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Holidays are not only about gift giving and spending time with loved ones – it’s also about traditions and passing them down from one generation to another.

Do you have any special holiday traditions?

Growing up I wouldn’t necessarily say we had traditions, but I did enjoy the huge breakfast my mom would make on Christmas morning, and how my great-grandparents would come over and we would spend almost the entire day in the kitchen eating and talking – even wearing our pajamas most of the day.

My Christmas stocking always included an apple, orange, a brand new box of crayons and one of those Lifesaver “books.”

A new tradition was born out of a tragic event. My mother ended up in the hospital one Christmas. She was in the ICU and I was not allowed in to see her due to my age. While on the phone with her on Christmas Eve she let me open up on gift (a Ballerina Barbie that I wanted that Christmas). From that point forward I was able to open one gift on Christmas Eve after we came home from church.

With my own family (husband and our children) our holiday tradition includes eating out at a fancy restaurant on Christmas Eve then taking the long way home to check out all the holiday lights and displays people set up at their homes. We used to judge them too (“Most Beautiful,” “Most Creative,” “Wackiest,” …).

Christmas House

We used to have Christmas Eve dinner with my husband’s entire family (and there is A LOT of them – six siblings, their spouses and all their children).

My husband is 100% Italian and on Christmas Eve it is tradition to have the “Feast of the Seven Fishes.” Its also known as La Vigilia in Southern Italy.

On Christmas Eve my mother in law would make AT LEAST seven different seafood dishes (usually it was more). She would also make roast beef and a huge tray of baked ziti for the kids and for those who were not seafood eaters (like my husband).

After my mother in law passed away the siblings all went their separate ways (long story…). From that point on we ate out at a nice restaurant on Christmas Eve.


Another Italian tradition for the holidays is enjoying Pandoro and Panettone holiday cakes. I’m sure you have seen the cakes at your local grocery store popping up around this time of the year.

Bauli is a traditional Italian brand that is well known for their Pandoro and Panettone holiday cakes. They have become a traditional staple during the holiday season. In addition to being a tasty dessert and snack, they also make great hostess gifts (especially paired with a bottle of wine).

Oddly enough my husband has never tried the cakes before. He’s seen them, but never tried them.That applies to me too. I have seen them in the stores but I was never really sure what they were.

Bauli sent me three of their holiday cakes to try out with my family. They sent me Il Pandoro Di Verona, Il Panettone Di Milano and Il Pandoro Di Verona Limonce (Lemon).

I have seen the Panettone in the store many times. It’s a bread-like fruit cake made with flour, orange peels and raisins. Even though it’s a cake it has a more bread-like texture to it. It pairs very well with coffee and tea.


The Pandoro is more cake-like. It’s very soft. I recommend using a very sharp knife.

This is a simple cake that can be enjoyed “as is” or you could pair it with ice cream or fresh fruits. My son actually spread some Nutella on his slice. I suppose that is always an option too.

My favorite of the three is the Pandoro Limonce (lemon flavored). It comes with lemon flavored powdered sugar and it’s filled with bands of lemon liqueur-flavored cream. The cream add a nice touch, as well as the sugar.

This cake is also very soft (softer than the regular Pandoro). It was a bit messy cutting slices, but well worth it in the end. This cake is delicious!


Pandoro Limonce slice

Now that I have finally tasted these cakes I have a feeling we’ll be enjoying them again and again for future holidays – most especially the lemon flavored Pandoro.

As it turns out our daughter’s boyfriend’s family are huge fans of Pandoro and Panettone holiday cakes (his father loves the lemon flavored one the best too). Now that we know that I plan on picking up a few cakes for them for Christmas. We don’t know the family too well (yet) since they have only been dating since June so we thought the cakes would be a nice gesture.

If you would like to learn more about these traditional holiday cakes visit www.BauliUSA.com. There you can also find information about other snacks they offer (the chocolate flavored mini croissants look so good!). They also have recipes on their website.

Look for Bauli on social media too.

Have you ever tried these traditional holiday cakes before. Do you have a favorite?

Share with me some of your holiday traditions.

Bauli Logo


*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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  1. I’d love to try the Pandoro! I like that it has a cake-like texture. Looks delicious!