Are You Spending Too Much on Tech Gadgets

*This is a guest post. The opinions expressed are that of the author’s and do no necessarily reflect my own.


Tech gadgets are cool, and sometimes it feels like we don’t have enough. These days you can buy a tech gadget for just about everything, from timing sleep to keeping your pets occupied. It’s common for most people to own several gadgets that they have spent hundreds of dollars for. However, are you sure you are spending your hard earned money well when buying gadgets? Could you be overspending, or under spending? Read below to find out whether you could be wasting your money on a tech item you have in mind:

You Pay Hundreds of Dollars Just for the Brand name

Believe it or not, the brand name is not the most important aspect of a gadget. Sure, there will be tech brands that anyone can recognize, like Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Samsung, and so on. But that doesn’t mean just about any gadget produced by these brands are good. Apple iPods are great, but AirPods, not so much. Sony produces some great tech gadgets like gaming consoles and TVs. But some Sony products are total duds (TouchPad, anyone?). So, don’t judge a gadget by its brand name. More often than not, companies charge hundreds of dollars just for the brand name, while the product itself is worth only a fraction of that. So, base your buying decisions on what the specs offer for the price.

You are Paying for Features You Don’t Need

Say, you want to buy a digital camera. You can buy a digital camera these days for as little as $50, or a much as $1,500. Now you can spend a ton of money on a hip gadget, but are you sure you need every spec? If you need a digital camera to take on vacation once a year, you can ask yourself if it’s worth the money you spend. Some gadgets are expensive because they include features that are suited for professional level use. Regular, at home users may never need these features. Therefore, budget for the gadget you have in mind and write down the features you desire before buying. The price should match the features, which should be based on your personal requirements.

Do You Even Need the Item You’ve Bought?

There are loads of junk gadgets available in the market that people buy without thinking. Take the NoPhone, which costs $12. It’s a “gadget” that promises to help people addicted to phone use to disconnect. So what exactly is it? Just a slab of plastic shaped like a phone. The idea is that if people had this plastic slab in their pocket, it would feel like a phone and cure the addiction. You know what else you could get for that $12? A pair of headphones that work, a protective phone case, a keyboard cover, a USB hub, a laptop case, and many more. When you buy gadgets, make sure you actually need the product. Otherwise you can spend your money on better products.

You Don’t Double Check the Price


Don’t buy the gadget based on the first price you see. Amazon does not always offer the cheapest prices for products. Compare prices across sites on Amazon, eBay, BestBuy, as well as specialty websites and coupon sites. You can easily overspend when you don’t reserve time to do price research.

Just because a gadget is expensive, it doesn’t make it all the more better. Be careful of the above when you buy tech gadgets. Spend your money wisely and buy the products you need.

About the Author

Eduardo Bridges is a tech writer who blogs about the latest affordable tech gadgets on bestcheaptech.com. He’s a former software engineer who now blogs full-time.

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Bast off to fun with Zap Zap Kindergarten Math


PHOTO SOURCE: Dreamstimes.com

What was your favorite subject in school? Mine was Social Studies and English (only the creative writing stuff).

What was your least favorite subject? Mine was – and always will be – Math! I am not a fan of it at all. I know to add, subtract, multiply, divide and do fractions and decimals. That’s it! Oh yeah, and figure out the tip on a restaurant bill (LOL).

My kids had to learn Common Core Math when they were in school. I am not sure if this type of math is utilize across the county, but it’s hard. Instead of doing a straight math problem you have to take several more steps to get the answer. When I worked with the upper elementary school/middle school kids a couple of years ago I had a hard time helping them with their math homework. I had to rely on a very smart fourth grader to help ME to help THEM.

Here is a not-so-funny situation that happened to me a couple of months ago. My co-worker was helping a kindergartner do her homework and got stuck on a math question. She asked me if I knew what to do. I have NO CLUE! I had to hunt down another co-worker (at the ripe “old” age of 18) and instantly he knew how to do the math problem.

Seriously? The grown ups couldn’t help a kindergartner with a math question? That is so pathetic!

I really feel strongly that little ones should learn to do math early in life and fully grasp it. I think it will help make understanding math as they get older (in school and beyond) a lot easier.

PHOTO SOURCE: Dreamstime.com

Kids these days seem to learn a lot more than we used to at their age. In kindergarten I remember coloring, taking naps and snacks. These days kindergartners are learning to weight thing, measure things and do adding and subtracting with two numbers. I should know, I work with kindergartners during the school year.

