Access your camera’s photos instantly with Eye-Fi


PHOTO CREDIT: Kimberly V. (SheScribes.com)

I love taking pictures. My husband always jokes with me about how I can take 100 pictures of a butterfly just to get the shot I want. A simple walk in the park with my camera can result in hundreds of photos. I usually weed through them when I upload them to my computer and only keep the best shots.

I’m not a great photographer by any means, but I do think I capture some great photos from time to time. My animal photos tend to come out the best.

One of the things on my “Bucket List” is to see one of my photos in a magazine. I’d never made it into National Geographic, but many another publication. I have had a few photos end up in brochures and in the newspaper, but my dream is to see a photo in a magazine or even a book.

Here are a few of my personal favorites (below as well as the first photo above).

PHOTO CREDIT: Kimberly V. (SheScribes.com)

PHOTO CREDIT: Kimberly V. (SheScribes.com)

PHOTO CREDIT: Kimberly V. (SheScribes.com)

When I know I took a great photo I want nothing more than to share it right away on Facebook, Instagram and other social media outlets. The only problem is I have to wait until I get home. Then I have to whip out my camera’s plug, power up my computer and wait for the photos to transfer over. Then I can scroll through the photos to find the ones I want to share.

Most recently I was at an anniversary party for my aunt and uncle. I took a lot of photos on my camera. My cousins asked me to share the photos with them. I had to wait until I got home to upload them on to my computer.

Thee only way I can think of to share photos instantly is to take photos with your cellphone. Not all cellphones take great pictures. When I know I am going to be taking special photos I want to make sure I am using my best camera (my Nikon).

There is another way and it’s as simple as popping in a memory card into your camera.

Eye-Fi Mobi wireless memory cards make sharing photos easier than ever. Simply download the FREE app and enter in the verification code found on the back of your Eye-Fi memory card case. Then pop the Eye-Fi memory card into your camera, sync it up to your mobile device (cellphone, iPad…) and you’re ready to do.

Eye Fi

I delete photos once I forward them to where ever I want them to go. I put a few up as examples of what you would see in the Eye-Fi app on your mobile device.

When you want to transfer photos to your  mobile device from your camera go into your mobile device’s setting, select the Eye-Fi option and watch as your photos transfer from your camera to your device. It’s take easy!

With the Eye-Fi memory card you can take pictures with your best camera and share them with friends and family almost instantly. This is especially great if you are on vacation and want to share vacation photos instantly and not have to wait until you get home.

Being able to instantly transfer photos from your camera to your mobile device also gives you the option to crop, rotate and “tweak” your photos before you send them. For example, Instagram gives you a lot of editing options for your photos.

Here are some other “perks” of using the Eye-Fi memory card.

Photos not where you need them? Mobi will automatically transfer pictures wirelessly from your digital camera to your smartphone, tablet, or computer – so you never have to put off (and ultimately forget) storing, printing or sharing your photos.

Not enough space?  Your Mobi card lives in your camera, and offloads files as they come in.  That means no more tangled cords to keep straight, and no teensy memory cards to juggle in and out of your camera.  Essentially, Eye-Fi Mobi is the last memory card you will ever have to buy.

Computer hard drive crashed? Pictures are safely stored in Eye-Fi’s cloud. If your computer crashes or you lose your camera in the clutter, you can still access your photo library anytime, anywhere.

Mobi Eye-Fi

Sharing photos is as easy as pressing a button. Or you can send them to your wireless printer.

The Eye-Fi memory cards range in price from $50 (8 gig) to $100 (32 gig). Each one can hold a massive amount of pictures.

  • 8 gig – 4,000 photos / 3 hours of video
  • 16 gig – 8,000 photos / 6 hours of video
  • 32 gig – 16,000 photos / 12 hour of video

The price might be more than other memory cards, but with the Eye-Fi you get that instant satisfaction of being able to share your photos right away. You don’t have to wait until you get home to upload them on your computer.

You can switch the Eye-Fi card between cameras too (as long as they use the same kind of memory card). I have used this in two different cameras.

If you would like more information, or make a purchase, visit www.EyeFi.com.

