Having a hard time falling asleep? Check out Dreampad


I have a very hard time when it comes to sleeping. I have a hard time falling asleep and a hard time staying asleep. On most nights from around 1:00 AM to about 3:00 AM you’ll find me flicking through the endless supply of infomercials on television. I know that watching TV is NOT what yo should do if you can’t sleep, but reading doesn’t help me. Watching boring infomercials actually makes me sleepy.

I have tried just about everything to help lull me off to sleep – sound machines, over the counter medication, warm milk, homeopathic remedies, even prescription medication. I simply have a hard time shutting my brain off and relaxing. My doctor says I have a lot of anxiety.

I’ve been using another thing to help me to relax and unwind. It’s called the Dreampad. It’s made by Integrated Listening Systems.

Dreampad looks like an ordinary pillow, but inside it holds a secret. The pillow hooks up to your smartphone which allows it to play special music. The most interesting thing is that your bed partner cannot hear the music. Only the person who is lying their head on the pillow can hear it.


When I heard about Dreampad I knew I had to try it out for myself. The last thing I’d want to do is wake up my husband.

Dreampad is a technology-based solution for reducing stress and improving sleep – something I certainly need help with.

Setting up Dreampad is not that difficult. You simply download the FREE accompanying app and then hook your phone up to your pillow via a small plug that you will find in the corner of pillow. That’s it. That is all you need to do.

The app offers several free soundtracks that you can download and enjoy. The music is something only YOU can hear while resting your head on the Dreampad pillow. This is accomplished by special vibrations in the pillow that help you to hear the music.

You an also listen to your own music/play list, including nature sounds. I downloaded some nature sounds (ocean, rain, jungle…) so I can listen to them with the Dreampad pillow.

Looks like a normal pillow

At first I thought this honestly couldn’t work. How can you HEAR through vibrations? Apparently there is a whole scientific reason for why this happens. If you really want to know more about this, as well as research on the subject, you can read about it on the Dreampad website – How It Works. Who am I to question how or why it works… my job is to review if it actually does work.

Yes… it does! I was very surprised by it too. I was even more surprised when my husband told me he couldn’t hear a thing coming from the pillow.

I was concerned that my head would be shaking all over the place since the music is listened to via vibrations. That is not the case at all. You don’t feel any type of vibration. All you hear is music.

You also don’t really notice that your phone is in the Dreampad either. I was worried that sleeping on my phone would be uncomfortable, but there is enough padding in the pillow that you don’t even know that the phone is in there.

You will have to turn off your phone so that you don’t get phone calls or text messages while enjoying the Dreampad music. Hopefully late night phone calls and/or texts is not an issue for you.

There is a volume control and timer on the app, as well as an alarm. I have not tried the alarm as of yet. My husband is my alarm. That is all I need. LOL!

I do find Dreampad to be very relaxing. There are several musical options to choose from. I hope that one day they add more options. Sadly, Dreampad doesn’t really help me to sleep. It helps me to relax and unwind, but it doesn’t make me sleepy. My brain is just too wired to let the Dreampad do what it was made to do. I have to take a prescription medication to help me sleep (a heavy duty one), so this is NOT a reflection on Dreampad’s effectiveness. It’s simply I am a more difficult case. I think with the average person this would work like a dream (no pun intended).

Plug the cord into the section where headphones would go on your phone.

Tuck your phone into the pocket.

Dreampad has done a PTSD study, autism study and parent blogger study which all had positive results. I think they are really onto something.

My husband uses the Dreampad. The firmness it better for him and he doesn’t have that hard of a time falling to sleep. He sleeps with the Dreampad pillow every night, but he doesn’t always turn on the music.

Dreampad is available in a variety of pillow styles – slim support, medium support, firm support and memory foam. I have medium support. It’s OK but I think for me I need more firmer support. There are also accessories you can purchase to go along with it that are optional (like a pillow case or Bluetooth receiver package).

Overall I think this is a fabulous idea. My son had a hard time falling asleep when he was little. I wish Dreampad was around then to help him (he’s almost 18 now and sleeps just fine).

If you are interested in learning more about Dreampad visit DreampadSleep.com. The site will give you a wealth of information about how Dreampad works, as well as the available products. You can also check the brand out on social media. All of their links are found at the bottom of their website.

What do you think about Dreampad? Does it sound like something you need in your life?


