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Teen Driver

Do you have a teen driver in your family?

Our 17 year old finally took the plunge and got her learners permit. Now we’re just saving up to get her driving lessons. My husband and I both don’t think we have the patience or the “know how” to teach our daughter how to drive. We also feel like she would do better with a non-family member. We think she’s more likely to focus better. We’re also afraid that we might miss telling her important things. It’s best to  leave it to the “experts”.

I worry about my daughter driving. I don’t think she’ll be a bad driver, I just worry about the other little things she can’t control – like other drivers. Her safety is our #1 priority.

I remember when I first learned to drive. I think I was super paranoid at first. Then once I knew what I was doing I admit I showed off to my friends a bit and had a bit of a “lead foot”. In hindsight I was really foolish and if I could go back in time I would have taken safety much more seriously.

One safety tip that I learned that really came in handy was what to do if you are being followed.

When I was in my early 20’s I dated a guy who lived 6 hours away from where I lived. We would take turns driving back and forth to visit each other every other weekend. It was a long drive and many times the road was desolate. I was literally driving in the middle of no where. If I broke down I’d be in serious trouble. This was back in the day before there were cellphones.

Teen Driver 2

I would leave after work on Friday evening and leave to come home Sunday evening. I usually got back home around midnight.

On one of my trips back home there was a suspicious car behind me. I don’t know why the car stood out to me but it did. I suddenly felt very nervous.

I got off at one of the exists and the other car followed. Then I made my way back on to the main road and the car was right behind me again.

Then I remembered what my parents told me – if I am being followed I need to pull into a public place, or better yet, a Police station. Since I was unfamiliar with my surroundings I didn’t know where a Police station was. So I kept driving until I came across an exit where I knew there were stores and restaurants. I pulled my car into a restaurant parking lot (in a well lit area) and remained in my car with the door locked. I saw the car that was following me pass by. A few minutes later I saw it pass by again.

I waited a bit longer until I didn’t see the car, then I moved my car to another parking lot near by that was also well lit in hopes that if the driver came back they would see that my car was not there anymore and drive away.

After several minutes I felt confident that the driver was gone and I headed right back on the main road again and got out of there as quickly as I could. It was a very scary and dangerous situation.

I have told this story to my kids over and over again so that they know to do the same thing  if they are in a similar situation. Thankfully we have cellphones available to use these days so they can call 911 for help.

There is so much to teach teen drivers about safety. Toyota wants to help keep kids safe too. That is why they created the Toyota Teen Driver Safety Clinics. You can sign up for the clinic at a local Toyota dealership.

Here is more details about the Toyota Teen Driver Safety Clinic.

This FREE 2.5 hour non-driving interactive session provides both pre-driver and new-driver teens, as well as their parents, a beyond basics approach to road safety. It includes car care tips, coaching techniques and other practical tools in a safe, non-sales environment. Families participate in hands-on activities in class and around the car to promote safe-driving behavior.
This interactive clinic will cover topics such as:

  • Defensive driving “universal truths” and best practices
  • Understanding your vehicle’s performance dynamics
  • Dangerous driving distractions and how to avoid them
  • Car operations, safety features and basic maintenance fundamentals
  • Communication and coaching tips for parents and teens
  • Mutual driving agreements for pre-driver/new-driver teens and their parents

I really like what these clinics have to offer. I was never taught car care tips when I was a teen driver. I’m in my mid-40’s and I still don’t know how to change a flat tire!

I also like that they teach defensive driving. I think that is super important for teens (and adults!) to know.

Best of all these important clinics are FREE! I really appreciate Toyota offering this to consumers. You don’t need to own a Toyota to participate either.

Currently I only have locations in the New York and New Jersey area.

  • 9/20: Liberty Toyota Burlington, NJ
  • 9/21: Holman Toyota Mount Laurel, NJ
  • 10/04: Gault Toyota Endicott, NY
  • 10/05: Lia Toyota of Colonie Schenectady, NY
  • 10/11: DCH Toyota City Mamaroneck, NY
  • 10/12: DCH Freehold Toyota Freehold, NJ
  • 10/18: Millennium Toyota Hempstead, NY
  • 10/19: Penn Toyota Greenvale, NY
  • 10/25: Autoland Toyota Springfield, NJ
  • 10/26: Bay Ridge Toyota Brooklyn, NY

I’m not sure if they are adding other dates or other states. I hope they will. I think everyone should have the opportunity to take one of these special clinics.