I am not a fan of kids playing too many video games UNLESS there is an educational element to them. Take for example a new app called Zap Zap Math.

When I was asked to review the app I cringed. I had to review a MATH app? But math is my least favorite subject. None the less I downloaded the app and played around with it. In fact, I couldn’t put down my phone. I was so into playing the game that I was late making dinner one night.

Zap Zap Math allows kids to blast off on fun adventures that help teach them about math.

You start by flying a rocket ship around the universe and stopping on the planets you come across. There is a small “picture in picture” to help you navigate to the planets. There are also borders you can’t pass, which keeps you from aimlessly flying around.

If you look to the bottom right corner you can see where the rocket ship is located in the universe and where the nearest planet it (the plants are seen as yellow balls).

Once you land on a planet it will open to MANY games based on the plant’s subject matter. For example one planet is for Adding and Subtracting, another is for Shapes and Measurements and yet another for Numbers).

Once you “land” on the planet you’ll see your character (which each player makes when you open the app for the first time). The character walks up a path. On both sides of the path you’ll see buildings. Each building is a new game. You need to complete each game in order to unlock the next game on the path. That is the part that I found to be the most fun. I was on a quest to finish an entire planet. I have played the game many times and have yet to complete a whole planet. There are A LOT of games to be played in this app.

Here are screen shots from just a FEW of the games on the Zap Zap Math app.

In this game players are asked to choose which item the customer wants (3 corners, 5 corners, 3D, flat shape…). I thought this was a bit too much for a kindergartner, but, they actually do this kind of math in school (at least in our school they do).

This game is fun. You “high five” the correct alien person (shorter, taller). It’s a great way to help kid quickly identify tall/short things. The “slap” sound from the high five is cute too.

This game is similar to the one above, only this time children are asked to answer questions about less or more using the same “high five” slap.

As an adult I found this game fun. Players need to collect all the required shapes into the blue container. This game starts out easy but as you keep playing (different levels) the shape you need to collect is found among several other shapes.

This is another fun game. Different shaped items come down the chute and players need to sort them into the appropriate bin. This is a great way to help kids to quickly identify common shapes.

This game asks players to add or subject (sometimes doing both) to get the correct number of apples needed to make an apple pie. The game also has players count the apples in the container to ensure that they have the correct amount needed for the recipe.

This was another favorite game of mind. Players need to fill in the missing “track” pieces to help the train cross the bridge. If you make a mistake the train actually falls into the water below (oh no!). This game also starts out really easy and gets harder as you advance each level.

The kids I work with do A LOT with number bond. There are a few games that I have come across thus far on Zap Zap Math that help kids learn the concept of number bonds.

This is another number bond game. Players have to choose which numbers add up to the target number in order to help the race car get power.

This game is two games in one. It’s part memory, part math. Players need to pick out which two cards are needed to make the target number. It starts out with just a couple of cards but as you advance levels more cards are added to the table. If your child loves memory games, this one is sure to be a hit with them.

This is cute adding/subtracting game using cute little micro organisms.

Yet another game I really enjoyed. This game asks players to count how many of the target character is in each scene. It starts out with just a few but more characters are mixed into the scene as you advance to another level. As you can see the characters are adorable too.

I was shocked to see a game that asks players (children) to decide is there is “less than, more than or equal amounts” of spaceships. Notice the colors of the space ships are different. The game is ONLY asking about the two different colors. As you play you’ll notice more colored ships are added. Only concern yourself with with colored ships in the circles. I found that out the hard way (if you don’t answer correctly they crash into each other causing a huge traffic jam).

The snake game was the only one (so far) that gave me any trouble. You need to help the snake each the fruits in the correct order (in the case above it would be going from 6, 7, 8, 9). I had a hard time getting my fingers to steer him in the right direction. It’s probably because I have chubby little fingers.

As you complete each game you not only unlock the next game, but you also receive a puzzle piece to finish off various puzzles.

When you complete each game you also earn points and get a score card. I have yet to figure out what this all means, but it’s always fun to see huge number piling up.

As I mentioned earlier, I am not a fan of math, but I must say these games made math FUN.

Did I just say mat was fun? WOW!

The games in the Zap Zap Math app are fun and very engaging. They also feature adorable characters and colorful scenes.

The background music was good too. It wasn’t annoying or tedious like other games. I was glad about that.

There is so much MORE to this game. I just barely scratched the surface.