*I received a free product sample to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Christmas in July… it’s never too early to start preparing for the holidays


Photo Source: Dreamstime.com

When it comes to the various holidays and seasons, I am one of the people who are first to complain about how retailers “jump the gun” and start putting out holiday and seasonal products long before they should. Just the other day I noticed our local grocery store already has back to school supplies on their shelves and my beloved Christmas Tree Shop had fall/autumn decor as soon as you walked in the door.

My husband and I have a bet going on. He thinks we’re going to start seeing Halloween candy by August 15th. I think we’ll start seeing the candy by September 1st. I have a feeling he might win.

I have a photo on my personal Facebook page dated August 7, 2016 of Thanksgiving tablecloths. August 7th! That’s insane! I also have a photo dated December 21, 2012 of Valentine’s Day candy. Sigh…

Right now on television there is Christmas in July programming.

There are some occasions where I feel it’s a good idea to get started early, if you can. Christmas is one of them.

When my kids were younger I would pick up gifts for them here and there throughout the year. My husband would wrap them late at night and we’d hide them in our storage room (the kid had no access to our storage room). That way when it was the holiday season we could enjoy the time with our kid and not worry about crowds, long lines and no parking. We also didn’t have to worry about being up until 3 AM Christmas morning wrapping presents.

As silly as it might sound, now is a great time to think about ordering your holiday cards. I now some people opt to use photos of their family in matching holiday pajamas or Santa hats. In the past I have received holiday cards with families on a beach, in the pool and on vacation.

I think that once you have the perfect photo you should get a jump start on your holiday planning and order your cards. That way they are done and out of the way.

I’ve been checking out the online holiday cards at Basic Invite. Not only do they have a really nice assortment to choose from, but they also offer a service that I find extremely helpful. They offer a FREE Address Collection Service. Their service requests your addresses with just three simple steps. You can even share a link, collect addresses, and get FREE envelope printing. I appreciate the envelop printing too. As someone who suffers from Carpal Tunnel, the less writing I have to do that better.

Basic Invite also has real foil in some of their holiday cards lines. The foil is available in gold, silver, and rose. I think foil adds a truly elegant touch to a holiday card. You can’t always find cards embellished with foil in boxed sets or at the card store, and if you do find them, they are expensive.

With over 250 Christmas card and holiday card designs you are sure to find one that appeals to you.

If holiday cards are something you simply do not want to think about right now – especially if you are sweating in the summer heat – Basic Invite has other cards to suit life’s other occasions such as weddings, discount birth announcements, graduation and party invitations, so name a few.

When it comes to sending out a lot of cards I prefer to use a service such as Basic Invite. The last thing I want to do is drive around town, wasting time and gas, to find the perfect card. With Basic Invite I can do it from the comfort of my own home.

One of the biggest things that stands out to me about Basic Invite is that they have almost an unlimited choice when it come to colors. This is especially great for brides-to-be who want to coordinate their cards to their wedding color scheme.

Once you select the design you want you can change the color of each element on the card to over 180 different color options so you can customize the card to suit your “vision” right down to the tiniest detail.

With Basic Invite you can get instant previews online so you can see how the final product is going to look.

Basic Invite also has over 40 different colors for their envelopes. You can make the invitation stand out even more with a matching color envelope. Forget about plain white or cream. You can make your invitation stand out with vibrant color choices.

All of their envelopes are peel and seal so the envelopes can be quickly and securely closed. No more licking gross tasting glue.

Unlike other websites, Basic Invite offers customers the ability to order a printed sample of their actual invitation/card so that they can see how it’s going to look and feel before making a final order. After all, when you are going through all the work to make customize baby shower invitations, you want to make sure they are going to look perfect in every way.

I WISH more companies offered something like this. I have ordered holiday cards and other cards online in the past and there have been a few times that I have been disappointed with the quality. Once the photo was blurry on a card I ordered. It didn’t look that way online but when I saw it in person I realized the quality was not good. Had I had a sample to look at before hand I would have never placed the order.

If you are interested in learning more about Basic Invite, or checking out all the cards, stationery and business supplies, visit BasicInvite.com. You can also check them out on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Basic Invite also has fun printables you can purchase and download instantly including recipes, words of wisdom, Mad Libs for kids and more.

Are you in the market for invitations? How soon do you order your holiday cards?


*I have partnered with Basic Invite to bring you this information. Although compensated the opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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What do toilet paper, coffee, and ink have in common?