What do you think about the Eye-Fi memory card? Does it look like a product you need to have? Feel free to share your thoughts.

Eye-Fi Memory Cards


*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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DiDi and TuTu – Whimsical and Fun Interactive Toys for Boys and Girls



Technology is amazing. When I was a young girl, I played with blocks, bricks, dolls, plush animals, built forts and skipped rocks. Never in a million years could I have imagined that in the near future hi-tech toys would have the capability to not only speak to you, but also interacted with your kids. Then again, I could have never imagined things like computers, iPads or iPhones. They didn’t exist when I was a child. We made phone calls the old fashion way – with a corded phone that had a rotary dial. Do you remember those?

Technology has changed a lot since my teens were children, and that wasn’t that long ago. That said, there are plenty of educational and interactive toys on the market these days that I know I would have purchased for my children when they were younger.

I recently had the opportunity to test one such toy for a Kickstarter campaign. Her name is TuTu, and she is a plush, iPad powered rabbit.

Do you remember the Tamagochi? ? The tiny key chained creature that the kids of Gen Y collected and cared for? The creature needed you to feed it, give it water and play with it. The DiDi and TuTu play toys remind me a lot of a Tamagotchi.

I received the cute TuTu plush bunny to try out. The toy is not that big – maybe a little bigger than a Barbie doll. It’s size makes it ideal for young children to tote around with them. She’s lightweight and easy to carry and snuggle with.

Tutu can be enjoyed and played with “as is”, however if you download the FREE app from the app store (TuTu Dreams) your child can not only interact with TuTu but also play games.

Setting up Tutu is super easy. You simply download the FREE app. Then you unzip the zipper found in the back of Tutu and insert your iPhone inside (if you have a case on your iPhone you’ll need to remove it). Make sure to line up the Tutu face on the app with the hole on your Tutu so you can see the entire face.

Tutu and Accessories

To wake Tutu up just touch her face. Once she’s awake, your child can engage in real play with Tutu.

Tutu has a sweet voice that is sure to appeal to children. I’d go as far to say she sounds like she’s a child. Therefore, it’s as if your child is interacting with someone his or her age.

The toy comes with accessories like a carton of milk, apple, carrot, toothbrush and a special ring. Each of these accessories can be used with TuTu. Sometimes she’ll request something (for examples she’ll say she’s thirsty) and your child simply has to gently place the appropriate item on Tutu’s face. When she told me she was thirsty, I gave her milk and when I took the milk away she had milk on her face (like a “milk mustache”) and she licked it off her lips. How cute!


TuTu is not only interactive, she’s educational too.

One of TuTu’s games is one where players identify fruit (apple, orange, banana, etc). Once they are familiar with the fruit there is a little game where the fruit rains down from the sky inside bubbles and players needs to “pop” the bubbles to reveal one of each of the different fruits. It’s a very easy game to play. I’m guessing a three year old could play it.

There are six fun and engaging games that your child can play with TuTu.

The toy also teaches life skills like brushing teeth. Whenever Tutu is finished eating she will ask your child to brush her teeth with the toothbrush accessory. Hopefully this will inspire your child to want to do the same after eating.

Check out this video that shows you a bit more about Tutu.


This toy works with both the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The toy and the app were created by a company called Roam & Wander.

As a parent I really enjoy this adorable toy. It helps to inspire real life play and encourages your child’s imagination.

There are so many interactive apps you can download on your phone or iPad but none as unique as Tutu that comes to life when you combine the app with the toy and accessories (the accessories are included).

I didn’t get the opportunity to try out Didi. Didi is similar to Tutu except Didi is a bear that is made to be used with the iPad. Unlike TuTu, which has one screen for the face, DiDi turns the upper part of the iPad’s screen into DiDi’s face and the lower portion of the iPad into the belly for games, activities and books.

DiDi will available on Kickstarter April 12 for the ridiculously low price of $25, which will include the DiDi toy, four of his magical accessory toys that interact with DiDi and access to the app. Also, there will be a special deal for the first 100 customers, who will get a DiDi toy and a TuTu toy, valued at around $100, for only $25.

If you are looking for an interesting gift for a child or you want to give your child an educational interactive toy, check out TuTu at www.roamandwander.com or DiDi on Kickstarter here.

