Gorgeous jewelry from Waffles & Honey



Did you ever hear of a business name that totally catches your attention? Some fun examples would be Indiana Bones and the Temple of Groom (dog grooming salon), The Found Sock (laundromat), Lawn & Order (landscaper) and Shear-Lock Combs (hair salon). These are actual business names.

What do you think of when you hear the name Waffles & Honey? My first thought is a restaurant, like a home town country restaurant.

Whatever Waffles & Honey is, it’s an adorable name.

Waffles & Honey is a company that creates jewelry. It’s was named after the owner’s (Karina Harris) pets. I think that is a fun idea. My family has several pets. I don’t think I could call a business Espn Velcro Kitty Padmé Anakin Bella Fishy Wishy Wudy (or dog, cats, fish and adopted wild bunny). Ha Ha. Unless I use the first initials, but EVKPABFWW doesn’t sound as cute as Waffles & Honey. :-)


Karina’s passion for designing gorgeous jewelry started when she entered a local bead store in San Francisco. When she became a teenager she traveled a lot around the world including Africa, Asia and South America. She was inspired by the jewelry designs and textiles that she came across during her travels.

Karina’s designs for Waffles & Honey Jewelry reflects Karina’s travels.

Adorned with hand selected jewels and dripping in 14 and 24 karat gold, our pieces will inspire your readers to indulge in one of a kind luxury. Handmade in small batches in San Francisco, each timeless piece of jewelry is designed to make the wearer exude unique grace and elegance. Our pieces are made to fit every reader’s personal style and can be worn individually, for a simplistic look, or stacked for maximum effect.

Waffles & Honey was kind enough to send me a piece of jewelry to review. Let me tell you it was very hard to narrow it down to one piece. Each of their pieces is unique looking and very beautiful.

Waffles and Honey

Notice there are two different gold chains?

I finally selected the 3/2 Necklace in Labradorite. Not only is the necklace beautiful, but I love the legend that the stone contains Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) which explains why it has a “Labradoressence” (displays different colors). I thought it was a fun legend and the stone has a greenish-gray hue to it (my favorite color is green). 

The necklace is 30″ long which is perfect for me. I don’t like necklaces that are too short. They often fall inside my shirt and no one gets to see them. This necklace is the perfect length.

The necklace has two different chains which I think is a nice touch. Most of the necklace is made of small, gold, oval links. The part of the necklace that connects the three stones is made with bigger and longer gold oval links.


Waffles and Honey Necklace

I LOVE the stones. They are very pretty. They change color when the light hits them a certain way. They are very shiny too. They have good weight to them too.

The stones have a unique shape to them too. They remind me of chubby tear drops (for lack of a better description).

I have received a few compliments on the necklace and even my teenage daughter really likes it. I think it if it can impress a hard t0 impress teen that should tell you something. Ha Ha.

I tried to take my own photos but it didn’t do the necklace justice. The necklace is so much more beautiful in person.

I also love that it can be dressed up or dressed down. This piece is great for running errands around town or a night on the town. It’s very versatile and can be pair with other pieces if you are into the layered look.

Check out some other pieces currently available at Waffles & Honey.

Waffles and Honey


Waffles & Honey carries necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. These lovely pieces retail for $50-$315. They are available on the Waffles & Honey website, www.WafflesandHoney.com. The brand is also found on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest (links found on the brand’s website).

What do you think about Waffles & Honey jewelry? Do any of the pieces showcased here catch your eye?



*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Beautiful and Fashionable Jewelry from Jewelry by Andrea


Jewelry by Andrea

Like most women (and men) I enjoy jewelry. I do own a lot but I tend to wear a few “signature” pieces on a regular basis. My other jewelry I save for special occasions or a “date night” with my husband.

I tend to like jewelry that is unique and/or one of a kind. I like wearing pieces that people take notice of. After all, why wear jewelry is no one is going to notice it?

Recently I was contacted by Andrea. Andrea owns a boutique jewelry store appropriately named Jewelry by Andrea.

Andrea lives in Calgary, Canada with her family. She is passionate about creating beautiful and unique jewelry. It allows her to make a living a be a stay at home mom. As a former stay at home mom I can totally understand why she wants to be a stay at home/work from home mom.

Andrea’s jewelry has been published several times in Bead Trends Magazine and Good Life Connoisseur Magazine. As if that wasn’t cool enough, Andrea’s jewelry has also appeared on The Vampire Diaries which is a television series on the CW channel. That is awesome!

