Premium chocolates fro Chuao Chocolatier


Chocolate Bars

It’s Halloween season. No doubt many people have been enjoying the treats of the season.

I try and buy candy that my family doesn’t like – most especially me. But it’s hard not to. It’s just too tempting when you want into a store and you are bombarded by walls aisles of candy.

The candy you buy in grocery and convenient stores is good. But sometimes you want something a bit more “gourmet”.

There is clearly a difference between quality, gourmet chocolates compared to the mass produced kind you find on a shelf.

I was recently introduce to a gourmet chocolate company called Chuao Chocolatier (pronounced (chew-wow).

Chuao is not your average gourmet chocolates. Chuao chocolatier offers an entire line of chef-inspired confections that combine all-natural, high-quality and unexpected ingredients with a blend of premium, ethically sourced chocolate.

Chuao Chocolatier is a pioneering brand that is arousing consumers’ senses with today’s most innovative flavor combinations, including milk and dark chocolate paired with potato chips, bacon, honeycomb, chilies, popping candy, panko breadcrumbs, olive oil and more. The brand’s all-natural, handcrafted and ethically sourced line of chocolate bars, bonbons, drinking chocolates and specialty items are crafted from a proprietary blend of premium chocolate and fresh, natural ingredients. All of Chuao’s delicious creations are developed at the masterful hand of Venezuelan Chef Michael Antonorsi, Master Chocolatier!

Chuao sent me some chocolates to try out and review.

Here is an interesting story about the Chuao chocolate bars I was sent to review. I have received to review other chocolates and candies over the years. I keep them on my desk away from the little “mice” in my home (aka – my kids!). Once I have sampled some of the chocolate I let the rest of my family try it out too.


I ALWAYS keep the chocolates and candies on my desk and have never had any issues. That is until one day when I got home from work and found an empty, ripped up, wrapper from the Chuao “Ravishing Rocky Road” bar that was sent to me to review. It was on my desk, towards the back, tucked away behind the fan along with the other Chuao bars.

MY DOG ATE IT! He ate the ENTIRE bar of chocolate!

Either my dog jumped up on the love seat and made his way over to my desk, or he climbed on my desk chair on to my desk to somehow get behind the fan to get the chocolate. He has NEVER done that before. I guess the aroma from the Chuao bars was too yummy for him to resist.

In case you didn’t know chocolate is poisonous for dogs. I immediately called the vet. The vet told me what signs to look for and what I should do should he exhibit any of them. THANKFULLY he didn’t. He was fine. He didn’t even get an upset stomach. We were lucky.

I find it “amusing” that he somehow smelled the Chuao bars on my desk and did whatever he could to get to them. Out of all the years I have been blogging, and all the chocolates I have reviewed, he has never done this before. Since he ate the entire bar I can only assume he enjoyed it.

Of course he had to eat the Rocky Road one. That was the one I was most excited to try out.


I did get to try Chuao’s…

  • Pretzel Toffee Twirl
  • Ohh Ahh Almond
  • Triple Nut Temptation
  • Sweet & Salty
  • Oh My S’mores

I also received some of their mini bars in assorted flavors like Honeycomb, Firecracker, Salted Chocolate Crunch, Spicy Maya and Orange-A-Go-Go.

First of all I must say the bars are a great size. There is enough to share a chunk with the family or snap off a piece here and there whenever you are craving a bit of chocolate.

The large bars that have extra ingredients in them like nuts and pretzels have are really satisfying. You can clearly see the extra ingredients. The Pretzel Toffee Twirl for example had full size mini pretzels in it.

The mini bars are small bars that you can finish in 2-3 bites. They are ideal for keeping your portions in control, especially when craving chocolate.

The #1 thing I noticed about all the bars is how fresh they tasted. They didn’t have that artificial taste or “fake” chocolate taste that other chocolates have (the kind you buy at the grocery story check out). These bars must be made fresh often. I would think they would have to be considering all the unique ingredients that go into them like bacon and orange.