Photo Source: Dreamstime.com

There are some things you never want to run out of – ever! Toilet paper is my #1 item that I never want to be without. We ran out of toilet paper once and I made sure that would never happen again. I had to drive all the way to a 24 hour convenience store at midnight to pick up a roll. It was awful!

If you are like me and need your morning “cup of Joe,” its another thing you can’t bare the thought of running out of.

Running out of gas in your car is something we can all agree on is no fun. I’ve had it happen many years ago. I was on the New York State Thruway too. What a nightmare that was.

I’ve also run out of ink in my printer. It always happen right in the middle of printing out something important like a contract or something I need for work. I try and keep an extra ink cartridge available, but sometimes I forget to pick up a new one after I replace a worn out one.

Photo Source: Dreamstime.com

I also tend to run out of ink in my pens right in the middle of doing something, like filling out a deposit slip, signing a contract or writing a message inside a greeting card.

Expo can’t help with those first three, but we’ve got ink covered. Expo with Ink Indicator features a clear ink barrel, so you can see exactly how much ink is left.

When it comes to things like toilet paper, coffee, gas and printer ink, there are ways we can see how much we have available and “guesstimate” when we’ll need more. When it come to things like pens and markers, it’s hard to tell. There is no indicator that let’s you know when you are about to run out of ink, that is, until now.

Expo has introduced their new Expo with Ink Indicator dry erase markers. Why has it taken so long for someone to think of this before?

The Expo dry erase markers look like ordinary markers, except one end of the marker has a clear barrel where you can see the ink inside. On the outside of the barrel are indicator marks that let you know how much ink is left. The indicators marks read “F” (full), “1/2” (half way full) and “E” (empty).

I work with markers all the time at my job. Every other week or so I have to take all the markers out and some scrap paper and test each individual marker so I can toss out the empty and dried up ones. It’s time consuming. It would be so much easier just to pick the marker up and look at the indicator – if it has one like the new Expo markers. That would make my job a lot easier. Plus I wouldn’t have to risk running out when working on a project.

Expo’s dry erase markers have come a long way over the years. Back in the day there were only a few colors. These days you have a variety of colors, as well as Expo dry erase markers that are dual sided, and ones with built in erasers. I personally love the built in eraser ones. I find they are a lot neater to use because you don’t to have a cloth or tissue handy.

I work as a teacher’s assistant with a kindergarten class. The students use dry erase markers all the time. They use them to practice writing, drawing shapes, counting and doodling. They are excellent to use with a dry erase board because they save on paper. That last thing we want to do is have students waste paper. We recycle classroom paper, but its still nice to not have to use paper whenever possible.

Here are some other fun uses for dry erase markers.

Keep track of the kids’ summer activities

A dry erase activity tracker is easy to create and even easier to erase each week. You can even use your fridge as your dry erase board!

Brush up on what you learned during the school year

Make learning more fun for your kids by quizzing them on their skills – ask them to write their answers using dry erase markers and race to see who gets the correct answer first!

Turn a road trip into a game of Pictionary

Wouldn’t it be cool to draw on your car windows? Wouldn’t it be even cooler if it didn’t involve a big clean up? Use Expo with Ink Indicator markers to entertain the kids for hours by hosting an art contest on the rear windows.

Keep that summer bucket list alive

Have a picnic, fly a kite, camp in the backyard, make tie-dye t-shirts … the possibilities are endless. Keep the list alive and growing on a dry erase board. When you complete an activity, erase it!

Dry erase markers can also be used on glass and other non-porous surfaces. You can also use them on laminated surfaces. We have some laminated papers at work that the kids use the dry erase markers to draw on (such as tracing lines and letters).

Expo dry erase makers are made by Newell, the same company that makes Mr. Sketch scented products such as crayons and markers. If you have never experienced Mr. Sketch products before you are missing out on something really cool. They are scented in cool scents like apple, grape, banana, vanilla icing, mint chocolate chip, bubble gum and even odd scents like stinky cheese (no kidding!) and chimney.

Look for Expo (and Mr. Sketch) products where ever stationary/office supplies/school supplies are sold.

For more information visit ExpoMarkers.com and/or MrSketch.com.

Do you use Expo dry erase markers? If so, what do you use them for?

Have you ever used Mr. Sketch products? Do you have a favorite scent?


