Feeln – A great family friendly streaming movie service (giveaway ends 10/18/14)


Feeln Logo

I have a confession to make – I’m not overly keen about going to work. I know we need the money, but there are days I would much rather curl up on the couch with a warm cup of tea and watch great movies all day long. Prior to returning to the work force I would take a “Me Day” from time to time and do just that (watch movies and relax).

I switched shifts with a co-worker for one day this month. We made the switch a couple of weeks ago and I am literally counting the days until that day comes because I know I’ll have the entire morning to myself and I can just sit, relax and enjoy some movies.

We have a great movie streaming service on our Roku called Feeln (yes, it’s spelled that way). Feeln used to be known as SpritClips.

The service was founded back in 2007 by Academy Award winning Producer Rob Fried. Subscribers to Feeln enjoy a wide variety of films from Hollywood blockbusters to original short films.

Feeln is exactly the type of movie streaming service you want when you want to have a “Me Day” and enjoy some great classics like Sleepless in Seattle, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Grease, Fiddler on the Roof and Footloose.

There are currently over 1,000 titles to choose from. All of the films are “family friendly” so you don’t have to worry about your child clicking on on a film with questionable content.

My kids have their own Roku and I can’t tell you how many times I have worried about them clicking on a movie that is not age appropriate. They know I can see what movies they have clicked on so they know not to, but it’s still a concern.

In addition to wonderful movies – Ghostbusters, Liar Liar, Hook, Gandhi, Karate Kid… – Feeln also has wonderful documentaries and TV programming from PBS and BBC.


If you are a fan of Hallmark Channel movies you’ll be happy to know that Feeln has more than 60 made for TV movies from Hallmark’s “Hal of Fame” series.

New movies are added on a regular basis too so you’ll always have fresh content available to you.

You can stream Feeln from stream to TV devices such as Xbox and Roku (Apple TV will be an option soon). You can also watch the movies from your tablet, mobile phone and computer.

All of these great movies are available for a great price which will leave you “Feeln” great about the service. Feeln costs only $4.99 monthly or you can pay $47.99 for a full year (you save almost $12 if you pay for the service for a full year).

I know my teenagers have already watched several films on Feeln since receiving a membership (Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, Click and Ella Enchanted). I’ve watched A Dog Named Christmas (It’s not the holiday season yet but I really liked that movie – the book was great too!), Brian’s Song (very sad but a great movie) and Gifted Hands.

Feeln has movies that can be enjoyed as a family, or on your own – ideally snugged up in a fuzzy blanket with a hot cup of tea or coffee. :-)

If you would like to checkout the available movies, or to learn more about the service, please visit www.Feeln.com.  You can also check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

I have a wonderful giveaway too!

Feeln Movies

FIVE (5) lucky readers will each win a one year subscription to Feeln AND Feeln “swag”. Thank you Feeln!

This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only and will end on October 18, 2014 at 11:59 PM (EST). The winners will be chosen at random using a random number generator from all eligible entries. The winners will be notified via e-mail and will have three days to reply or a new winner will be chosen in their place.

To enter please comment on this post and tell me why you would like to win a one year subscription to Feeln?

For extra entries you can use the Rafflecopter widget (below) but you must complete the initial entry requirement or the additional entries wont’ qualify (I do check). Extra entries are optional. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


*I received a free membership in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Movie Review – Daisy: A Hen Into the Wild



Available today on DVD is the animated Korean film Daisy: A Hen Into the Wild. The film was shown in theaters and sold over two MILLION tickets at the box office. It’s now being released in the United States on DVD.

In Korea the film is known as Leafie: A Hen Into the Wild. Its based on the highly acclaimed book “Then Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly”.

Although this is a foreign film it’s completely dubbed in English. It’s not subtitled. All the characters speak with English voices.

Daisy the hen lives on a farm. Her life is to serve one purpose – lay eggs. Even though she lays a lot of eggs she is not allowed to hatch any of them. She dreams of being a mother some day and caring for her babies.

The other hens might be content to live their lives in a cage and lay eggs on a daily basis, but not Daisy. She wants to feel the sunshine on her face and live freely.