These bars taste like the kind you spend a small fortune on in specialty and gourmet chocolate shops.The difference of course is the unique added ingredients that Chuao offers that other gourmet chocolatiers don’t.


I’ve tried all of the bars that were sent to me to review. To be perfectly honest I don’t have a favorite. I really liked them all. If I had to pick out one as a top favorite I think I’d go with Triple Nut Temptation because I love nuts and chocolate. The chocolate contains almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios. It’s not often that you can find pistachios in chocolate bars.

These chocolate bars would make a great gift. You could wrap up a few bars for a friend, neighbor or co-worker, use them as stocking stuffers or serve them to dinner guests as an after dinner treat or with tea and coffee.

I love to make homemade gift basket. These chocolate bars and mini bars would be perfect in a gift basket.

Chuao chocolates are non dairy, vegan friendly and made with non GMO ingredients. Each bar is handcrafted with ethically sourced cacao, all natural, and gluten free ingredients.

Please note that the chocolates are produced in a facility that processes tree nuts, milk and wheat on shared equipment. Please take note of that if you have any of those allergies or food sensitivities.

If you are a chocolate lover (like me) and you are looking for quality, tasty and unique chocolates, check out Chuao. You can visit them online at ChuaoChocolatier.com. Check out their other products such as drinking chocolate and bon bons.

You can also find them on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.

Make sure to hide them from your dog too. LOL! :-)




*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Eliminate back pain and stress with AIRBAC™


Backpack Stock Photo

Times have changed since I was last in school. I never used a backpack. I just carried around all my books in my hands. Some of my classmates had backpacks but for the most part we all carried our books in our hands.

These days students are given books that are inches thick and are weighed down – literally – with a ton of homework. It’s next to impossible to carry all your books in your arms. You need a backpack. Sometimes I think kids need multiple backpacks to hold all their books and supplies. It’s just crazy!

I don’t know how my son carries his backpack around on his back. I can’t even pick it up! It’s way too heavy.

We constantly tell him to leave some of his books and supplies in his locker, but the high school is huge and sometimes it’s not possible for him to get to his locker. He has no choice but to lug it all around.

I can’t imagine what all that weight and strain is doing to his back and shoulders.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, backpack injuries in kids aged five to 18 increased 6.5 percent between 2010 and 2011. And although the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons recommends backpacks weigh less than 10-15 percent of a person’s
body weight, realistically, consumers may not be able to control the weight of their necessities.

We have gone through several backpacks over the years but we’ve never found anything that could carry all his stuff and take some “wear and tear” off his back and shoulders.

When school first started we received to review a backpack from a company called AIRBAC™ . AIRBAC™ is a unique backpack that is designed to help alleviate the stress the average backpack puts on your back and shoulders.

AIRBAC™ is the only backpack designed to alleviate the pressure and stress on a person’s upper and lower back caused by excessive weight. The patented air support system takes the weight off of the back by moving heavy contents into a more comfortable, back-friendly position, helping wearers feel like they’re carrying half of the weight. Offered in a wide variety of styles, AIRBAC™ was created for school-age children, college students, business travelers, outdoor enthusiasts and photographers.

AIRBAC™  features a small area at the bottom/back of the backpack that is filled with air. The backpack comes with the air already filled in the pouch. You can add more if needed with a bike tire air pump.

The AIRBAC™  backpack looks like an average backpack. It has plenty of room for books, a laptop or tablet, cellphone, supplies and more.

Airbac backpack

My son didn’t even notice that there was a “pocket” of air in the back of the backpack until I pointed it out to him.

AIRBAC™  doesn’t make the load you carry lighter, it simply helps with weight distribution, spinal alignment and posture.

In the past I’ve noticed that my son’s backpack would hang down low on his back, even when he uses the straps that go across his chest and waist. The weight of his books and supplies pulls the backpack down. I’m surprised he never tipped over backwards because of it.

With AIRBAC™  the air pocket helps to balance the load better, keeping the backpack where it should be. It doesn’t hang low causing distress on your shoulders.

Here are more benefits to using an AIRBAC™ backpack.

