Learn portion control with Slimware



When the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Day, most people are geared up to tackle their New Year’s resolutions.

Many people resolve to eat healthier, lose weight and exercise more. That had been my resolution for many years, but usually by the second or third week in January I an snacking on chips while sitting on the couch watching television. Sigh…

I no longer make resolutions. I also don’t consider going on diets. Instead I vow to make healthier choices. If I want a cookie I’ll have one or two and not five or six. I drink water all day long. I use seasoning instead of butter to flavor food. Simple, easy things like that.

One thing that I have a hard time with, and I think others do too, is portion control. As Americans we eat HUGE portions. When you go to other countries and see what they put on their plate you feel like you are going to be hungry because it doesn’t seem like enough food.

There is a deli across from where we live that offers “Take Out Tuesday” each week. Each week they offer two different meals, complete with a salad, for a family of four. It’s only $20 which sounds like a great option for dinner. It’s suppose to feed four people, but just looking at the size of the meal you can’t help but think it’s only for 1-2 people at best. Technically the meal is based on proper portion sizes for four people, but most people don’t eat those potion sizes, so it seems like there is not enough food. I have actually seen people walk out with two meals that would technically feed eight people, but they are buying them to feed 4-5 people.

Traditional Cuban dinner of black beans and rice, roast pork, and fried plantains, with a glass of iced tea.

Do you know correction portion sizes? Do you know what ratio of food should be placed on your plate (fruits/veggies, protein, carbohydrates)? Do you know what the correct portion sizes would be?

One way would be to weigh and measure everything you put on your plate. That might be fine for some people, but when you are a busy person who has to rush to get dinner on the table every night, that is easier said than done. I simply do not have time to do that.

What is there was a way to know the correct amount of food you are putting on your plate that was quick and easy? There is! It’s called Slimware.

Slimware is a line of portion control plates designed to be microwave safe, dishwasher safe and break-resistant.

Slimware plates look like casual dinnerware with exquisite designs. However, they are graphically designed with food placement areas, so the untrained eye would not know you’re being mindful of your portions.

Here is an example of a Slimware plate set.


As you can see they are beautiful plates. They don’t look like anything special that can help you control your portion sizes – do they?

If you notice on the design there are three flowers – small, medium and large. Those are actually the areas where you would place your food. Vegetable would go on the largest flower. Your side dishes (carbs) would go over the medium flower and your entree (protein) would go over the smallest flower.

You might notice the pretty butterfly too. That is actually the “extender area” where your protein can overlap. I often use that area for condiments, like ketchup.


As you can see it’s very easy to see how much a portion size is simply by looking at the design on your plate.

Here are a few other Slimare plates that are available for purchase. See if you can spot that portion size indicators in the design.

SLIM_002-2 SLIM_004-2 SLIM_007-2

Could you spot the areas in the designs where your food would go?

Here is a good reason why you need plates like this – even if you are not looking to lose weight or eat healthier.

With Without Slimeware Plates

Without Slimware plates it’s easy to over do it and load up your plate with either too much food or too much of the wrong type of food (for example, too much carbs and not enough vegetables).

I was sent a set of Slimware plates to try out with my family. I chose the Dandelion plate set.


Can you spot the portion spots?

First and foremost I adore this design. I love Dandelions. To this day I blow off the seed whenever I find one of the little while Dandelion “puffs.” It’s fun to do.

These plates are made very well. My kids are not exactly easy on our dishes. They tend to bump things a lot in the sink and in the dish rack. So far, so good. We’ve been using these for a few months and there is not a chip or mark on any of them (thankfully). They also wash very well, both in the dishwasher and by hand. There are no strange stains on them.

I work outside of the home Monday through Friday. There are days I literally have to race into the kitchen to get dinner started – even before taking off my coat and shoes. I literally don’t have time to weigh or measure things. That is why these plates have been especially helpful for me.


My family honestly never noticed a difference in the portion sizes. They have yet to comment on not having enough to eat. If they feel like they need more they usually grab more veggies (I keep raw veggies to snack on) or some fruit.

Being more aware of my portion sizes has helped me to drop a few pounds. I lost some weight (but now I’ve hit a plateau). I am almost the lightest I’ve been in 17 years – if only I could lose two more pounds. I am hopeful I’ll be able to do so once I can get some exercise in.

Don’t just take my word for it. You can check out television spots that featured Slimeware plates including Good Morning America, Fox News and HSN on their website.

For more information about Slimware visit Slimware.com.

