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Turbo FAST

It was recently announced that Netflix and DreamWorks Animation has teamed up to create three new original series that will air only on Netflix. The new series are set to debut late in 2014. The new series are Puss in Boots, King Julien and Veggie Tales in the House.

Last year Netflix and DreamWorks introduce the series Turbo FAST. It’s based on the hit animated film Turbo about racing snails.

I wrote about Turbo Fast last year. If you would like to read my original post you can find it here – Turbo Fast – A new series coming to Netflix.

Turbo FAST is an outrageous, high-octane ensemble comedy series teaming the world-famous super-powered snail Turbo with his posse of adrenaline-junkie buddies to form the Fast Action Stunt Team (FAST). Together, they amp up everything to the extreme: extreme adventure, extreme challenges and extreme excitement. No matter how wild things get, the Fast Action Stunt Team always has each other’s backs. Snail Up! Anytime, anywhere, only on Netflix.

The series is such a success that five new episodes have been created. The first one aired on April 4th. You can still view it on Netflix in case you missed it. In total 26 episodes have been ordered.

Netflix also has the film Turbo available for it’s U.S. and Canadian customers. Latin America customers will get Turbo later on this spring.

Does anyone in your home enjoy the Turbo FAST series? If so, here is a fun way to enhance their experience.

Turbo Game

Hop in the driver’s seat with the newest online adventure game, Savannah Slalom.

Strap in for racing adventure in the great outdoors with Savannah Slalom — the newest HTML5 adventure game from Turbo FAST. Help Smooth Move race across the savannah, dodging hungry meerkats like Savannah Slalom as well as giant boulders and pick up diamonds for extra life or catch power ups from your pal Chet. Optimized for both Web and mobile, Savannah Slalom offers continuous racing gameplay, letting you earn points to level up as you go. Want to make it to the other side? Step on it!  Play for free NOW at http://Savannah.TeamTurboFAST.com.

If that wasn’t cool enough, check out these fun Turbo FAST inspired cookies that you can re-create with your family.

Turbo FAST cookies

All you need is food coloring, basic sugar cookie dough, toothpicks, mini marshmallows, colorful candy of your choosing, icing…and your imagination!  Check out DreamWorks Animation’s Pinterest page for inspiration: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/39969515417476354/.

I LOVE the cookies! They are so creative. They even look easy enough to make. I’m sure children will have fun decorating them too.

For more information about the series visit TeamTurboFast.com and Netflix.com/Turbo.

Are you a fan of the series? What about your child/grandchild? What other DreamWorks film or character would you love to see come to the small screen as a Netflix series?

Netflix Turbo FAST


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Nutty French Toast Recipe Inspired by The Nut Job


The Nut Job Blu-ray

I love nuts! I love all type of nuts. I could eat nuts every day. Maybe I was a squirrel in past life? LOL!

Speaking of nuts and squirrels, The Nut Job comes out on Digital HD on April 8th and on Blu-ray/DVD April 15th.

Check out this movie inspired French Toast recipe. I sounds really good. I’m going to try it with my family.


What is your favorite nut? Do you have a favorite recipe that includes nuts? I’m always looking for new recipes to try with my family. Feel free to share it with me and other readers.

Did you see The Nut Job? If so, who is your favorite character from the film? I haven’t see it yet but I am looking forward to it.

The Nut Job


*I was not compensated for this post. I posted this for the enjoyment of my site readers.

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Three-Chile Mole Fondue Recipe


Photo Source: McCormick

Photo Source: McCormick

I am always on the look out for recipes that my family will enjoy. I have a disadvantage with the fact that my husband and daughter are very picky eaters. My husband is especially reluctant to try something new. It too me years to get him to try sweet and sour chicken and now that is the only thing he’ll order from the Chinese take out place across the street.

I love food and I love experimenting with different types of foods. I’ll try just about anything – except bugs and gross parts of animals like brains, intestines and tongues. Yuck!

I am grateful for herbs and spices. They are a great way to change the flavor of a recipe without having to alter the recipe. Since I have picky eaters it allows me to continue to make the recipes they enjoy but change it up a bit from time to time by tossing in some spices and/or herbs.

I would love to be able to add chilies to my recipes. I don’t mean the super hot my-mouth-is-on-fire type of chilies. I’m referring to the mild chilies that just add a touch of spicy hotness. The kind you would use in a mild salsa.

