Discovery Life Channel Announces January Debut Programming Slate


Discovery Life

I’m not one to post press releases, unless I think it’s something noteworthy that many readers might be interested in.

I’m not a fan of reality shows, but I do enjoy shows about real things (if that makes sense?). Another words I have no interest in keeping up with the Kardashians (seriously… I could care less what they are up to) – but I do enjoy learning about things such as medical mysteries and outrageous true life stories.

I thought readers might be interested in Discovery Life’s line up of shows debuting in January. Below is a press release about the shows.

Discovery is breathing life into its next chapter for Discovery Fit and Health with a full slate of programing on Discovery Life Channel beginning on Thursday, January 15. The night kicks off with the premiere of an original series about births that don’t exactly stick to the plan in OUTRAGEOUS BIRTHS: TALES FROM THE CRIB at 9/8c, followed by the endearing series 50 WAYS TO KILL YOUR MOTHER at 10/9c, chronicling the adventures of an Irish TV personality as he bonds with his mother, grabbing life by the horns on an extreme bucket list adventure.

As debut week continues, medical mayhem abounds in the city that never sleeps with a raw and intimate look inside NY ER on Friday, January 16 at 10/9c and 10:30/9:30c. Peeling back the curtain on afflictions of both body and mind, BODY BIZARRE looks at rare medical anomalies and the incredible spirit of those living with them on Saturday, January 17 at 9/8c, while HOARDING: BEHIND CLOSED DOORS offers a glimpse into the U.K.’s most extreme pack rats on Sunday, January 18 at 10/9c. Bringing flair to the air, previously announced series THE MISTRESS follows former mistress Sarah J. Symonds on her quest to help reform other other women on Wednesday, January 21 at 10/9c and 10:30/9:30c. Finally, in WORLD’S WORST MOM, Lenore Skenazy aims to diffuse parental paranoia by helping high-strung moms let go of their fears on Thursday, January 22 at 9/8c and 9:30/8:30c.

“From the shocking to the scandalous, the informative to the enlightening, heartbreaking to heartwarming, Discovery Life Channel’s programming has something relatable for the voyeur in all of us,” said Jane Latman, general manager of Discovery Life Channel. “Between our bold content, unflappable talent and authentic storytelling, we are excited to debut Discovery Life in January as a must-watch television destination filled with humor – and heart – in the Discovery portfolio.”

The complete January slate is as follows:



Premieres Thursday, January 15 at 9/8c; Regular premieres move to Fridays at 9/8c beginning January 16
All the baby books and Lamaze classes can’t prepare a pregnant woman for when labor doesn’t go quite as planned. OUTRAGEOUS BIRTHS: TALES FROM THE CRIB features first-person accounts by real mothers and fathers sharing their unbelievable, unexpected birth stories. From a baby that was born  during a hurricane to a baby that was actually born twice, each hour-long episode reveals three bizarre, mysterious and sometimes humorous medical stories involving childbirth, labor and delivery.



Premieres Thursday, January 15 at 10/9c
Experience the endearing and enduring relationship between a brave 70-year-old Irish mom and her daredevil son Baz Ashmawy as they grab life by the horns on a unique journey to experience extreme adventures together. They’re the kind of stunts that keep a parent up at night with worry, but in 50 WAYS TO KILL YOUR MOTHER, mom is along for the ride. From skydiving to alligator wrestling, this six-part series follows Baz as he sets sail across the globe with a bucket list designed to test his mum’s mettle.



Premieres Friday, January 16th at 10/9c and 10:30/9:30c
In the city that never sleeps, the ER never stops. NY ER is a raw and intimate look at life inside the crowded emergency rooms at New York Presbyterian Hospital, University Hospital, and Mount Sinai Hospital. With unparalleled access, cameras are there for all the drama and the trauma documenting the mayhem and miracles that occur in some of the busiest ERs in the country. NY ER’s doctors and nurses are prepared for everything – from the grandmothers, addicts and local celebrities that roll in, to treating gunshots, rare illnesses, and unusual ailments patients wish they never had to confess.



Premieres Saturday, January 17 at 9/8c
BODY BIZARRE features stories of people living with the most mysterious and incredible medical anomalies, focusing on their total transformation of mind, body, and soul while undergoing treatment. Each one-hour episode uncovers cases from across the globe of real, and really astonishing, medical abnormalities that continue to stump the best doctors and experts. Cases include a young Nepalese man born with three legs to a bizarre spinal defect that left a Brazilian man’s head facing upside down, and a rare syndrome that causes a Swedish family to feel no pain. BODY BIZARRE provides unprecedented access into the lives of these individuals and explains the science behind each condition all the while celebrating the remarkable spirit of perseverance.



