Channeling Your Inner Germophobic + Making More Happen with a #GermFreewithStaples kit (giveaway ends 4/26/14)



Winter might be a thing of the past (finally!) but that doesn’t mean we’re free of colds, the flu and a hodge podge of other illnesses. Many of us also have to deal with seasonal allergies too.

Would you consider yourself a “germaphobe”? A germaphobe is someone who is obsessed with keeping things clean and sanitized to fight off germs and bacteria.

The first time I heard that term was on an episode of Seinfeld where Elaine’s boyfriend, David Puddy, admitted to being one.

I am not a germaphobe, but I am aware that germs are on every surface that my family touches. That is why I clean with discinfectants on many surfaces in my home (kitchen counter, bathroom sink…). I also spray Lysol on door knobs, light switches and remote controls.

I know it’s impossible to protect my family from all germs and bacteria, but at least I can reduce their chances of getting sick. They are also great about washing their hands.

Flu season is not over yet. According to the CDC website February tends to be the peak month for the Flu, however it can still occur in March and April too. Actually the flu can happen year round – its just more prevalent during the winter months.

Did you know that your local Staples carries a lot of products and supplies to help keep your workplace – and your home – germ free?

People often think of Staples as a office supply store. While the store does carry everything you need for your business or home office (paper, pens, desks, paper shredders, computers…), they also carry plenty of other products including break room, medical supplies and safety supplies as well as furniture.

Check out this funny video about a germaphobe at the office and co-worker who I am pretty sure no one wants to work near. LOL!


It’s funny how crazy the germophobe in the commercial is. He thought of everything. Hopefully no one is THAT obsessed with a germ-free environment.

What he co-worker does makes my stomach turn. I have been on planes where people have done that. I have even been in car service cars where the driver is coughing and sneezing like crazy. Ewww!!! There is nothing worse then being stuck inside a small space with a sick person. You just know that their cold is going to make it’s way to you.

Staples has a new tagline – “Make More Happen”.

  • Staples now offers new products for all types of businesses, including yours. And they’re adding more every day. Whether you’re a chef/baker, salon owner or even a pet store owner, Staples has the products and supplies you need.
  • Staples has daily offers, a Price Match Guarantee, and 5% back in rewards + free shipping with Staples® Rewards.
  • You can shop in store, online, or on the go. You can even reserve online and pick up in store.
  • You can count on Staples for expert advice and tips in finance, legal, marketing, technology, operations and more.

I’m very surprised to see how much Staples offers – products I would never even think I could find at my local Staples store or online.

Staples Make More Happen

Staples has come a long way from just selling office supplies.

To check out everything Staples has to offer visit www.Staples.com. You can also check them out on the various social media outlets.

Staples would like to offer a lucky winner a nice assortment of supplies (all of which you can find at Staples) AND a $50 Staples gift card so that you can pick up more supplies that you need. Thank you Staples!

The prize package consists of;

  • Bounty Paper Towels
  • Clorox Disinfecting Wipes
  • Method Hand Soap
  • Purell Hand Sanitizer
  • Lysol Professional Antibacterial Kitchen Cleaner Spray
  • Scotch Brite Sponges
  • Keurig K-Cups Snapple Iced Tea
  • Nature Valley Granola Bars
  • Pop Secret Popcorn
  • $50 Staples Gift Card

This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only and will end on April 26, 2014 at 11:59 PM (EST). The winner will be chosen at random using a random number generator from all eligible entries. The winner will be notified via e-mail and will have three days to reply or a new winner will be chosen in their place.

To enter please comment on this post and let me know what you think about Staples offering so much more than just office supplies?

For extra entries you can use the Rafflecopter widget (below) but you must complete the initial entry requirement or the additional entries won’t qualify (I do check). Extra entries are optional.

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*I received free product samples in exchange for my participation. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. Staples will be providing the prize package.

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  1. I think it’s great. I often pick up a case of water when I am shopping for supplies at Staples. It’s more convenient then having to run to another store.
    Thank you!

  2. I think Staples is awesome – I’d love to work with them one day too!
    I love that you can get a bit of everything there. Great job Staples!

  3. Mary Happymommy says:

    I think it’s great because an office needs more than paper and pens!

