Movie Review: Digging Up The Marrow


Digging Up the Marrow

I’m a huge fan of horror movies. I have to admit when I was younger they would scare me. As an adult I have yet to be scared by any horror movie I have seen in the past couple of decades.

As a result of watching horror movies as a child I would not feel comfortable camping outdoors in the woods (Friday the 13th) and I don’t like looking outside windows at night compliments of the pig eyes from Amityville Horror.

Even when I was younger it took a lot to scare me as far as horror movies are concerned. As an adult I find that most horror movies are just silly or they try to be super gross which I find totally unnecessary.

I recently reviewed a horror film called Digging Up The Marrow. It’s available on VOD, iTunes and in select theaters starting today (February 20, 2015). It will be available on Blu-ray and DVD March 24, 2015.

The film stars Adam Green. Adam is also a film and television director, producer and writer. His specialty is horror flicks. Some of his other films include the Hatchet series and the film Frozen (not to be confused with Disney’s Frozen).

Digging Up The Marrow starts off with filmed interviews with people in the horror industry talking about monsters, and the belief of whether or not they exist. Tony Todd (Candyman and Final Destination) and the lead singer of the acid metal band Gwar are among those interviewed.

Adam Green is also interviewed for this film – or so I thought. It turns out he’s part of the film.


Adam talks about monsters and shares some of the macabre things fans have sent to them. One thing in particular has piqued Adam’s interest. It’s a journal sent in by a fan that talks about real life monsters he has seen with his own eyes. Naturally Adam doesn’t believe him but he thinks it might make for a fun documentary so he sets off to pay the man a visit and film what he has to say about the monsters he’s seen. The man’s name is William Dekker and he’s a retired Police Detective.

Adam visits William and William agrees to be film, although he’s a bit reluctant.

Adam asks William about the monsters he’s seen firsthand. He goes on to discuss children who are born disfigured. He cites some examples in photos. He said these children seem to “disappear” as adults. William says that these “monster-like” children as taken to a place he calls the Marrow. The Marrow is a world beneath our own where these people can live ordinary lives, such as our own. They get married, have children, hold down jobs and die underground. William even claims to know where the opening for the Marrow is.

Adam and his partner find this theory amusing and convince William to take them to the opening of the Marrow. William agrees but demands that they do what he says, including NOT shine light on the monsters as they emerge from the hole in the grown because it will frighten them and they will move on and not be seen from again.

Digging up the marrow screen shot

That night the trio stake out a hole in the ground, found in an abandoned cemetery, that William insists is the opening to the Marrow. That night William says he sees a monster, but Adam and his partner don’t see a thing. Because they can’t shine light on anything they were unable to film it.

The trio go back another time. This time the filmmakers disregard William’s plea not to shine a light and they briefly turn on a light and capture something that appears to be a monster.

Adam is thrilled ad shows the footage to friends in the industry. They don’t believe it’s a real monster. They just think it’s someone who did a great make up job to appear to be like a monster.

Adam continues to try and find ways to capture the monsters William insists emerge from the Marrow. They may even find what they wish for, however that might not always mean in a good way.

What is living in the hole in the cemetery? Could it really be monsters? Could what William has been saying true? To find out you need to pick up a copy of Digging Up The Marrow. Look for it where ever movies are sold (I know it’s on Amazon).


This film was shot in that “found footage” type of filming – one where the viewer is seeing things at the same time the camera man sees them. It’s meant to look “real” but I knew it wasn’t real because the actor portraying William has been seen in many other movies before. I think the filmmakers could have made the film more convincing if they used an unknown actor.

The film was very slow. Painfully slow at times.

The scenes where they did see monsters were very brief and most monsters only appeared for a split second – literally. Only one monster, the “gate keeper” of the Marrow was seen for about a minute or so.

I wish they would have given a bit more screen time to the monsters. They were really cool looking – something nightmares are made of. I was very impressed by the creatures. They were very scary looking.