Their second toy DiDi is similar to TuTu, but for the iPad.

What do you think about these toys? Do you think it’s something you would like to get for your child/grandchild? Feel free to comment and share your thoughts.

 DiDi and TuTu


*I have partnered with Roam and Wander to bring you this information. Although compensated the opinions expressed are entirely my own and not influenced in any way.

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Celliant® Recovery Linens – The Most Unique Linens I’ve Ever Experienced



My husband and I have had to sleep in the living room for almost thirteen years. When we originally moved into our shoebox sized condo it was just me, my husband and our soon to be daughter. We had hoped to move to a larger place someday soon. That never happened and our son was born a few years later. Suddenly our condo felt like the size of a shoebox, which has only been made worse over the years as our children grew up.

My husband and I ended up giving up the master bedroom to the kids when they were little and move ourselves into the living room. We started off on a sofa bed. That was way too uncomfortable so we switched to an air mattress.

After having to replace the very expensive air mattress twice we switched to a daybed/trundle bed. By day it was a daybed. At night my husband’s bed would slid out and pop up from under the daybed. Although it was more comfortable than a sofa bed or air mattress it was awkward to have people over because instead of sitting on a couch they were sitting on my bed. They daybed also didn’t make for a comfortable place to sit at night when trying to watch TV or read. My husband and I were also sleeping in different beds and we didn’t like that. We were a married couple – we wanted to sleep in the same bed, not next to each other in different beds.

We have come full circle. We’ve been sleeping on a sofa bed – again – for the past few years.

If you have ever spent a lot of time sleeping on a sofa bed you know just how incredible uncomfortable they can be. Even with a so called “premium mattress” we still wake up feeling like we got ran over by a truck. Both my husband I toss and turn at night and wake up feeling sore and stiff, not to mention groggy because we didn’t get a quality night’s sleep.

We’ve tried to think of ways to make going to bed a more enjoyable experience, not a dreaded one. Super soft and comfy bedding helps. At least it makes going to sleep a bit more inviting. Too bad the end result is the same (waking up feeling unrested, sore, not getting a decent night’s sleep…).

Several weeks ago I was asked if I wanted to review bedding called Celliant® Recovery Linens. We already had high quality, super soft bedding that we loved. What intrigued me about the Celliant® Recovery Linens is what is found woven throughout the linens.


Celliant®, the creators of the first responsive textile, has introduced a bedding line Celliant® Recovery Linens, which I
haven’t heard about until now. 

The Celliant technology, features active minerals ground into tiny particles 100x thinner than human hair, that are weaved into the sheets to convert body heat into infrared energy that reflects back into the body.  The technology actually recycles your body’s own energy and just as infrared saunas are proven to have positive effects on the body, so does the fabric.  It also increases circulation, tissue oxygen levels and helps with body temperature regulation.  It can even help with muscle stiffness, soreness and swelling and boost your actual energy.

Celliant is the most established and clinically tested infrared textile in the industry, with more than eight clinical studies, including completed and published research at the University of California, Texas A&M and Loyola University Chicago.

The Celliant® Recovery Linens have been scientifically proven to heighten circulation and elevate tissue oxygen levels by increasing Nitric Oxide levels in the body. As a result,  Celliant® Recovery Linens, have shown to not only increase energy and stamina, but work to alleviate pain and improve overall sleep quality.

Increase energy? Alleviate pain? Improve sleep quality? Sign me up!

I was sent to review a Celliant® Recovery Linens sheet set and mattress cover. The mattress cover is also dust mite and allergen proof.

When you look at the sheets and mattress cover they don’t look or feel out of the ordinary. They just look like regular sheets. How are these sheets going to improve the quality of my sleep in a scientific way?

My husband and I put them on our bed that night. We slipped into our bed like we normally do. We didn’t noticed anything different about them. The just seemed like regular sheets – although they did feel comfy.

I wasn’t expecting to spring out of bed the following morning feeling like a new woman. I knew I’d have to give the sheets time before I noticed anything different. I also wanted my husband to provide me with his feedback.

