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My hair a few years ago - it was so nice! What happened to it?

My hair a few years ago – it was so nice! What happened to it?

My hair used to be my crowing glory. I had such thick, lush, beautiful hair when I was younger. In fact, my hair dresser referred to it as a “lion’s mane.” I was known for my hair.

Sadly, age, time, perms, hair products and hair coloring have all taken a toll on my hair. It has thinned out considerably. It’s not as thick as it used to be and it seems to always look dry and frizzy.

I am always on the look out for products that will help my hair to look health again. I know it will never look as good as it did 20+ years ago, but if I can make any kind of an improvement I’d be happy.

Are you familiar with the hair care product line called CHI?

CHI recently introduced a new product line that is enriched with both tea tree oil and peppermint oil for ultimate hair and scalp rejuvenation.

I love hair care (and body care) products made with peppermint. I find them to be so invigorating, especially first thing in the morning.

Tea Tree Oil has been shown to have many great uses when applied topically to your skin including clearing up acne, sooth sores, eliminate toenail fungus (gross!), relieve psoriasis and more. I can see how Tea Tree Oil could benefit your scalp, especially if you have dandruff.

CHI Hair Care Product

I was sent to review several products from the new CHI product line.

CHI Tea Tree Oil Shampoo – I love this shampoo. It makes my scalp feel like it’s “alive.” Its very refreshing and my hair/scalp feel super clean.

CHI Tea Tree Oil Conditioner – Just like the shampoo, I love the conditioner. It goes on smoothly and rinses out with no problem. I feel like it also helps to eliminate knots. It also feels very soothing on your scalp.

CHI Tea Tree Oil Blow Dry Primer Lotion – This lotion is great to apply to your hair BEFORE using products like a hair dryer, curler or straightener. It gives your hair some added protection. A little bit goes a long way.

CHI Tea Tree Oil Serum – This product is a “work in progress,” for lack of a better description. The first few times I used it I used to much of the product and it left my hair looking and feeling greasy. It has to be used very sparingly. I have long, thick, course hair so I have been putting a drop or two on my hand, rubbing my hands together, then applying it to mostly the ends of my hair where I need it the most. It’s just a matter of coming up with the right amount so that it doesn’t make my hair greasy.

CHI Tea Tree Oil Soothing Scalp Spray – I didn’t think I would have a need for a product like this, until I tried it. Now it’s a “must have” in my arsenal for wonderful hair. I often suffer from Eczema, and it does form on my scalp and the base of my neck. I can’t stand that dry feeling some shampoos leave on your scalp. I liken it to a soap residue. It makes your scalp itchy and your skin dry. This spray soothes your scalp and leaves it feel refreshed. It has a “calming” effect.

CHI Tea Tree Oil Revitalizing Masque – This product not only helps to remove product build up on your hair/scalp, but it also helps to moisturize it. I’ve only used this a few times thus far, but I really enjoy it. You need to leave it in your hair for about 5 minutes and sometimes I don’t have the time to do that, otherwise I’d use it more often.

I found that my hair looks and feels much cleaner since using these products. I know it hasn’t changed the density of my hair, but when I run my hands through my hair it feels a bit thicker and more “full.” I also love how soft my hair feels and it has been looking really good lately. I’ve even found that I have been letting my hair dry naturally a lot more as of late because the nature wave to my hair doesn’t come across as looking too frizzy. I think these products have helped to smooth my hair out and control the frizz allowing me to embrace my natural wave instead of blow drying and running the curler through my hair to make it straighter and smoother looking.


As an added bonus I was also sent a CHI Kabloom Brush. This adorable little power packed brush that is not only brightly colored with squiggle shaped nylon bristles but also adds fun to every stroke. It is a great beauty accessory that fits easily in your purse, gym bag or brief case. As an added bonus, the reverse side of the brush has a mirror to check out your great style.

I think this is super cute and it work well with my thick, course hair. I keep it in my purse so I can fix my hair “on the go.” I love that it comes with a built in mirror too. I use the mirror to check both my hair and make up.

The CHI products mentioned above retail from $16 – $30 and the brush retails for $9.96.

If you would like to learn more about these products visit LoxaBeauty.com.

Are you a fan of CHI products?

Which product would you like to try?

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*I received free product samples to review. There was no compensation. The opinion expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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