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Do you have a child in college or heading off to college for the first time?

My daughter is starting college this fall. I was hoping that back to school shopping would be easier and less expensive, but I was wrong. VERY WRONG! College is super expensive. Even the books are enough to make you take out a second mortgage. One book alone is $300! That is more money then I make in two weeks. Sigh…

I went to college but I didn’t live in a dorm or student housing. I was under the impression that a lot of what kids would need would be made available to them through the college like cooking appliances and seating. Little did I know that most college dorms are a clean slate and you need to bring every single item that you’ll need with you – from pots & pans to bedding and from seating to lighting.

I have heard from other parents I know with kids going off to college that they have to drive all over the county looking for everything their child would need for college. Who has time for that? Not only that, that is a lot of money for gas and time spent waiting online to make those purchases. It’s like going Christmas shopping. I avoid going to stores at all costs during the holidays to avoid the crowds and long lines. That is why I prefer to shop online.

Thankfully there is a “one stop shop” for all your dorm needs. It’s called DormCo. DormCo literally has everything you’r student will need when they are away from college – and even things you didn’t think they would need, but probably will.

Since I have a daughter in college, and one that will be starting in a few years, I wanted to see what things I could find at DormCo for them. As a parent I was very impressed with what I found on the site. For example, they have plenty of security and safety products for students. That is something I think A LOT about – my daughter’s safety and protecting her valuables from being stolen. DormCo has pepper spray, door stops, panic buttons, locks for your laptop and so much more.


I personally like the idea of a fridge lock. I think I need that in my house to keep my teenage son from eating us out of house and home. Ha Ha.

Seating is an issue in our home. Because our home is small we lack a lot of comfy seating where the kids can sit and relax, do homework, read or play on the tablet. Their only options really are their beds, the couch or the dining room table.

DormCo let me pick out something from their awesome site to review. I wanted to get something comfy for my kids to sit in (and for my daughter to take with her when she goes). There were so many options to choose from.

Originally I was going to go with the Papsan Dorm Sofa, but then I saw something else that caught my eye – The Coma Inducer!

What is the Coma Inducer? It’s a bean bag type chair that is filled with memory foam, not pellets like most bean bag chairs. That means it is not only incredibly comfortable, it also won’t lose it’s shape over time. The memory foam also gives you better support.

As a parent I like that the snugly fleece exterior can be removed and washed. I especially like that since it’s still in our home because our dog and cats see it as a giant pet bed. LOL!

I was surprised when it arrived. It was delivered in a compact box. Even when we opened the box (my son and I) the Coma Inducer looked like a giant brick – that is until my son started to mush it around and loosen things up.

Here is my son on the Coma Inducer in the living room shortly after we un-boxed it (when he was “fluffing” it up). Notice how our dog Espn seems to think it’s for him. LOL!

Coma Inducer from Dormco

Eventually we moved the Coma Inducer into his bedroom. Although both of my kids are welcome to use it, my son begged me to let him have it. And he hasn’t stopped using it since. He uses it all the time when he’s on his laptop.

Because it’s huge we are limited to where we can put it, but that hasn’t stopped my son from finding the perfect location.

Dormco Coma Inducer

That is our cat Padmé sitting next to him. I also see our dog next to him often too.

The dog and our cats are totally convinced it’s for them. I catch them snuggled up on the Coma Inducer often.

This is our cat Bella blissfully sleeping on the Coma Inducer.

Coma Inducer Memory Foam Chair

I should make note that this chair is HEAVY. Super heavy! It weighs around 50 pounds and it’s not easy to move it around. You either need help or you have to roll it around. I would suggest if you purchase this for your college bound student NOT to open the box it’s shipped in until you are at your child’s dorm room.

I have DormCo bookmarked on my computer and I have already been creating a “shopping list” of items I want to get for our daughter when she moves off to the dorm early next summer. She’s also been checking out the site and letting me know what she wants and thinks she’ll need.

Instead of driving all over town going from store to store looking for things your child would need for college, visit DormCo instead. Everything your child will need can be found there.

