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My husband and I got into a big discussion last night about what to do about Thanksgiving (it’s just me, my hubby and our kids) and where to put the Christmas tree this year. This is the discussion we were having watching a Charlie Brown Halloween while I kept getting up and down to answer the door and hand out candy. We totally have the holidays on our mind!

I am going to be very sad this Christmas. We can’t really decorate much since our place in on the market and we packed away almost everything we own and brought it upstate to make our home look more roomy and spacious. We might only have the Christmas tree and our outside Santa and lights.

Normally we go all out for the holidays, and when I say “all out” I mean we’re decorated from floor to ceiling. For the Christmas holiday I hang snowflakes all around, dangling from the ceiling in every room – including the bathroom.

I am obsessed with holiday decorations. You can never have too many!

I am also a huge fan of things that smell like the holidays, like scented candles, room sprays and wax tarts.

Crabtree & Evelyn, a company that embraces botanicals and plants, sent me some of their holiday fragrances to try out in my home. Oh! You have no idea how thrilled I was to know they were sending me goodies. I LOVE holiday scents!

If you are unfamiliar with the company, here is a little background.

A pioneer in botanical formulations for over 35 years, Crabtree & Evelyn searches the world for luxurious ingredients and fragrance experiences to create indulgent moments to enjoy every day. Inspired by John Evelyn, the 17th. century renaissance Englishman whose travels for rare botanicals and plants and whose motto ‘explore everything. Keep the best’ inspire us to this day.  The Crabtree & Evelyn logo is a nod to our pioneering, botanical heritage – the crabapple tree is the original species from which all cultivated apple trees have derived.  Crabtree & Evelyn is available online and in more than 40 countries, with over 6,000 locations and 500 concept stores worldwide.

I have never heard of the company until now. Now that I do know about them I plan on frequenting their website. They have some really lovely stuff.

Crabtree & Evelyn sent me a bottle of their Noel Home Fragrance Spray. Here is a little bit about the spray and scent;

Luxuriously enhance your home for the holidays with our Noël Home Fragrance Spray, which instantly infuses any living space with the festive scent of fresh evergreens, bayberry, zesty orange, and warm spices.
  • Layers beautifully with Noel Fragranced Candles and Reed Diffusers
  • Non-aerosol formula; no chlorofluorocarbons and safe for the environment

Fragrance: A festive fragrance medley of fresh evergreens, bayberry, ripe cranberry, zesty orange, persimmon, and warm notes of cinnamon and star anise.

I love this scent! It’s doesn’t come across as Christmas-y at first. You would think with fresh evergreens it would smell like a Christmas tree. It doesn’t. Not even close. When you spray the fragrance you smell something sweet and fruity, but with a bit of spice to it. My first thought is that it’s the persimmon, bayberry and cinnamon that you smell when its first sprayed.

The first few times I sprayed the room spray my husband and I didn’t think it was very Christmas-y, but after we smelled it some more you do get visions of sugarplums dancing in your head (:-)), meaning, it DOES invoke thoughts and visions of the holidays.

I also received some very lovely candles from Crabtree & Evelyn. I received both the Winter Garden Three Fragrance Candles set and the Noel Fragrance Candle.

Both candles are adorned in a beautiful design.

They put a lot of thought into the designs.

The Winter Garden candles (there is a set of three – only one is shown) features a gold “star” design. The Noel candle has golden images of snowflakes, pointsettias and holiday fruits.

Here is some information on the Winter Garden Candles;

  • Made with paraffin wax blend
  • Provides a long-lasting scent
  • Beautiful green glass with gold leaf pattern
  • Presented in an elegant Crabtree & Evelyn signature box
  • Approximately 25 hours of total burn time each

Fragrance: A fragrance medley of holiday greens, frosted apricots, amaryllis, and ice glazed fruits gathered from a magical winter garden.