If you are easily scared by things that jump out at you on screen then you won’t be disappointed in this film. All the monsters do pop out on screen when you least expect it.

Overall I didn’t think it was a bad film. I’m a die hard horror movie fan so it didn’t scare me, but I was impressed by the monsters.

Here is the trailer for your enjoyment.



*I received a free screener copy in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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Nicholas Sparks’ The Best of Me & Teavana Tea Party



Now available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD is the most recent film Nicholas Sparks’ film, The Best of Me, based on the book by the same name.

I am a huge fan of Nicholas Sparks. I have only read a couple of his books but I have seen all his films. In fact I own all his films on Blu-ray and/or DVD. I have yet to see a Nicholas Sparks film that I didn’t love.

I was super excited to receive a copy of The Best of Me from Fox Home Entertainment to review. I was looking forward to seeing this film. I love James Marsden.

In addition to the film I also received some goodies from a tea company called Teavana. Teavana sent me The Perfect Tea Maker, their limited edition First Blush loose tea, Perfectea Rock Sugar and a scoop.

Fox Home Entertainment also sent me some The Best of Me goodies including adorable mason jar mugs (perfect for tea!) and some branded vanilla candles.

I invited some friends over to enjoy the film and a delicious cup of tea. Everyone was able to make it except one couple. That’s OK. They are welcome to come over and watch the film anytime they want. Plus I am holding on tho their The Best of Me “swag” that I was going to give them when they came over.

If you follow me on Instagram (SheScribes) you probably saw the photos I shared from the evening.

Before my guests arrived I thought it would be best to practice making the tea. In the past I have not had much success with loose teas. I wanted to make sure I perfected it before I offered to make tea for my guests.

The Perfect Tea Maker filled with First Blush loose tea.

The Perfect Tea Maker filled with First Blush loose tea.

Teavana’s Perfect Tea Maker is super simple to use. Simply scoop in the appropriate amount of loose tea, add hot water and let it seep for a specific amount of time (it varies with the teas). Then when the tea is ready you can place The Perfect Tea Maker on top of your mug and it instantly drains the tea into the mug.

Teavana made extra certain that I knew how to brew the perfect cup of tea. They provided detailed and easy to follow instructions.

I know why I never had luck with loose tea in the past. It’s because I would let the tea seep for a long time to bring out more flavor. That doesn’t work. If you want more flavor you need to add more tea – NOT increase the seeping time. Now that I know that I am sure I’ll make the perfect cup of tea every time.

The First Blush lose tea is really enjoyable. You can see the strawberries inside.

According to Teavana;

Naturally scented jasmine green tea belnded with floral orchid oolong complemented by luscious strawberries, crisp rhubarb  and effervescent undertones of bubbly rosé.

The tea smells really nice too.

You can really taste the delicate sweetness of the berries in this tea. Even after I took a sip I could still taste the sweet tea on my lips.

Teavana's First Blush loose tea.

Teavana’s First Blush loose tea.

Teavan sent me a container of their Perfectea Rock Sugar to use with my tea. I don’t normally add sugar to my tea. I let my guests use it at their discretion. I found the First Blush tea to be lightly sweet on it’s own.

The Perfectea Rock Sugar was a conversation piece. People liked how it resembled rock candy.

My guests LOVED their mason jar mugs. I think that was the perfect touch. They were much nicer than my mismatched coffee/tea mug collection. LOL! Plus they made for great party favors. I let my guests take their mason jar mugs home with them.

I also had coffee and other beverages on hand for those who didn’t want tea (the women wanted the tea more so then the men). In addition I had cookies, chips, popcorn, cake and scones.

I also lit one of the Best of Me candles which added a pleasant vanilla scent to the living room. I also let my guests take home candles as a party favor.


As for the film… we loved it!

The Best of Me is the story of young lovers, Dawson and Amanda. They met as teenagers.