To check out DormCo for yourself visit DormCo.com. The brand can also be found on social media. All of the links are found at the bottom (right) of their website.

Do you have a child or grandchild heading off to college in the near future? What have been your experiences purchasing all of the supplies and items they will need?



*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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It’s Prom & Graduation Season – How to talk to your teen about underage drinking

“I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Influence Central for Anheuser-Busch’s Family Talk About Drinking Program. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.”


In a little over two weeks two MAJOR events will take place – one right after the other. Our daughter will be attending her senior prom and the very next day she’ll be graduating from high school.

Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday we were putting her on the Kindergarten bus for the very first time, and in just two weeks we’ll be watching her walking across the stage to receive her high school graduation diploma. Sigh…

Heading off to school

Heading off to school


Getting her senior prom gown altered

I wish she was looking at me, smiling, without the darn cellphone in her hand in the above photo. Oh well. I’ll make up for it on the day of the prom and at graduation the next day.

I have to laugh about prom. She was going to go with one of her friends since they were both single. One thing lead to another and my daughter ended up asking a male friend of her’s to go to promo with her (he graduated last year). It’s strictly a friend going with a friend sort of deal.

As luck would have it our daughter has a boyfriend (or so it would appear that way) who is also going to prom this year with a female friend of his. This should be interesting.

With all this running around looking for prom shoes, making appointments to get her hair, makeup and nails done, as well as looking for jewelry and getting her dress altered it has given me plenty of times to talk to our daughter about what we expect at prom and graduation.

We know what happens after prom is over. Most kids go back to someone’s house to party (or another location) and most likely there will be alcohol involved. I WISH that wasn’t something we had to worry about. I wish teens would know better.

I think the school purposely scheduled graduation the following day to hopefully prevent students from drinking and getting drunk after prom. They also had to sign documentation that in the event a student is caught drinking after prom they will NOT be allowed to graduate with their classmates the following day. Hopefully that is enough to scare most kids.

Teen Driver

My daughter and I have used all the car trips getting her ready for prom as a platform to discuss drinking and how she can avoid getting caught up in peer pressure to drink. When we are driving there are few distractions (except the cellphone which I make put away). I also think it helps her not to have to look me in the eyes and tell me about certain things. I think that puts her more at ease.

When we are driving around in the car she will open up to me about just about anything.

My daughter also feels more comfortable opening up to me about things then my husband. My husband tends to react FIRST then get involved in a conversation. Another words, if he finds out she did something to break the rules he’ll automatically ground her BEFORE discussing it with her. I do things the other way around. I discuss things first and foremost to make sure she fully understands what she did was wrong and why we have these rules in place. Then I ground her accordingly.

Underage drinking is not only something we are totally against, it’s also against the law. If she is found at a party where drinking is taking place – even if she’s not drinking – she can be found guilty by association. I don’t want anything to jeopardize her college life or future career.

As a parent I know how challenging it is to raise teens. Trust me, it’s hard. It’s really hard. It’s a million times more difficult than raising a toddler or child.


If you need help talking to your teenager about underage drinking I have a great resource that could help. It’s called Family Talk About Drinking (FTAD). It’s a website created by Anheuser-Busch to help parents find ways to talk to their children (not just teens) about underage drinking.

The program has actually been around for 20+ years.

The program is broken up into the three main stages of parenting;

  • Being a Teacher (for children ages 1-7)
  • The Facilitator (for children ages 8-13)
  • The Coach (for children ages 14-21)

Yes! Believe it or not it’s never too early to talk to your child about drinking. Even young children can be taught that drinking alcohol is wrong until they are 21 years of age or older.

Growing up my dad used to let me take sips of his Screwdriver mixed drink, as well as Vodka Collins. My uncle used to let us take sips of beer. But times were different back then. Underage drinking wasn’t as prevalent as it is these days.

Family Talk About Drinking has tips and suggestions from a certified educator and parent coach named MJ Corcoran. Ms. Corcoran has some excellent tips that all families can put into place TODAY.