If you would like more information, or to attend on of the events, please RSVP here.

You can follow Toyota on Twitter (@Toyota) and the official hashtag for this event is #TeenDrive365.

What do you think about what Toyota is doing to keep teen drivers safe on the road?

Do you plan on attending one of these events?

Feel free to share your thoughts or personal stories about teen driving.

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This post was written as part of my association with TeenDrive365 and the Toyota Teen Driver Safety Clinic. For more information on the Toyota Teen Driver Safety Clinic, please visit http://ly/1nfUJ0e

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Important tips for preparing for severe weather



Now that summer is unofficially over it’s time to look forward to the cooler fall season (at least in most parts of the country). Sadly following autumn come winter. From what I hear we’re supposed to have a nasty winter too. I am NOT looking forward to that.

In addition to seasonal weather changes (like blizzards in the winter) it’s always a good idea to be prepared for any major weather situation. Our weather patterns and systems have gone haywire the past several years bringing along with it such catastrophes as Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Katrina.

Here is a great article from Master Lock with tips on how to prepare for the various weather situations.

North America is home to thousands of severe weather situations every year — from thunderstorms to tornados and wildfires to hurricanes. Since many of these storms strike without much warning, Master Lock encourages consumers to prepare now to ensure their families and belongings stay safe during even the most tumultuous events.

“Storms can be devastating no matter what,” said Rebecca Smith of Master Lock. “But there are some simple steps families can take now — rather than when an emergency has already occurred — to reduce their risk of loss and aid them in the recovery process, if needed.”

Master Lock offers these tips to help families prepare for severe weather:

1. Learn the language.

Beginning October 22, the National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center in the U.S. will add two new threat levels to its weather outlooks for storm days at risk of producing tornados, hail or high winds. Risk categories will now include “enhanced” and “marginal,” in addition to the existing “slight,” “high” and “moderate.”

In Canada, citizens can depend on Environment Canada for severe weather warnings and watches. In April, Environment Canada updated its list of alert types to more accurately describe the severity of different weather hazards.

Learn the language of your national weather advisory organization so you can prepare appropriately for severe weather.

2. Prepare in advance. 

Severe weather may strike without warning, so take the basic steps now to ensure your family is ready should a storm strike when you’re home or away.

If you’re home when weather hits, an updated emergency kit is essential. Consumers listed water and non-perishable food as the two most important items in their emergency kits, according to the 2014 Safety and Security Survey*. Store these items in a cool, dry place and replace them every six months to ensure freshness. By writing dates on containers when you store them, you’ll know exactly when it’s time to swap them out. Don’t forget to pack for your pets, too.

In the event that severe weather hits while you’re out of town, ensure that a trusted friend or neighbor has the appropriate codes to access your property if needed. A resettable combination padlock, such as the Master Lock M175XDLF Combination Padlock, is a convenient option for securing your gate or fence since it does not require a key. It also allows you to change the combination as often as you wish, including when you arrive back home for added security.

3. Create a backup plan. 

Personal memorabilia and family/business documents were listed as the top two items people would want to save from their homes in case of a severe weather situation. To ensure these important documents remain intact after an emergency passes, store them in a Sentry®Safe fire safe that offers protection against fire and flood. To aid with disaster recovery in real time, store digital copies of these important documents — including insurance policies — in a secure online storage hub like the Master Lock Vault. The Master Lock Vault is free and can be accessed 24 hours a day, via smartphone, tablet or computer, allowing for easy access in any situation.