Promotes Better Posture and Spinal Alignment

People tend to bend forward or hunch to compensate for the extra weight in a regular backpack. The AIRBAC™ system, which evenly redistributes the weight across the back, allows the body to relax in an upright position, promoting better posture and proper spinal alignment.

Built-In Shock Absorbers

Repetitive impact due to running or walking with a heavy backpack can cause increased stress on the lower back. To address this issue, AIRBAC™ technology offers the ability to absorb the impact a heavy bag may have on the spine, helping outdoor enthusiasts to exercise pain-free.

Air-Cushioned Protection

The patented air support system coupled with AIRBAC™ padded technology offers a secure home for valuable contents, protecting laptops,
iPads and other important materials.

Adjustable for a Customized Fit

From children to adults and student-athletes to active outdoor enthusiasts, AIRBAC™ was designed to support the spinal health of all body types. The product’s padded shoulder straps and patented air support system adjust to meet a wide variety of body types.

My son loves this backpack. He’s never once complained about it like he has with other backpacks.He also tells me it’s more comfortable to wear.

I tried to get a photo of him wearing the AIRBAC™, but he’s 15 and teenagers are not always happy to pose for photos. This is the only photo I was able to snap when school first started (and the weather was nicer).

AIRBAC backpack

You can see how the backpack lays flat against his back. That is because the small pocket of air on the back/bottom. It keeps everything where it’s supposed to be.

This is a great video that gives you a better idea as to how AIRBAC™ is the better for you option.


AIRBAC™ is not only great for students but also for hikers, travelers and anyone else who lugs around a lot of things in a backpack.

I wish we knew about AIRBAC™ years ago. I would have purchased them for both of my kids.

The quality of the AIRBAC™ is outstanding. With proper care I am sure my son’s AIRBAC™ will last for a long time. It will be nice not having to replace his backpack every few months.

You would think a better for you product like AIRBAC™ would be very costly. Compared to other quality backpacks (and big brand name backpacks too), AIRBAC™ costs about the same. Student backpacks range from $49-$89. They also have different designs and colors available.

AIRBAC™ has plenty of room for all your “stuff” too.

If you would like to learn more about AIRBAC™ or check out the available styles, visit AIRBAC.com. You can also find the brand on social media (links found on the site’s home page).



*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 


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Eva-Dry – a simple solution to humidity problems


STOCK PHOTO! This is not our shower - Gross! No way!

STOCK PHOTO! This is not our shower – Gross! No way!

I cannot stand humidity. It’s the #1 thing I dislike about summer. I can deal with the heat for the most part. It’s the humidity that makes things unbearable. For that reason I could never live down South. I don’t think I would ever leave my home and the electric bill from the air conditioner would be astronomical.

Humidity is not something that occurs with weather – it can also be found in your home. Most especially places like your bathroom.

We live in a tiny condo and we only have one bathroom. The ventilation in that bathroom is non-existent. We have a small window in the bathroom but because our condo is on one side of the building and all the windows (except the bathroom window) all face the same direction, there is no cross-ventilation in our home. The humidity can really build up in our home.

My kids, for whatever reason, LOVE taking long, hot showers (even though they have been told time and time again to take shorter showers). Because there is no ventilation in your bathroom the heat and steam build up in the bathroom – so much so that the walls “sweat”.

Not only does it make going into the bathroom unbearable but it’s also encouraging the growth of mold that feeds off all the extra moisture. We are constantly trying to remedy that but it’s hard to keep up with it. It’s frustrating!

What we need in our bathroom is a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier removes excess moisture from the atmosphere. It’s essentially sucks in the extra moisture in the air and traps the water into a holding tank.

Eve-Dry 1100

We don’t have much room in our bathroom so a traditional dehumidifier is out of the question. That is until I was sent an Eva-Dry 1100 Dehumidifier to review.