Find Windows of Opportunity to Talk – When you have a teenager, windows of opportunity to talk can open and close fast. Use prom and graduation to continue the conversation around underage drinking. Set clear boundaries and encourage good decision-making this prom and graduation season.

Connect with Your Teen – Two things you can do to connect with your teen: listen and respect their opinion. In turn, they’ll be much more likely to talk with you about the tough issues – like underage drinking.

Ask Open-Ended Questions – During prom and graduation season, be sure to ask open-ended questions to help your teen think through potential scenarios involving alcohol.

Encourage Accountability – In the busy time leading up to prom and graduation, a text is not enough. Encourage accountability and check in with a call.

I like the “Encourage Accountability” tip. I have already told our daughter that we would appreciate updates via text while AT prom, but once she leaves prom we expect phone calls to let us know where she is and who she is with. She’s supposed to go to her friend’s house to sleep over, but you never know. A last minute party invitation might come through. We NEED to know where she is at all times.

The next couple of weeks are going to be stressful and bittersweet at the same time with both prom and graduation happening one day after the other. At least once stress is alleviated and that is that our daughter knows how we feel about drinking before, during or after prom and graduation, and what the repercussions of breaking the rules will be.

If you would like to learn more about how to talk to your child or teen about underage drinking please visit FamilyTalkAboutDrinking.com. In addition you can also check out their Facebook page.

To see what others have to say about talking to children and teens about drinking, check out the hashtag #ABFamilyTalk.

Do you talk to your child or teen about drinking? How do you go about expressing your concerns? Did your parents talk to YOU about drinking? Feel free to share your thoughts.

Teens Drinking


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See what goes on when you are not home with an Oco Camera


Oco Camera

My husband and I always talk about what really goes on when we are not at home. With a “mini-zoo” we’re curious to see what our pets do all day.

I know our dog usually goes after one of our cats (he’s very jealous of her – she has health issues but he sees it as spending more time with her). I did an experiment where I pretended to leave for work and opened/closed the front door, just to see what our dog did when he THOUGHT I was gone. Sure enough I found him going after that one cat. He doesn’t attack her, per say, but rather he gets a little “frisky” with her, if you know what I mean. Being asthmatic she cannot handle his weight on her and the pressure on her lungs.

We also wonder what our kids do when we are not home. We have teenagers so they are OK to be home by themselves. We know that they spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

We have thought about getting a camera to video tape what goes on when we are not around, but the ones we looked into are too complicated to set up. Not only that, you have to adhere them to a wall, and we didn’t want to do that. We wanted something that offered a bit more flexibility.

A few weeks ago I was offered the opportunity to review an Oco Camera.

The Oco Camera is a small, unobtrusive camera that is so simple to set up that even a “technologically challenged” person like myself could set it up in as little as 1-2-3. Normally my husband has to help me set up “techie devices.” This was one of the rare times where I was able to set it up on my own.

This is how easy it was to set up.

  • Plug in the camera.
  • Download the FREE Oco Camera app
  • After you create an account on the app a QR code will appear. Place the code in front of the camera so it can “read” it and you are done. That’s it! There is nothing more to do. It literally took mere minutes to set it up.

Read QR Code

With other cameras you have to configure your router (or add it to it), charge the device, or mount it on the wall. They are typically more involved to set up. The Oco Camera was by far the easiest thing I have ever had to set up. It’s almost like a “plug and play” device.

What I really like, aside from the ease of set up, is that you can put the Oco Camera anywhere you want. You don’t have to mount it anywhere (unless you want to). You can move it from room to room and set it up at a different location depending what you want to see.

The Oco Camera sends you alerts too to let you know what the camera is “seeing” or what is going on wit the camera (if it’s turned on, or turned off, detects sound or motion…).

The alerts come to  you via the app which you can view on your phone or mobile device. I have the app on the phone and the app sends me messages when the Oco Camera detects something.