Currently they are having a 50% off sale. The sale ends on January 31, 2017, so if you are interested in the plates now is a great time to purchase them. In all honesty they are not that expensive to begin with. They range in price from $24.95 – $39.95 for a set of four.



*I received free samples to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 



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Get a good night’s sleep with snuggL


Sleeping Pillow

Do you sleep well at night? Do you find yourself tossing and turning all night long to get in a comfortable position? Do you crowd your bet with many pillows just to help you position yourself perfectly at night in order to fall asleep? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions… read on to learn more about snuggL (yes, that is how it’s spelled).

When it comes to sleeping, I don’t do very well at it. I suffer from insomnia a lot (I can’t turn my brain off!), and lately I have been dealing with Sciatica which seems to get worse at night.

I sleep with a lot of pillows. I need them in order to get comfortable. I can’t sleep without two pillows under my head and another pillow to “hug.” I will hug one of my stuffed animals if a pillow is not available (I keep “Mr. Bear” on our bed for that reason).

I’m a side sleeper. I always have been. I cannot get comfortable on my stomach and I have a weird reason why I don’t sleep on my back. I’m afraid if someone breaks into our home they can stab me directly in the heart if I’m lying on my back. It’s a weird thing I’ve worried about since I was a child.

I am most comfortable sleeping on my side. Even when I was pregnant it was the best position for me.

Sometimes sleeping on your side can cause back pain – most especially if you are pregnant.

Dr. Carl Cricco and his son Carl III, teamed up to design a practical and effective solution to lifelong back pain. It’s a special pillow called the snuggL

SnuggL pillow

PHOTO SOURCE: snuggL Facebook page

SnuggL is the first doctor-designed whole body L-shaped pillow that eliminates back pain for side sleepers, particularly moms-to-be who deal with terrible back pain during pregnancy.

With 69% of consumers sleeping on their side, the pillow is composed of proprietary gel fibers that provide the perfect alignment for one’s hips, pelvis and spine, while allowing air circulation to prevent from overheating and adapts to your body’s movements throughout the night.

The pillow is really shaped like an “L.” It’s also a body pillow that is almost as long as I am tall. I’m 5′ 3″ and the pillow is almost as long as me. It’s ideal for people 6′ 5″ and under.

The pillow looks like a regular sized pillow on one side, and a body pillow on the other. It’s like the two pillow are fused into one.

When you sleep on your side with a pillow between your legs it helps to align your hips, pelvis and spine. It also helps to take pressure off your lower back.

PHOTO SOURCE: snuggL Facebook Page

PHOTO SOURCE: snuggL Facebook Page

I never looked at it that way. I have had body pillow in the past but for me it’s a comfort thing. I feel more comfortable on my side and I get comfort from snuggling/hugging something when I sleep at night (husband, pillow, stuffed animal).

I was sent a snuggL to review. I must say, I was surprised at how big it was.

My first impression of the snuggL pillow is that its VERY soft. You just want to hug it. It’s also very “bendy” so you can put it in most positions (whatever you are most comfortable with).

SnuggL does come with a special pillow case so that you can keep your snuggL clean.

The pillow is very comfortable to sleep with. I was a bit worried that it’s huge size was going to be a problem as far as getting comfortable with it, but it wasn’t.

The head part could be a bit firmer, but that is just my personal preference. I do sleep with another pillow under my head to give me the support I find most comfortable.

I liken using snuggL to cuddling with a large, plush teddy bear at night. I know it’ a pillow, but it gives you that same sense of comfort.

SnuggL helps a lot too because we sleep on a sofa bed. If you have ever had to sleep on one for just one night, you know how incredibly uncomfortable they are. Try sleeping on one every night. Sigh…

PHOTO SOURCE: snuggL website

PHOTO SOURCE: snuggL website

SnuggL help me to get more comfortable at night. I don’t find myself tossing and turning to find the right position. I also don’t have to worry about losing the pillow that I hold on to (with my arms and/or legs). My husband tells me that I don’t move around as much when I am sleeping with snuggL. He says I tend to sleep in just one position (cradling the snuggL between my arms and legs).

Except for days when I suffer from insomnia, I find that I get a more restful sleep at night when using the snuggL.

The only “downside” I have found is that the pillow is very large. We sleep in a full size bed, so we don’t have much room for the two of us, let alone a “life size” pillow. A larger bed would give us a bit more room.

