Looking for furniture? Check out Oak Furniture Land



Are you in the market for new furniture?

We live in a small condo. Even for a small condo, we have a lot of furniture – beds, bookcases, pantries, dressers, television stands, dining room table, coffee table, chairs…

None of our furniture really matches. Some was given to us by family members, others we purchased ourselves.

We learned a lot time ago that furniture that you buy “cheap” is made cheap. Almost all of our bookcases and television stands were the cheap kind. We ended up having to replace them in a matter of a couple of years – or less. o When you think about it they are not that cheap after all because you have to spend money every few years to replace them.

Our dining room set was given to us by my mother in law. It was a small set but it was too big for the apartment she was moving into.

It was a nice set and lasted for many, many years. We got a lot of life out of it and that set was involved in a lot of family memories like birthdays and Thanksgiving dinners.

Old Set

Our kids made us breakfast one morning – just one of many great memories on our old dining room table.

Sadly, the years were not good to our dining room set. The varnish wore off, it got a burn stain on it (one of my kids put a hot pot on it and it burned a ring on it). Most of the chair legs were scratched up from one of our cats who opted to use the legs as a scratch pad instead of the actual scratch pad.

The table was also too small for us. It was round and only had four chairs. It made it hard to have guests over for dinner. The adults had to eat at a different time than the kids. Once we even had to have a guest sit on the desk chair (the kind on wheels) because we didn’t have enough chairs.

Since a dining room table is something that we use every single day – multiple times a day – it’s something that we can skimp on. It has to be well made and something that could last for decades.

Enter Oak Furniture Land.

Oak Furniture Land is a U.K. company that recently opened up here in the United States.

Oak Furniture Land’s furniture is made from 100% hardwood. It’s NOT made from particle board or veneer. It’s REAL, solid wood.

Oak Furniture Land also offers FREE shipping and all of their furniture is completely assembled so you don’t need to do a thing. Simply wait for your furniture to be delivered and enjoy it.

Free shipping can save you a lot of money. Shipping is often expensive.

I knew we needed to get our dining room set from Oak Furniture Land. The hard part was picking out which set we wanted. They have so many to choose from in various shapes, sizes and styles.

Here are just a few examples of their dining room sets.







See what I mean? It was difficult to narrow down a set. There are so many beautiful sets to choose from.

After much debating with my family we finally chose our new dining room set – Baku Light Natural Solid Mango Dining Set. It’s a 5′ 6″ table with six wooden chairs.

The table is surprisingly easy to move around. It’s solid, but not extremely heavy. We put those felt pads on the bottom of the table and chair legs to help prevent scratches on the floor, and to make everything easy to move when I need to vacuum or mop.


We chose this set because it has a country look to it but it could be dressed up with cushions for the seats.

A friend of mine also said that this set it good for scratches. Just in case it was accidentally scratched it wouldn’t show up that much because the nature look of the wood.

I cannot tell you how excited I was for this set to arrive.

The delivery company kept us updated on the delivery and allowed US to pick the day/time frame that worked best for us. Not many companies do that. Often they tell you what day/time they are coming.

I was pleasantly surprised that the table was delivered right away.

I am IN LOVE with the table. Totally in love. It’s a beautiful table.

This is a solid table. You can tell just by looking at it. It’s exceptionally well made. We even tried to push it to see if it wiggled, but it didn’t. The same thing applies to the chairs. We tried all six chairs and all of them are solid (no wiggling!).

It took a bit to get used to it. We were so used to a small round table with four chairs. This table is a rectangle, a foot bigger and has six chairs (not four).

I love that I am able to put things on this table and make tablescapes. With our old set there was hardly room for us, let alone a centerpiece.

Table 1

Table 2

Table 3

I’ve been playing around with centerpieces and placemats. Currently I have four candles in the center of the table and two mason jars with sand and seashells and candles in them.

Even our cat, Bella, likes the table (she had to test it out the first day we got it – she has not gone it since because she knows better).

Bella on Table

You can see from the photos how beautiful this set is. They put a lot of detail into it from the grooved design and even round “nubs” (for lack of a better description) on the corners.




My apologies for the different colors of the wood. The time of day, sunlight, ceiling fan light and other factors changed the way it too.

Love! Love! Love!!!

Oak Furniture Land has so much more than just dining room sets. They have all types of furniture like beds, coffee tables, night stands, dressers, chest, bookcase, display cabinets and more. Their styles range from Rustic, French Farmhouse, Mid-century Modern, and so much more.