I didn’t wake up each morning and do a “mental checklist” – Do I sleep well? Do I feel more energized? Did I have a better quality of sleep? Nope. I didn’t do that. I just wanted to sleep in my bed like I normally do and take it from there.

Mattress Cover

I did miss a whole week sleeping on the sheet due to being out on the West coast.

Within a few days I did notice that I wasn’t tossing and turning as much. I don’t know if that was due to the sheets or something else. Sometimes I just can’t seem to get comfortable.

I also have a tendency to kick the sheets and comforter off because I get too hot, then put them back on because I am too cold and basically do that all night (it drives my husband nuts). I noticed that I wasn’t doing that as frequently as I used to. My toes still get cold (I think that is a thyroid issue) but the rest of my body is at a comfortable temperature.

The first thing I noticed that I can attribute to the sheets is that I seem to be sleeping better. I started to wake up feeling as if I really did get a good night’s sleep. Normally I wake up feeling completely UNrested. I would wake up as if I had no sleep at all. I never get 8 hours of sleep – or even close to it. I normally get 4-5 hours at best (except on the weekends when I can sleep in). I was waking up feeling like I had more hours of sleep even though I didn’t.

I do know that I have been able to accomplish more during the morning then I have in a long time. I think my multiple posts per day shows that. LOL! I feel like I have better mental stamina and clarity then I have in a long while. I am better able to focus and concentrate on the task at hand. Dare I even say that I feel like I have more energy and “oomph” to do the things I dread doing, like cleaning? I used to put it off until late in the day but now I will stop and dust a room and/or vacuum it and get back to blogging. I have never done stuff like that before. It’s nice. I feel like I am accomplishing more during the day then I have in ages.

We sleep on a sofa bed. It’s impossible to avoid the pain of sleeping on top of that dreaded bar, however I feel like the other minor aches and stiffness that comes from age and/or lack of exercise have diminished a bit. I’ll NEVER spring out of bed (unless there was an emergency). Normally in the morning I swing my legs off the side of the bed and sit there for a few minutes to wake up and get ready for my day. Then I stand up and stretch out all the kinks in my legs and back before I get ready to start the day. I normally feel stiff but I haven’t been feeling that way much lately. Is that due to the sheets?

Sheet Set - My packaging looked a little different.

Sheet Set – My packaging looked a little different.

My husband tells me that he feels more rested and more alert in the morning too. He has the same pain in his shoulder that I have from the bar in the bed. When I asked him if he feels any kind of discomfort or stiffness when he gets us he tells me “no”. He feels like he is getting a better nights sleep, which he said is no easy task sleeping on a sofa bed. He also says that he feels like he can fall asleep quicker and he tends not to wake up in the middle of the night (some night’s I’ll wake up to find him watching TV because he woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep).

He doesn’t like when I am away from home. He says he misses having me sleeping next to him. When I was gone he said he fell asleep pretty quickly which he liked because he didn’t have to lie there missing me.

I am not a scientist and I have no way of testing the sheets to see if they do what they are suppose to do. I have however researched Celliant® and found that the technology and material is being applied to not only bedding but also clothing, veterinary care products and orthopedic products. It’s being used by big name brands like Puma, Sealy, New Balance and Reebok. There has to be something behind this amazing material.

Overall I am very pleased with the sheets. Knowing that I am getting a better night’s sleep and feeling more alert and awake in the morning makes these sheets worth their weight in gold. I feel rested and I’m able to accomplish more throughout the day without feeling run down or groggy.

If you would like to learn more about these linens and other Celliant® products visit www.Cellianttx.com. To learn more about Celliant® it’s self visit Celliant.com. There is A LOT of information about the material on the site. It’s very interesting.

Have you experienced anything made from Celliant®? If so, what did you think about the product? Feel free to share your thoughts.



*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and my husband’s.

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The Jackery Bar – Don’t Leave Home Without It



A few weeks ago I was out in Los Angeles on a press trip. Having my phone charged was a priority for me. I needed my phone to take photo, tweet on Twitter and keep in touch with my family. I also used it to record interviews and take notes.

