Adorable Easter goodies from Koh’s Cares


I know that Valentine’s Day just passed, but it’s time to look ahead to upcoming holidays, like St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th) and Easter (April 16th). St. Patrick’s Day is not much of a kid’s holiday (I think that one adults celebrate the most), but Easter sure is. Easter is definitely a family holiday.

I wish my kids were young enough to enjoy Easter like they used to. I loved it when they believed in the Easter Bunny. They still enjoy Easter, but more so for Easter dinner and for whatever candy I give them.

Growing up I made sure NOT to stuff our kid’s Easter baskets full of candy. I know that Easter is all about the candy (when you are kid), but I didn’t want my kids to gorge themselves on a lot of candy, most especially because their grandparents always gave them A LOT of candy for Easter.

Instead of candy I would fill their Easter baskets with coloring books, a new box of crayons, reading books, small toys and some candy. One year both our kids got scooters for Easter (and a little bit of candy). My kids never complained about not have a basket overflowing with candy.

If you are in the market for some Easter basket ideas – check out what is new with Kohl’s Cares.

If you are not familiar with Kohl’s Cares it’s a special program that Kohl’s offers to consumers that helps to raise funds for children’s charities.

A few times each year, Kohl’s Cares offers consumers books, plush toys and other goodies for only $5.00 each. The proceeds from the sales of these products goes towards children’s charities. Kohl’s Cares donates 100% of the net profit to Kohl’s Cares charities that support kid’s health and education programs nationwide.

Since 2000 Kohl’s Cares has raised and impressive $257 million dollars. Talk about a “win-win” situation. You get wonderful products and the proceeds goes towards children’s charities.

I am a HUGE fan of the Kohl’s Cares program. I love that they are raising so much money for children’s charities. I also love the products available as part of the Kohl’s Cares program. I especially love their books and matching plush toys ($5.00 each). For only ten dollars you can have a wonderful gift for a child. The products available from Kohl’s Cares would also make great, affordable Easter basket stuffers.

Check out what is new from Kohl’s Cares.

These are just SOME of the products currently available in the Kohl’s Cares program.

The Dr. Seuss books are hardcover books. They sell for over $10+ elsewhere, but with Kohl’s Cares they are only $5.00.

The plush animals are super soft and snugly. Quality plush toys sold elsewhere are easily $10 – $20 each, but with Kohl’s Care they are only $5.00.

I love getting the book and matching plush toys and keep them for gifts. The “set” makes a perfect gift. It costs you only $10, but they look like you spent double, if not more, than that amount. Plus the proceeds goes towards children’s charities, so it’s a “win-win” situation.

Kohl’s Cares has a super adorable bunny with a small book for only $5.00. This would make a PERFECT addition to any Easter basket.

If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw the photo I uploaded of the sweet bunny and adorable book.

I smile each and every time I look at him. The book is darling too.

I have a few of the current Kohl’s Cares products (Thidwick book and plush, Sneeches book and plush, Bunny and book and 100 Cool Simple Science Experiments). I donated the books and plush to a kindergarten program (the plush are used as “reading buddies”), which is why I don’t have a photo of them. They look exactly like they do on the website.

I work as a teacher’s assistant and I brought the science experiments book to work with me so that we can try some of the experiments with the kids. There are some super cool experiments in the book. I am looking forward to trying them out.

The bunny and book I kept for my family. The bunny will make a cute Easter decoration, and the book is a nice addition to my family’s library.

You can purchase Kohl’s Cares products on the Kohl’s website (Kohls.com). In addition they are also sold in stores. Look for them near the check out lines.

To find a Kohl’s location near you, visit their website. You can also look for Kohl’s coupons and promotional codes on places like Coupon Sherpa.

Kohl’s can also be found on social media. All of the links are found on their website.

Have you ever purchased (or received) a Kohl’s Cares product?