If you would like to learn more about Zap Zap Math visit the official website – www.zapzapmath.com/zap-zap-kindergarten-math. You can also visit the main site at www.zapzapmath.com.

Zap Zap Math can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Check out this brief promotional video to see the game in action.


What do you think of Zap Zap Math? Do you think your child or grandchild would have fun with a game like this? Feel free to comment and share your thoughts. I always love to hear from readers.


*I have partnered with Zap Zap Math to bring you this information. Although compensated the opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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Introducing Xfinity xFi – a new way to make the home Wi-Fi experience customized to suit your family


My husband and I often reminisce about how life was when we were younger. We didn’t have cellphones, Internet, cars that can stop before you hit something or e-readers. We used phones attached to the wall that you had to dial. We went to the library when we needed to do research as well as to take out books to read, and we certainly didn’t have cars that did some of the work for you.

I think the Internet is by far one of the greatest “inventions” (for lack of a better word) in our lifetime. To this day I am still amazed at all you can do on the Internet – research, shopping, find a recipe for dinner tonight, find old friends from school, get directions, buy movie tickets… the list goes on and on.

I try to explain to our kids (17 1/2 and 20) how life was BEFORE the Internet. They have a hard time grasping the concept of having to look at a map for directions or looking up a phone number in a giant book of phone numbers.

As amazing and indispensable as the Internet is… there are also negatives that many family find themselves having to address.

One of the biggest issues we used to have when our kids were younger was having them disconnect from the Internet during times they were supposed to be doing homework, dinner time and “Family Movie Night.” You can tell them to stay off their computers, but that was easier said than done. They would find ways to sneak back online. There was even a time we had to remove the computers from our kid’s rooms at night because we found them online in the middle of the night. We even went so far as to change their passwords so that they could only go online when we logged them in.

As parents we NEED to have control over our children’s Internet usage. The Internet is great for research, and for the occasional game, but school work, family time and play time are more important than “surfing the ‘net.”

There is a new feature now available for Comcast Internet customers called xFi. It puts YOU in charge of how your family engages with the Internet. Best of all, there is no additional cost for Comcast Internet customers.

Comcast Launches xFi home devices photo shoot on Wednesday, April 19, 2017, in Villanova, Pennsylvania. (Jeff Fusco/AP Images for Comcast)

With xFi YOU control your family’s Internet usage, giving YOU the ability to set parental controls as well as see which devices are connected to your WiFi.

We have A LOT of devices on our WiF. We have several iPads, five laptops, two e-readers, security cameras and more. We would appreciate a better way to keep on top of these devices as well as to easily add or remove them as needed.

It also shows which devices are most active, and which are least active. That is a great way to know which devices to deactivate from your WiFi. Why keep something connected that you barely use?

You can also set up profiles for each family member and include the devices they use. With this feature you can easily see which child is using what device, and what parental settings are set up for each one they use. With this feature, if your child is supposed to be doing homework, you can log on to their profile and see if they are currently using their gaming console. Kids won’t like that feature – but as a mom I think that is awesome!

With the profiles, you can clearly see how much Internet time each family member is using.

My favorite xFi feature is being able to pause the Internet. That means you can prevent devices, such as laptops or video controllers, from accessing the Internet. This feature is especially handy during dinner or homework time. You can even turn off the Internet at night time, preventing your children from sneaking on to their laptops at night when they are supposed to be asleep.

Check out this brief video that tells you more about xFi and some other great features that will be coming in the future.


You can even check out this blog post from Comcast to learn more about Xfinity xFi.

We don’t have Comcast, but after learning more about xFi I wish we did. I checked the availability, but it’s not currently available in my area.

You can check the availability of xFi by visiting the Internet Coverage Area page on the Comcast website.

I love how Comcast is putting control back into the hands of parents. It’s important that we continually monitor our children’s Internet usage. Children can easily have their time consumed by video games and social media, as well as other things they can access online.

I truly wish that other Internet providers would take a lesson or two from Comcast and provide their customers with similar controls – at no additional charge.

Once this is available in our area my husband and I are going to consider switching to Comcast as our Internet provider. Right now we’re stuck with the provider that we have.

If you would like to learn more about Comcast’s Internet service, xFi, you can visit them online at Xfinity.com. You can also check them out on social media (Facebook and Twitter). Those links, as well as their YouTube channel link, are found at the bottom of their website.

Are you a Comcast customer?

What feature (or features) do you like most about xFi? Is there another feature you would like as far as parental controls is concerned?

Feel free to share your thoughts. I always love to hear from readers.