I hope and pray that we have a house one day. If by some miracle that happens I know exactly where we will go shopping at Oak Furniture Land to get the furniture we need.

If you would like to learn more about Oak Furniture Land visit OakFurnitureLand.com. You can also check the brand out on social media – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

What do you think about Oak Furniture Land? Do you like the pieces? Did any of them stand out to you? Feel free to share your thoughts. I always love to hear from readers.

Oak Furniture Land Logo


*I received a free sample to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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There is more to Evercare Lint Roller than meets the eye


lying cute british cat isolated

Do you keep lint rollers in your home? If you have a pet in your home you need something like a lint roller to remove stray pet hairs from your clothing. After all, seeing Fluffy’s snow white fur on your favorite suit at a job interview doesn’t necessarily make a good impression.

We have five cats and a dog. We know all about pet hair. It gets every where. It’s almost like a full time job just to keep on top of it. We have to constantly dust and vacuum, not to mention brush the hair off the pet bedding.

If you have hardwood floors you might even be familiar with the hair “tumbleweeds” – little clumps of pet hair that blows around on the floor. Until recently I didn’t even know how to handle the tumbleweeds except pick them up with my bare hands. They tend to “run away” from vacuums and cling to the broom. They were not easy to clean up.

We have had lint rollers in our home for as long as we can remember. One year as a joke we bought our son a five pack from one of the warehouse clubs we belong to. Our son won’t leave the house – even to go to school – without making 100% certain there is no pet hair on his outfit.

There is more to lint rollers than just removing stray hairs from your clothing. They can be used for other things – one of which is an unexpected use (and very handy too!).

Lint roller

We have a variety of lint rollers from Butler’s Evercare Lint Roller collection. They come in different shapes and sizes as well as a few which have more to them that just a sticky roller.

Evercare Lint Rollers are great for picking up small things, like pins and needles. If you have ever dropped them on the floor – especially a container of them – you know how difficult they are to pick up.

Lint rollers can be used to aid you in picking up broken glass (just be careful when peeling off the sticky paper).

Lint rollers can also help you to pick up pine needless from your real Christmas tree. In fact, Evercare has a lint roller that is larger than average and comes in a pole to help you reach hard-to-reach places. It’s called the Extreme Mega Stick Roller. This roller can even be used to catch pet hair on the floor – like those “tumbleweeds” I mention earlier. This is PERFECT for tumbleweeds! I can even reach them under the table with this roller.

The surface of this is 10″ which helps you clean up a large area at one time. Replacement papers (roller) is also available.

Evercare makes another lint roller product that is a must have for pet owners. It’s called Evercare Fur Erase Roller. It’s two products in one. One side is the handy lint roller, the other side is a brush. You can use the brush to gather up as much hair as you can from your furniture or carpet, pick it up with your hands (as much as you can) then use the sticky part to collect the remaining hair.


I have found this product to be especially helpful. We gave the cats our love seat (it has a cover on it) so that they would stay off the rest of the furniture. Needless to say the love seat gets covered in hair. We even refer to it as the “hair chair.” I hate cleaning it because of the hair. With the Evercare Fur Erase Roller cleaning it has been a lot easier.

Here is the unexpected use for Evercare Lint Rollers that I recently learned about – removing fleas and ticks off your pet. I would have never thought to do that.

When your pet has fleas and/or ticks it can be a nightmare. It’s hard to get them. You can brush your dog but the fleas will just jump away. However, if you run a Evercare Lint Roller over your pet you can capture many of the fleas. The paper is sticky so once they get caught in the sticky paper they won’t be able to jump away. The same would happen to ticks too (they are just as fast as ticks).

THANKFULLY our pets have not had fleas or ticks, so I haven’t been able to try it out, but I do think it’s an ingenious idea. I have even told a few friends about it and they think it’s a great idea too.

Pet Lint Rollers

Evercare has other products that you might be interested in as well.

Featuring 40 percent larger sheets, the Evercare Pet Plus Giant Lint Roller Extreme Stick guarantees that every spot in the room of the house is free of fur.  Consumers can choose from two comfort-grip handle designs-T shaped, ideal for maneuvering on stairs, or straight-handled for more standard jobs like removing dander and fur from chairs, drapes and lampshades.  The new lint rollers are also designed with an encapsulated, fresh linen scent.

The Easy Reach Lint Roller from Evercare Pet Plus is designed with a customized angled handle to remove pet hair from clothing in hard-to reach spots on the shoulders and back before heading out for the day.