Because we have to put the bed away every morning (so we can use it as a couch), I have to keep putting the snuggL in the closet. It takes up a lot of space. This is only an issue with us because of our sleeping arrangements. If we had a bedroom and a larger bed I would just lie the snuggL pillow down on either the foot of the bed (after we made it) or behind the bed pillows (so it’s not seen).

So far I am very pleased with my experiences with the snuggL pillow.

This would make a great gift for a pregnant woman, for someone who suffers from back pain, or for someone who simply enjoys a comfy night’s sleep.

For more information about snuggL, visit ThesnuggL.com. You can also check them out on social media. All of the links are found on the bottom of the brand’s website.

What do you think about snuggL? Does it sound like something you would like to try? Feel free to share your thoughts. I always enjoy hearing from readers.

SnuggL logo


*I received a free sample to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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One way to beat the Monday “blues”


Cartoon illustration of tough monday morning for a sleep walking businessman

Mondays… blah! They are probably the worst day of the work week (at least for those of us that work a regular Monday through Friday work week). Wednesday would be the second worst day of the work week (aka “Hump Day”).

I work Monday through Friday outside of the home. I’m not a fan of Monday mornings because it means that I have an entire work week to go until it’s Friday (TGIF!).

Blue Monday. It’s a real thing.

Did you know that the third Monday of January is officially “the most depressing day of the year?” January 16, 2017 is the third Monday of the new year.

The holidays are over, it’s cold outside, motivation is low and failing New Year’s resolutions lead to depressed feelings. Sigh…

So what can we do to help ourselves get over the Monday Blues? Taking the day off from work is not an option for more people. Ha Ha.

Here is one idea that I honestly wouldn’t have thought about – Flowers.


Science shows that not only do flowers make us happier, they have an immediate and long-term positive impact on happiness and mood.

A team of Rutgers researchers explored the link between flowers and life satisfaction in a 10-month study of participants’ behavioral and emotional responses to receiving flowers. The results show that flowers are a natural and healthful moderator of moods. 100% of the participants who received flowers responded with immediate happiness, and the majority reported a positive long-term effect on their mood.

Interesting… Who knew that flowers could have such a positive impact on people’s over all sense of well being and mood.

ProFlowers has come up with a lovely floral bouquet to help you beat those dreaded Monday Blues.

Introducing the ProFlowers Blue Monday Smiles and Sunshine bouquet. It’s one way you can bring some sunshine into a friend or loved one’s day and give yourself an emotional boost. The bouquet’s Peruvian lilies signify friendship and devotion, while the multi-colored roses connote a variety of meanings including love (red), joy (yellow), appreciation (pink) and enthusiasm (orange).

ProFlowers was kind enough to send me one of these beautiful bouquets. I have to admit, I do smile whenever I see bright, sunny, cheery flowers.

Flowers 1

Flowers 2

Flowers 3

The bouquet includes;

  • 6 Assorted roses
  • 10 Assorted Peruvian lilies (multiple blooms per stem)

It also stands approximately 16″ tall.

I love the Lillies. There was a nice variety of pink and yellow ones.

My bouquet had red, white and yellow roses. As you can see from the above photos they were very colorful, most especially the yellow ones. They were exceptionally colorful which is great to look out, especially when it’s snowing and freezing cold outside. The colorful flowers makes me think about Spring and Summer.

The bouquet from ProFlowers arrived in a box. I simply had to remove the flowers and vase, add water and flower “food” to the vase, and then insert the flowers. I trimmed each stem before putting them in the vase (I heard that was a good thing to do). They took a little bit to perk up, only because the day they arrived was exceptionally cold. Once they “warmed up” they looked amazing.

I can see why that study (cited above) found that flowers make people happier. Every time I look at them I smile. They are beautiful.

The ProFlowers Blue Monday Smiles and Sunshine bouquet offers different vase options too. Mine is the “Glass Ginger.” They also have a beautiful “Rustic Heart” one that I love, as well as a red mason jar and a cute ceramic vase that would be great for Valentine’s Day.

For more information about this bouquet or other floral arrangements, visit ProFlowers.com. You can also check them out on social media. All of their links are found on the bottom of their website.

What do you think about the ProFlowers Blue Monday Smiles and Sunshine bouquet? Would you consider sending one to a friend or loved one? Would you like to have one for yourself? Feel free to share your thoughts. I always love to hear from readers.



*I received a free bouquet to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in anyway. 

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T.J.Maxx and Marshalls Organizational Expert, Amelia Meena’s Tips for the New Year


new years date 2017 written in snow

It’s a new year – a time for new beginnings and positive changes.