The video you see from your app is a live stream of what your camera sees. We did notice there is about a 1-2 second delay from what we see and what the Oco Camera sees, but that is not a problem at all.

Oco Camera Review

The camera also records at night via night vision.

A cool feature with the Oco Camera is that you can record and send a message via the app. Someone can respond back via the camera too (it’s a two-way talk feature). That is handy when you catch your kids don’t something wrong or if you want to let your dog know you’ll be home soon.

You can even record and save the recordings to the Cloud. The first year is free when you purchase the Oco Camera. After that, if you wish to continue saving the recordings to the Cloud there is a monthly fee. I don’t plan on saving any of our recordings, so I’m not worried about that.

FYI… If you purchase the Oco Camera and want to watch the live streaming (or even recordings) do so with your phone sideways for a larger view. I was watching them on my iPhone in the normal position until I realized turning it on it’s side (the same way you would record a video) gives you a much better view.

The quality of the video is really good too. I was impressed by that. It’s pretty clear. You get a good view of everything that the camera sees.

Check out a live stream demo from the Oco Camera site HERE.

Live Stream

Up to 16 people can also view the streamed content, so my husband and I can both check on things at home. If you use this for your place of business you can allow the store owner and managers to access the content (up to 16 people) so that everyone can check in to make sure everything is OK.

Why would you want an Oco Camera? In our case it’s to check in on our teens when we are not home (it also lets us know that they are home from school) and to see what our pets are up to. The Oco Camera can also be used as a baby monitor and as a security camera.

Oco is an indoor camera. I cannot be used outdoors.

I never thought I would use this camera as much as I do. I like being able to see things going on at home when I am at work. Nothing ever happens (occasionally I see one of my cats walk by), but that is OK with me.

If you would like to learn more about Oco Camera visit GetOco.com/US.

SAVE 20% with the discount code SHESCRIBES20 (Valid until June 21, 2015) on the Get Oco website.

Would you have a need for Oco Camera? If you owned one what would you use it for (security, check in on pets, baby monitor…)? Feel free to share your thoughts.

Oco Logo


*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Talking to your teen about underage drinking (giveaway ends 5/31/15)


“I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Influence Central for Anheuser-Busch’s Family Talk About Drinking Program. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.”

Underage Drinking

Being a parent is one of the toughest jobs in the world. Babies do not come with instruction manuals. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Sure, there are plenty of books about parenting, and you can also seek advice from family and friends, but what it boils down to is you have to be the best parent that you can be. And let me tell you right now there is no such thing as a “perfect parent.”

Being a parent to a teen is a whole lot harder than parenting a child. I have two teens, a son and daughter. One is 18 and the other will be 16 in a few months.

Oh how I miss the child years! Raising teenagers is very stressful. Unlike children, teens are faced with bigger issues such as drugs, alcohol, smoking, dating, sex, graduating high school, college, getting their first job, learning to drive… the list goes on and on.

I have to admit that I was a bit of a “wild child” as a teenager. Nothing too crazy but I did attend keg parties starting when I was 15 years old – way under the drinking age. I thought I was so cool drinking when I was a minor. When I look back on it now I realize how foolish I was.

From a young age my husband and I tried to broach the subject of drinking, smoking and drugs (we save the sex stuff for a later age). My kids participated in the D.A.R.E (Drug Abuse Resistance Education ) program at school. They knew that I drank at a young age. In fact my daughter used that as part of her D.A.R.E essay. She won the essay contest and was asked to read her winning essay in front of the entire school, families and invited guests. That was a proud parent moment.

My daugther (left) after her D.A.R.E graduation.

My daugther (left) after her D.A.R.E graduation.

We have always been honest with our kids about things – like underage drinking – in hopes that they can learn from our mistakes. We also make it very clear what our expectations are from them in regards to things like drinking. They know we are totally against it and if they choose to make the wrong decision and engage in drinking there will be consequences.

