or frame? Those were your options – unless you like to toss photos into a shoe box and bury them in the back of your closet (I have a few boxes like that). Years ago that was all we had available to us. There wasn’t much more you could do with photos.

Over the years companies have found fun ways for you to showcase your favorite photos such as putting your favorite photo on a mug or tee shirt, having a photo blown up to be a poster, putting several favorite photos into a photo book or printed on canvas and turned into a piece of wall art.

I have a few photos printed on canvas and several photos books. I think they are a wonderful way to share and display those photos that mean the most to you.

A company called Aluminyze has taken photo art to a whole new level. Aluminyze infuses your photo image into a solid sheet of aluminum creating a photographic print that is vibrant, durable and very unique.

Aluminyze photo of my pets. It's hard to tell from this picture but the photo is raised from the wall - as if it's popping off the wall. It's a unique look.

Aluminyze photo of my pets. It’s hard to tell from this picture but the photo is raised from the wall – as if it’s popping off the wall. It’s a unique look.

Aluminyze prints are waterproof, tear proof and UV resistant so you can hang them anywhere you want. I like that they are waterproof. That would be great for anyone who has water issues or lives in a flood zone. Aluminyze is a great way to protect your favorite photos.

The idea of having a photo infused on to a sheet of aluminum sounded very interesting to me. I was super excited when I was offered to have a couple of my favorite photos done by Aluminyze to review. The hard part was picking out which photos.

After going through a lot of my favorite photos I opted to have a photo of all six of our pets turned into an Aluminyze photo as well as a butterfly photo I took years ago at the Bronx Zoo that I especially like.

I cannot tell you how anxious I was to receive my photos from Aluminyze. They were mailed to me quickly. I was surprised at how fast they were delivered.

Check out this brief video that shows you a bit more about Aluminyze.



The photos are literally infused on to the sheets of aluminum giving them a really unique look. They have a glossy look to them and the butterfly photo which was printed on silver-like aluminum almost has a 3D look to it. When you look at the photo from different angles it looks like it’s popping off the photo. It’s a really cool effect.

The available aluminum are white and silver. You can choose which one is best for you and photo you are using. The Aluminyze website gives some suggestions on which color option to choose depending on the photo.

You can also choose a gloss finish or a matte finish.

Unlike other companies who make artwork out of your photos, Aluminyze can turn your artwork into any shape on aluminum – including iPhone and Galaxy cases. They even have large Aluminyze options for panoramic photos and ornament size options. Personally I love the ornament size one. I was thinking of taking a photo of my kids and having it turned into an Aluminyze ornament to give to the grandparents. That is a wonderful idea! I also like that the ornament will last for a very long time because it’s infused on to aluminum and wont’ get ruined being packed away with the rest of the decorations.

Butterfly photo. The flash on my camera lit up the one side of the photo. This one has almost a 3D effect to it.

Butterfly photo. The flash on my camera lit up the one side of the photo. This one has almost a 3D effect to it.

There are different mounting options available too – easel, pedestal and wall float. Both of my Aluminyze photos have a wall float on the back of them. It elevates them off the wall a bit and really makes them “pop” when you look at them. They just don’t lie flush to the wall. It’s like they are jumping off the wall. It’s a really interesting effect.

I absolutely LOVE my Aluminyze photos. I wish my photos turned out good enough. They don’t do that Aluminyze photos justice. The quality of the Aluminyze photos is beautiful.

I’m not the only one blown away by how wonderful Aluminyze products are. Check out what other people have to say on the  Aluminyze “showcase” page. They really have the “WOW” factor.

If you have a special photo you want to turn into a unique piece of artwork for your wall – a wedding photo, family photo or just a wonderful photo you captured of nature or the outdoors – Aluminyze will take those photos to a whole new level.

The company even offers pre-made photos if you simply want some beautiful artwork to adorn your walls.

Prices range from $18.95 to $319.95 (that one is for a HUGE photo) depending on the size and shape.

Here is a special discount code – valid through November 30, 2014.

Discount Code: FAMILYFUN40

SAVE 40% on your first order

Expires 11/30/2014

 Aluminyze would make a great gift too.

For more information visit  Aluminyze.com. You can also check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterst.

A logo


*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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