Premieres Sunday, January 18 at 10/9c
HOARDING: BEHIND CLOSED DOORS explores Britain’s growing number of extreme hoarders and their quest for a cure with the help of friends and family. There are an estimated 1.2 million hoarders in Britain, and the series uncovers that many of them lead seemingly ordinary lives on the outside, but behind their front door lies a shocking reality of rooms packed to the brim with clutter, unsanitary living conditions, and families pushed to the brink. In this 15-episode series, viewers are introduced to hoarders whose lives are being torn apart by their condition and will follow their attempt to part with treasured possessions with the help of a leading psychotherapist and a no nonsense cleaning crew.



Premieres Wednesday, January 21 at 10/9c and 10:30/9:30c
Hollywood and the media most commonly portray mistresses as heartless home wreckers but, more often than not, these women don’t embody the sexed-up stereotype. Many are duped into these love triangles and struggle with deep feelings of loneliness and personal conflict. Now, one of the world’s most famous mistresses – Sarah J. Symonds, author and self-proclaimed former mistress of Chef Gordon Ramsay and Lord Jeffrey Archer – is on a mission to rescue others from the despair of their affairs and portray the hidden life of the often-vilified woman in THE MISTRESS. Each half-hour episode documents Symonds’ intervention with one mistress ready to finally escape the trap of an extramarital affair, drawing from her own personal experiences to prove that there’s rarely a silver lining when you’re the other woman.



Premieres Thursday, January 22 at 9/8c and 9:30/8:30c
WORLD’S WORST MOM aims to diffuse parental paranoia by helping high-strung, fearful moms let go of their tightly held reins so their kids can thrive. This 13-part series follows “worst mom” Lenore Skenazy – a mother of two, an author and a seasoned parenting expert – who suffered intense public criticism in 2008 after allowing her 9-year-old son to ride the NYC subway on his own. Following a media frenzy, Lenore went on an intrepid mission to rescue overprotective parents and their bubble-wrapped kids from a strained relationship. In each episode, Lenore performs interventions with “helicopter parents” who are holding back their kids, taking each family through a series of challenges designed to push boundaries, give their children more freedom, and abolish the fear of letting go.

What do you think about the new shows? Do any of them interest you? If so, which one/ones?

I think 50 Ways to Kill Your Mother looks like it could be a lot of fun. I’m also a fan of hoarding shows. It makes me feel better about the dust bunnies under my couch. LOL!


*I was not compensated for this post. I posted this for the enjoyment of my site readers. 

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Elf: Buddy’s Musical Christmas on Tuesday, December 16th on NBC


Elf: Buddy's Musical Christmas

Chances are if you celebrate the Christmas holiday, or even if you don’t, you have seen the popular holiday film Elf staring Will Ferrell, James Caan, Zooey Deschanel, Ed Asner and Mary Steenburgen.

Elf came out in 2003. Only in the past few years has the film become so popular.

My family is a fan of the film. We have been since the first time we saw it many years ago. We even quote lines from the film from time to time (“Son of a Nutcracker!”).

In one part of the film Buddy the Elf sings to his father… “I’m here with my dad and we never met. And he wants me to sing him a song. And, um, I was adopted but you didn’t know I was born. So, I’m here now, I found you, Daddy. And, guess what? I love you, I love you, I love you!”

It cracks us up all the time. :-)

Premiering on Tuesday, December 16, 2014 on NBC is a new holiday animated film called Elf: Buddy’s Musical Christmas.

Produced by Warner Bros. Animation and based on the holiday favorite film Elf and  the hit Broadway musical,  Elf:  Buddy’s Musical Christmas, is a stop-motion hour-long animated musical special featuring the voices of Jim Parsons as Buddy, Ed Asner reprising his role as the voice of Santa, Mark Hamill as Walter and Kate Micucci as Jovie.  The voice cast also include Jay Leno, Matt Lauer, Gilbert Gottfried, Fred Armisen and Steve Higgins.


I had the opportunity to screen the holiday special before it airs.

I have never seen the Broadway musical, so I am not sure how that compares to the film.