  4. Sara Wagner says:

    I think it’s good that Staples offers much more than just office supplies. It can make shopping much easier for busy people.

  5. I like that they do this, it makes shopping their almost a one stop shop

  6. courtney b says:

    i love it! they are turning into a regular walmart !:) with everything you could ever need

  7. Debby Guardino says:

    I would love this to clean my class!

  8. it has been great. I went into Staples for some printer ink and came out with items I never thought I would find there. One stop shopping. Not multiple trips to multiple stores.

  9. Audra O'Hara says:

    I like that they carry these other items. It’s convenient, especially since I work from home and can pick up those sort of items while getting office supplies.

  10. I love that I can get so much at Staples. I can get all of my cleaning supplies as well as my office needs.

  11. i love staples! i love that i can buy household supplies online and get them shipped to me!

  12. I think it’s great because we can mutli-shop if you can call it that!! =) I love bring able to but my office supplies and cleaning supplies all at once.

  13. Dorothy Teel says:

    I like that they offer other items because sometimes you can get what you want at the one store and not have to go all over town to find what you are after, I love the office snacks that they also have in the big containers, and I love the school supplies

  14. Cheryl Abdelnour says:

    I love it! You can get so many things there now. They even offer coffee and coffee makers for sale.

  15. I think it’s great that I can shop for more than just office supplies at Staples.

  16. It’s great – I don’t have to stop at other stores.

  17. Jessie C. says:

    I like it, it is always good to have a one-stop shop.

  18. Oh I love it! Whenever I go there, I always find such neat things that I didnt know they carried! A fun place to shop!

  19. At least Staples recognizes that there is more to a job than just the supplies to make money. A clean work environment makes pople feel better. Kids frequently use my cleaning products in my classroom. It is a good lesson on responsibility.

  20. Terra Heck says:

    I think it’s good that they offer more than office supplies, but I don’t think they should go in over their head with it. Sometimes it’s nice to go into a specialized store where you can find exactly the kinds of products you need. Thanks.

  21. Sandy Cain says:

    I like that Staples has so many products. There is one just a couple of blocks from here, and it’s a great convenience to be able to pick up more than just office supplies in one trip.

  22. I think its wonderful. Can get a lot of shopping done without going to multiple stores.

  23. I think it’s a good idea! I’m sure many businesses that get their supplies at Staples could use many of these items as well.

  24. I love Staples. I think their product line is great. I was in there at Christmas and even found some real cute Christmas gifts.

  25. Amy Honious says:

    I think that it is just wonderful that they offer so much more than office supplies! What a convenient way to outfit your small business in one quick stop. The store layout is awesome and the staff are always very helpful/friendly. Thanks for the super giveaway!

  26. Katie Amanda says:

    I like it! I got an awesome deal on paper towels yesterday.

  27. I love this!! They have lots of cool stuff!!

  28. april yedinak says:

    I think it is great. I recently went to staples and got a great deal on paper towels, toilet paper and snacks.

  29. Holly Thomas says:

    I think it is a good idea.

  30. Nancy Loring says:

    To me the things you can buy at staples go together. Cleaning supplies, snacks, drinks . Having all those items in one store definitely makes my life easier. The store is named Staples and what they sell beyond office equipment is staples that ofices and homes always need. It makes is much easier to get everything you need in one store.

  31. I love it! We go there to buy a lot of different items. They have some great deals on paper towels and coffee sometimes. Plus it’s super close to where I work.

  32. I love it! I have purchased cleaning supplies and home goods quite a bit, and it is quick and easy.

  33. i visit my local staples from time to time and i am always surprised on all the things you can pick up
    at store that’s not for the office

  34. Debra Pauley says:

    I like that they do this, it makes shopping their almost a one stop shop and so close by me.

  35. I love staples. I shop there often. The wide selection of items is vast. I love the $2 recycling old ink cartridge campaign.

  36. Erika C. says:

    With Staples offering so much more than just office supplies — I think it’s great for their customers and convenient because you require more than just office supplies when shopping like paper towels or Disinfecting wipes are great and very useful for the office as well.

  37. Christina says:

    I love that Staples offers more than just office supplies, its great for business owners to be able to pick up things they may need at one place outside of just the normal pens, paper, etc.