The Extreme Stick Travel Roller is available in a smaller size, though is every bit as sticky as larger size rollers.  Pet owners can store it in a purse, luggage or car to easily grab when stepping out-for business or pleasureThese are so compact that they can easily fit in your purse, backpack or brief case.

I like that the brand offers different products to suit people’s needs. They are also affordable too, ranging in price from $1.49 (travel size) to $19.99 (Extreme Stick Mega Roller). Most products are $3.99 – $5.99. They can be found at many retail locations as well as online at Amazon and on Butler website, CleanerHomeLiving.com.

Do you use Lint rollers in your home? What do you think about using lint rollers for other purposes such as removing fleas and ticks and clean up tiny things around your home?

Feel free to comment and share your thoughts. I always love to hear from readers.



*I received free product samples to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Summer Fun with PEEPS (and a special discount code!)



When you think of PEEPS®, what comes to mind?

Most people associate PEEPS® with those sweet and yummy marshmallow treats that are everywhere during the Easter holiday season. At least that is how I remember them from my youth. Back in the day Easter was about the only time I saw PEEPS®, so I made sure to enjoy every moment of them.

Fast forward to today. PEEPS®are now readily available year round. PEEPS® are around for most of the major holidays (Valentines Day, Halloween, Easter, Christmas…) as well as other PEEPS® products that are available year round, like PEEPS® minis.

There are so many wonderful ways to enjoy PEEPS® too, of course the best way is simply to take a bite out of one.

Here are just a few ways my family and I have enjoyed PEEPS® over the years. This past Easter I made an entire Easter basket out of PEEPS®.









PEEPS® always go great with chocolate. Mmm…

Did you know that you can buy non-edible PEEPS® products too? There is a website where you can buy all things PEEPS®. You can at the PEEPS® and Company website.

The website offers a lot of fun products that are perfect for the summer. Here are just a few examples.

Beach Ball

PEEPS® Beach Ball: A day at the beach will never be the same with your very own PEEPS® beach ball. A day in the sun will be more fun, if you spend it with brightly colored PEEPS® Chicks and Bunnies!

Super cute beach ball. It’s very colorful too.

Water Tube

PEEPS® Collapsible Plastic Water Bottle: Refreshment on the go is no longer a problem with this PEEPS® Chick and Bunny collapsible water bottle. Just fill it with your favorite drink, and off you go. When it’s all gone, the bottle can be flattened and packed away, no problem.

These types of “bottles” are great for “on-the-go.” When not in use the can tuck easily inside a purse, backpack or even your pant’s pocket.

I keep these types of “bottles” in my car trunk, just in case someone gets thirsty during our travels.


PEEPS® Character Flying Disc: Keep the kids occupied for hours with these playful PEEPS® Character Flying Discs! Perfect for the playground, beach, or backyard.

I love this flying disc – and so does our dog! If you have a dog you might want to keep this away from them because many dogs love to play with these.

Wet Bag

PEEPS® Wetsuit Pouch: You’ll be the belle of the changing room with this little accessory! Our Peeps® Wet Suit Tote makes traveling with a wet bathing suit fun again ; ) Can also be used to carry any other messy gear or toiletries you might have.

This is a great idea! We recently came back from the beach (prior to receiving these products to review). We put our wet bathing suits in plastic bags. The wetsuit pouch is much nicer to look at and easier to tote around.

So simple yet an ingenious idea.

Sand Bucket

PEEPS® Pail: There are six bright, new designs to THE collection of PEEPS® Pails! Load ’em with treats and goodies and reuse them later for all sorts of things.

This is an adorable pail. I love the design. The only thing I might note is that it’s not a hard plastic. I wouldn’t recommend using this at the beach. I don’t think it was made for the sand. I think it’s made for treats and goodies like it says in the description.

This would make a great Easter basket. Kids can fill it with plastic bricks, cars, doll accessories and more afterwards.

Beach Towel

Signature PEEPS® Beach Towel: Towel off in style when you reach for our new Signature PEEPS® Beach Towel. Choose from a green towel (with Yellow Peeps® Chick) or blue towel (with Pink Peeps® Bunny).

This is a really nice beach towel. My apologies for the wrinkles. I didn’t get a chance to iron it. I had been folded for a very long time.

You could use this as a bath towel too. Pick up a few in each color/design to add some fun to your bathroom.

