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She Scribes named one of Cision’s Top 50 U.S. Mom Blogs 2014

Thank you for your interest in She Scribes. If you would like to learn more about me feel free to check out my About Me page. You can also download or print out my current media kit here – She Scribes Media Kit 2013.

As of January 20, 2013 I rank the following on Invesp.com*.

Top 50 Parenting Blogs – #1

Top 25 Lifestyle Blogs – #3

Top 25 Contest Blogs – #3

Top Life Blogs - #6

Top Blogging Blogs – #21

*This information needs to be updated for 2014. 

She Scribes is a PR Friendly blog. I truly enjoy working with companies and brands. I have thousands of followers both on Facebook and Twitter. I am also building a nice following on Pinterest and Instagram too.


I enjoy doing reviews. I especially love learning about new products and sharing them with my readers.

I also have my husband (40 something), teenage daughter and teenage son to act as my co-reviewers. My five cats, dog and fish also love to help me review products. :-) .

Even though my children are teenagers I still enjoy reviewing children’s products (not baby products) because I have plenty of nieces and nephews to try the products out with.

I pride myself on providing my readers with 100% honest reviews. I like to take my time to review a product (or service) to my fullest so I am able to provide readers with a detailed review. I also include my own photos as well as images and logos sent to me by the company or brand.

I have thousands of followers on other social media sites. In addition to my site I also share my reviews on the various social networks so that I am able to provide more exposure to the review, product or service.

There is no charge for product reviews however full size products are required. I will not review samples. Also, I do not return review items. They are my compensation for my time doing the review.


My readers always get excited about giveaways. A giveaway is a great way to bring more exposure to your brand or product. In addition to a review you might wish to consider.

I do not charge for giveaways. I always appreciate a sample product or products in exchange for hosting the giveaway on my site and promoting it on my social networks.


Advertising is available on She Scribes. Please contact me for current rates. SheScribes@Optonline.net. You can also check out my Advertising and Sponsored Post Rates.

- Ad Space

- Text Advertising

- Sponsored Posts

Sponsorships & Brand Ambassador

I am open to sponsorship’s and brand ambassador programs. I am also open to attending blogger conferences, events or other paid promotions. I would be happy to promote your product or brand in several ways including blog posts, advertising, Twitter tweets, Facebook posts, handing out swag, wearing your company logo, pinning on Pinterest and any other ideas you might have in mind.

I enjoy attending set visits and celebrity round table interviews. I also enjoy red carpet events.

In the past I have served as a brand ambassador for the following companies.

- Disney Movie Events (press events, celebrity interviews, movie premieres and set visits)

- Sony Movie Events (press events, celebrity interviews, movie premieres and set visits)

- ABC’s The View



Apartment Guide


Bronx Zoo



ConAgra Child Hunger Ends Here

Scott Naturals


- Sports Illustrated Kids

- Tail Town Friends

- Movies on Demand

- LifeLock

- Sabran

- Cans Get You Cooking

- Netflix

- Rite Aid

 – Outback

Netflix Stream Team

I have worked with many brands over the years including the brands listed below. Of course I have worked with many others as well. This is just a small sampling.


Brands I have worked with



 If you are interested in working together on a campaign or promotion please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I am happy to provide current stats upon request.



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