*I received free product samples to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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Jazz up your wall space with EntertainART


I don’t like blank walls! Photo Source: Dreamstime.com

I love to decorate my home. I take great pride in how my home looks. I want my guests to feel welcomed when they enter our home.

Growing up my mom had a formal living room and formal dining room. No one was to step foot in those rooms unless it for a holiday or special occasion. As for me, a child, I was confined to the playroom. I was perfectly OK with that. All my toys were there and I didn’t have to worry about breaking anything of value.

If you come into my home you’ll notice something right away – we’re quirky.

My desk is covered in collectibles and toys including a lot of Funko Pop figures (horror characters), Star Wars collectibles and other odd things.

You’ll also see my collection of Zombie Gnomes.

Even our wall space is covered in fun and unique things (autographed items, wall art from my childhood home…).

Wall space is a big thing with me. Blank wall space drives me bonkers!

When we had our condo on the market we had to remove everything from the wall (as per the real estate agent) as well as other personal items. For months we had blank wall and it was literally driving me crazy. I like to have art work on the walls. The first thing I did when we took our place off the market was hang everything back up again.

I’m always adding to our wall art. I like to switch thing up and rotate things, either from one room to another or do seasonal swaps.

Some of the artwork on the wall by my desk (including my fun collection of “things.”) I had to fuzz out my husband’s name for safety reasons. 

I love canvas prints because they are light weight and I can use a tack or two to hang the up and not make too much of a mess out of the wall. I don’t like to use nails if i don’t have to. Our walls are so old and they crumble easy. Tacks work best for us.

Because we are fun and quirky people, we tend to like wall art that is fun and quirky too.

I was thrilled when I learned about a site called EnterainART. EntertainART offers wall art for a variety of characters that my family and I enjoy the most – characters such as Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars.

Two of our cats are named after Star Wars characters (Anakin and Padmé), and we have a nearly life size Darth Vadar and a robotic Yoda greeting guests at our front door. It goes without saying we’re Star Wars fans.

A lot of the artwork available from EntertainART would be geared more towards children’s rooms and nurseries – but – if you are like me and my husband, you can appreciate a lot of the artwork too. I think many adults will enjoy the pieces as much as children would.

Here are a few examples.

I know several grown men who would go crazy for the Captain America print. I even have a co-worker who is in her mid-20’s who would jump at the chance to get that My Pretty Pony print pictured above.

EntertainART asked if I would like to review a print from their website. I had a hard time narrowing it down (they have since added A LOT more from when I last looked at the site). It took me a while to narrow it down but I chose a Tinker Bell print.

I chose this print because I not only liked what is said and how it looked, but also because it has glitter on it. What would Tinker Bell be without glitter (aka “Pixie Dust”). The glitter can be found in the areas where it’s gold (the outline of the text).

This canvas print is huge (a lot bigger than I was anticipating), measuring in at 16″ x 20″ x 1.25.”

Currently I have it hanging up in the kitchen but I plan on moving it into the bedroom after we do a little remodeling and painting in the bedroom.

My pictures do not do this print justice. It’s so much more spectacular in person.

I love it! I smile every time I look at it. I especially love the glitter (I wish it showed up in the photos).

These was a surprise in the package with my Tinker Bell canvas print – a small Star Wars canvas print. The bonus print features R2-D2, CP3O and BB8. What makes this print especially cool is that is has a texture to it which really makes it look cool. You can make out the texture in the top photo (below).

I have this print hanging in the hallway just behind/next to our nearly life size Darth Vader. You can see part of his arm in the one photo (his arm is up holding the light saber).

Once again, my photos do not do the print justice. We have horrible lighting in the hallway and I wasn’t able to get a good enough shot.

If you are totally into “fan art” you’ll certainly want to check out what EntertainART has to offer. As I mentioned earlier in this post, they added a lot more items since the last time I looked at the site. I would recommend bookmarking the site and checking back often.

They have Cars 3 and Beauty and the Beast fan art too!

To see what fun artwork EntertainART has to offer, visit EntertainART.com. They can also be found on social media. All of their links are found at the top left of their website.

Are YOU into fan art? What type of character/fan art are you interested in? Did you see anything on the website that you liked?


*I received free product samples to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Beat the heat with Lasko fans



That’s right. I am NOT a fan of summer time. When I was younger I couldn’t wait for summer to start, but as I go older, summer became less and less my favorite season.