*I received free product samples to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 


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Check out the new LEGO Batman Movie and fun movie app



When I was a young girl I used to love to watch the Batman series on television – the one that stared Adam West. The series aired from 1966 – 19968 (I was born in 68′), so I saw repeats of the original series.

Back in the day Batman was one of my favorite super heroes.

If you are fan of Batman, super heroes and/or LEGOS, you’ll be interested in knowing that a brand new movie is coming to theaters on February 10, 2017. It’s appropriately called The LEGO Batman Movie. 

In the irreverent spirit of fun that made The LEGO® Movie a worldwide phenomenon, the self-described leading man of that ensemble – LEGO Batman – stars in his own big-screen adventure. But there are big changes brewing in Gotham, and if he wants to save the city from The Joker’s hostile takeover, Batman may have to drop the lone vigilante thing, try to work with others and maybe, just maybe, learn to lighten up.

Will Arnett reprises his starring role from The LEGO Movie as the voice of LEGO Batman, aka Bruce Wayne. Zach Galifianakis (Muppets Most Wanted, the Hangover films) stars as The Joker; Michael Cera (TV’s “Arrested Development”) as the orphan Dick Grayson; Rosario Dawson (TV’s “Daredevil”) as Barbara Gordon; and Ralph Fiennes (the Harry Potter films) as Alfred.

My family and I enjoyed The LEGO Movie, so we are looking forward to seeing this film too. Even the kindergartners that I work with are super excited about seeing this film too. They talk about it often.

It looks like a fun movie that the whole family will enjoy, even if you are not necessarily a fan of super heroes.

If you would like to learn more about the film you can visit the Official Site. You can also “like” the film on Facebook and follow the film on Twitter and Instagram. The official hashtag is #LEGOBatmanMovie.

The new film even has it’s own gaming app worth checking out.


The LEGO Batman Movie app features the following fun play modes;

RUN, DRIVE & FLY: Play as LEGO Batman. Run, Jump and Grapple across The Bat Cave, The Street and Rooftops of Gotham & Arkham Asylum. Drive your own Batmobile and use the Batwing to fly to new environments! Battle Villain Bosses such as the Joker, the Penguin and Poison Ivy!

BUILD A CUSTOM VEHICLE: Customize your vehicles. Unlock and modify epic vehicles from The LEGO Batman Movie such as The Batmobile, the Joker’s Notorious Lowrider and Bane’s Toxic Truck. Once modified, deploy them into the game for an added boost to gameplay! Use them to destroy Gotham’s most evil villains! 

DJ MODE: DJ your way to stardom in the DJ Mini Game. Tap your way to the beat of the rhythm and nail that beat! Featuring music from The LEGO Batman Movie. Each time Batman looks like he’s ready to hang up his Batboots he has the opportunity to save himself with DJ MODE!

Check out the trailer for the app.


It looks like fun. I think a lot of children will especially enjoy being able to build their own Batmobile.

The app is also FREE!

The LEGO Batman Movie app is available for both iOS and Android.

If you would like to learn more about the LEGO Batman movie app you can visit the app’s official web page.

What do you think about the LEGO Batman Movie? Do you think you’ll go and see it when it comes to theaters?

What do you think about the movie app? Do you think you’ll check it out?



*I have partnered with Warner Bros. to bring you this information. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Award Winning Phonics App, Wonster Words, is Worry Free!



Did you or your toddler receive a new phone or tablet this holiday season?  Now that you have the latest in tech, what are you going to load it up with?

The app markets are overflowing with all sorts of life enhancing ideas just waiting to be downloaded.  With so many options it is hard to know which are truly worth your precious attention.

If you have a child that is learning the ABCs and the corresponding sounds, then Wonster Words will fit nicely on your new smart device.


Inspired by childhood classics like Sesame Street, Super Why and Word Girl, Wonster Words is an ABC, phonics, and spelling game that is loved by parents and adored by kids. Wonster Words has won numerous awards including Dr. Toy’s 10 Best Picks, Mom’s Choice Gold, NAPPA Gold, iKids, and others.