Several years ago I was also out on the West coat and forgot to take my charging plug with me. What a HUGE mistake that was! I had to use my phone as little as possible. When I arrived back in New York it was late at night and my phone was completely dead. I had no way of calling the car service to find out where to meet them. I also didn’t have any cash on me. I ended up calling my husband collect, late at night, and having him call the car service on my behalf. It took a few phone calls but I was finally able to locate my driver.

Another time I was on a press trip I remembered my plug. I needed to charge my phone while at the airport. As you can imagine all available outlets were already in use. I eventually found one but it wasn’t working properly. I had to hold the plug into the outlet the entire time in order for it to make contact and charge. Ugh! It was a nightmare.

This time when I went to the West coast I was determined NOT to have issues charging my phone. I wanted to make sure I could charge it no matter where I was.

I was sent to review a device called a Jackery Bar. It’s a small put powerful portable battery that can charge your phone a few times with it before you need to recharge the Jackery Bar again.

Jackery Bar Image

Talk about a lifesaver! I would have been lost without the Jackery Bar on my trip. I used it every day I was out there and never once worried about running out of power to take pictures, notes or just to say “hello” to my family.

The Jackery Bar is about the size of a bar of soap. It’s small and lightweight and easily fit inside my very small purse. I kept the Jackery Bar in the inside pocket and the plug for my iPhone in the outside pocket. When my phone needed some “juice” I would insert the plug into my phone and the other end into the Jackery Bar. In no time my phone was powered at 100% again.

You can charge the Jackery Bar through your computer or a wall outlet. While I was away I didn’t bring my laptop. I simply charged the Jackery Bar in one of the outlets in my hotel room. Each night I would plug in the Jackery Bar to charge it and plug in my phone so that I new I had 100% when I left the hotel room for the day.

The Jackery Bar charged my iPhone about as quickly as it would if I plugged my phone into the wall to charge it. Because they use the same plug I was able to charge my iPad with the Jackery Bar too.

The Jackery Bar, when fully charged, should be able to recharge your iPhone three times before you need to recharge the Jackery Bar again. That means you’ll get a lot of charging out of the Jackery Bar. I have had other charging devices that would recharge my iPhone once then I needed to recharge the charger again. That Jackery Bar certainly gives you much more charging power than most portable chargers.

Jackery Bar iPad

You can get 500+ recharges out of the Jackery Bar so it should last the average person many years. It also has a “standby” time of six months which means when fully charged your Jackery Bar will still hold that charge for up to six months, unless you use it before then.

It’s compatible with other devices (not just Apple devices). It uses a standard USB port.

There is even a built in flashlight. I like that idea. A flashlight is not something people would think to travel with, nor would anyone want to carry one around when they travel. The Jackery Bar has one built in so there is no extra product to worry about.

For around $30 you cannot beat this little workhorse. It’s well worth every penny. I would have been lost without mine.

For more information please visit www.JackeryUSA.com. You can find Jackery Bars as several retail locations. I have seen them sold on Amazon (in different colors too).



*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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Jazz up your camera with fashionable accessories from Mod


Mod Camera Straps

Not too long ago my beloved camera took it’s last picture. I’ve had it for many years and it decided it was time for me to put the lens cap on it and remove the batteries for good. She was a good old camera and is greatly missed.

I need a camera. Not only do I need a camera to take pictures of thing I blog about but I also enjoy taking pictures of my family, pets and the world around me.

I have been agonizing about which camera to buy. I wanted to go up a few notches and get a better quality camera than my previous one – one with a lot of “bells and whistles” and a camera where I can use different lenses.

I lucked out and came across a camera “kit” (camera and two lenses) that was on clearance. There was nothing wrong with it. The store just purchased too many of them for the holiday season and this was the only one left.


Nikon D3100

I ended up saving around $100 for the camera. It’s not the one I truly wanted, but it’s a start. What I bought is a good introductory level camera that will help me learn more about DSL cameras and all the different things you can do with them.

Now that I have a beautiful new camera I also needed a new camera case. My new camera is twice as big as my old one and won’t fit in the camera bag that I already had. I needed to find a new one.

I looked on Amazon (my go to shopping spot) figuring they would have a nice assortment. They had some great bags but nothing really stood out to me. I wanted something with “personality” and something other than basic black. I couldn’t find anything that I liked.