These days it’s hard to have a deep, meaningful conversation with teens. There are so many distractions (especially from cellphones). I have found that the best conversations I have with my daughter is in the car. I pick her up from school, as well as take her to/from work and her friend’s houses. Right now she doesn’t have a car.

The trip to/from school is only a five minute drive. There have been days when it takes us an hour to get home because my daughter feels comfortable opening up to me in the car when it’s just the two of us. When she’s telling me about things, or wants to talk to me about something, I’ll just drive around while we chat. I also think she finds it more comfortable because we’re not looking at each other face to face since I’m looking at the road and my surroundings.

The talks we have in the car are by far the best, and deepest, talks we’ve ever had. Sometimes my daughter will even ask me to take her out some place just so we can have those talks.


One of our “car conversations” lead to my daughter confessing that she tried alcohol (beer) when she was hanging out with some friends in the woods by a stream. Some of the boys brought beer and everyone was grabbing one. So as not to feel awkward my daughter grabbed one too. She was going to pretend to drink some but curiosity got the best of her and she took a few sips just to try it out.

I appreciate that she felt comfortable enough telling me this. She knows how we feel about drinking and she knew she had to own up to what she did. Although she was honest and open about it (which she knows we appreciated), we had to ground her (the worst punishment of all – we took away her cellphone).

Our daughter hangs out with friends a lot and goes to a lot of parties. We know there is alcohol at these get togethers.

Senior prom and graduation are a month from now which means that there will be A LOT of alcohol readily available to these teens. Now it’s even more important than ever to make sure our daughter knows that  underage drinking is not only illegal, it’s also very dangerous. Being intoxicated can lead to other dangerous things (illegal drugs, sex, rape, drunk driving…).

We are confident that she is fully aware of what could happen if she were to get drunk. She also knows that if she goes to an after party where there is drinking involved that she needs to call us to pick her up rather than risk going home with a teen who has been drinking.

We also made it known that she’s “guilty by association.” If she’s putting herself in those kinds of situations and the Police get involved SHE is involved too whether she was drinking or not.

We are not fools. We KNOW most teens are curious about alcohol and will try it. The trick is to make it known that drinking is dangerous, unhealthy and illegal.


Anheuser-Busch has a website to help parents bridge the subject of underage drinking with their teens (as well as younger children). Their Family Talk About Drinking (FTAD) program has been around for 2o+ years. I wish I knew about their site sooner.

Family Talk About Drinking offers parents tips on having an open conversation about drinking and alcohol with children of all ages.

Their program is broken up into the three main stages of parenting;

  • Being a Teacher (for children ages 1-7)
  • The Facilitator (for children ages 8-13)
  • The Coach (for children ages 14-21)

I’m in the “Coach” stage for both my kids.

I wish I had known about this site sooner, but none the less there are plenty of great tips to be found. I especially like the section on how to talk to your college bound student on how to be responsible when they move out. Thankfully our daughter will be going to school locally for a year, so that gives me more time with her to let know how about her responsibilities as an “adult” when she if finally out on her own.

Family Talk About Drinking has tips and suggestions from a certified educator and parent coach named MJ Corcoran. Ms. Corcoran has some excellent tips that all families can put into place TODAY.

Find Windows of Opportunity to Talk – When you have a teenager, windows of opportunity to talk can open and close fast. Use prom and graduation to continue the conversation around underage drinking. Set clear boundaries and encourage good decision-making this prom and graduation season.

Connect with Your Teen – Two things you can do to connect with your teen: listen and respect their opinion. In turn, they’ll be much more likely to talk with you about the tough issues – like underage drinking.

Ask Open-Ended Questions – During prom and graduation season, be sure to ask open-ended questions to help your teen think through potential scenarios involving alcohol.

Encourage Accountability – In the busy time leading up to prom and graduation, a text is not enough. Encourage accountability and check in with a call.

I strongly encourage all parents and guardians to check out the site and get involved in your child’s life. Even if you haven’t discussed drinking yet with your child you can start doing so TODAY.

Please visit FamilyTalkAboutDrinking.com to learn more. In addition you can also check out their Facebook page.

