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Phone charger

In this day and age it’s uncommon to find people who don’t have a smartphone, tablet or other device that connects them to the world wide web, music and social media. I have to chuckle when I see elderly people with tablets. It must be an amazing thing for people who lived before the time of television to now have movies in the palm of their hands.

If you have smartphones or tablets there is no doubt that at one point or another you have been without power and needed a way to recharge your device. Hopefully it wasn’t when you needed it the most.

Once my phone lost power at the airport and I NEEDED my phone to get in touch with the car service that was picking me up to take me home. It was around midnight too. Thank goodness I was able to get in touch with my husband on a payphone. From that day forward I never travel without back up power for my phone.

There are many portable and non-portable chargers on the market. They are pretty much all the same except every now and then one stands out from the rest. Such is the case of a charging device called Powerslayer.

Powerslayer is a USB charger that can charge your smartphone, tablets and other devices. It’s small, portable and best of all made here in the United States.


Powerslayer is made by a company called Velvetwire.

What makes Powerslayer different from other charging devices is that its a cleverly designed intelligent smartphone charger that integrates device-aware software for a more energy efficient charging process as well as a surge protector for keeping you and your gadgets safe.

In a nutshell it knows when your device is charged and won’t continue to charge it once it’s at full capacity.

That has always been a concern of mine with my phone charger on my desk. On my desk I have a device that I can insert my phone in to charge it. I tend to charge my phone at night when I go to bed. I know it doesn’t take all night to charge my phone but if it’s in the charger it stays on all night and it keeps trying to pump charging power into my phone. I always worry that it will overcharge my phone and essentially cause problems.

With Powerslayer it knows when you device is fully charged and then stops extra power from going into your device. Not only does it protect your device but it also stops “vampire power”. I’ve also seen it referred to as “ghost power” too.

What it means is that even if your device is fully charged the charger continues to draw power (electricity) and wastes it. As a result your electric bill gets higher and higher for no reason.

Velvetwire Powerslayer

Powerslayer is available in different colors


Other devices can draw extra power (electricity) too even when not in use such as your microwave, coffee maker, television and alarm clock. That is why it’s a smart idea to unplug non-essential things when not in use and when you go away on vacation. Keep your fridge plugged in! That you do need to have on 24/7.

Powerslayer knows when your device is charged and turns off charging power so as not to waste electricity. The device knows when to power on/power off when needed (or not needed).

Powerslayer has indicator lights on it to let you know what it’s doing. One light glows when it’s charging, one light glows when it’s fully charged and if you don’t see any lights that means you device is fully charged.

This is not a portable charger in the sense that you can power up when you are out and about. It’s portable in the sense that it’s small in size and can go anywhere with you, even when you travel or go to work.

I have a Powerslayer. I use it now instead of the charging device I had on my desk. I like knowing that when my phone is fully charged there is no extra power going to it. I also like knowing that with Powerslayer it protects your device again power surges too. I don’t know of any other charger for smartphones or tablets that have a surge protector.

If you would like to learn more about Powerslayer you can visit the Velvetwire website, www.Velvetwire.com. They have additional products you might be interested in. My favorite (aside from Powerslayer) is their Premium USB cable, that is because our cats tend to chew on phone cords and I like that this one looks “cat-friendly” – LOL.



*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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Get a “shot” of “energy” whenever you need it from myCharge’s Energy Shot


Cellphone addict

Let’s face it, for most people their smartphone is their “lifeline”. Some people cannot function if they don’t have their smartphone with them 24/7.

I am grateful that I am not “addicted” to my cellphone. Sadly I know my kids are as well as my husband. My husband will wake up from a sound sleep, use the restroom or get a drink, then return to bed only to check for update on Facebook and Twitter.

Seriously? I’m pretty sure nothing “life or death” has occurred on either social media outlet since you last checked two hours ago. Sigh…

I will admit that I need my phone. There have been several instances where I needed a phone and either didn’t have one handy or it was out of a charge. Case in point, the time my car wouldn’t start in the mall parking lot and the time my car died on the side of the road on my way home from the store.

Once my phone charge died when I arrived home from a press trip at 12:00 AM and I had no way of contacting the car service to find out where my driver was. I had to call my husband collect and have him call the car service for me to find out where the driver was and to find out where to meet him. It was such a headache!

There are places you can charge your phone at the airport. Good luck with them. Every time I go to the airport all of the charging stations are taken.