  38. love the variety offered at Staples.

  39. Jessica To says:

    I think it is great you can get more than just your office supplies there.

  40. I think it is great that I can get my office supplies along with snacks.

  41. Stephanie Hodges says:

    wow, I didn’t know they offered more than office supplies. I haven’t been to staples in quite a few years and now I am curious to go in and look around. make it easier to do a one stop shop for house/office supplies if the prices are reasonable.

  42. April Bladen says:

    I think it’s great that Staples offers so much more!! It gives me more of a reason to shop there more often!

  43. D Schmidt says:

    I really like it because it means its much more of a one stop shop and is perfect for stocking up on essentials!

  44. Seyma Shabbir says:

    It is great you can buy all you need in one trip!

  45. Kristi C says:

    I think it is great that way I don’t have to go to so many stores.

  46. kelly tupick says:

    I think it’s great. People love to shop all at one place and if you can get more items in one stop, it’s just much easier.

  47. I am surprised, but I think it is a good idea.

  48. Debra Hall says:

    i think its great maybe you can get everything at one store,

  49. Debra Hall says:

    i follow on bloglovin

  50. I think it is great to be able to go to Staples and purchase cleaning supplies. These items are also essentials for any office environment!

    Entered the rafflecopter form as “Wild Orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  51. It seems really convenient to have other things you might need around your office all in one store.

  52. I think it’s great that Staples offers more than office supplies, this means you don’t have to go to so many different stores to buy what you need.

  53. Kristi Price says:

    I think it is great, Staples is right down the road from us so we shop there often. Nice giveaway, thanks! 🙂

  54. Linda Kish says:

    I knew they had office cleaning supplies but didn’t know they carried snacks for the office, too. That’s interesting. One-stop shopping.

  55. I Think it is great! I hope that it helps them keep from going out of business

  56. Jessica Cox says:

    I had no idea that staples offered so many products besides office supplies I think its great so you can pick up something you need while your there

  57. christine jessamine says:

    I love it. I love to pick up large bins of candy there

  58. Heather B says:

    I think it is great I much prefer going to fewer stores and getting as much done at once as I can.

  59. Cindy Merrill says:

    I think it’s Great! It saves time when I can do one stop shopping.

  60. Jennifer Tilson says:

    I love that Staples offers more than just office supplies. I’ve gone there specifically to large counts of toilet paper and bulk candy to stuff a pinata with.

  61. Jennifer Tilson says:

    I follow on bloglovin’ under magmom73.

  62. I think it is so great that Staples is offering supplies for all small business owners, to help not only with their paperwork, but other needs. Great idea!

  63. Courtnie says:

    I think it’s so convenient that they offer more than just office supplies.

  64. I love it that they carry a variety of different products

  65. amy pugmire says:

    I love it! Then I don’t have to make as many stops

  66. Michelle J. says:

    It’s nice since we live in the middle of nowhere!

  67. Love their school supply layout the end of each summer. Also the snack/breakroom supplies often offer some great deals related to coffee

  68. Virginia Rowell says:

    I think it’s awesome. I get tired of going to different stores to find the things I need. I love to one stop shop.

  69. Katharine Davis says:

    I think it is a great idea, the office needs all kinds of supplies and I am a clean freak germ-a-phobe

  70. Adrienne Gordon says:

    Great idea, change with the times.

  71. Margaret Smith says:

    I love Staples. I love that they offer more then just office supplies. It saves time and money being able to make one stop.

  72. alyce poalillo says:

    I think that it is good that they are branching out to other types of products, makes it more convenient for shoppers to pick up other needed items.

  73. I think it’s great. Kind of a one stop shop for work!

  74. angela cunningingham says:

    It great only have to stop at one store

  75. Kathy Luman says:

    I think it is great. Not only get you get your office supplies you can other things you need without having to make another trip to another store. Saves time.

  76. i think it’s great!

  77. Penny Snyder says:

    I love being able to do 1 stop shopping there!!~

  78. wow, honestly I didn’t know Staples carried all those extra items, I will definitely have to stop shopping there for my store and picking up a variety of other things, thanks

  79. I think it’s a great idea for them to carry so much. I would buy the massage table if I could only find someone to give me a massage! 🙂

  80. heather s says:

    I think it is great.

