Connecting and opening up conversation with your teenager


Our son and daughter

I have a hard time saying this… I’m the mother to a 17 1/2 year old and an almost 20 year old. How in the world do I have a twenty year old child? Wasn’t it just yesterday when she was staring Kindergarten?

Sigh… time flies by way too quickly.

I used to think that getting up at all hours of the night to feed babies and change diapers was rough (lack of sleep!). And that the “terrible twos” were not easy either. But that all changed when our kids became teenagers. The teenage years are by far the most challenging (and rewarding) years.

The “rewards” include seeing your teen get their first boyfriend or girlfriend, go to prom, get their first car, get their first job and of course graduate from high school.

The challenges… they will keep you up at night, stress you out and turn your hair gray practically overnight.

I remember being a teenager myself. The teen years were rough with pimples, puberty, peer pressure and trying to figure out who I was. That was back in the 80’s. We didn’t have social media back then. I think social media has put even more pressure on teenagers.

Me as a teen (18) back in 1986.

I make it a point to talk to our kids often about drinking, smoking, drugs, sex and peer pressure. They do feel awkward talking to me about these things, but they know that eventually I find everything out so they might as well get it out in the open.

Our son hasn’t done anything so far. He graduates from high school in June and he JUST got a social life at the start of his senior year. He’s been out a few times with friends but they mostly go to the mall or out to eat. He doesn’t go to parties or anything like that.

He does have his first girlfriend, and we’ve already given him “the talk” about what he shouldn’t be doing (mostly sex). My husband and I have faith in our son that he’ll “do the right thing.”

Our daughter… well, she’s another story. I think she is more like a typical teen who has experimented with things (drinking, smoking marijuana…). She KNOWS she’s not supposed to do things like that, and she has admitted to doing them (and being grounded for them). At least she feels comfortable enough to admit to me when she’s broken the rules, talking to me about it and accepting the consequences.

I know first hand that trying to connect with today’s teenagers is not an easy task. Luckily there are things you can do to open up the lines of communication.

Believe it or not, one way to start a dialogue with your teen is the watch the shows and movies that they enjoy watching.

If you are having a hard time reading the infographics above you can on these links to view a large image – Netflix US Infographic on Talking to Teens and Netflix Parenting Cheat Sheet – What Parents Should Be Watching.

According to a recent study by Netflix 83% of parents have watched a show their teen has seen to feel closer to them. The biggest surprise? 74% of teens are willing to open up and talk to their parents about the shows they watch.

Our daughter recently watched 13 Reasons Why. She read the book as well. It was written by Jay Asher.

Newcomer Katherine Langford plays the role of Hannah, a young woman who takes her own life. Two weeks after her tragic death, a classmate named Clay finds a mysterious box on his porch. Inside the box are recordings made by Hannah — on whom Clay had a crush — in which she explains the 13 reasons why she chose to commit suicide. If Clay decides to listen to the recordings, he will find out if and how he made the list. This intricate and heart-wrenching tale is told through Clay and Hannah’s dual narratives.

No one wants to think about someone they love committing suicide.

Did you know…

  • Suicide is the SECOND leading cause of death for ages 10-24.
  • More teenagers and young adults die from suicide than from cancer, heart disease, AIDS, birth defects, stroke, pneumonia, influenza, and chronic lung disease, COMBINED.
  • Each day in our nation, there are an average of over 5,240 attempts by young people grades 7-12.
  • Four out of Five teens who attempt suicide have given clear warning signs.

The breaks my heart to read those statistics presented by the Jason Foundation.

I was curious as to why our daughter wanted to watch the series on Netflix. It turns out that she read the book and she was curious to see if the series on Netflix was a lot like the book. She actually thought it was very well done and Netflix and actually encouraged me and my husband to watch it.

I did watch the first episode (in all fairness I haven’t had a chance to watch more of it, but I plan to).

We did have a discussion about suicide as a result of 13 Reasons Why. We talked about her friends and if any of them talked about suicide or if she knew anyone who died from suicide (thankfully she doesn’t know anyone and she says her friends never talked about it or showed signs they were going in that direction).

My husband really like the film Frank. It’s an odd movie. I don’t know what he sees in it. I’ve watched it and I thought it was really strange. He initially saw the film on Netflix at the recommendation of a friend of his. He loved the movie so much that he purchased a copy of the film as well as the soundtrack.