I have a few different portable charges that I make sure to pack with me when I go on press trips. I also keep one in my work pocketbook. My work pocketbook is big because I carry my laptop, mouse and power cord in it as well as my iPad mini and snacks for work in case I get hungry. My real purse (the one I use every day) is very tiny. It’s been jokingly referred to as a wallet with a wrist strap. Essentially it is. It’s not that big and I can only fit my wallet and my car keys in it – that’s it. I certainly don’t have room for a big, bulky portable phone charger. That is until I received the Energy Shot portable charger from a company called myCharge.

myCharge Energy Shot

First and foremost the packaging for the Energy Shot is ingenious. I love it! I loved it so much so I didn’t want to take it out of it’s packaging.

Energy Shot looks EXACTLY like the energy shots that that you drink – the kind you find on the check out counter. I love it!


Energy Shot comes fully charged so you can use it right out of the package. You can also recharge it when the charge runs low so you can always have a backup power source with you at all times.

Energy Shot provides users with 9 hours of talk time. That is A LOT of talk time, especially considering that most people text these days.

The Energy Shot has high efficiency technology to help maximize the power to your device. It also features fast charging technology too which shortens charge time by 25% or more. If you have ever used a portable charge before you know that charging your device can take forever. I like that Energy Shot makes charging your device faster.

Best of all, myCharge Energy Shot is about the size of a tube of lipstick which means you can tuck it in your pocket, purse, backpack or anywhere else.

Energy Shot

A micro USB cable is also included inside the package.

Simply by gently shaking the Energy Shot you can test to see how much of a charge it has left on it. Even the slightest bump will make it light up.

Energy Shot works with Apple, Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC, Nokia and other smartphones.

The Energy Shot can be re-used up to 500 times, so you can get A LOT of use out of this tiny device.

MyCharge Energy Shot is available at many retail locations for around $9.99. It’s a small price to pay for peace of mind. You never want to be stuck without a working cellphone, especially in emergency situations.

For more information about this and other myCharge products visit www.myCharge.com. You can also find the brand on social media. All the links are found on their website.

What do you think about this little “powerhouse” charger? Does it look like something you need to have?



*I received a free product sample to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 





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New Year, New You, New Phone

New Year

I can’t believe the New Year is here. It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating the start of 2014. In just a few hours it will be a whole New Year. It’s amazing (and scary!) how quickly time flies.

As we reflect upon this past year – all the “good” and “bad” times – we also look forward to a brand new year full of hope and possibilities.

This time of the year people look for ways to improve their lives. Many people make resolutions, other people (like myself) prefer to make yearly or monthly goals as we head into the new year.

I’m still narrowing down my goals for 2015. So far I plan on walking more and getting in more exercise. I am really bad about exercising. I NEED to start moving.

I also plan on making regular check ups for all my doctors. I hate going to doctors but I know they are essential for good health.

In addition I want to stay on top of things better and be more organized. I also want to make an effort to squeeze in at least 15 minutes of cleaning/organizing on a daily basis so that I don’t have to waste my entire weekend cleaning.

To add to a “new me” I am planning on coloring my hair before I go back to work on January 5th. I haven’t colored it in a long time and the gray hair is out of control. I want to get rid of the gray so that I don’t appear to look so “old” and “washed out”.

If you are looking forward to “new” things in the New Year, such as a new you and maybe a new job or a new home… why not add a new smartphone to your list.

Have you seen the cool new Motorola Moto X phone yet? It’s completely customizable and you can design it to reflect your personality and style.

I know you can customize your smartphone with a phone case/cover, but Motorola takes it one step further. You can customize the entire phone! You can do it online too and see what the final product will look like before making a purchase.

Motorola Moto X allows you to customize the front, back and accents on the phone. You can even add the amount of memory you want and your own wallpapers. Some options include leather, wood, engraving and your favorite color. You can even engrave your name or special message on the back.

You don’t have to be a “techie” to design your own phone. Simply select your favorite from the available options and watch as your own personalized phone is developed on screen in front of you.

Step 1

Start with a basic design.


Moto Maker 2

Select the front, back, trim and more.


Moto Maker

Some of the options you can choose from to personalize your phone.


Set Up

Customize your wallpaper and greeting too!


Moto Maker 2

You can see how your phone will look on the computer screen as you are designing it. 


See the final design before committing to making a purchase.


The Moto X is 5.2″ in size and is curved to fit perfectly in your hand.

The phone features an HD display and has a voice feature that allows you to use your favorite apps by speaking to the phone.