4. Secure outdoor belongings.

Storms can often be most damaging to the exterior of your home, due to either heavy winds or rain, or damaging hail or lightning. In case of inclement weather, lock up all possible outdoor belongings in a covered shed or garage, and secure the door with a padlock built to survive extreme weather situations, such as the Master LockM115XDLF Covered Laminated Padlock. For items that can’t be moved to an inside space, such as patio furniture, lock them tightly together and to another sturdy surface, if possible, with a secure cable and locking system like the Master Lock Python™ Adjustable Locking Cable. These tactics may also safe-guard your belongings against looters in the worst-case scenario if you are forced to evacuate your home.

5. Go cordless. 

Power outages are often associated with heavy storms. Be prepared by purchasing batteries for flashlights and weather radios and portable, external battery packs for charging cell phones when the power’s out — just be sure to keep the battery pack charged! If you lose power, remember to unplug all of your electrical appliances such as laptops, televisions and corded phones. Power surges can occur as the result of lightning and can damage plugged-in electronics and appliances. If you still have power during a lightning storm, avoid using corded (landline) telephones, as they can conduct electricity.

*According to a May 2014 Safety and Security Survey of more than 1,000 Americans conducted by Master Lock via SurveyMonkey.

These are some great tips to take into consideration.

If you would like to learn more about MasterLock you can visit them online at MasterLock.com. You can also find the brand on all the social networking sites.

Do you have any additional tips you’d like to share?



*I was not compensated for this post. I posted this (with permission) for the benefit of my site readers. 

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New Wearable Device Gives Family Members More Freedom & Independence


Photo Credit: V.ALRT

Photo Credit: V.ALRT

I have always been an overly protective (some might say paranoid) parent, much to the dismay of my children. I think most parents are to some degree – I might just go a bit overboard.

When my kids were younger and wanted to get the mail which is downstairs (down three flights of steps) I would stand at the top of the stairs and have them talk to me the entire time so I knew they were OK.

When they used to walk the dog I’d have them stay directly in front of our building and I would watch them from the window or balcony.

I have mellowed out a bit, but I am still very concerned about my children’s safety and whereabouts. In this day and age you can never be too sure.

Our daughter is 17 years old and will be off to college this time next year. The idea of our daughter on her own, away at college, far from my protection, scares the heebie jeebies out of me. I am going to be a nervous wreck!

I think one of my biggest fears is our daughter being attacked late at night when she’s returning to her car from her job or after class, or being followed by someone back to her dorm.

Our daughter knows to dial 911 in the event of an emergency, but what if there was no time for that? What if you don’t have your cellphone available?

This article verifies my concerns about young women on college campuses.

Reporting Rape, and Wishing She Hadn’t: How One College Handled a Sexual Assault Complaint

There is a personal security device that can help give me, and other parents, peace of mind. It’s called V.ALRT. V.ALRT is a small, wearable personal safety device that can send out urgent calls or texts simply with the touch of a single button. If there is no time to dial 911 all you need to do is press the button of the V.ALRT and it will summon help.


Here is some additional information about V.ALRT.

The V.ALRT is an ergonomically designed device that can be carried discreetly in a pocket or a bag, worn on the wrist with the included band or around the neck as a pendant. Using a multi-axis accelerometer and Bluetooth® SMART (Bluetooth 4.0 LE) technology in association with a software application from VSN Mobil, the V.ALRT initiates calls and text messages from a smartphone. With the push of a button, the V.ALRT connects with the smartphone to send personalized text messages and makes phone calls to three pre-selected contacts. The customizable text message will indicate that help is needed and also provide location information using the GPS feature on the smartphone (when available). The V.ALRT application can also be set to Fall Detect Mode to automatically notify your preselected contacts should a fall be detected.

The V.ALRT provides up to a year of use before needing to replace the battery. The V.ALRT’s companion app is available for both iOS and AndroidTM phones and is fully customizable, yet simple to set up.

The V.ALRT is the first product introduced by VSN Mobil, a company founded by accomplished executives from Motorola, Samsung, Blackberry, Foxconn, General Dynamics and Pininfarina, among others. VSN Mobil designs and manufactures consumer electronics that meet the needs of everyday life and are unique in their durability, affordability and design.

V.ALRT was also mentioned in an press release about college campus safety – School and Campus Violence Response Goes Wearable — Alert Device From VSN Mobil Can Summon Help Anywhere.