In Elf: Buddy’s Musical Christmas the story line is similar to that of the film with just a few differences here and there. Buddy is a human who thinks he’s an elf and lives in the North Pole. Santa tells him he’s really a human and that his father lives in New York City so Buddy heads off to the city to find his father. He meets his grumpy father, half brother, stepmother and a sweet young lady named Jovie.

Unlike the real action film, this stop motion animation features a lot of songs – and I do mean a lot. There were quite a few songs sung throughout the hour long special. I’m assuming these are songs from the Broadway show.

I watched the show with my husband (my kids were off doing their own thing at that time). I didn’t tell my husband who did the voices for any of the characters. I wanted to see if he could guess them. He knew right away it was Jim Parsons (Big Bang Theory) as Buddy and Ed Asner as Santa. He never picked up on Mark Hamill as Walter. I would have thought he would since we are huge Star Wars fans.

This is a super cute animated special that the whole family will enjoy.

The animated Buddy is adorable. He’s build really weird but that adds to his quirkiness.

Be sure to mark your calendars and set your TIVO to NBC on December 16, 2014 at 8:00 PM (EST) / 7:00 PM (CST) for Elf: Buddy’s Musical Christmas. 

Screen Shot Elf: Buddy's Musical Christmas


*I received a free screener copy in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Ring in the new year and celebrate the holiday with King Julien and Netflix


New Years 2015

It’s hard to believe that the New Year is only a few short weeks away. I’m still trying to finish up our holiday shopping let alone think about how we’re going to celebrate the new year.

We’re homebodies so most likely we’ll be home on New Year’s Eve. We tend to watch all the festivities on television and count down with the ball dropping just before midnight.

One day we’ll go to Times Square and celebrate the new year there. I did that once. I celebrated the end of 1995 and the begining of 1996 in Times Square with a friend of mine. I was happy to see 1995 go. It was a horrible year. I also toasted to 1996 in hopes that it was a better year. It was! I met my husband in February 96′ and we eloped in October of 96′. :-)

Maybe this New Year’s Eve we’ll get our grove on a “move it, move it” with King Julien. In case you are not familiar with the fuzzy little mammal, King Julien is the self-proclaimed “Lord of the Lemurs” from the island of Madagascar.

This coming December 19th the first five episodes of a new original Netflix series, All Hail King Julien, will air. King Julien is joined by his favorite sidekicks, Maurice and Mort too. Viewers will also be introduced to a new cast of colorful characters.

The series hasn’t aired yet but I plan on watching it as soon as it’s available. I’ll post my review at a later date. In the mean time, if you are in the mood to watch those crazy critters from other Madagascar movies and sorts, here are a few suggestions.


1. Merry Madagascar
2. Madly Madagascar
3. The Madagascar Penguins: A Christmas Caper

To get you in the holiday spirit Netflix has a lot of holiday movies and shows for young and old alike. Here are a few suggestions from Netflix.

For the little ones;

Hoilday Kids

1. Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas
2. Mumfie’s White Christmas
3. In Search of Santa
4. VeggieTales: Saint Nicholas: A Story of Joyful Giving

For teens and adults;

Holiday Adults

1. Love Actually
2. The Office: S02E10 Christmas Party
3. Christmas with the Kranks
4. Arrested Development: S02E06 Afternoon Delight

My personal favorites of the ones mentioned are Christmas with the Kranks, Love Actually and Merry Madagascar. Other personal suggestions include Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas, The Muppet Christmas Carol, White Christmas and the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. Of course seeing the Christmas Spectacular in person is the best way to enjoy that show.

All of these titles are available on Netflix.

I wonder if King Julien will have a holiday special? Maybe not so much for Christmas, but certainly for New Year’s Eve. You know how King Julien loves to party. Perhaps we’ll invite him into our home this New Year’s Eve and enjoy a few episode in between Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve and other festivities.

For more information about Netflix visit www.Netflix.com.

How do you like to ring in the New Year? Do you like to party like a rock star like King Julien, or do you prefer a cozy, quiet evening at home?

All Hair King Julien


*I am a member of the Netflix Steamteam. I received a free membership and other goodies in exchange for my participation. There is no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Holiday Programming on PBS KIDS



I thought some readers might be interested in learning more about the holiday entertainment PBS KIDS has planned.

The holiday fun on PBS KIDS continues all next week up until Christmas Day!

PBS KIDS has multiple holiday specials that will air next week, starting December 17. Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas will air December 17, and again on Christmas Day. Specials from Peg + Cat, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and Thomas & Friends will all premiere on December 17 and repeat throughout the holiday season. Check your local listings for specific airtimes.


Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas – airs December 17 and 25
Join George and The Man with the Yellow Hat as they count down the days until Christmas. There’s only one puzzle: neither of them can figure out what to give the other for a present. The Man is having trouble reading George’s wish list and George doesn’t have a clue about what to get for the Man who has everything. Maybe you can help!


Peg + Cat + Holidays – one-hour special premieres December 17

The Hanukkah Problem – When Albert Einstein invites Peg and Cat over for Hanukkah, he shows them how to make a 2D piece of paper into a 3D dreidel. Later, they need to use this process to bring peace to Al’s home and save his Hanukkah.

The Christmas Problem - When Santa Claus is in trouble, Peg and Cat have to solve their biggest problem ever: how to make and wrap presents for all the children of the world, and then deliver them using 100 sleighs.

The Penguin Problem – Peg and Cat coach a team of skiing penguins, who would have a shot at the Olympic gold medal if only they knew “over,” “under,” and “in between.”


Daniel’s Winter Adventure/Neighborhood Nutcracker – premieres December 17

Daniel’s Winter Adventure – Daniel, Dad, Prince Wednesday and Prince Tuesday are all going sledding! But once they get to the hill and see how tall it is, Daniel and Prince Wednesday get scared. Dad assures them that if they try it a little bit at a time, they might surprise themselves and have a great time. Later, Daniel ice-skates for the first time. When he tries it a little bit at a time, he realizes it is not so hard.

Neighborhood Nutcracker – Daniel is going to see a show called The Nutcracker Ballet! Once he arrives at the performance, he finds out that Prince Wednesday is sick and needs Daniel to fill in for him and dance on stage. Daniel is reluctant at first, but realizes that if he learns the steps a little bit at a time, he can dance the Nutcracker and the show will go on! Strategy: If something seems hard to do, try it a little bit at a time.


Christmas Cheer – premieres December 17

Duncan The Humbug - Everyone is happy at Christmastime except Duncan, the Scottish narrow gauge engine, who seems to be grumbling even more than usual. Victor offers Duncan a new coat of paint if he can refrain from grumbling for one whole day. Duncan rises to the challenge, but it is not so easy for an engine who likes to grumble to give up a lifetime habit.

The Perfect Gift - The whole island is celebrating Christmas and there are decorations everywhere.  But it doesn’t look very Christmas-y at the scrap yard. Percy starts to worry that Reg is missing out and he tries to find something to give Reg to cheer him up. But Reg only seems happy about scrap. Percy discovers that Reg is celebrating Christmas in his own way and has been making decorations from the scrap.

Coming Home for Christmas – premieres December 18

Last Train for Christmas - It’s Christmas Eve and a lot of passengers are coming home to Sodor for the holiday. Connor can’t carry all the passengers who are trying to get on his train. He promises to come back and pick them up, but the snow keeps falling and the engines are struggling to keep the tracks clear. It becomes a race against time, and the engines have to work together to clear the tracks and get the passengers home in time for Christmas.

Long Lost Friend - Gator returns to the Island of Sodor after being away for a long time. He is looking forward to seeing his old friend Percy. When Percy hears that Gator is back, he is very excited and immediately heads off to see him. But the two engines keep missing each other. They both have doubts they’ll see each other, but finally they connect and have a wonderful reunion.



*I was not compensated for this post. I posted this for the enjoyment of site readers. 

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Ho-Ho-Ho… ABC’s The Middle’s holiday episode airs Wednesday, December 10, 2014




If you have been reading my blog for a long time chances are you’ll recall that I am a big fan of the ABC series The Middle. I have been a fan ever since I saw the first episode. What’s there not to love about the Heck family.

Each year The Middle airs holiday episodes. The Thanksgiving episode aired last month and this Wednesday, December 10, 2014 The Middle‘s Christmas episode airs.

Thanks to Warner Bros., I had the opportunity to screen the holiday episode. I must say this one is one of my favorite Christmas episodes to date.

The Hecks are busy running around trying to accomplish everything on their holiday “To Do” list.

One thing that they need to check off the list is buy a new Christmas tree. Since Sue is allergic to real trees they have to purchase an artificial one. You would think that was an easy thing to do. Mike soon finds out that it’s almost impossible to get a simple artificial tree for their home.

