Learn to love your skin again with L’BRI


I love trying out new beauty products. I think that is a “weakness” of mine. I’ll never pass up the opportunity to try out new products. In fact, many of the products I use on a regular basis were once products I received to review. I loved them so much that I purchased them again (and again…).

When I was younger I honestly didn’t give much thought to my skin and keeping it healthy. I even went out without sunscreen on – something I would NEVER do nowadays. Because of my lack of care with my skin I am dealing with issues now such as wrinkles, sagging skin and age spots. I know these things come with age, but I know people OLDER than me with less wrinkles. Sigh… If only I took care of my skin sooner.

Are you familiar with the brand L’BRI Pure n’ Natural? L’BRI is derived from the names Linda and Brian, founders of L’BRI Pure n’ Natural.

L’BRI is a line of aloe based products that natural, safe to use, effective and affordable. I’m not too sold on the “affordable” part. Their products are a bit out of my price range – but – compared to other “designer label” beauty products, L’BRI is certainly more affordable than those.

L’BRI was kind enough to send me a nice assortment of product to try out. Here is what I received to review and my thoughts about each of the products.

Aloe Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner

Formulated with a unique blend of aloe, botanicals, proteins and amino acids, Provitamin B5 and natural extracts of willow bark, nettle and vitamin E to rebuild worn and damaged hair. The shampoo helps to remove buildup from hair styling products and environmental damage while the conditioner protects the hair shaft from blow drying and styling. Aloe Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner do not contain sodium lauryl sulfate or parabens. Suitable for all hair types and safe for color-treated hair.

I really like the shampoo. I like how well it rinses from my hair. I have thick, course hair and sometimes rinsing out shampoo and/or conditioner is a huge chore. This shampoo rinses out well.

Combined I like how the shampoo and conditioner makes my hair feel. It feels soft to the touch and it looks healthy and shiny.

The conditioner does not help with knots. I’ve noticed that I get more knots than usual, but once I comb them out everything looks and feels good.

Gentle Cleanser

For normal or dry skin. A mild, creamy Aloe Vera based cleansing lotion leaves skin feeling clean, supple and soft.

Daily cleanser that gently lifts away all traces of makeup, pore-clogging oils and environmental pollutants. Easily removes eye makeup without irritation.

I LOVE this cleanser! It’s perfect for me and my skin.

I really dislike it when cleanser leaves my face feeling dry, sticky or really taut.

This cleanser leaves your face not only clean, but also moisturized. I feel like I don’t need an extra moisturizer. I do add one, but I think I could get away without any. This cleanser does it all.

Gentle Moisture Lotion

For normal and dry skin. A nourishing, hydrating lotion that replenishes and protects the skin against moisture loss, and minimizes the appearance of fine lines.

This is the perfect follow up to the Gentle Cleanser. The lotion makes my skin feel oh-so-soft and it doesn’t weight it down like other moisturizers tend to do. It absorbs quickly without leaving your skin feeling greasy or sticky.

Daily Cleansing Liquid Hand Soap

This unique formula thoroughly, yet gently, cleans your hands leaving them feeling silky and smooth. Your hands will feel soft and nourished without leaving any sticky residue on your delicate skin. After washing hands, follow with L’BRI Daily Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion for complete hand care.

I wash my hands a lot – and I do mean A LOT. I work with children and I have to wash my hands frequently to protect not only my health, but their health too (not to mention the health of my family). Many soaps can be very drying to the skin, which is why I find it necessary to moisturize my hands just as often as I wash them.

The Daily Cleansing Liquid Hand Soap from L’BRI washes and rinses well and does not leave my skin feeling dry, sticky or greasy. I do follow up with a moisturizer (out of habit). If I forget to, or don’t have time, it’s OK because this soap does not dry out my skin.

Facial Masque 

Versatile product recommended for all skin types. Tightens, tones, aids in clearing blemishes, and helps to exfoliates dead skin cells.

Enjoy tightened and toned skin while minimizing the appearance of wrinkles. As the masque tightens it clears dead skin cells and restores the skin’s natural smoothness. An excellent addition to the skin care routine for those with dry, blemished skin by leaving on overnight to spot treat blemishes, drawing out impurities in the pores.