I was sent the V.ALRT to review.

V.ALRT works with a FREE application you can download for your smartphone. Once you download the app simply create an account and list your emergency contacts and you are ready to go.

One of the great things about this device is that there is NO MONTHLY SERVICE FEE! That’s right – no extra expenses. For budget conscious families this is wonderful news.

Photo Credit: V.ALRT

Photo Credit: V.ALRT

The device also works for a year on it’s battery, so there is no need to worry about regular battery changes. It also does not need to be charged. It’s fully operational 24/7.

It’s also waterproof.

I like that it’s small in size. If it was too noticeable my daughter might not want to take it with her. Because it’s so small she can put it on a key chain or around her neck, tucked under her shirt.

V.ALRT is great for everyone – not just college students. Children, the elderly and just about anyone can benefit from this personal safety device.

V.ALRT senses falls. If the wearer falls and does not press the button the V.ALRT will send out an alert to the emergency contacts in about a minute.

I’m sure everyone has seen those commercials where an elderly person falls down and can’t get up to call for help. With the V.ALRT the person who falls can press the button to notify others that there is an emergency or if they are unable to do so the device will do that for them.

My mother in law had one of those personal safety devices you see advertised on TV and she had to pay a monthly service fee. V.ALRT does something similar with no monthly fee.

This is good for people who like to hike or do sports in the event of a fall.

Photo Credit: V.ALRT

Photo Credit: V.ALRT

The V.ALRT also emits an alarm sound to scare off would be attackers while notifying your emergency contacts of your GPS location. I think this feature is going to give me peace of mind with our daughter. I like that the V.ALRT works as both a personal safety alert system and a personal alarm system emitting an alarm sound to scare off attackers.

If you have young children the V.ALRT works to notify you if your child wonders off. It has a 300 foot range. If your child (or an elderly person) goes outside of that 300 foot range it will notify those on the emergency contact list AND send an alarm to the person wearing it so that they know they are out of range and need to turn back.

V.ALRT is small and compact. It can be worn different ways – on the wrist with a wrist strap, around the neck or attach to a key chain (especially with your car and/our house keys).

Whenever our daughter goes out with her friends we make sure she takes the V.ALRT with her. When she goes off to college we are going to make sure she has it with her as well. We plan on getting other V.ALRT devices – one for each family member.

The only downside with this device is that it uses Bluetooth technology. Your phone needs to be within range of the V.ALRT or it won’t work. Also, if your cellphone battery dies the V.ALRT will not work either. So you need me make sure your fully charged phone is always with you (or close by) your V.ALRT button.

My concern with this would be what happens when you are out of cellphone range or in a “dead zone” where there is no service? We live near several state parks and on one major roadway we drive on frequently there is no cell service. I would be concerned that the device wouldn’t work in those situations.

I also don’t like keeping the Bluetooth on because from what I heard it eats up your battery.

Overall I think it’s a great idea. It has it’s quirks, but most products do. If it can provide me with some sense of peace of mind then it’s worth it.

For more information about V.ALRT visit www.vsnmobil.com. Look under “Wearables”. You can also find the brand on the various social media sites.



*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Alert and Track People in Emergencies with Silent Beacon


For more information about Silent Beacon please visit this link – Silent Beacon: Alert & track people in emergencies

car crime

As a parent of teenagers I think I have aged 20+ years in a matter of just a couple of years. It’s not that my kids have that not-so-lovely teenage attitude (they do, but that is not what ages me). It’s learning to let go and trust them. Fortunately our son is a homebody and never wants to go out. Our daughter on the other hand has been yearning to spread her wings and fly.

Begrudgingly we have been giving in to out daughter. Over the past few months we’ve let her go to an amusement park in the next state with a bunch of teenage friends, go to an after prom party (she didn’t attend prom – her friends wanted her to be at the party), bonfires in people’s backyards and even driving around town with another teenage driver. Teenage drivers make me nervous – especially those who just recently received their license.

