Celebrate Magical Motherhood Memories with Hallmark (giveaway ends 4/21/13)


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Mother’s Day is fast approaching. Mother’s Day, and Christmas, are both bittersweet for me. My mom passed away 10 years ago shortly after Christmas after being removed from life support. My mother in law passed away due to complications from pancreatic cancer seven months later. It goes without saying that Mother’s Day is not easy for me and my husband. Even though it’s been 10+ years I still miss my mom very much. I lost my dad earlier this year too. 🙁

I truly wish my mom and mother in law were both still alive (and my dad). They passed away when my children were only 3 and 5 1/2 years old. They are teenagers now. My daughter will be Sweet 16 next month. I wish both moms were alive to see how wonderful my children, their grandchildren, are.

It breaks my heart that my children have very little memories of their grandmothers. My son was 2 1/2 when my mother got ill and 3 when she passed away. He has next to no memories of her. My daughter only has a few. Both kids can barely remember what either grandmother looked like except for pictures.

I hope that I can make lasting memories with my children. I also hope and pray that I will have plenty of time on this Earth to make memories with my future grandchildren too.

Being a mom I have so many memories of my children. Good, bad and crazy ones. That is what being a mom is all about.

This year Hallmark would like to help you celebrate magical motherhood memories with products to help celebrate that special person in your life – mom.

For the record I was not compensated for this post, nor did I receive anything to review.

Hallmark Premium Collection Mother's Day Card

Here are a few suggestions from Hallmark you might want to consider for Mother’s Day this year.

  • Pics ‘n’ Props: Pics ‘n’ Props add creativity and fun to family photos! Themed kits include props kids can use to take fun photos dedicated to mom (or grandma). After the photos are printed, put them in the frame/photo album included with the kit for a one-of-a-kind gift.
  • Mother’s Day Signature Collection: Hallmark’s Signature Collection includes sophisticated, stylish greetings handcrafted with beautiful papers, rich textures and appealing embellishments. A great way to honor a special mom in style!
  • Premium Classic Greetings: These greetings feature eye-catching premium designs with sparkle, shine, laser-cut patterns and bold colors that express messages of love and appreciation.

These products are not only ideal for your mom, but also for any special woman in your life such as your grandmother, aunt, step parent or anyone who is near and dear to your heart.

For more information about these and other Hallmark products, or to find a Hallmark store near you, visit www.Hallmark.com. You can also check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

Mom Hallmark Pics and Props

Hallmark would also like to give a lucky reader a special Mother’s Day prize package which includes an assortment of all the products mentioned above including;

  • 1 Pics ‘n’ Props Kit (approx. retail value: $24.95)
  • 2 Mother’s Day Signature Collection Greetings (approx. total retail value: $13.98)
  • 1 Premium Classic Greeting (approx. retail value: $6.99)

Thank you Hallmark.

This giveaway is open to US residents only and will end on April 21, 2013 at 11:59 PM (EST). The winner will be chosen at random using a random number generator from all eligible entries. The winner will be notified via e-mail and have three days to reply or a new winner will be chosen in their place.

To enter please comment on this post and tell me about the special mom (or mom-like person) in your life.

For extra entries you can use the Rafflecopter widget (below) but you must complete the initial entry requirement or the extra entries won’t qualify. Extra entries are optional.

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*I was not compensated for this post. I posted this for the enjoyment of my site readers. Any opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced in any way. Hallmark will be providing the prize package.

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  1. Jamie Brigham says:

    My mother in law is an amazing woman. She is inspiring. She left her ex-husband who was verbally abusive with the clothes on her back and slept on the floor in an apartment until she could afford furniture. She is someone I can talk to who is honest with me. My mom died when I was 15 so it’s nice to have someone.

  2. melissa allen says:

    me and my mom are very close! she is always there for me

  3. My mom passed away many years ago. I always have her in my heart and love her so much. Now her best friend is like a mom to me. They even have the same first name.

  4. My mom passed, but was amazing. She was just the best!

  5. courtney b says:

    my mom is amazing, shes always been there for me!

  6. Absolutely love my mother she is always the person who is there for me no matter what.

  7. I love my mom! She’s been there for me my whole life and always gives the best advice.

  8. Nicole Newby says:

    I love my mother more than anything. I never appreciated her or gave her the respect she deserved until I had a child of my own. You don’t realize how much your parents actually love you and care for you until you have your own little one. 🙂

  9. My mom is amazing! We have grown into friends, but still have a fantastic mother-daughter relationship.

  10. Starr Greenwell says:

    My mom is passed on, but my sister is very special and I would love to give her this

  11. I call my mom every day and we see each other at least a couple of times a month. She is a great grandmother to my kids and we enjoy spending time together.

  12. shannon Baas says:

    My mom is a great woman that helps everyone.

  13. rod jackson says:

    my mom is loving, supporting and a great role model

  14. Michelle H. says:

    My mom is the most wonderful woman I have ever met. She is a loving mom and grandma and truly cares about others.

  15. Last year’s Mother’s Day was special. I went home from the hospital with my 2 day old daughter 🙂

  16. Amanda Kinder says:

    My mom is awesome. She’s strong no matter what stands in her way. I wish I had that ability.

  17. My Mom has passed on but she was a wonderful woman and touched many lives. Now my aunt is special to me!

  18. John Hutchens says:

    my mother is a great lady I am very thankful for her

  19. Tari Lawson says:

    My mom is always on the go. She loves to try new things and meet new people. She was always the “fun” mom. My friends would always come to our house to play.