Chiles appear to becoming more and more popular. McCormick has a great recipe for a chocolate fondue made with chilies. I would love to try this recipe with my family. My daughter has asked about doing a chocolate fondue in the past. She saw it on TV one day and loved the idea of dipping things like fresh fruits, cakes and cookies into chocolate. Who wouldn’t want to do that?

I have never had a chocolate fondue, but I have tired a cheese fondue when I was younger. That was so good (I love cheese!).

Check out this yummy video recipe for Three-Chile Mole Fondue. For more recipes check out the McCormick website, www.McCormick.com.


*I was not compensated for this post. I posted this, with permission, for the enjoyment of my site readers. Any opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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“Faux” recipes for April Fool’s Day from FamilyFun


April Fool's Day

April Fool’s Day is tomorrow. Do you enjoy pulling pranks on your family and friends? My husband and I used to love to pull pranks on our kids when they were younger. Now that they are teenagers we have to worry about what prank they are going to play on us. LOL!

One of my favorite magazines is FamilyFun Magazine. I subscribed to it when my daughter was an infant (she’ll be 17 soon) and only cancelled my subscription a few years ago. I still enjoy the craft and recipes idea very much. That is why I have their site bookmarked on my computer.

FamilyFun Magazine has two “faux” recipes to celebrate April’s Fool’s Day in good taste.

FamilyFun’s “faux cookie dough dip” has the texture and flavor of homemade cookie dough, but it’s actually a dip in disguise. Also be sure to try the “tease cheese platter” where cookies and candy chews stand in for the traditional savory snack.

Fake Cookie Dough

Faux cookie dough dip



Brown sugar

Peanut butter





Baking soda

Chocolate chips

Apple slices


In a food processor, blend 11/2 cups chickpeas, 6 tablespoons brown sugar, 1/4 cup peanut butter (we used a natural, unsweetened variety), 3 tablespoons oats, 1 tablespoon milk, 2 teaspoons vanilla, and 1/8 teaspoon each salt and baking soda. Fold in 1/3 cup chocolate chips. Serve with apple slices or other fresh fruit. When snack time is over, tell your kids they are now full of beans!

Fake Cheese Platter

Tease cheese platter


Vanilla sandwich cookies

Sugar Sprinkles

Fruit chews


To make the crackers, pull apart several vanilla sandwich cookies. Leave the filling intact and scatter green sugar sprinkles on half the pieces. Scrape away any filling from the others. For the cheese, soften white and orange fruit chews (we used Tootsie Fruit Rolls) in the microwave for a few seconds, then shape into cubes or roll the candy flat and use a knife to trim it into rectangles. Form the holes with a small cookie cutter or piping tip.

What do you think about these recipes? Do you think you are going to try them with your kids or grandchildren?

What is the best prank you ever pulled on April Fool’s day? Feel free to share your stories.



*I was not compensated for this post. I posted this, with permission, for the enjoyment of my site readers. The opinions expressed are my own unless otherwise noted.

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Stuff Your Baskets with Fun Easter Treats from Palmer


Our son at Easter time

Our son at Easter time

My kids are teenagers. I long for the days when they were little and were super excited about the Easter Bunny paying us a visit and leaving behind baskets full of candy, books and a small toy. I also miss watching the kids do Easter egg hunts. Those were really fun.

One year my mom put plastic Easter eggs out in the yard filled with chocolate candies. It was an especially hot day. When the kids came to do the egg hunt all the chocolates had melted. What a mess! After that my father came up with the idea of using money instead of candy – especially since all the kids were getting older. Mostly the eggs were filled with nickels, dimes and quarters but there was the “grand prize” egg which included a dollar bill. Needless to say the kids were all for that idea.

Easter, like Halloween, is not the same without candy. It’s all about the candy!

The candy makers, Palmer, know how to make the holidays fun. They always offer great seasonal and holiday themed products whether it’s the shape of the candy or the colorful foil wrapper. I love that they offer new products each year too.

New this year is a cool candy/game combination called Fun n’ Games. It’s a game board made out of chocolate. When you are done playing the game you can enjoy the sweet treat afterwards. It’s an edible maze made with Paler’s DoubleCrisp chocolate.