Around the same time I bought my new camera I received an e-mail from a company called Mod. Mod carries BEAUTIFUL camera straps. I really wanted a nice strap for my camera (the one that came with it was “boring”). I asked Mod if I could do a review and they said “yes”. Yeah!

It was hard to narrow down which one I liked best. They are all so pretty! I eventually decided upon the Premium Strap called Kaleidoscope. I liked how colorful it was. It looks like a fun strap and I’m a fun person so I knew it would be perfect for me.


I noticed on their site that they also carry camera bags and totes. Since I was in the market for one and I have not found one I liked thus far I wanted to see what Mod had available.

Mod has what they call “drop in” camera bags. They are drawstring bags that slip over your camera. When combined with the camera strap it gives the appearance of a small purse.

I asked the kind people at Mod if I could review a camera bag too and they happily agreed. Thank you Mod! :-)!

Since I was already getting the camera strap in the Kaleidoscope design I thought it would be fitting to get the camera bag in the same design.


As you can see from the above photo from the Mod website the camera bag and strap combined give the illusion of a purse/pocketbook.

I was super excited for the strap and bag to arrive. The moment they did I put the strap on the camera and tucked it neatly inside the bag.

The strap is just as bright and colorful as it appears on the computer screen.

The underside of the strap (the part that rests on you body) is line with a super soft, plush material making it VERY comfortable to wear. Unlike leather straps which can stick and rub on your skin, this plush strap rests comfortably across your body.

You can wear it over your shoulder or across your chest (as pictured). I’m a “big girl” and I was able to wear it across my chest comfortably.

The camera bag is made of the same material both inside and out. The inside is just as soft and plush as the strap.

The drawstring is made of a ribbon. I was concerned that it might slide open but that never happened. When you pull the straps closed it stays closed until you open it up again.

Unlike bulky camera bags this bag is light weight and enjoyable to tote along with me.

I took this bag on a trip to the West coast with me. My ONLY concern with the bag is that plane rides can be very bumpy and I worried about the camera getting knocked around under the seat in front of me (I had placed it in a larger tote bag). Thankfully my camera survived the trip.

Mod Strap and Bag

If you are planning on using the overhead compartment to store your camera or checking it with your luggage you will need a sturdier case because this will not protect your camera against much abuse.

For day to day use this camera bag I perfect.

I currently keep this on my camera at all times. The only time I would swap it out is if I was going to travel again, which I rarely do.

Since the strap is on my camera it was hard to take a picture of my camera with the strap and bag so I had to use my cellphone. They pieces are much nicer in person.

I am THRILLED with the strap and the bag. I love them both and I really think they show off my personality too.

Mod carries a variety of patterns, designs and colors. They also carry other accessories like bags for camera lenses (I plan on picking up a couple to match my camera bag) and Cap Savers which help keep your lens cap safe and helps you not to lose it. I found out the hard way that you ned something like this.  My cap kept falling off and I almost lost it a few times. Mod’s Cap Savers are pretty too – kind of like jewelry for your camera.

If you are looking for a new camera strap or an easy, fashionable way to tote around your camera, look no further than Mod.

For more information or to check out the product line visit www.ModStraps.com. You can also find them on the various social networking sites.

Mod strap


*I received free products in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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New Label Printing Kits From Epson


Epson LabelWorks

Photo Source: Epson

I love to do crafts. The only thing I don’t enjoy is making sure you have all the supplies that you need on hand.

Over the years I have gone through different craft “phases”. I tried making my own soaps and candles. I did scrapbooking and card making and I tried my hand at making things out of clay.

Don’t get me wrong. I love doing crafty things. It’s just that sometimes having to purchase all the supplies – not to mention storing the supplies when not in use – can be a bit too much. That is why I enjoy things that come in a “kit”. I like knowing that everything I need to complete a project is right there for me in one handy dandy kit.

Epson has introduced four easy to use printing kits. Two are on the crafty side, one that will help keep your cables and wires neat and organized and another to provide you with a little extra safety in your home. They are known as Epson LabelWorks™.