This phone is really “smart” too. It knows where you are (car, meeting, going to sleep) and can adjust your preferences according to where you are and what you are doing. That is pretty cool. You can even name your voice (you are not stuck with the name the manufacturer names it).

A decent camera is important to me. Moto X has a handy “Best Shot” feature that takes several photos before and after you snap the picture and identifies the best shot for you. It can even organize your photos into a “highlight reel”  with options for special effects and music. I don’t know of any other smartphone that can do that.

You can purchase the Motorola Moto X for $99 with a 2-year contract or $499 without a contract. Some special features, like leather, wood or more gigs cost more.

I love that you can customize this phone and make it YOUR phone. No more hunting down cellphone cases which reflect your personality. Now your entire phone can be totally “YOU”.

For more information about the Motorola Moto X, or to customize your own phone, visit the Motorola website. You can also check out Motorola on Facebook and Twitter.

What do you think of the idea of customizing your own smartphone? Do you love the idea? Feel free to share your thoughts.



I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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Take the Ho-Hum out of the cold winter months with a little help from Panasonic (giveaway ends 1/4/15)


My husband's car BURIED under a lot of snow and my son getting ready to help dig it out (taken a few years ago).

My husband’s car BURIED under a lot of snow and my son getting ready to help dig it out (taken a few years ago).

It’s officially the start of winter. Thankfully we’ve only had one snow storm thus far (and in a perfect world that will be the only one for the season). Already some places have been bombarded with so much snow that it was near impossible to leave your home (people in Buffalo, New York know that all too well).

Some people relish in the cold, winter months. Take my boss for example, she’s super excited about going skiing and snowboarding. My family and I don’t participate in any kind of a winter sport (unless shoveling snow and sliding around the icy covered roads are considered winter sports – ha ha). During the winter months we tend to stick around at home and keep warm. That sounds all well and good but it can be boring – VERY boring.

To pass the time during the winter months my family likes to engage in several activities such as playing games and hosting a Family Movie Night.

We’ve been having Family Movie Night (usually on Saturday nights) since my kids were very little. They used to argue over what movie they wanted to watch. For some odd reason the older then get the less bickering they do as to what we should watch.

We don’t have a fancy television. It doesn’t have any “bells and whistles” like other televisions.

We used to have surround sound. It kind of worked. My husband set it up the wrong way and we didn’t get as much out of it as we should have. For that reason when we re-did our living room he took the surround sound down and got rid of it. Besides, there were too many wires involved and I didn’t like the unsightly wires that were running along the top of the walls to reach the speakers. I was glad to get rid of it. Still, I miss the sound quality from home theater systems.

I cannot begin to tell you how SUPER excited I was when Panasonic reached out to me and offered to send me and my family some products to help make our winter months less boring. One of the products they sent me was a Panasonic Sound Bar Home Theater System (3.1 Channel Sound Bar Home Theater System).

Panasonic SB

The Sound Bar Home Theater System features;

  • 3.1 channel sound
  • Smart networking wireless Bluetooth technology
  • Compatible with 3D signal
  • Wireless down firing subwoofer

The Sound Bar Home Theater System is PERFECT for my family. We don’t need to string wires across the walls and hook them up to external speakers. All the sound is contained in a “bar” shaped device that rests near your television. We have plenty of space on our television stand to place the sound bar at the base of our television.

Hubby reading directions to set up the Sound Bar Home Theater System

Hubby reading directions to set up the Sound Bar Home Theater System

The sound bar is HUGE!

The sound bar is HUGE!

My husband’s eyes were as huge as saucers when he first laid eyes on the Panasonic Sound Bar Home Theater System. He was so excited about it that right after dinner he wanted to set it up.

Sadly we have not been able to set it up as of yet. Unknown to us we need a HDMI cable (not included) to set it up with our television. Since it’s the holiday season and every extra penny we have has gone towards gifts for our kids, family and friends we haven’t had the opportunity to pick one up yet. Thankfully my husband gets paid on the 31st of the month. After he pays the bills we hope we have enough left over to set up the Sound Bar Home Theater System. My husband even has several movies picked out that he wants to watch as soon as it’s set up. They are the kinds of movies (action movies mostly) were high quality sound will enhance the viewing experience.

I’m also looking forward to setting it up. My hearing is not as good as it used to be and it would be nice to hear what is going on without having to turn up the TV volume too high.

This is a nice, small unit. It doesn't take up much room.

This is a nice, small unit. It doesn’t take up much room.