Comcast Launches xFi home devices photo shoot on Wednesday, April 19, 2017, in Villanova, Pennsylvania. (Jeff Fusco/AP Images for Comcast)


*This post was sponsored by Comcast. All opinions are my own.  

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How to get kids to do chores without nagging


** Guest Post **

With kids from 9 to 14 our house can go from pristine tidiness to a tornado aftermath in a couple of hours unless everybody picks things up after themselves, cleans the messes they make and does chores regularly. While we do and provide a lot for our kids, we also want to teach them accountability, teamwork and humility. These traits are not just nice – our children need to learn responsibility to be competitive in today’s job market. The materialistic attitude of modern culture teaches kids to be entitled, to want instant gratification, to get everything just because they want it. I want to teach them that while their life might come with a lot of privileges (not just allowance, but also mobile phones, fun toys, respect, trust, free time…), living in a family also comes with responsibilities. Too many parents fall into this trap: if all the kids have iPhones, so must their kids. But have they EARNED IT?

This is where Homey comes in. Homey is a mobile app for families that helps us manage chores, allowance and rewards. The easiest way to reinforce responsibility is by being consistent. That’s why a good chores and rewards system in an app is just so much better than a chore chart that just takes too much time for us parents to keep up. Our kids are also crazy about technology, so just having a fun app instead of a chart is a big motivator for them.

We’ve been using Homey for the past 6 months and this is what I love about it:

Managing chores for the whole family

The best part of Homey is that it connects everyone. In this sense it’s like our “command center” we used to have on our kitchen wall, but it’s so much more than that. It sends notifications to everyone when their chores are due, allows me to manage everything if the kids don’t have their devices on hand (which could come handy for younger kids!), I can even set permissions for each family member. This allows our oldest to give me or his dad a “chore”, since he’s responsible enough to not take advantage of it – he uses it to request items from the store and such. Having everything on each of our devices makes everything run smoother for us.

Motivating with rewards

You can either set up regular (weekly) allowance and if you want you can make a requirement that responsibilities should be done and the kid should get a certain amount of points in that week. Or you can set up an extra monetary reward, where you can say they’ll get for instance $5 for every 50 coins, and it doesn’t matter how long they had those coins (they can do a lot of chores in one day, or get 50 coins in 3 months). You can even add activities or products as rewards. And you can also set a due date on rewards (that goes for all rewards, not just monetary), which can come handy when you’re trying to motivate kids to earn extra money to buy something on a trip you’re already planning or something like that. This works really well since kids see their progress and thus stay motivated.

Allowance transactions to real bank accounts

To make managing allowance even easier for parents, Homey will now launch a completely revolutionary feature that will allow parents to transfer allowance money directly to the kids’ real savings accounts. This will not only help us teach kids modern money skills they will definitely need in life, but also how banking works, how they can accumulate interests on their savings and we can be sure that their money will stay safe. We want to promote long term saving so they won’t become impulsive buyers, and Homey is giving us a tool that will help our children learn financial skills that will follow them through life. It also means that I won’t have to manage IOUs or look for change every week when allowance is due!

Building accountability with photos

Homey is a really visual app and we love that about it. You can see what needs to get done at a glance. It has cute illustrations for premade tasks and I can take photos of kids’ messy rooms and assign them to kids and they take photos of their cleaned rooms after. It’s just satisfying to see the results and kids have a lot of fun taking proud selfies in front of a just emptied dishwasher. It adds an element of fun to an otherwise boring task. Somehow, kids also do a better job when they know they will be sending us a photo as a “proof” later. We use this feature for most of the kids’ tasks, but Homey has recently added an option to disable it, which comes handy for tasks like “Read a book for 20 minutes” and my own tasks.

How to get started with Homey:

  1. Download the app for iPhone or Android on your own device.
  2. Set up your household – you can invite your family members who already have their own devices or create profiles for them – so it works for kids without devices, too! If kids don’t have their own devices you can mark their chores as done for them, or if it’s a shared device switching profiles is also really easy.
  3. You, as the household creator, have all the features enabled. Homey will set user roles for other family members based on their age, but you can customize all the permissions for everyone in the Household settings available in the sidebar.
  4. Set chores – you can set recurring chores, which can be repeated daily, weekly, monthly or however you want, or one off chores. You can set a fixed due date or leave them to be completed any time – of kids want to do something above and beyond their responsibilities to earn more. You can set how many points (that go towards the leaderboard and allowance) and coins (that kids can redeem rewards with) each chore is worth. If you use Homey to manage chores for yourself as well, you don’t have to set coins for yourself, but you can still get points – and be up there on the leaderboard! You also don’t have to set up coins for kids’ responsibilities – like brushing teeth, morning routine, etc., but kids will still get reminders to do them and become more independent.
  5. Kids get notifications when their chores are due and complete them without nagging. This step of the whole process is the most amazing one!
  6. Kids get rewarded for doing chores. They claim rewards and you confirm when they’ve been given or pay them directly to their bank account.
  7. Chores are done, allowance is settled, kids are happy, you are happy!