  • Safety Kit
    • Print durable, customized labels to improve safety in the home, office, classroom or just about anywhere else
    • Add reflective tape to sports fear, ensure emergency supplies are labeled and add glow in the dark tape to flashlights in the event of a blackout
  • Cable and Wiring Kit
    • Quickly label and identify unruly electronic cables, whether at home or at the office, by isolating computer, printer, phone and router cables, AC adapters, DVR cables, TV wires, lamps and more
    • Craft and knitting enthusiasts can also use these flag and wrap labels to their goods at the local craft fair
  • Iron-On Kit
    • Easily create personalized, machine washable iron-on labels for school items, uniforms, sports jerseys – perfect for preparing your child for summer camp of back to school
    • This kit ensures that those mysteriously missing items make their way home
  • Printable Ribbon Kit
    • Print personalized satin ribbons for crafts, scrapbooks, decorations, gifts and more
    • Customize your ribbons using a wide variety of fonts, symbols and frames

I was asked if I wanted to review one of the kits. I chose the Printable Ribbon Kit because I have an anniversary party coming up for my aunt and uncle and I thought it would be fun to make personalized ribbons to adorn their gift as well as to turn into a bookmark.

Almost everything you need comes in a plastic storage case with a handle. You’ll only need to pick up six AAA batteries (not included) for your label maker.


I’ve reviewed other label makers in the past. Normally they come with a huge booklet filled with instructions on how to use it. I was surprised to see the instructions for the Printable Ribbon Kit was just a few, easy to read pages. I literally made my first ribbon within minutes of popping the batteries into the label maker.

The kit came with two ribbon cartridges – a light, bone colored ribbon and a darker ribbon. Other ribbon cartridges are available. You can find the other available colors on the Epson website. Each cartridge has sixteen feet of ribbon. That’s a lot of ribbon. They retail for $19.99.

I have seen personalized ribbons on handmade cards, wrapped around party favors at weddings and showers and on crafts. I would have thought they were hard to make. I never expected it to be so easy. If you can type on a keypad you can make personalized ribbon.


Photo Source: Epson

After you insert the batteries and ribbon cartridge into the label maker you are ready to go. Simply type out our message or personalization and print it out. That is all there is to it. Of course you can do so much more than that.  You can change fonts, font size, add graphics, frames and more. You can see examples of the graphics and frames in the image below.

I showed my kids how to use it ONCE and that was all it took for them to start printing out their own personalized ribbons.

I gathered up a few of the ribbons that we made to take pictures of for this post. I had to cover up some of the names to protect my family. Also, the photos are not that good. They are much nicer in person. Plus they are a bone color, not white like they appear in the photos.





I can think of a lot of uses for personalized ribbons. One thing I plan on doing it making a few for our friend’s daughter. She’s on a pee wee cheerleading team and I know the girls do up their hair in curls and ribbons on the top of their heads. I was going to make her ones with her name on it or maybe with a message like “Go (team name)” or some other sporty saying. I think that would be a cute idea.

I also like the idea of using the ribbon to hang up Christmas ornaments on the tree instead of those wire hooks (I’m thinking more for the heavy ornaments). I could type messages on the ribbon like “Ho-Ho-Ho”, “Happy Holidays”, “Seasons Greetings” or another holiday saying. I think that would be a fun idea and something my kids could help me with.


Photo Source: Epson

My daughter made a ribbon with our dog’s name on it and tied it on HIS ear. I don’t think our boy dog was too happy about a pretty ribbon on his ear. LOL!

You could also use them to sew inside clothing or personal items to help identify who an item belongs to. I have seen iron name tags but these are even nicer because they are made from a soft ribbon. You just need some thread and a needle to sew them on (or use an iron on adhesive backing).

The possibilities are endless, especially when it’s so easy to use.

Here are a few more ideas from the Epson website.

Photo Source: Epson

Photo Source: Epson

For more information about this or the other available Epson LabelWorks™ label makers visit the links (above) or the Epson website. The kit retails for $69.99. It’s a bit pricey but when consider all the fun things you can do with it I think it’s well worth the investment.

What would you make personalized ribbons for? Feel free to share your thoughts.


Photo Source: Epson


*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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