To our surprise our daughter and her ex-boyfriend (back when they were dating) actually watched Frank on Netflix. Our daughter wanted to watch it to see why my husband/her father saw in it. She actually liked the film (her boyfriend liked it more than her and actually watched it again and downloaded a few songs). It was interesting to see our daughter sharing her thoughts on the film that my husband likes so much.

Our daughter loves to watch One Tree Hill, Grey’s Anatomy and Breaking Bad on Netflix. I can understand One Tree Hill since it’s about young adults, but I was surprised to learn she watched Grey’s Anatomy. I was fortunate enough to visit the set of Grey’s Anatomy a few years back and speak with a few of the actors. If you are interested you can read about my on set experience and see all my photographs in this post – On the set with ABC’s hit television show Grey’s Anatomy. *PLEASE NOTE there are some graphic photos in that post (FAKE intestines and such).

I never watched the show, but my daughter was more than happy to tell me all about it. When I told her I visited the set and shared my experience with her she thought it was the coolest thing ever! I should mention that when I did the site visit she didn’t watch the series and knew nothing about it which is why she didn’t care about it back then.

As for Breaking Bad, I don’t really know much about that show. I do know it’s about drugs. I asked her why she liked watching it and she said that her ex-boyfriend watched it and she got interested in it through him. To date I have not watched the series, but it’s on my list of things to watch on Netflix.

For my part, I do encourage our daughter to watch things that we watch on Netflix and recommend things to watch.

Being a young adult she’s not really into Disney or Pixar movies anymore. I have recommended a few to her that she should check out on Netflix like Zootopia, Pete’s Dragon and Finding Dory. She did watch Finding Dory. She loved Finding Nemo and was happy to check out Finding Dory. 

Our son doesn’t watch movies or television. He prefers to watch CNN and MSNBC. He’s more into world news then television shows or movies. In fact he recently went to the movies with his girlfriend and it was the first non-premiere movie he’s seen since Eight Below (2006).

Who would have thought that something as simple as watching a movie or a television show together, or on your own, could open up the lines of communication and discussion with your teen.

Is there a movie or television show that you and your teenager watch together? Have you ever watched something that helped to open the lines of communication with your teen? Feel free to share your story. I always LOVE to hear from readers.


*I am a member of Netflix’s Stream Team. I was not compensated for this post but I do receive free membership to Netflix in exchange for my participation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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How Do I Pay For An EIN?


An EIN is a tax identification number that will help the IRS identify your business. While the purpose of the EIN number is mostly limited to the tax season, obtaining an EIN and properly filing and paying taxes on your business is crucial. The IRS has long been a formidable entity and it does have the power to impose fines and liens if your taxes are not properly filed. Here’s a bit more information to help you get your EIN and avoid getting on the bad side of the IRS:

How to Apply for EIN: To apply for an EIN number, you will need to fill out Form SS-4 and submit that document to the IRS. The form can be submitted online, by fax or by mail. Applying online is the fastest method and will help ensure that you have your EIN in time for tax season.

How to Pay for EIN: When you apply for an EIN, you may need to pay administrative fees. Check the site that you are registering through for information on how and what to pay when registering your EIN. Fees can vary from registrar to registrar, depending on your specific needs.

How to Check your EIN Status: Once you submit your SS-4 form, you can check the status of your application online.  If you apply online, you will receive your number immediately in most cases. Keep in mind that if you choose to mail or fax your form, the information may not appear online for several days.

Once you receive your EIN, you will need to use that number to file the taxes on your business. Keep you EIN in a secure location as this will be the number that you use when filing your taxes every year.

Visit www.irs-ein-tax-id.com for more.

*I have partnered with the brand to bring you this information. The opinions expressed are that of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect my own. 

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Oriental Trading – your one stop shop for all your crafting supplies (and more!)


I love to do crafty things. Over the years I have dabbled in painting, drawing, jewelry making, stencils, making home made soap and beauty products and more. Sadly, I don’t have as much time as I used to when it comes to doing something fun like crafting. By the time I get home from work I’m exhausted and the weekends are spent catching up on things I couldn’t get done all week (cleaning, blogging, running errands…).

For a while I didn’t get a chance to craft at all. Ever since I started my new position at my job (this past September) I get to craft on a daily basis with the kids I work with.

I work as a teacher’s assistant in a kindergarten program. Every day we read the kids a book and do a craft/project based on the book.