Download the Homey app – it’s FREE. Get the Homey app on Google Play. Get the Homey app in the Apple App Store.

*I have partnered with Homey to bring you this information. The opinions expressed are that of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect my own. This is a compensated post. 

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Accell Powramid Air Power Center and USB Charging Station


power cords

Our world is forever changing and evolving. Gone are the days of handwritten letters, camera rolls and phones mounted to your wall. These days it’s all about technology and the latest and greatest piece of equipment created to make our lies easier.

With all this technology comes a greater demand for charging locations in your home.

Finding a place to charge your smart phone, iPad or similar devices can be challenging when there is more than one person in your home vying for the same outlet/outlets.

In our home we usually use the counter in the kitchen to charge our phones and iPads. We have found that plugging them in elsewhere in our home only leads to chewed up plugs, compliments of our cats. Not only is that dangerous for them, it also means we have to keep a supply of power cords on hand, which isn’t cheap. The safest place is on the counter in the kitchen where the cats have no access to the plugs (our cats know they are not allowed on the counter).

Even on our counter we are limited to the number of things that can be charging at one time. One outlet is close to the sink and dish rack, so we don’t charge there in fear our phones or iPads will get wet. Another plug is located by the microwave. To use it we need to unplug the microwave and my e-Brewer which means we’d have to reset the clocks after we unplug the charger. That is way too much of an inconvenience. So that leaves us with just one viable outlet which can charge two things at a time.

What we, and many other households, need is a place to charge multiple devices at the same time.

Accell Powramid Air Power Center and USB Charging Station 1

Introducing the Accell Powramid Air Power Center and USB Charging Station – Accell’s new power solution that features six adapter friendly outlets and two USB charging ports. The charging station is ideal for home, school and office use.

The charging station is also a surge protector.

Even though we NEED more charging options for our smartphones and iPads, I opted to use the Accell Powramid Air Power Center and USB Charging Station under/behind my desk to help organize all the power cords that I need (laptop docking station, desktop, lamp, fan…). It was a jumbled mess behind my desk. It was also impossible to know what plug went to what.

I had my husband re-organize the plugs under my desk and using my Brother label maker I labeled each plug on my charging station.

It’s hard to get a photo of it because it’s buried behind the router and another box (I forget what it’s for) under my desk. It’s dark (and dusty!) under there. I have a corner desk and everything (plugs) are tucked in the corner – literally.

The Accell Powramid Air Power Center and USB Charging Station is not too big, but it does give you ample space between plugs allowing you to plug in larger plugs (those big square ones).

Accell Powramid Air Power Center and USB Charging Station

I like that there is one on/off switch which allows me to turn off multiple items at the same time instead of individually. This makes it much easier when you are going away for a few days and want to un-plug your powered devices.

The six foot cord to plug the charging station in is also great. It allowed me to place it exactly where I needed it under my desk instead of having it too far over to one side.

I can’t really use the USB plugs because of where it’s located behind my desk, but it’s nice to know they are available should I need them.

The Accell Powramid Air Power Center and USB Charging Station looks like a flying saucer. LOL! It’s also available in black or white (I have white).

The charging station is also flat and has a skid and scratch resistant base so you don’t have to worry about it marking up your hardwood or laminate flooring (we have carpeting so it’s not an issue for us).

The Accell Powramid Air Power Center and USB Charging Station is a great solution for families who need a lot of charging options. It would also be great for a conference room where people will need a lot of power options. Or you can use it for the same purpose I use it for and that is to get control of the mess of cords under my desk and get them neat and organized.

The unit is “budget friendly” too at only $35.99 on the Accell website.

For more information about this and other Accell products, visit AccellCables.com. The brand can also be found on social media. Their links are found on their website.

Does the Accell Powramid Air Power Center and USB Charging Station sound some something you need in your home?