I rank summer behind winter. It’s my least favorite season out of all of them (Fall is my favorite season).

I got sunburn and sun poisoning A LOT as a child. As an adult I’ve had to have “suspicious” moles removed from my body (six of them to be exact). For that reason I don’t like to go out in the sun. I slather sunscreen on but I still try and avoid the sun as much as possible.

The biggest reason why I dislike summer time so much is the heat and humidity. It’s killer! I can’t tolerate it at all. I just assume close the curtains and crank the AC up on high and hide away for the entire summer then deal with the heat and humidity.

I can’t sleep when it’s too hot. I can’t even get any blog work done.

My desk is located on the opposite side of the room from the air conditioner and the sliding glass doors. We don’t get any cross breeze either. The area where my desk is can turn into a sauna (or more like a furnace) quickly on a hot and humid day.

PHOTO SOURCE: Dreamstime.com

There are times that I am typing on my keyboard and my skin (wrist/arm) STICKS to the keyboard because it’s so hot, humid and sticky. It makes working on my computer unbearable.

I have even gone so far as to wear gloves and/or those things you put on your wrist to keep you from sweating.

I have had desk fans over the years. Either they don’t provide enough coolness or they are just to big and bulky. I have limited space on my desk.

We have a floor fan that I have blowing towards the desk, so my back gets cool air, but not the rest of me.

My father had an AWESOME floor fan from a company called Lasko. It’s made of metal. He used to keep it in his front hallway and have it blow towards the kitchen. It worked phenomenally! I could feel the cool breeze all the way in the kitchen.

It looks similar to the one pictured below.

When they moved to Florida I was hoping they’d let us have it, but, Florida is always hot and humid, so of course they took it with them.

Lasko is a brand we trust. We have two Lasko pedestal fans. One is in the bedroom, the other is in the living room. We’ve had them both for years and during the summer months they are on almost all day long (especially the one in the living room). We’ve never had any issues with them, nor has my father had an issue with his wonderful floor fan.

One of our Lasko pedestal fans.

Not too long ago Lasko sent me a fan to review. They sent me their 12″ Performance Table Fan (item #2027).

This nice, compact fan is the ideal size for my desk. It would even do well on a counter top (like in our scorching hot kitchen!) or on a nightstand/dresser. The fan measures 11.6”L x 14”W x 18.3”H.

The fan offers three different speeds. You can go from a “gentle breeze” (so to speak) to full blast with just a quick turn of a ring on the base of the unit. I tend to keep it on 1 or 2 for the most part since it’s right by my head and I don’t want it blowing in my ear too much.

The fan can be set to oscillate (rotate back and forth) or to stay in one spot. Depending on how hot is is I vary between the two. If it’s overly hot I keep the fan in one spot. If I just need a little cooling off I let the fan oscillate. You can easily switch between the two with a button on top of the fan (pull it up to stop the rotating, push it down to let it rotate).

A perfect size for my desk.

I like that he fan is not too loud either. It’s more of a “white noise” which can be kind of soothing in a way. I don’t find it distracting at all (thankfully).

This nice little fan retails for $24.99. You can find it in Target and other retail locations.

If you are interested in learning more about the Lasko brand and it’s products, visit LaskoProducts.com. Lasko also makes heaters, air purifiers and other products.

You can also find the brand on Facebook and YouTube. Their links are found at the bottom of their website.

Are you in need of a fan? Are you familiar with the Lasko brand?

Feel free to share your thoughts. I always love to hear from readers.


*I received a free product sample to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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Money saving tips for the summer (and beyond…). Plus a $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!


Summer is almost officially here – June 21st to be exact. Since Memorial Day weekend people are in the summer mindset.

Summer means different things to different people – vacation, lazy days at the beach, hanging out by the pool, barbecues and traveling. For me it means something different – no work!

I work in the school district. I follow their schedule. I actually love that because I know I’m off for many holidays and I get the week off after Christmas, a week off for Winter Recess and a week off for Spring Recess. I also don’t have to stress out about driving to work in a snow storm (if the school has a delay or is closed I either go in late or I have off). Most of the time its great… except the summer time. From the end of June until the start of September I’m off from work because the school district is closed.

Honestly, I don’t mind too much. Since I’m not a fan of summer time to begin with I prefer to close the curtains, crank up the air conditioner, and putter around our home doing projects I’ve put off all year long. The downside is no paychecks.