We want our children to have fun and experience life which includes going places with friends. It’s their safety that concerns us. Case in point, one young man who had a crush on my daughter was at a party (not with my daughter) and he attempted to rape one of the girls at the party in his car. Another time my daughter was driving with her friends at night at a deer jumped out in front of them and the young driver almost hit it which could have caused an accident. One of my daughter’s friends almost hit a BEAR on the way home one night!

Did you know that a violent crime happens every 26 seconds? That is a very sobering thought.

Violent Crime

You also have to take into consideration that accidents can happen in a heartbeat.

Here is additional facts about emergencies. These are very alarming facts.

Every 26 seconds, someone becomes the victim of a violent crime. These attacks range from forced rape to aggravated assault. A sexual assault occurs every 2 minutes. More than 50% of these assaults take place within a one-mile radius of the victim’s home – or at home. Even more disturbing is the fact that only 12% of these attacks ever lead to an arrest.

Every day, 2,300 people go missing, and this number includes abductions. Of those missing people, very few (if any) are found using their cell phones. Why? By law, when attempting to track a missing person via cellphone, you must subpoena his or her cell phone company for access to the last known ‘ping’. This process wastes valuable time.

An automobile accident occurs every 6 seconds in the U.S., with a fatality from driving every 16 minutes. Due to the difficulty of pinpointing someone’s exact location while driving, the Silent Beacon ensures that medical personnel and family members know exactly where a user is – and can reach that person quickly.

If my daughter was in a situation where her safety was at stake, or if she was in an accident, what would she do? Sometimes grabbing for your cellphone and dialing someone’s number – especially when you are in a state of panic – is not that easy. Suddenly those numbers seem to disappear from memory.

What you need is something you can press – like a button – that can alert loved ones or emergency personal that there is an emergency.

There are products on the market like this but often they come with a hefty monthly or yearly fee. Not only that, some of them require you to be near a base unit which won’t help you when you are out for a job or driving across country.

There is a new product that is a new product that will soon be readily available that uses modern technology to not only alert people in case of an emergency, but also sends out your GPS location so people can find you.

The product is called Silent Beacon. Silent Beacon is a wearable, waterproof, rechargeable Bluetooth device that connects to smartphones allowing for real time GPS alerts. Silent Beacon can instantly notify loved ones, friends and emergency personal and/or 911 in an emergency situation. When the device is activated it will send an alert via text message and/or email along with your exact GPS location.

You can also speak with someone on your emergency contact list verbally from the Silent Beacon too. This would be especially handy in the event of an assault where you can quickly describe your attacker in hopes that valuable information can help the authorities capture the assailant quickly.

Here is some addition information about the Silent Beacon.



This brief video hosted by the creator of Silent Beacon provides you with additional information about this personal safety product.


I think everyone will agree that a device like this is greatly needed by just about everyone – young, old, sick, teenagers, women, hikers, campers… the list goes on.

As someone who has a tight budget I need to stick to, price and affordability is a huge factor when considering when to purchase something. My mother in law had a personal safety device when she was still alive and the monthly fee was so much she had to cancel it. What is the point of having the device if the monthly service fee is not affordable?

Compared to other leading personal safety products, Silent Beacon is the most “budget friendly”.


There will soon be a call center option for Silent Beacon for an additional fee for anyone who wants such an option, otherwise the only cost for the Silent Beacon is the cost of the unit it’s self (the companion application is free to download and use).

As a parent I want my children to be able to notify us and emergency people quickly and easily. I would love for them to have a Silent Beacon. I would love to get one for myself too. I travel for blogger related things and I’d feel comfortable knowing I can reach people in case of an emergency. Being in a strange city means I wouldn’t be able to provide my location. I love that the Silent Beacon can provide that valuable information via GPS. I plan on getting 3-4 Silent Beacons as soon as I have the money for them – one for each member of my family.

The Silent Beacon is small and lightweight. You can easily hook it to your key chain, on a backpack, belt loop or even on a chain around your neck.

If you would like more information about Silent Beacon visit the Silent Beacon page on Indiegogo. You can also check out Silent Beacon on Facebook and Twitter.