It’s not always that easy to find crafts to do, especially on the spur of the moment. Often my boss, the classroom teacher, has no clue what book he’s reading that day let alone a craft to go with it. We don’t always have the supplies we need to do some of the crafts we want to do either. I swear, the kids I work with go through glue sticks like crazy!

Thank goodness for Oriental Trading Company. Its my favorite place to shop for not only craft supplies, but also craft projects. They even offer crafts that contain everything you need to complete it. Those are my favorite kinds of crafts from Oriental Trading to use with the kids I work with. I LOVE having everything we need in neat, individual packages.

I love having several crafts on hand, and Oriental Trading offers so many to choose from. They have crafts for boys, girls, unisex and even adults.

Here are some of my personal favorites that we have utilized lately in our classroom.

Oriental Trading offers several Magic Scratch crafts. A Magic Scratch craft is something you use a small plastic “stick” (included) to scratch out a colorful design. There are so many designs to choose from including holiday, seasonal, superheros, dinosaurs, animals, religious symbols and more.

I picked out the Magic Color Scratch Superheroes for the kids that I work with. They are really into Marvel and DC superheroes. I knew they would go crazy for the superhero scratch off shapes.

The kids couldn’t get enough of these.

They are so simple to use. Simply use the plastic “stick” that comes with them to scratch off the back coating to review the bright colors underneath.

The kids had fun making their own superhero logos on their scratch off figures uniforms.

I plan on getting more of these for the kids. They were a fun project they could do at one of the classroom centers. We also have dinosaur scratch offs that I am saving for when we are into our dinosaur unit.

We do a lot of projects based on the different holidays and seasons. Now that it’s officially Spring time we were excited to share the Spring crafts from Oriental Trading with the kids.

Oriental Trading has A LOT of delightful spring crafts to choose from.

This “Ducky About Spring” craft turned out super cute. It was so easy for the kids to make too. All they needed to do was peel off the back of the foam pieces and put them together on the foam sign.

Each sign came as a “kit” with all the pieces you needed to make it. The kit even includes extra pieces. Some of the girls took the extra bows for the kite and the flowers to make a girl ducks. They turned out so cute!

Another fun and easy Spring craft the kids I work with had the opportunity to do recently was the Paper Plate Spring Bird’s Nest Craft Kit. This is another great, easy to do craft that requires nothing extra. Everything you need is included in the kit. All of the foam pieces have self-adhesive backs on them. The nest did require glue but we were able to get it all to stick with stick glue, so there was virtually no mess involved (liquid glue can get messy with 5-6 year olds).

The kids I work with (most especially the girls) love to make necklaces and bracelets out of beads.

I found a cute Geometric Shapes Necklace Craft Kit at Oriental Trading. Each individual kit comes with 10 big, colorful wood beads that are easy to string with the included 30″ cord.

What I love about this kit is that it comes with pieces for the end so you can open/close the necklace when you want to put it on or take it off. Most of the necklaces the kids make in our class either have to slide over their heads or they get tied on and have to get cut off because there is no other way to do it.

I had pictures of one of the kits, but I can’t find it. It looks like the image (below). You can mix/match the beads and design it any way you want.

Oriental Trading has a lot of jewelry craft kits to choose from including plenty of holiday/seasonal ones as well as kits for adults.

The most recent craft we did which came from Oriental Trading is the Stand-Up Easter Sign Craft Kit. Instead of using this one for a class project we used it at one of the activity centers. This craft was REALLY easy to make. So easy that the kids were done with in about three minutes, give or take.

It’s OK. We can always use fun things for the activity centers and the kids really enjoyed this one and couldn’t wait to take them home to show their families.

We still have one more craft to use with the kids which is perfect for Spring – Pom-Pom Caterpillar Note Holder Craft Kit.

We haven’t made this one yet, so I don’t have a photo of the finished product made by me or one of our kids. I can’t wait to make them. They are going to be so cute!

You don’t have to be a school teacher or teacher’s assistant to appreciate these fun craft kits for all holiday, seasons and every day fun. These kits are great for scouts, Girl Scouts, Sunday School, birthday parties, gifts for classmates and rainy day fun. The kits vary in size. Some are only a few kits where as others might have enough to make a dozen of the craft project. For my job I go with ones that have a dozen kits in one since we have 23 kids in our class (I order two sets).