When you smell the candle (unlit) you can sense the apricots and glazed fruits. It has a sweet smell, but not a truly fruity smell. You can tell that there is a lot more too it (perhaps it’s the amaryllis I’m sensing?). It’s a lovely scent, although I wouldn’t really consider it a Christmas scent. You could use these candles year round if you wanted to, but the scent is more for Fall/Winter than Spring/Summer.

They look beautiful when you light all three candles and put them together in a tablescape.

The Noel Candle is a really nice size (big!) and has a similar scent to the room spray, except the scent is much lighter than the room spray.

Create a luxurious glow and ambiance in your home for the holiday with our festively fragrant and beautifully designed Noël candle − a lovely way to add warmth and scent to any living space.
  • Infused with a high concentration of perfume oil, providing the home with a festive fragrance even when unlit
  • Made with paraffin wax blend
  • Provides a long-lasting scent
  • Beautiful red glass with gold holiday pattern
  • Presented in an elegant Crabtree & Evelyn signature box
  • Approximately 65 hours of total burn timeFragrance: A festive fragrance medley of fresh evergreens, bayberry, ripe cranberry, zesty orange, persimmon, and warm notes of cinnamon and star anise.

With both candles you’ll find a clear plastic cover on top to protect the wax. They even decorated the plastic with golden snowflakes. Just be sure to remove the plastic when you are ready to light the candles.

Both candles light quickly and burn well. I haven’t had any issues with lighting the candles, or keeping them lit.

The only thing I’ve noticed with both candles is that they smell lovely when they are unlit. Once lit you can’t smell their fragrances unless you are up next to the candles. We have a small living room and the scent does not fill up the room, sad to say. Some people don’t mind that. They are more into candles for ambiance. I personally love the look of candles and I usually have a real candle or a faux candle burning at any given time. I think it makes your home more “home-y”.

Both the candles and the room spray would add a festive touch to any home. They would also make great hostess gifts as well as holiday gifts for those on your gift giving list this year.

Evelyn & Crabtree also carries other products including bath and body products. They sent me a bottle of their Golden Petals Silkening Body Nectar lotion. This lovely peach colored lotion comes in a beautiful bottle covered in flowers and gold leaves and vines. The neck of the bottle is golden too.

Give your skin a glamorous glow at the holiday season with our shea butter-rich Golden Petals Silkening Body Nectar, which is formulated with shimmer pigments for radiant skin that is luxuriously soft and beautifully scented.
  • Shea butter moisturises and conditions
  • Contains a naturally derived ingredient that helps skin retain moisture
  • Long-lasting scent
  • Formulated without parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, or mineral oil

Apply after cleansing with Golden Petals Bath & Body Wash, or anytime throughout the day for glowing skin that’s soft and supple.

Fragrance: An airy fragrance blend of greengage plum, tartly sweet berries, and rhubarb leaf drenched in sugar crystals, enhanced with notes of sheer florals and musk.

Oh! This scent is very nice. It’s strong, like a perfume. But it smell so nice. You wouldn’t need to use an additional perfume product. This is all you need to smell nice.

I can smell the florals and musk. There is a sense of berries too, but not in a truly fruity way, more so in a sweet way. The scent does last a long time too.

Not only does it smell amazing it also leaves your hands and body silky smooth and soft. I use it mostly on my hands and arms but you could use this all over your body (except your face).

Even if this lotion didn’t have such a delightful scent I would still purchase it just because it makes my skin feel silky smooth and soft.

This too would make a wonderful gift for anyone on your shopping list (or a gift for yourself).

Check out Crabtree & Evelyn for more wonderful products including perfumes, bath & body, home, gifts, gifts for him and much more.

Visit www.Crabtree-Evelyn.com or call 800.CRABTREE. There is also a store locator in their site.

You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.


*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced in any way.  

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  1. Mmm, yes!! Home fragrance sprays, candle and such like these are a great way to bring the wonderful scents of Christmas into the home!! I love C&E! They have a great store here at the Westchester Mall I like.

    • Cool! There ins one in Westcher. I’m across the river in Rockland. I may have to make the trip over there one day to check it out.