Some people like to make resolutions. Popular resolutions include eat healthier, lose weight, exercise more, quit smoking and get organized. Some people also like to make changes, whether it’s a new wardrobe, a new haircut or simply add a few new piece of furniture or home decor to their home.

Here are some great tips to give your home a fresh start with room-by-room organization to help you start off the year with a clean slate. Check out stores like T.J.Maxx and Marshalls that have a variety of high quality furniture and home décor, all at amazing prices. Here are just a few ways to get organized and take charge of your space.

The Kitchen:

Tackle the mail pile and junk drawer head on by hanging a decorative magazine rack as a mail sorter. You can also hang multiple sorters in a row so each family member has a designated place to store on-the-go essentials.

If you have limited counter top space, consider purchasing an industrial style rolling stand to serve as a place to house your frequently used cookware. Look for one that also features a wine rack, so you can easily transition this piece to be used as a bar when entertaining guests. Stores like T.J.Maxx and Marshalls are great places to shop for quality kitchenware pieces at amazing prices.

Color code your kitchen to keep it looking neat and streamlined. Consider picking a monochromatic color scheme for your cookware and everyday essentials to help bring order among bulky pots and pans. 

With cooking and entertaining kicked into high gear now throughout the New Year, the best way to prime your kitchen for upcoming festivities is to focus on decluttering your counter space. Items used once a month or less should be kept on higher shelves or in the back of cabinets.

Restyle your pantry by creating continuity with all the same size and style food canisters. Consider using see-through or wired storage baskets for easy grab-and-go snacks.


The Living Room

To minimize the mess and maximize the cleanliness, choose an organizing approach that provides style and function. Select a piece of furniture with storage like a rustic-style trunk or classic ottoman to house cozy essentials, including extra blankets and throw pillows, that can also provide extra entertaining space or extra seating when guests are over.

In smaller areas, if you’re looking to add extra storage without the bulk, try a ladder shelf. It’s a great alternative to a standard book shelf, as the shelves narrow towards the top and keeps the room feeling more open. You can also use a decorative ladder as a way to display beautiful throw blankets versus taking up prime seating real estate on a couch. Places like T.J.Maxx and Marshalls have a wide variety of home furnishings that can transform any space at amazing prices.

To keep your coffee table tidy, try using a serving tray to house decor elements. Instead of stacking items like coffee table books, consider displaying them out in a neat grid and layering the rest of your pieces on top. If you want to opt for a more minimalist look, using a rectangular tray on a round table or ottoman creates an effective geometric style. I also recommend finding a decorative place such as a wooden jewelry box for utility pieces like remotes and electronics.


The Bedroom:

Your day begins and ends in the bedroom so it should be the most stress-free, relaxing room in the home. Beginning with the nightstand, invest in a sophisticated bedside table with drawers that provide a neat and organized spot for your nighttime needs. Limit the number of items on the top of your nightstand to two – three, focusing on your everyday essentials such as a lamp or clock and one decorative item like a fresh succulent, which serves as a calming accent piece.

If the surface area in your bedroom is scarce, use a wall-mounted jewelry hanger with a variety of hooks. For smaller-size jewelry like rings or pins, instead of using a bulky jewelry box, opt for small decorative bowls to store your go-to baubles.

Create a turnkey vanity space by using a stylish bar cart to display your favorite perfumes and make-up. You can find great accent furniture and décor at places like T.J.Maxx and Marshalls that can be repurposed to serve a different function than intended without compromising the quality and style.

A closet can easily become packed at the seams and cause unnecessary clutter, so to clear up storage space add stylish hooks to your bedroom walls to hang and display your favorite handbags or scarves during the cool winter months. 


The Home Office:

To keep a clean workspace, opt for a stylish file cabinet on wheels. This allows you to easily access important papers, but can also act as additional desk space when needed. Remember to also use labels and color coordinated folders to easily keep track of where your papers are stored to avoid creating a “catch all pile” on the top of your desk.  Check out the incredible home section at T.J.Maxx and Marshalls for high quality items at an incredible value.

Look up! Utilize your wall space to hang your to-do lists, calendar reminders and more. This trick helps to further declutter your desktop area, and keeps those important items top of mind. A letter organizer also serves as a great place to store notebooks in a designated area.

If space is tight and you can’t (or don’t need to) dedicate a whole room to act as a home office, use a credenza as a multifunctional piece of furniture to neatly disguise your work station when entertaining guests.


What do you think about these tips? Do you have any additional tips you would like to share? Feel free to leave a comment and share your tips.