Dawson was a shy, quiet boy who lived with his abusive father and older brothers. Amanda was an outspoken girl from a well off family who knew what she wanted and didn’t let things stand in her way.

Dawson and Amanda were total opposites, but some how they “clicked.”

Dawson left his abusive father and ran away from home. Out of desperation he broke into a local garage owned by mechanic Tuck to spend the night. When Tuck found him the next morning he surprised Dawson by allowing him to stay as long as he needed to in his garage. In due time Tuck let Dawson move into his home with him.

Amanda and Dawson drew closer to one another. Tuck also became a father figure to Dawson, something he wasn’t getting from his deadbeat, abusive father.

Dawson’s father wanted his son back. When he refused to return home, Dawson’s father decided to take his anger out on Tuck. In retaliation Dawson went to his father’s home intent on killing him with a shotgun. Instead of hurting his father, Dawson’s cousin was accidentally shot and killed. As a result, Dawson was sent to jail for his cousin’s death.

Dawson didn’t want Amanda to give up on her dreams because of him so he broke up with her, even though she said she would wait for Dawson, no matter how long it takes.

Years pass and Dawson and Amanda are reunited. Each had gone on with their lives. Amanda married and had two children. Dawson was still single and working on an oil rig.

The couple of brought together due to a tragedy.



Will they rekindle their feelings for one another? Will old wounds heal? What tragedy brings them together? To find out you need to pick up a copy of The Best of Me, available where movies are sold.

This film was not the huge tear jerker like The Notebook, but it is sad (very sad).

The version of the film I received it called the Tears of Joy version which has an alternate story line and ending. To be honest with you I didn’t like the theatrical ending. I was much happier with the alternate ending.

I loved James Marsden in this film. Swooooooon! He’s gorgeous. Michelle Monaghan (adult Amanda) was a great casting choice too. The film makers did a great job casting Liana Liberato as the young Amanda. She looked a bit like Michelle Monaghan. Luke Bracey, who was cast as the young Dawson does not look anything like James Marsden.

In true Nicholas Sparks fashion the film made me cry. In fact there were a lot of watery eyes among my guests – including the men. It’s not as depression as other Nicholas Sparks films, but it was a tear jerker none the less.

There are bonus features work checking out too including Deleted Scenes, Cast Interviews, a sneak peak at the forthcoming Nicholas Sparks film, Along for the Ride, commentary, “I Did” music video from Lady Antebellum and on the Tears of Joy copy of the film the alternate ending and story line.

Over all it was a pleasant evening. I would certainly do it again.

A special thank you to Fox Home Entertainment and Teavana for all the great goodies too.

Look for The Best of Me where ever films are sold.

For information about Teavana visit www.Teavana.com. You can also find Teavana on all the social networking sites (all the links are found on the bottom of their home page).

You can see what others had to say about the film and Teavana by checking out the hashtags #TheBestofMe #TheBestofTea #TheBestofMeInsiders and #FHEInsiders on social media. 



*I received free goodies and a copy of the film in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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My week with the 2015 Subaru Legacy



If you read my blog on a regular basis chances are you might have read a post or two about the Subaru Legacy I had the opportunity to test drive for a week. Sadly my time is up with the car.

I have reviewed several cars over the years, from the most basic to luxury vehicles. I have to say that the Subaru Legacy is in the top three for both myself and my husband.

The Subaru Legacy is a very smooth ride. One of the things I noticed immediately when I first got behind the wheel of this car is that it rode very smoothly. Getting on to the parkway was super easy. It’s as if the car glided on to the parkway without skipping a beat.

On my commute to/from my job there is a very steep hill. With my car it “bucks” and slows down when trying to ascend the hill. With the Legacy it was one smooth, effortless ride. There was no hesitation or slowing down. The car the went down and back up the hill without so much as the slightest hesitation. It was amazing.

If anything stands out the most about this beautiful car is how incredibly smooth the ride is.