This is a nice masque. It does tighten the skin without making it feel dry or too tight. It defiantly does tone the skin, but I’m not sure about wrinkles (I haven’t noticed much of a difference on them).

My skin feels super fresh and clean after I remove the masque. I use it 2-3 times per week at night after I wash my face. It makes my skin feel like I just stepped out of the shower. I love that fresh, clean feeling.

I can’t comment on blemishes because I haven’t had one in a very long time (thankfully).

Intense Body Butter (Cucumber)

An intense body cream with exceptional ingredients that work together to restore softness, hydration and elasticity to even the driest skin. Light, clean Cucumber scent.

L’BRI body butter is formulated with aloe, mango seed butter, grape seed extract, and Shea butter along with Japanese green tea, cocoa seed butter, evening primrose oil, and vitamins A, E and C. Apply after bathing with L’BRI Body Wash for complete body care.

I LOVE this body butter! Love it! Love it! LOVE IT!!! I use it every time I step out of the shower, as well as throughout the day to “spot” moisturize areas like my elbows and hands. This is a fabulous all over body butter.

I have the cucumber variety. I don’t necessarily think it smells like a cucumber, but it does have a very fresh, clean scent to it.

This stuff is amazing and probably one of my most favorite products from L’BRI. With the winter months fast approaching I’ll need this stuff by the gallon. LOL!

Body Wash (Cucumber)

Gently cleanse away impurities and pamper your skin with vitamins, botanicals and softening moisturizers.

Our body wash is sulfate free, and is so safe it can be used even on the delicate sensitive skin of babies. Features a fresh, light and clean Cucumber scent.

This is a great all over body wash (I wouldn’t recommend your face). Even my son and husband have used this body wash, so its “OK” for men too. It has a fresh, clean scent (not a “girly” scent).

*Both the body butter and body wash are available in different scents. 

Rejuvenating Facial Peel

A unique exfoliator, made with natural fruit enzymes of green papaya, calming pineapple, and stabilized Aloe Vera gel.

Rejuvenating Facial Peel work to dissolve dead skin cell naturally without acids. Helps to dramatically improve skin tone, clarity and texture for a healthy, vibrant complexion. Excellent for all skin types including those with rosacea, sensitive and acne-prone skin.

I was reluctant to try this product at first. I have sensitive skin and I have used peels in the past that have made my face look red as a tomato. To be on the safe side I only applied this to a small area of my face the first few times I used it. My face did get a little red, but not that bad, and the redness dissipated quickly enough.

My skin does look and feel really nice once I remove the product from my skin. Just like with the masque, the peel makes my skin feel fresh and clean. I guess you can say my skin tone looks a bit better. It doesn’t look as drab and “washed out” as it normally does.

Smooth n’ Firm Eye Repair Gel

Dramatically reduce puffy eyes while enhancing skin elasticity and smoothness.

Our clinically proven formula contains a superior anti-aging tetrapeptide which works to dramatically reduce puffy eyes while enhancing skin elasticity and smoothness. In addition, we have added our own proprietary blend of active botanicals that work to reduce dark circles and wrinkles, improve microcirculation and strengthen the skin’s collagen and elastin while reducing the presence of free radicals. Safe for even the most sensitive of eyes.

So far I haven’t noticed too much of a difference since using this product. It does feel very soothing and refreshing to the eye area. I do like that feeling.

I have not had any reactions to it as far as  my sensitive skin is concerned, so that is a good thing.

I still see wrinkles and dark circles under my eyes, but I think the puffiness has been reduced (I don’t sleep well at night so I look a wreck in the morning).

I like how it feels on my skin and it’s a part of my routine now so I’ll continue to use it. Maybe in a little more time I’ll notice a difference.

I may be missing a product or two in this review. The brand sent me A LOT of products and they are all over my bathroom closet. Things get moved around (compliments of my kids), so I might have misplaced something in the shuffle.

Overall I am extremely pleased with the L’BRI products I received to review. I especially love that they are better for you than other products on the market that are made from hard to pronounce (and understand) ingredients and chemicals.

A few of these products are now personal favorites of mine and I plan on purchasing them again (and again) when what I currently have is used up.

If you would like to learn more about the L’BRI brand, visit LBRI.com. There you can request free samples (just pay shipping), learn about hosting a L’BRI party and even information about how to become a L’BRI consultant.