The Eva-Dry Electric Petite Dehumidifier uses Peltier Technology (no compressor) which makes it light and quiet. It is perfect for bathrooms, and small to mid-sized rooms where dampness and humidity are a problem. This unit is small enough to easily fit on your desk or workbench. It extracts the moisture from the air and stores it in a spill-proof reservoir. Just plug it in and it quietly dries the air. Features an automatic shut off switch to shut the unit off when the water reservoir is full. When this occurs a”full” indicator light will alert you when the reservoir needs to be emptied. Holds up to 16 oz.

As I already mentioned our bathroom is very small. The only space we have is a tiny amount around the sink and on the back of the toilet. There is no room for a regular dehumidifier. That is why I really like the Eva-Dry 1100 Dehumidifier. It’s very compact and measures only  6.5 x 5.3 x 8.5 inches.

We can’t fit this on the area around the sink (not to mention I’d worry about it being knocked into the sink) so what we do when we are going to use it is plug it in and rest it on the tile floor in front of the sink/cabinet. That way we don’t have to worry about one of the kids knocking it over.

We currently only use the Eva-Dry 1100 Dehumidifier when someone takes a shower or bath, so it’s not on all the time. However you could leave this unit on 24/7 if you needed to. If we had more space in our bathroom I probably would leave it on 24/7 because my kids keep forgetting to take it out of the closet and turning it on before they take their showers. Usually my husband or I have to plug it in after they have taken a shower when the bathroom is hot and sweaty already.

There is a little reservoir that collects the moisture that you’ll need to pour out when the indicator light tells you that it’s full and it shuts off. I really like that feature, especially for people like me who can be absent minded sometimes.

We remove the water before we put it back in the closet even if it’s not full. That way if someone accidentally knocks it in the closet there are no worries.


I was very surprised by how much water it removes from the atmosphere in the bathroom. It also makes me think about how much moisture was being absorbed into the walls and floor prior to using it. It’s no wonder we have issues with mold developing in the shower area. I wish we thought to use a dehumidifier a long time ago, then we wouldn’t have the problems we have today.

I like that I can go into the bathroom after someone takes a shower and not feel that heavy, sticky, wet feeling in the air. It also helps that I don’t have to wipe down the walls, floor or mirrors.

This particular unit is good for small spaces. Eva-Dry has several other units (most are portable) in various sizes to accommodate different rooms in your home. They have ones for boats, closets and even one that can handle up to 4,000 square feet (my entire condo is only 900 square feet).

Unlike other dehumidifiers the Eva-Dry 1100 is not loud at all. I wouldn’t say it was “whisper quiet” but it’s certainly quiet enough. The only time we really hear it is when we are actually in the bathroom. When it’s on and we’re in another room in our tiny condo we don’t hear it at all. The sound of the shower and running water is much louder then the unit. It’s pretty quiet – thankfully. If it was loud and noisy I probably wouldn’t use it.

So far I am very pleased with the Eva-Dry 1100 Dehumidifier. I’m considering getting a couple of more (larger sizes) for different parts of our home (mostly the bedroom and living room – possibly the kitchen too).

If you would like more information about Eva-Dry products visit www.Eva-Dry.com. Eva-Dry can also be found on social media. All the links are found on the brand’s home page (bottom right).

Do you have a humidity problem in your home? Would you have a need for an Eva-Dry humidifier? Feel free to share your thoughts.

Eva-Dry Logo



*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.  

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SMIRNOFF Sours – A “frightfully” delicious drink



Halloween parties are in full swing now that Halloween is right around the corner. Who says the holiday is only for little ghosts and goblins. Adults enjoy Halloween just as much as kids do. The only exception is that adults want grown up goodies (although most grown ups do like candy :-)).

If you are planning a Halloween party for your friends, or you are planning on attending a Halloween party, you should know about SMIRNOFF Sours. SMIRNOFF Sours are flavored vodkas which are available in Green Apple, Watermelon and Fruit Punch flavors.

What makes these vodkas even more fun for Halloween parties is that the bottles glow in the dark. They glow under black light (not from sunlight). How cool is that?

Normally I don’t drink “hard liquor”. Maybe once in a blue moon, especially something as super strong as vodka. However the sour flavors really caught my attention. I couldn’t imagine a sour tasting vodka.