Tote Bag

Signature PEEPS® Tote: Give new meaning to the term, “Totes Adorbs” with the PEEPS® Signature Tote. Perfect for a day at the beach, pool, or playground.

I love this little tote bag. Look how cute it is!

This tote bag is not big, but it’s the perfect size to carry a book, water bottle, sunglasses, wetsuit pouch, towel and some snacks to the pool or beach.

On the backside of the tote it’s perfectly clear so you can see the entire contents of the bag (making it easier to find what you are looking for).

As you can see, you can have fun with PEEPS® year round – not just during the holiday season.

If you would like to check out these and other fun PEEPS® and company products (household, office, games, toys, gifts…) visit PeepsandCompany.com.

You can also check out PEEPS® and PEEPS & COMPANY® on social media.

PEEPS® on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

PEEPS & COMPANY® on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.

Check out the hashtag #PEEPSONALITY on social media to see what others are saying about PEEPS® and PEEPS & COMPANY®.

SAVE 20% on your purchases from PEEPS & COMPANY® using the discount code SWEETSUMMER20 upon check out. The discount code expires on August 31, 2016. 

The Just Born Retail Group brings the candy to life in three PEEPS & COMPANY(R) retail locations and at www.peepsandcompany.com. (PRNewsFoto/Just Born Quality Confections)

(PRNewsFoto/Just Born Quality Confections)


*I received free product samples to review, and product information, from PEEPS & COMPANY®. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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Do you love candles? You have never seen candles like THIS before


Scented Candles

There are a few thing in life that I have a “weakness” for (meaning I can’t resist buying them) – scented oils, scented household products, holiday decorations and candles. I can’t walk into a store like Yankee Candle or Bath & Body Works without breaking out into a sweat because I MUST buy everything I see. Obviously I don’t buy everything but I almost always buy something.

I adore candles. I find them to be so beautiful and mesmerizing. Sadly, having five cats, a dog and teenagers limits the amount of real candles I can use. I have several very realistic candles. REAL candles I burn on my kitchen counter so that they are away from our pets.

I love real candles. I love the way they smell and how their scent lingers in the air. I’d burn candles every day all year round if it was possible.

Have you ever come across a candle that was just too beautiful to burn? It’s more like a piece of art than a candle? I have a few like that. I use them as decorations (they are holiday ones). I can’t ever seen me burning them, unless we were in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and we needed light. Ha Ha.

There are pretty candles and then there are candles that mere words cannot describe. Such is the case with the Couture Faberge Egg Candles made by Suzie Sharratt. Her handmade candles are adorned with Swarovski crystals, Italian Lace, pearls, bejeweled fabrics, and vintage pieces. They are functioning candles, but that is secondary. They mostly amazing pieces of art – each one meticulously made by hand by Suzie herself.

Here are a few examples of the Couture Faberge Egg and Pillar Candles Suzie has made.

1 2 3 4 5

How stunning!

You can see why I refer to these as a piece of art. You could burn them like a regular candle if you wanted to – but why would you want to destroy the beautiful decorations?

Suzie sent me a candle to review.

When the package arrived I was stunned by how beautiful the packaging was. Suzie didn’t just toss the candle into a box. She carefully wrapped up the candle in a beautifully decorated box. She even included lovely “charms” including the letter “K” (my initial), a  heart and a broach I plan on putting on my cardigan when the weather gets a bit colder.



You can notice the broach/pin in the center of the ribbon on the box (the lovely “K” charm is seen to the side). The heart charm was dangling from the candle’s wrapper.

I plan on putting the heart and “K” charm on a ribbon and hanging them from my car’s rear view mirror.

The wrapping was done so nicely that I didn’t want to unwrap the box. I wanted to leave it “as is” but I was too excited to see the candle so I had to tear into it.

If you were giving one of these candles as a gift you would not need to wrap it. Suzie does a beautiful wrapping job.

Suzie made the candle with me in mind. She does make custom candles. Simply reach out to her and let her know what you want.

I told Suzie that my favorite color was green, and most of the walls in my home are green. She took that into consideration and made me a green candle. She also knew my birthstone is Emerald and she incorporated one of those into the design as well.

The candle is HUGE and heavy. I was surprised by that. If you were to burn a candle of this size I’m sure it would last for a very long time.

Look at all the detail and artwork put into the design of this special candle.

Candle 1

Candle 2

Candle 3

Candle 4

Candle 5

I love it!

The candle appears a bit blue at times but I can assure you it’s a light green color.