Speaking of beautiful, I love the look of the car. It has a “sporty luxury” look to it.

Inside the car is very roomy. I felt completely comfortable both as the driver and the front seat passenger.

I’m a plus size person and sometimes car seats are not as comfortable as they could be (especially when seat belts did into your side). I felt perfectly comfortable in every aspect in this car. Even my son, who has long legs, felt comfortable in the backseat.

Both of my kids appreciated the heated seats in the back that they could control themselves. My daughter is always cold and she would turn on the heated seat every time she sat in the backseat.

This car has A LOT of “bells and whistles”. This of course would vary from car to car, depending on the extras that the car owner wants to purchase. The car I was sent to review must have had every feature you could possibly purchase for the car.

I found that the dashboard was a bit overwhelming. There is A LOT going on with everything on the dashboard. It took me a bit just to locate the clock.

The dashboard was a bit too much for me, but my husband said it was fine for him. So its just a personal preference. For me, “less is more”.

The car I reviewed had an interesting feature that notified you if the car crossed over the lines. An area on the dashboard (in front of the driver) would light up and buzz. That scared me the first time that happened. I was driving properly but moved across the lane a bit passing someone who was making a turn.

There was another time I could have sworn the car made a sound when the person in front of me slammed on their breaks. I saw the car stopping and I was about to step on the brakes when the car made a funny noise. I assume it was to alert me about the car in front of me. That is a great feature to have too, but it did scare me because I was not expecting it.

The dashboard display did have features I have never seen before. For example you can get the weather reports, including graphics display, as well as sports updates (my hubby liked that feature).

This is more than just a car to get you from point A to point B. There are a lot of features that make this more than just a regular car.

When I told my co-workers about the car they all had nothing but positive things to say about Subaru cars. They also LOVED how luxurious the car I had to review looked.

This car has great gas mileage too. Normally when  I review cars I have to add gas at least once (not a complete fill up, but at least a few gallons). I never had the need to stop for gas at all my week with the 2015 Subaru Legacy. I drove it to/from work every day, to the store, to run errands and my husband even drove it to/from work on two occasions too.

I was sorry to see the car go. I wish I could have kept it longer, like for the next 5+ years. LOL!

If you would like to learn more about this beautiful car visit www.Subaru.com. You can also check out the Subaru Legacy on social media including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram. Check out the hashtag #SubaruLegacy too.

Subaru Logo


*I received a free loaner for one week, assorted branded items and a gift card for gas. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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Enjoying my “ride” with the 2015 Subaru Legacy



Last week I did a post about the 2015 Subaru Legacy that I’ll have for a week to try out and review. I won’t go into much detail at the moment (I’ll do my full review next week) but I wanted to give you a glimpse at this beautiful car.

I will say one thing – I am totally in love with this car. You’ll have to find out why in my next post. :-)

The car I received is in Venetian Red Pearl. I’m not really a fan of red for a car, but it really works with this car.

Here are some exterior shots of the car (as well as the one at the top of the post).







What a beauty!

I work with people who make a lot of money (lawyers) and they drive fancy cars like BMW’s and Mercedes. The 2015 Subaru Legacy fit right in with those cars. It’s fancy and luxurious looking, yet it’s a fantastic family car too.

Here are some addition photos.


The backseat has temperature control and headed seats. It’s not often you get headed seats for backseat passengers. My kids loved this.



Roomy backseat (excuse the groceries). Even my son who has long legs and he felt comfortable enough in the backseat.



Dashboard display.



The display tells you how many MPG you are getting, how many miles until you need to fill up, how your driving is going and more.



Nice size display and plenty of “bells and whistles”.



Another shot of the display.



There are several controls on the door and even an option to set the driver’s seat for two different drivers. This is especially helpful for someone like me with short legs who is married to a man with long legs.



Additional controls on the rear view mirror.



I love it when radio station show you the name of the song and the artist. With this car you can also check sports, weather and stocks right from the dashboard display. I love that feature.