You could always give away extra craft kits (they would make great handouts for Halloween!).

Oriental Trading Company is my favorite place to shop for not only crafts, but also supplies, home decor and my personal favorite – holiday decorations! Their prices are very affordable and I find that they ship pretty quick too.

If you would like to discover all the goodies available to you at Oriental Trading Company visit OrientalTrading.com. The links to their social media sites are found at the bottom of their website.

Check out Oriental Trading for fun summer time items too including Luau party supplies, outdoor games and activities and so much more.

Do you shop at Oriental Trading Company? If so, what is your favorite items to shop for?


*I received free products to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Take your coloring to the next level with Prismacolor


Are you into coloring? It seems as though “adult coloring” is all the rage these days. There are a plethora of coloring books made specifically for adults who enjoy coloring. In fact, I own about a dozen or so of those kinds of books.

My husband (yes… my husband!) and I have been coloring together for decades. We find it very relaxing. We especially love to color holiday/seasonal coloring pages. I prefer to color cute things. My husband enjoys coloring landscapes or pages with a lot of details.

Every Christmas for the past 20+ years I gift my husband a brand new box of crayons. He prefers crayons that are sharp and he likes having a variety of colors to choose from.

I do a lot of coloring at work. I work with children and they all love to color. As a teacher’s assistant, I make sure to print out new coloring pages for the kids every other week. I take requests and try to find coloring pages that they would enjoy. They tend to prefer popular characters like X-Men, Avengers, My Little Pony, Shopkins, Monster High, Strawberry Shortcake and more. I also look for holiday and seasonal coloring pages too.

The kids I work with are kindergartners. They are not exactly easy on the crayons, markers and colored pencils that we keep in the classroom. For that reason I bring my own coloring supplies with me in my tote bag. I enjoy having a variety of mediums to choose from (crayons, markers, pencils) and I like having coloring pieces that are not broken or worn out.

Here are some coloring pages I did at work during the holidays.

When I sit and color with the kids I use the classroom materials. During nap time (45 minutes) I like to color after I have my lunch. I find it very soothing and relaxing, most especially when I work with two dozen overly energetic children.

Recently I was sent to review a set of fine tip markers and colored pencils from the brand Prismacolor. I have heard of the brand before, and I have seen their products sold online and in local retail stores, but up until now I have never had the opportunity to try them out.

I tend to prefer crayons, but many adult coloring books feature images that are too fine to color with crayons. You need colored pencils or markers to get into every single little detail.

I also like to blend colors. I don’t like using just one color because I think it makes the image look “flat.” I like to add different colors, blend them together, and give an image highlights and shadows to really make it “pop” from the page.

I received a package of 24 colored pencils from Prismacolor.

I like the variety of colors that came in this package. It includes the primary colors as well as different variations of them. It even includes a white pencil. You might think that a white pencils is pointless, but it’s not. You can use it to highlight details in your drawing or coloring page.

The pencils are soft and glide smoothly across the paper. They also blend beautifully.

Here is a piece I am working on. It’s more evident in the photo that I need to blend some areas on the flower better (it doesn’t look like that in person), and do some more shading. Aside from that, I think it’s turning out really nice.

You can tell from the first time that you use these pencils that they are quality pencils. They are not rough and hard like other coloring pencils. These are soft and smooth. These are artist quality pencils.

I also received from Prismacolor a set of fine tip markers.

Some adult coloring books/pages have really find detail. I prefer to use colored pencils for those types of images because it’s easier to get into the tight spots. However I do enjoy the look of a page colored in markers. Most markers are too thick for some areas.

The Prismacolor fine tip markers are VERY fine tip. The tips are incredibly itty bitty. They are great for tiny spaces, but coloring a larger area with them would take forever.

I do have several adult coloring books, and I know that these will come in handy when combined with other markers (regular tipped ones).

I have a few travel adult coloring books. The entire image on each page is very small. These markers are perfect to tote along with those books. They need markers like this.

You can see in the image below just how fine tipped these markers are.

I see in the photo I had places to fill in. In my defense I suffer from Carpal Tunnel, and some days are better than others. I can’t always be perfect when I color. Not only that, I do it for fun and to relax – I’m not entering any coloring competitions. LOL!

If you enjoy coloring or drawing, and you are looking for quality materials, check out the line of products available from Primacolor.