Palmer Fun n Games

Palmer Fun n’ Games edible maze game

I love this idea. It’s very unique. I’ve even been enjoying playing with it.

Another new product are large hollow chocolate bunnies all dressed up in a soccer uniform. Soccer, as you know, is a popular sport. The bunny’s shirt comes in different colors so you might be able to find one to match your child or grandchild’s soccer team color.

Large Soccer Bunny & Li'l Crisp Bunny

Large Soccer Bunny & Li’l Crisp Bunny

Also new this year are DoubleCrisp chocolate bunny ears. The moment I saw them I knew I wanted to make something with them. My idea was to buy those huge marshmallows, attach or insert the ears into it and then have my kids decorate the marshmallows with bunny faces.

It WAS a good idea. Who knew it would be impossible to find the giant marshmallows. I know the brands Camp Fire and Jet Puff make them. I don’t usually buy marshmallows so I ASSUMED they were available year round. Ugh!!!!

I picked up a bag of regular sized marshmallows hoping they might work. I should have brought one of the chocolate bunny ears with me. The ears and the regular sized marshmallows are about the same size and there was no way to insert the ears into the marshmallow due to it’s size.

We did try to stick two marshmallows together and put the ears in-between but it wouldn’t stay stuck together and would unstick the moment we tried to insert the bunny ears.

Oh well. It WAS a good idea. It would have been funny. I know my kids would have enjoyed making bunny faces on the marshmallows. Knowing them they probably would have got more creative and used the other marshmallows to make bodies for the bunnies too.

A variety of Palmer Easter candies. Notice the cute chocolate bunny ears. The small round things are peanut butter cups

A variety of Palmer Easter candies. Notice the cute chocolate bunny ears. The small round things are peanut butter cups

This weekend when I go food shopping I am going to look for some caramel and apples and use the Palmer Peanut Butter Cups (pictured above – the round things on top of the bunnies) to make covered candy apples. I have made them before and my family LOVES them.

You’ll need to crush up the candy. I put it in a Ziploc bag and whacked it a few times with a soup can (I also roll the soup can back and forth on top) until you get small pieces. I then put wax paper on a cookie sheet and pour the mashed up candy out of the bag and on to the cookie sheet.

Next I melt the caramel. When melted I dip a clean, dry apple (on a stick) into the caramel and then quickly roll the apple on the candy and then rest it on same wax paper until it’s cool and set.

Quick. Easy. Yummy. It can be messy too, which kids seem to love.


Palmer has A LOT of new candies on the market just in time for Easter. They are also including some old favorites too.

To learn more about the new products, or for some great recipe and craft ideas, visit www.RMPalmer.com. You can also sign up for Palmer Perks and get c0upons and special offers from Palmer. Palmer is already budget friendly, but coupons and extra savings are always get. You can find the sign up page on the website.

You can also check out the brand on Facebook and Pinterest (links found on the website).

Do you have a favorite Palmer candy treat? What fun recipe or craft would you make with Palmer candies? feel free to share your thoughts.



*I received free product samples to review and create something with. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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Peep “on a shelf”? A fun way to celebrate Easter & new goodies from Peeps


Yellow Marshmallow Peep Chic

Think back to when you were a little child. What did your parents or caregivers tell you to make you be on your best behavior before Christmas? Did they tell you that Santa was watching you? Did they convince you that magical elves (aka “Elf on a Shelf”) were watching your every move and reporting back to the big man?

When I was a young girl we did have elves around our home that my mom told me were watching me and my sister to make sure we were behaving ourselves. This was long before “Elf on a Shelf” was popular. I used to do the same thing with my kids when they were little. I had a bunch of inexpensive elves from the dollar store that I scattered around our home and I would move them from time to time to make it look like they were alive some how.

Easter is just around the corner. Ideally little girls and boys should also be on their best behavior so that the Easter Bunny stops by your home and delivers to them Easter baskets overflowing with candy and other goodies.

I never tried to encourage extra special good behavior from my kids before Easter. In hindsight it would have been a great idea. Imagine doing something similar to Elf on a Shelf – but for Easter? You could certainly pull something like that off with your family. All you need is a plush toy to act like the “elf” who’ll report back to the Easter Bunny and let him know if your son/daughter/grandchild is behaving themselves.

Peeps, makers of those delicious, melt-in-your-mouth, sugar coated marshmallows, has several fun plush toys that would be ideal for this idea. In fact they have plush toys in various shapes, sizes and patterns.