The brand can also be found on social media. Their links are found on the bottom right of their website.

Have you ever tried any L’BRI products? If so, what is your favorite?


*I received free samples to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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Summer Is Here Ladies!

*This is a guest post. The opinions expressed are that of the author’s and do no necessarily reflect my own.

You know what that means… Sunshine and adventure! Whether you’re lounging by the pool or catching a flight, Xehar has all your fashion needs. This summer we are all about confidence and the glow up! Wear that daring outfit, buy that bathing suit, wear those shorts!!!!! Below is our summer survival guide!

Beach Day? Yes Please!

Catching some rays or making some waves? This bold bikini is a must this summer!

We especially love it with this crotchet dress, the perfect cover up.

Another must have is this chic black one piece.  This is a perfect piece for vacation because it can be used so many ways.  Lounge by the pool in it or dress it up!

A definite must have this summer!!!

Whether its denim, patterns, or solid colors, summer dresses are always a yes. Pair it with some cute shoes and jewelry you have the perfect outfit in seconds.

Here are some shoe and accessory ideas below from Xehar Curvy.

Summertime is the perfect time to experiment with bright colored accessories. They really make your outfit pop!


Break out the wedges, sandals, and heels! These will have you set for summer!

Self-Love all summer baby!!!!!

We are celebrating Self-love and confidence all summer long! You can be a part of the movement by posting your favorite summer outfits on Instagram with the hashtag #AConfidentYou and we will choose one lucky person to win a 50 gift card!

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Feasible options for moms wanting to work from home


Photo Source: Dreamstimes.com

Working from home is a dream come true for many. You can spend the whole day in your PJs if you like, spend more time with your children, and distract yourself with a midday radio program as you eat your home cooked lunch without a boss looking over your shoulder. Where do you start when you want to work successfully from home? Here are three options.

Keep your current job but request a more flexible contract

If you have built a career that you are happy with, there is no need to throw it away in order to pursue that dream of working from home. Request a flexible contract with your boss that enables you to take your work home some days of the week and to come back into the office on the remaining days. This could be the perfect balance for you: too much working at home can leave you feeling isolated, particularly if you have hitherto been used to working with others. The government’s Acas code of practice for dealing with flexible working requests (this document is available online) stipulates that employers must deal with any employee requests for a more flexible working conditions in a manner that is ‘reasonable’. Getting a good grasp of the law around flexible working will provide you with the support you need when making the case for a flexible contract with your employer.

Photo Source: Dreamstime.com

Try out a new career

Working from home could be your opportunity to start up a new business or simply to take up something like freelance photography, blogging or copy-writing to make some extra cash on the side. You will need some startup cash to begin a business, though startup loans can be acquired from your bank if you can provide a feasible, accurate budget and business plan. If you have some money spare and have the patience to wait as your new business gains customers, now could be the perfect time to pursue a passion that you had not had time for earlier in your working life. Dust off that camera and print off some business cards and you could become a freelance wedding photographer. Advertise your tutoring or video editing skills. Give music lessons or write cookbooks: whatever stirs your heart and makes you want to get out of bed in the morning. Many parents take a pay cut when they choose to work from home, but there are plenty of ways to supplement your income. Using an online trading platform (CMC Markets is a great choice here) can be an effortless way to do so. Using automated binary options trading software (which distills all of your trading options down to a simple either-or decision, and which can even be programmed to automatically make the best decision for you) will simplify trading and enable you to spend more of your day focusing on work.

Working from home can be a breeze

Consider the three options above and decide which one works best for you. You can also combine options, for example, you might choose to ask your current employer for a flexible contract that enables you to take some of your paperwork home on Mondays and Tuesdays, whilst also doing some online binary options trading on the side.

Photo Source: Dreamstime.com

*This is a guest post. The opinions expressed are that of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect my own.

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Introducing Xfinity xFi – a new way to make the home Wi-Fi experience customized to suit your family


*This post was sponsored by Comcast. All opinions are my own.  

My husband and I often reminisce about how life was when we were younger. We didn’t have cellphones, Internet, cars that can stop before you hit something or e-readers. We used phones attached to the wall that you had to dial. We went to the library when we needed to do research as well as to take out books to read, and we certainly didn’t have cars that did some of the work for you.