I was sent to review the Watermelon flavored SMIRNOFF Sour vodka. I LOVE the bright pink bottle. It’s really cool!

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I tried some. I know vodka can pack a punch to begin with but nothing prepared me for what I experienced.


WOW!!! This really is sour! But sour in a good way – like the way Lemonheads and Sweetarts. I don’t mean it tastes like them – I mean that it’s an enjoyable sour taste. It also tasted like watermelon!

My husband said it smells like a Jolly Rancher watermelon candy. I would have to agree with him on that.

The SMIRNOFF Watermelon sour vodka has a sweet taste to it, but still packs a punch as only vodka could do.

This is NOT a cocktail drink – this is vodka. It’s meant to be enjoyed in small doses (like shots), or mixed with other ingredients. You couldn’t drink a glass full of this.

Here are some recipes you might want to try at your next get together featuring the SMIRNOFF Sour vodka.

Sour Captain Drop

  • 1 oz. SMIRNOFF Sours Green Apple
  • 5 oz. Spiced rum
  • 8 oz. Energy drink

Mix SMIRNOFF Sours Green Apple and rum, pour into a shot glass, drop shot into energy drink

Sour Drop

  • 2 SMIRNOFF Sours Watermelon
  • 8 oz. beer

Drop shot into beer

Sour Berry Drop

  • 5 oz. SMIRNOFF Sours Fruit Punch
  • 5 oz. Cranberry juice
  • 8 oz. Energy drink

Mix SMIRNOFF Sours Fruit Punch and cranberry juice, pour into shot glass, drop shot into energy drink

SMIRNOFF Sours Green Apple

2 oz. SMIRNOFF Sours Green Apple

Taste best served as a chilled shot.

SMIRNOFF Sour Watermelon

2 oz. SMIRNOFF Sour Watermelon

Taste best served as a chilled shot.

SMIRNOFF Sour Fruit Punch

2 oz. SMIRNOFF Sour Fruit Punch

Taste best served as a chilled shot.

I haven’t tried any of the mixed recipes yet (just the chilled Sour Watermelon) although I am planning on trying the Sour Berry Drop (I love Cranberry).

Sours Watermelon

You can find more recipes on the SMIRNOFF Facebook page.

I am enjoying the new sour vodka. I wouldn’t be surprised if these don’t become very popular drinks at both parties and clubs. It takes a classic, like vodka, to a whole new level.

SMIRNOFF is asking consumers who enjoy their sour vodkas to snap a photo of their face when they drink SMIRNOFF Sours (the sour face) and upload the photos to social media using the hashtag #MyFaceWhen.

Whether you plan on hosting your own “Fright Night” or a night out with friends, try SMIRNOFF Sours delicious tart line to get in the Halloween spirit!

Have you tried any of the SMIRNOFF Sours yet? If so, what flavor did you try and what did you think about it?

Do you think you’ll try one of these flavors? Which one is your favorite?

For more information about SMIRNOFF visit SMIRNOFF.com.

REMEMBER – Always drink responsibly and NEVER drink and drive!




*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.  

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Jesse the Jack’s ABC Zoo iBook and App


Jesse the Jack's ABC Zoo

I love books. I always have. My love of books started when I was a child. In fact I still have many of my childhood favorite books – the same ones I enjoyed as a child. I have kept them all these years. I have even kept many of my children’s favorites too in hopes that some day they can pass on their love for those books to their children.

I would rather have an actual book then an e-book, but I do understand and appreciate the value of e-books (or “iBooks”). Rather than lug around books where ever you go you can keep an assortment of books on hand at anytime and enjoy them on your tablet or smartphone.

I think e-books/iBooks are great for children too. You can make them available to children whenever you want and where ever you are. You children can enjoy books on the go. Anything that helps to foster a love of reading I’m all for.

There is a new iBook and app that is launching today (October 22, 2014) that is not only super adorable, but it’s educational too.

The iBook and app are called Jesse the Jack’s ABC Zoo.