For more information you can visit Prismacolor.com. Primacolor products are available at many retail location across the country, as well as online.

The brand is also available on social media. Their links can be found on the top of their website.

Do you enjoy coloring and/or drawing?

Are you familiar with Prismacolor?


*I received free samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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How To Have Your Best Year Ever


What makes the New Year new isn’t simply a change in the calendar date, because if you do the same thing over and over again, you’ll only get the same fate.

A shift in the mindset is what makes the New Year new, and your willingness to think in new ways, take new actions and create new relationships.

We sometimes do things repeatedly and live inside a comfort zone simply because it’s working.

Your success in the upcoming year isn’t simply based on what you attain materially but who you become. We sometimes get so fixated on the goals we set, but I believe that the way to have your best year ever is to be the best you ever.

You can only do this by growing and evolving into the highest version of yourself which requires that you step outside of your comfort zone and familiar routines.

So rather than playing it safe by looking at what is working and simply doing more of the same, dare to look at what’s not working and ask yourself these questions:

  • What would be outside of your comfort zone and scary for you?
  • What do you want to do that you’ve been putting off, that you know would help you grow?
  • What would you do this year if you didn’t use money as an excuse?
  • What would you attempt this year if you had nothing to lose?

We often let fear stop us from pursuing our dreams and passions. We sometimes waste time settling for mediocrity and allow our excuses to hijack our dreams.

The main fears that we must to overcome:

– Fear of failure

– Fear of being alone and not loved

– Fear of the unknown

– Fear of the responsibility that comes from success

– Fear of loss of control

– Fear of getting hurt

– Fear of looking silly

– Fear of commitment

In 2017, consider this: What if this was the last year of your life? What’s not given? What’s unexpressed? What’s not communicated? What’s unforgiven?

If this year was the last year of your life, would you be doing what you’re currently doing? What would you need to change in your life in order to have no regrets by the end of 2017? Be honest with yourself.

Life is short and none of us know the moment we will die. Every second, every day, every week, every month is a precious gift from the Universe not to be wasted.

Life gives no refunds.

No matter what happened in the past, you cannot change it or bring it back.

This year, commit to your freedom knowing that nothing is worth your peace and happiness.

We often hold onto things from the past because they’re familiar, such as our relationships or our jobs, even though they don’t fulfill us. Holding onto what no longer serves you keeps you stuck exactly where you are.

What do you need to let go of in order to have your best year ahead? The next level of your life will require that you let go of all that no longer serves you.

  • Let go of toxic people, situations and energies from your life.
  • Do something bold each day that scares you.
  • Take one action step towards your dream daily.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff. Don’t even sweat the big.
  • In the moments where you don’t know what to do, learn to enjoy the moments of confusion.
  • Savor the question as much as the answer.
  • Celebrate your failures.
  • Make rejection your friend.
  • Make love your religion.
  • And even when things get tough, remember that no dark night will last forever.
  • Love like you’ve got nothing to lose.
  • Live like you’ve already won.

This is going to be your best year ever if you choose.

About the author:

Kute Blackson is the secret weapon of some of the world’s most successful people- billionaire CEOs, pro athletes, supermodels, actors, authors, and influencers. His book YOU. ARE.THE.ONE. shares the mindset shift that will unlock the big, bold life that is waiting for you. YATO has been endorsed by New York best-selling authors including Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul), Marianne Williamson (A Return to Love), Don Miguel Ruiz (The Four Agreements), John Gray (Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus), and Lisa Nichols (No Matter What), to name just a few.

Kute is already inspiring some of the world’s most influential thought leaders with his work. Now, he’s sharing his secrets with the world. Kute’s work- through seminars, his viral videos and blogs, and his book, and his immersive India and Bali intensive journeys – has really changed the lives of thousands.

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How to Take Control of Your Credit Card Habits

The following is a guest post. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are that of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect my own.


How do you use your credit cards? Are you an impulse buyer? Do you see the strategically placed items at the store, know you don’t have the money in your bank account to purchase them, but thanks to the easy access of credit cards, buy them anyway? Do you rack up credit card debt, pay it off or at least pay off some of it and look at that line of credit as cash in hand that you can spend – and find something to spend it on? Do you feel sick to your stomach when your credit card statement arrives each month because your balance is high and you really have nothing of value to show for it?

Would you like to choose something different? Would you like to be able to have credit cards, use them in a way that is beneficial to you without the stress and strain they can bring?