They even have Peeps wearing green or red Santa hats in case you want to start the Easter Peep thing around Christmas time. They even have jumbo sized Peeps that could be used as pillows.


The Easter Peep idea is a great way to foster family togetherness. Parents can work together to find new places to hide the watchful Peep and young children can help each other to locate the Peep’s new hiding spot. You can even pick up a few plush Peeps and place them in creative places all over you home.

We have a small plush yellow Peep. Although my kids are too old to believe in the Easter Bunny anyway (sigh…) it was still fun to engage with them in finding fun places to hide the Peep. I must say my kids got a bit too creative (my son suggested inside the litter box – ewww! No way!).

Here are just a few of the places we thought of to hide our little plush Peep.


Peep getting a Bear Hug


Peep in a tree…. a cat tree that is.


Peep watching over us as we raid the fridge


Peep checking out some good books (or movies) from our bookcase


Peep watching us high above in the bathroom above the mirror


There is always time for Peeps!


Peep hanging out on my desk watching me as I work


Peep checking out what is on TV

We found a lot of places to hide him. Due to his small size he’s able to fit in a variety of locations. The only thing we had to worry about was putting him too low to the ground. Our dog seems to feel that any plush toy at his level is fair game for a chew toy. He thinks the Peep is for him. No way!

Currently our little holiday friend is safety sitting on my desk keeping an eye on ME. I’m pretty sure I’ve been good this year. LOL!

Easter is not Easter without Peeps in our Easter baskets. Even when I was a young girl I anticipated Peeps in my Easter basket. There was ALWAYS a package or two of Peeps in my basket. Back in the “stone age” when I was younger (ha ha) there was only yellow Peeps. These days Peeps come in every color of the rainbow. They are still available in chick and bunny form but during the holiday season you can also find them in cat, tree and ghost forms too.

Peeps are also available in different flavors and even dipped or coated in chocolate (yummy!). They even have flavors such as Birthday Cake, Sour Watermelon, Strawberry Cream, Sweet Lemonade, Bubble Gum, Vanilla Cream, Orange Cream and Blue Raspberry. Peeps has come a LONG way since the yellow Peep chic that I grew up with.

Chocolate Dipped Peeps

Milk and Dark Chocolate Dipped Peeps – One of my favorites!

Colorful Peeps

Peeps come in different colors, shapes and packages

Peep Flavors

Peeps are available in a wide variety of flavors

Variety of Peeps

Peeps come in different shapes and sizes. I love the large bunnies, Peep “Pop” and the super yummy chocolate covered Peeps

One of my favorite new products from Peeps is their Peepsters. Have you tried them yet? Oh my! They are good! Peepsters are individually wrapped marshmallow cream filled chocolates. I had to hide these from my family. They would have devoured them all up within a day or two of opening the bag.

I love that they are individually wrapped and are the perfect bite size treat. They are perfect for when you are craving a bit of chocolate or something sweet.

Peeps is also hosting a Pinterest – or shall I say Peep-ertest contest where you could win a trip for four to Disney World (Swan & Dolphin resort) or one of four first prizes (mini iPads) or one of ten second prizes ($50 gift card). For more information visit

Peepsonality Sweepstakes

Peeps can be found at many retail locations around the country. For hard to find Peeps, plush toys, Gifts and other Peep items you can also check out the Peep store.

The official Peeps website, www.MarshmallowPeeps.com, has a lot of fun Peeps recipes, information about other contests and more fun Peep information and campaigns.

Photo Source: MarshmallowPeeps.com.

Photo Source: MarshmallowPeeps.com.

You an also check out Peeps on Facebook and Twitter. The Peeps Facebook page is a great way to learn about new products as well as get inspiration on recipe and craft ideas

This year, guests at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Hotel will experience Easter magic during PEEPtastic Easter April 16 to 23, a celebration sweetened by thousands of free PEEPS® brand marshmallow samples, PEEPS®-inspired menu items, PEEPS® décor and Easter-themed activities for families to enjoy. The celebration will also incorporate PEEPS® into family activities throughout the week, including special appearances by the Easter Bunny.

Do you have any special memories featuring Peeps? Do you have a favorite Peep product or flavor? Feel free to share your thoughts.

Peeps Logo


*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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