I think the Internet is by far one of the greatest “inventions” (for lack of a better word) in our lifetime. To this day I am still amazed at all you can do on the Internet – research, shopping, find a recipe for dinner tonight, find old friends from school, get directions, buy movie tickets… the list goes on and on.

I try to explain to our kids (17 1/2 and 20) how life was BEFORE the Internet. They have a hard time grasping the concept of having to look at a map for directions or looking up a phone number in a giant book of phone numbers.

As amazing and indispensable as the Internet is… there are also negatives that many family find themselves having to address.

One of the biggest issues we used to have when our kids were younger was having them disconnect from the Internet during times they were supposed to be doing homework, dinner time and “Family Movie Night.” You can tell them to stay off their computers, but that was easier said than done. They would find ways to sneak back online. There was even a time we had to remove the computers from our kid’s rooms at night because we found them online in the middle of the night. We even went so far as to change their passwords so that they could only go online when we logged them in.

As parents we NEED to have control over our children’s Internet usage. The Internet is great for research, and for the occasional game, but school work, family time and play time are more important than “surfing the ‘net.”

There is a new feature now available for Comcast Internet customers called xFi. It puts YOU in charge of how your family engages with the Internet. Best of all, there is no additional cost for Comcast Internet customers.

Comcast Launches xFi home devices photo shoot on Wednesday, April 19, 2017, in Villanova, Pennsylvania. (Jeff Fusco/AP Images for Comcast)

With xFi YOU control your family’s Internet usage, giving YOU the ability to set parental controls as well as see which devices are connected to your WiFi.

We have A LOT of devices on our WiF. We have several iPads, five laptops, two e-readers, security cameras and more. We would appreciate a better way to keep on top of these devices as well as to easily add or remove them as needed.

It also shows which devices are most active, and which are least active. That is a great way to know which devices to deactivate from your WiFi. Why keep something connected that you barely use?

You can also set up profiles for each family member and include the devices they use. With this feature you can easily see which child is using what device, and what parental settings are set up for each one they use. With this feature, if your child is supposed to be doing homework, you can log on to their profile and see if they are currently using their gaming console. Kids won’t like that feature – but as a mom I think that is awesome!

With the profiles, you can clearly see how much Internet time each family member is using.

My favorite xFi feature is being able to pause the Internet. That means you can prevent devices, such as laptops or video controllers, from accessing the Internet. This feature is especially handy during dinner or homework time. You can even turn off the Internet at night time, preventing your children from sneaking on to their laptops at night when they are supposed to be asleep.

Check out this brief video that tells you more about xFi and some other great features that will be coming in the future.


You can even check out this blog post from Comcast to learn more about Xfinity xFi.

We don’t have Comcast, but after learning more about xFi I wish we did. I checked the availability, but it’s not currently available in my area.

You can check the availability of xFi by visiting the Internet Coverage Area page on the Comcast website.

I love how Comcast is putting control back into the hands of parents. It’s important that we continually monitor our children’s Internet usage. Children can easily have their time consumed by video games and social media, as well as other things they can access online.

I truly wish that other Internet providers would take a lesson or two from Comcast and provide their customers with similar controls – at no additional charge.

Once this is available in our area my husband and I are going to consider switching to Comcast as our Internet provider. Right now we’re stuck with the provider that we have.

If you would like to learn more about Comcast’s Internet service, xFi, you can visit them online at Xfinity.com. You can also check them out on social media (Facebook and Twitter). Those links, as well as their YouTube channel link, are found at the bottom of their website.

Are you a Comcast customer?

What feature (or features) do you like most about xFi? Is there another feature you would like as far as parental controls is concerned?

Feel free to share your thoughts. I always love to hear from readers.

Comcast Launches xFi home devices photo shoot on Wednesday, April 19, 2017, in Villanova, Pennsylvania. (Jeff Fusco/AP Images for Comcast)


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5 Steps to Take Before You Grocery Shop


Healthy (and budget minded) grocery shopping starts before you leave home. There are steps you can do to ensure that your shopping cart reflects what you meant to buy, and not just the items you were lured to.

Keep an organized pantry and refrigerator: If you can’t see what you need, then how will you know what you need? A clean pantry and refrigerator will reduce waste (by ensuring you eat foods before they expire) and save money so that you don’t end up with a several bottles of ketchup (or none when you need it). Save yourself from having to do an extensive pantry/fridge check prior to leaving for the store by keeping a running list (in a visible spot so that everyone in the house can contribute to it).