One day Daisy passes out and the farmer mistakes her for being dead. He takes her and other dead hens into the forest and dumps their bodies into a ditch.

Daisy awakens in the nick of time – just as a weasel was about to make a meal out of her. Daisy would have surely been eaten if she wasn’t rescue by a duck named Wilson.

Daisy and Willy

Daisy is excited to finally be free, but Wilson shoots down her dreams and tells her to go back to the farm. He doesn’t think she can make it in the wild.

Daisy sets out to make a new home for herself. With the help of an otter referred to as the Mayor, Daisy finds a home in a briar patch. It turns out that her neighbors are Wilson and his wife.

One night Wilson’s mate is attacked and killed by the weasel leaving behind her and Wilson’s egg. Daisy finds the egg and sits on it to keep it warm.

Wilson is saddened by the loss of his baby’s mother, but he is grateful that he has Daisy to act as a surrogate mother.

Wilson tells Daisy to take his unborn child to the marsh. The request didn’t make sense to her then, but it becomes more clearer as the story goes on. That night Wilson loses his life.

Daisy ends up raising the baby she names Willy on her own. Life is almost perfect. She finally has a child of her own (Willy) and she lives freely. She even moves to the marsh like Wilson told her to. There Willy learns how to swim. Swimming and flying are two things Daisy can’t teach Willy since chickens can’t swim or fly.

The older Willy gets the more restless he gets and curious about who he really is. He knows that Daisy is different then him. The other ducks in the marsh make fun of him for it.



One day Willy almost loses his life when the farmer captures him. Thankfully Daisy was able to rescue him. The incident made Willy appreciate Daisy even more. At the same time his restlessness grew more intense.

Finally something happens in the marsh that changes everything. Life for Daisy and Willy will never be the same again.

What happens in the marsh? To find out you need to pick up a copy of Daisy: A Hen Into the Wild. Look for it where ever movies are sold.

This is a very sweet movie. As a mom I can really identify with Daisy, especially when Willy becomes restless and literally wants to spread his wings and fly. As a mom to two teenagers, one of which will be graduating high school in less than a year, I can sympathize with her character.

The animation is beautifully done. The landscapes throughout the film are stunning and very realistic looking.

Some of the characters had an anime look to them which I expected.

I did not see the ending coming. Part of it I did but not all of it. I was shocked!

The story is wonderful and makes for a great film the entire family can watch and enjoy together. Please note there are a few parts that might be a bit intense for very young children.

You can purchase the film on iTunes;

US – https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/daisy-a-hen-into-the-wild/id899599670

Canada – https://itunes.apple.com/ca/movie/daisy-a-hen-into-the-wild/id899599670

It may be available where other movies are sold too.

Here is the film’s trailer for your entertainment.



*I received a free screener copy in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Every day with my Acer Tab 8 Tablet with Intel Inside


My Acer Tab 8 tablet next to a kid-only tablet (one that does not connect to the Internet) that I use at work.

My Acer Tab 8 tablet next to a kid-only tablet (one that does not connect to the Internet) that I use at work.

I hate to admit it, but I like to stay “connected” when I’m out and about. I like to know what is going on with my friends and family on Facebook. I often feel the need to Tweet about something and I enjoy uploading photos to Instagram.

I can do all of these things on my smartphone but honestly I would rather be able to see and do things that are not so “mini” in size. I like to see photos larger then what they appear on my smartphone. I also find it hard to type much with the itty bitty keypad on my phone.

When I’m on the go, or even just heading out to work, I like to pack my Acer Tab 8 Tablet with Intel Inside with me.

I use my tablet a lot at work. We don’t know from one day to the next how many children will be in our care on any given day. There are some days where we have upwards of 10+ children and other days we have no children at all. On those days when we have no children or just one or two children who don’t stay with us that long, my director and I find ourselves very bored. There is only so much cleaning we can do in our itty bitty room. Therefore we need to find other ways to occupy our time.

One thing we love doing is watching Netflix. My director got me hooked on the cooking show “Chopped”. She watches it often on Netflix. I also like watching movies, but I tend to stick with television shows because the episodes are shorter. That way I don’t have to stop a movie and pick it up at another day or time.