I have the candle resting on a cork coaster until I find a nice teacup saucer to rest it on. I worry about wax getting on the furniture.

The candle proudly rests on top of the bookcase next to our television in the living room. Every day I gaze upon it. It’s stunning and oh so beautiful.

A candle like this is a showpiece for you home and a wonderful conversation starter.

A candle like this would make an amazing gift. I could see one of these candles as a centerpiece at a bridal party table (the one where the bride and groom site). This would also make a great house warming gift as well as a gift for someone special who adores candles and beautiful things.

The candles are not inexpensive, however you have to take into the consideration that each one is handmade with Swarovski crystals, Italian Lace, pearls, bejeweled fabrics, and vintage pieces. The accent pieces alone are not cheap. There is a also a lot of time that goes into not only making the candle, but decorating it piece by piece too.

If you are interested in seeing more of Suzie Sharratt’s breathtaking designs, visit SuzieSharrattDesigns.com. You can also check her out on social media – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Suzie also makes special candles to celebrate people’s sobriety. I think that is a fabulous idea! If you or a loved one would like to celebrate sobriety, check out her beautiful candle deigns.

What do you thing about Suzie Sharratt’s candles? Would you want to own one like this? If you owned one, where would you put it? Would you use it as a centerpiece? Display it on a mantle? Feel free to share your thoughts.



*I received a free product to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Today is National Watermelon Day!


National Watermelon Day

Happy National Watermelon Day!

Yes, it’s true. Today is a special day created to celebrate everyone’s favorite summer time fruit – the watermelon.

I love watermelon! I wish it was available (and affordable) year round. I would buy it all the time.

I can’t tell you how many watermelons my family and I have enjoyed so far this summer. At least a dozen, if not more. We have watermelon almost every day.

On a boiling hot summer day there is nothing more refreshing then some chilled cubes of watermelon.

Some people are die hard fans of this delectable fruit. So much so that they like to decorate their home in watermelon inspired decor.

If you are fan of the fruit you should check out your local T.J. Maxx and/or Marhalls. They have everything you’ll need to celebrate the sweetest melon around, including watermelon accoutrements and watermelon scented and colored products. I want to find the watermelon scented products!


I like the big knife that look like a watermelon. It’s the perfect size for cutting up a watermelon. The watermelon drinking glasses are cute too.

Don’t fret, the food festivities continue! Get ready to chow down on August 10th for National S’mores Day!

They have a day for everything, don’t they.

Just like watermelon, S’mores are also synonymous with summer. I used to camp a lot when I was younger and you weren’t getting the full camping experience if you didn’t make S’mores.

It was fun to find the perfect stick, then try and roast the marshmallows to a golden brown without burning them. I liked to burn them. I like the taste of burnt marshmallow.

Sadly, we can’t roast marshmallows where we live to make S’mores. We don’t have a yard. Instead we have to make them in the microwave. They are still yummy, but not the same as one made on a campfire.

In addition to the fun, colorful and scented watermelon goodies, T.J.Maxx and Marshalls has an incredible selection of outdoor home entertaining ware at amazing value.

Cozy up with a chic throw, pop open a mini grill, and enjoy some ooey, gooey marshmallows, yummy graham crackers, and deluxe chocolate, courtesy of the homemade S’mores maker.

I want that S’mores maker! It’s pictured in the middle with the chocolate and marshmallows.


I like the Bistro (?) table and chair set too. That is the perfect size for our balcony and it would be nice to sit on in the morning while enjoying my coffee.

To find a TJ Maxx or Marshalls location near you visit TJMaxx.com and/or MarshallsOnline.com. Both brands can also be found on social media. Link are found on their websites.

Are you a fan of watermelon? What about S’mores?

What are you favorite summer time essentials?



*I have partnered with the brands to bring you this information. Although compensated the opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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Turbo ExtremeSteam – Great for your home and wardrobe



Let me confess something to you – we don’t own and iron or even and ironing board. We had them when we were first married (20 years ago), but we hated to use them. When we had things that needed to be ironed they would just sit in a pile in the corner of the bedroom for weeks at a time. I hated to iron, and so did my husband. It’s a boring, mundane, tedious task.

When we purchase clothes we make sure to buy things that won’t easily wrinkle. We also hang things up the very moment they come out of the dryer to avoid wrinkles. We have gone so far as to dampen wrinkled things and pop them back in the dryer to get rid of wrinkles.

So far our tactics have worked OK, but there are times when we really need to have an iron. Especially when there is no time to put something in the dryer.