*I have partnered with T.J Maxx/Marshalls to bring you this information. I will be receiving a gift card in exchange for my participation. 

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Holiday House Guest Tips That Will “WOW” – Your Guests Will Never Want To Leave!



Are you having house guests over for the holiday season? If so, here are several great tips that will make your guests feel very welcomed in your home.

Nothing says welcome like a picture!

You can personalize the space your family or guest is staying in by adding a framed photo of them in the room! Extra points if you’re in the picture too! It’s that little bit of effort that will make them feel at home. Don’t have any pictures of them? Visit their Facebook or Instagram pages and print one off.

Everyone loves toiletries

One of the first things people do when they go to a hotel is check out the free toiletries. Even seasoned travelers like the tiny sized goodies. Get a few sets with shampoo and soap or whatever else you want, in travel size, and add them to each room. Include a little note letting your guest know that you have other things, if they forgot something (extra toothbrushes, sanitary products, whatever you think they could use).

A few of their favorite meals

If you don’t know your guests very well, you might want to check in with them in advance of their trip to see what some of their favorite meals are. It’s a real icebreaker for someone to arrive in the dining room to find that the dish that makes them happiest is on the menu.

Nibbles and wine

Leave a bottle of wine and glasses in the guest’s room, if they’re into that, along with a bottle of water per person and a small bag of treats to nibble on. Who can say no to nibbles?

And for the small guests?

Kids love to be treated like mini-adults and visiting someone else’s house can be daunting so make sure that they feel welcome with their own kid style toiletries, or leave a goody bag with a rubber duck, a coloring book and some pencils, a book (if they’re old enough) and have some board games on hand. If the child is still a baby, you might want to have a few extra things on hand: extra towels, baby shampoo, a cuddly toy sitting and waiting for them in their room. The kiddo won’t know the difference, but the parents sure will.


Entertainment time

If your guest room has a connected television, make sure that your guest has instructions for turning on Netflix, so that they can retire to their room when all the festivities are over and watch a little something before bed. If your television set isn’t connected, a DVD player and some choice holiday classic DVDs (think White Christmas, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and Home Alone) will do the trick!

Keep it local

Placing a basket with some welcome gifts in the room is a nice touch – and if you keep it to local artisans and shops, your guest can check some of them out before they leave town, in case they want more of those delectable chocolates you added. Just make sure to include the business cards with the goodies and you’ve got your own personal welcome wagon happening.

It’s lovely to have a houseful of guests for the holidays when things go well: you can enjoy the festivities with a lot of singing and fun. But there is another aspect to consider: guest proofing your house! Accidents happen and never more so when there are several more people running around the house than usual. So there are a few steps you can take to get your home ready for the extra people, and extra ‘oops’ that might occur!

Equip yourself

Make sure your first aid kit is up to date—a run to the all night pharmacy in a blizzard wouldn’t be the best thing. Bandaids, antibiotic ointment and so on. Have over the counter products like acetaminophen, cough and cold solutions, allergy, anti-diarrheal and heartburn medications on hand in case a guest feels unwell. You also might want to check on your emergency provisions: a snowstorm and power outage could make things very tricky if there aren’t enough flash lights, batteries and blankets to go around!


Do a ‘move and hide’ sweep before the guests arrive

Take a walk through your home and see if there are decorative pieces, artwork or even heirloom furnishings that you would want to keep intact. The best way to preserve your sanity is to move them elsewhere for the holidays, where they will be safe from spilled juice or sticky fingers. Tell your kids to do the same with toys that are extra special to them: finding that their favorite lovey has had it’s hair chopped off by little cousin Annie could be the start of an ugly battle!

If you have new furnishings or floor coverings, you might consider moving them or covering them up. No need for the old fashioned plastic furniture covers though: a throw blanket over your new white chair will save it from most spills and general usage.

Coasters are essential. Stock up and put them everywhere so that when Uncle Milt feels the need to put down the third glass of eggnog that he has taken up, he’ll have somewhere to put it that won’t ruin your antique finish coffee table.

Shoe / boot mats at the doorways are always a good idea at this time of year and consider stocking up on some stocking slippers that you can give to your guests who aren’t comfortable going without footwear.

Bathroom prep

The single most embarrassing thing that can happen to a guest is a toilet mishap where they have no means to fix it or at least minimize the result! Have a plunger tucked under the bathroom sink and a toilet brush handy, in a decorative holder. Make sure there are enough hand towels available and extra toilet paper tucked under the sink or in a basket. Even if you’re not a regular user of scent products in the bathroom, having a can of scent spray can help a guest feel less ‘on the spot’ about any residual odors they may have caused!