Acer 2

I’ve also been watching Orange is the New Black. Parts of the show is actually filmed at my job.

Sometimes I work a double shift and end up staying at work for the 90 minute lunch break. Watching shows on the Acer Tab 8 with Intel Inside has been a “sanity saver”. Without it I’d probably go nuts with boredom.

The Intel processor inside my Acer provides me with exceptional video quality. The videos and movies that I stream are crisp and clear.

I like to play games on my tablet too. I’m not much of a “gamer” but I do like to challenge myself from time to time.

As it is with the videos and movies I watch, the quality of the games that I play is exceptional. Not only are the graphics colorful and clear, but the games run smoothly too. They are not “choppy” or have a tendency to freeze up on me. When you are playing a high paced game you want a processor that is going to deliver. From my personal experiences both with my tablet and my laptop at home (which also has Intel Inside) it’s probably the best processor you can get for your device.


A new thing I have been using my Acer tablet for at work is books for the kids that come in our care. I am able to download e-books for the kids to read (or I read to them). These books are specifically made for children and come with illustrations. I like that I can easily download new titles and books featuring popular characters the kids enjoy.

The service is called iStory. This would come in very handy if you have children and you go on long car trips or to give your child something constructive to do while waiting at an appointment or at a restaurant before food is served.

While we have some downtime at work I like to update my calendar so I know when my kids are staying late at school or when someone has an appointment. I also like to make note of when I get paid since I get paid every other week.

Knowing what the weekly weather is going to be is something else I look up while using my Acer Tab 8 tablet. I like to know what the weekly weather will be like so I can plan accordingly.

Acer 4

What I love about this tablet is that it’s a good size (not too big, not too small) and it’s very lightweight. Its very slim too. It fits easily in my bag.

I’m not a “techie” person by any means but I was able to get my tablet up and running in no time and it was super easy to figure out.

There are so many apps that come pre-loaded on the Acer Tab 8 Tablet. Plus you can download even more apps in the apps store.

I haven’t had the need to download too many things on my tablet because it comes with so many apps. Check them out!


The tablet does have a camera, but I don’t use it too often while at work. Technically we are not supposed to take pictures where I work for security reasons, but I do snap the occasional photo of stuff that is happening outside my window. We tend to get a lot of news crews so I take pictures of them and send them to my son who wants to work in film one day.

You might think that a tablet like this with so many “bells and whistles” (so to speak) would cost a lot. The reality is that tables such as this one from Acer are actually pretty affordable. There are a lot of Intel Tablets  that won’t “break the bank”.

With the holiday season fast approaching you should consider giving an Acer tablet with Intel Inside as a gift. I know teenagers and college students would really appreciate a gift like this. Both of my teenagers enjoy using my tablet. My daughter wants to take it to school with her to play with during study hall, but she can’t since I take it to work with me every day.

If you do decide to buy a tablet make sure it has Intel Inside so that you are sure to get the best quality images and a great gaming platform (among other things).

If you are a fan of Intel like I am (my whole family is) you should consider joining the Intel Advocate Experience.

Do you have an Acer tablet? If so, which one do you have and what do you think about it?

Are you in the market for a tablet?

If you have a tablet what do you use it for the most? Do you enjoy watching movies and videos? Do you plan games? Do you enjoy using your tablet for connecting on social media? Feel free to share your thoughts. I always love to hear from my readers.

tablet 2


#spon: I’m required to disclose a relationship between our site and Intel. This could include the Intel Corporation providing us w/content, product, access or other forms of payment.


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Rita Hazan’s Ultimate Shine Color Gloss Collection


Rita Hazan

Your hair can often be your “crowning glory”.

When I was younger I had A LOT of hair. So much so my hair dresser referred to it a “Lion’s mane”. It was long and super thick. It was so thick that trying to put it in a ponytail was a chore.

Fast forward 30+ years. My hair is still thick and long but it’s not as beautiful and luscious as it used to be. Age, the elements, years of hair care products, coloring and those dreaded perm years (I used to perm my hair as a teen/young adult) has left my hair drab and dull.