One of Andrea’s popular designs is her Crystal Angel Heart necklace.

A flowing silver Angel Wing hangs gracefully with a sparkly Heart and elegant smokey Crystal. This trio has a spiritual, Zen and flowing feel.

Crystal Angel Heart

This lovely necklace has three charms that dangle from it.

- Angel Wing – messenger from God

– Hand wrapped Crystal

– Sparkling Heart – love and affection

The charms hang from a silver plated chain. I also has a lobster clasp which makes it easy to get on/off. I find lobster clasps so much easier then the traditional clasps.

The necklace is 18″. If you include the hanging charms the necklace is more like 20″ in length. If you need a different length you just have to leave a message for Andrea during check out.

I was sent one of these beautiful necklaces to review and Andrea made it a little longer for me. I have a thick neck and 18″ would have been a little to snug for my taste. I also like necklaces that hang down longer.

I tried to take a great picture of the one I have but my camera doesn’t have a micro lens which means I can’t get a close up shot. I tried to get one with my cellphone but it came out grainy and it didn’t do this pretty necklace justice.


I’ve worn this necklace numerous times and almost every day someone comments on it. Usually people comment on the angel wing. It seems to be the first thing that people notice about the necklace.

I work with children, including babies. Several times when I’ve been wearing the necklace and holding babies the babies grab for the wing. It’s really an eye catcher for both young and old.

I worried about the wing poking me in the chest area but that has not happened.

The necklace is light weight and comfortable to wear. The charms dangle nicely and don’t get tangled.

I like that the necklace can be worn any where and with any attire. I’ve worn this at work with work clothes and to the county fair in a pair of shorts and a tee shirt.

Andrea offers many other beautiful pieces of jewelry. She also offers FREE shipping on all orders.

If you would like to check out Crystal Heart Necklace or her other lovely jewelry designs visit www.JewelrybyAndrea.com. You can also find her on the various social media sites. All of the links are found on top of her website.

What do you think about this jewelry?



*I received  a free sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Home decor and more available at Dsenyo


Woven Trays Dsenyo

Photo Source: Dsenyo

We haven’t even begun back to school shopping yet and already I’m thinking about doing some fall cleaning and some redecorating. I clean (of course) but every couple of months I need to do a deep cleaning – the infamous “fall cleaning” and “spring cleaning” except I do it every other month, give or take. I also want to do a little redecorating by adding some artwork to the wall, moving things around, maybe add a few more decorative pieces here and there.

I like to support good causes. I like to shop from companies that offer Fair Trade products. Fair Trade means that the people who are creating the products are paid fairly for their work. Another words “slave labor” or “sweat shops” where not used to create the products.

I would never want to buy a product knowing it was created by an 8 year old child who worked 20 hours per day for mere pennies. That is just awful! Even if this day and age there are plenty of goods sold every day that were produced by women, children and impoverished people who are forced to work insane hours and get paid hardly anything while the company rakes in the profits.

One such Fair Trade company is Dsenyo. Dsenyo works with groups in Africa and Latin America to create jobs for those less fortunate.

Photo Source: Dsenyo

Photo Source: Dsenyo

According to Dsenyo…

Dsenyo takes a holistic approach making it not only about paying a fair wage, but also building capacity, committing to work with marginalized people who need these opportunities the most, being good stewards of the environment, respecting cultural traditions, working collaboratively and engaging the producers in the decision-making process and developing long-term relationships among other things. For a full list of these nine principles of Fair Trade please visit www.fairtradefederation.org.

You can read more about Dsenyo’s commitment to the Fair Trade industry and their workers on the company’s “About” page.

Dsenyo has many items available for purchase from jewelry to home decor and from toys to apparel. Their products are proudly made by people in Brasil, Malawi and Zambia. On their site you can shop by the different countries, or under the different categories.

Dsenyo sent me a couple of products to check out for myself to see what the quality of the craftsmanship is. They sent me a gorgeous bangle bracelet and a cute plush rabbit. Dsenyo Bracelet The bracelet is gorgeous. It’s made with fabric remnants remaining from other products, which makes them eco-friendly since they are repurposing the left over fabric pieces and not tossing them into the garbage.

The bracelet is very well made. Its hard to tell where the fabric started and ended. It looks like it could be all one piece of fabric.

The fabric gives the bracelet a nice texture too. It’s so colorful!