Be ready for spills

When hosting guests, the odd spill is inevitable. Be ready for them because spills are best dealt with when attended to immediately, before they have a chance to set. Have old tea towels for dabbing handy, and a stain spray solution to ensure that nothing sticks. If you aren’t into chemicals, you can make your own stain remover that will work on most any stain. Get a spray bottle and fill it with a quarter teaspoon of dish washing liquid, a cup of lukewarm water and a cup of white vinegar. Spray the solution on your tea towel and dab on to the stain. Don’t rub or pour the solution right onto the stain.  The former will set the stain and the latter can be damaging or even spread the stain.

Are you insured for this?

Before having your entire family over to stay, check your homeowners insurance policy to make sure that you’re well covered for everything from a slip and fall injury, to water damage in the bathroom from an overflowing toilet, to fire damage from the stove top popcorn that went haywire. Of course, none of these things are likely to happen but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. And if hosting your family is what prompts you to double check these things, that’s all good for you.

After all is said and done, when you’ve prepared your home as best as you can, you can sit back and enjoy the festivities with everyone, knowing that you’ve put your best foot forward and your Tiffany vases in the closet.


About the author:

Jeffrey Welder is the Marketing Director and Interior Decorating Expert at Vant Wall Panels. Vant Wall Panels are the most innovative and user-friendly wall décor system ever created. Vant is inspiring living at its finest. They’re perfect for every room in the house, from bedrooms and living/family rooms to kitchens and the home office. Discover Vant Wall Panels online at https://www.vantpanels.com/ . You can follow them Instagram, Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest.


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Looking for a last minute gift idea? Give the gift of entertainment

holiday shopping

It’s crunch time! Christmas and Hanukah are less than a week away. Have you completed your holiday shopping list yet?

I think we are done shopping. I would have loved to have picked up a few more things for our kids but we already exhausted our holiday budget. They are also teenagers. They don’t need a zillion gifts like a child would. Plus their gifts costs more than they did when they were kids (I think gifting our daughter a new car battery and an oil change is a wee bit more expensive than a Barbie doll. LOL!).

If you have someone on your holiday shopping list that enjoys great movies and television shows, why not gift them a one year subscription to Netflix?

Netflix stars out at only $7.99/mo. There are other plans for people who want to stream on multiple devices. For a six month subscription you’ll be paying around $50. For a one year subscription it will be about $100.

When you think about it a quality gift if going to cost you in the $50 range. I think six months of unlimited movies, original series and favorite television shows – available 24/7 – is a great gift idea.

Netflix is great for everyone – young and old.

Our daughter never goes a day without watching her favorite series on Netflix.

Netflix has so much to offer. Check out some of the new series arriving this month.


My husband and I binge watched the first season of Fuller House in two nights. Over the holiday break we’ll no doubt binge watch the second season too.

Just in time for long holiday trips “over the river and through the woods” to grandma’s house, Netflix recently announced that members can now download many of their favorite series and movies at no extra cost.

To start downloading today, make sure your Netflix app is updated to the latest version and head to the ‘Available for Download’ menu on your tablet or mobile device. Don’t miss out on all the Netflix movies and series available to take with you, anywhere you go.

Coming to Netflix this week is a new series from Dreamwork Animation called Trollhunters. The new series will provide families with 13 hours of adventure, suspense and limitless imagination.


Sadly, Anton Yelchin was killed earlier this year. I guess his character will have to be voiced by another actor for their second season.

Most kids are off from school the week after Christmas. Trollhunters is a great way to ward off boredom.

DreamWorks Trollhunters can help parents keep the whole clan excited with 250+ inspiring moments from the epic saga. And parents, this is no ordinary kids fare… you’re just as likely to get hooked.


To get you even more excited about the new series, Netflix has some DIY projects to make your own sword and Hard Rock Candy (my husband loves Hard Rock Candy).

Simply click on each image to get the instructions you can download and/or print out.



If you would like to learn more about Netflix, or to check out the new series, visit Netflix.com. You can also find them on social media (all of the links are found on their website).

Are you a fan of Netflix?

Would you gift (or like to be gifted) a membership to Netflix?

Do you plan on checking out Trollhunters? Why or why not? Feel free to share your thoughts. I always love to hear from readers.



*I receive free membership in exchange for my participation. There is no monetary compensation. The opinions expressed are entirely my own and not influenced in any way.

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