Interactive word puzzles made up of silly animated letters introduce your toddlers to the ABCs and the 44 most common English phonemes. Put the animated letters where they belong as they sound out ABCs, phonics, gliding vowels, and consonant. This fun yet educational game is designed to help both school age and preschool children to learn the skills needed to be able to spell out new words.


Once the word puzzles are completed, children will enjoy cute, whimsical animations headlined by the lovable Wonster crew. The animations reinforce the spelling and pronunciation of the words, while teaching kids the meaning of these words.

In addition to the animations, kids will occasionally be rewarded with surprise mini-games. Unlike other educational games that can’t seem to keep your child’s attention, Wonster Words is sure to engage and educate your child.

Wonster Words is free to download and play. It comes with 15 free words for your child to play, along with a free daily “Word of the Day”! If you would like more words, an additional 100+ words are available through in app purchases. All purchases are locked behind parent gates to block accidental purchases by children. With regular updates, Wonster Words provides endless learning and fun for children. Download today to your new smartphone and tablet.


Here is what users are saying about Wonster Words:

“I am a retired Speech-language Pathologist and I provide trainings for preschools. I love this app for vocabulary building, early reading and spelling.”

“Awesome! Our little man enjoys it a lot. He has been playing it for the past two years, and never tires of it.”

“I love that my 3- year-old twins are learning while they play. It’s entertaining for them and at this age things just stick. This app makes the learning fun and effortless! Thank you!”

“I am thrilled that a student of mine is drawn to this app. It is great to encourage his phonics, and speech practice as he engages in and repeats letter names and words in this app. He is motivated by the errorless learning puzzle format and humorous games. Thanks for another great app!” — Lynn Ouellette, MS-Ed

“Our 3-year-old old can’t get enough of this app! He loves word building!”


The Google Play Store is having a year-end promotion and Wonster Words is a key part!  Between December 28 and January 6, the Wonster Words All Access Pass is 33% off, just $9.99!  (This offer is only valid through the Google Play Store).


*I have partnered with the app to bring you this information. The opinions expressed are that of the author’s and do not reflect my own. 

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PBS KIDS and Whole Foods Toys for the Holiday



Are you still looking for some great gifts to put under the tree for your child, grandchild, niece or nephew? If you answer “yes,” look no further than your local Whole Foods Market. That’s right – your local grocery store.

Whole Foods Market has teamed up with PBS KIDS by launching new holiday items for their line of responsibly-sourced toys.

Not only are these toys environmentally friendly, but they also give back – to the PBS mission of education for all children. 100% of profits for the supplier, PBS, go back to their non-profit work. All products give 1% to Whole Kids Foundation, which helps give parents, teachers and children more tools and opportunities to eat well.

Some of the PBS KIDS’ responsibly-sourced PlanToys and Aurora Plush animals are  pictured above and below.


I LOVE the plush toys! They look adorable. I wish we had a Whole Foods Market local to us. I would purchase the plush toys not only for gifts, but also for myself. I love to collect soft, cuddly, plush animals. The Llama (?) and Ferret (?) pictured above are especially cute.

I received a couple of toys from the collection to review.


Honey Bee Stacker 

All little ones should experience the fun of a stacker toy. Normally they are made of cheap plastic with colorful rings. This set is a much better option. It’s made from wood and meant to last for many years (this is something that could be passed down in a family).

Stacker toys are a great way to teach even a young child about shapes and sizes. The “objective” is to stack the rings on top of each other from largest to smallest.

I love the adorable little bee the sits on top.

When not in use I think this makes an adorable nursery/toddler room decoration.


Safari Animal Outdoor Croquet Set

I haven’t had the opportunity to play with this set yet. I am donating it to the classroom where I work. I thought this would be a great toy to enjoy indoors when it’s too cold or raining to go outside. We have use of the gym in the afternoon.