Since we’re lacking an entire paycheck all month long, I have had to get creative when it comes to saving money. Here are just a few of the ways that save money during the summer months (and beyond) so that my family doesn’t feel like they have to do without anything.

Local Parks

My family and I frequent local and state parks regularly throughout the year. Most of time parking is free. There is often a nominal parking fee during the summer months.

Parks have so much to offer from hiking trails to picnic/barbecue areas. One of our local parks even has a zoo that is free to visit.

We can literally spend from dawn to dusk at parks.

Photo Source: Dreamstime.com

Shop at Farmer’s Markets

The summer months are the best time to stock up on fruits and vegetables. When you purchase from local farmers you not only help your local economy, you also save money too. Fruits, vegetables, even baked goods are less expensive from local farmers than if you purchase from a grocery store.

Learning to can your own foods and make your own jams and jellies is also another way to take advantage of the bounty of fresh produce available, and it can save you money too.

Attend local events

It doesn’t matter if where you live is a big city or a tiny town… there is always something going on.

Look for local Facebook groups and check out local publications to find events in your area such as free concerts, free swim days at local parks, and parades.

Many libraries host summer reading programs which are great for young children. My kids always enjoyed the summer reading programs at the local library. Our library hosted movie nights, craft days and even a carnival at the end of summer.

Sometimes movie theaters have discounted movie days. I know that a local movie theater chain (Regal Cinemas) has $1.00 movie days all summer long where they are showing fun, family friendly movies. You can learn more about their Summer Movies Express here.

Photos Source: Dreamstime.com

Be a smart shopper

When it comes to shopping you should always be a smart shopper. You should never pass up the opportunity to save money with discounts and coupons. This is not only something I do during the summer months. I do this year round. Whenever I need to purchase something I always search the internet for discount codes and coupons.

One such site is Coupon Dash. At Coupon Dash you can find great discounts for anything from concerts to fashion, and from home goods to automotive.

Here are just a few great entertainment discounts that I found while checking out the site.

  • Save $10 on Lady Gaga Tickets
  • Save up to 45% on Tours and Activities in New York City
  • Save 10% on movies and television shows at Fandango.com

Father’s Day is coming up. There are plenty of great deals to be found for Father’s Day gifts.

  • 15% off store wide at Mistfit
  • Free shipping on Father’s Day gifts at 1-800-Flowers
  • 20% off at Fathead.com (my husband always wanted one of these of his favorite NFL team)

If you would like to see what else Coupon Dash has to offer visit CouponDash.com. It’s free to join and they are always adding new deals and discounts. I have the site bookmarked so I can check it daily. You can also check them out on social media. All of their links are found on the bottom right of their website.

To be a smart shopper you should ALWAYS take some time to do some research to see if there are any discounts available. There is nothing worse than finding out you could have saved money if you only knew about a special discount that was available.

FYI… Coupon Dash is hosting a $100 Amazon gift card giveaway! The giveaway ends on June 27, 2017. Once the winner is selected the gift card will be shipped within 15 days. 

To enter visit the giveaway page on Coupon Dash’s website

Tackle home improvement on your own

Believe it or not, there is a plethora of “How to” instructions and videos to be found on the Internet. My husband has been able to fix many things around our home simply by Googling how to do them online.

My cousin was able to renovate her entire kitchen on her own without having to hire a handyman or contractor to do it. She told us she found all the how to videos on YouTube.

Before spending hundreds, even thousands of dollars to fix something in your home, do some research on the Internet and see if you can easily fix it on your own.

You can even trade with someone you know to help you fix the problem. For example, if your co-worker is good at fixing plumbing issues, offer to make them a delicious meal or help them with something they need help with in exchange. We’ve done that before with our neighbors. My husband has fixed neighbors computers in exchange for watching our pets when we go away for a day or help us put in a new air conditioner (it was too heavy for my husband to do on his own).

Don’t tackle more than you can handle. I’m referring to home repairs and improvements that are not difficult. Leave the hard stuff (or the big things) to the experts.

These are just a few ways that we save money during the summer months, and beyond.

Do YOU have any great money saving tips that you would like to share? If so, please feel free to share them with me and other readers in the comment section of this post.

Photo Source: Dreamstime.com


*I have partnered with Coupon Dash to bring you this information. Although compensated the opinions expressed are entirely my own and not influenced in any way. 


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