What do you think about Silent Beacon? Does it sound like something you would like to have for yourself and/or your family? Feel free to share your thoughts. I always love to hear from readers.

Silent Beacon

Silent Beacon


*I have partnered with Silent Beacon to bring you this information. Although compensated the opinions expressed are entirely  my own and not influenced in any way. 



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Summer Road Safety Tips (giveaway ends 7/19/14)


Family heading off on a summer road trip Flickr – Photo Sharing! 14533913873_0d5025b02d_z

Are you gearing up for a summer road trip? Perhaps you are going to visit relatives in another state or take your family on a road trip across the country. If you plan on spending any time in your car this summer you need to take a few moments to think about your safety.

Before engaging on any road trip you should pay you mechanic a visit to make sure you car is in tip top shape. Don’t assume your car is OK. Make sure your breaks are in good shape, oil is changed, tires are inflated and all your fluids are checked.

Travel safety is not only about your car but also your home.

Before you leave on your trip make sure you put a temporary hold on your mail and newspaper deliveries. You wouldn’t want would-be burglars to know you are not at home. You might also want to invest in some programmable lighting sources to go on at night and off in the morning. In addition you should let a trusted neighbor know your not at home and have them keep an eye out on your home.

When you are going on a long road trip chances are your trunk space is overflowing with luggage, toys, games and snacks. It’s important that you also make room for a safety kit.

A safety kit should contain everything you might need in the event your vehicle breaks down. Some suggestions would be;

  • Jumper cables
  • Flashlight
  • First Aid kit
  • Emergency flat tire repair kit
  • Charger for your cellphone
  • Tool Kit
  • Gloves
  • Blankets
  • Non-perishable foods such as nuts and crackers

I would also like to add to this list extra change of clothes for each family member, extra diapers (if you have an infant/toddler traveling with you), spare change (to use a pay phone), things to keep your children occupied and emergency contact numbers.

You should also keep water on hand but keep in mind it’s not a good idea for plastic water bottles to sit in a hot car. I would suggest investing in some BPA-Free water bottles and fill them up prior to your trip and make sure to fill them up throughout your trip so that you are never left low on water.

I might also be a good idea to let a family member know what route you are taking in the event you don’t make it to your destination. That way the Police can retrace your steps and hopefully locate you.

These are just some safety tips to consider before heading off on your summer road trip/trips. State Farm has plenty of more great tips and suggestions on what should be in your emergency road kit. You can find them all on their webpage Summer Driving Tips.

State Farm also created this informative infographic.

State Farm Summer Travel Tips

I especially like the tips for when traveling with children and pets. Parents sometimes forget that children need to get out of the car and stretch their legs a bit from time to time.

For more great tips including teen drivers, safety, finance and more visit LearningCenter.StateFarm.com. For more information about State Farm visit www.StateFarm.com. The links to all of their social media sites can be found on the main State Farm page.

State Farm has generously offered to give a lucky reader a Trunk Safety Makeover Kit to help you get started on your summer traveling. The kit has a retail value of approx. $50.00. Thank you State Farm.

The kit contains;

  • State Farm 2014 Midsize Road Atlas
  • Roadside Emergency Kit
  • First Aid Kit
  • Shoulder Tote
  • Mini LED Flashlight
  • 21 oz. Sportster Mug

This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only and will end on July 19, 2014 at 11:59 PM (EST). The winner will be chosen at random using a random number generator from all eligible entries. The winner will be notified via e-mail and will have three days to reply or a new winner will be chosen in their place.

To enter please comment on this post and share your best summer traveling tip OR why you would like to win this prize package?

For extra entries you can use the Rafflecopter widget (below) but you must complete the initial entry requirement or the additional entries wont’ qualify (I do check). Extra entries are optional.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


*I have partnered with State Farm to give you this information. I received a free trunk makeover kit in exchange for my participation. 

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Be Prepared for Summer Storms and more with SunBell & Little Sun Solar Powered Lights



It inevitable that along with the blue skies and sunny days of summer there is also sever thunderstorms and tornadoes. This is why its imperative that you and your family are always prepared with non-perishable foods, safety supplies, water and of course flashlights and extra batteries.