Here are my top 3 tips for taking control of your credit card habits:

What do you love about having debt?

I know, this sounds like a stupid question. There’s a good chance that when you read it you want to say, “What do you mean, ‘What do I love about having debt?’ I hate it!” And yet, if something keeps showing up, there is something we love about it.

Take me for example. I was $187,000 in debt with nothing to show for it. Within two years of applying the tools I am sharing with you, I was out of debt. You might expect me to say that it felt wonderful to be free of debt, but that wasn’t so for me. I felt strange not having debt. I was more comfortable being in debt than out of debt. For one thing, debt felt more familiar. It also made me more like my friends.

If you wish to get out of debt and to change your credit card habits, start by taking a look at your perspective on debt. What do you believe about debt? Does it seem normal, inevitable or unavoidable to you? Have you been taught to believe that debt is bad, wrong, or a necessary evil? Do you avoid looking at your debt? Do you keep yourself ignorant about debt, and hope that it will take care of itself?

As you take an honest look at what you believe about debt, start to say ‘Interesting point of view. I have that point of view” about every opinion you have regarding debt and money. What you believe about debt and money creates your experience with debt and money. By using the tool of “interesting point of view” you are challenging your current paradigms, which allows you to let them go.


Educate yourself about money.

Many of us were not taught about money when we were growing up. In fact, in many families, talking about money wasn’t even allowed and often we carry this over into adulthood. Not talking about money, not being educated about money can contribute to the lack of having money.

You can start to change this today. The best way to start is just to start. Ask questions and educate yourself about money. Who are the faces and symbols on your cash currency? Do you know what the largest dollar value bill is in your country, or other countries? What color is each note, not just in your currency but other currencies as well? Become familiar with money, do not avoid it, admire it, play with it, and acknowledge it.

Not being willing to educate yourself about money creates debt. Educating yourself about money creates more money.

Educating yourself about money can be as simple as doing a Google search such as “What is wealth?” Or, “How do wealthy people get wealthy?” Or, “What are the assets that create revenue?” If you are willing to educate yourself on anything, you will know more than 99.99% of the people out there. People aren’t often interested in increasing their knowledge and if you are, you will know a little more about something and will be able to see the value that others are not.

Save Money

Be willing to have money

We have been taught that the value of having money is spending it, or saving it to spend later. But we rarely talk about having money, and what difference that can make in our financial worlds.

Having money is about being willing to allow money to be in your life in such a way that you always have it, and it contributes to the expansion of your life.

A great example of this is I used to wear bright costume jewelry. It looked great, I had some fun pieces, but they were worth less than 50% of what I paid for them the minute I walked out the door. One day, I bought a necklace that was made of Mabe pearls. These pearls are now extremely rare, as the ocean does not produce them anymore. The necklace, because of the intrinsic value and its rarity in the world, keeps increasing in value. Having that necklace in my life not only has a monetary value that is more than what I paid for it, it is also an amazing and beautiful piece of jewelry to have in my life. It is aesthetically beautiful, and I feel amazing when I wear it. That is the energy that having money in your life creates.

If you would like to be willing to HAVE money, a great place to start is setting up a 10% account. A 10% account is where you take 10% of every dollar that comes in and never spend it – NEVER. Setting aside 10% is gifting to you. It’s about you being grateful for yourself. And, it’s a way of saying to the universe, ‘I am willing to have money.’ When you are willing to have money, more can show up.

Regardless of where you are right now, how much debt you have or the credit card habits you haven’t been able to change, something else is possible. You will often hear me say, ‘No one should have a money problem – especially not you.’ No one need have a credit card problem either. YOU are the source for changing all of it.

Have an honest look at your perspective of debt and be willing to change it. Educate yourself about money and about ways of increasing your wealth. Be willing to HAVE money and starting a 10% account is a great place to start. It may not change overnight. But, if you are willing to commit to changing it, if you are willing to take action, it will change.

Profile Photo

Simone Milasas is the Founder and Creator of Joy of Business as well as the Worldwide Coordinator of Access Consciousness® which operates in over 170 countries. Simone is the author of the internationally acclaimed book Joy of Business (currently available in 11 languages) and her brand new book, Getting Out of Debt – Joyfully. You can find out more about Simone by visiting her website at gettingoutofdebtjoyfully.com.

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