There is another way to get rid of wrinkles that is super quick and easy to do. It’s called the Turbo ExtremeSteam.

Turbo ExtremeSteam

The Turbo ExtremeSteam is a lightweight, handheld steamer. We have owned other steamers in the past but they are big, bulky and awkward to use. The Turbo ExtremeSteam was made to be quick and convenient. It even heats up and is ready to go in as little as 40 seconds.

Not only is the Turbo ExtremeSteam a must have for keeping your clothing wrinkle free (and getting out existing wrinkles), it can also be used around your home to clean and disinfect things like curtains, pillows and pet beds.

Not sure if steaming is for you? Take a look some quick facts on why it could change up your entire routine.

To Steam or Not to Steam?

  • Steaming is extremely time and cost efficient. It’s the fast way to wrinkle-free garments, so, no need to waste time and spend money on dry cleaning.
  • Unlike dry cleaning, steaming is green and clean. It only uses heated water, so no chemicals are required.
  • It’s gentle on fabrics. Your clothes and home fabrics don’t like the heavy chemicals used in dry cleaning. It makes them weak and sad. Steaming keeps them strong and happy.
  • It’s easier! Who likes hauling out cumbersome ironing boards?
  • Tough on critters. Kills them and prevents them. Bye-bye dust mites and bed bugs. Hello safe, clean furniture and mattresses.
  • A fresh perspective. Steaming de-wrinkles and refreshes drapes, curtains, upholstery and more – you don’t even have to take anything off rods!

I do enjoy getting the wrinkles out of our curtains. I used to just leave them (as pathetic as that sounds). My son uses a tie to hold back the curtains in his room and they get really wrinkled. I have yet to think of a better alternative. I hated out horrible it would make the curtains look. With the Turbo ExtremeSteam I can quickly and easily remove those wrinkle, leaving them perfectly smooth looking, just the way I like it.

We have numerous pet bed, a cat tree and even our loveseat (aka – “The hair chair”) is covered in pet hair and who knows what else. We can wash some of them (they have slip covers) but not the pillow/padding. That is why I love using the Turbo ExtremeSteam to fresh up our pet’s things and kill any creepy crawlies that might have made home on them (or in them). Plus I think the steam helps to freshen them up and make them smell a bit better. I’m all for anything that helps with pet odors.

Pet Beds

SOME of our pet beds – we have more!

Unlike other steamers, this one is so easy to use. Simply fill the water tank, plug it in, turn it on and in 40 seconds you are ready to start steaming.

I believe one take of water will last for about 15 minutes of steaming. I have never steamed that long in one shot so I am not 100% positive. I also remove the water when not in use.

Conair Steamer

This is hand held and you can take it where you need to steam, providing that there is an outlet near by to plug it in. When I need to steam something where there is no outlet I bring the item/items closer to an outlet so I can use the steamer.

The steamer is safe with most fabrics. When in doubt I would test on a very small, inconspicuous area first and foremost. So far I have not had any issues.

There are also attachments for the steamer.

  • Silicone band to pull fabric taut
  • Delicate fabric spacer to protect trims and safely steam fine fabrics
  • Bristle brush to ensure steam penetrates the fibers for the perfect press, even on heavy fabric.
Bristle brush attachment

Bristle brush attachment

I use the bristle brush attachment on the furniture to help grab any pet hair I might have missed. I ALWAYS “brush” the furniture with a special pet hair brush that we use, but just in case I missed something I like to use the bristle brush attachment (I just make sure to remove all the hair from it so it doesn’t end up on our clothes or curtains).

There is even a special piece on the steam to help create the most perfect pleats for your pants. My husband uses that from time to time on his work pants. It’s funny because his work pants lost their creases (pleats) after he wore and washed them many times. Being able to put pleats back in them again they look like new pants.


I like that it can stand up on it’s own when not being used.

I’ve also use the steamer to fresh up things we bring up from our basement storage. Things in the basement tend to pick up that “basement smell.” Using the streamer helps to get rid of a bit of that smell.

So far we have put this to great use. Even my teenagers use it from time to time.

The Conair Turbo ExtremeSteam is available at www.Target.com and Target Retail Locations. You might be able to find it at other retail locations too.

The product has a retail price of $59.99.

For more information about this and other Conair products visit Conair.com. You can also find the brand on social media. All of their links are found on their website.

I’ll leave you with this video from Conair that showcases this amazing product.



*I received a free product sample to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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