The one I received could match with many different outfits. It’s also nice enough to wear on a night on the town and casual enough to wear when running around town doing errands.

Sadly mine doesn’t fit me. It’s too small to fit around my hand. The bracelets are available in narrow or wide widths. Either mine is narrow width or my hand is too big. Since I can’t wear it I am thinking about giving it as a gift to my co-worker. She would love it. Photo Source: Dsenyo Another product I received from Dsenyo is a plush toy. It looks like a rabbit. It’s part of Dsenyo’s “Little Friends” collection. They are made in Malawi.

These handmade dolls are meticulously hand stitched and made out of 100% cotton African fabric with soft jersey knit. They are stuffed with poly fill and can be cleaned in the washer and dried in the dryer.

It’s hard to believe this is hand stitched. The stitching on the one I was sent to review look perfect – as if it was sewn with a machine. I’ve hand stitched things before and you can tell it was hand stitched.

These women do an amazing job and clearly are very talented with what they do.

The plush Little Friends are available in a colorful variety of animals including a zebra, elephant, owl, fox, lion, hippo and more.

Dsenyo has a lot of beautiful products. The site is worth checking out.

Whether you are looking to add some decorative pieces to your home, jewelry, clothing or a gift for someone special stop by Dsenyo and support Fair Trade.

For more information or to see all of their available products please visit www.Dsenyo.com. They are also found on the various social media sites (links are found at the bottom of their website).

Do you support Fair Trade? What do you think about Dsenyo products? Feel free to share your thoughts.

Dsenyo Products Kimberly

*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Every Mother Counts and Stella & Dot team up to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother



Being pregnant is a wonderful and scary time in any woman’s life. Not only do you need to worry about your own health but also the health of the new life you are carrying in your womb.

I was fortunate that at the time I was pregnant with both my children that we had decent health insurance. For many of women around the world health insurance is a luxury they simply can’t afford. For other women, especially in impoverished countries, they not only lack health care but also education about information about how to stay healthy while pregnant and long after their child is born.

Stella & Dot, a global fashion accessories brand and rapidly growing social selling company, is proud announces the global re-launch of their Stella & Dot Foundation and partnership with Every Mother Counts.

The Stella & Dot Foundation was created in 2010 by CEO and Founder Jessica Herrin. It’s part of the company’s mission – to give women the means to style their own lives.

“We are committed to making a difference in women’s lives. It’s important for us to extend that mission to impact the lives of women and their families, at home and around the world through the Stella & Dot Foundation,” says Herrin.

To-date, the Stella & Dot Foundation has raised over $1.6 million towards causes important to our community.

Model, actress and mother Christy Turlington Burns is the campaigns spokesperson.

“Every Mother Counts’ is excited to partner with Stella & Dot’s mission driven community to help us achieve our goal to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother. We know we can’t do this work alone and are always reassured that there are others who want to contribute in meaningful ways. Through this partnership, we will be able to educate many more about the global maternal healthcare challenges and also raise funds to support programs that improve access to quality maternity care that can prevent unnecessary deaths at birth.” – Christy Turlington Burns, Founder Every Mother Counts.


To help raise funds and awareness for this campaign Stella & Dot has introduced a beautiful bracelet called the Enlighten Bracelet ($39). All net proceeds from the sale of this lovely bracelet will go to support Every Mother Counts to help inform, engage, and mobilizes new audiences to take action to improve the health and well being of girls and women worldwide.

The Enlighten Bracelet is very unique. It has a strap that resembles a belt or a watch strap. It’s adjustable to fit any size wrist. I have the bracelet and I have a thick wrist and I am able to wear the bracelet with no problem. My daughter, who has a smaller wrist, can wear it too. She just has to adjust it to fit her wrist.

The bracelet is made out of a Poppy Orange colored leather band. There is a gold-plated brass bar on one side of the bracelet (the part that goes on top of your wrist). It’s simple yet very eye catching. The gold-plated brass gives it a bit of elegance and the Poppy Orange leather strap adds a bit of fun.

I tried to take my own photos but they didn’t really capture the details too well.

If you look you can see the words embossed on the inside of the bracelet on the leather strap.

If you look you can see the words embossed on the inside of the bracelet on the leather strap.