I have not heard of Jesse the Jack until now. He’s a real dog! He’s a super cute multi-color Jack Russell Terrier who is super talented. He can walk doing a handstand, pop balloons, skateboard, ride a rocking horse and even put dishes in the dishwasher. My teenage kids can’t even do that. LOL!

Jesse has appeared on many television shows including The Late Show with David Letterman, Good Morning America, Nickelodeon, Animal Planet, The Rachael Ray Show, CBS, NBC, ABC, Disney and VH1 and more!

Jesse the Jack's ABC Zoo App


Now Jesse the Jack can put something else on his resume – teaching kids their ABC’s.

Jesse the Jack’s new iBooks and interactive app feature narration, animation and video to help children (ages 2-6) learn their alphabet in a fun and creative way. When it’s fun children don’t even realize they are learning. I also personally feel that children learn better when it’s fun for them.

Here is a little more information about the iBook and application.

Jesse the Jack’s ABC Zoo illustrates the full alphabet, pairing letters with animals and colors to help children learn through association. The storyline follows Jesse’s adventure through the zoo, which he discovers while he’s asleep. The app has two modes: story and play. As parents and children follow Jesse in story mode, they are taken on an interactive journey with real-life animal sounds and facts. Soothing yet upbeat music produced by popular street performer Dub FX keeps children focused and entertained.

Play mode teaches the alphabet and each animal’s name through a “fill in the shape” game. Animals and letters are randomized, and players must match each animal with the right letter. Correct answers are rewarded with Jesse tricks and treats, while wrong answers receive another try until the child selects the correct option. For every two Jesse treats earned, children will be directed to a link to watch Jesse perform tricks – from driving an ATV to riding a scooter.

“Jesse the Jack’s ABC Zoo brings excitement and interactivity to learning the alphabet. Through beautiful graphics, animation and illustrations, kids learn while having fun,” said Rob Keim, founder and CEO of Best Buddies Learning. “We wanted to create a game that teaches through positive reinforcement, the same way Jesse learns his tricks.”

Jesse the Jack’s ABC Zoo is an iBook and app that teaches children the alphabet in a new and creative way. Using eye-catching animation and well-known Jack Russell Terrier, Jesse the Jack, ABC Zoo illustrates the full alphabet and pairs letters with animals and colors to assist with association and learning. The storyline involves Jesse’s real world and the world of learning he creates when he falls asleep.

Best Buddies Learning teaches through positive reinforcement, the same way its star, Jesse the Jack, is rewarded!

I haven’t had a chance to check out the iBook or app yet, but it does sound super cute. Judging by the images I think children (and parents) will quickly fall in love with Jesse the Jack’s ABC Zoo. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more iBooks and apps form Jesse the Jack in the future.

Jesse the Jack

Here are some more details about the iBook and app features;

Narration: The iBook has touch narration that allows children to replay any words or sentences they need help with reading or pronouncing. Narration is both soothing and positive and can be turned on/off.

Two modes: The app has two modes: story and play. Story mode involves various animations and illustrations, and has real animal sounds to allow children to learn and identify the correct sound of the animal. Play modes gives children a “fill in the shape” game where they have to match the animal and letter to its corresponding silhouette.

Positive reinforcement: Correct answers are rewarded with “Jesse treats.” For every two Jesse treats earned, children will be directed to a page of 12 different Jesse tricks – from Jesse driving an ATV to Jesse riding a scooter.

Music: Street performer Dub FX and his wife, Flower Fairy, produced soothing yet upbeat music for the app that is heard in both story and play modes.

Jesse Tricks: Video of Jesse performing tricks is showcased throughout.

Eye-catching graphics: Sharp colors are used in the animations and illustrations to assist with holding children’s attention and focus as well as inspiring creativity.

The iBook and app is available as of today for iOS. An Android version will be coming soon.

The iBook will be available for $.99 and the app for $1.99.

If you would like to learn more about this fun iBook and app visit Jesse the Jack’s ABC Zoo on iTunes.

Be sure to check out Jesse the Jack’s YouTube channel too!