To see what others have to say about talking to children and teens about drinking, check out the hashtag #ABFamilyTalk.

To help you spend some quality time with your child/teen to open up the discussion about drinking and alcohol I have a $25 e-gift card (sent via email) to send to a lucky reader. Use the gift card to take your child out some place special (out for ice cream, dinner at a favorite restaurant…) and take the opportunity to discuss alcohol and drinking.

Please note: Contest entrants are only eligible to win once per sweepstake, per household as part of a campaign sponsored by Influence Central.

This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only and will end on May 31, 2015. The winner will be chosen at random using a random number generator from all eligible entries. The winner will be notified via email and will have three days to reply or a new winner will be chosen in their place.

To enter please comment on this post and share with me a tip about how you talk about drinking and alcohol with your child or teen?

For extra entries you can use the Rafflecopter widget (below) but you must complete the initial entry requirement or the additional entries won’t qualify (I do check).

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Vote for your favorite from Vans Custom Culture competition


Vans Custom Culture

Growing up I loved being barefoot. The moment I got home from school I would kick off my shoes. I was always playing outside in bare feet too. Maybe that is why I am not much of a shoe person as an adult.

I have a few pairs of shoes but I usually only wear sneakers. I am more comfortable in sneakers than I am in dress shoes. I keep a couple of pairs of dress shoes for special occasions.

My teenage daughter loves shoes. She’s crazy about shoes, bags, jewelry, clothing and makeup. She’s a typical teen girl.

My daughter likes to wear sneakers just like me, but she’s more picky about the ones she’ll wear. One of her favorite brands is Vans. She has a three pairs of Vans sneakers.

Have you ever heard of Vans Custom Culture? I was not aware of this competition until recently.

Vans Custom Culture was created to inspire and empower high school students to embrace their creativity through art and design, and to bring attention to diminishing arts education budgets. Custom Culture is a national high school customization competition using four pairs of blank Vans shoes to be customized around four themes: Art, Music, Action Sports and Local Flavor.

This brief video gives you a little more information about the competition too.


Both of my kids are in high school. I am always amazed by just how talented the students are. Even in middle school and elementary school there have been some students who excelled at art.

I was good at art when I was in high school (it was my best subject). Sadly I think I lost a lot of my creativeness as I got older. These days I find that I doodle more than draw. I guess it’s because I don’t have the time like I did when I was in high school. As an adult I always feel rushed all the time too. When I was younger I took my time to do things.

Vans Custom Culture is a high school competition. Over 2,500 schools are competing for the opportunity to win $50,000 for their school’s art programs. I think this is wonderful. I fully support the arts.

My daughter was in an advanced art class at school and did very well. Sadly the program was cut due to lack of funding. I think that is one of the worse things the school district could have done. I’m sure there were other ways to cut corners. They didn’t have to cut out such an important program.

Vans Shoes

Art inspires people. It’s also a way for students to showcase their talents. Seeing their artwork in local studios and featured around the school is a great way to boost someone’s self esteem and confidence. Art is also a way for people to express themselves and let their inner self shine. Not having these programs is a travesty.

Vans sent the participating school blank (plain white) Vans shoes. For this competition the school’s need to decorate the Vans shoes any way they see fit. When they finished they submitted their designs to Vans for judging. The top 50 entries will be voted on by the public, starting TODAY. Winners from the public round of voting will then be judged internally by Vans. Students representing the top 5 designs will be flown to New York City for the final round of judging. The winning design will win $50,000 for their school’s art programs.

Vans sent me a pair of shoes and some art supplies (markers, paints…) to decorate my own pair of Vans. Needless to say I’m not talented, but I tried.

Shoe 1

Shoe 2

Shoe 3

FYI… Don’t ask kids to help you decorate shoes with markers because they will think it’s OK to decorate their own sneakers that way. LOL!

I had some help decorating the sneakers (from 7 years old to teens).

Even though I won’t be winning any prizes for my shoes, it was still fun to do.