I still use hair care products and color my hair, but I am more “picky” about the products I use. I want to use products that will over all benefit my hair.

My hair is dull and lacking that healthy, youthful shine. That is not the case anymore now that I’ve had the opportunity to try Rita Hazan’s Ultimate Shine Color Gloss.

Here is a little background and information about the product I was sent to review.



I was sent to review the gloss for red hair and the clear gloss.

I normally color my hair an Auburn color. I’m a natural dirty blonde with strawberry highlights. I feel as though I should have been born with Auburn hair. I look so much better with Auburn hair. My natural hair color is just so “blah”.

I wanted to see how the gloss for red hair helped when I finally got around to coloring my hair again. The company also sent me the clear gloss which works with any hair.

Warning… if you have a lot of gray/silver/white hair the gloss makes them REALLY stand out. I found that out when I used the clear gloss before I colored my hair. I didn’t realize how much the gloss made those colors stand out until my husband said to me that he didn’t realize how much gray/silver/white hair I had. Yikes! That comment prompted me to color my hair right away.

This product is so easy to use. It also rinses out very well. I was concerned that it would leave my hair feeling stiff, sticky or have some kind of a funky residue on it. It doesn’t. Just put it on, wait a few minutes then rinse it out. It’s that easy.

I have tried both the clear and the red. Initially I thought the red was supposed to add a “tint” of hair coloring to my hair with use. I didn’t notice that at all. I think the colored glosses are more so to maintain your hair color (if you color your hair), not add color.

Me - although I don't think you can really tell how shiny it is from this picture.

Me – although I don’t think you can really tell how shiny it is from this picture.

I feel like the red has made the color keep in my hair a little longer then it usually does. My hair doesn’t seem to absorb hair coloring too well. I can color my hair and then 2-3 weeks later the color has faded and it doesn’t look like I colored my hair at all. I think the gloss has helped to slow down the fading process.

I didn’t think to take a before/after photo of my hair after I colored it. It would have been nice to compare the photos to see if the gloss really did keep my hair more colorful and vibrant then usual.

If you don’t color your hair the clear gloss would be perfect for you.

The product does work – and very well too I might add. It really does leave your hair shiny and healthy looking. It’s not a fake looking shine either. In the past I’ve used products that add shine that make your hair look like it was dipped in clear nail polish – meaning the shine looked fake. Not only that it made my hair look greasy.

With Rita Hazan’s Ultimate Shine Color Gloss your hair has a more youthful, healthy appearance. It’s not weighed down, nor does it come across as being “fake” or leave your hair feeling greasy. Your hair feels soft to the touch and you can style it any way you please.

Over all I am very pleased with the result. Even my teenage daughter enjoys using the clear gloss on her hair.

The gloss is available at Rita Hazan salons, www.RitaHazan.com, Ulta and Sephora.

You get a lot in each bottle which should last a decent amount of time with regular use (I use mine 2-3 times per week).

Does your hair need a bit of shine and vitality? What do you think about the hair gloss idea? Have you tried similar products?

Rita Hazan Ultimate Shine Gloss


*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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The Gnarly Whale 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free Bath and Body Products



When it comes to bath and body products I think I’m obsessed. I LOVE bath and body products. I have several favorites (many of which are products I was once sent to review), but I am always open to trying out new products and finding my next favorite.

When looking for products to use on myself, my family or in my home I always try to make sure that the products are non-toxic, cruelty free and ec0-friendly.

I am also a BIG fan of scents. I love scented thing! Soaps, sprays, air fresheners, candles, perfume… I love them all. Especially if they are unique scents and scents that last a long time.

Not too long ago I was introduced to a company called The Gnarly Whale.

Gnarly Whale


The Gnarly Whale offers men and women bath and body products that are 100% vegan, cruelty free, low impact and made with a minimal amount of ingredients. They even donate 10% of their profits to charity to help out causes like the Clearwater Marine Aquarium and a non-profit law organization called Earth Justice. Some people might recognize the Clearwater Marine Aquarium as the home (and rehabilitation center) for Winter, the dolphin made famous from the film Dolphin Tale. A squeal to the film, Dolphin Tale 2, is in theaters now. It opened on September 12, 2014.