  20. Shani F. says:

    My mother has always been so supportive of everything I do. I am so fortunate to have her as my mom.

  21. Kelly R. says:

    My Mother is a lovely person, kind and generous almost to a fault. Her belief in God and family is inspirational. She is a true blessing.

  22. My mom is amazing. She is so strong, loving, and giving. She battled ovarian cancer and beat it, she took care of my step dad 24/7 dor 7 seven years while he was ill and she still found time for others. She is the most unselfish person I’ve ever met. She is not only my mom she’s my best friend!

  23. I was just recently blessed with a second mom (my mother in law). I have two very special ladies in my life now!

  24. My mom is such a patient, loving, hardworking woman and I look up to her and try to remember how she raised me while I’m raising my own kids.
    Kristie recently posted..Delicious Beer Bread

  25. Elizabeth M says:

    As I have gotten closer, my mom and I have gotten closer…I think the farther we have gotten from my teenage and younger 20s the better it has gotten

  26. My mom had a wonderful sense of humor, and could make any situation lighter with it.

  27. My mom has become on of my best friends. She is supportive and we have become great confidants. Love her to pieces!

  28. Patti Hess says:

    My Mother is amazing she went through child birth 7 times losing 3 which had to be rough! She was in an abusive relationship with my Dad who beat her many of times. She then got into another abusive relationship. Had muggers come up to her with a gun and held it to her head (in her own driveway) and took her purse. Then she was diagnoised with Cancer of the rectum and had MAJOR surgery to remove things and she now has a clostomy bag. She hasn’t felt well since. She also goes through a lot with us 4 children who survived. She is the STRONGEST woman I know and I love her so!

    pattifritz2000 at yahoo dot com
    thank you

  29. D SCHMIDT says:

    My Mother is an incredibly giving and selfless woman, she always puts others first and lets those around her know they are loved.

  30. I’d love to share some special goodies with my mom! She is supportive and a loving parent!
    BusyWorkingMama recently posted..Easy Fish Stew #Recipe

  31. Monique Rizzo says:

    My daughter is the special lady in my life.
    Thanks for the chance.

  32. Debra Hall says:

    my mom is awesome

  33. My mom passed away when I was 14. She was the best mom and the strongest woman I’ve ever known. I have two big sisters who are very special to me.

  34. I have 2 wonderful ladies in my life my wife and my mother they both are so important and special in there own ways to me. I’m blessed to have them both
    Ken Ohl recently posted..How to remodel on a tight budget?

  35. Jayden H. says:

    My mom has been there for me through every struggle in my life. I really don’t know what to say without getting into detail, but in short, my mom is my best friend.

  36. My mom is very special. We’ve had our bad times but there is nothing like a mothers love and support through thick and thin

  37. Blessie Nelson says:

    My mom is my best friend and strength. She helped me be the best I am today!

  38. My mother is great. She is very helpful and caring.

  39. have lots of good memories with my mom

  40. We have a Nonnie that “adopted” our girls! She is the best grandma in the whole world and we love her so much! She is an inspiration to me and I enjoy spending time with her.

  41. april yedinak says:

    My mom is fiercely protective and the older I get the closer we become. We talk on the phone almost everyday. She is coming to visit for a month this summer and I can’t wait!

  42. Stephanie Larison says:

    My mom now lives with us since she’s disabled. Would love to get her something nice this year, she’s been through so much lately.

  43. Cheryl Chervitz says:

    My mom and me didn’t always get along, but as I got older I realized how great she is and how much she has helped me.

  44. jodi frasier says:

    There are not enough words to describe my mother. She is the rock to our family. She had 7 kids, 6 boys and me. Since she has lost her twin boys, one to drinking and driving and the other took his own life. She has not had it easy, but she is the strongest woman i know. She has been through alot because our family has not always been the most innocent people. Well i have been but the boys well that’s another story lol. She would never turn her back on any of us. She has a heart of gold and deserves nothing but the best. Thanks

  45. Carmen S says:

    My Mom has kept an upbeat attitude towards life despite having a disability, she is the person I admire the most.

  46. Carolyn K. says:

    My mom always answers when I call, and always makes time to talk. Love that!

  47. My mother is an inspirational woman who is full of unbelievable patience.
    Yona recently posted..Mini Pops – Itty Bitty Butter

  48. Samii Meyer says:

    My mom has been my best friend my entire life – and I still talk to her every day even though I moved out 4 years ago, I couldn’t imagine life without her

  49. Teresa Thompson says:

    The special lady in my life is my daughter. She has 3 daughters of her own and is a SAHM.

  50. jules m. says:

    my mom passed away so these would be for my bf’s mother, she seems like a special woman although i havent yet met her

  51. Brittney House says:

    My mother has always been my number one supporter and personal cheerleader!

  52. Erica C. says:

    She’s full of life.

  53. susan smoaks says:

    my Mom is the best Mom in the world. She is very nice and generous. She takes care of our family and everyone else that she comes in contact with. she is so special!

  54. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says:

    My mom is awesome, she will do anything for her kids and grandkids!

  55. Candie L says:

    My sister is the most amazing person I have ever met. Thank you

  56. April Brenay says:

    i live 3000 miles from my mom because of the military. Love to talk to her on Skype

  57. Pam Schad says:

    My Mom is so awesome. She has always been there for the five of us and all of the grandchildren.

  58. Vikki Billings says:

    My mom is amazing, she does so much for all of us. She and I are very close and have been through a lot, she is a strong woman! I love her so much she is 62 and does more then I do…lol, she is remarkable!

  59. my mom is the greatest person in the world, she the smartest, prettiest, bright person