Panasonic WIFI Blu-ray

Another PERFECT “gift” Panasonic sent us is a Blu-ray Player. We have one in our living room, but our daughter loves to watch Blu-rays too. My kids only have a regular DVD player and most movies we get these days are Blu-ray movies. In order for my daughter to watch the movies she needs to be in the living room. That is fine but when my husband or I are watching TV she is unable to watch the movie she wants to watch if it’s on Blu-ray. For that reason she’s been begging us for a Blu-ray player. She’s also going off to college in 2015 so a Blu-ray player would be great for her to take with her.

Panasonic sent us a Blu-ray player that not only plays Blu-rays and DVDs, it’s also WIFI enabled and can access things like Netflix. Our daughter watches Netflix all the time. Talk about the perfect gift! Even when she’s off to college she can still access Netflix off the Panasonic Blu-ray player.

My husband joked that we should swap Blu-ray players and we keep the Panasonic and give her our Blu-ray player.

Blu-ray player

The Panasonic Blu-ray Player (Smart Network WiFi Blu-ray DiscPlayer DMP-BD91) has the following features;

  • Connect to home WiFi for streaming movies and social media
  • Access content on networked devices in any room with DLNA
  • Create personalized TV home screens with Multi-User Mode
  • Built-in WiFi for smart networking features

This is going to be great for the long winter months when we’re stuck inside. Now my kids can watch all the Blu-ray movies they have been wanting to watch while still being able to enjoy Netflix.

We haven’t set this up yet. My husband took it out of the box to check it out (that is why he mentioned swapping Blu-ray players – he likes what he sees). We put it back together and wrapped it for our daughter to give to her on Christmas morning. She’s going to be thrilled! I’ll update this post with a photo of her opening the package.


Last, but not least, Panasonic sent me a Rugged Camera – the LUMIX DMC-TS5 Wi-Fi Enabled Lifestyle Tough Camera. It’s considered a “tough” and “rugged” camera because it’s waterproof, dust proof, shock proof and freeze proof. Talk about the perfect winter camera! This camera can withstand snow, ice and the freezing cold temperatures (please see product information for specifics).

In addition this camera has WIFI which means you can share your photos via your smart phone or tablet. You don’t have to plug the camera into your computer, upload the photos, then share them on Facebook and such. You can do that from your smartphone or tablet. Simply use WIFI to wirelessly transfer the photos to your smartphone or tablet.

Unlike other cameras the Panasonic LUMIX has built in filters. For those of you who love to use filters on your Instagram and other photos, now you can tweak your photos via the camera and make them “share worthy” as soon as you snap them.

I LOVE this camera. I really, really, REALLY love this camera!

Originally I was going to give it to our son (he wants a new camera) but after playing around with this camera I couldn’t give it up. It’s awesome!

I have a $$$ camera but I refuse to take it to certain places because I worry about it getting dropped, bumped, wet or broken. It’s also a bit of a nuisance have to lug around the camera bag. With the Panasonic LUMIX I can put it in my purse and not have to worry about it. I do plan on buying a small cover for it, but as far as being worried about it being bumped, that is not an issue. This camera is made to be used in adventurous situations. It’s not meant to be treated like a fine piece of china like most super expensive cameras.

Setting this up was easy – even for someone who is “technologically challenged” like me.

As far as pictures are concerned they are amazing! Here are a few examples that I have taken with this camera.






Some photos were altered a bit with filters (such as the picture of Olaf and our cat).

I’m surprised at how well the camera captured the neon “can” light considering the photo was taken in near dark condition. The color in the photo is exactly how the color is in person.

It was even able to capture a crisp and clear picture of our fish who were moving around at the time the photo was snapped.

As a blogger it’s important that I have a quality camera, especially when I’m on the go. This camera is small enough to fit in my purse or pocket. It even has a wrist strap so I can access it immediately.

Now I can take photos for my blog, upload and share them right away – even when I’m not at home near my computer.

I’ll let my son take my spare camera. I’m keeping this one for myself.

I also plan on taking plenty of winter pictures with the Panasonic LUMIX. Now I can capture photos of my kids having a snowball fight without worrying about being hit in the camera by a flying snowball, or capture moments (like the one below) of my daughter blowing a handful of freshly falling snow at me. The photos (below) was taken with another camera years ago.


I can’t wait for the summer. I’ve always wanted to take photos in the pool and at the beach. Now I don’t have to worry about breaking my camera since I have one specifically made for family adventures.

THANK YOU PANASONIC for making our upcoming winter months much more merrier. No more winter doldrums for us.