Inside the bracelet, embossed on the leather strap, are the words MERE – SOEUR – FILLE – MOTHER – SISTER – DAUGHTER – MAMA – SCHWESTER – TOCHTER which translates into Mother, Sister, Daughter in French, English and German. You cannot see the words when you are wearing the bracelet. You can only read them when the bracelet is off your wrist.

This is a beautiful bracelet that would make a wonderful gift for that special lady in your life, a friend, mother, sister, grandmother, aunt or even yourself. The funds go towards a great cause and in exchange you have a beautiful bracelet that can be worn on a night out on the town or running errands.

If you would like more information about the Stella & Dot Foundation and their charitable jewelry pieces visit http://www.stelladot.com/shop/en_us/featured-shops/stelladot-foundation-shop.

To check out the beautiful accessories Stella & Dot sells visit www.StellaandDot.com. You can also find them on the various social media sites (all the links are found at the bottom of their website).

Christy Turlington

Christy Turlington


*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 




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Cate & Chloe – Chic & Classy Jewelry Delivered to Your Door Each Month


Cate and Chloe Jewelry

I think most women will agree that getting a lovely piece of jewelry is always nice. Whether its something you purchased for yourself or a gift, it’s still fun to have new pieces to wear and add to your wardrobe.

Normally I don’t wear much jewelry. I work from home so I don’t feel the need to get all dressed up. When I do go out, even if it’s to run errands, I do like to spruce myself up a bit and make sure I look nice which often includes pieces of jewelry.

When it comes to buying jewelry I usually have a hard time deciding between pieces. Unless I need a specific piece or color, I usually spend way too long agonizing over what piece of jewelry to buy. Normally it’s because I like them all and have a hard time choosing. Sometimes I wish someone could do the decision making for me and just had me a nice piece of jewelry.

Cate & Chloe, an online jewelry retailer, has a VIP program where you can get $200 worth of exquisite jewelry delivered to your door each month for under $40 per month?

Each month you will receive a variety of jewelry chosen by expert stylists. The jewelry you’ll receive will have a retail value from $69 – $135.  This includes rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

One item you’ll receive each month will be an exclusive pre-release item that is only available to VIP members.

There are even more benefits to being a VIP member.


Cate & Chloe sent me a sample shipment to review. The package was beautiful. Even the Cate & Chloe jewelry box with the real ribbon tie was a nice touch.

I received a beautiful pair of Devin “Devine” Stud Earrings.

According to the Cate & Chloe website…

Prepare to dazzle and stun in our Devin “Divine” Stud Earrings, CZ stones surrounded by an exquisite circle of smaller smaller CZ stones with a silver post. These earrings make a glittering addition to any collection.

  • Silver post
  • circle surrounding central stone 1cm in diameter

I tried to get a good photo of the earrings but it didn’t really capture how sparkly they are. They are really stunning.

Earrings 2

The retail value is $125. If I was a VIP member I would have received another piece of jewelry. Think about how much money I could have saved. To purchase these lovely earrings would have cost me $125. Being a member the monthly price is under $40 AND I would have received a second piece of jewelry. That is a nice savings.

I also like that you don’t know what you are getting from month to month so opening your package is like opening up a birthday or Christmas present. I love surprises!

This would also make a fabulous gift for someone special. The VIP membership is available for one month, three months, six months and a year. The longer the membership you purchase the less per month cost the membership is.

If you would like to try it out for yourself I have a special 20% off discount code you can use – SHESCRIBES20.

Pretty packaging.

Pretty packaging.

In addition to the monthly subscription service you can purchase other fine jewelry from the website.

For more information please visit www.CateandChloe.com. You can also check them out on Facebook (CateandChloe) and Twitter (@CateandChloe).

What do you think about their jewelry? Does a monthly jewelry subscription sound like something you would like to receive each month? Feel free to share your thoughts.

Cate and Chloe logo


*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Can you really start your own business for FREE? Yes you can! Find out how.



I used to have a home business. I made party favors and affordable promotional products such as personalized candy wrappers, buttons, magnets, gift cans and more. It was entirely my own business. I didn’t work for anyone or under anyone.

My business was a success and lasted for about seven years until I lost my passion for it. That was the same time I started blogging. My passion lied in writing more so than my business so I closed shop.

There are times I think about starting my business again. Then I think about the supplies, storing all the supplies, marketing, invoicing… it was stressful.

I have been giving A LOT of thought to joining a company and selling as a representative. That way I can still earn some “pocket money” and not have to worry about keeping track of inventory or shipping out merchandise. I did sell Avon about 15 years ago but there was too much competition locally that I gave up. I never sold Mary Kay but I do know for a fact that there are more than enough Mary Kay reps local to me too.