Start with a helpful list: It may sound simple, but beginning with a list is essential. Your round up of needed groceries shouldn’t just be a quick review of the basics, but reflect the meals you intend to cook and the healthful convenience items you may need to get through a busy week like prewashed lettuce bags or microwave brown rice pouches. A list that is at targeted as possible will not only make your shopping faster, it will lead to a balanced cart of foods that actually work together to create meals (and avoid take out!).

Think about a basic meal plan: Whether you shop several times a week or just once a week (or every two weeks!), starting with an idea of what you want to make is crucial to ending up with the right ingredients. Nobody likes making “emergency” trips to the market for that missing item! It doesn’t have to be formal, just a simple plan of your main dish on each day is enough—you can often wing it on the side dishes provided you have a fairly well-stocked fridge and pantry (see #1 above).

PLAN to be flexible in the produce department: You know that you need fruits and vegetables, but unless you need particular produce to complete your meals, approach the produce department with flexibility to take advantage of seasonal savings and the best options. Keep color and variety in mind and you will be sure to have a cart full of antioxidants and other nutrients.

Have a balanced meal: You’ve heard that you should eat before you go to the store to avoid “splurchasing” on foods you don’t mean to buy (you know, those that simply “look good to you”). However, it’s important to recognize that simply “eating” isn’t enough and that what you eat matters. Choose a balanced meal or snack that includes protein and/or fat along with carbohydrate and possibly filling fiber, such as a piece of fruit with nut butter, a few whole grain crackers with cheese or a large salad with grilled chicken.

About the authors: 

Kitty Broihier MS, RD, LD, Scientific Advisory Panel at Guiding Stars

Allison Stowell, MS, RD, CDN, and dietitian for Guiding Stars


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Connecting and opening up conversation with your teenager


Our son and daughter

I have a hard time saying this… I’m the mother to a 17 1/2 year old and an almost 20 year old. How in the world do I have a twenty year old child? Wasn’t it just yesterday when she was staring Kindergarten?

Sigh… time flies by way too quickly.

I used to think that getting up at all hours of the night to feed babies and change diapers was rough (lack of sleep!). And that the “terrible twos” were not easy either. But that all changed when our kids became teenagers. The teenage years are by far the most challenging (and rewarding) years.

The “rewards” include seeing your teen get their first boyfriend or girlfriend, go to prom, get their first car, get their first job and of course graduate from high school.

The challenges… they will keep you up at night, stress you out and turn your hair gray practically overnight.

I remember being a teenager myself. The teen years were rough with pimples, puberty, peer pressure and trying to figure out who I was. That was back in the 80’s. We didn’t have social media back then. I think social media has put even more pressure on teenagers.

Me as a teen (18) back in 1986.

I make it a point to talk to our kids often about drinking, smoking, drugs, sex and peer pressure. They do feel awkward talking to me about these things, but they know that eventually I find everything out so they might as well get it out in the open.

Our son hasn’t done anything so far. He graduates from high school in June and he JUST got a social life at the start of his senior year. He’s been out a few times with friends but they mostly go to the mall or out to eat. He doesn’t go to parties or anything like that.

He does have his first girlfriend, and we’ve already given him “the talk” about what he shouldn’t be doing (mostly sex). My husband and I have faith in our son that he’ll “do the right thing.”

Our daughter… well, she’s another story. I think she is more like a typical teen who has experimented with things (drinking, smoking marijuana…). She KNOWS she’s not supposed to do things like that, and she has admitted to doing them (and being grounded for them). At least she feels comfortable enough to admit to me when she’s broken the rules, talking to me about it and accepting the consequences.

I know first hand that trying to connect with today’s teenagers is not an easy task. Luckily there are things you can do to open up the lines of communication.

Believe it or not, one way to start a dialogue with your teen is the watch the shows and movies that they enjoy watching.

If you are having a hard time reading the infographics above you can on these links to view a large image – Netflix US Infographic on Talking to Teens and Netflix Parenting Cheat Sheet – What Parents Should Be Watching.

According to a recent study by Netflix 83% of parents have watched a show their teen has seen to feel closer to them. The biggest surprise? 74% of teens are willing to open up and talk to their parents about the shows they watch.