I love sunroofs! Too bad it wasn’t a nice day.



Check out the nice, roomy trunk.


I guess it goes without saying that I am fully enjoying my week with the 2015 Subaru Legacy.

Normally when I review cars my husband test drives it as well. This time around I admit I “hogged” the car. He only took it to work with him one day, but he did drive it on the weekends.

I drove the car to/from my job as well as running errands around town. My kids loved it when I picked the up from school with this beauty. Even their friends who saw the car loved it.

I’ll share my full review on the car next week. In the meantime if you would like to learn more about this beautiful car visit www.Subaru.com. You can also check out the Subaru Legacy on social media including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram. Check out the hashtag #SubaruLegacy too.

Subaru Logo


*I received a free loaner for one week, assorted branded items and a gift card for gas. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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De-Stress after the holidays with HoMedics


Back Pain

The holiday season is winding down. All we have left is one more celebration – New Year’s Eve. Then it’s back to our regular, every day lives.

The holidays can be a joyous time. It can also be a stressful time. There is a lot going on and a lot to get done. From running all over town looking for the perfect gift, to baking up a storm, to hosting parties and so much more. To say the holidays can be stressful is an understatement. I for one feel a huge sense of relief when I know the last gift has been purchased and is wrapped and under the tree (my kids are teens – we leave the gifts under the tree when we wrap them).

This holiday season I had to work the week of Christmas (except Christmas day and the day after). Even Christmas day we were busy. I was looking forward to the first day after Christmas where I could sit and relax.

Sometimes we need a little help to relax. I’m not talking about a glass of wine (but that does help – LOL). I’m thinking more along the lines of a massage. Massages release tension in your muscles which can make you feel better and even more relaxed and less stressed.

Normally my hubby gives me a massage. I am grateful for that. But when he’s not around, what can I do to work out the “kinks” in my back and help relieve my aches and pains?

HoMedics Cushion

HoMedics has the solution – the HoMedics Triple Shiatsu Cushion with Heat.

The HoMedics Triple Shiatsu Cushion with Heat reminds me of a car seat. There is a part you sit on and a part you lean your back against.

You put the HoMedics Triple Shiatsu Cushion on your couch or a comfortable chair. I needs to be plugged in. For that reason I wish I had an extra outlet by my desk. I would use this when I am working at my desk.

The Triple Shiatsu Cushion uses a 3D-Massage technology that most closely mirrors an authentic Shiatsu massage. There are “nodes” inside the cushion (as seen in the photo below – the nodes are the “bumps”).


The massage nodes move around with either an up and down movement and  in and out movements. The nodes and their movement allows you to reach your deepest aches and pains in your shoulders and back. It’s like getting a professional massage without ever leaving your home!

HoMedics sent me one to review. I was concerned that the moving nodes would feel uncomfortable, but they actually felt really good. So much so I use the cushion often – even when I don’t especially feel any aches and pains. I find that it relaxes me. :-)

The cushion has an attached remote control that allows you to control the movement (or switch between the different movements). There is also a heat option. I find that it took the heat a bit to warm up. It wasn’t a “hot” heat either but rather a warming sensation.


The unit turns off on it’s own. I guess it knows when you’ve had too much (or maybe it’s a way of making sure you don’t overuse the unit and burn it out?).

I lent the unit to a relative who has health issues in hopes it makes her feel better. So far she is enjoying it too.

My husband wasn’t too keen on it. He didn’t like how the nodes felt. Not me. I loved it! I’m secretly hoping I get it back soon because I need some relief from the holidays.

The HoMedics Triple Shiatsu Massage Cushion retails for $149.99 and is available for purchase at Bed Bath and Beyond, Macy’s, Kohls, and HoMedics.com.

HoMedics logo


*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Get soft, smooth and beautiful smelling hair with Orchids Hair Oil


Beauty Products

I’m obsessed with bath, body and beauty products. I love exploring new products and brands. Whenever there is a new product on the market I am quick to want to try it.