For more information about these and other Panasonic products visit Panasonic.com. You can also find the brand on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube.

Blu-ray player

Panasonic has graciously offered to give a lucky reader a Panasonic Blu-ray Player (Smart Network WiFi Blu-ray DiscPlayer DMP-BD91 – the same one we received).

This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only and will end on January December 4, 2015 at 11:59 PM (EST). The winner will be chosen at random using a random number generator from all eligible entries. The winner will be notified via e-mail and will have three days to reply or a new winner will be chosen in their place.

To enter please comment on this post and tell me why you would like to win the Panasonic Blu-ray Player?

For extra entries you can use the Rafflecopter widget (below) but you must complete the initial entry requirement or the additional entries wont’ qualify (I do check). Extra entries are optional.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Protect your home and family with HealthySole



I wouldn’t consider myself a “germophobe,” but I do worry about what germs are floating around my home and settling in on the places we touch most (door knob, light switches, toilet handle, faucet, fridge door…).

My kids are teenagers and they know the importance of washing their hands and know not to put their hands near their faces. Even so, germs find their way into your home. Even the cleanest homes can have germs.

I’m always wiping frequently used areas with disinfecting wipes to protect me and my family. However there is one part of my home I never gave much thought to when it comes to germs – the floor!

Here are some eye opening facts.

Germs live longer on the soles of your shoes than anywhere else in your home! Recent studies by The University of Arizona and ABC News have shown that the soles of shoes carry millions of units of bacteria, averaging 421,000 coliform forming units. Your average public toilet seat has less than 1000 units of bacteria. Up to 99% of these pathogens are transferred from the soles of your shoes to the floors of your home causing infections and disease. Pathogens can also become airborne and fall on other surfaces.

Even as an adult I sometimes sit on the floor. I play with our pets on the floor. I am wrapping holiday gifts while sitting on the floor. And when I have to look through my files under my desk I sit on the floor. Ewww… now I’m worried about sitting on the floor.

Think about your shoes and all that you step on during the course of the day. Take me for example. I walk our dog in the grass. I never really thought about all the animal waste that I step through. Obviously I don’t walk on animal poop (unless by accident). But other critters poop (birds, mice, skunks…) that you might not see, not to mention animal urine. People also spit on the ground (a very disgusting habit), cough, sneeze and other things. Your shoes are walking through all of this – and then you walk through your home with the same shoes. Then you and your family (especially little children) step on the floor or sit/play on the floor, which means you are coming in contact with who-knows-what you picked up from outside. It makes me not want to walk out of my home ever again or make people where those little shoe booties before coming into my home.


There is a device that has been tested for efficiency, that kills the germs on our shoes BEFORE we enter our homes. The product is called HealthySole.

HealthySole is a device that uses UVC – nature’s germ killer – to kill the germs on your shoes and significantly reduce infectious surface and airborne microbes that enter your home on the soles of shoes.

UVC light is found in sunlight and it has been used as a form of germicidal disinfection for over 100 years.

How does HeathlySole work? It’s simple.

First you need to charge up the unit. I like that it’s chargeable because I don’t have an outlet outside of our door, or near the door, to plug it in.

When you are ready to enter your home simply step on HealthySole. When you do the small “blade-like” pieces (the ones sticking up in the photo) get pushed down, indicating that someone is stepping on the unit which triggers it to turn on. Then just stand on the unit for 8 seconds (yes,  just 8 seconds) the device will indicate it’s done and you are welcome to enter your home. That’s it! That’s all you need to do.

HealthySole was designed for adult size shoes, however they have a small, fabric piece that easily fits on top to accommodate children’s shoes.

Child Shoe


You cannot leave HealthySole outside. The elements will ruin it. Instead keep it inside your door so that people can step on it as soon as they come inside.

I would also watch your pets. My cats think its a place to sit and lie down. I don’t know what affect, if any, the UV light would have on them but I am not willing to take chances. I shoo them away as soon as I see them on it.

Although I cannot test out the product from a scientific level, I do know that the company has had HS independently tested by several leading UVC research scientists from the US Government, CDC to Harvard Medical School to name a few.

HealthySole would make a great addition to any home. It might also make a good addition to places such as daycare centers.

For more information about HealthySole visit www.HealthySole.com. You can also find them on Twitter (@Healthy_Sole), Facebook and YouTube.

They also have a blog (the link is found on their site) which some wonderful articles that I found very interesting and helpful.

What you think of HealthySole? Does it sound like a product you would want in your home?