  81. I love any store that is a one-stop-shop for a multitude of stuff I need!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  82. Ann Fantom says:

    It is very convenient that Staples is offering more than office supplies. I’m much more likely to stop there now.

  83. Eugenia Hall says:

    I think its great because it makes it even more convenient to shop there.

  84. susan smoaks says:

    i really enjoy going to staples, it’s my one stop shop for all the office supplies we need. i think it is a terrific thing.

  85. Cynthia C says:

    I think it would be convenient for businesses to get shopping for the office done in one place.

  86. I think it’s great. Shopping is not on my list of favorite things to do, so any time I can reduce my travel to different stores is great.

  87. Tracy Pryor says:

    I think its great. Staples being more of a one stop shop really makes shopping a lot easier.

  88. Monique Rizzo says:

    Its great! It is almost a one stop shop for many things.

  89. I had no idea! It would be a great, one stop shopping event!

  90. Erica C. says:

    I think it’s great since I love one-stop shopping.

  91. Jane Thomas says:

    I think its great to be able to get everything I need at one store.

  92. Diane baum says:

    I love the variety, because Staples offers me one stop shopping-I can get my office supplies for a good price, while also buying things like napkins.

  93. I love staples and I Love that they offer more than office supplies now with my rewards card I get free shipping and it is fast I can order online and have it here in just 2 days it is awesome!

  94. Daniel M says:

    i like it saves trips instead of going to multiple stores

  95. Deborah Wellenstein says:

    I had no idea! What a great idea to stock break room supplies, as well as first aid supplies. I work in a retail environment, and our break room is very important to us!

  96. kelly willis says:

    I think it is awesome that they sell more then office supplies and they also have some awesome deals

  97. Crystal F says:

    I think it’s great! You can find all kind of neat stuff while looking around in there. thank you!!

  98. I love it because it makes for one stop shopping

  99. Kelly Ann T. says:

    I love it that Staples offers so much more than office supplies. I can always park the car, I don’t have to fight crowds and the prices are competitive.

  100. Valerie S says:

    I often go to Staples for paper and usually pick up water too.

  101. I love the variety of things that Staples offers!

  102. joe gersch says:

    I am glad they offer more beecause its one stop shopping

  103. Tari Lawson says:

    To me it is a bit odd but I could see where it would be convenient. I still think of Staples only when I need office supplies.

  104. Evelyn Driver says:

    I love that I can get my Clorox wipes and my Purell sanitizer when I go pick up paper for my office. Only making one stop is great.

  105. Angela Ash says:

    I think Staples offering more than just office supplies is great. It would make sense if the items somewhat related to office space though. I wouldn’t have thought of Staples for buying my dog a coat. It may turn into something bigger over time.

  106. Jennifer Reed says:

    I think it is smart of Staples to offer so much more than just office supplies. It allows them to profit while saving their customers time and effort of going to another store.

  107. tina reynolds says:

    I think it is a really great idea I look forward too seeing what they offer. I love the rewards program they have and when I shop at the one in Rochester they have such friendly service

  108. Sarah Hirsch says:

    i think that will make it very convenient for people who shop for offices, because they often do need to buy cleaning products and other things beyond office supplies

  109. Nancy Meyer says:

    I think it’s awesome! It makes me more likely to shop there because I can pick up other essentials!

  110. Stephanie Galbraith says:

    I think it’s weird… are they trying to become a Target? or Amazon? or something along those lines?

  111. Tara Braun says:

    I think it’s great. You can get so much at one place.

  112. Karrie Millheim says:

    I think it is great. I trust they know what they are selling too. I always get great help when buying their printers and computers. I could spend all day in there shopping

  113. I love it- it is a real time saver..one stop shopping on my way home from work..

  114. alena svetelska says:

    i think it is great place to buy office supplies or school supplies for low prize without lines.

  115. I think it is awesome that Staples allows me to get a few extra items on my shopping list besides office supplies

  116. Hesper Fry says:

    I think it is awesome! I love that I can get many things at one store.

  117. Mary Cloud says:

    I think it’s great – if you’re in there picking up office supplies you can also grab a few other things you need without having to go to another store
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  118. Peggy Rydzewski says:

    I like it. Think it is a good idea.