Just like you check the batteries in your smoke detectors you should always check the batteries in your flashlights and in your emergency kit. You wouldn’t want to find yourself without a light source in the event of an emergency.

We’ve had that happen on more than one occasion – reach for a flashlight when the power goes out only to find that the batteries are dead.

Solar powered light sources are the way to go. Not only do you not have to worry about dead batteries it’s also better for the environment and less expensive then having to purchase batteries several times per year.

Some people think that you need bright sunlight to re-charge a solar powered product. That is not always the case. You can actually charge a solar powered product when it’s overcast outside, it just might take a bit longer to recharge then it would with clear sunlight.

We have a solar powered charger for our cellphones, iPads and tablet. We have yet to use it but it’s good to know it’s available to us in case of emergencies. That last thing you want is a cellphone with a dead battery and no way to charge it.

If you don’t have a solar powered light source for your family yet I’d like to recommend SunBell and Little Sun.


SunBell Solar Lamp is a small, portable lamp and charger. It’s a flashlight, lamp and phone charger all in one. SunBell Solar Lamp gets it’s name (I’m assuming) from it’s bell-like shape.

When you first look at SunBell you might not think its all that impressive. That is until you turn it on.

The SunBell Solar Lamp feature offers you three different lighting levels – dim, regular and bright. Even with dim light it provides enough light to light up a room so that you can walk around without bumping into things. The regular and bright modes provide you with enough light to read a book or even play a game with your family.

The SunBell Solar Lamp can be placed on a table, counter top or even hung up. The “neck” that is part of the flashlight can be used as a “hoop” to hang the lamp on door knobs, tree branches or up on the wall.

In addition to being an impressive solar powered lamp the SunBell is also a flashlight. Simply remove the “neck” of the SunBell and you have a flashlight. You can also keep part of the flashlight tucked into the lamp and use the lighted part like you would a desk top lamp.

SunBell’s light capabilities are cool enough, but it doesn’t stop there. SunBell is also a solar powered charger. You can use it to recharge your cellphone or tablet.

If that wasn’t enough you can also use the SunBell lamp as a speaker to amply the music from your cellphone.

There is A LOT you can do with one little SunBell Solar Lamp.

I keep mine on my desk. I find it handy at night if I need to do something at my desk and I only need light for a few minutes. I do have a lamp but it’s a hassle to access. The SunBell turns on with the press of a button.

This brief video shows you even more about the SunBell Solar Lamp.


I love the SunBell Solar Lamp. Not only is it great for emergencies but also for every day use. Because it’s solar powered you don’t have to worry about batteries or electricity.

SunBell is a must for campers.

For more information visit EarthEasy.com/Sunbell-Solar-Lamp.


Earth Easy also carries another product that is worth mentioning – the Little Sun Solar Powered Lantern. I wouldn’t call it a lantern, per say, but rather a portable light source.

The Little Sun looks just like a bright yellow sun. It comes with a laynard which allowed you to wear it around your neck, tie it on to your backpack or hang it up for hands free use.

The Little Sun Solar Powered Lantern has two settings – regular and bright. You can switch between the two with just the push of a button.

Just like the SunBell, the Little Sun is solar powered. It also packs a lot of light for such a tiny device.


It might look cute and child-like but this powerful little device is great for adults too. This would be perfect for little ones who are afraid of the dark. They could keep it next to their bed for those little “bumps in the night” when they are scared of the dark. This is also great for a child when they are outside when it’s dark. They can wear it around their neck to provide them with light as well as to let others know your child is there.

You can even set a few of them out to provide light for a backyard barbecue, party or pool party.

We use our Little Sun when we walk the dog. Either we put it around our neck for hands free use or we hold it on our hand to provide us with light on a specific location (like when our dog leaves us his “business”).

You can find more information about the Little Sun Solar Powered Lantern on the EarthEasy site too.

Both items are practical for every day use or in case of emergencies. They are also “must haves” for campers, hikers, boating or any outdoor activity where you would require a light source at night.

Be sure to check out the EarthEasy site for more great products.

Little Sun


*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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