If you would like to learn more about the Vans Custom Culture competition, or to vote for your favorite entry, visit – Vans.com/CustomCulture. In addition, check out the hashtags #VansCustomCulture #ArtEducations on social media.

What do you think about this competition? Do you feel that not enough is being done to encourage children to participate in the arts (art, music, theater…)? Feel free to share your thoughts.



*I was not compensated for this post. I received a pair of shoes and art supplies free to do my design. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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X Out Review

I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Influence-Central for X Out. I received samples of X Out to facilitate my review and a thank you item for my participation. 

X Out Review

I remember when I was a teenager. It can be a tough time in a young person’s life. There are a lot of perks to being a teen, but at the same time there are some negative aspects too.

One big issue I had as a teen was acne. I was fortunate that it didn’t hit me until my late teen years. I was around 17 years old when I really started to get a lot of pimples. Many of my best friends and classmates started in their earlier teens.

Some days were so bad I didn’t want to leave the house! I’m sure many people can relate to that. It’s embarrassing to have a face full of pimples, even if it’s common for teens.

I know that acne has different “extremes.” Some people get the occasional pimple where as others get it so bad that it leaves marks (scars) on their face and their complexion is horrible.

I didn’t want that to happen to my teens. As soon as they started to approach their teen years I worried about what kind of acne issues they might have.

Both of my kids deal with acne. My daughter (17) tends to get acne on her forehead and chin. My son (15) tends to get it on his cheeks and forehead. My daughter gets big, red pimples whereas my son gets smaller acne marks. None the less it bothers both of them.

My daughter is a senior in high school and looking good is important. She wants to make sure she has clear skin for all those photos her and her friends will be taking all year long, plus she wants to have clear skin for senior events such as the senior luncheon and the ever important prom.

My son is very shy and the last thing he wants is for someone to make fun of him. Sadly kids can be cruel and it’s easy to make fun of someone because of acne issues.

I’ve tried to get a few shots to show you my kid’s acne issues. That was easier said than done because they run and hide when they see a camera coming when they are having a “bad skin day.”


My son’s problem areas are his cheeks and his forehead.


My daughter’s problem area’s are her forehead (between her brows) and chin.

My kids are going to be so mad at me for sharing these photos. It’s actually the same photo – I just cropped it so you can see an up close of their acne.

My kids have tried many different acne products, but as you can see, we haven’t had much luck finding something that works well. Sometimes a product works well for a short time, then it stops being effective. It’s also hard to find a product that works well for both of my kids. My medicine cabinet used to be filled with acne products.

Some products require multiple steps. My kids simply do not have time for that. They are super busy getting ready for school in the morning and in the evening they are too busy studying and getting homework done to be bothered with lengthy treatment procedures.

Thanks to Mom Central I was able to get the X Out product to try out with my kids. X Out is great for busy, on-the-go teens because it’s a wash in treatment that washes powerful acne fighting medicine into your pours to kill the bacteria which causes pimples. There are no multiple steps needed.

X Out even helps to moisturize skin. Both of my kids commented on that after using X Out. Dry skin is a huge complaint for both of them and both of them commented on how X Out didn’t dry out their skin. In fact X Out not only moisturizes the skin it exfoliates dead skin cells too.

X Out contains a PROVEN acne fighting ingredient – 8.5% Benzoperoxide. It’s also sulfate and paraben free and non-comedogenic. Non-comedogenic means it doesn’t clog pores. Clogged pores can lead to the dreaded blackheads.

X Out is also good for all skin types. As a parent I especially like this because I know both of my kids can use the product and I don’t need to keep a medicine cabinet full of acne treatment products.

My daughter was quick to want to try X Out. She had a senior luncheon coming up and she wanted to make sure her skin was nice looking. My son was a bit reluctant because he figured it was just another acne treatment.


Senior luncheon. Forehead acne is barely noticeable (there is nothing really there). Chin acne looks much better.