  119. Laurie Emerson says:

    I like that Staples is not only a office supply store. I love shopping in one stop stores and Staples always has good prices.

  120. I don’t know if I’d go to Staples for those extras specifically, but I suppose if I’m there and need them…

  121. Francine Anchondo says:

    I think it is a great idea.

  122. I love it because it means that I would only have to go to one store to by all my supplies!

  123. Leslie L Stanziani says:

    I think it is great that they offer a wide variety of things as long as the price is reasonable.

  124. I think it is great and appreciate the way Staples can save me time by offering so many things that an office needs.

  125. Kathleen S. says:

    I had no idea Staples had a lot of those items, like snacks and drinks. Interesting!

  126. I like it

  127. I think it’s nice that I can get other things needed while I’m there for office supplies.

  128. I think it’s nice that I can get other things needed while I’m there for office supplies.

  129. I love it, it makes things easier sometimes.

  130. Mihaela Day says:

    I think Staples is awesome

  131. Karen Drake says:

    I think it is great that Staples offers more than just office supplies, it is very handy for busy people like myself.

  132. This is a great giveaway and I would love to win. I am a teacher and I could use the supplies to Spring clean the computer lab! My students would love to have popcorn after cleaning up. I love Staples!

  133. Cassandra says:

    I love it because I can pick up so many other things there, saving me not only money, but also saving me trips to other stores. They are living up to their name – they are offering “Staples.”

  134. Joey Simmonds says:

    My first time at your blog site and I like it right off the bat. #HomeRun.

  135. As a teacher, it is important to keep the classroom clean just as much as having office supplies for the teacher and students.

  136. I think it is great that Staples offers cleaning supplies, too! I shop there nearly every week for things to use in my classroom!

  137. William Krawic says:

    I suppose it would be handy if you are there often and you don’t have the time to make a stop elsewhere.

  138. Wendy Beatty says:

    I love shopping at Staples for my classroom! I can always find fun and unique things there.

  139. Julie Ahern says:

    One stop shopping! Good move.

  140. Susan Smith says:

    I love that I can get so much at Staples. There is a location near me and I go there often.

  141. jules m. says:

    i love it! i use staples to buy all our work supplies, from paper to coffee!

  142. We love Staples and the variety. It is my youngest daughters favorite place to shop. 😀

  143. I think it’s cool. Anything that saves me the time & trouble of going to an additional store is good with me.

  144. Cálaeb Temple says:

    it’s great they offer coffee!

  145. Tabathia B says:

    I like that I can purchase k-cups and paper towels with my office supplies

  146. Kellie Rose Wilson says:

    So happy to hear I can buy so much at Staples..plus there is one right by my home! WIN

  147. Samantha says:

    I love it because I hate stores that are too specific. I’m a one stop shop type of person. I shouldn’t have to go to 3 stores to get things!

  148. I like that they do offer more than just office supplies because you don’t have to to to 2 different places and get what you need saving you time and money

  149. I think it’s very smart, marketing wise, that Staples is offering so much more than office products now. Why not get more in sales from their customers when they are in their stores, especially when it’s something they’ll likely need anyway and won’t have to make more stops to shop for. I’m really surprised at all that they offer now, what a variety!

  150. I think it’s great and I love their free shipping on purchases over $50.

  151. Terry Cross says:

    I thin it’s great. it saves time by being able to get more things in one place

  152. CharityS says:

    I always purchase snacks for my office at Staples. I love being able to purchase office supplies, snacks, and cleaning supplies at Staples.

  153. MARIA simon says:


  154. I think that it’s great that Staples has more than just office supplies. I’ve gone there for k-cups and cleaning supplies.

  155. Thanks for the giveaway…a great convenience for a business owner that Staples carries such a wide selection of items besides typical office supplies…and they deliver too !!!

  156. Kim Parrott says:

    It’s a great idea for Staples to be so diversified. Being able to shop conveniently is a giant plus in my book!!

  157. Trisha McKee says:

    I think it is great that a store I love as much as Staples offers more, bringing me more convenience.

  158. It’s great that Staples has become such a one-stop shop for everything from office supplies to furniture to food items.