What do you think about Jesse the Jack’s ABC Zoo? Does it sound like a fun interactive iBook and app that your child or grandchild would enjoy? Feel free to share your thoughts. I always love to hear from readers. :-)

Jesse the Jack's ABC Zoo Game


*Although compensated the opinions expressed are entirely my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Rock Out with the Beatrix Girls


Beatrix Girls Dolls

When I was a young girl we didn’t have the kind of doll assortments available to today’s young girls. We had baby dolls and Barbies for the most part. That was fine but it’s always nice to have more to choose from.

These days there are so many wonderful doll characters to choose from.

Have you ever head of the Beatrix Girls? I haven’t until recently when I was sent some dolls to review. Since my daughter is a teenager I donated the toys to the place where I work at Family Court. I can’t take pictures of the children, but I can see how the kids react to the dolls.

If you are unfamiliar with these cool dolls, here is a little more information.

The Beatrix Girls are an accomplished pop-star band with real music that young girls are sure to adore, and they just happen to be beautiful 12” dolls. They’re young, they’re real, they’re spunky, and they are relatable to young girls. These 12” dolls not only interact in the real life-sized human world, but they produce real music, real hits, and real sales!

The Beatrix Girls dolls are very highly stylized and uniquely designed to break the mold of 50 years of “me too” dolls. They are masterfully sculpted in a unique angular design style. Their proportions are very differentiated with huge heads, LOTS of beautiful flowing hair, and very large expressive eyes, adding up to dolls that are not only original but also very beautiful.

The Beatrix Girls is an extensive entertainment brand that encompasses traditional media, music, digital media, consumer products and branded IP ripe for licensing and merchandising.

I was sent to review five dolls. Four of them I took to work with me. The fifth one I am saving for a Christmas gift for a special little girl.

Meet the girls.









I have to say these dolls do have a lot of hair. I think that is one of the things the little girls at work seem most attracted to. Even if they play with just one of the dolls it seems like it’s their hair that they enjoy the most. I see them combing their hair a lot. Most of the dolls no longer have their original hairstyles, which is fine.

I even enjoy styling their hairs (braids, ponytails, pig tails…).

Their outfits are funky and they can be swapped with other dolls. I’ve noticed that undressing and re-dressing the dolls is also a popular activity with the little girls. Sadly I often find a naked doll or two (many of the kids we care for are very young). I make sure to dress them before we open the door.

These are good size dolls, even for little hands to play with.

Ainsley (L) and Lark (R)

Ainsley (L) and Lark (R)

Dolls 2

Chantel (L) and Brayden (R)

The only caution I have is that some of the shoes and jewelry are very tiny and I would watch those pieces around little ones who still put things in their mouth. I have removed the jewelry and the shoes off the dolls at work. I will only give them to the children if there isn’t any little ones in the room who might put them in their mouths.

I also wasn’t too find of Lark’s hair. It was cut very weird in the back (very short in some spots) so it’s not as easy to style her hair as it is the other dolls in the group.

These dolls don’t come with instruments. Some of the dolls are available with instruments.

From what I’ve seen at work these dolls have been a big hit with our “guests”. They tend to go for these dolls rather then the baby dolls we have in the room.

The other doll I have (the one that is not opened yet) is one of their special edition London dolls. I have Brayden and she’s dressed in a really cool shiny outfit. I LOVE her retro hair style too! She also comes with a sparkly guitar.

Here is an image of the special edition London dolls as well as my doll.




I REALLY love their hair styles. Even Lark’s hair looks a lot better. Chantal’s hair style is very nice too. They remind me of the film Austin Powers. LOL!

If you would like to learn more about the Beatrix Girls you should check out their very entertaining website, www.TheBeatrixGirls.com. You can also check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

You can even to the Beatrix Girls radio station on Pandora! You can also find their music on Spotify and iTunes. I’ve listened to some of their music and it’s not bad at all. It’s kind of catchy.

The dolls are available at Walmart, Amazon and Toys R Us.

What do you think about these dolls? Have you seen these dolls before or do you own any?

Here is one of their music videos for you enjoyment.



*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There were was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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