At one point in my life my hair used to be my crowning glory. I have long, lush, thick beautiful hair. Sadly those days are long gone. Years of hair care products, coloring, perming (yes, I used to perm my hair) and age have taken a toll on my hair. My once lush and thick hair is now much thinner, very gray and prone to split ends and dryness.

I’m always on the look out for products to help return my hair to a more beautiful state.

Over the years I have tried many products that help smooth out split ends, soften my hair and/or add a bit of a healthy shine to my hair. Some products work OK – others are not worth even trying.

I especially can’t stand products like this that leave my hair looking greasy and dirty. That totally defeats the purpose of using them.

I was recently sent to review a product from White Sands Hair Care’s Orchids Hair Oil. I know what you are thinking, “Not another hair oil.”

Orchids Hair Oil is NOT like other hair oils. At least ones that I have tried in the past.

This Orchid oil extract restores moisture, shine, elasticity and softness to hair that has become damaged from chemical treatments, and thermal stress. White Sands’ interest in Orchids for hair is inspired from studies that have shown the orchid’s mysterious capacity for longevity, beauty, and its versatility to adjust to different environments with vibrant color. Orchid oil is very light weight, unlike most other oils it does not affect the hairs ability to perform when styling.

First and foremost the bottle that Orchids Hair Oil comes in is big. Normally products such as this come in small bottles. Not this one. The bottle is really big. I was really surprised by the size. Knowing that a little bit goes a long way this bottle is going to last a very long time.

The product works like similar oils. You squeeze a little bit into the palm of your hands, rub your hands together then run your hands through your hair making sure to concentrate on the areas that need it the most, such as your ends.

You can use the product with wet or dry hair. I use it when my hair is damp, right after I wash it. I run the product through my hair with my hands/fingers then I comb it to make sure I covered all of my hair.

I have long, thick hair and I have found that all you need is a little bit of this product. People with short and/or thin hair will need even less.

Orchids Oil

Orchids Hair Oil smells AMAZING! It has a beautiful scent. Even my husband has noticed the scent after I apply it to my hair. I joke with him that it’s “perfume for your hair.” Not really, but it does smell very pretty. I would buy a perfume with this scent.

The scent doesn’t stay in your hair for too long but it does keep your hair smelling fresh. Even the next day my hair has a fresh, clean smell to it. Sometimes when hair gets dirty it starts to stink from the sweat and dirt from your scalp. With the Orchids Hair Oil your hair smells clean.

The Orchids Hair oil goes in smoothly and absorbs quickly. It leaves your hair feeling incredibly soft and smooth. It’s not greasy or sticky at all. The only way your hair would look greasy is if you used way too much of the product.

The oil’s orchid flower extract camouflages split ends, fills in imperfections in the hair’s cuticle and keeps hair from frizzing for mirror like shine.

I love how my hair feels after using the product. I love it so much that every time I wash my hair I use it. I have not missed an opportunity to apply it to my hair.

My hair even looks soft and I’ve noticed that my nature waves look nicer too (not frizzy). Even my husband has complimented me on how soft my hair feels (he loves to run his fingers through my hair).

Are you familiar with the series Pretty Little Liars? My daughter is a big fan.

The head hairstylist for the show, Kim Ferry, recently tweeted her love for White Sands saying, “I LOVE this oil! It works so well on the actors ends & smells delish! Thanks 4 sending it! It’s a new fav.”


I tend to agree with Kim. I love this oil too and it works so well, even on my thick hair.

White Sands Orchid Oil retails for $25.00 for 100 ml. That might sound pricey but you need so little that the large bottle will last for a very long time. Not only that it’s a small price to pay for beautiful, soft and lovely smelling hair.

For more information about this and other White Sands products visit www.WhiteSandsProducts.com.

images (1)


*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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