Cold & Flu Season Is Here – Let Vicks and Braun Help Provide Relief and Comfort


Cold and flu

So far winter of 2013/2014 has been pretty bad. Not only has it been bitterly cold, we’ve also had more snow than we’ve had in a long time.

Shoveling snow and driving in hazard conditions is just one of the many downsides to the winter months. Another big issue is people being indoors with the windows closed and in close range of others who are suffering from colds, or worse, the flu.

My family has had its fair share of experiences with the flu. One year my entire family was down with it and my mother in law had to come and care for us. Another year only I got it and my husband had to go to a 24 hour pharmacy to pick up medication for me during a snow storm!

Thankfully no one has had the flu in a few years. My husband and I were he last ones to have it about 3+ years ago, even though we both had flu shots. Somehow our kids never got it – thankfully.

There are a few things you need in your “arsenal” to fight off colds and the flu during the peak months. Medications, tissues, cough drops, Vitamin C, chicken soup… these are just some of the things that it’s good to have on hand.

If you don’t have one already a thermometer is a must. It’s bad enough when your child says they feel sick. You also need to know if they are dealing with a fever or not. A fever can be a very serious thing. A little one might not be able to tell you that he/she is feeling feverish.

You can test for a fever the way my mom did – she simply grabbed my earlobe and if it was hot I had a fever. That may have worked back in in the stone age, but these days you can simply administer a thermometer to find out for certain.


I was sent to review a Braun Forehead thermometer. These thermometers are awesome. Even our pediatrician uses a forehead one (not sure of the brand).

Instead of trying to get your little one to keep the thermometer in their mouth for the necessary amount of time, you can simply swipe the thermometer across their forehead and in seconds you’ll have an accurate reading.

It’s so easy to use. Simply power on the device, press on the temperature reading button, gently place and swipe the tip on your child’s forehead and listen for the “beep” which will display the temperature for you. The display is big too making it easy to read, even in the middle of the night when you are half asleep.

Aside from the ease of use the huge display is my second favorite feature. It’s easy to read.

The Braun Forehead thermometer is also great for adults. We have used it several times, both on my son (whose been sick a lot lately) and my husband who fears that every little sniffle will turn into the flu.

Check out this interesting infographic about fevers.

Vicks Braun Fever Pitch Infographic_FINAL 2

Another “must have” to help you fight off, and relieve, colds and the flu is a humidifier.

I was also sent to review a Vicks Filter Free Cool Mist Humidifier.

Children and adults alike can now experience relief from cold and cough symptoms through the use of a humidifier that requires no filter! Offering hassle-free maintenance and operation, the new Vicks Filter Free Cool Mist Humidifier is convenient to use, easy-to-clean, ultra-quiet and offers a 1.2 gallon tank which can run for up to 30 hours between fillings. The unit’s rubber feet take the worry out of scratching delicate surfaces.

We have the Vicks Filter Free Cool Mist Humidifier in my kid’s room.

Humidifiers are a great for putting moisture back into the air. During the winter months we tend to keep the windows closed and the heat on which creates a very dry atmosphere in our home. The dryness can cause your skin to dry as well as your sinuses and throat. When your sinus passage way is dry it can cause the mucus to get thick, making it hard to get rid of and can reap havoc on your breathing.


Humidifiers have long been use to help ease the conditions caused by the dry air as well as to help ease other symptoms of a col or other respiratory conditions.

I like the Vicks Filter Free Cool Mist Humidifier because it’s not as noisy as other humidifiers we’ve used over the years. That has been an issue, especially with my kids. The don’t like it when there is noise when they are trying to sleep. I have had to give away perfectly good humidifiers over the years simply because they kept my kids up at night. So far that has not happened with the Vicks humidifier. My kids have not complained about it. I honestly haven’t asked them about the noise. I figured if it was an issue I would have heard about it a long tie ago. So far, so good.

The unit is not terribly big. It’s currently on our daughter’s dresser.

I like that the tank is a good size so that I don’t have to fill it up on a daily basis.

The device was also super easy to set up and I had it up and running within minutes of taking it out of the package.

Make sure you read the directions carefully to ensure proper use. I would also suggest you keep an eye out on the area where you have it located to make sure there isn’t any moisture build up which could lead to mold. I’m NOT suggesting it would happen, I’m simply saying that there is always the possibility with ANY humidifier.

If you would like to learn more about either of these products, or check out other products that will help you and your family deal with colds and the flu, visit www.ColdandFluShop.com.

The Cold and Flu Shop is also hosting a contest. Five entrants will win a package of Vicks products including their new Vicks Starry Night Humidifier, a Vicks Behind the Ear and Comfort Flex Thermometer. You can enter the contest here.

What products do you use to help your family deal with colds and the flu? Have you tried either of the products in this post? Feel free to share your thoughts.

Don't forget to enter the contest!

Don’t forget to enter the contest!



*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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  1. Mary Happymommy says:

    I really hate January. That’s the worst month in terms of cold and flu, in my experience. My daughter just had a bug over the weekend. It was not fun.