The company first started out on the popular hobby site, Etsy by Ashley & Nathan Griffith in 2012. Their mission to cultivate a greener Earth has gained the attention of eco-conscious consumers with major retailers Urban Outfitters and Kitson, which sell the product line.

What I really like about this company – aside from being socially conscious and donating to charity – is that their products are available in 70+ scents. For someone like me who LOVES scented things, shopping on their site is like being a kid in a candy shop. Ha Ha.

Some of their scents include Peach Mango, Vanilla Cola, Thai Coconut, Pineapple, Sandlewood and Bubblegum.

The Gnarly Whale carries the following products;

Hair Care

  • Beach Waves Spray
  • Detangler
  • Shampoo

Body Care

  • Body Spray
  • Face & Body Scrub
  • Green Tea Facial Toner
  • Soap
  • Lip Balm
  • Beard Oil

I was sent a few products to review. I honestly couldn’t decide on what scents so I had the company sent me random products (surprise me!).

Lip Balm

I received a lip balm in Pina Colata scent. YUMM!!!!! The scent is amazing! It’s exactly like a real Pina Colata.

The lip balm is made with candelilla wax instead of beeswax so they are completely vegan. Other ingredients include coconut oil, jojoba oil, mango butter, grapefruit seed extract, vitamin e, and flavor and/or essential oils. There are no colored tints but the lip balm does leave your lips shiny and healthy looking.

I found the lip balm to be just a little too oily for my personal preference. I found that if I blotted my lips on a piece of tissue paper (the same way women take off excess lipstick) that the results were much more to my liking. Once the excess oil was removed my lips felt really soft and hydrated. The feeling lasts for a very long time too. It doesn’t wear off after a few minutes. I can apply the lip balm in the AM and it will stay on my lips for for a few hours.

It applies smoothly due to the oils unlike other lip balms which are made out of wax. This is much more gentler in your lips.

I also received a of Beach Waves in Lemon scent. Beach Waves products are made out of water, Mediterranean sea salt, coconut oil, aloe vera gel, grapefruit seed extract, essentials oils and/or fragrance.

The lemon scent is very light. It reminds me of a lemon drop candy.

The Beach Waves product is simple to use. Simply spray it on wet hair and let it air dry to give your hair that “beachy” look with loose waves.

I was worried that the salt would dry out my hair or make it “crunchy” and stiff when I touched it. That wasn’t the case at all. I think the oils and aloe vera gel help to soften the salt.

I have really thick hair. I used the product as directed and found that the top layer (outer layer) of my hair had a nice wave to it but the hair underneath didn’t seem to be affected by the product. In defense of the product my hair is VERY thick and heavy and it’s possible the outer layer of hair weighs down the rest of my hair to much.

Beach Waves

I also have a bit of a natural wave to my hair too. I found that the Beach Waves spray made the wave more defined looking – kind of like how it would look if you used a hair gel except not sticky or weighed down.

As for the waves they lasted a long time. I was impressed by that. That is if you leave your hair alone and don’t comb it or run your fingers through your hair. If you do that you could disturb the beachy-wave and it will come undone. Not all the times, but I have noticed that happen from time to time.

When I am at work I sometimes get very warm and have to throw my hair up in a ponytail. A few times when I removed my ponytail at home I did notice that the beachy waves were still there.

This product would probably be amazing on someone with thinner hair. My daughter’s hair is equally as thick as mine – and longer. She was only able to get a little wave at the ends of her hair. She liked it but wished more of her hair would get wavy.

The products washes out well too. There is no left over residue or stickiness.

I also received a bottle of Detangler in a Coconut Milke and Peach scent. I LOVE this scent! At first you smell the coconut but if you want just a few moments you’ll notice the peach scent. It’s almost like two scents in one because each scent stands out at some point. I love it! I wish the scent would last all day (it doesn’t).


The Detangler is made out of water, aloe vera gel, glycerin, grapefruit seed extract, and essential oils and/or fragrance. 