Above is a photo of my daughter heading out to her senior luncheon. Notice the marked improvement of the forehead acne (between her eye brows) and he chin acne looks much better (the mark above her lip is a cold sore).

She’s wearing the same make up she always wears in both photos.

Here is another photo of her forehead acne BEFORE using X Out for a few weeks.


It’s nice to see that the forehead acne has smoothed out. She still has some marks (scars) on her face, and some bumps/discoloration on her chin, but it’s a huge improvement. Even my daughter is pleased.

My son eventually gave X Out a try too.

My son's cheeks and forehead are his problem zones.

My son’s cheeks and forehead are his problem zones.

You can see the acne on his cheeks. He even has some bumps on his chin (normally his problem zones are his forehead and cheeks).

He found the product super easy to use. He’s not one to spend a lot of time with skin care (usually girls spend more time caring for their skin). I’m happy that my son used the X Out on a daily basis.

Here is a a photo of my son taken a couple of weeks ago at a restaurant as well as a belated birthday cake at his grandparents house.



As you can see his cheeks and forehead look smoother and cleaner. He may have a few marks here and there but nothing as noticeable as he used to have.

My kids were sent the X Out Wash In Treatment, X Out Shine Control, X Out Spot Corrector and X Out Body Soap (for body acne).

The X Out Wash In Treatment is the product my kids used twice daily – once in the AM when they were getting ready for school and once in the PM after they got ready for bed. You simply wash the product on your face like you would any other facial cleaner and rinse it off. That’s it! That is all you have to do. You don’t have to follow any kind of process. There are no extra products that you need to use.

We’re a family of four with ONE bathroom. My husband and I both work and my kids both have to get ready for school. None of us has much time in the morning because everyone needs to get ready. As a parent I LOVE having my kids get in and out of the bathroom much faster than before. They don’t have to use multiple products and wait to rinse them off or to dry. Just wash and go. Even my kids appreciate the ease of this product and have commented multiple times at just how easy the product is to use.

My daughter has the X Out Shine Control in her locker. She uses it at school after gym class. It not only moisturizes the skin but also gives it a more “matte” like look by absorbing (for lack of a better description) the oil in your skin. My daughter’s skin does tend to be oily. She likes to keep it at school for “touch ups” during the day. She doesn’t use facial powder, so she doesn’t really have a way to control the “shine” caused by excess oil in the skin. She tells me that she likes the product, and in fact she asked me to get her some more.

Spot Corrector

Both of my kids have used the X Out Spot Corrector from time to time. It’s just an added bit of help against pimples. It’s more so for those pesky pimples that don’t want to go away, or pop up at a time when you can wash your face. It just gives the X Out Wash In Treatment and added “boost” on stubborn acne.

We haven’t tried the X Out Body Soap yet. No one in our family has body acne. I kept it just in case. I know in the hot weather months sweat can cause acne.

My daughter is happy that her skin is looking better than it has in a very long time. She has a lot on her mind these days between finishing up her senior year, preparing for college, looking forward to prom and graduation and of course boys (LOL). The last thing she wants to have to worry about it acne.

I was supposed to have my daughter video tape her review of X Out but due to unforeseen circumstances she’s not been in a “happy place” lately to do the video. I would ask my son but he’s BEYOND shy and would never, ever agree to do it (I’ve even tried bribing him – LOL).

My son is the quiet type. He’s not one to express his feelings too much. I have asked him about his thoughts on X Out and he told me “Can you get more, we’re running out.” Knowing my son I take that as a positive thing. He wouldn’t ask me to get more if he didn’t like it.

I think he likes that it’s so easy to use and it has made a noticeable difference on his skin.

As a mom I am pleased with the product and I plan on purchasing more for my kids. This mom gives X Out two thumbs up.

If you would like to learn more about X Out visit www.XOut.com. You can also find the brand on Facebook and Twitter.

Here is a brief video about why I, as a parent, like X out.


Have you or your teen tried any of the X Out products? If so, what did you think about them? Feel free to share your thoughts. I always love to hear from readers.

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