Accell Logo


*I received a free product sample to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 


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Save your favorite holiday photos with Picture Keeper Connect


Me at Christmas time, approx. 68' or 69'

Me at Christmas time, approx. 68′ or 69′

Nothing makes people reflect on their lives more than the holiday season. It’s hard not to look back on years past and remember the good times, and for some (sadly), the bad times. I prefer to think about the holiday season fondly, even though my mother passed away a few days after Christmas almost 14 years ago.

I love to connect with my family and friends and talk about the memories we share. It’s fun to bring back special memories. I love being able to share those memories with my kids.

I wish I had photos of the holidays when I was a child. I have a few, but not that many. When it comes to my kids, we have a massive amount of pictures. I think that just comes with being a parent. We take dozens of photos of our kids – especially during the holidays.

When our kids were younger we were great with keeping photo albums up-to-date. Our photo albums have photos in sequence and we have each book labeled with the year/years that it covers.

Then technology changed…

We stopped printing out our photo for our albums when digital cameras came about. Instead of having actual photos we kept the pictures on our computer. Out of fear of losing them we’d back them up on CD. The only problem with that is you end up with dozens (or in our case several dozen) CDs. That makes finding a specific photo or set of photos almost impossible (trust me – I know from personal experience).

Family Thanksgiving approx 76'

Family Thanksgiving approx 76′

We then started to keep the photos on the computers. But the problem with that is they end up taking up a lot of space on your hard drive and heaven forbid your computer gets the “blue screen of death” (as we call it), ALL of the photos are lost.

I have lost plenty of photos on our computers. My husband was able to rescue them once when he “slave the hard drive,” but that was only on one occasion.

Keeping photos on your tablet or smartphone isn’t that wise either. Technology gets stolen and things break (our daughter has broken her phone more time than I care to recall).

Surely there has to be a better way to store and organize your precious family holiday photos (and photos you take year round). There is! It’s called Picture Keeper Connect.

Picture Keeper Connect is a simple all-in-one USB device with embedded software that makes it easy to transfer photos directly from your Phone or Tablet (iOS and Android) to your Mac or PC. You can even download your contacts and videos on Picture Keeper Connect.


I will be the first person to admit that I am “technologically challenged.” Thankfully my teenage son is a computer whiz. Still… I worry that I’ll mess things up.

Picture Keeper Connect is super easy to install and use – even for people like me. There is no software to install, no wires or plugs to connect, nothing you have to join and no passwords to remember. There are no monthly fees either.

This literally a “plug and play” type of device. You don’t even need a WIFI connection to use it.

Picture Keeper Connect is a USB type device. The “magic” happen when you plug it into your cellphone or tablet. Picture Keeper Connect grabs all of your photos (skipping duplicates) and safely stores them for you.  When you need them or what to share them you can easily find them on the device.

Think of Picture Keeper Connect as a “cloud” you can take with you and use anytime, anywhere. This is especially great for travelers.

Picture Keeper Connect also frees up space on your device. As someone who is constantly running out of room on her smartphone, I can appreciate something like this.

Check out this brief video with some more information about this handy little gadget.


I was sent a Picture Keeper Connect to review. It looks just like a flash drive, but it’s so much more than just a typical flash drive.

Once you have inserted the Picture Keeper Connect into your device and run the app, it looks through your phone (for example) and copies all the photos that is fine (videos and contacts too). Each time you plug it in to back up your photos, Picture Keeper Connect will only copy what is new since the last time you used it to back things up.

Picture Keeper Connect literally does the work for you. It’s so easy to use that even older people who are not tech savvy can use it.

I wish I had a product like this those times my laptop died on me and I lost precious, irreplaceable photos. With Picture Keeper Connect I could have easily restored those lost photos.

Picture Keeper Connect comes with an extra plug so you can use it in pretty much all devices.

Picture Keeper Connect comes with an extra plug so you can use it in pretty much all devices.

Once you back up your photos on Picture Keeper Connect they are always available to you. You can plug the device in and transfer photos back to your device (they will also remain on the Picture Keeper Connect).

Don’t risk losing special holiday photos. Pick up Picture Keeper Connect. You can learn more at PictureKeeper.com. The brand can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest (links are found on the bottom right corner on their website).

This would be a great gift for the holiday season – most especially for people with big life events coming up such as a wedding or the birth of a baby.

What do you think about Picture Keeper Connect? Does it sound like a product you’d like to have? Would you give it to someone as a gift? Feel free to share your thought. I always love to hear from readers.



*I received a free product sample to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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