*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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A practical gift for computer users and “techies” from NetGear



Most people are finishing up their shopping list for the holiday (or at least attempting to). I’m sure there are still some gift that need to be purchased, especially for those hard to buy for people.

Many people stay away from “practical” gifts because they see them as “boring”. That is not always the case. Sometimes the practical gifts are the best gifts of all.

We live in a high tech world. Growing up I never dreamed of type of technology we have now. I still remember my GIANT IBM computer that had a black screen with a yellowish green text. We didn’t’ have smartphones, tablets and the wide variety of WiFi enabled products that we do today.

Many people have routers in their home which enables them to connect to the internet wirelessly – meaning your phone, tablet and laptop don’t have to be connected to the wall outlet where the internet service provider’s line is.

These days many homes have multiple devices, especially if you have a large family. In our family of four we have four iPads, three iPods, four smartphones, five laptops (mine is connected – the other three are wireless), two Kindles and two additional tablets. We also have a few other devices that run off the WiFi such as a recipe reader and a Cube that streams photos off our social networking sites (that review will come at another time).

Routers were not originally made to handle so many WiFi devices at one time, especially is multiple devices are being used at the same time. For this reason you need a router that can handle all the demands of your WiFi enable products.

What you need is a “powerhouse” of a router that can tackle all the demands. You need something like NetGear’s Nighthawk X6 Tri-Band WiFi Router.

I should stop right here and let you know I am not a “techie”. I don’t “get” some techie things. Thankfully my hubby is a computer tech and is able to explain things to me in “layman’s terms.”

NetGear’s Nighthawk X6 Tri-Band WiFi Router has a sci-fi look to it. It looks like some kind of robotic alien bug.


I’d take a photo of ours but it’s buried under the desk. I have a corner desk and it’s underneath towards the corner/wall to keep it way from the cats who love to chew on wires and sit on things.

My husband had no problem setting it up. He’s a computer tech so I asked him if he thought someone like me (a non-tech) could set it up easy enough and he is confident that I could. The only reason why I didn’t is because I wasn’t sure what wires/plugs to unplug and move around since there are a ton of things hooked up under the desk (laptop, desktop, printer, lamp, fan…).

I know he had to do something on the computer in regards to this (configure perhaps?), but whatever it was took just a few minutes. It seemed like the route was up and running in 1-2-3.

Here are more details about the NetGears Nighthawk X6 Tri-Band WiFi Router.

  • Get the fastest WiFi speed available – up to 3.2Gbps
  • Tri-Band WiFi delivers more WiFi for more devices
  • 6 High performance antennas for maximum range
  • Smart-Connect designates slower and faster devices to separate WiFi bands
  • 1GHz dual core processor with 3 offload processors
  • Beamforming+ improves wireless range and reliability
  • USB 3.0 port offers high-speed, USB storage-ready access
  • Easily manage your home network with the NETGEAR genie app

So far we have had no issue with the router. My laptop is connected, which is the device I use most of the time, so it wouldn’t be affected by this router.

When I use my little laptop (it’s more like a netbook), any of the tablets, Kindles or my smartphone I have not had an issue with the WiFi connection. Everything seems to work smoothly and with no lags or failure to connect, even if stormy weather.

NetGear Nighthawk

Our condo is very small so everywhere you go in our  home you get a great WiFi connection. The NetGears Nighthawk X6 Tri-Band WiFi Router works well in larger homes from what I can tell from reading about the device.

I’ve noticed that my little laptop (netbook) and iPads seem to work a bit better and faster then before. My smartphone, tablets and Kindles seem to work the same as they used to.

My kids have not complained of any issues with their laptops or smartphones.

My husband is impressed by the router. He said it’s much better than the “piece of garbage” (to quote him) that we had before.

We watch A LOT of Netflix too and we have had no streaming issues whatsoever which is nice. No one wants any lagging when watching a film.

Overall our experience has been positive. We really like the NetGears Nighthawk X6 Tri-Band WiFi Router.

If you are looking for a practical gift, or a gift for a techie, the NetGears Nighthawk X6 Tri-Band WiFi Router would make a great gift. It might be a bit pricey for a single holiday gift, but you’ll get much use out of it and it’s something that we all need in this high tech world we live in.

More more information about this and other NetGear products visit www.NetGear.com. They have other routers available too.

NetGear can also be found on social media. All links are found on their home page.

Do you ever have issues with your router? Do you find that you have too many WiFi gadgets on your router that is slowing things down or causing problems? Feel free to share your thoughts.



*I received a free product in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 


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