This is a classic croquet set. The objective is to hit the balls under the wooden arches.

This set is very well made. I love that it’s made out of wood. Under normal use this set could last for many, many years.

Even adults could have fun with this game too (although the mallets are a bit short for adults).

Not only are the PlanToys and Aurora Plush toys very well made, I think it’s a “win-win” situation that proceeds from the sales goes to children’s charities.

You can find these and other toys are your local Whole Foods Market. To find a location near you visit WholeFoodsMarket.com. The brand can also be found on social media.



*I received free samples to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Check out the cool sports balls from Reactorz



When I was a young girl I used to love playing outdoors with my cousins in the evening hours. We used to catch fireflies and play hide-and-go-seek, among other things. Oh how I miss those days.

One thing we never really did was play ball games in the evening hours, simply because it was too dark to see the ball. I’m referring to games like basketball, football, kickball or soccer.

Thanks to COOP Sports and some really cool technology, you can play during the dusk hours with their line of Reactorz balls.

Reactorz are made with Reactive Light Technology, so a kicked soccer ball or a tossed football becomes illuminated on contact. Like Isaac Newton’s law of motion, for every action – toss, throw, kick – there’s an equal and quite bright reaction when kids play with one of eight Reactorz products. From regulation-sized basketball and soccer to football (throws just like a real, regular football), and even a flying disc, you can your family can enjoy your favorite sports long after the sun goes down.

How does it work? Don’t look for the on/off switch because there isn’t one! COOP designers, prized for their attention to detail, took a whole year of product development to get this just right!  The secret is the long-lasting battery life built in each ball, and the micro prism core that refracts light. Then they put their focus on the exterior. Each Reactorz boasts one of three core colors – Atomic (lime) Ice (blue) and Lava (red). Covering the balls is a contrasting shield color. The final result is like nothing else on the market!

Check out this brief video that shows the Reactorz Football in use. It’s pretty cool!


I was sent one of the Reactorz balls to review. I received the Reactorz Basketball in the “Atomic” (green) color.

It doesn’t take much to set the “light” off in the ball. The smallest tap or movement makes the light turn on. It’s pretty cool.

It looks like a ball with an “outer sleeve” (for lack of a better description). The “inner ball” is the part that lights up. The outer part I am assuming protects it from all the knocking around it gets while playing the sport.

I wasn’t able to get a decent video of the ball in action (rolling it around in the front of our building). Sadly we can’t go to the local part to play a game of basketball after dark. The park closes and you are not allowed in. Playing with the Reactorz ball during the daylight hours isn’t as fun.. The ball works just like any other basketball, it’s just that you can’t really make out the light during the daylight hours.


The balls are very well made. They have a thick outer part that protects it. I think these balls could take a lot of kicking and throwing and not show any signs of damage or “wear and tear.” They seem very well protected by the outer piece. The outer piece also helps it to bounce.

Not only do I think these are really cool toys, I also think that they will inspire children to want to stay out longer and be more active.

Of course I would recommend that children play outdoors when it gets dark with adult supervision, or in someone’s backyard.

Adults can enjoy these balls too. They are made for children ages 5 and up. I could see a group of adults playing a good old game of football with a Reactorz Football after hours. That would also be fun to watch (and much easier to keep an eye on where the ball is).

Both boys and girls can have fun with Reactorz balls.

You can find Reactorz balls (and disc) at your neighborhood Toys R Us store (both online and in stores). They are also available at Academy Sports + Outdoors stores.


Believe it or not, Reactorz balls and disc are actually very affordable. They range in price from $5.99 to $19.99. Four Reactorz items are under $10.

These would make a great birthday gift, holiday gift, great report card reward or just something fun to do with the whole family.

For more information about Reactorz and/or COOP Sports, visit www.COOP-Sports.com. You can also check the brand on social media. All of their links are found at the top of their website.

COOP Sports offers consumers a variety of other fun and engaging sports equipment and more.

