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Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Growing up I have always been a fan of shows like the Jetsons. I always thought it was so cool that you can press a button and dinner was prepared and on the table. Or how you can have a robot do all the housework for you. Back in the early 70’s when I was a young girl hi-tech gadgets like those seen on the Jetsons seemed impossible. Fast forward to the 21st Century. Technology has grown by leaps and bounds. As a child I thought it would be cool to be able to watch TV from a wristwatch, and now things like that are possible. It’s truly amazing. It makes me excited to see what the next 10, 20 and eve 30 years will bring.

Imagine if there was a way to brush and floss your teeth without having to use a toothbrush or floss. Even better, imagine if brushing your teeth could be hands free. Believe it or not it will be possible to brush and floss your teeth hands free. There is a new product on the horizon that will make toothbrushes and dental floss a thing of the past. The product is called CLEARsmile.

CLEARsmile is the brainchild of inventor and dentist Igor Reizenson. About five years ago Dr. Reizenson and his CLEARsmile device got a lot of positive attention when he was a contestant in the History Channel’s Modern Marvels competition (he was selected to be 1 of 20-something out of a pool of thousands).

Igor Reizenson

Igor Reizenson

It’s now his quest to bring his CLEARsmile device to market so that people around the world can enjoy it’s benefits.

CLEARsmile is a dental device designed to replace and improve upon traditional brushing and flossing. The device uses a mouthpiece that is attached to a tube that uses micro jets to pressure wash the teeth. It uses micro-bubble technology AND pressure washing micro jets to clean plaque and debris from your teeth. The solution is then suctioned out and drained through a second tube that feeds into the sink.

Here is a very brief video that tells you more about CLEARsmile. For a much more detailed video please visit the CLEARsmile website.


CLEARsmile looks really easy to use.

I think that the CLEARsmile device will be particularly useful for people with mobility issues, the young and the elderly. It could possibly become a staple in every home, replacing toothbrushes, toothpaste and dental floss from bathroom counters.

Response to CLEARsmile has been great with a lot of very positive responses from parents who think this will be a great product. As a mom I can remember how much of a struggle it was to get my kids to brush their teeth properly and for the correct amount of time. It was also near impossible to get them to floss at all. A product like CLEARsmile will help ensure that their teeth are properly cleaned.

In September, CLEARsmile will be launching a crowd-funding campaign using www.indiegogo.com as their platform. It is estimated that in order to get the device to the prototype stage it will need about $750,000…a daunting task for sure.


To help raise the necessary funds there will be several difference incentive levels set up for investors.

If you would like to learn more about CLEARsmile please visit www.clearsmileonline.com.

If you want to keep up to date on the CLEARsmile Project please be sure to “like” them on Facebook, as well as sign up for the CLEARsmile newsletter on their site.

Keep an eye out for the CLEARsmile Indie-gogo launch and be sure to tell anyone you know that could benefit from CLEARsmile about the campaign.

What do you think about CLEARsmile? Would you find it helpful for your own dental needs? Would family members benefit from it? Feel free to comment and share your thoughts.




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  1. md kennedy says:

    This would be so great for me – I have peridontal disease AND tend to brush way to hard, according to my dentist. Anything to keep my teeth clean without a brush would be awesome. Any giveaway coming??

  2. This is very interesting, and I never heard of it before! I’ll be watching to see articles about it in magazines, etc.

  3. Sandy VanHoey says:

    I do think this would be a great device to have. Power wash your teeth….bet they’d get much cleaner and eliminate a lot of cavities.

  4. This sounds like an interesting concept device. If it helps you take care of your teeth better I would probably want to get one if I could afford it.
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  5. Robin Wilson says:

    Hi-tech and Futuristic absolutely describe this method. It makes and looks like it would work great. Do I think I could get my son (grown now) to use it, I tend to doubt it. Would my hubby and I use it, absolutely. I am all for anything that would improve my dental hygiene.