The Middle Christmas Episode 2014

Frankie is so frazzled with all the stuff on the holiday “To Do” list, from decorating to wrapping presents, that she decides that she’s going to skip Christmas this year. She’ll make sure her family receives gifts, but she’s not going to decorate, wrap gifts or do anything she would normally do for the holiday season. She rather sit around in her underwear like her eldest son Axl does, must to the dismay of the Heck children.

Axl is happy to be back with his friends now that they are all off to college, that is until Axl and Sean get into an argument over King Moonracer from the movie Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, leaving Darrin to make the final decision.

This year Brick discovers that some families like to write letters to include in their holiday cards that tell family and friends what the family has been up to the past year. Unfortunately the Hecks have nothing positive to share.

To find out how the holiday turns out for this beloved family you need to tune in to The Middle this Wednesday at 8:00 PM (EST) on ABC. Please check with your local television guide for the channel.

To learn more about The Middle visit their official webpage on the ABC website. You can also check out The Middle on Facebook and Twitter. Their official hashtag is #TheMiddle.



*I received a free advanced screener in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Peter Pan Live! Airing on NBC on Thursday, December 4th at 8 PM (EST) / 7 PM (CST)


Peter Pan Live

Almost a year ago NBC did something that hasn’t been done in a very long time – film a special 100% live on television. That means if someone trips, flubs their lines or drops a prop it would be there for the world to see.

To me that is a scary undertaking. So many things could go wrong (but thankfully didn’t). At the same time I think it’s really cool to see something like that live as it happens. Its like going to Broadway play and watching it in the comfort of your own home.

This holiday season NBC is doing it again. This time with a liver version of the classic tale Peter Pan, appropriately called Peter Pan Live!

Peter Pan Live! airs on NBC on Thursday, December 4, 2014 at 8:00 PM (EST) / 7:00 PM (CST). The show stars Allison Williams, Christopher Walken, Christian Borle and Minnie Driver.

Here is a preview of Peter Pan Live!


I also have some great behind-the-scenes clip you might be interested in as well.


You can find more sneak peeks from Peter Pan Live! here.

In addition there is also a Peter Pan Live! educational study guide to share. Created for educators (but great for parents, too!), this study guide introduces kids to the iconic characters, irrepressible adventures, and inspirational songs from this Broadway classic with activities designed to generate excitement, engagement, and discussion before, during, and after the live broadcast.

I was sent some goodies from NBC to host a Peter Pan Live! viewing party for my family. They sent me some fun items.

  • Crocodile puppet
  • Pirate hook hands (kid-friendly)
  • Pirate swords (kid-friendly)
  • Peter Pan hats
  • Vial of fairy dust
  • Peter Pan Live! lesson plan packet

And a Walmart gift card to pick up snacks, beverages and other goodies.

A jar of "Fairy Dust" with a cute little star wand attached.

A jar of “Fairy Dust” with a cute little star wand attached.

I LOVE the Fairy Dust! It’s so cute! My teenager daughter is begging me to let her have it but I want it too. So I guess we’ll need to share.

The Crocodile puppet is a lot of fun to play with. It drives my dog crazy! He thinks it’s real. LOL!

What a cute puppet!

What a cute puppet!

I’m thinking about bringing it to work with me and playing with it with the kids. I’m not sure if it’s too scary or not. Most kids wouldn’t think of a crocodile as cute and friendly. We’ll see about that.

The hats came with big red feathers. I’m having a hard time getting the feathers in the hats but I hope to have them put together before Thursday.

I'm having a hard time getting the feathers through the holes.

I’m having a hard time getting the feathers through the holes.

My kids are a bit too old for the swords and hook hands, but they will be fun to goof around with during the show. I’m sure they’ll be taking plenty of fun selfies with them. HOWEVER… I can’t find the swords anywhere. I have a feeling my kids have already been taking pictures with them. As soon as I track them down I’ll up load those photos too.

Oh no! It's Captain Hook!

Oh no! It’s Captain Hook!

I’ll be live tweeting on Thursday night during the airing of the show. I hope you’ll join me. The official hashtag is #PeterPanLive.

If you would like to connect with Peter Pan Live! here are all the social media links.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nbc

Twitter: https://twitter.com/nbc #PeterPanLive

Google+: https://plus.google.com/+NBC

Instagram: http://instagram.com/nbctv

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/nbctv/

Tumblr: http://nbctv.tumblr.com

What do you think about the show? Do you plan on watching it with your family? Feel free to share your thoughts.

Peter Pan Live hashtag


*I received free party supplies and a gift card compliments of Walmart to purchase snacks in exchange for my participation. There was no other compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 



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