What do you think about Reactorz? Does it look like something your child/grandchild might enjoy? Feel free to share your thoughts. I always love to hear from readers.



*I received a free sample to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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2016 Hess Toy Truck – A great holiday gift & tradition


Watching certain holiday movies and specials are one of many holiday traditions my family has.

Watching certain holiday movies and specials are one of many holiday traditions my family has.

Do you have any special holiday traditions?

We have several holiday traditions. Some are small, some are a bit more important. Some are even a bit silly. Take for exampled Malted Milk Balls. When I was younger and I didn’t have much money for gifts I used to buy my dad a box of Malted Milk Balls for Christmas as a gift. It was his favorite treat. Even as I got older and had money to buy actual gifts, my dad always appreciated a box of Malted Milk Balls. So every Christmas I would buy him a box.

Another holiday tradition we have is going on out Christmas Eve and check out all the holiday decorations. As we drive around the neighborhoods we’d give out “awards” for titles like “Most Beautiful,” “Most Creative,” “Tackiest,” and so forth. They were not real awards. It was just something that my family would come up with as we were driving around.


Here is something you might want to consider if you have a child or grandchild – get them a new ornament every year for the holiday. My mom started that when I was a little girl. She’d gift me a personalized ornament every year (with the year on it) so that when I moved out and I had my own Christmas tree I had plenty of ornaments to decorate it with.

Mom started doing that for my kids. After she passed away my husband and I continued it (although not all of their are personalized or have the year on them). This year both of my kids got a personalized snowman that lights up and changes colors.

We also have a special key that we put on the outside of our condo door on Christmas Eve before we go to bed. Since we live in a condo and we don’t have a chimney, Santa needs some way of getting inside to deliver gifts. Even though our kids are teenagers (our daughter will be 20!), and haven’t believed in many years, we still hang the key outside the door on Christmas Eve. It’s a family tradition.


Going back to my dad. He had a tradition he did with the grandchildren. It started with my nephew and eventually all the grandchildren were a part of it.

Each year my father would buy my nephew the Hess Toy Truck that came available around Thanksgiving. My nephew has a wonderful collection of Hess trucks. When my kids were born my dad did the same thing for them as well as my niece. It didn’t matter if they were boys or girls – all the kids enjoyed the Hess Toy Trucks. All the kid knew they would get one on Christmas morning.

When my dad passed away we didn’t want to let that tradition die with him, so my husband and I took over buying our kids a Hess Toy Truck for Christmas.

When our daughter got older she didn’t have a need for them anymore, but our son likes to collect them, so we would buy a new truck for him. It’s a way to honor the memory of my dad every holiday season.

Dad would have loved the 2016 Hess Toy Truck.


This year the Hess Toy Truck features a Dragster. It’s sold exclusively at www.HessToyTruck.com for $31.99 with free standard shipping and five Energizer® batteries included.

Thank goodness that it come with batteries because as soon as you take it out of the box you’ll want to play with it.

The 2016 Truck features LED lights, a slide-out ramp, and 4 realistic sounds including a race starting countdown.  The dragster’s innovative weight-transfer design and pull-back friction motor enable launch  in either a flat or wheelie position. Together, the duo features green accents, sleek chrome styling, and more than 50 brilliant lights.

Here is a brief video that I took of the one we have. It’s not easy to press buttons and video at the same time. I think I missed a button.


The sounds are very realistic and the volume is pretty loud too (as you can tell from the video).

There are plenty of lights on both vehicles. On the truck you can choose from stationary lights or flashing lights.

Once again, Hess Toy Truck did not disappoint. This is an awesome truck that any child – or collector – will enjoy.


If you would like to purchase the truck for your collection or as a gift, www.HessToyTruck.com. On the site you can also check out Hess Toy Trucks from previous years.

The brand is also found on social media. All of their links are found on the bottom right of their website.



*I received a free sample to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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