As I mentioned, I have very thick hair. I do get a lot of knots in my hair, especially when I first get out of the shower. I found that the Detangler really does help to lessen, and at times eliminate, the number of tangles and knots I get in my hair. It works on dry hair too.

This would be great to use with children.

The Gnarly Whale carries a nice assortment of products and fragrances. I am planning on trying out more products and scents in the near future, especially the scrub, soap and body spray. I bet the body spray is awesome.

For more information about The Gnarly Whale please visit www.TheGnarlyWhale.com. You can also find the brand on the various social networking sites. All the links are found at the bottom of the brand’s website.



*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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Gorgeous jewelry from Waffles & Honey



Did you ever hear of a business name that totally catches your attention? Some fun examples would be Indiana Bones and the Temple of Groom (dog grooming salon), The Found Sock (laundromat), Lawn & Order (landscaper) and Shear-Lock Combs (hair salon). These are actual business names.

What do you think of when you hear the name Waffles & Honey? My first thought is a restaurant, like a home town country restaurant.

Whatever Waffles & Honey is, it’s an adorable name.

Waffles & Honey is a company that creates jewelry. It’s was named after the owner’s (Karina Harris) pets. I think that is a fun idea. My family has several pets. I don’t think I could call a business Espn Velcro Kitty Padmé Anakin Bella Fishy Wishy Wudy (or dog, cats, fish and adopted wild bunny). Ha Ha. Unless I use the first initials, but EVKPABFWW doesn’t sound as cute as Waffles & Honey. :-)


Karina’s passion for designing gorgeous jewelry started when she entered a local bead store in San Francisco. When she became a teenager she traveled a lot around the world including Africa, Asia and South America. She was inspired by the jewelry designs and textiles that she came across during her travels.

Karina’s designs for Waffles & Honey Jewelry reflects Karina’s travels.

Adorned with hand selected jewels and dripping in 14 and 24 karat gold, our pieces will inspire your readers to indulge in one of a kind luxury. Handmade in small batches in San Francisco, each timeless piece of jewelry is designed to make the wearer exude unique grace and elegance. Our pieces are made to fit every reader’s personal style and can be worn individually, for a simplistic look, or stacked for maximum effect.

Waffles & Honey was kind enough to send me a piece of jewelry to review. Let me tell you it was very hard to narrow it down to one piece. Each of their pieces is unique looking and very beautiful.

Waffles and Honey

Notice there are two different gold chains?

I finally selected the 3/2 Necklace in Labradorite. Not only is the necklace beautiful, but I love the legend that the stone contains Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) which explains why it has a “Labradoressence” (displays different colors). I thought it was a fun legend and the stone has a greenish-gray hue to it (my favorite color is green). 

The necklace is 30″ long which is perfect for me. I don’t like necklaces that are too short. They often fall inside my shirt and no one gets to see them. This necklace is the perfect length.

The necklace has two different chains which I think is a nice touch. Most of the necklace is made of small, gold, oval links. The part of the necklace that connects the three stones is made with bigger and longer gold oval links.


Waffles and Honey Necklace

I LOVE the stones. They are very pretty. They change color when the light hits them a certain way. They are very shiny too. They have good weight to them too.

The stones have a unique shape to them too. They remind me of chubby tear drops (for lack of a better description).

I have received a few compliments on the necklace and even my teenage daughter really likes it. I think it if it can impress a hard t0 impress teen that should tell you something. Ha Ha.

I tried to take my own photos but it didn’t do the necklace justice. The necklace is so much more beautiful in person.

I also love that it can be dressed up or dressed down. This piece is great for running errands around town or a night on the town. It’s very versatile and can be pair with other pieces if you are into the layered look.

Check out some other pieces currently available at Waffles & Honey.

Waffles and Honey


Waffles & Honey carries necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. These lovely pieces retail for $50-$315. They are available on the Waffles & Honey website, www.WafflesandHoney.com. The brand is also found on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest (links found on the brand’s website).

What do you think about Waffles & Honey jewelry? Do any of the pieces showcased here catch your eye?



*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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