A lot of businesses I have looked into either have expensive start up costs (for kits and websites), monthly website fees and minimums you must meet or else your can lose your rep status. I honestly don’t have the money to shell our for kits or monthly website fees. I also don’t know from one month to the next how much money I’ll have to pay for an e-commerce site.

I know I’d never get rich selling other people’s products. That is fine with me. If I can make some extra “pocket money” each month I’d be happy with that. I also need money to care for two of our cats with health issues. One cat, Velcro, is Diabetic. The cost of insulin is not so bad but the syringes can really add up since he needs shots twice a day. Our other cat, Bella, has severe Asthma and other health issues. Her daily inhaler costs me $200 out of pock. It’s a human inhaler (she gets it through a special tube called an AeroKat). I can’t get insurance to cover it since it’s for our cat. Therefore we have to pay full price. I do get a slight discount with a special discount card the pharmacy gave me, but not enough.

Bad photo but this is an Aero Kat to help my cat breath in her Asthma medication.

Bad photo but this is an Aero Kat to help my cat breath in her Asthma medication.

Medications, along with vet visits and special tests (Bella sees a Cardiologist for her heart issues and another doctor for her Thyroid issues) the bill can really add up. That is why any money I can earn is helpful. It’s not for me to visit a spa or get my hair done at a salon. No way! All the money I make goes towards my family (food, gas for my car…), pet bills and money do to fun things with my family (movies, beach…).

I just learned about a business opportunity that costs NOTHING to start up. It’s totally FREE! Not only that you get an e-commerce site (so you can sell online) for FREE with NO monthly fees. There are also NO MINIMUMS. So if you don’t sell anything for months at a time its OK. You won’t lose your rep status.

The company is called Jewelry in Candles. They sell soy candles and tarts. Each one has a piece of jewelry inside. The jewelry ranges in price from $10 to thousands of dollars. There are similar companies on the market but what makes Jewelry in Candles different is that you get to pick out what kind of jewelry you want AND what size. The style and design will be random (you have no choice in that) but the type of jewelry and size will work for you.

There are A LOT of customer submitted photos and videos that reveal the jewelry that they found inside their products. I know in one video I saw the young girl got a bonus pair of earrings in with the necklace. From what I read on the Jewelry in Candles site occasionally additional surprises are found in the candles and tarts. You never know what you might get. You might even get a bonus candle or tart with your order.

Below are customer submitted photos from the Jewelry in Candles website.

FanFotor051364857 FanFotor061213322 FanFotor061214073 FanFotor061215087 reveals

According to the company…

Jewelry varying from silver plated to gold plated–some with stones made from cubic zirconia or other materials. With more valuable jewelry discoveries, you may find titanium, solid sterling silver, solid yellow and/or white gold. Some may also include real diamonds, rubies, or other precious jewels. 

It’s fun because you never know what you might get.

The candles and tarts also come in some pretty amazing sounding scents. I’m going to go shopping later and purchase some candles and tarts. I can’t wait to try them out.

As a rep you get 30% off your own purchases. I love that I can make purchases for family and friends as gifts and save 30% as a rep.

When you sell Jewelry in Candles products you also get 30%. You can sell online, at craft shows, to friends, host parties, sell on Amazon and Ebay… the sky is the limit. You get 30% from all your sales. That means for every $100 in products you sell you get $30. If you sell $500 you get $150. That is not bad at all. Many other companies only give you 20% or 25% of the sales you make. I think 30% is pretty generous.

I also like that the company allows you to sell where ever you want. Some companies frown upon selling at other venues. I love the flexibility to sell where ever I want. I don’t even have to sell anything. I can just enjoy the 30% off my own purchases.

If you are interested in learning more about the opportunity please visit my store page – JewelryinCandles.com/SheScribes.

HURRY! The FREE sign ups end tomorrow (June 13th). If you know anyone who is looking to start a home business, or who simply loves candles and tarts, please share my link with them as well.

If you sign up let me know. :-) Maybe we can help each other to become successful.

If you know of any other home business that has free or low cost start up kits, free e-commerce sites and/or a business you have had a huge success with I would love to learn more about it. Feel free to share your thoughts/links in the comments section.



*I was not compensated for this post. I am simply sharing a FREE opportunity. 

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