Our daughter recently watched 13 Reasons Why. She read the book as well. It was written by Jay Asher.

Newcomer Katherine Langford plays the role of Hannah, a young woman who takes her own life. Two weeks after her tragic death, a classmate named Clay finds a mysterious box on his porch. Inside the box are recordings made by Hannah — on whom Clay had a crush — in which she explains the 13 reasons why she chose to commit suicide. If Clay decides to listen to the recordings, he will find out if and how he made the list. This intricate and heart-wrenching tale is told through Clay and Hannah’s dual narratives.

No one wants to think about someone they love committing suicide.

Did you know…

  • Suicide is the SECOND leading cause of death for ages 10-24.
  • More teenagers and young adults die from suicide than from cancer, heart disease, AIDS, birth defects, stroke, pneumonia, influenza, and chronic lung disease, COMBINED.
  • Each day in our nation, there are an average of over 5,240 attempts by young people grades 7-12.
  • Four out of Five teens who attempt suicide have given clear warning signs.

The breaks my heart to read those statistics presented by the Jason Foundation.

I was curious as to why our daughter wanted to watch the series on Netflix. It turns out that she read the book and she was curious to see if the series on Netflix was a lot like the book. She actually thought it was very well done and Netflix and actually encouraged me and my husband to watch it.

I did watch the first episode (in all fairness I haven’t had a chance to watch more of it, but I plan to).

We did have a discussion about suicide as a result of 13 Reasons Why. We talked about her friends and if any of them talked about suicide or if she knew anyone who died from suicide (thankfully she doesn’t know anyone and she says her friends never talked about it or showed signs they were going in that direction).

My husband really like the film Frank. It’s an odd movie. I don’t know what he sees in it. I’ve watched it and I thought it was really strange. He initially saw the film on Netflix at the recommendation of a friend of his. He loved the movie so much that he purchased a copy of the film as well as the soundtrack.

To our surprise our daughter and her ex-boyfriend (back when they were dating) actually watched Frank on Netflix. Our daughter wanted to watch it to see why my husband/her father saw in it. She actually liked the film (her boyfriend liked it more than her and actually watched it again and downloaded a few songs). It was interesting to see our daughter sharing her thoughts on the film that my husband likes so much.

Our daughter loves to watch One Tree Hill, Grey’s Anatomy and Breaking Bad on Netflix. I can understand One Tree Hill since it’s about young adults, but I was surprised to learn she watched Grey’s Anatomy. I was fortunate enough to visit the set of Grey’s Anatomy a few years back and speak with a few of the actors. If you are interested you can read about my on set experience and see all my photographs in this post – On the set with ABC’s hit television show Grey’s Anatomy. *PLEASE NOTE there are some graphic photos in that post (FAKE intestines and such).

I never watched the show, but my daughter was more than happy to tell me all about it. When I told her I visited the set and shared my experience with her she thought it was the coolest thing ever! I should mention that when I did the site visit she didn’t watch the series and knew nothing about it which is why she didn’t care about it back then.

As for Breaking Bad, I don’t really know much about that show. I do know it’s about drugs. I asked her why she liked watching it and she said that her ex-boyfriend watched it and she got interested in it through him. To date I have not watched the series, but it’s on my list of things to watch on Netflix.

For my part, I do encourage our daughter to watch things that we watch on Netflix and recommend things to watch.

Being a young adult she’s not really into Disney or Pixar movies anymore. I have recommended a few to her that she should check out on Netflix like Zootopia, Pete’s Dragon and Finding Dory. She did watch Finding Dory. She loved Finding Nemo and was happy to check out Finding Dory. 

Our son doesn’t watch movies or television. He prefers to watch CNN and MSNBC. He’s more into world news then television shows or movies. In fact he recently went to the movies with his girlfriend and it was the first non-premiere movie he’s seen since Eight Below (2006).

Who would have thought that something as simple as watching a movie or a television show together, or on your own, could open up the lines of communication and discussion with your teen.

Is there a movie or television show that you and your teenager watch together? Have you ever watched something that helped to open the lines of communication with your teen? Feel free to share your story. I always LOVE to hear from readers.


*I am a member of Netflix’s Stream Team. I was not compensated for this post but I do receive free membership to Netflix in exchange for my participation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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